Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media?

Judging from media reports, India has a BIG problem with rape. No other country seems to come even close. All over the globe “another rape in India” is reported ever so often.  On my last visit to Germany, I jolted when on 27. December 2013 the most popular TV news ended with “another gang rape in India”. It was one of only five topics of the 15 minutes broadcast.

Even my sister wondered how a gang rape in India made it to the main news in Germany. That same day in a conservative estimate, over a thousand rapes would have been committed all over the world.  In the USA some 200, in South Africa some 170. In the western cities, the statistics show a high percentage, much higher than in India. Many of those rapes would have been gang rapes. In many cases, the girl or woman would have been killed. Behind each of those statistical figures are painful, heartrending stories. If we knew what is happening at this very moment on this earth – how much pain humans inflict on other humans and on animals – we could not bear it.  With so much crime happening everywhere, why is India being singled out and shamed with “another gang rape”, when it actually has only a fraction of the crimes other countries have in relative numbers? In absolute numbers of course it would be no surprise if India with her huge population of four times the size of the United States were number one apart from China. Even then it is not number one. USA is.

The deluge of rape reports on India started with the shameful gang rape of a young woman, Jyoti, in a bus in Delhi on December 16th, 2012. Jyoti died. The six culprits were convicted. One committed either suicide (official version) or was killed by prison inmates. Four got death sentence. The sixth was a minor, six months short of his 18th birthday. He got away with 3 years in a reprimand home. As he allegedly was the most brutal of all and responsible for the death of Jyoti, efforts are on to try him as an adult.

This gang rape received unprecedented publicity. It reached national and local news all over the globe. It reached even a friend in Slovenia, who is usually oblivious of what is happening. Why was it broadcasted all over with such intensity? Was it because Indians protested in a big way and demanded harsh punishment? Those protests should have actually gone in favour of India, as they made clear that Indians consider rape as completely against their culture. But the opposite happened:

Ever since that December 2012, news on India have centered almost exclusively on “another rape” and even on the “rape culture of India”. One year later, the tragic story of Jyoti was again splashed over half a page in a local Nuremberg newspaper, and in its year-end- review, the Spiegel magazine did not feature anything about India, not even the Uttarakhand disaster with over 7000 dead, but – a group of victims of sexual abuse learning martial arts in Lucknow, ready to take on anyone who molests women. Obviously it was implied that such molesters are lurking at every corner.

India does have a problem with rape. Other countries also have this problem. Yet the exclusive focus by the world media on “rapes in India’ is not justified and raises suspicion of an agenda behind it. Articles appeared now, often written by Indians with Hindu names, that Indian (read Hindu) culture is to be blamed for the rapes, because it does not consider women as ‘autonomous entities’, which probably means that they can’t do what they want. The Washington Post proclaimed that sexual violence was endemic in India. The Reuters Trust Law group named India one of the worst countries in the world for women. A Harvard committee crafted strategies for ‘adolescent education’ to change the Indian mindset about gender. It was getting a bit much. Don’t westerners look at their own record – past and present – and compare it with that of India? Are they not ashamed?

Anyone who cares to find out will easily discover that rape is not in the culture of India, and women have a good, even respected position compared to other cultures or countries. This position may not be in tune with the view of feminists, but are feminists the measure of all things? Do those feminists believe that village women in India want to be like them? In my view, those feminists look pitiable in the eyes of those often very strong village women who see Sita as their ideal. The main anguish of those women is poverty, not gender roles.

To blame Hindu culture is preposterous to say the least. In fact, if Hindu culture would have prevailed and Christianity and Islam had never appeared on the scene, the world would be a better place. Christians and Muslims have traditionally used rape as a tool of war. For them, the ‘other’ was never worthy of any consideration and could be brutally raped and killed never mind if they were civilians. The Geneva Convention’s purpose is to stop this barbaric behaviour. Hindus never needed a Geneva Convention. They also fought wars, but they did not brutalize women or the civilian population.

The campaign to paint India blacker than it is sadly has worked. It is now a ‘fact’ for most foreigners (and for the convinced Indians) that Indian women have to live terrible lives, more terrible than anywhere else. No disagreeing possible. Everyone will shout you down with plenty of horrific examples. Yes, there are plenty of horrific examples and one needs to find out the reasons and find remedies. But individual criminals do not define a country, even less, if other countries have more of them. So why is India beaten with “another gang rape” again and again? Is the purpose to spoil the image of India? And if so, why?

In recent times, Indians have clearly made a mark. There is tremendous talent in the country. It is acknowledged that Indians have brains. This expresses itself in a new found confidence. ‘Western values’ are more likely to be scrutinized now and the ancient Hindu tradition is seeing a renaissance. The ‘established opinion’ that Christianity and Islam are any time better than Hinduism is being challenged. Modern western values are also more likely to be scrutinized and the west does not like it. The established opinions have power and this power seems to be used to malign India in a most unfair manner.

Rape is a delicate subject and whoever tries to place it into perspective is likely to get slaps from all sides, not least from the women’s groups. Not many will dare to state, that India has a problem, but not a bigger one than other countries, and does not need interference from the west in handling it. In fact, India has a great advantage. The family system is generally still strong especially among the masses who have escaped English education. Celibacy before marriage is still valued and not ridiculed. Romantic love is still seen for what it is – a temporary emotion and not a solid basis for a lifelong companionship. Compromise among family members and even sacrifice are not yet condemned as restricting individual freedom. Sita is still an ideal for most Hindu women. Bhakti, love for God, can still be expressed.

The fact that these values are still strong is not appreciated by western opinion makers. Those values are considered out of sync with the Zeitgeist. They pose a challenge to the western lifestyle which is being pushed into India. ‘Modern, western values’ mean for example (I learned this from an article in Focus, a German magazine) to live in rainbow or patchwork families, Those families will either have gays as ‘parents’ or children from different partners as the parents would have had several live-in relationships earlier. It is supposed to be a great learning experience for everyone. A book will soon be out in Germany that examines whether gays make better ’parents’ than the traditional man–woman combination. It is overlooked, that these ‘parents’ can’t produce children together. But then, who needs children in the west?

Traditional Indian society is clearly out of sync with this modern lifestyle and to portray it in a poor light, “another rape” makes headlines every other day. Care is taken that only rapes committed by men with Hindu names reach the limelight and are discussed on TV. India has some 200 million Muslims and some 50 million Christians and they also commit rapes and very cruel ones, as well. For example the minor in the rape case of Jyothi is a Muslim. This news, however, did not make it to the mainstream media. There seems to be communalism in regard to broadcasting crimes, and maybe even in registering them. This makes sense, if the objective is to demean Hindu culture and thereby propel it to reform and open up. It is expected to leave those old fashioned family values behind, to have condom vending machines in colleges, to consider free sex as normal. What better start than to talk of rape? It prepares the ground for allowing westerners to prepare the syllabus for ‘adolescent education’. And once the youth is convinced, the ‘backward’ Hindu society will be a thing of the past.

This prospect would be a horror for the Indian masses from all religions. Hindu society is indeed rigid in certain aspects and has scope to improve, but its values are still highly preferable to western, modern ‘values’. One just needs to look at western societies to realise that the modern life style is a failed model. It has already regrettable fallout: many youngsters are without direction because of too much freedom. They long for clear rules and turn to fundamentalist, evangelical churches. Hindu Dharma would be the better option. But they are not likely to get to know about it in an unbiased manner.

By Maria Wirth


  1. I agree with you Ms.Maria, You article was very clearly introspected the allegations made on image of India-the country which taught civilization to the rest of the world.

    Tell me which tree gets more stone hit, a full of riped one or a dried one? India is rich in culture, tradition, custom, religion, eduction, etc., like a fully riped tree. Those who want taste, will pluck any of these best fruits and enrich their knowledge, all those who want to spoil India’s image (because their country/culture/religion does not provide these qualities) will stone the tree instead of pluck. Nothing to worry about these action of spoiling image of India as this country’s basement is strong enough to withstand such false allegations.

    1. Saileena · · Reply

      I loved your comment and the way you think..You are a true Hindu…You know what our Dharma is truly :)Thank you…

      1. Thanks Saileena for understanding!

  2. Radhika Nagrath · · Reply

    with one stone you have shot many bulls maria through this article. Excellent read. A westerner highlighting the real status of western countries while most of we indians believe all is well there …but not here.

  3. The west is used to bashing India. There was a time they all came searching for it. In the near future it will again gain its lost stature. The west is used to looking ahead hence the bashing.

  4. Very good post, Ms Maria.

  5. Maria’s is one of the few voices questioning the agenda behind India bashing. Kudos to her for being bold and challenging the dominant narrative.
    A common mistake is to believe that if one speaks a western language, is educated at a university and comes from an affluent society, then one must be a progressive minded seeker of truth, capable of discerning the truth and uncovering the layers of deceit and propaganda. But alas the reality is that most westerners are as much victims of propaganda and agenda driven news sites as were people under Hitlers Germany.

    Individuals like Maria who question the assumptions behind whatevers currently the most fashionable theory are still rare.

    Do keep up the good work.


  6. Maria Lozano · · Reply

    Superb, Maria, as usual. An eye opener for both, indians who idealise the west, and westerners who are biased in their vast majority because of lack of true information and too much brainwashing by the media. Congrats for your excellent work of observation and fair analysis of such a delicate issue.

  7. BALPRASHANTH B · · Reply

    I accept every single point made in the article. India is the only country in the world where a large section of west influenced media repeatedly broadcasts something unpalatable. People can see the truth behind it (except the few judgmental idiots ). However if a lie is not merely repeated but broadcast thousands of times, it is natural that sensible people also get influenced. Can we blame the people? No, because wherever they turn they find the same non-sense; hence nonsense prevails over sense. Indians need to overcome this docility for their own good.

    I just have one request. Please do not try to bring in the topic of homosexuality in every possible instance. They are very much humans- but a little different. Let us be accommodative and not shun them. Let us accept the way they are… If not we are starting another cascade of social stigma.

    1. Gays are of course not only humans, but often very humane and sensitive, and some feel inadequate due to feeling differently. However, in my view, this issue should not be dragged to the marketplace with gay parades, talk shows and openly ‘coming out’. Hindu society left alone would deal better with it than Christian and Muslim societies which demand punishment and liberal society which wants to celebrate it as something special and great. Hindus would see it for what it is. It is not the norm, but deviations from the norm happen everywhere and are obviously part of the scheme of things. It would certainly not be punished, and also not be celebrated.

  8. This reminds me of a conversation from a couple of weeks back. I was planning to visit India with a friend. But my aunt convinced us that India is unsafe. She recommended Spain instead. When we turned to Google, this story turned up – [British tourist, 31, brutally gang-raped metres from Spanish holiday apartment](http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2293275/British-tourist-31-brutally-gang-raped-metres-Spanish-holiday-apartment-men-including-70-year-old.html).

    A couple of searches later, we found the [British Behavior Abroad](https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/230013/British_Behaviour_Abroad_report_2012-13_UPDATED_15_08_13.pdf) report for 2013. It says that 31 British tourists were raped in Spain last year. Another 39 were sexually assaulted! We’re talking about the tourists of just one nationality. And we’re talking about a single year! For India, it was 0 rapes and 1 sexual assault (the notorious case of the woman who jumped from her hotel window to escape a sexual assault). There is no under-reporting because these figures are from reports to British embassy, not Indian police.

    That said, I’ve heard from some Indian acquaintances that India IS more unsafe than most of America and Europe (including Spain). We’re visiting Seychelles this Feb!

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Adriana: as a spaniard Hindu who feels outrageous with the mainstream attitude from the west towards India and Hinduism, I do appreciate this info you provide, which, together with Maria´s article, I´ll try to spread among my acquaintances. In the news here they keep informing widely of each and every rape in India, and only by chance I came to know about this piece of news of what is happening in Spain itself. Shocking.

      It´s a matter of pure justice to defend the truth.

    2. Regrettably the above comment must be qualified.

      Foreigners ARE raped in India and there is no record because they are afraid to report the incident to the police or their consulates.

      There is also the rigmarole of a medical examination in a government hospital that they wish to avoid. They will be met with hostility and prejudice because it is assumed a foreign woman is unchaste.

      In the pilgrimage town where I live—I am not referring to Pondicherry here—which has an internationally famous ashram that attracts thousands of foreign visitors between November and March, there were two rapes of foreigners last year (2012-13) that we know about. The year before (2011-12) that there was one rape that we know about. These rapes were not reported. Earlier still, there were two rapes in a ten year period that we know about. One was reported and when the woman was produced in the government hospital for examination, the doctor in charge took one look at her from behind his desk and pronounced that she had not been raped! This year (2013-14) a group of foreign women met the SP with a petition that carried hundreds of signatures, requesting the authorities to act to protect female tourists from sexual harassment and worse.

      So far this season there has been no reports of harassment or rape.

      These tourists are more vulnerable because they are innocent enough to believe they are protected because they are in a holy place.

      All tourists in whatever country are vulnerable to the bad elements in society because they must carry their money and passports on their person, may not be familiar with the language and local customs, and are easily exploited by landlords and other service providers.

      This said, India is still a much safer place to visit for a foreign tourist than many European countries, or, indeed, the US.

      The problem for foreigners in India is stereotyping and prejudice, rather than actual physical violence and rape.

  9. Praveen Rai · · Reply

    Maria, it’s incredibly well written. West continues to be myopic when it comes to dealing with India. Somehow, there is this notion that by creating these negative narratives about India, its culture and its people, it can intervene and once again colonize this great nation. Once they managed to create this inferiority complex and ruled India for 250 yrs and looted plenty. Indians succumb to such narratives and believe them. And, those Indian intellectuals and media people who are already slaves of western colonial masters, help reinforce these narratives and deepen the self-loathing in these already weakened minds. This “rape culture” narrative is just another one of those in the long tradition of showing India in bad light. The strategic objective seems to be, at some point Indians would embrace western morals (oxymoron?) and Christian value system fully, turn very fissiparous, highly conducive for balkanization. Then, once again, western powers can (this time there will be some Islamic powers too) share the loot, command cheap labor and all the rich natural resources. While this sounds like a conspiracy theory, history is full of such grand scale manipulations. This time though, it won’t work. People like Rajiv Malhotra (intellectual kshetra), NaMo (political kshetra), Baba Ramdev (spiritual kshetra) and many others are fighting back and reawakening the great Indian masses, Vivekananda-style, is gathering momentum. Unfortunately, West is not able to see it. That’s why I called them myopic in the beginning. West could treat India as an equal and respect its great civilization and partner with the people to find peaceful solutions to this ailing planet. Instead, it is once again engaging in dirty manipulations and in the process allowing Jehadi and Marxist elements to grow in strength. This is absolutely catastrophic for the world, not just India. I really hope the Indians understand this game and force the west to change its attitude for the good of this world.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Yes Praveen ji, oxymoron. Except for certain values in the work field, some “apparent” fair play in sports (full of mafias behind), and certain way of treating children that finally has become a total lack of discipline and a dictatorship from the children and the teenagers, this society is in complete decline.

  10. R.Mahalingam · · Reply

    good post

  11. India bashing is the best past time of the western world from the time Mr.Macalay reported to the Crown that He traveled the length and breadth of India in nineteenth century and could not locate
    a single beggar and could not understood why the most of people were always in a Festive Mode/Mood.Then “THEY” Planned an Education System which would ENSLAVE THE MIND-BODY-INTELLECT AND SOUL OF THE SO CALLED HINDUS” and unfortunately for the World The Process Is Still On and HOw?

  12. Unfortunately, the truth and facts have no place in India as far as such issues are concerned. The agenda got hijacked by few naxal/ left leaning so called intellectuals or paid media. In our country, the 4th estate is not independent or non partisan. The recent example of rise of AAP. Anchors sitting in their studios spitting venom for 24 hours, were actually working and promoting AAP. Secondly, the so called intellectual classes operating under foreign agencies (every street in India, you will find 3 NGOs !!) – the most lucrative business is running NGOs in India – won’t be surprised if Tatas, Ambanis and Birlas may also move into NGO activity) – the best and easiest way to make money and become famous without any accountability.

    No one is bothered and media just talk emotionally (pick up isolated incident, invite so called champions and fill air time). The nirbhaya gang rape happened in a place called Mahipalpur (one isolated dark corner near a national highway – close to Intl airport). I pass through this place every day. Today, it is is worst than it was in December 2012 – these crying babies are not bothered about this. Even today, life for women in this place is a nightmare. These so called progressive brigade will be happy if some other mishap happen so that they against get visibility on television.

    The city is not safe, admitted but lot of it is hype created by elements with ulterior motive (the reason is: this city is the same for many years and suddenly too many things are talked about to defame the city). I have two teenage daughters and of course I too am concerned but the scene is not as is made out by these elements.

    In closing, I am in complete agreement – THERE IS INDEED A DESIGN…

  13. Madhu Bhatia · · Reply

    India is a great country where many Enlightened souls have taken birth – Jesus also came to learn between the age of 18 to 21 and returned at the end to live as Yusuf in Kashmir.

    Whatever the west tries will only increase their bad Karma and it will rebound back. As even countries and religions have their Karmas. Even Jesus said “As you sow so you shall reap.” Neither single nor groups are free of the LAWS OF NATURE.

  14. Sanya Banerjee · · Reply

    Its interesting that none of the comments on this post appear to be by Indian women – they’re either by Indian men or foreign women. I agree that it does seem quite suspicious that the rest of the world is so focused on the issue of rapes in India – hidden agenda much? – but you have to see that most Indian women feel vulnerable and targeted. I’m speaking of the urban demographic of females, from the age of say twelve to the mid-sixties – even before the recent rash of rape reporting began we have all felt vulnerable. To eve-teasing, sexual assault in public and private spaces and transportation, violence, rape. We have all have been leered at, groped, harassed, we have felt violated in some way or another since puberty, whenever we have left ‘safe confines’. Safety – this is what I have never felt out in the open unless I am accompanied by my father or some man old enough to be so. This is why I am pushed to remain inside the house – this is why my college authorities, my family and I enforce stringent restrictions on my movement even during daylight hours. Tell me this – does this happen in other countries? Do you try to scramble back home after 5pm even in neighborhoods which are considered safe, do you dread the thought of public transport, do you constantly need a male chaperone?

    “Sita is still an ideal for most Hindu women.”

    No, I would say Draupadi or Durga Ma would be my ideal – and she is for many women I know, from the maidservants I know to my grandmother. Sita was a pushover, Draupadi stood up for herself.

    “Anyone who cares to find out will easily discover that rape is not in the culture of India, and women have a good, even respected position compared to other cultures or countries. This position may not be in tune with the view of feminists, but are feminists the measure of all things? Do those feminists believe that village women in India want to be like them? In my view, those feminists look pitiable in the eyes of those often very strong village women who see Sita as their ideal. The main anguish of those women is poverty, not gender roles.”

    Yes village women do in fact want to be like us. I know because my extended family lives in small villages in West Bengal, I know because I have spoken the maidservants and drivers’ wives I encounter since I live in a high-rise building – they want education, they want jobs and money, they want the right to choose how many children they will have and when, they want the same rights as the men in their families have enjoyed for generations. Ask any woman about her daughters and her eyes will light up with pride as she speaks about how well she’s doing in school, how she wants a better world for her and worries that her husband might try to marry her off early. We, with all our advantages, do not look ‘pitiable’ to them – they want to be like us and more power to them.

    “For example the minor in the rape case of Jyothi is a Muslim. This news, however, did not make it to the mainstream media.”

    This is ridiculous. A minor’s name would not be disclosed and Hindu or Muslim or Christian, why make an issue about his religion of all things? That would be the height of communalism.

    Maria, you make many valid points in your essay and I am sure that you have the best of intentions, but I feel that you are missing out on the perspective of actual Indian women.

    1. Sanket Patil · · Reply

      You have made very fine observations. I agree with some of your points.
      My wife keeps telling me how insecure she feels when traveling alone. I have personally observed boys and youngsters leering and commenting on women. I have never understood what kind of pleasuew it gives them to make such obsene comments.

      I also agree that Maa Durga should be the ideal for today’s women. I believe women should train in martial arts and self defence.
      However, I feel that women should not leave Sita altogether. Sita’s modesty and chastity should not be forgotten. It is this trait that sets Indian women apart.

      Well, times are changing. Indian women are capable of deciding what is good for them and set their own course.It is not for us men to order them about.
      Women have always been the centre of India’s culture and tradition. It is they who keep our heritage intact.
      My opinion India’s cultural legacy is now in the hands of its women. My only hope is that they preserve it to some extent.

    2. Where as I agree that even teasing is worst in India, hence a harassed girls and women. But notice the following
      The number of rapes in Delhi per year is about 1200. England has population of three and half times than Delhi. But the number of rapes is more than 9000 rapes/year. Situation is similar in other western countries.
      Where as a single rape is reprehensible, but to pick loudspeakers and calling India the rape intensive country is clearly going off the limb. Indians should indulge in self critique their society, but while doing that they need to have balance of perspective. This loss of balance of Perspectives is the hall mark of our English educated elite. Who glasses need refocusing.

    3. Ritha khemani · · Reply

      Thank you for this reply to Wirth. Well written and balanced.

  15. Eye opener for Indian and westerns……..con and pros are present in every where in the world….but showing finger towards India and Indian culture is very bad……during Vivekananda time also, some people from India act as swamiji/mathaji in some other countries and they are used to showing some photos/creating some stories like, Indian women through their children in a river where crocodiles are eating the babies/ and some stories like after husbands death, people of the society/ family forcibly pushing that wive in to the fire where husband dead body is burning…. like this sa many stories are created to raise the funds….as we know Swami vivekanada, is one of the eye opener to the western towards Indians and Indian culture. As Kali yuga darma, Rakshasas are living like humans as normal people in society, It is hard to find out them. but one fine day, god will send his representative to establish Darma again. All the best.

  16. sri venkateswarlu vabilisetty · · Reply

    Jaisriram.The number of rapes in other countries may be more higher than India.But our intention is there should be not even a single rape in India.For this the Govt’s should change the worest system of Mechale education n impliment moral n culture based education along with their regular subjects.

  17. Lovely point of view, worth the read, The writer has gone in depth in to the vital issues. Good unbiased observation indeed.

  18. Thank you Maria for such a lucid and objective article. I have had in mind many of the questions you asked – and I am thankful that you have given some answers and supporting points too…it was great to read your writing!

  19. this is happening especially now because the general elections are round the corner. the liberals want to shame the hindu culture, so that people are disrnchanted with it and donot consolidate as a conservative block to vote en masse for the conservative party.

    1. Like Hitler’s policy announce a Right Man being Wrong A Thousand Times will definitely make Him Appear Wrong.The West/USA Is the Master Of These Games for Centuries.

  20. There is reasonable ground to suspect that the Christian Missionaries are at work behind this incessant barrage connecting India ( read Hindu) and rape. I will not be surprised if the UK and the US are as usual on to their mischief to denigrate and bring disorder in Indian society. Per capita of the population there is much much more rape in the US and in some countries of Europe! To say this is not to soft pedal and put a gloss on the shameful incidents in India. Has any one considered WHY so many rapes THESE DAYS? See the TV shows and cinema in the poor country. add to that disgusting “freedom of expression” the massive and unrelenting urbanization. The rural people have no work to do and no food to eat. They are willing to be on the pavements of Delhi and other big cities as anonymous beings with no accountability to the environment.

  21. Thank you Maria, not because you have rightly defended the culture I’ve been raised in or not because you have infact pointed out that India does have a relatively sound model of lifestyle.
    I want to thank you because after reading this post I myself got a good amount a relief as I battle between the two evidently extreme lifestyles, love and relationship models. I’m living in Germany where I constantly question my Indian way of upbringing. Germany apparently has excess openness, rational way of thinking and an individualistic approach (which btw is also why I love Germany ) which I see facilitates tremendous personal fulfillment compared to that in India. On the other hand making compromises and refraining from human desires for moral reason is almost considered futile here. One might think of this also as a ‘ this is how it should be ‘ model of life. However in the end of the day it is very unsettling because then my Indian values end up seeming orthodox and useless when I know they aren’t. Thank you for making us feel good about ourself.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      IMHO of a western hindu, and given that NOT all the paths lead to the same goal, only dharmic lifestyle brings the fulfillment that everybody is looking for in life. But in the west, they are looking for it in the wrong place. Be proud, brother, of being different. For that I would suggest you if you permit me and if you don´t know it, the book Being Different by Rajiv Malhotra. It will give you the grounds to defend by your own living the richest spirituality that has already proven successful for taking us to the highest level, which again even unconciously, is what everybody is looking for. Read inspirational sacred shastras and books on hindu saints, create for yourself an adequate atmosphere, meet like minded people if possible, practice some sadhana. That will charge daily your batteries for facing the kurukshetra that is living in a decadent society while being dharmic. And not only at the end of the day, but much later in your life, when you look back you will have an inner satisfaction that no freedom of the ones you can get here, it will give you. Because at the end, the journey is made by the jiva, no matter the whole world around see things differently when you know what you are doing.

  22. Maria,
    Your well written article should be an eye opener for Indians mainly rather than to any foreigner for they understand this country better than the natives do.

  23. M. Anand · · Reply

    Sita was raped by Ravan. She was then shunned by her community AND husband because she got raped. Really Maria, you are going to argue that Hinduism isn’t part of the problem? So is Islam, So is Christianity. In my opinion all of them hold partial blame.

    But forget religion for one second, because I agree with you that Hindus shouldn’t be singled out. While it may be true in European media, which is far more dark-skin xenophobic than American media (except for Fox), we in the U.S. haven’t had any bombardment of this being a Hindu problem in India.

    Maria’s rhetoric is much like all the Indian politicians and journalists that decry any movie that shows India in its true light (or negative light e.g. Slumdog Millionaire). What if Abraham Lincoln said, “Sure we have slavery, but so does China! Their society sucks far more”, instead of spearheading honest and difficult reform. That is pretty much what your argument against western society boils down to.

    Unfortunately, Maria does nothing to address the real issues at stake. Yes the rest of the world has problems, however, the facts are:

    1.) India is the largest ‘democracy’ in the world.
    2.) India is an incredibly unsafe country for women in general, particularly in the north.

    I visit India every few years, and as an American of Indian descent with 3 sisters and a wife, I do feel there are molesters creeping around literally every street corner. But this begs the bigger question of your blog entry, why would you not want to encourage India to hold and control this issue e.g. with the Lucknow-ites learning self defense, and instead become complicit with those that remain in denial that India is in the wrong.

    True reform comes from within, so yes, let the talking heads in other countries discriminate and criticize, as they always will. But I sincerely want India to advance, and I want India to focus on ITS OWN issues, not scapegoat or point religious fingers or blame the british, moguls, or any one else. Build better roads, better infrastructure, better basic education, and god damnit yes, a safer society for my daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.

    The efforts of your writing would better go towards affirming

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Well, Anand ji. As far as I know, Sita being raped by Ravan and shunned by her comunity and husband is NOT the only version but the most popular perhaps. According to other versions, Sita didn´t have to prove anything afterwards and was not shunned. Things are not black or white and that is taught by the hindu culture. No society is perfect, that is for sure, including Indian, and here this is not said. As far as my understanding is, Maria here is simply giving a different view from the mainstream, making us reflect that perhaps the things can and should be seen from a different point of view. Not denying there are many things to be improved in India (as in EVERY country) I feel that many indians don´t see the things beyond what the westerners want them to see and beyond.
      And I find it not fair your last sentence: in a society, all tasks are required to be done. An the eye-opener role that Maria is playing is very much required.

      1. M. Anand · ·

        I’m not a Ramayana or Hinduism scholar so i’ll admit defeat on that point, however, that is the predominant story that I heard growing up.

        Unfortunately Maria, Maria’s (the author) alternate views don’t help India any. What this article does do is support the people that try to offset the blame or point fingers. It allows the bureaucrats to drag their feet in legislation. It gives the police an arguments as to why they shouldn’t try as hard.

        Now I’m not saying that everyone in the society is of the same mindset, however, for the minority that are, this article is their salvo. When a child performs poorly, you do not accept from them, “well, that other kid performs poorly too”. You encourage them to study hard and independently succeed and not worry or pay attention to how others are doing. Furthermore, violence against women isn’t some kind competition to see who has the least. Just get your own damn numbers low!

        Outsiders will always be critical, and westerners love to make the developed world look bad, I don’t know maybe to keep the money flowing to the West? SOME but few may have ulterior motives, but if we support the views of authors like Maria, then those lazy folks in charge have yet another reason not to enact change.

        I agree that Indians should not be influenced by what westerners think of them, but heck when you have an intervention it’s usually brought on by a 3rd party. In this case it’s media shame, and frankly if the outcome is a safer India, what is wrong with that? The media isn’t proliferating some trivial issue here e.g. lack of deodorant-use or excess body odor or even skin color. They are talking about a very serious problem that if not dealt with by India as a whole, will result in a LOSS OF TOURIST INCOME. Tourism generated 6.6% of GDP in 2012 and employs millions of people. So fine, don’t care about global image, but do care about money that you use to feed your people.

        If women stop travelling to India, which I’m sure the numbers already show, then what should India do? Tell people that they might get raped in Germany too, so come to India instead? That’s Maria’s argument. The solution is to fix the core problem.

        BUT please don’t call her an eye-opener. If you’re stupid enough (my apologies) to get caught up in media hyperbole, that’s your own problem and Maria isn’t helping anyone at the end of the day.

        Finally, until the problem is gets better, Indian journalist should feel free to write articles about rape going on everywhere else in the world.

    2. prateen · · Reply

      @M Anand: “India is an incredibly unsafe country for women in general, particularly in the north”

      Could you please give me the source of this information?
      The last time I checked, there was hardly any difference between north and south India with respect to security of women. Also please don’t quote some opinion poll conducted by some magazine.

      1. M. Anand · ·

        “…significant excess female mortality in childhood
        everywhere except for the southern states (Kerala and Tamil
        Nadu have particularly low numbers of missing girls).”

        Click to access AndersonRayIndia.pdf

        A society that supports the killing of it’s female infants/children has to have inherently low value (not just monetary) of women in society and protection thereof. I’m sure South Indian fathers (and some mothers) groan just the same when they give birth to a daughter VS a son, but they are surely not killing them AS MUCH as they are up north.

        Apart from your critique of my comment, you have anything constructive to add to this debate?

      2. prateen · ·

        I notice a condescending tone about the need of my constructive remarks on this topic. I’d like to point out that you don’t have to worry about this. The owner of this blog will take care of my comments if they don’t add value.

        Why I insist on this particular point? Just like how this blog talks of how India as a whole is being unjustly pointed out for the rapes that are happening among many other worse nations. Similarly, on a smaller scale it is being played out inside India too. How you demonize north India compared to the south even though there is not much credibility to believe this bears testimony to this.

        Your first proof talks about skewed sex ratios which is not directly related to the topic that is rapes. But even if you do want to discuss it, the complete sentence from that report is below,

        “The southern states (Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh)
        have the lowest number of missing women and make up only
        10% of the national total. The remaining bulk of the missing
        women are distributed throughout the rest of the country. ”

        First of the southern states doesn’t include karnataka, what about it?
        Next, it clearly states compared to rest of the country so why would you particularly point out the northern states, why not the western and eastern states? Is it that anything apart from AP,TN and Kerala is northern states? Sure?

        The second report you posted proves nothing. Its just the number of cases region wise in India. Why I say it proves nothing is because the population of the northern states is significantly higher than the southern states so if you take per 100000 people then there won’t be significant difference between north and south. Northern states are bigger than southern sates area wise as well as population density wise.
        Here’s a more authentic map from the government,

        Click to access 80%20Incidence%20of%20Crime%20against%20Women%20-%20Number%20-%20Total%20-%20Map.pdf

        This map shows the numbers are pretty much the same whether the north or south. Again south has lower population.
        I humbly request you to please not to spread false propaganda we already have 24 hours news channel for that.

      3. M. Anand · ·

        whatever man, I really don’t care as much about north vs south as you clearly do. Did you even notice that my post was mostly about the problems in general? You have your own agenda and/or insecurities and you read what you want to read.

        W/re: to your comment Maria’s article, unjustly? REALLY?!?! PLEASE go and tell that to the many women that are raped each year, “Maria says we should stop talking to the foreign media about our rape experience. We wouldn’t want India to look bad now would we? Lets quietly return India to its ancient value system” What’s funny is that this article is entirely contradictory, “Don’t care about what west says, but lets tell them they’re wrong for saying it”. If you don’t want to care about what the west says, then don’t care about what the west says!

        It’s sad that you and Maria came online to defend the just portrayal of India instead of standing up for the just and humane treatment of women. Your defense of the north and support of this article makes me think that you care more about image than actual issues.

      4. prateen · ·

        I did not arrive into the internet world yesterday. This is not the first time I have come across a random person subtly inserting a small remark about ‘north’ Indians that degenerates their morality and shows them in wrong light. YES I CARE about spreading wrong information. Everytime I come across such things I will give a fitting reply.
        So easy for you to say that and now you meekly say that you don’t care about north and south, then WHY did you say it in the first place? How would you feel if I stereotype you for something you haven’t done. THIS IS A SERIOUS matter. You need to THINK why you uttered the word ‘north’ there? What made you do it? How you have been systematically programmed to be biased about the north without there being any significant reason for it? THIS BLOG is discussing this issue and not RAPE in general.

        THIS blog is not about discussing how horrible the crime of rape is, please don’t get all emotional and say people don’t care about rape. I acknowledge rape is a horrible crime BUT this blog is not discussing rape rather its discussing about the negative PR that is being churned out by external force for their vested interests (read the title of the blog again, if required). It is a reality today that a lot of background work goes into creating false propaganda. You need to have an open mind and ask WHY before you blindly nod your head to whatever is dished out in the news. Rape is a problem in India but its being over hyped just like north India being a dangerous place for women is over hyped, which you happily bought as a fact and started spreading it without even realizing how unfair it is. All this is done to polarize Indians based on every possible means, in this case regionalism.

        All of this started when the fake historians introduced the fake Aryan invasion theory in India. North indians were labelled as aryans and the south indians as dravidians and apparently they was a war between the two!! Today this fake theory has been debunked after the discovery of the dried of saraswati river bed (which the fake historians called as a mythical river!!) and also the DNA studies. This is also propoganda that induces hate between Indians who are all brothers of the same India gene pool.
        search on youtube, “fake aryan invasion theory’. Similarly these new versions of Sita being raped etc were injected for hindus to feel ashamed of themselves and submit to their new masters. Indian history in general has been twisted to suit the needs of people and this process continues today using media.

        BTW incase I find someone talking wrong about south Indians then I will defend them too, like I have done in the past. Just for your information.

      5. M. Anand · ·

        @ Prateen. I’m not here to talk about north vs south, seriously, despite my solitary comment that you can’t seem to get over, I’m not. Anyone reading these comments will see not only your crazy overreaction on the internet but also your conspiracy theories on my statement. If you’re so concerned about spreading untruths, then go talk to institutions like the WSJ, since they wrote about what I had already inferred from empirical evidence. Then again, most people reading this article would probably agree with you anyways and think I’m in the wrong, so congrats.

        We’re on the same exact page re: Aryan vs. Dravidian so I won’t argue there.

        But negative PR? Come on?!? Things are a lot simpler than that. This is not west vs. India. It’s the news cycle looking for a good story! Western paper editors aren’t sitting around looking for ways to bring India down. Governments are not telling the papers to find articles to make India look bad. She keeps asking, “Why?”. The answer is simply money. More people read extreme articles. That’s how they stay alive. I think most major news is pretty piss poor because of that. They should take more responsibility on what and how they cover news. But to call it some Western conspiracy just lets the politicians drag their feet. I mostly hate media overcoverage, but i make an exception in this case. Let the media shame the politicians into improving things.

        What else will encourage them to enact serious change, I ask?

      6. M. Anand · ·

        “….And north India is often referred to as more violent, more patriarchal, and more crime-ridden than the south.”


      7. prateen · ·

        refer above^^

    3. Nrsinghadev · · Reply

      “Sita was raped by Ravan. She was then shunned by her community AND husband because she got raped. Really Maria, you are going to argue that Hinduism isn’t part of the problem?”

      A very late reply, but I just have to correct the above misconception of M. Anand:

      Sita was NOT raped by Ravana. Ravana kidnapped Sita. After that she had to prove Her chastity to Rama by entering a fire, which was build by Laksmana on the order of Rama. Coming out of it unscathed, She proved that Her chastity was intact; ergo, She was not touched by Ravana. Agnideva and Vayudeva also confirmed She was pure. Because some of the inhabitants of Ayodhya began to erroneously criticize that She was not pure yet Rama still took Her back, Sita was exiled by Lord Rama in order to maintain dharma, even though He knew She was pure. Sita did not object and accepted this plight without hesitation, because She is also showing the common people how to act according to dharma. She proved Her chastity multiple times without question, so there cannot be any rape.

      Also, another thing that people like to read into this husband/wife situation is that they consider that women were being oppressed and kept like abused, harshly treated slaves who were forced to act as subordinate to their husbands. This is a gross misconception Actually, both parties agreed to this arrangement according to prescription of dharma, and in this way society would go on nicely. You have to remember that all of this happened in a time when society was of an impeccably high standard. There is absolutely no comparison to the degraded standard of living of people in this current age we’re living in and think of as the height of culture. The current society is actually the opposite of that. Simply having been alone with Ravana in his palace was enough in those times to question a wife’s chastity. That is not a flaw on account of dharma, that is in fact a very good and beautiful standard. Lord Rama came to show everyone the perfection of dharma. Sita showed this as well. Every pastime of Sita-Rama is there to show the height of dharma; they are all lessons that teach us how to live properly. There is no flaw. The flaw is in us that we nowadays are being indoctrinated by weak and flawed so-called modern thinking and are taking that as the proper standard. Ravana was a big, big demon, but in today’s world, he would have been almost like a saint.

      If the clue you are getting out of these pastmes of Sita-Rama is that rape is something Hinduism endorses and that this shunning is something bad in the case of Rama-lila, then clearly it is not ‘Hinduism’ which is a part of the problem, but the problem is really within yourself, when you have an indoctrinated western mind ready to jump at the chance to lay blame on religion (it’s just so trendy and easy), even though lacking any kind of understanding about those kind of transcendental subject matters, nor having bothered to study them deeply. The topics of Ramayana and other Vedic literatures are an immensely deep treasure, but unfortunately, nowadays, even most Indians are too lazy to study them thoroughly, often claiming they’re too confusing or too complex (without even trying to understand), and so they turn to make shallow judgment calls on these scriptures based on mere hearsay, turn to other, ‘cheap’ religions or become outright atheists.

      It is very clear that there is an agenda at work here with all these Indian (gang) rape reports that the news media keep unleashing, and sadly enough it’s working. The masses are taking this in without question. There already has been a riled up crowd decapitating a man accused of rape, who later on turned out to be innocent. Good old divide and conquer back in action. Britain during the time of Ghandi instigated the violent muslim-hindu riots that utlimately paved the way for Pakistan and Bangladesh in a final futile effort to maintain control over India. This evil-minded media indoctrination will hammer into the collective consciousness that Indians are rapists and that their “backward culture” is to blame. Another attempt to bludgeon India into submission.The Indian rape indoctrination of world-wide western-minded media began shortly before the election of Narendra Modi. Cooincidence? Not likely.

    4. Can you really be such a Dumb to comment that Sita was raped by ravan?

      Have you ever studied Ramayan? Or just farting from your mouth?

  24. Hi Maria,

    Very nice article. Looks like out thoughts are quite close to each other. Everytime i read a negative news about india especially rape from western media i keep questioning their dark intention behind these syco attitude. There are many many good things happening in india but none gets published ..

    anyways karma philosphy is powerful so lets see the future 🙂

  25. Developing Mind · · Reply


    There are two Indias. I am generalising here. The one we call India speaks English and is comfortable with sexuality, homosexuality, Adam vs Eve or Battle of Sexes, Individualism of the Ayn Rand kind, and is actually capable of getting “disgusted” with their fellow human beings for attending Nature’s call in open environs without facilities. This wonderful India does not mind contrived morality(Big business money, stock markets,sports betting, prostitution, drugs,etc.,) but it unleashes its fangs at the thought of state corruption( Scenario: A cop who makes very little money takes a bribe to buy new shoes for his daughter. I don’t endorse his kind of ethics but then I do not have fangs either).
    There is another India called Bharat. This one considers sex to be a private affair. It says man should lead the woman during marriage ritual and also in life. He has to protect her and the kids. It believes collective trumps the individual. It also does not get disgusted with fellow human’s uncomfortable moments.

    You and your readers can decide on whose behalf the Indian Media (English one in particular) functions.

    One of those guys who understands both Indias a little, and can confirm that things are getting lost in translation.


  26. Prashant kumar tripathi · · Reply

    Sometime i (sorry for small letter, trying to melt it down more) feel i love both value systems simultaneously sometime tend to hate them both because i strangely feellike why can’t both extremes of human mind respect the worth of another in a more evolved imagined society where they both can smoothly mutate into each other proudly if they feel uncomfortable with their particular system of life. However in conditional approach i prefer more disciplined and structured rigid relationship over mandane sensual oriented and less responsible one that is hindu prudeness over western brainwashed progressive ideals.

  27. As I recall the interest started with protests not against rape, but against alleged failures by state authorities to report, investigate and prosecute rape. If those allegations are true, then that India has fewer reported rapes per capita than most nation does not in fact mean it has fewer actual rapes per capita. And that is why it is getting international media coverage.

  28. kopterkojak · · Reply

    Allow me to follow the ‘KISS’principle(keep it simple stupid!).A study of Gopikrishna will indicate what happens when the Kundalini serpant uncoils.While we can say that Shankracharays Advaita
    indicates One with the Absolute,Madhvacharyas Dwita is actually the same except that the Serpant is uncoiled.Sanathan Dharma’s ‘Way Of Life’would imply that in the theological ocean of Hinduism,the Gita’s central philosophy of non attachment duty would be central.Thus one who follows this Way Of Life is automatically Hindu irrespective of the lower level of ‘Religion’followed.Hinduism has two major offsprings,Philosophical and Ritualistic.Through the Centuries,whenever Hinduism degenerated due to stratification of caste,out of it’s womb sprang new Religions with rigid connotations.Caste was by inclination,hence choosing your Laxmi or Saraswathi path.Hinduism,Judaism,Islam all defend their Dharma.Christianity shows the other cheek.Thus Christ’s most imp msg was before he died.Islam is perfect,a rule for each situation with Wahabbis and Sufis at either end.One must thoroughly read and analyse and interpret correctly and objectively.Very few can do this.They instead follow half baked interpreters.Brahma the Big Bang,Vishnu the present universe,Shiva contraction.It’s not about Nation,Culture or Religion.It’s about as Johnny Nash put it’I can see clearly now,the rain has gone!’Perhaps’Flirt Schools’may educate and lessen Internet porn fantasies being acted out without female consent.Love Kojak

    1. Developing Mind · · Reply

      Hello kopterkojak,

      I will not comment on Kundalini, because I view it as an experience and not thought.

      Sanatana Dharma is more about “value system” rather than “way of life”, hence in Yoga : Yam, Niyam; These apply to all humanity irrespective of stratification.

      Gita should not be restricted to terms like central philosophy, it is an all encompassing philosophy.

      I hope you are using Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism synonymously. Any degeneracy can be negated by Divine Love(in a subjective sense; objectively even World Peace looks far,far away).

      I am disappointed that Maria allowed:

      “Hinduism,Judaism,Islam all defend their Dharma.Christianity shows the other cheek.”

      Christ was asking us to personify the Divine Love. Do we dare?

      I do not comment on Islam, I do not qualify.

      We talk about Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as persons. Brahma is creator, Shiva ensures expansion and contraction which I believe involves counting, Vishnu counts. Also it is very important to stress that differentiating Shiva and Vishnu is not easy.

      Since it is Maria’s blog, I didn’t want to say the following. But your “flirt school” made me want to say this:

      If we have to compare social indicators(rape-degeneracy factor), shouldn’t population be taken into consideration. It’s about the people, isn’t it? Can we compare India, China,Europe as whole, Americas as whole. It makes sense to me.

      Solid marriage institution, sound family structure, national integration(Collectivism > Individualism; Individuality for spiritual salvation is fine by me although a blogger I admire says Karma Yoga is apt for our times) to prevent internal displacements and migrations, etc., are the need of the hour.

      No Disrespect

      1. kopterkojak · ·

        The KISS Principle:Brahman is the Absolute,Yoga is tuning the body for Union with the Absolute.
        Rest is Mythology,Concepts etc.Islam jumps direct to the Absolute(Allah),Hinduism as Vivekananda explains,has idols for focus of those who cannot understand the Absolute.Christianity has photos.Concentration through laser sharp focus in meditation opens the Pineal Channel?Is God Tachyonic light from other universes?
        Rape is not about populations.It is about attitudes and mindset’s.Hence perhaps ‘Flirt Schools’may educate men to allow the woman always to decide.

      2. Dear developing mind,
        Posting comments does not mean I agree with them. Actually I thought someone would take it up. Thank you. I did not get down to it and frankly did not want to, as I found Kopterkojak’s comment confused and wondered what he actually wanted to convey and where he stands, more so, by bringing in Christianity and Islam as defending their Dharmas. Actually I prefer to keep it simple…Not intellectually convoluted. I know how it happened in the west so that we landed up where we have landed up. I wished, India does not need to make the same mistakes.
        Incidentally, I had met Gopi Krishna before he died in 1985. For many years he was in big trouble after focusing intently on rising the kundalini. Ananadamayi Ma used to recommend Bhakti, as things can go wrong when the right attitude is missing.

  29. kopterkojak · · Reply

    No confusion.Hinduism and Islam defend their Dharma,Christianity seeks salvation.Any of the philosophical systems can work.

    1. Kopterkojak, I see a philosophical system only in HInduism, the other religions need indoctrination (or allurement or threat) for their flock to believe their ‘belief system’..

  30. Developing Mind · · Reply

    Hi Maria!

    I don’t want to say anything more about what kopterkojak’s comments, because I am trying to understand his spiritual and philosophical points too. I don’t want to bring in what Francois Gautier has to say about Christianity in India(I have read your open letter to the Pope), because things will get too political. I don’t even use my real name because recently I was spammed by a well known Indian media house(Indian Media has FDI connection, so they cover up their bias with selective op-eds,free speech, editorial policy limits, etc.) with whom I registered. I don’t think they appreciated what I had to say or maybe the way I said it. So, I just closed that e-mail account. I am not even a confrontational person by nature. I think they just mistook me for a troll.

    I agree with your point on Bhakti in principle.


  31. kopterkojak · · Reply

    Maria, that’s the point I made,Way Of Life,not Religion,religion coming from it’s womb,Buddhism,Jainism,Sikhism,Arya Samajis.Prubhapada created Hare Krishna with Bhakti and a central Krishna like a central Jesus or Mohamed.Osho in many ways has defined ideal man as Zorba The Buddha

  32. Galadriel · · Reply

    Good to read you’re continuing to produce articles that say, right or only partially right, what many others don’t look as deeply into. As an American journalist for 20 years, I see the rapes-in-India issue probably as simplistically as journalists there see it today. India is know by most people in the West as Gandhi, gurus, and “om.” So naturally rape is a sensational contrast to that. A news desk isn’t concerned with why or who else; any story reporting the unexpected is a read-me. Interpreting the news or putting it in context is for the op-ed page. I’ve lived in a conservative Indian fishing village for two years. Within visual distance of my house are the houses of a man who killed his wife (hushed up by neighbors), a molester (his grandson, also protected), and a chronic “Peeping Tom” (when he got in a fight with a priest he was finally sent to jail for awhile). Rampant alcoholism and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are increasing and are behind a lot of the sick behavior we are seeing. The dowry system stands strong, continuing to impoverish families of the lower and middle classes and certainly not doing much to enhance the desirability of female children. No communal group wants to campaign against it. And so forth and so on …

    1. Praveen Rai · · Reply

      Galadriel, you are out of touch with the widely pervasive negative narratives about India in the west, especially, US. Of course, they know about Gandhi, but nothing beyond that. Mostly the stereotype is about curry, caste, cows in the street, naked swamis, (some even stick to “rope trick” stories), child abuse, female infanticide, oppression of women/minorities, food deprivation etc.. In my 21 yrs in the US, throughout the university days (almost 7yrs), corporate days, my talks with most Americans (most were friendly and respectful and upon hearing counter narratives, apologized or accepted their ignorance) , even the most globally aware, I found gaping hole in their understanding of India. Thanks to Katherine Mayo and her book, “The Face of Mother India”(apparently influenced a generation of Americans and American policy-makers, according to Rajiv Malhotra), and countless leftist/Marxist Indologists in the western (and their Indian Sepoys) academic institutions, Hindu civilization has been painted as oppressive, backward and superstitious. And, that’s precisely what you hear. Hardly few acknowledge the tremendous instinct of Hindus to survive and protect their dharma during the millennium long onslaught by the Islamic invaders and European colonizers. The current problems in Indian society is not analyzed within the context of this history at all; the material poverty is a direct result of pillaging of the vast resources of this gloriously rich nation by the Turk/Islamic invaders and the white Europeans; Cultural onslaught by Jehadi perversion, missionary conversion, import of western knowledge systems without regard for its relevance in Dharmic context….so much distortion has taken place, it is incredible how this civilization is not already in the museum!

      But, as Maria rightly says, these heinous crimes are taking place everywhere in the world. Misogynistic crimes, drugs, alcoholism are equally a problem in the west, despite its economic superiority and relatively smaller populations. US military has widespread abuse of women and is becoming a major issue; sexual abuse is rampant among the catholic clergy, alcoholism and drugs is quite endemic among students, homelessness is widespread (600,000 homeless people in this powerful country!), a million children are in homeless shelters and go to school from these shelters….problems in the US are plenty. And, it’s only the beginning. Lack of economic growth, burgeoning debt issues, weakening dollar hegemony, increasing population, anemic job growth, trillion + student debt, increasing economic divide, rampaging prostitution and sexual perversion, alarming number of guns in the civil society…there are so many negatives. They are going to get worse, not better. Yet, US commands a positive grand narrative, as progressive, modern, liberal, free, innovative, hard working, entrepreneurial, great institutions, great athletes, exceptional people, people of manifest destiny….Everywhere the “soft power” of Hollywood to Harvard stand supreme. Even when many of my relatives and friends in India got a glimpse of poverty and filth during the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, it was quickly forgotten.

      So, this is about grand narratives. There is a purpose behind it. Unfortunately, there is a drive to establish western universalism, an attempt to recolonize the world through cultural onslaught. It has geopolitical implications; it has a religious agenda (aggressive conversion by painting the host dharma as backward). Cultural domination will gain new converts who will favor the west in policy spheres. That will affect trade policies, industrial-defense complex etc. Gradually, India will lose its very civilization that was built on Dharmic concepts. Implications of grand narratives are deep and wide ranging. Only when you grasp the enormity of this game, will you understand why articles like Maria’s will become absolutely essential for Indians, as well as well-meaning, diversity-loving westerners like you. Thanks.

  33. Western bodies like CIA attacks on a country use many tactics from covert funding of NGO’ to paying writers to promote a particular topic to attack a host country or even funding local media to the military. This seems a plausible reason for the India Rape stories. Classic is the Malala (girl shot by Taliban) story which was backed by US agencies as a soft weapon to fight Taliban.

  34. White House report says 1 in 5 American women have faced rape/attempted rape yet no cry made by White western Media on this issue

  35. Hi Maria ji

    I wholeheartedly agree with your article. But as a South Indian suburban mom I have a few problems with this can you please read this.

    You are quite right about Hindu culture, Women are not sub par according to us. While Sita was praised for her Chastity Droupadi , the heroine of the other major epic in India (Mahabharatha) was polyandrous. She had five husbands ,yet her virtue was never questioned. Shakunthala , from mahabharatha , married Dushyantha of her own accord , it was not an arranged marriage.

    Sathyavathi ,a fishermans daughter, who already had a son named Vyas, married Shanthanu, the king of Hasthinapura.

    We were also leaps and bounds ahead of the west about gay and transgender rights. We worship Budhan, who is neither a male nor a female as the God of wisdom.

    Shikandi, a transgender fought in the war of Kurukshetra. Our Lord Mahavishnu became a girl (Mohini) once and had a child with Lord Shiva.

    So all in all Hindu culture is pretty liberal. But Indian society right now is not. Somehow we lost our identity, we borrowed the worst things from the west. And now women are suppressed by people who hold an ugly caricature of our real identity and shove it down our throats.

    mam, as a middle class lady I am safe. But this safety is there because of the buffer of less economically and socially fortunate women. The drunkards and leers give us respect because they are scared of our dads/brothers/ husbands and also because they can leer at other unfortunate girls.

    I so much want to wear a t shirt and sweatpants and go for a run on my own at dawn. (really this is my dream now).
    I will not do that because it is not safe.( girls get dogs and go for walking in really posh areas).

    Will I go out after dark alone? Not if I had any other option.

    Will I expect to be leered at , hit on , leaned on if i take public transport. It happens to all women. We just learn to keep our heads down, not make eye contact and to be with a male companion.

    Mam how can women do the same jobs as men if they are handicapped so much?

    Now I will tell you the reason why i am writing this. A person called S.Gurumoorthy has translated your entire article verbatim( except the parts about other religions and gay people) and finally added his own agenda to it.

    This is worse than the ignorant India bashers and willfull tarring of India culture. He used your NAME and WORDS to validate his agenda of suppressing women. This was published in a major Tamil Magazine called SNEGITHI, which has tremendous influence over our tamil society.

    Let me translate what he added to your article to help you understand.

    ” West may have given rights to women , but we give respect to women. feminists argue that they will go with anyone, anywhere then how can society protect them. they must be in the view of society and follow its dictum to be safe. What happened in Delhi was in midnight( implication is the girl must not have been out at that hour), Mumbai was in a lonely area( what was she doing there alone).

    Maharashtra state female commission member Asha MIrake said “Women must be careful and dress decently”. Media is asking how can they say like that. Do you understand now what kind of things feminists ask.

    irresponsible rights to women not only reduce the respect for women but diminish their safety as well.”

    Your sane article is used for this insane propaganda.

    While I agree women need to follow common sense and be safe, we need to make the country safer rather than asking women to close themselves up and stay home. Not everyone can afford that.

    Maam please please distance yourself from this propaganda. https://www.facebook.com/SnehidhiMagazine this is their FB id. Sorry i cannot find an email id.

    1. My dear sister Divya

      While I understand your year-long buried feelings of keep your self liberal from the the customs of this country which taught the civilization to the rest of the world, the country which worshiped woman as the supreme God and advised every one in this country to consider other women as Mother (including one’s wife too, at times- a different story). Pl. for the sake of this God blessed country, Do not insist anyone who come forward to whip the Western customs, traditions, their culture ( which is not suitable for this country, however those who want to follow may follow after migrate to their country.) While I appreciate your respect to this country’s women, I would like you to respect this sacred country’s highness too. Wearing decent dress, (men or women) does not mean against one’s liberty. don’t you agree? My best wishes to you!

    2. Hi Divya,

      It definitely is unfair that women are leered, groped etc in public and often have to hole themselves up at nighttime instead of going out. Freedom is a necessity. But if a person were to go to an area of a city, in any part of the world, that is bad in the middle of the night then that’s just asking for trouble. And dressing decently is good advice too. Have you seen what western women wear nowadays? That doesn’t mean you can’t look attractive.

      And while I do disagree with Gurumoorthy, you should feel safe anywhere you go and the police should back you up. But people like Gurumoorthy are not worse than India bashing, culture bashing and gender bashing.

      That’s why I don’t like the west’s portrayal of this horrible incident. Its all just negative and points fingers but does little else. Do they really want to help our women or do they just want to feel better about their own country and culture? Why would they think India bashing and men bashing would help? It will just create more divisions and hatred between us.

      What needs to be done is to get rid of bad mouthing India and stop creating a gender divide. Men and women working together are needed to bring gender equality. Bad mouthing each other would make us want to help each other less. And its only by learning the lessons ourselves will we truly appreciate them. When we do have better gender equality people like Gurumoorthy will be laughed at. But all this foreign negativity will just create self hate and get us nowhere.

    3. prakriti · · Reply

      Dear Divya!
      you really need to revive your knowledge about our ancient stories. Infact a big part of India is suffering from post feminist syndrome. We as women need to draw a line what is decent limit to expand, our rich scriptures gave freedom to women but at the same time, not to loose virtue,
      Some of the stories you posted from scriptures are the poisoned one by britishers, intact most indians know only these version, so hereby i request you to visit’ Ajit Vadakayil” ‘s blog, not only you will find true version, you will be more proud of being an Indian women. And i m 100% in agreement with Maria, If she hadn’t had written, i would had cover this topic later or sooner. I live outside india and i understand what maria exactly mean.

  36. Divya is correct.Once upon a time a bedecked woman could safely walk at night in Cal.Shankracharya defeated the equal 50% woman in debate.She and hubby became his chelas.He showed that woman was equal to man.Khajuraho shows the freedom of women.Tantra.Islam followed by Victorian prudery submerged the real culture.

  37. hi ewilli and Bhatt

    i understand and completely agree with you.
    There were incidents of tourists camping out in sambal valley and cried afoul when they were attacked. It enraged me when that incident was used for India bashing. Would i go walking in an American ghetto?no.

    There are people who feel better about themselves by portraying us as uncultured rapists. I know of my billion brothers who respect women more than these people. But why do we have to care about them.

    Why do we have to hush hush because of bigots? We have a problem lets discuss it. Lets not say that country rapes more women than ours.

    My problem is why is there a discussion about women’s clothes when we are talking about rape? Isnt it victim blaming? Do you think only pretty women who is bedecked or someone who shows skin is only raped?

    A little girl sleeping near her parents was snatched, raped , killed and hung naked in a tree. Do you really feel this will be solved if women add another layer of clothing? My grandma used to walk home from the river wearing only a wet skirt when she was young. She used to say ” it was common , no one looked at us bad and we never felt we must be ashamed”.

    Brother these are not crimes of passion. These crimes are new and happens because of hatred against women.

    Just open your eyes and see brother there are men who always felt they were superior to women just because they are men. Now we go out, earn and to an extent enjoy freedom. I feel this hatred everywhere. These are hate crimes. these creatures ( how can I call them men?) hate women and they feel powerful attacking them.

    The people who say women need to be covered up in response to rapes are really dangerous brother. Think about it they are empathizing with the rapist instead of the victim.

    All the men i know and am familiar with will not rape or violate a women if she walks before them naked. It is not normal human behavior.

    The women haters use these rapes as an excuse to spread further hate on women saying this is the women’s fault. They ask us to curtail ourselves.

    Can you believe in Afghanistan women used to wear western clothes and went to universities and held jobs. Now education is banned for girls over 8.

    People try to bring in talibanesque and victorian culture in here. This is not us. Let us combat women haters and propaganda bigots in the bud itself.

    1. Dear Divya ji

      I agree with you the point you raised that instead of showing statistics of rapes in other country and claiming ourselves is far better, it is good to curtail any kind of violence against women. Full marks to you.

      What makes me sad that you still did not understand the incident you expressed in you comments regarding your grandma’s experience from walking from river to home. Tell me Divya ji, what is the exposure of sex they had in those days? And what is now? Sex is known only after marriage (more clearly to both genders). That is the not case today. Children (I mean both genders) are exposed to this, very easily and vulgarly through, cinema media, press media, TV media, illegal books and most importantly in Internet (Ms. Maria would agree this). Have you ever blamed them? Being stuffed by these bad areas, one’s inner mind anxiously expect to experience this and one will naturally get elevated to lust in any minor chance he comes across, psychologically speaking.. Have you ever thought of these? It is not our responsible to suppress such feelings from the younger generation’s mind by the way we behave and wear decent cloths?

      If asking any women in this country, whom we pray as ‘Parashakti’, is talibanesque you feel, we are not ashamed to be like that, in fact feel proud that some or other way, we are helping this great country as an example to the rest of the world.

      We, as Women and Men together (forget about those creatures, as you say), will do all best effort to curtail all violence against women by the way of behaving, wearing decent clothes which best suitable this country, and preach the same to the next generation as a role model.

      The choice is left to you Divya ji, to join or not. Best wishes!

    In Telegu rapeoo means tomorrow,perhaps tomorrow there won’t be such sorrow,
    as rapes of innocent girls,women too.
    Didn’t someone tell em they only owned one body,which was their own.
    Even yoga says its a one way ticket to union,so ask for permission,if you even think of union.
    It’s not about nations for the wise who know,just about permissions sometimes very slow.
    And if she says a big big no no,just go away,join a flirt school and educate yourself some more!

  39. CanadianPerspective · · Reply

    Way back in 1999 I visited Punjab, India with my husband and his family. A family friend which we refer to him as Uncle warned us about going out to a Nightclub in Chandigarh. I was 29 at the time and my husband 33. A French foreign student was raped and because the suspects come from wealthy well connected families, they got off. So we followed their advice without incident. We left to travel to Singapore, Malaysia, Bali and returned to India when the weather warmed up.

    1. What is the point Ms.CanadianPerspective? You want say, India not safe and rest of the world is safe?

      1. Yes. India is less safe. It’s not subjective. It’s an objective observation made by almost every single person who has ever visited the country as well as women from India. Stop apologizing for rape and stop pretending like India is great. There is a reason why millions are leaving your filthy country.

      2. Listen Mr.Ustad, you are declaring the statement as if you are holding some high level govt. post in India or you are in Media where you gained some concrete statistical info. On behalf rest of my fellow Indians, let me warn you to control your tongue. Never provoke anybody by using degrade words like one you used in your comments. May be you are from PAK or BANG,, and we respect your country, it does not mean you can talk anything you want to, against any country by sitting safely in your country. That is the culture your country has taught you. Be aware that as you said your comments that millions of people leave our country, is absolutely untrue and never ever propagate such false allegations.

    2. Please see the comment further up dated 28. January by Adriana, obviously a British national, comparing India and Spain.

  40. My dear Ms Canadian,
    1.Laws are tighter in the West.2.Laws are not implemented speedily here.
    Only after Public hollering about the Delhi rape case,something was done.As I once explained to a Canadian Officer,most men have an eye for exotic women.Only the degree varies.In Canada,out of ten men,perhaps seven will know where to draw the line.In India maybe four.Anywhere in the world it is always good for women and men to have trusted local advisers.You were wise to be prudent.Regards Kopterkojak@utube/Soldier(LA Taxi Live).

  41. S. Rajagopalan · · Reply

    As long as level headed people like you are there Maria , Indians need not worry. We are almosr certain that there is an interntional agenda to malign India in all fiends to scuttle its growth globally. Indians have an unique character to take such slanders stoically which is their strength. As long as our faith in our religion , Hinduism remains strong , which it will, , these will ultimately prove pin pricks ; these wil end as matters of academic interest to psycologists and reasearchers!

  42. Reblogged this on smital viswambharan and commented:
    did u ever hear the news of rape from other countries? even in pakistan leave about far off country… well rapes happening in india are heard across the globe… why?

  43. Hemant Aggarwal · · Reply

    Really nice article. I agree that rape is big problem in our country but thinking India as most unsafe for women is wrong. Problem is even most Indians think like this and they put all blame on Indian traditions and culture. I feel bad when they try to compare it with other countries thinking other countries are ideal place to live, without doing any research. I was just checking the stats for rape crimes and according the UN and other stats, number of rape cases in US is much greater than India and in UK its almost same as in India. I don’t know why other countries focus on negative side of India or is it some conspiracy but whatever they are doing looks like they are succeeding to some level by creating bad image of Indian culture in mind of many countrymen.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      It is the result of vested interests coming initially from the West, most of them, like different streams with connections within India, and with the aim of Breaking India (as they have already broken and destroyed so many cultures), Once again the same policy of divide and rule. A must read the book “Breaking India” but Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, and all his books to know what is going on. Plenty of proven facts and data.

  44. Christians and Muslims have traditionally used rape as a tool of war.

    umm….LOL As a CHRISTIAN My God would be dissapointed in me if i even considered hurting someone purposely mentally or physically. lol till then it was okay this hows the person really doesnt have a straight facts LOL

  45. man i wish some hindus would respect other people as much as we respect them…try doin that then ul see the world as a better place God bless you

    1. Christians respecting Hindus? please don’t write nonsense. your ideology condemns them to eternal hell, if they have heard of Jesus and still don’t convert…
      the less someone believes in dogmatic religion, the better a human being he is likely to be. no doubt, there are nice Christians, but they usually don’t believe all that what the Churches want them to believe.

      1. And Hindu doctrine condemns Christians to eternal rebirths which is likened to hell. What is your point? The beliefs of a particular religion religion have little to do with whether or not the people in the religion respect each other.

        I’d say Christians feeding a large portion of the Hindi population is more respectful than Hindus wanting to forcibly remove Christians from India as well as killing tens of thousands of Christians. But, maybe that’s my stupid morality speaking.

      2. prateen · ·

        @Ustad: From the kind of disgust that is emanating from your comments for India, its obvious which country and religion you come from.So what do you have to say to this (read below)?

        Some newspaper titles (about Pakistan) from 2010:

        ‘5 killed in grenade attack on church in Islamabad’
        ‘6 dead in Pakistan Christian school attack’
        ‘3 killed in Christmas attack on church’
        ’16 Killed in Attack on Church in Pakistan’
        ‘Pakistani Worshippers Attacked on Easter Sunday’
        ‘Pakistani Christian-Falsely Accused, Tortured and Murdered Protestors Take His Dead Body To The Streets In Protest’
        ‘Pakistani Priest Gunned Down’
        ‘Pakistani Christian dies of torture at hands of Islamists’
        ‘Second Pakistani Christian tortured to death by police in four months’
        ’55 year Christian mother Hanifan Bibi abducted, stripped and tortured in front of husband and sons by Muslim gangsters’
        ‘Pastor and Driver Murdered in Pakistan and mutilated for Evangelizing Muslims in Pakistan’
        ‘2500 Strong Muslim Mob set alight 3 Churches, Christian School, Houses of Christian families and Priests’
        ‘Hindu temple in Lahore demolished’
        ‘Pak Army To Raze Hindu Houses, Temple In Peshawar’
        ‘242 Hindu Temples Destroyed/Damaged in Pakistan’
        ‘Muslim Terrorists killed Christian Missionary, Raped their daughters in front of parents and brutally killed their Sons’
        ‘Drunken Muslim Mob Vandalizes Church’
        ‘2 Christians get 15 years for burning Holy Quran’
        ‘Pakistan Bomb That Killed 53 Aimed to Destroy Hotel’
        ‘One Woman Dead in Attack on Christians, Would-be rapist instigates attack in response to charges leveled against him’
        ‘Taliban Tells Pakistani Christians: Convert or Die’
        ‘Muslims Ransack Historic Church’
        ‘Taliban-Inspired Attacks Hit Christians, Jizye Tax Imposed’
        ‘Muslim Mob Beats Christian Family with Sticks for Marrying Muslim Girl’
        ‘Christian Brutally Clubbed to Death for Drinking Tea at ‘Muslim-Only’ Establishment’
        ‘Muslim Forces 12-year-old Girl to Convert & Marry Him, Police ridicule Christian mother for kidnapping complaint’
        ‘Church institutions threatened with bomb attack, Unless Christians Convert’
        ’11-year-old boy shot in the head while attending church’
        ‘Parcel Bomb Critically Injures At least 10 Christians in Pakistan’
        ‘Christian Cemetery Bulldozed & Church Building Confiscated by Pakistani Authorities’
        ‘Police Torture & Brake Backbone of Christian Because His Father Preached Christ, Denied Medical Treatment’
        ‘Battagram Hindus Told to Embrace Islam or Pay Tax’
        ‘Muslim Mob of Thousands Gather. Acid thrown on Christian Women & Children’
        ‘Hundred Christian Churches & Homes Burned Down’
        ’16-Year-Old Christian Boy Tortured to Death by Pakistani Police’
        ‘Christian Tortured and Beaten for Alleged ‘Blasphemy’ & Prison Besieged by Thousands of Furious Muslims, Calling For His Death’
        ‘Police Brutalize Christian Men & Women After Robbing Their Homes’
        ‘Muslims Loot & Burn 75 Christian Homes and 2 Churches, Over Alleged ‘Blasphemy”
        ‘Eight Christians (including 4 Women & Child Aged 7) burned alive in Punjab, 20 Others Wounded’
        ‘Angry Muslims Kill Three More over Alleged Qur’an Blasphemy’
        ‘Muslim Mob Attacks Home of 60-Year-Old Woman in Another Islamic Supremacist “Blasphemy” Charge’
        ‘Pregnant Christian Miscarries, After being Beaten & Dragged Naked Through a Police Station’
        ‘Eight Christians kidnapped in Pakistan, Jizya May be Behind Abductions’
        ‘Six Christians Shot Dead by Muslims After Threats to “Convert to Islam or Die”’
        ‘5,000 Hindus Abandon Homes to Flee Forced Conversions, Kidnappings & Rape’
        ‘Church Burned to the Ground by Muslim Mob’

      3. I’m not a porkistani ,dumb ass. And yes, filthy pakis also kill Christians. What is your point? You guys are the same race. The same habits and behaviors.

        Typical desi thinking is “they do it too!!!” like little children.

      4. prateen · ·

        From the kind of language you use, who is childish and immature is anyone’s guess.
        How old are you 14 or 15? may be even less. lol
        Well if you are not pakistani then you are a muslim/christian living in India who despises everything Indian.

        “Hindus wanting to forcibly remove Christians from India as well as killing tens of thousands of Christians”

        Before you run your filthy mouth all over the place, provide some proof of the above statement you made. I hope you are not pulling these figures out from your rear end.

      5. Not sure if you read what I wrote since I didn’t provide any figures of any kind. But, you are free to use google to ascertain the facts about Christians being killed in India. And no I’m not Indian, nor am I Christian, but if I were would that make any difference?

      6. prateen · ·

        Are you serious? You say hindus kill tens of thousands of christians.
        This is a a FIGURE you have provided. Now you are NOT SURE? wow.

        You want me to google this rubbish you type?
        Next time before you type down bullshit like this about killings that never happened make sure you can back it up with some reports else refrain from spreading garbage.

        Oh I know what you are! You are a troll.

      7. Well, I just googled it. Lots of links. Lots of info. Denial and really odd and immature scoffing won’t make facts disappear.

      8. prateen · ·

        LOL lots of links? and I can’t find one. hehe. May be you live in a different planet.
        I guess I was right, you were indeed pulling them (mass killing of christians in India) out of your rear end.
        Now all your comments can be safely called rubbish.

      9. There were over 42 million results when I searched it. Maybe you’re not familiar with how to operate google. More likely you’re just extremely dishonest. Below is a starting point if you want to apply a little intellectual integrity instead of a dogmatic pro-Hindu bias.





      10. prateen · ·

        So there were 42 millions hits and all you could post it 3 news pieces and ALL of them talk about the SAME incident in Orissa about 10 to 20 people ?? WOW!
        Also know the background of those incidents before commenting.

        So next time instead of saying tens of thousands of christians make sure the numbers are right.
        I hope you are good at maths.

      11. Ustad,
        please inform yourself also about the background of the Odisha riots and don’t just take the Christian viewpoint for the truth. Unfortunately, media power is with the west and the Hindu side is not highlighted, not even by mainstream Indian media which is heavily western influenced.
        I am certain that Hindus are the most peaceful people compared to Christians and Muslims. Just look at history, including recent one. If they become violent, they almost always have been gravely provoked. Their upbringing does not include despising others only because they believe something different.
        Even regarding rapes, if there was a religions- wise break up done, I am sure, Hindus would still have the least crime rate, even though many Indians with Hindu names are not following Hindu tradition anymore and of course among them there are also depraved individuals.

  46. Vijay Kumar · · Reply

    Thanks for writing this post and making people aware on the hidden agenda behind “another rape in India”. I loved your article.

  47. Thank you for your post ma’am.
    Hope this brings some perspective in both convinced indians and biased outsiders.

  48. @Ustad: When you talk about others’ civilization and culture, see at yours first. From where you people have come from and how you people were living? What is the history you have? What is the richness of language and culture you have?

    I admit, there were some rapes happened in India on Indians and may be of some foreigners, but this kind of people (rapists) are found in everywhere in the World (US and Europe are high in this regard) and we are not supporting either (even in your Africa).

    I feel really sorry to for those victims, but what to be done now is, not to happen such scenes in future. How globally we can control or prevent these things? Have you ever thought such constructive ways? Not doing these, why are you spilling hatred words on somebody or some country?

    1. Ustad · · Reply

      this entire comments thread and most of the article is blaming everyone except for Indians for their rape and claiming that there is no problem but rather a western conspiracy to tarnish the image of the “pure race.”

      When school shootings happened in USA, did anyone ask why India was reporting it? No. We don’t care if you report on bad things that happen here.

      As for USA and Europe, you should look into WHO is raping in these countries. In USA rape is committed in a highly disproportionate manner by everyone except the white Europeans. Mainly it is people of African descent but most non-Europeans are overrepresented. Even Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asians are often caught raping our women. Yet, you will almost never ever hear of a European raping one of your women.

      Even during the British Raj, rape against British women was so prevalent that there were laws in place especially to protect their women.

      These issues aren’t about quality. All cultures, races and ethnicities have good and bad. The issue is quantity. We don’t all commit these crimes in the same proportions. Ask yourself why millions of Indians leave India but almost no Europeans want to live in foreign lands. Ask yourself why even your women are more safe in our presence than your own.

      India needs less excuses and more introspection. A bit of positive eugenics wouldn’t hurt either.

      1. prakriti · ·

        Indian media shows a lot of other things too, happening in USA besides gun shooting. i live in america and my family in India got the useless news about USA which I have not heard yet, their dog, cat, pet, blah blah. and in India if something big happen like Bomb blast, they will cover it for 20 sec and done. And this rape news not highlighted by just one country, it was mis deed of our foreign funded media that made it viral. There is no harm in telecasting it but what good foreigners did in that context besides criticizing and blaming our culture.
        Mr Ustad, i ask you a simple question if in your home you face some problem, will you go on streets and shout and tell what your family members are up to? No a sensible man will try to resolve it within. thats the whole point, if you consider your country as your mother and its citizens your family, you would had never raised a finger on Maria’s article.

      2. you’re really racist towards african. whole system in white country is against black. if white caught with drugs or prostitute white police is not harsh against them but if same thing black do they will be in prison. in usa kids are raping handicapped classmat. when delhi rape case happened same time gangrape rape happened in usa but media didn’t reporte. forget about rape in usa.pporn industry iitself is abusive towards woman. woman are forced to do anal sex spanking huged dildo in the ass. mostly thos actress take painkillers. there is child porn and bastality is also rampan. you should search how east european woman traficked and dragged in to porn, sex slavery, prosstitution. which is all done by youre master you worshipp. they shout about human trafficking in india but never enclose that they are traficked for kidneys liver testicle etc for white man who fucked up with bad lifestyl. such thing media never exposed. media knows only blame game. and media cant controls Indians any more.

  49. Mariaji, I am a devout Hindu but I will not say that publicity western media is giving to rapes in India is baseless. There is a problem and the patriarchal sexist mindsets of the general masses (esply concentrated in the states surrounding Delhi) who today are brought up on a daily diet of sexist crude entertainment and complete lack of sanskaar, needs to change. Education and aggresive media campaigns is the only way forward, I would like to see an India where not a single rape happens and our women will be free to travel alone anywhere in the country after sunset

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