Research on Rebirth

The belief in rebirth is in the blood of most Indians. It is not a blind belief. There is a lot of evidence for it, as the author discovered.

I don’t remember which Bollywood movie it was. Two heroes were wooing the heroine and naturally one had to die in the end, because she could not marry both. As it happened, he indeed died.  It was a sad end, because he was a nice guy. Just then a voice ended the movie, “Vapis aega – dusra roop me.” (He will come back in another form). It brought in a philosophical angle. The movie had not touched me, yet this last sentence did.

Right from the beginning of my stay in India, I felt that death is not so terrifying here. Of course here, too, there is fear of death and friends and relatives suffer when a dear one is lost. Yet death is still part of life, as it were. It is more visible than and not as final as in the west.  One major reason why death is not so final and stings less is certainly the belief in rebirth. This belief is in the blood of Hindus and it is not blind belief. There are many good arguments in favour of it. The law of karma, for example, makes much more sense when it is not applied to only one life. The differences between human beings appear in a different light. Why is someone born in a palace and another in a hut? Why does one baby have loving parents and another does not? Why is one man healthy and another sick? Why is one person bright and intelligent, and another mentally retarded? Such questions cannot be answered and lead many people to despair about a just god. Yet rebirth gives a reasonable explanation. Everything is always in a flux. Who cries today, may laugh tomorrow, and who laughs today may cry tomorrow – in a continuous circle of life and death.

Since several decades, some scientists support the theory of rebirth. Though I had studied psychology, I discovered only in India that there exists a vast body of research on the subject. Some 3000 cases of rebirth have been systematically studied and are filed in the archive of the Division of Perceptual Studies of the University of Virginia, USA. Ian Stevenson who died in 2007 at the age of 88 was the initiator and main authority of the studies. Untiringly, he worked together with scientists around the globe.

Their research came to the conclusion that rebirth is the most plausible and most rational interpretation of their findings. Nothing new for Indians, yet in the west this theory got a mixed response. Many western scientists still refuse to consider the possibility of rebirth. They cannot get over their brainwashing in childhood that there is only one life and based on it, God decides whether one ends up in heaven or hell. Ian Stevenson’s greatest frustration was not that people dismissed his theories, but that in his opinion most did so without even reading the evidence he had gathered. “Either [Stevenson] is making a colossal mistake, or he will be known … as ‘the Galileo of the 20th century’,” a psychiatrist wrote about him. It shows that academics in the west are either like frogs in a well or extremely arrogant. A great part of humanity takes rebirth for granted. Yet this academic feels that Stevenson will be credited with discovering it if this theory turns out to be confirmed.

In India, Professor N.K. Chadha of Delhi University worked together with Ian Stevenson. I met him in 1990 and though he had given me an half an hour appointment, he talked for two hours as the time just flew.

Here is how he proceeds with his research:

It happens occasionally that a child, only 3 or 4 years old, claims with all conviction he is capable of to be a certain grown up person whose name is such and such, who lived and died in such and such a way. Once the professor’s team gets to know about it, they visit the child, gather info, try to identify the person who had died, and if identified, crosscheck all insider information. It is a lot of work. Some 30 visits to a far-flung village might be necessary to rule out any other possible explanations, why the child has amazing insider knowledge about some person who died before his birth.

A case is considered solved, when the person, who the child claims to have been, has been identified, all insider knowledge of the child crosschecked and no discrepancies were found. Then it can be safely assumed that the child ‘remembers’ what he knows about that person and it is considered a case of rebirth.

Prof. Chadha had examined 25 cases out of which 11 were solved at that time. The stories of those cases are fascinating – for example, the case of Titu Singh:

Titu was born in December 1983 in a village near Agra. As soon as he could speak, he started to claim that his name was Suresh Verma, that he owned a radio shop in Agra and that one evening, when he came home, he was shot dead. Further, he said, he has two sons and a wife named Uma. He spoke in detail how he died: he had driven home in his Fiat and honked so that his wife would open the gate. Suddenly, two men came running and fired at him. One bullet hit his head.

Titu was aggressive towards his ‘new’ parents, kept nagging them, for example claimed that his real mother wore not such old saris, and occasionally even threw plates around. He did not believe they were his parents. His ‘real’ parents, he stubbornly maintained, lived in Agra. Titu’s elder brother finally went to Agra and was shocked to find, indeed, a “Suresh Radio Shop” in the bazaar. He gathered information: the owner – a certain Suresh Verma – had died in August 1983, exactly in the way that Titu had described. Uma, the widow of Suresh, was curious to see the boy who claimed to be her husband. She went together with her parents in law and Suresh’s three brothers to the village of Titu.

Titu immediately ran towards ‘his parents’ and embraced them. He shyly glanced at Uma and then turned disappointed to his brothers. “Why did you come with this car and not with my Fiat?” he deplored. They had sold the Fiat after Suresh’s death.

Titu was taken to Agra. The brothers, all adults, intended to drive past the radio shop to test him. However, the four year old pounced on the driver, “Stop! Here is my shop”, he shouted. Inside, he commented on some changes that had been made after Suresh’s death.

Prof. Chadha and Dr. Antonia Mills of Virginia University examined the case over almost 4 years. They were systematic, to discover possible discrepancies and to rule out that Titu got his information through normal communication. They watched him and his reactions closely.

Once, when Prof. Chadha asked the little Titu to greet Maheash, the 35-year-old younger brother of Suresh, he refused. „He is my younger brother“, the kid claimed. The researchers came to know that the relationship between Mahesh and Suresh had been tense. This explained why Titu usually ignored Mahesh. Significantly, Mahesh was the only member of the Verma family who had some doubts: since Suresh was known in Agra and everyone knew about the murder, the parents of Titu could have fed this information to their son, maybe to get financial benefits from the Vermas who were wealthier than the Singhs, Mahesh speculated. But not for long. He changed his stand after he tested Titu himself. He grasped the wrist of Titu, Prof. Chadha narrated, and did not let go of it. “Tell me, what happened during my wedding?” he demanded to know. The boy reacted annoyed. “Why, nothing happened. I threw plates.” Now, Mahesh was also convinced. It was true. Suresh spoilt the atmosphere of the wedding when he angrily threw with plates.

The scientists discovered something else intriguing: Titu has a strange dent on his right temple. They studied the autopsy record and found that the bullet had entered Suresh’s head at exactly that place. And where the bullet had exited, there was a mole.

Strangely, or not strangely, in about four out of ten rebirth cases, the child remembered a sudden, violent death, through either accident or murder. This happened at an average age of only 34 years. The interval between death and rebirth was also significantly shorter than if the remembered person had died peacefully. In Titu’s case, it was only 5 months and on average below two years. There may be an explanation: if one suddenly and unexpectedly is pulled out from life, there may be the feeling that one is not yet finished with it and wants to come back as soon as possible to ‘continue’ living. The great interest in the previous life and the short span between death and birth may be responsible that the memory is easier accessible and that the identification with the earlier person dominates.

“Do you personally believe in rebirth?” I asked Prof Chadha. His answer was a clear “Yes”. Most Indians do not need ‘scientific’ proof. It is logical, the best possible explanation for all the differences between humans. “However, we are lucky if we get information about a case of rebirth to thoroughly research, because parents usually don’t want their children to remember an earlier birth, as there is the superstition that such children die early. In rural India there are even methods how to make children forget, if they remember, like seating them on a potter’s wheel”, Prof. Chadha explained.

The belief in rebirth (or should I say the knowledge of rebirth?) is ancient – probably as ancient as mankind. It was there not only in India, but also in ancient Greece and in early Christianity. Yet in 553 AD, Christianity condemned the  belief that ‘souls exist before they are born” and indoctrinated their flock into believing, that only one life decides whether one goes for the rest of eternity as it were to heaven or hell. Today, however, – with the whip of inquisition gone – not all Christians conform to the Church. Belief in rebirth is taking root in the west. 25 per cent of Americans believe in rebirth, a poll quoted by Newsweek magazine of 31.Aug 2009 suggested. If this belief spreads further, it has the potential to undermine the ‘eternal hell’ dogma, which is a prominent tenet in Christianity as well as Islam. This would no doubt be a desirable outcome.

In spite of all the evidence for rebirth, there is no rebirth on another, higher level of truth. “Find out, whether you have been born in this life,” the sage Ramana Maharshi exhorted a visitor who wanted to know about his previous births. And when once asked, whether there is rebirth, Ramana replied, “There is rebirth and there is no rebirth.” He probably meant that on the appearance level it is there. In absolute truth, where only One Conscious Being is spread out all over, there is no place for different persons to be born and reborn.

By Maria Wirth

A friend sent a link to a rebirth story of a boy in Syria’s Golan Heighs. Rebirth is a serious challenge to the dogma of both Christianity and Islam that there will be eternal paradise/ heaven after only one life.

here is another video link to 8 rebirth stories. Titu Singh is also one of the cases.


  1. Subhash S. Phadke · · Reply

    Maria, I have started liking your articles on this blog. Can we come to some arrangement whereby, I translate your articles in Hindi/Marathi/Gujrathi (three Indian languages I am quite proficient in) on a regular basis and you post them on your blog. I will be awaiting your response.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I find your articles very interesting. I’m a psychologist in Germany and some years ago I also started to get more and more into Yoga and Ayurveda. Since my boyfriend is from India I also happened to learn more about the Vedas, Mahabharata, Indian life philosophy, Indian Swamis like Swami Ramdev and so on. Now I’m looking for ways to combine western psychology with Indian life philosophy and all the wisdom from India. As you also know both cultures I’m very interested in hearing more from you/ discuss with you…
    Grüße aus Deutschland 🙂

  3. The belief in rebirth is in the blood of most Indians. It is not a blind belief. There is a lot of evidence for it, as the author discovered….Do you find it hard to digest when Catholic church says one would go to heaven/hell/purgatory after death?

  4. How did you discover the evidence for rebirth.Did any one who died came to you and talked to and shared their experience??

    1. madhavdas · · Reply

      Have you met anyone who visited hell/heaven and shared their experience with you?

  5. Completely agree with your observation “death is not so terrifying here”. People in India have an inherent tendency to move on. Another difference that i notice between the cultures is that in the west,there is a feverishness to ‘live’ or ‘enjoy’ life, as though this is the only chance. Indians, generally are more easy going.

  6. yeah.. absolutely.. its about the hadonism mentality of westerns and modest thinking of Indians. Definitely. Am a proponent of the scientific concepts of Hinduism and am totally convinced with the notion of rebirths.!! i have not yet met any miracle in my life myself still, but i am good with Kundali and future foretelling.!! And am really totally convinced, why somebody is born in poor family or the rich family does have something related to the concept of rebirth.!!

  7. varungoyalindia · · Reply

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    I told you.. these things are for real..!!

  8. Hello Maria, I nejoyd reading this blog; I also read your other comments to RAjiv. i am reading abook by Brian Weiss, i ams ure u have read it too. It may take many years before humans understnad the secret of life and deah; what suprises me how the ollder civilizations (esply Hindus) speculated on this and strongly believed this.

  9. Hello

    Until some time ago, I did not know what it means to be an Indian, what, if any, is an Indian identity. What does it mean when someone says – I am proud of my country? Indeed, what is there to be proud of? I grappled with this question for a very long time. Amidst all this, I was acutely aware of the fact that I feel no great love for my own country, simply because I do not know how to love her, possibly because I do not know her? So in order to know her, I sought to read some history so that I know what my country is. But soon my interests changed and I didn’t want to read the book I had bought which discussed post-independence India. Through discussion with a friend, I came to the conclusion that it is not the lack of literary material in the country such as great books, but because, we the westernised city dwelling youth, have little access to this material, we have a lack of pride, because we speak and operate in English to the point of even thinking in English. Till here, I again stopped, and yet continued to think like many Indians that India was brought together by the British when they left the country. At the same time, I have always felt an acute identity crisis when writing poetry in English – for whom am I writing to? Who are my audience if not my own people, the people in the villages who are still close to the ground? If I do not speak to them, then to whom do I speak? I continued to write and send English poems to American online journals who would reject them.

    Some months passed.

    Then I came across nationalists like Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra and really found the answers to most all of my questions. I think we need to do more to preserve our heritage.

    I contend that the real battle ground is the young, white souls of our children; for it is on those clean fields where battles are raged and where English triumphs over Sanskrit and other regional languages. It is there that we are defeated and rejected as a people and as a great civilization. In their dreams and in their fantasies must India strive to live again. For they are Her unfettered children, and from whom She remains alienated for not enough is spoken of Her beauty and glory.

    Because language is so deeply enmeshed with thought, because language contributes to thought, gives it shape and defines its boundaries or lends it an infinity, thus, it is very essential that we teach the Indian languages to Indian children. No one is denying the teaching of English which anyway is the global language and important for all matters economic and business.

    There is little if any audience for this, hence I thought I will share with you.

    1. मानस · · Reply

      Thank you for your comment.
      Or rather: शुकि्रया , धन्यवाद 🙂
      (I hope I got those right)

      I agree with you, our languages are beautiful and are integral to our identities.
      Forcing us and our children to learn languages that we have little to no connection with is degrading and dehumanizing for us.

      I have found throughout my life that thinking in Hindi is always a more fulfilling experience for me as compared to thinking in English. I experience many thoughts in English but these thoughts always have a lack of something which I can’t quite place my finger on.

      Furthermore, I have found in my two decades of life mainly outside of India, where I was born, that the English language is imprecise and generally awful to have to use. When also considering the fact that the English language often has words & phrases that appear to be benign and innocent on the surface but actually have double or even triple perverse meanings, I find myself in a position where I would rather not have to use this language at all.

  10. Very interesting article, thanks, Maria! Will post it on my Facebook page.

  11. Hi Maria,
    Congratulations; you have rightly pointed out ‘As you sow, as you reap’ The rebirth or reincarnation are one and the same at its roots. The concept of salvation as claimed by the religions has created conflicts, although in real sense, there is no salvation, no hell or heaven out side the earth. Every thing is on the earth. To explain it as extra terrestrial life or alien is to misguide the common man. It has been searched scientifically at Grand Canyon 11 thousand years ago. The wonderful underground cave city on the bank of Colorado river is its evidence.

    The word; Voice is vital force of Life Consciousness
    When the wind blows, and river flows, it sings, when seed burst into life, it makes music, when child take birth, he cry, it is nature’s music and language. The Vedas preserved over the centuries with its musical tones from generation to generation, it explore the secret of creation that each generation is new, but the voice is immortal, which follow the mankind from generation to generation with new birth.
    The immortal vital energy of voice is ensign of vital existence and life consciousness.

  12. Mani Iyer · · Reply

    Very interesting documentation. I am posting on Times of India Speaking Tree and got some interesting information. The following URL gives some fantastic accounts of rebirth.

    I have done some work on Sri Ramana. If you are interested I would send them to you.
    mani Iy er

  13. There is irrefutable evidence for the existence of soul. The evidence for reincarnation is also impressive. It is high the definition of health by the WHO is reviewed to include the spiritual dimension. I request all people to sign an online petition for this purpose. You can see the link to the petition of my website homepage.

  14. Nice article, Maria ji. Keep writing.

  15. Gerrit Groot · · Reply

    I saw Titu Singh’s case for the first time when I was a kid on the dutch TV, it came from BBC’s 40 minutes and was titled “many happy returns” (it can be found on youtube now). Googling on his name I came to this blog.

    I wonder if anyone knows how Titu is doing now, has he been interviewed again as an adult? Is there anything known about the motive of the shooting? Is there anything known about the perpetrator’s identity and, especially, about his motive? He/she must have had a motive.

    Maybe Suresh Verma was not such a nice guy after all, which would explain Titu’s new Karma 🙂

    1. Some group put the original German article that I had written for esotera magazine on the net (it is longer than what I put on my blog). Prof. Chadha took photos at that time when Titu was already 7 or 8. This link has the photo.
      Yes, Prof. Chadha mentioned that Suresh had been a kind of goonda, means not such a nice guy.

      1. Gerrit Groot · ·

        Thanks a lot Maria. It was interesting to read the complete article. I wonder if there have been any interviews with Titu now that he must be an adult. The reason I’m so interested in an interview with him as an adult is that I ask myself whether his current life would change him, even though he remembers his former one. It would be easier to change yourself if you don’t. I would also like to know whether he looked his killer up, or that he just decided to live with it and to accept his new identity. The latter, makes more sence to me, but is of course related to the first.

    2. shantala · · Reply

      Gerrit, from the documentary in Hindi, Titu mentions the name of the killer as Balbeer. I guess, Suresh Verma, knew the killer.

      In this blog, it is said that Suresh Verma was a smuggler who was killed on August 28, 1983.

      They say we choose the family to be born into, but from the documentary, it looked as though the creator chose the family for Titu. Young Titu wanted to run away from home to live with the family from his past life.

      My curiosity is regarding the time gap from death to rebirth, what was the soul doing then? Can Titu remember anything after he saw his ashes dispersed?

  16. shantala · · Reply

    I doubt the date of birth is December 1983, because when I searched for Toran Singh, the original name of Titu, I got this profile.

    I am very sure its him, because he resembles his father very much and has the same age. Whatever it is, this is one of the best stories on reincarnation, especially the birthmark.

  17. Gerrit Groot · · Reply

    Thank you Shantala,

    It’s truly amazing what can be found on the internet nowadays. I guess (and it would be good for him) that Titu has forgotten his former life by now as an adult. He surely looks very much like him, I also believe that the chance is very big that this is the right Toran Singh.

    I’m not a journalist, but it would be very interesting if someone would interview him, if he would be willing to be interviewed of course (maybe he got tired of being remembered to being Suresh Verma).

    It’s also stunning to see that his current job seems to be quite the opposite of the one in his previous life. I’m afraid that, if interviewed, Toran won’t remember much, let alone that he would remember anything about being err… on the other side, especially because he seems to have been there very short.

  18. Maria, don’t look too far- You have received a rebirth- a reincarnated Hindu sage!
    It was likewise proved by hypnosis the details of past lives. As you said this is nothing new In India & the east.

    The body undergoes changes and finally leaves at the time of Death.
    The mind doesn’t leave you, even after death. That is the cause for the rebirth of the Soul.
    This is the Verdict of Eastern Philosophy…

    As per physics, matter in the universe never dies or can be destroyed- only changes form. The whole universes, including all beings are experiencing birth, rebirth continuously.

    “Nature is the most beautiful example of rebirth.
    For no matter what may come to destroy it, nature always finds its way back to life”

    “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”- Buddha

    1. suryanarayanan · · Reply

      actually, belief in reincarnation is not special to india; during my recent vist to istanbul, i met an intersting person who is serve ina restaurant; he suddenly came to us and told me that i have a magetic personality nad give positive nergy!!then hea sked me about reincarnation; i told him it is special to india; he said no; in a small part of turnkey from where he hails frm- called hatay near syrina border, all th villagers believe in reincarnation!! incidentally, i checked Google reincarnation in turkey, you will see a real incident verified by dr Stevenson of usa after a plane carash; check google; i willw rite again soon on this.

      1. You have to update your history lesson as a priority.

        The Hindu believes and custom affected whole Asia, Middle East in the yesteryear. In turkey they even used to practise a kind of caste system. Still one can see the system of hierarchy in Turkish cemetery. Govt made this place as tourist attraction with guided tour.

        Christianity Islam borrowed many things from Hinduism. Reincarnation theory travelled from India to Greece > Turkey. Hindia, Hind is a very popular name in Arabia. The crescent moon is associated with Lord Shiva, which is a symbol for Islam, and can be found on all the flags of Islam, obviously Muslim will deny that.

        Learn more about your own religion and history; you will have more self-confidence to deal with ignorant Turkish and the likes.
        “You have a magnetic personality and energy”- It is a common flattery they use to extract bigger tips.etc. Appears you have fallen for this kind of trick

  19. to mR Agni, i am fully aware of my ignorance in world history( I keep reading and have even writtena novel on kerala mathematician Murder in Venice available from amazon, flipkart etc and my earnings are donated to eye hospital in chennai)) in spite of my 74 y of living in this world(45 years in France). However, i have many jewish, christian and moslem freinds who refuse to believe in reincarnation;of course it existed earlier but was rejeted later. The point I was drinving here was that the turkish server( in fact he refused to take tips from us) was saying’ I am afollower of isalma ut Iwish to respect Hindus and other religions( agin not for taking tips). there is a journal in France inexploré ( speaks of reincarnation recently. But most of my fench friends dont accept it.

  20. Gerrit Groot · · Reply

    Suryanarayanan is right, belief in reincarnation can be found in many cultures all over the world and (@agni) also in parts of the world that have never been in contact with India before.
    However, I don’t think that’s the point at all here, is it?

  21. I have gone through the Titu video and reports. Seems to be true. But it is a 30-year old story and there is no whereabouts of the persons now. I had a very interesting experience when my daughter was about 1.5 or 2 years old. When alone, she used to behave strangely with me, doing something which only a lover or wife would do and a mischievous smile on her face to tease me, her father. I cannot write what it was, here. I was surprised and mildly scolded her when she did it and did not give much thought. She is an adult now. I never told this to anybody. I am the only person who remembers this, since my daughter would have forgotten what happened at that age.

  22. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi · · Reply

    In my previous birth I was recognized as a Guru/Saint. In my present birth I am not a recognized Guru/Saint. It makes no difference as is evident from: ” I was also a Spiritual Leader in my previous birth. I was the Fourth Spiritual Leader of Radhasoami Faith from 1907-1913. My name was Kamta Prasad Sinha. In this birth too I am working like an Spiritual Leader. I have discovered mathematical formula for Spiritual Quotient and for Emotional Quotient. I have given a definition of mind for scientific study. I have developed Gravitational Force Theory of God. I have also established an analogy between practice of meditation and psychotherapeutic techniques. All these are necessary for the establishment of Universal Religion for which I am actively working.”

  23. i strongly believe there is a case of rebirth in my cousin’s family.


    1. The present is a special (moving) point in long length (long segment) of time.
    2. “To me”, existence of I is a special (peculiar, unique, only one) existence.
    3. “To me”, the span of years in which I live (my lifetime) is a special span.
    4. “To me”, overlap of 1 and 3 is unthinkable, unimaginable (if life is only once).
    5. Answer to 4, after death, existence of I will revive. Thus, life will be eternal. Also it must be the same for all.

    P.S. Sorry, I cannot receive E – mail. I don’t have PC.

  25. geetanjali · · Reply

    when some dies …in india we say…DEHAANT(DEH+ANT) ho gya h…DEH=BODY..n ANT=FINISH …..meanig body has perished but the soul will go on…..

  26. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi · · Reply

    Although I know about my past life, but it’s a non-material reality. How can scientific tools confirm such claims?

  27. RAJESH · · Reply

    how can one die in august 1983 and be reborn in december 1983?

    1. it means the jivatman with its samskaras does not enter necessarily at conception

  28. this ending up in heaven or hell is true but acc. to Hindu philosophy it is only for less time before one gets reborn on earth.
    how did these Abrahamic religions end up with heaven or hell concept. where did they got them in first place. is it again from India. to ask precisely is it because of Buddhism which is flourished up-to Afghanistan and Persia in BC.

  29. K P Thakore · · Reply

    In Gita Sri Krishna told Arjuna, He and Arjuna had many births in the past, difference is ,where Sri Krishna remembered all the past lives Arjuna remembered none

  30. Paul Marsh · · Reply

    Why can’t I, nor anybody I know, remember any of our past lives?

    1. most of those who remember as kids had died a sudden death at an early age. maybe they were still much invested in their life and also came back quickly??

      1. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi · ·

        Kindly refer to my attached paper on Transmigration of Soul and Consciousness for elaborate scientific discussion on rebirth.


  31. […] The article first appeared as- […]

  32. .These examples do indicate rebirth a possibility , Vivekananda said ….if one perfects meditation , each one can go down to memory of past life …just as we do remember events happened in childhood ,without trying to remember , on going back in time ,one can go in previous birth.
    Having said that …even if its assumed ,that rebirth is reality ….how can we connect it to “law Of Karma ”
    ur quote : “Why is someone born in a palace and another in a hut? Why does one baby have loving parents and another does not? Why is one man healthy and another sick? Why is one person bright and intelligent, and another mentally retarded? Such questions cannot be answered and lead many people to despair about a just god. Yet rebirth gives a reasonable explanation. Everything is always in a flux. Who cries today, may laugh tomorrow, and who laughs today may cry tomorrow – in a continuous circle of life and death.” unquote .
    In my view , unpredictability is essence of life ….when will conception take place is a mater of chance ,whether male or female ….matter of chance ….a child of 2 yrs develops cancer >carries a bad gene ! Variation is law of nature …duality is law of nature ….intelligent & duffer , day&night , ugly & beautiful , male & female ….soft & hard etc …Plus this theory of rebirth has not helped …ike this should care people from doing bad things….knowing that if not now .in next birth they will be punished …no one cares ….hence I always tried to figure out this “law Of Karma ” in present life itself by learning from various philosophers & mystic people . I haven’t got all the answers ,n body has got , but trying to connect dots …in process of recording my thoughts on law of karma , will upload on you tube & inform ,thanks for giving this opportunity to share my thoughts,respects

  33. Thank you Maria for your article. Some people may be ignorant of Hinduism or Sanatana dharma but some are intentionally defaming and maligning it without knowing the deeper meaning of sastra (religious texts). We have to understand their motive and work accordingly

  34. Pratik Vernekar · · Reply

    Very nice article!! Hindus do believe that there is rebirth but the new generation do not believe these facts, reason being influence of anti hindu media which is backed by Cristian missionaries to spread Cristianity. Their target is to create a feeling of inferiority about hindu dharma by putting fake allegations on hindu saints, creating doubt about the rituals in hindu dharma like kumbh mela, creating an atmosphere of compromising on hindu festivals like holi, deewali, ganesha. Highlighting news against Hindus and hiding the news of other religion and attaction of westernised culture. We need strong Dharma Gurus only to spread our Sanatan Dharma like what these Gurus did in the past.

    1. yes, we need strong Dharma gurus, who also are not afraid to expose unacceptable aspects of the Christian and Islamic doctrine, like all thosse who don’t belong to “our” faith are damned and burn in hell. where are the human rights activists? is this acceptable to make such baseless claims that would lead to disdain if not hatred and hate-crimes?

  35. desicrusader · · Reply

    The Christian explanation for this maybe that an unclean spirit that previously dwelt in or knew one person who died somehow (though rarely) managed to share room with another unclean spirit of the newly born person.

  36. Reblogged this on sarikanandacerebrate and commented:
    Research on Rebirth…as Indians, especially Hindus, our scriptures are replete with the stories of birth and rebirth, blessings and curses, and how a soul and collective conscience of that soul transcends various births…we believe in rebirth, yet are wary of showing this belief with certainty…we wait for a scientist, especially a westerner, like Brian Weiss, to pick up our claim, give it their caucasian twist and present it back to us through regression and hypnosis…and we still allow that scepticism to make us feel awkward about our faith…

    1. did u mix up the title? should it not be “born again…”

  37. A maioria deles (12) estava vivenciando a experiência pela primeira vez; três já tinham sido acompanhantes um par de vezes e
    um pela terceira vez.

  38. Anshumalin D. Shah · · Reply

    Greetings, Ma’am
    Have been following your line of thought on the Twitter. Align with it.
    Appreciate your faith in Bharat – India.
    Have you seen the work of Dr Pasricha, NIMHANS, Bangalore?
    It would certainly interest you.

    1. Thank you. No I wasn’t aware of it

  39. […] questions, we come to remember things from our previous lives (Gallop, 2009). In India also, ( there have been cases when a child started speaking some foreign language without ever having any […]

  40. […] questions, we come to remember things from our previous lives (Gallop, 2009). In India also, ( there have been cases when a child started speaking some foreign language without ever having any […]

  41. Nitin shukla · · Reply

    Great ,article and great blog ,yes we hindus believe in reincarnation ,84 lacs yonis are mention in our scripture

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