Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media?

Judging from media reports, India has a BIG problem with rape. No other country seems to come even close. All over the globe “another rape in India” is reported ever so often.  On my last visit to Germany, I jolted when on 27. December 2013 the most popular TV news ended with “another gang rape in India”. It was one of only five topics of the 15 minutes broadcast.

Even my sister wondered how a gang rape in India made it to the main news in Germany. That same day in a conservative estimate, over a thousand rapes would have been committed all over the world.  In the USA some 200, in South Africa some 170. In the western cities, the statistics show a high percentage, much higher than in India. Many of those rapes would have been gang rapes. In many cases, the girl or woman would have been killed. Behind each of those statistical figures are painful, heartrending stories. If we knew what is happening at this very moment on this earth – how much pain humans inflict on other humans and on animals – we could not bear it.  With so much crime happening everywhere, why is India being singled out and shamed with “another gang rape”, when it actually has only a fraction of the crimes other countries have in relative numbers? In absolute numbers of course it would be no surprise if India with her huge population of four times the size of the United States were number one apart from China. Even then it is not number one. USA is.

The deluge of rape reports on India started with the shameful gang rape of a young woman, Jyoti, in a bus in Delhi on December 16th, 2012. Jyoti died. The six culprits were convicted. One committed either suicide (official version) or was killed by prison inmates. Four got death sentence. The sixth was a minor, six months short of his 18th birthday. He got away with 3 years in a reprimand home. As he allegedly was the most brutal of all and responsible for the death of Jyoti, efforts are on to try him as an adult.

This gang rape received unprecedented publicity. It reached national and local news all over the globe. It reached even a friend in Slovenia, who is usually oblivious of what is happening. Why was it broadcasted all over with such intensity? Was it because Indians protested in a big way and demanded harsh punishment? Those protests should have actually gone in favour of India, as they made clear that Indians consider rape as completely against their culture. But the opposite happened:

Ever since that December 2012, news on India have centered almost exclusively on “another rape” and even on the “rape culture of India”. One year later, the tragic story of Jyoti was again splashed over half a page in a local Nuremberg newspaper, and in its year-end- review, the Spiegel magazine did not feature anything about India, not even the Uttarakhand disaster with over 7000 dead, but – a group of victims of sexual abuse learning martial arts in Lucknow, ready to take on anyone who molests women. Obviously it was implied that such molesters are lurking at every corner.

India does have a problem with rape. Other countries also have this problem. Yet the exclusive focus by the world media on “rapes in India’ is not justified and raises suspicion of an agenda behind it. Articles appeared now, often written by Indians with Hindu names, that Indian (read Hindu) culture is to be blamed for the rapes, because it does not consider women as ‘autonomous entities’, which probably means that they can’t do what they want. The Washington Post proclaimed that sexual violence was endemic in India. The Reuters Trust Law group named India one of the worst countries in the world for women. A Harvard committee crafted strategies for ‘adolescent education’ to change the Indian mindset about gender. It was getting a bit much. Don’t westerners look at their own record – past and present – and compare it with that of India? Are they not ashamed?

Anyone who cares to find out will easily discover that rape is not in the culture of India, and women have a good, even respected position compared to other cultures or countries. This position may not be in tune with the view of feminists, but are feminists the measure of all things? Do those feminists believe that village women in India want to be like them? In my view, those feminists look pitiable in the eyes of those often very strong village women who see Sita as their ideal. The main anguish of those women is poverty, not gender roles.

To blame Hindu culture is preposterous to say the least. In fact, if Hindu culture would have prevailed and Christianity and Islam had never appeared on the scene, the world would be a better place. Christians and Muslims have traditionally used rape as a tool of war. For them, the ‘other’ was never worthy of any consideration and could be brutally raped and killed never mind if they were civilians. The Geneva Convention’s purpose is to stop this barbaric behaviour. Hindus never needed a Geneva Convention. They also fought wars, but they did not brutalize women or the civilian population.

The campaign to paint India blacker than it is sadly has worked. It is now a ‘fact’ for most foreigners (and for the convinced Indians) that Indian women have to live terrible lives, more terrible than anywhere else. No disagreeing possible. Everyone will shout you down with plenty of horrific examples. Yes, there are plenty of horrific examples and one needs to find out the reasons and find remedies. But individual criminals do not define a country, even less, if other countries have more of them. So why is India beaten with “another gang rape” again and again? Is the purpose to spoil the image of India? And if so, why?

In recent times, Indians have clearly made a mark. There is tremendous talent in the country. It is acknowledged that Indians have brains. This expresses itself in a new found confidence. ‘Western values’ are more likely to be scrutinized now and the ancient Hindu tradition is seeing a renaissance. The ‘established opinion’ that Christianity and Islam are any time better than Hinduism is being challenged. Modern western values are also more likely to be scrutinized and the west does not like it. The established opinions have power and this power seems to be used to malign India in a most unfair manner.

Rape is a delicate subject and whoever tries to place it into perspective is likely to get slaps from all sides, not least from the women’s groups. Not many will dare to state, that India has a problem, but not a bigger one than other countries, and does not need interference from the west in handling it. In fact, India has a great advantage. The family system is generally still strong especially among the masses who have escaped English education. Celibacy before marriage is still valued and not ridiculed. Romantic love is still seen for what it is – a temporary emotion and not a solid basis for a lifelong companionship. Compromise among family members and even sacrifice are not yet condemned as restricting individual freedom. Sita is still an ideal for most Hindu women. Bhakti, love for God, can still be expressed.

The fact that these values are still strong is not appreciated by western opinion makers. Those values are considered out of sync with the Zeitgeist. They pose a challenge to the western lifestyle which is being pushed into India. ‘Modern, western values’ mean for example (I learned this from an article in Focus, a German magazine) to live in rainbow or patchwork families, Those families will either have gays as ‘parents’ or children from different partners as the parents would have had several live-in relationships earlier. It is supposed to be a great learning experience for everyone. A book will soon be out in Germany that examines whether gays make better ’parents’ than the traditional man–woman combination. It is overlooked, that these ‘parents’ can’t produce children together. But then, who needs children in the west?

Traditional Indian society is clearly out of sync with this modern lifestyle and to portray it in a poor light, “another rape” makes headlines every other day. Care is taken that only rapes committed by men with Hindu names reach the limelight and are discussed on TV. India has some 200 million Muslims and some 50 million Christians and they also commit rapes and very cruel ones, as well. For example the minor in the rape case of Jyothi is a Muslim. This news, however, did not make it to the mainstream media. There seems to be communalism in regard to broadcasting crimes, and maybe even in registering them. This makes sense, if the objective is to demean Hindu culture and thereby propel it to reform and open up. It is expected to leave those old fashioned family values behind, to have condom vending machines in colleges, to consider free sex as normal. What better start than to talk of rape? It prepares the ground for allowing westerners to prepare the syllabus for ‘adolescent education’. And once the youth is convinced, the ‘backward’ Hindu society will be a thing of the past.

This prospect would be a horror for the Indian masses from all religions. Hindu society is indeed rigid in certain aspects and has scope to improve, but its values are still highly preferable to western, modern ‘values’. One just needs to look at western societies to realise that the modern life style is a failed model. It has already regrettable fallout: many youngsters are without direction because of too much freedom. They long for clear rules and turn to fundamentalist, evangelical churches. Hindu Dharma would be the better option. But they are not likely to get to know about it in an unbiased manner.

By Maria Wirth


  1. Shashwat · · Reply

    Hello Maria ! I am a resident of a mid-sized city in India. I am an architect by qualification and I have grown up in a typical middle-class cosmopolitan neighborhood. My work takes me to the rural parts of India off and on.

    I read your articles here and elsewhere including the one shared by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy.. Though I am really impressed with the depth of your understanding of Hinduism, I am really disappointed by the utter and complete dismissal of a holistic Indian society that is multicultural and one that houses different faiths.

    Hindus make about 15% of the world’s population or nearly 1100 million people. Nothing can be generalized about a population of this size. Hindu faith has consistently grown and flourished even in recent decades in the midst of a widespread “conversion” agenda. And while there are areas of conflict between Hindus and other religions especially Muslims, this rivalry does not define who Indians are. It is absolutely clear from your articles that you do not make much of the Christianity and Islam. I am no expert on theology so I cannot argue on their belief system or their religious outlook towards other faiths. But what I do know is that Christians and Muslims put together make 55% of world’s population. Presuming more than half the world is following the wrong religion does not feel so right, does it ?

    Society is a complex agglomerate and always has naturally occurring chasms. More often than not these are on religious lines but when you look closer these divides are not as conspicuous as those along the lines of economic status or access to the world’s resources.

    There has always been a section of the Hindus who feel that India should a Hindu nation and that other religions are encroaching upon our motherland. I am disappointed to say that your articles seem to endorse this ideology. To me this is another dogma.

    1. Shashwat
      Frankly, I wished those with no experience of dogmatic religions would not take up the cause for those relgions. Just look at history. Look at the present situation. Do those religions allow others to flourish?
      Look how I described in short the Christian ‘belief system’ and see whether you want to encourage anyone to believe these stories.

      The majority can be wrong, especially when it had to be forced into the belief system in the first place, which happened with those religions. Now, since Christianity has no blasphemy law in place anymore due to secularism, people are leaving in droves. In Germany alone in the last 150 years (only since then it is possible to leave the Church) some 30 per cent have become atheists (which is not the best solution either).

      If you find time please read https://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/is-hinduism-a-religion/
      It may clarify some issues.

    2. @ SHASHWAT

      – “Christians and Muslims put together make 55% of world’s population. Presuming more than half the world is following the wrong religion does not feel so right, does it”-

      Yes, it does. Both are blood thirsty, vicious religion with a history of genocide throughout the whole world. Ever bothered to find out how so many millions Muslims exist in Indian subcontinent? How many Hindus were massacred for defiance? Have you ever read any Indian history? Muslims did not apply tender love to convert Hindus, they used swords.

      You claim, you are not an expert on theology, yet have the temerity to correct Maria’s reflection and scrutiny, – Preposterous. The mere number of followers is not a qualifying barometer to be the desirable religion. The writing is on the wall, any blind can see it.

      You may have read architecture, as far as history & theology is concerned, just an apprentice. Maria and a millions more Hindus (-You) are asserting loud and clear, India is better off being a Hindu nation state. You can be as disappointed as you like, no one gives a toss.
      An ignorant man is living in a cuckoo land.

    3. Anjum khan · · Reply

      I really appreciate ur view and concern perspective about other religion,u put ur point v logically and humbly,hope people develop some compassion for the the better future.

    4. Anjum khan · · Reply

      I really appreciate ur view and concern perspective about other religion,u put ur point v logically and humbly,hope people develop some compassion for the the better future.
      Note:sorry by mistake I posted my this comment below on wrong person’s reply AGNI. .who is such a irrational communal person. .lol

      1. What exactly do you mean Mr. Anjum when u say ‘wait n watch, lol, we’re coming’?
        U have been coming since 800 yrs from 1000AD.
        Now we’re well prepared n on the guard, just ‘come’ n see…
        If you desire I can leave my address n number too for ur convenience….

    5. Raman VK · · Reply

      @Shawat, wherever the dogma religions have gone they have destroyed the local culture that existed prior to their arrival. The extermination is complete and diversity is completely eliminated. History has shown this over and over and over again

  2. Husain · · Reply

    Your article started with defending India and ended with defending Hindus.

    1. India = Hindustan & synonymous with Hindus- and not a Porkistan
      Any more clever question?

      1. Anjum khan · ·

        Such a irrational sl.. just wait and watch, lol. ..We r cming

    2. Parthkumar Bera · · Reply


      The article is absolutely correct in doing so. Because the attack was never on India, but on Hindus. Nobody never not wanted India, It’s the Hindus they can not stand. Neither Hinduism nor Hindus are perfect, but historically they have evolved and prevailed. Hinduism and other eastern school of thought have influenced rebellions that had weakened power of institutions of the dogmatic faiths in past centuries. During the same period Hindus undertook many social reforms and evolved. Europian post-modernism and western values, having successfully defeated and defaced conservatism of dogmatic faiths, is appearantly interested in eastern values. In my opinion auther is rightly pointing out absurdities of linking Hindu culture with the so called “rape culture” undettered by the facts. Don’t you think Hindus also deserve right to defend against malice?

      1. You sure talk a lot of nonsense. How was this an attack in Hindu’s?! Are we not supposed to be secular state?!

        Are u saying that the ongoing regressive mentality that is echoed by the rapist his defence lawyers and other prominent political figures and Indian society at large are only by Hindu’s ?!

        Rape culture is prevalent throughout indian society irrespective of religion. There is nothing to defend here. When the documentary only stated factual information most of which was covered in the Indian medial already, except for the interview in prison.

  3. Marina · · Reply

    Maria, Western media is led by American media, which caters to a public that that has a rather meagre education and can only understand other cultures through a cartoonish characterization, which is also reflected in a protectionist stance toward newer immigrant communities in the U.S. Also, in the circumstance that another country can easily become an enemy in the endless push toward greater economic imperialism, it’s useful to inflame traditional xenophobia at home. Making out that India is the home of rape both explains away the protests and revision of laws, while never mentioning that the laws that enabled rape date from British rule, and also lets the American rape culture off the hook, since there are no comparable protests here.

    1. Ustad · · Reply

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      “while never mentioning that the laws that enabled rape date from British rule, and also lets the American rape culture off the hook, since there are no comparable protests here.”

      The British had to have separate laws to protect themselves from the severe amount of rape against them in India.

      1. prateen · ·

        “severe amount of rape against them (Imperial British) in India.”

        So you won’t stop this now, will you?
        You pulled out another ‘piece of information’ from your rear!
        Debating involves giving sources for any information you may puke out in public forums.
        How about I say, “Mr. Ustad is a serial rapist” and when confronted by Mr. Ustad I will say, “You can go google it”.

      2. Just because I haven’t given sources doesn’t mean I can’t. Indians aren’t capable of rational debate so I don’t really try very hard when talking with them. And yes, if you fail to not only search yourself but also to believe in anything that suits your own desires, that is your own fault.

        Do you see a single link to any source of info whatsoever other than in my comments? I don’t.

      3. prateen · ·

        Its amazing how you said a billion people aren’t capable of rational debate. First check if that statement of yours is rational !!

        I don’t see anybody making tall claims of mass murders of people and rapes that haven’t happened EXCEPT you, so obviously, you need to present the source of this mysterious information.

      4. That is strange statement. From all accounts it was the British who exploited India, not the way round. On the contrary, it was the British who exploited Indian women, they had a hedonistic lifestyle of Wine and women. The British would have murdered a few villages if even one English woman was raped. So, really where do your insinuations come from?
        In Indian History, one should say Hindu history, we look at misbehavior with women as a really low down crime, as something only the brute would do, especially with reference to the Aryans and Aryan way of thinking which incidentally means ‘The Noble Path’. And due to this reason from amongst others, in India there were protests which does not happen in any other part of the world.
        The protest for the Girl named ‘Jyoti’ by Maria Wirth or ‘Nirbhaya’ by our media had other reasons to it as well, such as it happened in the posh Southern locality of Delhi, in a time when people were really tired of the Government and were looking to be rid of the Govt, the rape and brutality of the rapists, the fact that most Indians are sexually not promiscuous, virginity for a girl and fidelity in marriage both have great importance to Indians and so on. So in some part, the rape incident became an opportunity for the people to protest the Government, which was actually a major reason behind the enormous unrest and protest. Most people in the world probably do not know this but the then Indian Congress led Government eventually sent the Girl to Singapore to be treated, despite the fact that we have all facilities in India, because they feared that there would be massive unrest if she died in India. The poor girl eventually died in Singapore, her body was flown back to India without letting the press and the people get even a tiny scent of her arrival and she was quickly & very quietly cremated in the presence of her parents without letting the people know about it. Such was the fear of the Government.
        Incidentally, South Africa is the rape capital of the world where one in every two women has been raped. In India, rape crimes are relatively much lower in number vs population as compared to US, Sweden, etc.
        Also,I would add that the High number of Rapes in Sweden are attributed to the Muslim population there and not so much due to the white males. Swedish women have taken to dyeing there hair black as a blonde is more likely to be raped by the immigrant Muslims.
        The Hindu tradition has always treated its women very well, in sharp contrast to negative views, our women have had lots of freedom and the possibility to do many things. Even in Mughal-British times, we have had women like (Queen) Rani of Jhansi, and Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar, a warrior and a state head, while in ancient times there are endless examples.

      5. indian556 · ·

        y ou can search pedofiles in vatican to vatican is full of pedofiles and homosexual.
        search bastality brothel in germany and dutc. media reports nothing they all do is policing thirld world country sp there citizens will think inferrior about themself and they will start thinking west is better. so 3rd w orld citizens will obey to white master. which is done by medi. media =rothschilds order

      6. indian556 · ·

        y ou can search pedofiles in vatican to vatican is full of pedofiles and homosexual.
        search bastality brothel in germany and dutch. media reports nothing they all do is policing thirld world country sp there citizens will think inferrior about themself and they will start thinking west is better. so 3rd w orld citizens will obey to white master. which is done by medi. media =rothschilds order

      7. indian556 · ·


        you’re speaking about eve teasing. in http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_g-TX3mOonew york cat callinrU_g-TX3mOo

      8. indian556 · ·

        cat calling is very normal in usa.same west complain about indian staring eve teasing lol. everyone knows rohatak sister where false. india is more safer place than America for woma. media cant mind controls indian anymore .


      9. Mr. Ustad, can u kindly enlighten us on how exactly the Anglo Indian community come into existence?
        Your statement that the British faced ‘severe amount of rape’ in India is not just frivolous but incredibly ridiculous to the utter extreme!!

      10. Did someone really try to claim that Anglo-Indians are the product of rape? Sorry, marriage isn’t rape. And while the rapes keep piling up and getting more violent in India with children hanging from trees, and Hindufuses and Mudslimes keep making more excuses and lies about their own savagery.

      11. 1.7 out of 100,000 women are raped in India. You are 6 times as likely to be raped in Germany as in India. You are 15 times as likely to be raped in USA as in India. You are 100 times as likely to be raped in UK as in India!


      12. One thing to remember is that much of the rape in the west, actually the majority in many places, is committed by brown people such as IndoPaki savages. You rape more. There is nothing to argue about. You know it as well as anyone, but you want to use the Huffington Post, essentially a tabloid newspaper, to justify your rape habits.

  4. masculineffort · · Reply

    Wonderful writing, Maria. Wonderful. It is a credit to India that you have made her your home. We are very happy that you have made India your home. To get people like you, sometimes we also have to let in people who are not all that wholesome. What to do? To have one like you, we are prepared to tolerate a dozen of the other idiots.

  5. mhndv · · Reply

    Why Rape Seems Worse in India Than Everywhere Else (but Actually Isn’t): Read


  6. sacred saffron · · Reply

    I have to thank you for bringing out this subject to the public.This had been how ever going on for centuries and I am least surprised that we have survived this cultural genocide attempts up to today thanks to our ancestors who have laid down their lives for people like us to be able to sit here and type our opinions freely.It was not us who built this sacred Civilization,but the sacrifices of those who came before us.This Great Civilization was built upon their blood,sweat and tear.Even when they bled for us they believed that their next generations would remember their sacrifices and protect it from the invaders.So to all those insulting Indian culture,please don’t do so,because it was built out of the blood of many a brave son’s and daughters and son or daughter of this country cannot tolerate it.

    I have see organizations like The UN condemning India for rapes but have never seen em condemn any violence committed on Hindus in India or else where.Now for those who say it’s communal to s term Hindu’s and their plight,I would like to point out that other communities also pin point their plight,how come it is never communal and only Hindus talking about Hindu genocide is communal?

    And finally as far as the western view point of Indians is concerned,Just look at what is happening to the Romani people in Europe and check out their history.Just because they migrated from India to Europe centuries ago and has an Indian link makes many a people in Europe demanding them to be send back India.Also should check up Romani persecution by Hitler.and the persecution they suffered from times of their arrival in Europe.How do you expect such poor innocent souls to integrate after what they have gone through.

    Secularism when Hindus are majority and the moment they become a minority the persecution begins,haven’t this been the case all the time when Hindus have become a minority in any place whether it be in India or out side India?I read some comment before that clothes should not be brought into context and isn’t it victim blaming.I have to ask you is it victim blaming if both men and women are asked to wear traditional dress?I believe dress is part of our culture and i do not believe that it would be possible to preserve or protect our culture by skipping any part of our culture.When Gandhiji boycotted goods he wasn’t selective was he?and we do know that today Hindu value system remains mixed with other cultures values in our society and thus how can you blame Hindu culture and call it rape culture?

    West have targeted Indian culture through education by giving western education but some how we survived it.Now at last they realize that Indian women are the pillars that hold these civilization together and wants to turn them and many our brothers also against us to wipe out our civilization permanently and make the Indian Hindu culture a museum material like say for instance The Greek civilization.Our only hope are people like the author and many of our patriotic brothers and sisters upon whose shoulders now the great responsibility of protection of our civilization rests.

    Jai Hind!

    1. @ Sacred Saffron:

      Well, one way I admit your intention of saving this great religion. I am a true follower of the so called Hinduism (the Santana Dharma), did not worry. as you, so far and would not in future too. Do you know why?

      Sanatana Dharma was not initiated by one person like Md. Nabi or Jesus, nor it imposed any strict law to adhere to. Thousand of years it was evolved with time to time and enriched/enhanced. However, it always advised to the practitioners of Sanatana Dharma that what is good and what is bad and gave freedom to analyze oneself instead of insisting. It is also allowed to reject it without any precondition. With the Karma you did, you would have the fruits based on it. Nor it says to worship God as mandatory, but doing so, would not give you rebirth, it emphasized as and where. The only thing, as a true Hindu, all we have to do is, do our Karma with righteous way and continue to be practitioner of Hindu traditions and rituals wherever possible in a correct form.

      I believe this would keep this Dharma intact for thousands of years to come. What is lacking now is, enhance, enrich and extend to another generation of our traditions and rituals. Lets be strictly adhere to this and rest will take care of itself.

      As our ancestors said:

      “Dharma eva hato hanti; Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” (One who destroys Dharma is destroyed by Dharma/ One who protects Dharma is protected by Dharma).

      And let me complete with this,

      “lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu”

    2. You use the word “civilization” very loosely. A large pile of garbage and feces where human-looking rapists roam around spitting paan and grabbing women in busses isn’t really a “civilization.” It’s more of a garbage dump filled with disease that rats and cockroaches have survived in.

      1. Your Hindu hatred is oozing from your comments.

  7. Priyodit Sharma · · Reply

    According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these, 24,470 were committed by relative or neighbor; in other words, the victim knew the alleged rapist in 98 per cent of the cases.

    So this makes it 2000 Rapes per month. These are statistics of reported rape. 90% rapes in India are unreported.

    The definition of rape in India has an Exception. –– ‘Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.’ So these stats do not include marital rapes Otherwise figures will be 10 times higher.

    I do not like to compare situation of this country to another country. If someone says that rape is an epidemic in India, I do not see as comparison to the rest of the world.

    I read your article in one Hindu forum as it appeared as search result for ‘world media on rapes in India.’

    Ethics have always been illusive as far as India is considered. Indian society has always been violent however extraordinarily non-violent the ethics be. Marriage has always been part of Indian society and marriage has always been based on ‘spouse as a property.’ I do not judge religions by what is written in their scriptures and what they teach. I judge them by how the preachers and the preached behave. If we keep our eyes open, we easily see that.

    Thank you.

    1. @Priyodit Sharma: From your writing, I can’t understand whether you are defending or offending, however, your Stats are make us aware and alert of such incidents. If you judge any religion by their preachers or the preached behaviour, probably you will end up with disappointment always, everyday. No religion, especially our Hinduism, preaches to hate any or misbehave or cruel to any. All those study Engineering are coming out as Engineers, but are the same in talent? What’s is your in-take is all that matters.

      Don’t just read or see Hinduism as religion, you have to practice in your every part of life.

      All those rapists parents were bad in behaviour?

      Will children of these rapists become bad to this society like their father?

      When one sees women as another human being, all problems end there. When one sees women as enjoying material, everything collapses. In our Sanatana Dharma, Women were (are) utmost controlling power, be it family, politics, social life, or even spiritual. Then where we lost our way?

      All these happened after other foreign invasion took on this country. Our culture changed, modified, altered, to be frank, destroyed at several extent. We, as Hindu, also responsible by allowing others to modify our culture. Nobody can destroy us until we allow them to do so. Let’s accept this and come out of the crazyness of other culture. You also agree that our Sanatana Dharma, our culture, our traditions, our (old) education system were rich enough for this country people. Accept modern science does not mean accept foreign culture and tradition.

      I can write a lot more about this, but time and space matter here. All the best Priyodit.

      – Canchi Sistla Balaji Sharma

    2. you kept your eyes open but kept your mind closed. you do not know India.

  8. Really rapes in india is cause of loose law and punishment system.

  9. Media is fooling on rape news…
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics#India Adjusted for population growth over time, the annual rape rate in India has increased from 1.9 to 2.0 per 100,000 people over 2008-2012 period, which is quite low. This compares to a reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 3.6 per 100,000 in Morocco, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden, and world’s highest rate of 114.9 rapes per 100,000 in South Africa.[123][28]

    1. indian556 · · Reply

      even suppose in India 60% rape cases are not reported according UN 60%rape are not reported in US too. media dont have rights too stamp any country as rapist country cause whole world knows vatican is capital of homosexual pedofiles they should report this firs. American troops raped more kids and woman more than any other country and jihadist group.

      1. Far over 90% of rape isn’t reported in India. I’ve never once seen a reliable estimate of 60%. 60% are probably raped by the police after reporting the first rape, then 50% more raped by the witch doctor.

      2. Ustad, please see this study done by The Hindu.
        it will surprise that instead of under reporting, there is heavy over-reporting in India. Apart from fake case, cases are registered as rape when a marriage promise is broken. Try to do this in the west. The police will laugh at you.
        further if a girl under 18 elopes, a rape case is slpped on her boyfriend.
        in the west, in most cuntries, the age of consent is 14 – so again many many more cases for the west, if it would follow the Indian procedure.

  10. I’m sad that author chose to disclose the name of the Delhi rape victim. Protecting victims identity is a moral decency that I guess is followed both in west and east.

    1. @Mangala, the rape victim’s name is no secret. Her parents released it after her death. Still, i used only the first name

    2. Are you also sad that the BBC documentary revealed it and did not ask the parents permission either?

  11. informative article. the way data is presented is touching

  12. Peter Aremone · · Reply

    Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    This Western anti-India, anti-Indian culture diatribe won’t work for long – none other than the majority community of India (Hindus) came out in millions to protest against rape – no other community on the planet had such an overwhelming response to rape in their countries of dominance.

  13. Gaurav sisodia · · Reply

    As per national crimbe record bureau Govt. Of india

    The conviction ratio has gone down drastically

    Most amount of tapes happening in new delhi capital of indian and metro the most secured place in india is delhi after j&k

    Only by the statement of women anyome ks arrested n sent to jail

    75% of rape cases are aquittals n false
    85% of #498a dowry cases are aquittals and false
    98.2 % of domestic violence cases are aquittals and false

    1.66 lac men suicide vs 90k women in india
    in a tier 3 c group city like jabalpur in Madhya pradesh in india nearly 4500 men have chosen calibasy n living like nomads near by river ganga as scared of false alligatiins n cases.

    Global geminist agenda will fail in india and is failing very soon people will know the reality

  14. Just like rape, another way the Asian countries are being attacked is, gendercide. Many NGO’s are propagating fake statistics just to shame those nations http://lifenstory.com/stop_male_female_foeticide

  15. There is another main reason for focusing India – COMMERCIAL VALUE.

    Certain news articles have more money value than others. Take this post for example, has any other article on your blog received these many comments? I’m sure this also gets a lot of hits. Please an ad on this page and you can make a decent amount just by writing about “rape and India”.

    This is precisely the strategy of news media, when rape is reported on Indian newpapapers all news on achievements (and other things to be proud of) go to the middle pages and one can find ads on real estate and Rolex watches on the front page.

    Moreover rape in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai and reported with so much of enthusiasm while similar violence in villages go to the middle pages in the form of an one inch article featured only on one day.

    Articles appeared now, often written by Indians with Hindu names, that Indian (read Hindu) culture is to be blamed for the rapes, because it does not consider women as ‘autonomous entities’, which probably means that they can’t do what they want.

    A clarification here, the same applies strongly to men also. If you’ve seen the movie “3 idiots” you’ll understand better. A man cannot independently choose his career and he is always compared with his peers on the basis of his salary and qualification. After marriage if he listens to his wife he is a “parent abandor/disrespecter” while listening to his mom make him a mama’s boy. I can write an entire book on the problems faced by men.

    And 99% of Indians who talk and police others about “Indian culture” are actually following the age old Victorian era’s culture. The REAL Indian culture is much more liberating in terms of dressing and sexuality, this is highly evident from the statues in many Indian temples.

    1. indian556 · · Reply

      you have wrong idea about indian culture india is already sexual ly libberated. west having so many he lth problems they cant even enjoy proper sex.1in6guy have prostaye problems in west liver csorisis alzhimer infertility is rampant. no wonder pedofiles aussies goes to thi and india for surrogacy. having multiple partners doing sex with stranger doing sex with Animals is ot sexually libberrating but it’s dangerous for your own reproductive organ. if person dont treat std on time that perspn woman uthera and mans prostate and penis will get infllammed and youre immunity system will constant attack youre organ hence permanent d as mage and dead cell means impotency. search chronic prostate problem due to std and it is very dangerous even anti biotic doesn’t works well. indian practiced head lrhy sexual l relationships. west is practicing unhealthy thing. white man soo addicted too porn he cant get up to normal woman at all.

    2. indian556 · · Reply

      temples youre talking about khajurao and it was build by perverted king. iits doesn’t means that time ppl used to do that hinduism never pramotes bastality and multiple partners cause its unhealthy practice. 1.2m usa citizens have aids hiv. indians 2.5m but if you do the math you will know who is in shit hole.

  16. […] Why this focus on ’rapes in India’ by world media? | MARIA WIRTH Reply With Quote […]

  17. Dear Maria…

    Please provide us with a reference from holy Quran and holy Bible which backs your statement ” Christians and Muslims have traditionally used rape as a tool of war. For them, the ‘other’ was never worthy of any consideration and could be brutally raped and killed never mind if they were civilians.”

    I appreciate your understanding about Hinduism but to prove it right and appropriate, you don’t require to condemn other religions. Request you to study others theology equally before concluding anything, especially when people of different culture and ideologies are following. .. u lay this burden.

    Secondly please do not underestimate Indians, we are very well aware of our values and heritages. And we don’t have to chant mantras and yogs to proves our sincerity towards our country and religion.

    And there is no wrong if we have started raising our voices against any crime, here RAPE, no matter the percentage is lower than other, this proves our superiority of. Values as our reputation is not dependant on other’s view. Yes media does hype such incident but it is shown when it exists. .. closing our eyes or ignoring the issue won’t solve our problem standing tall for right will.

    lastly, kindly stop dividing us on the basis of religion because we have lots of issues to resolve and we don’t want to get stuck to communal debate, it has no end but it stops other initiative and developments

    1. masculineffort · · Reply

      Dear Indian,

      My Friend! What you lack in knowledge, you make up in self righteousness.

      Are you familiar with the Life of Prophet Muhammad? Are you aware of the violence he wreaked on non-muslims? Further, are you aware that Muhammad’s life is considered worthy of emulation by all Muslims? Before you attack someone as learned as Maria, perhaps you must take your own advice and learn a little bit of Islam via the Qu’ran, the Hadiths and The Sira?

      I will start you on a few facts about Islam just to get you started. You may do your own research further and try to refute my points.

      1. The Qu’ran is arranged by chapter, not chronologically

      2. It can be divided into two sections: The verses composed in Mecca which are full of love, beauty and peace (the things you will like) and the verses composed in Medina which are full of hatred, violence, beheading, decapitations, compulsion etc which you will not like

      3. Because of point 1, verses composed in Medina and Mecca can be found in the same chapter. Thus a violent verse can be immediately preceded or followed by a peaceful one. This is very confusing to non-muslims

      4. Then there is the law of abrogation by which essentially says that in case of an apparent contradiction between two verses, the verse that comes later is stronger. However, both verses, being the word of Allah are valid. If this sounds illogical to you, then welcome to Islamic logic 101. The law of abrogation is the single most important law in the Qu’ran that all non-muslims must be aware of.

      5. Since love and peace are valid as is hate and war, Muslims have the freedom to go whichever way they want with regard to the Kaffir. They may love him or hate him, feed him or kill him. Both are valid being the word of Allah. In general, when muslims are on the defensive, they quote the love and peace verses. When they are on the offensive, they do what the Medina verses ask them to do. However jihadi muslims like ISIS, taliban or Boko Haram are strong muslims. While love and peace muslims are weak Muslims.

      This, my friend, is Islam in a nutshell. Even though Maria has not done an in-depth study of the Quran, she has it right. She understands intuitively what I understand after a lot of study and analysis and talking to Islamic scholars

      Hopefully, you will not reflect on your self righteous advice to Maria asking her to “stop dividing us on the basis of religion”

      Attempts must be made to divide that which deserves to be divided.

      1. no one need to learn about hadit, bible. person need higher consciousness. and blog like ajit vadakayil

      2. isis taliban is not muslim organistation dont get fooled. they are funded by nato usa to terrorise nation. use simple logic on this earth only usa china russia some nato countries manufacture weapon. its not easy to make ak47 and even pistol itself . usa nato have expansnist plan aka new do ld order. yes religion was used as tool to control troops in past. but now its used to divide people and make ppl scare etc.

  18. […] India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a […]

  19. […] India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a […]

  20. […] India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a […]

  21. “if Hindu culture would have prevailed and Christianity and Islam had never appeared on the scene, the world would be a better place”


    You actually believe that nonsense. Caste system, Female foeticide, Sati, to name just a fraction of issues, are all hindu ‘gifts’ handed to this world.

    1. Female infanticide was never a part of vedic culture… caste system practiced in Vedic times is different, not the present system… more details in my blog… http://themonkwhogothismurari.blogspot.com/2014/11/analysis-and-classifications-of-indians.html

  22. Ah, a whole lot of deluded stupid idiots here, especially the author of this ‘blog.’

    Be warned, one thing is for certain, most of you have booked one way tickets to a really fiery place. I can imagine you cursed people, entering the said place, all struggling and screaming, begging for one more chance. That is indeed a nice vision.

    To hell with all of you.

    1. Oh Mr pshr we know who you are..hahahaha.. you are the ones who live in a really fiery place (your green-colored-1 room house – where you see your abbajaan mounting your ammijaan in the living room in front of you and your 40 brothers and sisters. You are the ones who are cursed – both in life and in the after-life. from the day you are born to the day you die you struggle and beg and steal and rob and rape and try to convert people to your F’d up cult. you are living clumps of s h i t. shame on your entire existence and your death.

  23. It is really good that there are few people on the Earth which have brain in them who don’t just easily believe what is said to them.
    As an Indian, we were really very ashamed of the inhumane nature.

    But with the propaganda of a few cases and stereotyping this image of India, it really hurts.

  24. Why you traitorous Teutonic turncoat, do you not see that backward Indic culture with it’s patriarchal Fascist “family values” is the reason for all the rapage? What was the point of the British trying to civilise these barbaric baboons for so many centuries if a parsimonious Prussian pontificator like comes along and tries to tell these mulligatawnean meshuggenehs that their ignorant ways have always been the most idyllic? Areh, tooom kaisun auwrat hai?! Hüten Sie sich vor der hier gedeihenden Ironie, ich Ihnen über die Ironie bemerkte, auch vom Paradoxon gesagt sein!!

    1. masculineffort · · Reply

      This comment has got to be sarcasm!

  25. Let me give one more perspective – the underage boy who was initially promoted as the most cruel rapist was actually not most cruel. It was just promoted by media. Later on, one of India’s leading newspaper published that he was not most cruel. But this time they published in a very very small way so that no one could see. Only a few of us noticed.

  26. […] India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a […]

  27. J.K. Rowling · · Reply

    The family system is still strong ?? xD wow live in your own little bubble ..dont you

    1. @J.K.Rowling,
      may i ask you what you know about India and what your sources of information are? i live in India since 35 years, travelled non stop for 7 years and know the west also intimately, during my first 29 years.
      Yes, attempts are on to weaken the family system, all this focus on rape in India is one aspect of it. But compared to the west it is still strong, even very strong.
      Please read some other articles on this blog and you may realise that Indians, especially Hindus have a different mindset than westerners. less hypocritical, as they don’t have to believe something as true that is hard to believe.

      1. You’re so disingenuous it’s unbelievable. Funny how literally every single woman who ever goes to India has severe problems, but you just happen to have found some paradise that NOBODY else finds. Maybe you’re just a liar? Are you jewish?

      2. it seems you don’t live in India. Most foreigners i meet here, love the country.
        a young German told me a few days ago, that she told her family and friends back home that they need not worry about her.

      3. My God, you’re a liar. Just stop. There were entire gangs operating with the only intention of kidnapping Japanese tourists for rape, doctors and police have been raping tourists, school teachers and tutors from abroad routinely report being harassed, followed and groped. I’ve been to India multiple times and I have never met one single female tourist who hadn’t been groped by men.

        Stop your shilling. One German girl who wanted to make her parents feel good means nothing.

      4. If India is as bad as you say it is, then why do so many people from other countries visit it?

        The image that you portray of India is nauseating and so very far from the truth.

        It is clear that you have a heavy prejudice against India, Indians and its culture. No amount of evidence will convince you to change your views and accept the reality. You see the world with your jaundiced eyes and everything appears yellow.

        You are sick! You need help!! Please go and see a good psychiatrist at the earliest.

      5. “If India is as bad as you say it is, then why do so many people from other countries visit it? ”

        They don’t. When you consider the size of India, you receive an insignificant amount of tourism. Nobody wants to go to India. Only weird hippies who can’t afford to go anywhere else.

  28. Sanket · · Reply

    Maria, let me congratulate you for having the guts to write this blog! Your analysis is correct and with so many people, nexuses and foolhardy media projecting such a disgusting picture of India, it requires courage to stand up to what you believe to be the truth.

    India is awakening. Nobody can stop it from reaching the pinnacle of every human endeavor that is inspired from truth, justice, freedom, compassion, science and spirituality.

    We are working to solve problems that hold us back on all fronts. It is but a matter of time!

    In the meanwhile, India will face all the insinuations against its people, culture and history resolutely and will emerge victorious, very much like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

    I thank you once again for posting your valuable thoughts. I pray that it goes mainstream and people see nothing but the pure truth. Vielen Dank!

    1. “We are working to solve problems that hold us back on all fronts. It is but a matter of time!”

      You’re working toward fixing problems that all of the civilized world solved centuries ago. You’ll never catch up.

      1. Mr Spock · ·

        Ustad, your “civilisation” got over in the 20th century when you not only fought among yourselves and killed millions of young irreplaceable white men but stopped reproducing. There is no point in wasting your breath screaming on this blog. You should start figuring out where you will run when the caliphate arrives in your town. Cordially.

  29. […] Maria Wirth, a German native who grew up Christian, points out,  “…the exclusive focus by the world media on “rapes in India’ is not justified and raises […]

  30. Finally some one has shown guts to express the truth. Now days it really unfortunate that most of the media is commercialized and in-fact they might be aware of the truth but never brings it in front of masses and only publicizes the thing which are commercially benefited..Hinduism is the only religion which accepts the people with religious differences.

  31. […] India into a “rape capital”, it is worth a pause. Maria Wirth, a German émigré to India wrote on how she found German TV disproportionately reporting a rape incident in far-away India, while a local rape was a […]

  32. Surya N M Kommireddy · · Reply

    Hi Maria, I appreciate your view point. what media is trying is to paint a negative image about India or Indian culture/society just basing on few incidents or people. Good and bad is there is every society. I really appreciate you taking time to express your views.

  33. @mariawirthblog Your blog is full of bigoted views and broad generalizations of the world as a whole! You manage to demonize other people’s beliefs and make broad uneducated comments on cultures and religions that you obviously no nothing about! You do not care about other people’s values or beliefs which is funny because this is the very thing that you accuse others of doing. You bash others religion while you glorify your own in the process, you are a HYPOCRITE! you are divisive, judgemental, And unaccepting of other people and their beliefs yet these are the very things you are mad about in your story above. Open your eyes and your heart after all Hindus are suppose to be tolerant and accepting of others right? If this is the case then you are far from a true Hindu my friend!

    1. @ Matt, maybe you could quote one of my many “bigoted views”?

    2. It is not going to be Hindus are Tolerant any more, Now on it is ,Hindus with full equal respect, minimum. lot of lessons will be learned

  34. Saagar · · Reply

    Excellent article providing a true perspective on India and Hinduism! Thank you so much for this!

  35. Abhinay · · Reply

    @ Shaswath

    I am surprised to read your comment ” There has always been a section of the Hindus who feel that India should a Hindu nation”.

    You forget a fact that India is a Hindu nation. I can make this statement because I understand what Hindu means. Is “Hindu” really a religion or someone coined that term because he really didn’t understand a religion that was followed by people living on the south-east of river “SINDHU”. The latter is true, it is a “Sanatan Dharma” followed by people residing in areas below Sindhu river. But all the invaders who came down from Khyber pass in search of a wealthy, rich heritage and prosperous nation i.e. Greeks, Persians, Turks, Mongols, etc. named it as such. Because their language skills or phonetic skills were not as evolved as compared to “SANSKRI”, some couldn’t pronounce “S” from Sindhu correctly and so the people and the region was continuously referred as “Indhu” and eventually that became “Hindu”.

    Time should be spent in understanding why there were no attempts made to gain knowledge of “Sanatan Dharma”. And the answer is lack of understanding of scholarly Sanskrit scriptures and not having enough patience to learn it. So, a continues attempt was made to obliterate all the scripts and culture that one cannot understand. Britishers did it to the core. They cooked up some “Aryan” theory about invasion of India by some fair skinned, blue eyed immigrants from North Eurasia (part of Russian and East Europe) to really help people of India to understand that your country was never owned by you but ruled by outsiders, you accepted “Aryans” why don’t you accept us we bring prosperity, development to your country, so take it and in return give us your soul.


    Great writing. I really appreciate the research you did to write this article. Thanks for bringing all the good things to us to read.

    The western world had constantly misunderstood India. I am not surprised by that because 50% of American’s don’t know anything outside America. Europeans do (but they choose to ignore) because there are so many neighbouring countries that they understand what neighbours mean and what cultural differences are. But all that has happened because of the history lessons the western world is getting through schooling. One of that example is in USA, there was a continuous effort by India association to make the schooling system take a serious note of the wrong Indian history they have introduced in the “World history” textbook or chapters. Believe it or not but there are only three to four topics in the America Textbooks about Indian history, 1) Gandi, 2) Dowry system 3) Caste system in India and 4) Poverty in a developed nation. There is nothing other than that. So, it is clearly a political agenda or a careless attitude towards a 5000 years plus civilisation, culture, religious practices and knowledge. But, no matter how systematic approach was followed to destroy a religion or nation, it prevailed and grew stronger. I truly consider India’s population is not a curse but a silver lining in achieving this.

  36. Praveen A V · · Reply

    Thank you Maria. Appreciate your views.

  37. indians should respect their values and then expect others to do so. The answer of this ridicule is within us. India is culturally rich and westerners always have tried to break India to gain India. History is proof. United v stand devided v fall. Indians need to stand for their culture and v wont have to complain y India is targeted

    1. It is the poison that is fed in to us form controlled Education system and pre-prepared History. we need to bring out the truth, teach No acceptance of Tolerance, Only Mutual Respect. do not allow others to ridicule Hinduism to propagate theirs.Teach at Home Hinduism correctly to make kids proud of their background and the great Country.

      1. Respect is earned. Some dirty country with beggars everywhere, rapists abounding, and corruption like nobody has ever seen doesn’t deserve respect. Just “demanding” it is useless. I “demand” you think I’m the richest person in the world, even though I’m not. South Asians, both Indos and Pakis, have done nothing to deserve respect for their character. You’re cheaters and liars.

    2. “westerners always have tried to break India to gain India”

      Nobody wants India. Why do you arrogant small people think that everyone is so obsessed with you? MILLIONS of you move to our countries. Nobody moves to your country. Don’t you understand that? Nobody wants to be around you. You are forcing your presence on the world and saying “they want our country!” It’s the exact opposite. The direction of migration is clear. You’re the losers coming to leach off an infrastructure that your people are unable to create.

      The British just wanted raw resources, but not your people and “culture”.

      1. Hats off your knowledge on Indian history Ustad. I strongly recommend to read Indian history throughly first, then dare to talk about!

        Mahmud succeeded his father, a warlord who had carved out an empire in central Asia and had established his capital at Ghazni, south of Kabul, in 998 AD at the age of 27. He launched aggressive expansionist campaigns, and invaded India no less than 17 times between 1000 and 1025 AD. 17 is 17 because many of his “invasions” were hit-and-run attacks, albeit at a grand scale.

        Mahmud Ghazni always raided and went away with the loot before the local kings could retaliate unitedly against him. Mahmud did not win in all the 17 raids. Some of the indian kings were successful in defending their kingdoms. Mehmud attacked Somnath temple in Gujrat and looted and idol of God Shiva was desecrated.

        British came to India in the name ‘trade’ and later gallowed the entire India for her enormous natural resource and wealth. If you read the history you will understand this.

        Today, Indians are away from their home in other country for their mental and physical skill not for slavery work. Remember, if India (for discussion sake) recalls all Indians in US, the NASA, the computer sector (Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc.), Medical sector will collapse in no time. Same will be the story of other countries (including few Gulf countries).

        Wherever Indians are, there peace remains. Indians do not like to fight. It does not mean they do not know how to defend. (e.g., several Indo-pak war, Indo-china war, etc.). Pl. consider our goodness as goodness not as incapableness. You can see our capabilities in our Satellite Technology, Nuclear Technology, IT sector, Defense, etc. etc.

        We are like fire. You can make use of us for your development, but if you try to touch, you will be burnt off completely without any trace remaining.

        Let’s live together, develop together.

        Let Allah give you more knowledge on peace!

  38. Anjum Khan “Such a irrational sl.. just wait and watch, lol. ..We r cming”

    This is the root of all trouble .. co existence is not on the agenda it is we are going to remove you , our way or the highway ….. Sorry India has held strong against the ravaging mughals.. try but you will be disappointed and will end up losing the only home on earth where the mullah dont rule your lives , but then perhaps thats what you crave for ???

  39. Shatadruv · · Reply

    Great read.. Thanks Maria

  40. Sanjay · · Reply

    Good insight Maria. Appreciate it 😊.

  41. Is anyone willing to bet with me whether or not Maria Wirth is actually a jew who either denies it or has changed her name? The level of dishonesty and rape apologetics can only be done by jews or 3rd world savages.

  42. “if India (for discussion sake) recalls all Indians in US, the NASA, the computer sector (Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc.), Medical sector will collapse in no time. ”

    LOL you realize that very competent western employees are being fired and forced to train Indians right? You’re not needed because of skill. You’re needed because you’re cheap labor. And Indian medical doctors, more like witch doctors, are many times more likely to kill patients, be convicted of fraud, and medical malpractice ie your doctors are 3rd rate thieves and murderers.

    1. @Ustad, why so much hate for India? btw, i am not a Jew, grew up in Catholic family. If i was a Jew i wouldn’t know Christianity so well, but what else would be the difference? aren’t we all human being?

      please see whether you can get over your brainwashing. Neither Muslims nor Christians have any proof that they (who?) REALLY will go to paradise. before an aunt died, though she went for all her 87 years to mass, she was worried whether there is life after death. And it she was right – she should be worried whether what she was told as a kid is really the truth.

      Truth is not opposite of lie (our story is true) but what is the basis of this universe

    2. @Ustad:

      “You’re not needed because of skill. You’re needed because you’re cheap labor”

      Are you in mental balance or not? Or just want to counter anything without any reason? It is absolutely gibberish, There so many poor countries in this World which are ready to supply cheap labour, but so called developed nations are not ready to accept them but want only Indians and Chinese mostly. It is not just cheap but also inherent skill.

      “Indian medical doctors, more like witch doctors, are many times more likely to kill patients”

      If that is the case,why all Indian doctors, scientists, engineers and other were not sent out? Why these countries still lingering on their service?

      “your doctors are 3rd rate thieves and murderers”

      What authentic data you have to claim this? You are shame to Islam and fellow Muslims.

      A Doctor is a doctor whether he is an Indian, Pakistani, American or African. I don’t think they see nationality of a patient before giving treatment. Only perverted few people like you would view it in this angle. Would you dare to disclose your nationality Ustad? I can broadcast 100s /1000s of worst things of your nation.

      I strongly believe that one day when your life is at stake due medical reasons, only some Indian doctor will come and save you. Let your Allah pave way for this soon, Amen!

  43. Your article has so much bullshit written all over it…. its just too cumbersome to even respond…. its like u have love for Hinduism and trying to defend the same….pretty lame!!

    1. If you are a woman, you are 6 times as likely to be raped in Germany as in India. In the USA, you are 15 times as likely to be raped.

      1. One thing is that India underreports rape FAR more than other countries. Another is that you likely won’t be raped in Germany by a German, or in the USA by an American.

        Indians, Pakis and all manner of other brown criminals are invading by the millions in our countries and committing crimes far more frequently.

        Using the name of a country is meaningless.

      2. I disagree…. for the simple reason that most of my Indian (non-Indian) friends and family settled in Germany, have generally felt far safer in Germany as opposed gender based violence they have experience in public spaces during travel etc.

        And as Ustad, already mentioned rape in India IS FAR more under-reported in India, for the simple reason that there is massive stigma associated with being victim to sexual violence. I have numerous friends, families and acquaintances who in fact have kept it under wraps for fear of stigma associated with, to preserve family honor, etc….

        Yes it is true when u compare the population per capita, the statistics could state less… but thats like comparing a nuclear family where the husband is sexually abusive and a joint family of say 10 family members with children, wherein it turns out one of the uncle is a sexual abusive to the kids, the damage done within those 2 families will still amount to more less the same.

      3. @ Jerry:

        ” I have numerous friends, families and acquaintances who in fact have kept it under wraps for fear of stigma associated with, to preserve family honor, etc….”

        Neither you nor Ustad are residents of India (by birth or by citizenship), hence, talking based on few incidents with your friends and their family experience is invalid. The sample data you Jerry, taken from some of your known Indians does not represent crime data of India, may please be understood. Secondly in a mass population country like India, there are so many illegal happening go unreported (such unreported crimes are happening every part of this world). If public, on their own do not come forward to report, what Govt and police will do?

        Further, you mentioned fear of stigma by rape victims or their relatives. Might be true, a decade ago, but now, as far as rape crime alone considered it is not correct. victims are coming forward and reporting.

        Look at the graph by UN and published in Wikipedia.

        Another website http://www.wonderlist.com reports under the title: ‘Countries With highest Rape Cases’

        The countries with highest rape cases are Lesotho (91.6 per 100000), Trinidad & Tobago (58.4 per 100000), Sweden (53.2 per 100000), Korea (33.7 per 100000), New Zealand (30.9 per 100000), United States of America (28.6 per 100000), Belgium (26.3 per 100000), Zimbabwe (25.6 per 100000) and United Kingdom (23.2 per 100000).

        It does not justify the rape cases in India. Indian Govt is sincerely taking steps to curtail and wash out such cases in future. If any such happens, the criminals must be punished suitably.

        If rape cases are alarming level in India, how it would be increasing people in tourism here year by year?

        Jerry, Ustad is mentally unstable, coward, disguised man from somewhere in Africa. Pl. don’t get influenced by his dirty comments (mostly against India).

      4. Trinidad and Tobago is high on the rape list? Hmmm, I wonder if it’s because the population is divided between Africans and INDIANS. lol Sweden? HMMM, let me see, is it Swedish committing all the rape or is it TURKS and SOMALIS who have migrated. USA? Again, it’s not the white Americans. It’s blacks who are very highly over represented in the rape, and all other violent crime categories.

        India keeps really bad records. Indians are more corrupt. And Indian government officials have openly sided with rapists numerous times, not the least of the recent Yadav from UP who said “boys will be boys” when talking about gang rape and murder of women. You guys are a joke.

  44. Thanks for the article. America with 10 times as many policemen and lawyers per capita as India, has 13 times as many rapes as India. But many Indians are too silly to think, and so they swallow the propaganda by the Pakistanis and fundamentalists. The comments below this straightforward, factual article illustrate this quite well. India does seem to have a severe air and water pollution problem because, despite eating rice, so many Indians appear to have low IQs, judging by the comments from the Shashwats and Hussains here.

    1. India does have an extremely low average IQ. But that isn’t the point. The point is that you’re comparing EXTREMELY unreliable data ie from Indian gov which is one of the most corrupt in the world, and comparing data of ONE ETHNIC group to that of multi ethnic countries. The reason why the west seems (but still doesn’t actually ) to have more rape is…. Guess……. BROWN IMMIGRANTS. Turks, Pakis, Hindus, etc. and the most rapes in America come from blacks.Yes the same blacks who raped you in Uganda.

  45. Maria , Excellent article . I commend you ,and encourage you to publish it somewhere ,where it can gain a wider viewership . You have an understanding of Hinduism and Indian culture that exceeds that of an average Indian.

    Your point about people being obsessed with India is proven by the fact that some people ,possibly Islamist (judging by the username) are repeatedly writing bigoted , hateful and rather verbose comments (like labeling you as a Jew ,when there is no evidence of it, the person also appears obsessed and bigoted about Jews ) . And simultaneously claim that they have no interest in India .

    I ll share this article of twitter and fb .

    1. yes please share the article. it is difficult to get into mainstream, i tried Pioneer twice and the Hindu once. Pioneer wanted to take one, however make it into a staff report and bring in comments from ‘another’ community, too…. i declined.

    2. Please, share the rape apology.

  46. anonymous · · Reply


    Is India the Rape Capital of the World?
    We’re horrified by news reports of rape in India and feel lucky we don’t live there. But the country with the highest rate of sexual assault isn’t India—it’s us
    by Sally Kohn

    “And yet India only ranks third for the number of rapes reported each year. What country ranks first? The United States. In India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, 24,206 rapes were reported in 2011. The same year in the United States, a nation of 300 million, 83,425 rapes were reported. In the United States, every 6.2 minutes a woman is raped.

    Even if sexual assault in India is dramatically underreported, which most likely it is, the statistical difference is still striking—as is our uniquely American inclination to dismiss such monstrous human rights violations as problems that other countries face. Not only is violence against women a global pandemic but the United States may be leading the pack.

    Oh, but you think, women who’ve been sexually assaulted in America are better treated. Rape victims in India, especially in rural villages, are often subject to shaming and considered unfit for marriage. But meanwhile, in Steubenville, Ohio, two young men who were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl too intoxicated to consent continue to be defended as upstanding football players while the reputation of the young woman is smeared. When the verdict was announced, a CNN reporter came close to portraying the rapists as passive victims: “These two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believed their lives fell apart.” Other media coverage seemed equally sympathetic to the perpetrators”

  47. Thanks Maria for a well written and sensible post .

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