Let’s all be Hindu Fundamentalists

Religious fundamentalists are on the rise and that is bad for our societies. Most people will agree on this. Yet few examine who religious fundamentalists are. Obviously, such persons would want to stick to the fundamentals of their religion. They want to live a life that is advocated in their holy books and would please their God. Now, since religious fundamentalists pose a problem, does it mean that the fundamentals of religions are bad for our societies? Let’s look at the three biggest religions:

Concerning Christianity, fundamentalists believe that God has revealed himself in the Bible and sent his only begotten son to earth to save all mankind. They believe in the first commandment: ‘You shall have no other gods before me’. Therefore, all humanity has to believe in the God of the Bible and his only son, Jesus Christ. Those who do not do so, will end up in hell. “Go out into the world”, is a central tenet of the Christian faith and fundamentalists consider it as their duty to convert as many ‘heathens’ as possible to Christianity by whatever means.

Concerning Islam, fundamentalists believe that Islam is the only true religion and Allah the only true God who wants the whole world to submit to Him. Those who do not become Muslims will go to hell. It is a central tenet and keeps recurring in the Quran. Fundamentalists see it as their duty to make all of humanity accept Islam and often take literally commandments in the Quran like “Strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers.”

Concerning Hinduism, fundamentalists believe that Brahman (other names are allowed and in use) is the one true ‘God’. However, Brahman is not a personal God who saves those who believe in Him and damns all others. Rather, Brahman is the most subtle conscious essence that permeates everything and everyone, never mind, which religion he follows or whether he is an atheist. “Atman is Brahman” or “one’s own Self is the Divine”, the Vedas proclaim.

Now, all religions claim that there is only one Highest, one ‘true God’ in English or one ‘Allah’ in Arabic or one ‘Brahman’ in Sanskrit. And of course there is only one Divinity – the almighty, all knowing Presence that is responsible for the existence of the universe. How can it be otherwise? Hindus, however, often don’t understand that Christians as well as Muslims are really convinced that their one true God, respectively Allah, saves only the brothers and sisters of their own faith and sends all others as heathen or infidels into hell. This conviction is indeed difficult to understand for humans with a normal reasoning capacity. Yet if one grows up hearing repeatedly that only one’s own faith is true and other people are bad because they don’t accept this, it may actually make sense. It happened to me as a child – it made sense that only we Christians go to heaven, because we have been chosen by God…

So we have a situation in the world where Christianity and Islam, each one over a billion strong, rival with each other: “Our God alone is true! If you don’t believe it, you go to hell.” And the other group counters, “No. Our God alone is true! And if you don’t believe it you go to hell.”

One could laugh it off if it were not so serious. Fundamentalists stick to this belief – and unfortunately, the official clergy of both religions uphold it, as well. It is naturally a cause for great friction in the world.

Hinduism (or Sanatana Dharma, as it used to be called) does not take part in this one-upmanship. It is ancient. It was there long before Christianity or Islam appeared on the scene. In Hinduism, Brahman is not a male entity who watches over us from somewhere. It is inside everyone, conscious, living and loving. It will always give another chance until everyone realises his true being and merges in Brahman, which may take many lives. The Hindu scriptures proclaim, “Humanity is one family”. “Brahman permeates the smallest as well as the biggest.” “Thou art That.” “Brahman is not what your mind thinks but That by which the mind is capable to think.” “See God in everyone.”  “Respect nature.”

And they lead us in prayer: “May we be protected together, may we be nourished together, may we work together with great vigour, may our study be enlightening, may no obstacle arise between us.” “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.” “May everyone be happy”, and so on.

Many Hindus, too, don’t know these fundamentals of their religion and believe it is all about rituals, worshipping their favourite aspect of God to get their wishes fulfilled and celebrating festivals. They don’t realise that Hinduism is the only religion that is all inclusive. It does not set one group of people against all the others. It is also not opposed to science and does not only allow using one’s intelligence but encourages to do so.

Maybe that is the reason why in the west, Hinduism is sometimes even missing when the world religions are listed, as for westerners, a religion is apparently not a religion if it is not based on unverifiable dogmas, especially the one that sets it apart from other religions and which is so harmful for a harmonious living together of all humanity. Is it not about time for us in the 21th century to scrap such unverifiable, harmful fundamentals that set up one group of people against another group?

The best option is to follow the Hindu fundamentals. So let’s be Hindu fundamentalists who see Divinity in everyone, also in animals and in nature. Our world would benefit.

by Maria Wirth 






  1. Hi Maria,

    Nice to see your honest reply back. What you stated I will agree cause Yes, that kind of preaching you will hear from some churches. But Is God there in those churches? Is the pastor preaching what God has told him or is the person speaking out of his knowledge.It is out of his knowledge to influence people.

    But we go back to the truth as you say. The real truth in the scriptures. It just needs to believe in Jesus to wash our sins. Thats it. People are baptized so as to publicly proclaim that they have believed in Jesus. Even if you dont get baptized God wont stop loving you. I will say you again dont just believe anything people say. How can we know the truth if you dont dig at the source. You can get the truth in the Bible. Once you see things there, I think you would say me the opposite.

    And who are we as a person to hate someone. Aren’t we created by the same God. Don’t I have mistakes.But has God stopped loving me for a moment. No. So how can I give a hate speech against you.

    To your last statement a lot has changed in the churches. If you can just walk into the right one, you will see the transformation. Yeah the right one where Christ is honored not the ones where religion is followed. How do you know where Christ is honored. A church which follows the greatest commandments of all – LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

    I just wish you give it a one more chance to find if what I have said was true or not. You searched for truth before. You can do it again but with a different perspective and I am sure LOVE will hit you back like no other place.

    Across all the world only Church is a place where to enter you dont have to reveal what is your caste, creed, race or anything. And what is a church. Its the body of Christ. One family that loves Jesus and loves People.

    1. chaitanya · · Reply

      Here comes the cat out of the bag — ” Across all the world only Church is ……”.
      Maria, you have equated Islam and Christianity as far as attitude towards non-believers is concerned. But I beg to differ a bit. Christianity is worse– in the sense that it is cunning and stabs you in the back. It is sugar coated. YES. Christianity is sugar-coated Islam.

      1. frankly, if i have to choose only betwen the two, i prefer Christianity, as it present at least it does not kill anymore for heresy and is better for women than Islam.
        many of those who convert to Christianity will lose faith again like in Europe, if not now, in some decades… but the connection to there culture will be gone. this would be tragic.

  2. vidyadhara · · Reply

    The thing about the Hindus, is not that there is no extremism. But that most hindus will readily admit an unending multiplicity of mutually contradictory even exclusive absolute truths.

    And also very similar absolute truths claiming to be mutually exclusive. 🙂

    This simply comes from the maturity of a culture that is easily fifty thousand years old, by a recent DNA study of the ancestry of the hindus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetics_and_archaeogenetics_of_South_Asia.

  3. Hinduism is a divine religion many great scholars from west like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Voltaire and many others have recognized it and praised the Vedic scriptures. Read some really interestin content on http://www.rockingbaba.com/blog

    1. Wyatt Earp · · Reply

      Why do Hindus need certificates from others about their religion? The answer is that most Hindus have not read their scriptures and have very little idea about their own religion and core beliefs. So, like illiterates, they are happy if a foreigner tells them something good about their religion, even if it is like someone describing the sun by saying it is really bright.

      1. chaitanya · ·

        Hindu society has suffered enough historically for taking such positions.
        Don’t our scriptures teach us to see humanity in its entirety — then how do you see Maria as a foreigner more so when she is putting things in perspective so logically.

      2. Why do Christians need to Spend so much Money for Conversions and propagation, Why do the give negative and False information about Hinduism.

        Dose Jesus have Anything to Do With Christianity, He Was Disowned in the name of Blasphemy…..Later Torchered to Death….200 years after his Emancipation, Romans started using his name for their own Relgious Political Advantage..

  4. SS Nagaraj · · Reply

    The last Hindu nation,Nepal, has been oblitirated by the combined forces of Indian Christians using Maoists as a cover.Still Hindus waste their time discussing about politics which invariably is about the Catholic mother and Son,Sonia and Rahul..

    1. Olikara · · Reply

      How stupid. So now the Maoists are Christians! So it was also a Christian plot to Maoise China and murder and send to re-education camps hundreds of thousands of Christians?

    2. U r mistakened. Not Christian Moaist but Muslim Inspired Moaist. And the Son & his paternal pedigree r not christians nor hindus.

  5. Maria’s writings are always bold and beautiful.

  6. Dear Maria, you are blessed with simple & lucid presentation of analytical sharpness. Respects.

  7. Hi Maria you are again fascinates me with ur logic and deep knowledge in Hindu religion.I too believe that Hinduism is the only religion which is true secular and sofisticated to suit humane beings..All others are supporting terror.Thank u Maria.!

  8. […] Source: Let’s all be Hindu Fundamentalists […]

  9. Hello Maria
    It is mind blogging to see comments pour in here at your blog you had ignited a debate and it is really fascinating to see various views thoughts being shared here. Finally I believe Hinduism
    is a place where one can sit and debate if you believe in God or not they are all treated without any discrimination.

    I am glad to share with all Hindus who believe in our culture and God to search for Mr.S.Gurumurhty speeches on you tube on and also of Dr. Subramanian Swamy speak
    about Hinduism its culture on Bhagawat Gita etc. Listen to their speeches and you will
    be flooded with a wealth of information in this regard.


  10. Ranita Ray · · Reply

    I really appreciate Maria Wirth words and msg. As a hindu I am worried. Hindus are slammed by so called anglisied big wigs. some media honchos and are more pro pak than India.

    whats going wrong? New York Times says we r intolerant. Its sad

  11. It is a sad fact that most Hindus do not know the fundamentals of Hinduism. Hinduism has most elaborate theoretical exposition of issues that have confronted the best of human minds, since ancient times to modern scientific era. Just refer to numerous Upanishad {s}. Hinduism is the only belief system that encourages questioning, doubt and investigation. Thanks to Maria for her lucid and clear headed writings. On these subjects, a helpful link is here

    Shreepal Singh

    1. Shreepal Singh true very true thanks for your post

  12. K.Raj · · Reply

    Hats off to Maria wirth for succinctly summarising all the major religions of the world.

    I believe that all the leaders of the various faiths wanted to uplift the masses around them and to show the path of goodness.

    It is their descendants / disciples who gave their own interpretation to spread their kingdom at the cost of humanity.
    innocent people for no reason or rhyme pay for the wars and the fights.

    No one opted to be born in a Christian , Muslim , Budhist or Hindu family….however, once born we all consider our religion / teachings to be superior to others….
    Are the making of common man and fostered by the religious leaders for their own benefit.

    I am lucky to be born in a Hindu family and feel sorry for the fighting that is going on in the name of religion, forgetting what the teachings were by their respective leaders.

    I only pray that reason prevails with all the fundamentalists and make this world a better and a peaceful place for humanity to grow and attain their full potential…..

  13. Priya Atma Bandhu,

    I thank you for Such a Valuable and meaningful article.

  14. Priya Atma Bandhu,

    Your Insight About Aham Brahmasmi and Brief Explanation is 100% True, Happy to Find Someone Who Understood Adwaita as it Should.

    I come across Lots of Swamiji or Spiritual Practitioners who Never Utter such Statements in order to Protect Ritualistic Traditions for their own Vested financial interests & Hierarchical belief.

    People are always struck in Kindergarten stage of Spiritual Learning, even at the age of 70, they dont want improve or upgrade as their material objectives are more important and feel God and Devotional Services are only meant to achive them.

    It was paramanada reading your article.

    Shree Krishna Krupa Kataksham Praptirasthu:

    1. thank you. nice to know it’s appreciated

  15. Ahh! Another gem by Maria. I really envy you sometimes for the kind of knowledge you have. Wonderfully written.

    P.S. – Is there a way you could increase the font size? The present font size is quite small and causes a little difficulty in reading.

    1. i have no idea how to increase it. i write it on the laptop. usually i post it from font size 12 in Word on to wordpress and on the laptop it’s ok to read, can be increased or decreased anyway. don’t know how it is on the mobile.
      are all my articles so small from my blog? or is the reason that i posted the link on facebook and there it got smaller?

  16. Wisely worded with true spirit. Unbiased or say balanced approach. Let the readers figure out their views. For me Convincing.

  17. Ritesh · · Reply

    A very well written thought. Also to be considered here is the fact that in Sanatan Dharma its all inclusive aspect is very pertinent. Whether it is the plants, trees, mountains, caves, animals, rivers are all us. They are all worshipped in one form or another. Also it teaches us the Devine aspects of “Vasudeva Kutambakam”. So how can such a religion ever turn into a fundamentalist monster.

  18. Arun Rane · · Reply

    Good reading.. enlightening blog.

  19. Dear Maria
    Sharing with the tweet from Rajiv Malhotra below

    Rajiv Malhotra‏Verified account @RajivMessage 18h18 hours ago
    Rajiv Malhotra Retweeted No Conversion
    European Churches admit that white youth not wanting to become priests. So attracting poor converts as priests using white wife & EU visa.Rajiv Malhotra added,

    No Conversion @noconversion
    Become a Christian Pastor for a foreign church
    get a foreign wife …common in Kerala
    41 replies 674 retweets 534 likes
    Reply 41 Retweet 674 Like 534 Direct message

    1. Thank you. In my native place, and two other places nearby,
      there are or were Indian priests. However, since it is a Catholic area, no German wife for them.

  20. Lord Krishna said: “God does not decide what each person should do, nor he induce people to act, nor does he creates fruits of any action. Each person acts according to his/her Vasanas (Past and present perceptions of mind).

    ” ( Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5:14)

    1——Lord Krishna did not interfere with the free will of Arjuna. Arjuna has the right to accept everything Lord Krishna teaches as well as the right to reject everything Lord Krishna teaches.

    2—–God is never portrayed as a task master in Hinduism like in other religions.

    3—-You and I have problems in this life due to the Karmic Debt we have inherited from our previous lives.

    Lord Krishna said:

    “God is not responsible for anyone’s sinful (Papa) activities or pious (Punya) activities. People are mistaken about this Since their knowledge is covered by ignorance.”

    ( Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5:15 )

    1. We are living in Kali Yuga. Here is no values for virtues.Might is right.If we are living where rakshasas are absent whatever u say,whatever Gita says are correct.Why Bhagavan Krishna advised Arjuna to take arms to fight unjest relatives? It shows that we should fight injustice and the rakshasas who bend upon destroying us.That is why MW is for Hindu fundamentalism !!

  21. What makes Bhagavad Gita, the most important scripture in the world?

    • Bhagavad Gita gives everyone of us absolute freedom to do whatever we want.

    • In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna never judged or ordered; He only explained to Arjuna the pros and cons of every issue and was left to Arjuna whether to follow his teachings or not.

    • Lord Krishna did not even influence the free will of Arjuna. Arjuna had the right to accept everything Lord Krishna taught or reject everything Lord Krishna taught.

    • In fact, at the end of Mahabharata, Rishi Veda Vyasa has to teach a very disheartened Arjuna, the whole of Bhagavad Gita again.

    • It advocates selfless actions (Nishkama Karma). It teaches the importance of annihilation of desire and ego.

    The beauty of the Bhagavad Gita is that it requires of a man complete change of consciousness rather than mere changes in lifestyle or in outward appearances.

    It advocates a balanced life.

    It never ever asks anyone to run away from life.

    Instead it asks everyone to fully participate in life.

    Not even once Lord Krishna said

    “You will go to hell,

    If you do not follow me or obey what I say.

    ” Like what we read in other religious scriptures

  22. Dear NP Nayar
    What you say is right I had quoted from Bhagawad Gita that is all to share with all the importance of what is said in the above two Bhagawad Gita Quotes to show what Hinduism is all about.

    1. Hindu thoughts are are always with Gita ! But survival is the question now.A CHARGING BULL CAN NOT BE TAMED BY MUSIC.WE MUST TACKLE IT BY THE HORNS !

  23. Rajiv Tandon · · Reply

    Written with very simple , short yet with great clarity.
    Look forward to your writings on the subject .
    I also feel we need to describe Hinduism as a way of life & a religion.fundamentalism is opposed to the very basic principle of Hinduism

    1. Please check some older posts on my blog. They are not really old. Very much valid.

  24. Maria, I like the depth of your knowledge about my beloved faith. Hinduism is about the way all living beings find their way to God. All other belief systems included. Let us strengthen our thoughts.

  25. Nandish Patel · · Reply

    Indeed, most Hindus do not understand dharma. And the word ‘fundamentalist’ is used to descibe dharmic people who speak up for themselves because of adopting the European mindset. Dharma is a word to indicate the universe and it’s nature. It’s not a belief, it’s a search for answers to it’s existence and ours within it. 😉 keep smiling

  26. Do you mean to say ‘Brahma’ (ब्रह्म) , which is different than whatever you have written as ‘Brahman’ (ब्राह्मण) … Please study well before posting such articles. Nowhere hindu believes that Brahman is ultimate god, its just a cast of people.

    1. in English, “Brahman” is used in “Ayam Atma Brahma” to distinguish the great Brahma(n) from the creator Brahma.
      you also need to be clear what you mean by god if you use it as a Hindu. pls see https://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/15/what-is-meant-by-god/

  27. Nirmal Kumar Maity · · Reply

    Hindu fundamentalism is universalism. Nothing fundamental here in true sense.

  28. Very true mam
    But other religions don’t want to understand the simple things of co existance and survival on this Earth….

  29. Indira Tandon · · Reply

    Excellent article. love your writing. Very informative.

  30. Indira Tandon · · Reply

    Concept of Hinduism in a nutshell. Very well explained. Thank you

  31. pradeep singh bika · · Reply

    a soul awakening article …i wish all sanatanis can understand this…. long live maria….sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarcey bhavantu niramaya maa kashchit dukh bhagbhavet..

  32. A Pittsburgher · · Reply

    What a simple, beautiful and cogent essay on God, faith and religion. Please keep writing and sharing these thoughts.

  33. Maria at her best as usual !

  34. Hemant Tulpule · · Reply

    Great article as usual by the great lady Maria. All may read and ponder. Thank you ma’am. I take a bow!

    1. Thank you. Nice to know it is appreciated

  35. In less than 1000 words Maria has hit where it hurts..

  36. Ramchandra.prasad · · Reply

    Thanks ma’m for describing the essence of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism so lucidly and briefly .People need guide and interpreter like you. Even most Hindus are not aware of the true essence and meaning of their Dharma.Spreading the true messages and teachings of Gita,Upanishdas and Vedas are need of the hour. God bless you! Very very thanks.

  37. prafull kumar · · Reply

    It sums up very beautifully in a shortest way.

  38. Chetram Sharma · · Reply

    As there are no words in Hindi language for English words like “Pin drop silence” and “piano”. The same way there are no equivalent words in English language for the Hindi words “Dharam” or `Dharama` and “Darshan”. The alternate available words used to just indicate the nearby meaning of these words are “Religion” and “Philosophy” however these worlds do not give the exact meaning of the worlds `dharam` and `darshan` respectively. Both the words `dharam` and `darshan` have the vast and ultimate meaning of life style and thought process in its natural and just form and do not have any name to be called by. In fact there exists no Dharam which is called as HINDU. The word HINDU was actually coined by Arabs a few centuries back for their own convenience for the people living in Indian subcontinent who followed a particular refined and time tested style of living. None of our dharam granths (religious holy books) does describe any name for such kind of living style or the people. Because there can’t be any name or different forms of the `Dharam` like the Hindu, Islam or Christianity. The `Dharam` in its real essence is the way of life which has evolved naturally i.e. inline with nature and thus is JUST without any foul.

  39. Joseph John. · · Reply

    Thank you Madam, for clearly explaining. It is clear that we have to approach all these religions with clear mind otherwise everything is lost. We all have our own reservations as we are fed from childhood and the false community which we fear. All are born atheists.

  40. Extremely well written . With a very cogent analysis of three religions your dedication is irrefutable.

  41. Dr Parveen Sharma · · Reply

    Nice piece of work and authentic research

  42. Very correctly narrated the inclusiveness of Hindu Dharma…

  43. K SATEESH SHARMA · · Reply

    Hindu philosophy well explained. Good job. People should understand that birth is not in our hands. Just because I am born to a Hindu parents, which is not in my hands, should be aware that it’s the wish of the Brahman and try to find the truth in that path. Same way it applies to others. Because, Hindu believe in the doctrine ‘ekat sat, vipra bahuda vadanti’. That’s why, one should understand that birth is not in our control and we are free to choose any path to find the truth. But it shouldn’t be by force. If force is used, the whole world will be a battel field.

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