Difference between Hinduism and Christianity/ Islam

 Occasionally I noticed that in western publications Hinduism was missing when religions were listed. Buddhism was there without fail, but its mother so to speak, was being ignored. What could be the reason? About one billion human beings are Hindus. Hinduism is alive and vibrant. There is hardly another people who are as ’religious’ and have so much faith in the Divine. Yet what they revere and hold dear is often considered ‘only’ as a way of life.

However, the discussion is still on.  Some argue, “Dharma”, as Hindus (and Buddhists, too) refer to their ‘religion’ cannot be translated as religion. It differs from western religions in many aspects; therefore Hinduism is not a religion. Others feel that since ‘religions’ are legally and socially greatly privileged in today’s world, it would be a big blunder to leave this field to Christianity and Islam who would triumphantly wade into that vacuum. They might claim (and they are experts in unsubstantiated claims) that everyone has a right to religion: therefore, since Hindus don’t have a religion, they need to be blessed with the ‘true’ religion.

To get any further, let’s look at the definition of religion. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut definition. There is however an implicit understanding that religion is about the mysterious origin of our universe, about its creator, about God and about moral guidelines for our lives. The word ‘religion’ comes from re-ligare (Latin) which means to bind back. One could assume that it means to bind the human being back to his creator or God.

In that case, Hindu Dharma is definitely a religion. In fact it is the original, most ancient religion. Many thousands of years ago, the Indian rishis enquired into the truth of this visible world. They postulated criteria for ‘truth’ and came to the conclusion that one invisible, conscious essence is the only true ‘thing’ permeating everything in this apparent universe and beyond. They called it Brahman (from big, expanding) or simply Tat (that) and postulated that it was eternal, infinite, unchanging, true, aware, blissful and the invisible basis of everything including our own person. So basically, we are that Brahman. Our essence is That. Only, we are born blind to this truth and the purpose of life is to realize it. Further, ancient Indian scriptures give many methods for achieving this Self- or God-realization.

Now, when western religions appeared on the scene, they limited this vast, all-pervading Brahman to a “God” who is personal, male, separate from his creation and with strong likes and dislikes. For example, this God, so is claimed, greatly dislikes any human being who does not acknowledge him as the only true God. In fact he even has decreed that any such human being will burn eternally in hell, unless he officially (through a small ritual) joins the ‘true religion’.

Now, how do these religions know what God is and what he wants? Because God/ Allah has revealed ‘the truth’ to two persons – to Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago and Prophet Mohammed some 1400 years ago, and these revelations have been handed down in two books, the Bible and the Quran. And what is the proof that all this is true? There is no proof, except for the words of those two persons who are, however, not ordinary persons: Jesus Christi is the only son of God and Prophet Mohammed Allah’s final prophet.

That is what Christianity and Islam claim as truth and they repeat this claim again and again so that it looks as if proven and nobody dares to question it.Further, in a psychologically clever move, they cater to in-group instincts: “God has chosen you to be born in the true religion. You are very lucky, because if you believe and follow what we tell you, you go to heaven, whereas all others go to hell.”

We can see by now that there are indeed significant differences between the Abrahamic religions on one side, and Hinduism on the other. The Abrahamic religions come as a fixed ‘belief system’, which means that blind belief is required in dogmas, which have no chance to be verified. Hindu Dharma on the other hand is based on a genuine enquiry into truth, which means that there is no need to accept any claim that does not make sense.

Now, religion is also defined as ‘belief system’. In that case, the Abrahamic religions easily qualify. However, there is a contradiction. On one hand, religions claim to tell us about the truth, and on the other hand we have two different, unverifiable ‘belief systems’ about this truth from Christianity and Islam. They can’t be both true and there is a chance that none of them is true, because they contradict human intelligence. It certainly does not make sense that the absolute, eternal truth is a story about a God who is heavily biased towards one group (which one?) of humanity.

So here comes in again Hindu Dharma. It is the best possible ‘belief system’ that is not based on dogmas but based on knowledge and direct experience.  It is open to scientific validation. It is possible to know that this manifold manifestation is permeated by one energy or awareness. So the Hindu claim that all including the human being is divine, because all is ultimately Brahman is in all likelihood true.  “Tat tvam asi” or in English, ‘you are God’, is however fiercely rejected as heresy by the Abrahamic religions. Mystics of both Christianity and Islam, who experienced this oneness and dared to proclaim it, were excommunicated or even killed.

So does it follow that those religions even resist the truth?  Could re-ligare “bind back” be better interpreted as “holding the individual back from realizing his oneness with the Absolute”? This conclusion may actually not be off the mark, especially if one sees how much effort goes into denigrating Hinduism. Every school kid in the world is taught that Hinduism is weird. Not only school kids, at the university level, too there is clearly an attempt by western academics (and that includes western orientated Indians) to aggressively despise Hinduism. “Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America” gives ample proof how outrageously Hinduism is portrayed and how benignly the ‘revealed’ religions. Are people in the west really intellectually so deficient to believe that an irrational dogma, like “everyone has to join the Church to be saved” has anything to do with the truth? Or do they denigrate Hinduism as they know that it has the capacity to trump the western belief systems and undermine their power if only there were a genuine debate on what we can know about the truth?

However, running down Hinduism was for too long too crude and it backfired by now. Hindus realize that their tradition cannot possibly be as bad as it is made out to be. They reacted first in the US and got the syllabus in US schools and colleges changed. Slowly in India, too, the awareness that Hindu Dharma actually stands tall among religions is growing.

So is Hindu Dharma a religion? Well, if religions are about the truth, then Hindu Dharma (I see Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism as its offspring) is the best religion. However, if religions are meant to prevent the individual from realizing the truth, then Hindu Dharma is not a religion. But since Christianity and Islam claim to reveal the truth and will not acknowledge that they hinder their flock from knowing the real truth, Hindu Dharma needs to take its rightful place on top among the religions. So far, the two big ‘belief systems’ have dominated the scene and each one declared itself as the ‘only true religion’, even called itself ‘universal’ for the sole reason that both storm all over the world trying to impose their dogmas. Hindu Dharma should appropriate the ‘universal’ tag for itself as it is naturally universal. Everyone and all are included in Brahman.

Many Hindus will probably jerk now and call such advice unacceptable: “No, we are not chauvinistic. Even if others are, we are not like them.” But is it not true?  And is Hindu Dharma not about being truthful and fearless and helpful to others?  Many in the west feel oppressed by mandatory belief in dogmas, and leave the Church. They opt for atheism as for them anything metaphysical is intrinsically connected with the Church. Some, mostly educated people discover Buddhism. Hinduism unfortunately is not an option for most, as it is projected to be weird. Only few discover its value and stand by it, like Julia Roberts did. If Hindus would be forthright about the profound insights of their rishis, Hindu Dharma would surely spread across the world, as it did in ancient times throughout Asia. Of course Hindus would need to know at least the basics of their dharma and do some sadhana for refining intellect and character, to be able to see that Hindu Dharma is indeed the best of religions.

 by Maria Wirth







  1. Human Being · · Reply

    55% of world is worn you mean?

  2. RajivTanfon · · Reply

    please send us more links to uour research . great

    1. please check out more posts on the blog and also replies on quora https://www.quora.com/profile/Maria-Wirth

  3. Maria

    According to Hindu darma
    Soul is energy
    AND energy cannot be destroyed

    And scientific proof that soul is energy
    If it’s energy then why the mass increases of a dead person
    Scientifically when mass increases energy also increases

    E= mc2


    1. Sumedh · · Reply

      @Ali Jiva-atman (loosely speaking the “soul” in English) is different from the body. Mass of body has nothing to do with Jiva-atman. These are ABCs.

    2. Narender Jain · · Reply

      Mass increase due to the growth of millions of bacteria in the dead body


      Body is MATTER, where as SOUL is ANTI MATTER. That is the difference

  4. Well written and explained systematically.

  5. Nelson Naidoo · · Reply

    Hinduism is a deep rooted religion, all other religions are off-shoots/branches of Hinduism.

  6. HINDU religion Means Stone Likes God theory And its Rubbish.. Biddah with Real Almighty As Allah -the Supereme Almighty.. Thats it.!!!

    1. Rajesh R Upadhyay. · · Reply

      One must read & learn this so difference can be assessed among all in general & what not the expansionist nature religions do.

    2. Rajesh R Upadhyay. · · Reply

      How allah be super power as no one can see & feel it?

    3. Shubhambhavatu · · Reply

      May your so called best enlighten you with real knowledge and way of life… Hari Oum…

    4. Aveek Sarkar · · Reply

      The philosophy behind idol worship in Hinduisim is much different and evolved than those of ancient pagan idolators like arabs Jews Egyptians Greeks Romans….. who just blindly worshipped the idols

    5. This is exactly the bs that islam teaches u to brainwash u. Hindus & Hinduism are time immemorial. But u have only been around for 1400 yrs & u cannot even prove mohmad existed. Forbidden to question ur false cult islam that u call ur ‘religion’, blasphemy laws & a jealous, hating, weak limited so called god allah whose messenger was a pedo, sex maniac, hallucinating, lying thief that invented the false allah & ur book of lies the quran. That’s why the no questions, offence, brainwashing takes place in islam, it survives based on a bunch of brainless, blind & brainwashed losers unable to think for themselves. The stone u worship in mecca is a Shiv Mandir.

      Hinduism is the one true religion, time immemorial and the truth. We worship God in his image, our God is not limited.

  7. Vachaspati Das · · Reply

    If we want to make this earth the best place to live, evolve better, lead a peaceful life, have enquiring minds and seek truth, without being foolish to be brainwashed and if you don’t like to kill others like a satan , love scientific progress, and be humane, be responsible for your deeds (Karma) you have look into the treasure of human wisdom of time immemorial that is Hinduism . Go deep into it you will transcend to a level of higher consciousness when you will realise other religions are superficial rituals and childish in nature. Let’s all rise to truth. Let’s not fight, we all are the children of same God, God bless you.

  8. […] Wirth, M. (2013, June 27). Difference between Hinduism and Christianity/Islam. Retrieved from Maria Wirth: https://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/is-hinduism-a-religion/ […]

  9. MANUPREEY · · Reply

    Hello Maria,
    I am quite glad seeing and reading your posts which are comparing in a very insightful way. There are many pundits in different parts of India who can give even more deep dive with reasoning and answers to every possible question one can think of. I am personally aware of many in Mumbai and would be glad to take you to that institution where almost 1.5 Lacs books are stored and mastered which covers practically every religion and there are many scholars who have read all of those books as well and do research too. Do kindly let me know.

    With warm regards,

    1. thank you, Manupreey, for your kind offer. There are definitely many pundits who have far greater knowledge than I have. I see my contribution merely in pointing out how Hindu Dharma is far superior to the dogmatic religions (which incidentally claim that these are far superior to Hindu Dharma without giving any good arguments), because I am also an insider in Christianity, the first exclusivist, dogmatic religion (Islam followed a few centuries later) which try to plant fear and guilt into their followers.

      Some time ago, when somebody on my blog rued that Hindus did not reply to Zakir Naik with arguments, but just complained about him hurting their sentiments, I first felt that I cannot do this job of replying to him. Hindu pundits are better qualified. But then I felt, that the pundits may simply not be interested in replying to him. Maybe indeed it is not worthwhile, but I tried to write a reply and feel it turned out well. Please see


      Regarding the books, there were times when I read a lot, but at present, I just write from what has accumulated over the many years in India. Ultimately, I feel sadhana is more helpful than collecting information.
      warm regards

  10. pantheism · · Reply

    My thoughts were exact. Recently after reading Quran, curiously I posted a question on reddit “Why do rational people follow Abrahamic religion”.
    The essence was like this God is some big King who must be feared or you will burn in eternal hell. He doesn’t like if you worship some other king or question him or leave him.
    The dharmic “religion” are open to even rejecting God altogether.

  11. I just wanted to say “Tat tvam asi” literally translates to “That you are” from sanskrit to english. There was actually a question asked in one part of rigveda “who is God?” And while all the questioning and discussion was going on within the writings…this small phrase “tat tvam asi” came and went by. Scholars were able to point this out.
    By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I loved the core essence of it.

  12. Ashish Kr. Roy · · Reply

    A beautiful article except Ms. Wirth uses the word HINDU DHARMA. This maybe even be on purpose for even many so called Hindus do not know the actual word i.e. SANATAN DHARMA.
    Yes, it does mean “THE WAY OF LIFE”. All the Holy Books of the DHARMA whether it be “THE SRIMAD BHAGVAD GITA”, “THE BHAGVATAM”, “THE FOUR VEDAS”, “THE UPANISHADS”, “THE PURANAS” Etc. are beautifully written, have no Dogmas of Do’s & Dont’s with very scientifically proven explanations to each verse. If anyone reads these books he/she would have to agree that these can be only written by great”Rishis” & “Munis” who with their Meditation could actually hear GOD and hence could write such ABSOLUTE TRUTH. FOR THEY WERE SPOKEN BY GOD HIMSELF OR HERSELF FOR GOD IS OMNIPRESENT. RADHA & KRISHNA ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME.
    Religion is made by Man, LIFE or DHARMA is the Creation of the Creator GOD.
    I once again than Ms. Maria Wirth for supporting SANATAN DHARMA AKA HINDUISM.

    1. instead of way of life, i would call Sanatana Dharma an ideal way of life, a way that leads to realising our true essence.
      i use Hindu purposely, because it is used world over, but mostly with a negative connotation due to missionary propaganda. by using it positively, maybe this negative connotation changes in the minds of others.

  13. An extremely well written blog.
    May I just add one point? Aham brahmasmi or tat twamasi are particular to Adwaita philosophy . Dwait philosophy believes in duality of Atman and paramatman and postulates that atman unites with paramatma

  14. H solanki · · Reply

    Maria ji you are doing great service for dhar Jc values to be known to all, being honest & being Hindu j myself never knew so much about Hinduism. Thanks to writers like you that I have been reading, getting enlightened & feeling Proud to be a Hindu

  15. Rajesh R Upadhyay. · · Reply

    One must read & learn this so difference can be assessed among all in general & what not the expansionist nature religions do.

  16. Rajesh Narayan · · Reply

    Hindu religion is the most ancient religion which exist today & is no doubt the mother of all religion, And many saints like Tukaram, Eknath, Adi Shankaracharya, Shirdi Sai Baba & numerous others have proved Hindu Gods existence. & I am a proud Hindu

  17. really superb. You knows more about hinduism than many Indians, hats off to you.

  18. Vedraj · · Reply

    Best regards and wishes for rare wisdom…. it’s really very impressive and eye opener for all of all types humanity

  19. Sanatan/Hindu is not at all a re lease.
    Rest all like Christian, Muslims, even Baugh are all re leas of the Sanatan only.
    Sanatan is the root of all the religions.
    We are always open to accept and experiment to reveal the universal fact.

  20. Maria, What a profound research and deep insights !
    Is Islam just 1400 years old – dinno this !
    Abraham and Brahman – and the binding and abiding – revealation of sorts !
    Many thanks for digging into truths and sharing .

  21. Ramachandran · · Reply

    As I already tweeted, splendid and informative. We grew up in a society where there was little exposure to Hindu religion. Whether this was by design to suppress Hindus is still being debated. Anyway, this article is an eye opener for Hindus. Kudos.

  22. Hinduism is not a theology, whereas Christianity & Islam are? By theology I mean a definite set of beliefs, well defined, rigid boundaries. Anyone not subscribing to the tenets is outside the boundary & is an ‘infidel’, ‘kafir’ My 2 cents

  23. Sheetal Totloorker · · Reply

    Wonderful read, Hinduism has gone through a lot over centuries, the external forces invaded and destroyed the true knowledge just to promote their religion and promoted myths about hinduism.

    1. Thank you

  24. Renu chopra · · Reply

    Dear Maria, you have lot of knowledge about hinduism. Let me introduce you to the practical aspect of it. I suggest the book “autobiography of a yogi” by sr sri paramhans yogananda. Also google self realization fellowship headquarters Los Angeles USA.

  25. Darwin · · Reply

    You’ve said scientifically proven mam!! Didn’t care to give us one example!! Also Hindus believe that the texts were received by scholars direct from God and passed on to the next generations by word of mouth. It is pretty much the same as other two religions!! Isn’t it!! God passing on the message to few select one’s to spred the word!! Christians and Muslims believe in one god…..can you explain thousands of gods !? You didn’t mention it even!

    1. scientifically proven in the sense that nuclear physics now also claims that nothing is separate in this universe. it only appears as such. does this not mean science supports the Indian view? is it possible that there is a sseparate God somewhere who created this? just reflect about it.
      regarding the many deities, please see this article

  26. Suneel K · · Reply

    Very nice, thought provoking!!

    1. Thanks. If you can, please share in your friends’ circle.

  27. Wonderfully written, but please give us a condensed version to share on social media.

  28. The Truth · · Reply

    I want to increase knowledge on hindu dharma what should i do now? what do mean by sadhana?? Is that means practice?? What should i practice to make me better and expert in hindu dharma?

    1. If you really want to know the truth, help will come. Read the basics, BhG Main Upanishads, talks with Ramana, Vivekananda and ask your Atma for help to develop love

  29. Brilliant article Maria as always.

    It is true that christianity and islam especially, want to create a flock of sheep that are unable to question their false cult, blasphemy laws and by brainwashing them so they cannot think for themselves. The incestous inbreeding further diminishes their ability to think. After the false indoctrination of lies, they cannot digest the facts and the facts become too difficult for them to bear. The other thing is, to hudge a religion by it’s followers. We can see how islamists are terrorists and christians are too busy trying to demean other religions, claiming theirs is true (no evidence) and busy trying to convert others. That is a cult. That says a lot about their so called god & their cults of lies. They produce the output that reflects their ‘religion’ ie cult.

    Hinduism is time immemorial, truth, universal truth and been around thousands and thousands of years before the false cults were invented in the desert. The West knows the value of Hinduism, so they try to keep it under wraps, since Hinduism will emerge the truth. Hindus are rising now and realising how invaluable and the truth in Hinduism. Scientifically, spiritually and in every way the most advanced and most ancient religion and civilisation on Earth.

    Yoga. Ayurveda, physics, astrology, scientific advancements, architecture, etc all originated from Hinduism and India. The West tried to steal them then falsely claim them as theirs. It’s not a coincidence that they were all ‘discovered’ during the colonial rule in India. The moghuls muslims were too dumb to know anything. But the British saw the value.

    You’re right, Hinduism attracts the educated, literate, developed and logical minds, that too without forcing but self evident how great Hinduism is. You’re right that Buddhism and Sikhism come out of Hinduism. The Dharmic religions have their roots in Hinduism. Quality is what Hindus want. Quantity of weed is always higher, but the quality is in the diamonds, which are rarer. Quality is powerful, the truth and wins. Not false, quantity and lies. Very proud to be Hindu. God is with the truth and the truth is victorious, which is Hinduism.

  30. […] Source: Article published earlier on June 27, 2013 in Difference between Hinduism and Christianity/ Islam | MARIA WIRTH (wordpress.com)  […]

  31. Excellent analysis. You may also want to look at the page http://hinduism-christianity-islam.info/

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