Why I love India

I have lived in Germany for 30 years. I also have travelled in almost 40 countries in Europe, America, North Africa and Asia before coming to India. Yet, of all the countries I visited, I clearly love India the most. I once even dreamt that in front of me there was a thick, 3-dimensional map of India. Looking at it my heart expanded and I felt great love. Still dreaming I was surprised that one can love a country so much.

It was, however, not love at first sight. After my first visit during my studies, I supposedly even said, “Never again India”, my mother claimed. I had come back to Germany weak from a stomach upset. Only on my second visit – intended as a short stopover that lasts meanwhile 33 years – India showed me what amazing treasure she hides under her noisy and often challenging surface.

I realized that in India an intensive, dedicated and essential inner search for what is truly true has been made since time immemorial. The findings of this search are startling and comforting to all of humanity and corroborated by modern nuclear physics:

‘Beneath’ every appearance in this universe, including our own person, there is the same ‘Real Presence’ (or whatever one wants to call That which is formless and nameless) – living, loving, indestructible, mighty, infinite. To uncover it is the purpose of life and its fulfillment.

Every country has good and bad people. But India has also wise and enlightened people, far more than any other place, and they make India special – a country of light (Bharat) in spite of occasional, apparent darkness.

May the Light illumine the intellect of all….

by Maria Wirth



  1. Hats off to you Ms. Maria. Not sure how many of us Indians would say we love India. I am sure you have some connection from your previous births with India and sanathana dharma. I hope and wish we learn from you.

  2. Suresh Beria · · Reply

    Aim of our life is to move from darkness to light “TAMSO MA JYOTIR GAMAY” We all are one with the infinite spirit. Let the light of Love and peace prevail every where in entire universe. Thanks to Maria for inspiring toughts.

  3. Osho said “India is not just a geography or history. It is not just a nation,a country,a mere piece of land.It is something more:it’s a metaphor,poetry,something invisible but very tangible. It is vibrating with certain energy fields that no other country can claim. For almost ten thousand years,thousands of people have reached to the ultimate explosion of consciousness. Their vibration is still alive,their impact is in the very air;you just need a certain perceptiveness,a certain capacity to receive the invisible that surrounds this strange land. It is strange because it has renounced everything for a single search,the search for truth.” True to that statement I found that almost every other place..including descriept ones had some one or the other (holy person) associated with them. Nowhere in the world can we find such a huge number of people giving everything including the last thing what one can give up.. ego.. to realise the ultimate truth.

    Feel so happy that you were one among those who recognised that…

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  5. As Indians we learn, since our birth, feeling of Vasudhaiv Katumkam. World is our family. Love all.

  6. You really have to love yourself more to love in India. Job well done Maria.
    Prof Maxmuller said, O lord, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, let me be reborn in India. You are on your way Madam

    “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace; human speech, the mother of history, grandmother of legend, and great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.” Mark Twain


    1. why do you write that women and minorities are not safe in India? Do you know any other country where they are safer? Please check your facts.

    2. Minorities were given separate country breaking Bharat, still some dumbs feel Bharat is not safe for Minorities

  8. Hi Maria,

    Please visit http://nithyananda.org. or watch the video

    Paramahamsa Nithyananda is an enlightened Master living in the current time. Go to his website and choose the topic of your interest and listen to his discourses. You will get more and more insight about the topics you have mentioned.


  9. I have come across total strangers ,taxi drivers, porters, waiters, beggars suddenly blurt out about paramatma, the unknowable. I have seen poor people sharing whatever they have. This is a strange country.

    1. True, it seems non convent educated Indians are much better off… unfortuantely those fluent in English consider themselves superior and as the legitmate respresentatives of India.

  10. mdbiyani · · Reply

    True I also find Oman resonates in the same manner simplicity, innocence, minus the poverty and the dirt . Love the large hearted people.

  11. I live and work in Switzerland. I am responsible for Indian market and often our CEO comes with me. I asked him after couple of trips, what do you think about India?? He gave me a very good answer, which as an Indian I never thought. He said perhaps India is th only country where he is not afraid of poor pepole. Rich, middle class, poor and animal all r living parallel to each other without harming or interfering. Guess what he is right..We all believe in Karma.. liveand let live. Ppl ask me many question here that u worship X, Y, Z etc, i always reply them whats the problem..lethim worshiphe wants.. Gutten tag..

    Gruss Ratnesh

    1. Your CEO is right. i had not thought of fear, but i also realised that there is probably no country where generally people are so well meaning towards strangers. i travelled in some 40 counties when i was young, and India clearly stands out. further, the poor in India have dignity, far more than anywhere else. it may have to do with the faith that Bhagwan is present everywhere.

  12. Manikant Kant · · Reply


    That what you are unable to describe about India, is nothing but the feeling of farz (responsibility/duty), Karma (action & / fruits of past deeds) & Dharma (morality) – interwoven and in play here, more prominently & more consciously than in any part of the world.

    The average Indian is involved in this – the discharge of his karma/farz/dharma. Which makes a grand picture when you see India as a whole.

  13. Anamika · · Reply

    Namaste ! Thank you, Maria Wirth, for your insights.

    One comment in response to Sri Manikant. Part of India’s rich heritage is her indigenous languages – today these are also suffering neglect. Please note that ‘Farz’ is not Sanskrit – ‘Kartavya’ is the Sanskrit word for duty.

  14. G Sesisekhar · · Reply

    Excellent. May you blossom in your quest for truth and self realization. Guruji’s blessings for blissful and fulfilling life & NIRVANA in this lifetime!

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