Please Hindus, don’t say: “All Religions are the Same”

Observations by someone who grew up in the stifling atmosphere of dogmatic Christianity and appreciates the freshness and freedom of undogmatic Hinduism– and wonders why a section of Hindus are so apologetic about their religion when it actually is the best bet for a fulfilling life.


Hindus used to say, “All religions are equal”. They did not want to see that the two biggies, Christianity and Islam, did not agree. Each of those religions claimed for itself, “We alone are the only true religion. Our God is the only true God.” They pitied Hindus that they might actually believe that by stating that all religions are equal, Hinduism would be elevated to their level. Of course, the ‘true religions’ will never allow this.

Now Hindus say, “We respect all religions. We teach it to our children. Our children hear a lot about Christianity and Islam and how good these religions are. We don’t want to offend anyone, so we teach very little about Hinduism and what we teach is only about superficial things, like festivals and customs and not about the deep philosophy and scientific insights which would portray Hinduism in a good light and might irritate other religions.”

Again, Hindus don’t want to see that Christianity and Islam do not respect Hinduism. The clergy of those religions don’t say it into their face, but to their own flock: “Hindus go to hell, if they don’t convert to the true religion. It is their own fault. We have told them about Jesus and his Father or the Prophet and Allah respectively. Still, they are so arrogant and foolish and hold on to their false gods. But God/Allah is great. He will punish them with eternal hellfire.”

 In a variation of “We respect all religions” Hindus also say, “All religions teach the human being to be virtuous and good and lead him to God, the creator. Hindus attend Inter Faith Dialogues and try to find the commonalities. Of course these are there. Hindus try to build on them. “Yes, all religions have good points. Yes, all religions have good people.” They keep repeating that all religions teach goodness, as if to convince themselves. However, deep down, Hindus know that this is not honest and lacks intellectual integrity. They know that Christianity and Islam have gone off track by preaching exclusiveness and hate to their flock. Those religions have encouraged persecution of others and brainwashed otherwise kind human beings into fighting for an imaginary god who supposedly hates all those ‘others’ who don’t believe, what they are told to believe. They have left a trail of bloodshed in history. But Hindus choose to ignore it. ‘Why provoke unnecessarily?’ they might feel, still betraying a psyche wounded by thousand years of oppression.

Is it not time that Hindus call a spade a spade? Swami Vivekananda has said that every Hindu who leaves his faith is not one Hindu less but one enemy more. He said this while India was ruled by the British, and Christians and Muslims were encouraged to feel superior to the “idol worshipping Hindu”. Hindus were not in a position to put the record straight, as their own elite put Hinduism down due to a malicious British education policy. Yet today, 66 years after independence, it is about time to tell the world loudly and boldly what Hinduism is about.

 It is not about ruling the world. It is not about believing in unverifiable dogmas. It is not about being nice to those of one’s own faith and not nice to those of other faiths. But it is about discovering what we really are, apart from the ever-changing body and mind. The ancient rishis have discovered the oneness underlying the apparent multiplicity, long before western scientists did. This conscious, blissful oneness is not somewhere out there. It is permeating everyone (and everything) and can be felt as one’s own essence. This essence can be called by different names, but the main thing is, that it is within everyone and within everyone’s reach. So, we truly are all children of the same infinite divine Presence. We all belong to one big family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam. This truth provides the basis for a harmonious world and it makes sense, or does it not?

by Maria Wirth



  1. Bravo. Great article! Many more hindus are realizing that we have lost a lot by not knowing our own roots.. Many of my friends and I are finally reading our scriptures and it is amazing to discover the treasure trove of knowledge on spirituality, cosmology, science and mathematics in it. The haters and naysayers will always be there. But we need to have the knowledge and conviction to proudly defend our beliefs and not feel ashamed of being a Hindu.

    1. Where are you reading and what are you reading? Treat me as the uninitiated.

  2. Thank you for writing this fact that everyone, here in India, seems to ignore. Our history books in school are filled with lessons on equality of religious ideologies, on how the great invaders practised equality and enriched our primitive culture. Our universities of social sciences teach us to hate every thing Hindu, the professors make fun of our deities and eulogise the demons and invaders as heroes. This is the kind of Intellectualism that our current society praises and respects.

  3. Hinduism by itself is not a single religion and it has accepted 6 theologies which accept (Rig Veda & Brahma) as the sole authority and the 5 Gods (which must only follow Vedic rituals and only employ Brahmins) as their priests. In this way all other orthodox Indian religions were systematically destroyed. Jainism; Buddhism and Saivam philosophies are not included as Hinduism (but stupid Saivam people call themselves Hindus just because Siva temples are still kept protected under Brahmin care and 95 % are classifies as Sudras). This “all religions are the same” was a concept put forward to subdue all non-vedic Gods (Siva; Muruga: Ganapathy and Ammbal are not in the Rig and Sama Vedas) into their control. Christianity and Islam were not in India during Adi Sankara’s time. The Atharva Veda was written just to bring non-Vedic Gods under their control. The Brahmins cannot say “All Gods are not the same”; for they will have much to answer.

    1. The sole of Hinduism is so simple….there are many ways to attain salvation….just be righteous….

      1. sorry to approve your comment late. wordpress does not open on my tablet for whatever reason and i was travelling…

      2. Jesus asked people to follow him with faith.Right? People with faith should go to him and not the other way round.Then how the Catholic Church is spending gigantic funds for conversion by misguiding,frightening,calling other religions’ gods are saitans ??.People who are canvassing to join their religions by placing other religions as satanic are themselves SATANs.So Christianity is worse than the jihadists.It shows their immeturity and lack of nobleness.

      3. Please don’t equate Catholicism to Christianity. They are not the same. Christians simply follow Jesus. Catholics follow a “religion”. That is why Martin Luther went the other way…

      4. · ·

        who said? did god say that… ? you live like you wish, and I prepared paradise for everybody!

    2. VenuGopal · · Reply

      The very base of your argument it self terribly wrong. Shaivam is not outside Hinduism. The oldest Veda, i.e. Rigveda mentioned about Lord Shiva, of which most commonly known prayer is Rudram (Namakm & Chamakam).

      You feel the Brahmins are the people who want to enjoy full control on Hinduism, thr fact is they are the very people how preserved most of our sanathana dharm through tough darkest days of our country for 700 years of occupation by Muslim kings and another 190 years by British.

      For your kind information, I’m a South Indian, belong to Backward Class & Shivait.

      If you want to know more information for the purpose of understanding you are welcome to mail me on

      But you’re not welcome if your porpose is for argument & debate for winning over each other, because I’m not eligible for this. I’m allowed up to sharing information known to me through Satsang only.

    3. Harish Kiran G S · · Reply

      Alright, now grow up.

    4. Harish Kiran G S · · Reply

      And of course, ignorance is not an ornament to flaunt. Educate yourself.

    5. Very simplistic theory you have there. Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs etc etc originated out of Hinduism and share a lot of common philosophy. As far as Shiva is concerned that is a typical Tamil view that we alone created Shiva : Murugana and then Hindu, Aryans stole it. This is pure BullShit. Rigveda has Rudra which is akin to Shiva. People have been praying to Shiva without any intervention from Brahmins for thousands of years, Naths (Shri Dattatraya, GorkhNath etc etc ) is major mystical sect from North which has been praying to Shiva without any Brahmins.

      It all depends upon how much is one against the Brahmins. (BTW due credit to Brahmins for protecting the religion and its value).

      Here is a typical explanation of name Rudra and how Shiva developed from it.

      “Rudra (/ˈrʊdrə/; Sanskrit: रुद्र) is a Rigvedic deity, associated with wind or storm,[1] and the hunt. The name has been translated as “the roarer”.[2][3][4] In the Rigveda, Rudra has been praised as the “mightiest of the mighty”.[5] The Shri Rudram hymn from the Yajurveda is dedicated to Rudra, and is important in the Saivism sect.[6][7]

      The Hindu god Shiva shares several features with the Rudra: the theonym Shiva originated as an epithet of Rudra, the adjective shiva (“kind”) being used euphemistically of Rudra, who also carries the epithet Aghora, Abhayankar (“extremely calm [sic] non terrifying”).[3] Usage of the epithet came to exceed the original theonym by the post-Vedic period (in the Sanskrit Epics), and the name Rudra has been taken as a synonym for the god Shiva and the two names are used interchangeably.”

    6. Ashish Tomar · · Reply

      I really don’t know its your ignorance or Hate.Savism is a part of Hinduism and explain in RigVeda.I am North Indian and by caste Kshytras.In My Region most of the followers are of savism((95%).some of them also follows vaisnaism with shavism.All these are Brahmins/Kshytras/Vaisyas/Shurdas(Anyway nobody cares who is who nowadays,except ppl like you).But for your information Mostly Brahmin follows Savaismin in my region.



  4. TruthFinder · · Reply

    Very nice article !!! Thankfully you did not try to be politically correct !!! All hindus know this in their heart. But I cannot predict about future generation…

  5. Thank you Maria for the support from Germany.

    The so called Hindus who peoclaim by theirselves that all blah bluh is the same actually are hardly interested in religion(religare) and GODhood. These are predominantly material minded and thus engaged people.

    Also don’ worry, SanAtana Dharma does not draw strength from impure humans. But rest assured that since GOD himself has revealed it as a gate or window to his Kingdom shining in the sky beyond this sky, he keeps and protects it as well.
    GOD descends as AvatAra from time to degraded times, to uphold this dharma of his and to punish those opposed to his sanAtana dharma.

    1. Abhilash Lenka · · Reply

      You sound like one of the people from the “blah bluh” religions when you go against Hinduism and brand non believers as impure. May I remind you that our religion says that even a nastika(atheist) will attain moksha if the karma are balanced. Please do not propagate misguided Sanatan dharma online

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  7. Hinduism is not all that clean as claimed either, it has had its fair share of injustice to others, at times it has been worse than others and at the times of so called civilization. This was always hidden under the smiles and hands together gesture, till today its the same.
    In some cases hinduism has led millions astray with their own greed intentions, and are still doing it today !

    1. Hinduism is not all that clean as any other religion.TRUE.Among all unclean religions Hinduism is the best.It is not preaching that it is the best,so join it or say that u have no right to live if u are not a believer of that religion.It respect humanity,of course there may be some aberrations.It is scientific ,though there are myths and blind beliefs.Because of its versatality ,generosity and freedom ,it is acceptable for human beings.

    2. neerja bhanot · · Reply

      no christianity is the best and way better…there, i said what you actually wanted to say

  8. “Those religions have encouraged persecution of others and brainwashed otherwise kind human beings into fighting for an imaginary god who supposedly hates all those ‘others’ who don’t believe, what they are told to believe.”

    Christianity preaches exclusiveness not out of some sense of control or to brainwash people. They preach it because out God states clearly that there is only “one” God and there is only one way to him. To say that all religions are equal is to discredit out own faith. All religions are NOT equal. As a matter of fact, Christianity is the only faith that is different. Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhist all share a common thread. If you “do” these certain things or “act” in this certain way, you will make it to some heaven. Christianity is fundamentally different in that you are saved by faith and the grace of God, not by works. This is where all other religions fail. No one is righteous enough or good enough to live a perfect life to do all the right things. It is by God’s grace and love that we are able to be in his presence. God is also just in addition to loving. He doesn’t force anyone to believe in him. He’s never pressured anyone to believe in him He only presents himself and then everyone must choose. Now…people are not God. They have messed up biblical teachings and misrepresent what God tells us all the time. Jesus did not persecute people or brainwash people. He spoke the truth and said follow me if you believe. He also engaged with the poor, sick, and wicked more than the righteous.

    1. H R reddy · · Reply

      What is love given to Joan of arc? Non violence and peace are the hallmarks of Christianity? Say I love you and stab. Who are responsible for two world wars?

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  10. saurabh shukla · · Reply
  11. ROBIN MASSEY · · Reply

    The word of God says” EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW DOWN, EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” please let me know which religious books it is written? also Except JESUS CHRIST no one is going to come back on this earth…………. Therefore, He is light of this world. He himself says “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT” Think which God or religious leader says this?

    1. Saurabh Adhikari · · Reply

      Lol!! What a joke!! Nobody is coming except Jesus.
      Hindus believe that god comes on earth in human form in every era to uphold righteousness.
      Any other stupid and nutty question you got?

      For your “Word of God”, that’s what you believe. There is no god so no way ” his word” exists.

      Anything else?

    2. All books on religion are written by human beings.All types of prophecies are therefore need not be correct.So don,t worry.Inconsistent things will never happens!!

  12. Abhilash Lenka · · Reply

    Great article Ma’am. Though I feel that this open outlook is what makes Hinduism different from dogmatic religions and gives people the mind frame to be tolerant. In times like these, people are eventually bound to figure out the liberal and progressive ways of Hinduism and probably adopt it. Especially since it’s the only religion which even allows one to be an atheist. Playing the Supreme religion card may endanger the open mindedness that comes along with the religion. However I personally feel that religions aren’t equal.

    1. Hindus usually don’t figure in the power of brainwashing of kids into the “only true religion”. They believe it and there is a certain arrogance that comes with it. i don’t think that except a few, they will realise the’liberal and progressive’ ways of HInduism (in other words superior??) unless they are confronted with the baseless, unacceptable claims of their own religion, like “Hindus go to hell”. Many European Christian don’t take this doctrine seriously anymore, but they also don’t think about it much. it doesn’t concern them. Hindus, Buddhists and atheists would need to put their foot down.

  13. The Hindu/Yogic religion does suffer to a great extent from both a fundamentalist and a fundamentalist/universalist mindset. The “pure fundamentalist” believes their religion is the only true one and all others are either evil or “less than,” at best. The fundamentalist/universalist proclaims are religions are valid. But “under their breath,” so to speak, because they all come from our religion. The f/u will often make illogical statements such as: our religion is not a religion; we are all one; there are no differences; we don’t believe in labels; we have no believes or dogma, etc. The new-age phony yoga movement has taken the f/u stance (see the fundamentalism in it?) and will say: Yoga is not a religion, Yoga is for everybody and other such non-sense. In a sense the f/u pretends to follow a “no way; way!”

    There is a mature growth process (that many Hindus [and others] have achieved) that may happen to one who has experience both the “The way” and “No way” mindsets–one’s religion is A way. The N.A.T. principle helps one to understand this educational process finally realizing that one’s religion is not The way and not No way but A way–ah Peace!

    Swami Ganapati Paramatma

  14. H R reddy · · Reply

    Who are Hebrews any way the fore runners of Christianity? They were once the inhabitants of India who went out for several reasons with little memories of VEDAs. It happened thousands of years ago. Established as Druids ( the Brhmins) first in England then disbursed when Julius Caesar went after them? Regathered after the world war 2. Now things have changed. Most of the stories in Judaism have been drawn from Vedas and Puranas.
    Religion as defined is man made. But Hinduism will not come under that category. It was revealed by gods , scripted by the Rishis. The language used is Sanskrit again a langue used, given by gods, mother of all languages used, the only living language that old. Hindus never went invading other nations or professed superiority over others. But Hindus had to survive the onslaughts by the invaders under suppressed conditions tenaciously till this day under very inhuman conditions. But they didn’t let go and convert. During Moghal period many Brahmin families were made to carry night soil because they didn’t convert and unable to pay zajia. They became Dalits.

  15. Nelson Naidoo · · Reply

    Hello all, When Jesus said ”I WILL COME AGAIN”, it means that GOD will come again.God came many times before JESUS and after Jesus. People are ignorant of this.HE also said the ONE who sent HIM will come , that too happened, and a lot of people don’t know this. He came in the form of Sai BABA. Jesus also gave a description of SAI BABA. GOD will incarnate again on earth in a few years time, as PREMA SAI BABA, If people don’t want to believe this, thats their fate,thats their choice, Christians who don’t believe this, can wait , Jesus, will not come, GOD WILL COME.

  16. Pravesh Hurdeen Singh · · Reply

    Thank you for this outstanding piece which Hindus must first digest and decolonise their own minds.
    Unfortunately Hindus have lost pride in their great heritage.

  17. Vishnu's sevakah · · Reply

    Sehr genau, ganz gerade. Tout à fait exact. Absolutamente de acuerdo. It is essential, in these explications, to distinguish the traditional, initiatic fund of Hinduismus, that is the most ancient religion, having all the bases of others religions, making it clear to the student, that Hinduismus contains everything of the others religions. That for some others religions, actually some elements of them are not, precisely, religious, but only credences, without any objective base to teach the things as they are.
    Cosmologically, everyone can notice that all is in Hinduismus, immediately, practical and useful, whereas in the others religions, the teacher says to you: “Don’t try to understand. All that you have to do now, is trusting these things and masters you don’t already know, you’ll understand later.” As with Hinduismus, you understand instantaneously what you’re learning.
    I feel lucky to know a person like You, who was also educated in the christian religion, and could make her mind free of all the arbitrarious teachings of it.
    Jay Shree Hind !

  18. Travail · · Reply

    It is the duty of a Hindu to practise his faith, but not to unsettle the minds of those who do not practise it. We are expected to show restraint and friendliness in dealing with people of other faiths, and live in harmony with them. Hinduism clearly affirms that the paths to God are many and all paths lead to God. Hence, fanaticism and intolerance are completely ruled out. However, amity does not mean submission to other faiths or practising them. As a Hindu, you not only have a right to choose what you believe in, but also have an obligation to defend your faith if necessary. In this regard, the Gods of Hinduism are the best example. They are the most benign and compassionate beings, and yet each is a warrior who will not hesitate to fight the demons if the situation demands it.

    paraphrased from

    1. it is not fanaticism, it is about truth when one says that Hindu Dharma is superior. this “all path lead to same goal” was said before dogmatic religions came on the scene which claim openly that they have to wipe out Hinduism as it is an offence in the eyes of their “God”. i don’t think the Rishis could even imagine such a thing to happen – that the Supreme Being would be put up as a front for world dominion.

  19. Radhe Krishna · · Reply

    silence is the best reply to the fools like you..

  20. nirmita · · Reply

    silence is the best reply to the fools .so don’t
    t say anything to maria because she is foolish & do not know anything about Hindu..Empty vessel sound much…..

    1. What a sane comment !! Only fools can think others are fools !!

      1. Saurabh Adhikari · ·

        Not just fools, the greatest fools

  21. Vishnu's sevakah · · Reply

    Wieso dasselbe Kryptogram für die sogenannte “Radhe Krishna” und “nirmita” …..? Was unklar da passiert. Lebewohl Maria.

    1. maybe the same person?

  22. B Harendran · · Reply

    Totally wrong, dear.
    To understand Hindu or Hinduism, “it is a way of life”,
    One must involve and be committed to Hinduism … to understand and born again a Hindu.
    As a Hindu, I pray for re born an Islam or better soul searching and get Immersed back to my Father(the creator of my soul).
    God is omnipresent everywhere (Life or non life materials).
    Proud to be an Hindu born and brought up in India.
    Thank you.

  23. MOMMHED YUNIS · · Reply


    Suppose a man is sleeping and in his state of dream he is having sexual enjoyment in that state he is also thinking that after he wakes up ,he will also enjoy the benefits he is enjoying in his sleep , such is the state of islam. Vedas say we are into a dream body , the illusory material body , the consciousness of considering himself being the material body is also a state of dreaming for the spirit which has nothing to do in character or likeness to the material body , The person in a consciousness of a soul enjoys a different character different from the material body and described as sat , chit, anand ,This essential difference is not explained in the quran , therefore the philosophy of Islam imagines The “SPIRIT” and the “SPIRITUAL ABODES AND DESTINATIONS” , to be similar to the material body and carries that same material world’s experiences and understanding also to the “SPIRITUAL DESTINATION” calling then Jannath and paradise as having the same traits of permanent senses , sense enjoyment and sexual and how a perfect replica of what he has experienced in the material illusory world.
    Therefore your understanding in Quran and Christianity is just like a beggars idea of a millionaire .for example if beggar was asked what is your idea of a millionaire? He says” Millionaire is a person whose business is to go out to beg every day with a bowl made of gold and a chauffeur driven car , “ Your idea of heaven and Jannat is base and conjecture of your material experiences and not that which is based on of what is spirit and eternal ?
    Suppose a buffalo man is enjoying sex with a she buffalo in that state he is also is thinking that he wishes that he should get this happiness endlessly and eternally such is the base concept on which so called their religious theologies are based , absolute something to what an animal like a buffalo can imagine. Such is the consciousness and understanding of the major faiths in the world

    1. Shashikant · · Reply

      If you stay in India such types of saying is okay, but if you stay out of India PLEASE keep it with yourself and be safe

  24. Hi,

    Thank you so much for writing the truth ( and not being afraid to do so )

    I would also like to state that the above stated “sorry” situation also applies to Buddhists ( and I believe the same goes for all Dharmic Faiths of India )

    For too long we have been naïve and fooling ourselves by stating wh9ich is not the obvious, “that all religions are the same “, its actually not but we continue to deny and have an ostrich like attitude!

    It is strange that whenever I point out the discrimination that the Hindus face ( in India, a Hindu majority country ) my Hindu friends mock me and chant “Secularism”!

    If the Hindus don’t get their act together then they will lose numbers through Islamic Love & Land Jihad + Christian Rice Bag Evangelism!

    Buddhists also face challenge of Islamic Millitarism /Terrorism and Christian Evangelism.

    On one hand we have evangelical groups funded by Western countries and their corporates who advocate that their is the only true religion and a ‘living god’ and on the other hand we have violent radical groups who use terror and intimidation of the worst kind to exterminate a population that does not “practice” their religion or ideology which they like the evangelists believe that theirs is the “true religion” that will ultimately prevail across the Earth!

    Both these groups target Buddhists for their simplicity, they feel that Buddhists are gullible to take everything they have to say even if that means defaming Buddhism and our teachers, hence they engage with Buddhists in debates to convince the Buddhists that they need to give up Dhamma and accept “their religion” as it is the only true one with the “one and only god” and hence they must accept their faith and abandon Buddhism!

    Its high time we respond to them, not violently using weapons like they do but buy using our brains and applying some common sense!

    Reading, discussing and cross verifying information given to us, helps!



    My BLOG –

    1. EXCELLENT Mr.KAMENG. Hindus are a sort timid race which could not tackle abhrahamic religions.The only religion suitable for mankind is Hinduism whatever others say any non sense.The tragedy is that Hindus are diminishing!! The predicted KALIYUG will fall upon humanity when Islam/Christianity takes over.No human can live with peace then.

      1. that’s why we have to help Christians and Muslims to open their eyes to truth – to that what truly is, not sentences that are written in books.

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  26. your are right …….!

    DO not compare religion just give respect …………………… just you only think Jesus side he will come , Mohamed also in hindu also if u belief in Jesus then u have to belief other bocz you dint see jesus so if he come back how you find him and how u follow him……….. in universe .

  27. Avdhesh Tondak · · Reply

    Brilliant article Maria! It’s an eye opener for Hindus and believe me Hindus have woken up to their roots. It may take some time but it has started. We all can feel it.

    1. very happy to know..

  28. You are an idiot, does NOT matter how restrictive you think your Christianity was it gave you the tools to be spiritual and all religions are the same they are the tools we get and you cannot be Hindu any more than I can teach you to be Scottish, all the same because we absorb our culture subconsciously. Being Scottish is the lens I see the world through just like being Indian is the lens they see the world through and NONE of those lens were ever superior to another shame on your ignorance!

    1. Paulie D · · Reply

      Finally someone with their head screwed on right! How does she not see the irony of her Hindu evangelism? She’s incorrect by own foolish standards! If Hinduism is what she claims it is then what purpose is there in adopting this missionary stance and trying to convert the world? That is more like her description of Christianity. There is plenty more to be said about her wilful ignorance of social, political and economic historical contexts but why bother? This kind of reductive understanding of the world really merits no response.

      1. It needs saying because Hindus have committed genocide against Muslims, just as Buddhists have committed genocide against Muslims. Atheist, agnostic, christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, neopagan, New ager or whatever you want to call yourself, believing in your own superiority because of a belief system is denial of humanity as a whole, denial of rights and a denial of respect. You are not the answer but the problem, religions were meant to solve, your supposed superiority is not an understanding of any religious view it is a lack of understanding, lack of honesty, lack of humility, lack of compassion and a lack of love.

  29. A.A.LOGANATHAN · · Reply

    Hinduism is indeed not a religion but a way of life.It seeks to seek to be in UNION WITH THE SUPREME AND GRAND BEING irregardless of race , religion or creed.DHARMAM which has no equivalent word in other languages is the law and core of our being seeking justifications in enhancing our relationship with all the living beings rather than with our relationship with THE SUPREME AND GRAND BEING. Hence this explains the phrase SERVICE TO MANKIND IS SERVICE TO GOD. THE GREAT SWAMI VIVEKANANDA QUOTATION ‘S THAT ONE LIVING HINDUISM IS NOT A HINDU LESS BUT AN ENEMY MORE IS TO TELL THAT THEIR NEW BELIEF WOULD PREVENT THEM FROM THINKING LIKEWISE OF THE UNIVERSAL DHARMA. Why should we belittle Hinduism saying as a religion when it embraces all as one linkage of brotherhood. Sorrowfully some of them wants to segregate and stay aloof to self indentify themselves makes them to waver from the UNIVERSAL DHARMA. ONE IS AS NEAR TO GOD AS THE PERSON HE IS MOST DIVIDED FROM.Some of us are so carried away that we just would like to retaliate in kind as to what from other religions are doing not knowing that we are going to a lower plane from a higher altitude. HINDUISM MIGHT SEEM SO COMPLEX YET IT IS SO VERY EASY THAT AS LONG AS BY THINKING GOOD, SAYING GOOD AND DOING GOOD IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT INTO MAKING GOD SEEKING US.
    HINDUISM DOES NOT NEED A FOUNDER TO VERIFY HIS BEING A HINDU BUT BY HIS JUSTIFIABLE RELATIONSHIPS WITH ALL LIVING BEINGS.Hinduism seeks to elevate a human to be a better human being rather than to be a mere label.
    A better Muslim or a better Christian or a better being are all better Hindus.

  30. “stifling atmosphere of dogmatic Christianity”……..sorry but there is no such thing as that.

  31. Completely Agree with you

  32. Try to understand the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
    The only reason why Sikhism came about is because the Hindus had gone off track.

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  34. I believe in the living lord that is JESUS CHRIST. People make idols and worship them. For Jesus came to his own world but the own did not accept him. He was crucified for ourselves, he had powers to resist crucifixion but he didn’t used, for he loved us and he did not came to make religion. There’s life in him that gives light to our soul.

  35. Manohar sharma · · Reply

    Yes Maria you are absolutely right. Very well written. In total agreement with you

  36. Our children who are educated in English Medium Convent school need to go through the writings of Maria and also the enlightened comments. Really thought provoking.

  37. Sudhir Gupta · · Reply

    This article by Maria Wirth is analytical and gives a true picture of Hindu mindset. Hindus, if they want to survive today, must have to come out of the shell which they are covering themselves with mainly due to selfishness and cowardice.

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  39. Vidya Bhardwaj · · Reply

    This analysis is what Hinduism is. In my opinion it is only religion, others are sects following their prophet’s teachings. Privilege of questioning not permitted by others. This is taken weakness by others. In the end of the Rigveda is said to be written ‘ na iti’ means this is not end, coming generations will write their own precepts. Is this beauty found in other’s scriptures? …. Your attitude is intellectual and unbiased. I am highly impressed by you.

  40. Swami Nathan · · Reply

    Well said Maria


    You are right Maria,problem in India is that since the inception the political leadership was in the hands of so called liberals who had little faith n respect for Hinduism bcoz most of them were illiterate about glorious hindu literature ,religion n culture,which continued even after freedom in rull connivance with hinduhater commies.So gradually this nexus succeeded in isolating hindu religion.No mention in ednal text books rather these glorified islam,islamic invaders n moghul kings.Very simple example Pratap,Prithviraj n Shivaji given less importance n Akbar,Aurangjeb n Tipu Sultan highlighted.But howlong soul of Sanatan dharm can be suppressed by blatant lie n cunningness.Glory of hinduism is spread all over India in the form of temples n literature how can it be suppressed ? But in one more thing they succeeded in dividing the nation n Indian society,which is very sad part of Indian history.

  42. Chandrasekharan CK · · Reply

    Thanks Maria for your writings. If we Hindus tell the same facts it will be misconstrued & called majoritarianism! Please keep writing and enlightening this world.

  43. […] Source: Please Hindus, don’t say: “All Religions are the Same” […]

  44. I am very glad to hear your understanding on Hinduism.
    Actually Hindus are people who religiously are sanatan.
    The word sanatan stands for universal.
    So, Sanatan dharma means universal religion.
    We are very open to accept all available goods in this universe.
    Tremendous learning.
    Explore everything.
    Diversified thought process.
    Pranayeshwar Vashisth

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