Is Hindu Dharma good and Hindutva bad?

 My article “When Germany is Christian, is India Hindu?” got amazingly good response with thousands of facebook likes. However, some readers felt I made a mistake by not distinguishing between good, tolerant Hinduism, which is a private belief, and bad, intolerant Hindutva, which stands for the ‘communal agenda of an extreme right Hindu party’ that wants to force uniform Hinduism on this vast country, an act which is completely un-Hindu and against the pluralism of India.

Is Hindutva really different from Hindu Dharma and dangerous? Or have those, which coined the term, an interest in making it look like that? No doubt, Hindutva has a bad name in the eyes of many, in spite of the ruling of the Supreme Court in 1995:

“Hindutva is indicative more of the way of life of the Indian people. …Considering Hindutva as hostile, inimical, or intolerant of other faiths, or as communal proceeds from an improper appreciation of its true meaning.”

I would like to explain from a personal angle, why I came to the conclusion that it is indeed ‘an improper appreciation of its true meaning’, when Hindutva is branded as communal and dangerous.

For many years I lived in ‘spiritual India’ without any idea how important the terms ‘’secular’ and ’communal’ were. The people I met were appreciative of India’s great heritage. They gave me tips which texts to read, which sants to meet, which mantras to learn, etc., and I wrote about it for German readers. I used to think that all Indians are genuinely proud of their ancestors, who had stunningly deep insights into what is true about us and the universe and who left a huge legacy of precious ancient texts unparalleled in the world.

However, when I settled in a ‘normal’ environment away from ashrams and pilgrimage places and connected with the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing much about it. They had not even read the Bhagavad-Gita, but pronounced severe judgment. They gave the impression as if Hinduism was the most depraved and violent of all religions and responsible for all the ills India is facing. The caste system and crude rules of Manusmiti were quoted as proof. Reading newspapers and watching TV, I also discovered an inexplicable, yet clear anti Hindu stand.

My new acquaintances had expected me to join them in denouncing ‘primitive’ Hinduism which I could not do as I knew too much, not only form reading extensively, but also from doing sadhana. They were not amused and declared that I had read the wrong books. They asked me to read the right books, which would give me the ‘correct’ understanding. They obviously did not doubt their own view to be the correct one. However, instead of coming around by reading Romila Thapar and co, I rather got the impression that there was an intention behind the negative portrayal of Hinduism: Christianity and Islam were meant to look good in comparison. My neighbour, a writer with communist leanings, henceforth introduced me to his friends as “the local RSS pracharak”. Many ‘secular’ Indians consider the RSS as Hindu fundamentalists, occasionally equating it even with Islamic terror groups. So no surprise that an elderly lady once retorted, “In this case I am not pleased to meet you.”

What was my ‘fault’? I dared to say that I love Hindu Dharma, as it (its off- springs Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism included) is the only religion that is inclusive and not divisive, whereas Christianity and Islam divide humanity into those who have the ‘true faith’ and those who are wrong and will pay for it eternally in hell, if not already on earth. Standing up for Hindu Dharma (and not only following it in private) indicted me as belonging to the ‘Hindutva brigade’ that is shunned by mainstream media. Of course my stand is neither communal nor dangerous for India. Hindu Dharma is indeed inclusive, and needs to gain strength at the expense of Christianity and Islam, which are exclusive and therefore communal.

No doubt something is seriously wrong about the public discourse on ‘secular’ and ‘communal’ in India. I can’t believe that those media anchors and invited guests don’t know it. Indians are intelligent. So why would they get secular and communal wrong?

Secular means worldly in contrast to sacred or religious, and secularism is a western concept.  State and religion were intertwined since Christianity became state religion in the Roman Empire. The Church declared what is the truth, for example that that Jesus is the only way or that the earth is flat, and everyone had to agree. If scientists disagreed, they were in serious trouble. Not without reason those centuries of Church domination are called ‘dark ages’ and the liberation from her tight embrace is called the era of ‘Enlightenment’. For Christian Europe, it was a great and hard fought achievement to get ‘secular’ states, where the Church could not push anymore her agenda through state laws. Several centuries ago, even the Sunday mass was obligatory in German kingdoms. Nobody was allowed to leave Christianity. The blasphemy laws kept the flock in check. Heresy was punished severely. Jews suffered discrimination and persecution all through history being branded as the killers of Jesus.

After Martin Luther split the Church into Protestants and Catholics, fierce wars were fought over supremacy which destroyed much of central Europe. In 1648, after 30 years of fighting, a compromise was found: the subjects of a region had to follow the religion of their ruler. Only in 1847, a Prussian king introduced a law for ‘negative religious freedom’, which meant, his subjects had the right to leave the Catholic or Protestant Church. Ever since, the Churches are losing sheep from their flock. It points to the fact that Christianity did not grow because its dogmas were convincing. It gained strength because those born in the faith could not leave it. The blasphemy laws propped up Christianity.

India has a completely different story. Sanatana Dharma was never based on unreasonable dogmas and did not need state oppression to keep believers in check. It was not in opposition to science. It was helpful to society as a whole by giving guidelines for an ideal life that acknowledges the invisible, conscious essence in the visible universe. It did not straight jacket people into an unbelievable belief system. It allowed freedom of thought and many parallel streams with different ways to connect to this essence emerged. “Hinduism is a way of life”, is often said. Following Hindu Dharma is actually an ideal way of life.

Since I grew up in the Catholic Church and know the narrow mindedness that is indoctrinated into children, I wonder why on earth Indians would prefer dogmatic religions to their ancient, benign Dharma. Don’t they see the real communal danger? Those ‘secular’ friends, who fiercely defend the right of the religious minorities to assert their exclusive identity, don’t seem to realise that both, Christianity and Islam cannot live with others peacefully. Both religions need to dominate. And both are very powerful worldwide, politically and financially. As long as they have not yet the numbers in India, they may downplay the central tenet of exclusiveness in their ideologies. But exist it does.

Secularism has dented the influence of Christianity in the west. But the Church did not give up its goal to make the whole mankind believe in Christ, and focusses now on the huge mass of Hindus. In Islam, the clergy still has a hold on the faithful and in several Muslim countries leaving Islam is punishable by death. As the Quran itself forbids the followers to leave the faith, it is difficult to forego the blasphemy laws.

The Indian secularists seem to fight for the right of Christianity and Islam to be communal and for their followers not to integrate into the Indian society, but to stress their separate identity. And what is this separate identity? It is merely an unverifiable belief that gravely impacts the mind-set. This mind-set not only creates outsiders, but it creates outsiders that are looked down upon. How can educated Indians be blind to the danger and risk having in future more partitions on the basis of unsubstantiated religious beliefs, including the risk of more terrible bloodshed?

Strangely, the dogmatic, exclusive religions are not accused of being divisive, but Hinduism is. Why? Hindus are required to see Brahman, the one Godhead, in everyone, never mind how he connects to his creator. In contrast, the followers of dogmatic religions are not required to respect those who reject their respective ‘true religion’. They are even allowed to hate them. The ease, with which Christians and Muslims killed unbelievers, is frightening. Only 70 years ago six million Jews were murdered in cold blood in gas chambers in Germany. Only a little over 40 years ago, hundred thousands, if not millions, of Hindus were butchered in Bangladesh. There are many more examples. Humanity needs to win over such madness. How? Hindu Dharma has the key: acknowledge that we are all members of one family – coming from the same source with the same blood as it were…

By Maria Wirth


  1. Srinivas Rau · · Reply

    The Hindu View of Life is good, the Hindu view of the world is bad.

    1. “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” – is it bad to consider the world as one family??

    2. vasuerfolg · · Reply

      Hi Srinivas Rau, You need to explain your cryptic statement.

  2. Ms.Maria, that was another nice article from your crystal clear mind which analyzes precisely every other religion with Hinduism or the belief that shows the ‘ way of life ‘.

    Hinduism never fought with any other religion in the fast nor will do in the future. It does fear about to co-exit with other religion in Bharat. However, a minor fights among Hindus (Sivas Vs.Vaishnavas) was definitely there some time. These things, in fact, propelled the people to understand much in-depth of the Hinduism rather feeling bad of being born in this religion.

    Please keep analyzing further on Hinduism like now and write more articles, may be, like you said, the born Hindus who does not know much knowledge about their own religion will have some chance to know about this great religion.

    When all Muslims in this country pray everyday that ‘ there is no other God, other than Allah ‘, all tolerant Hindus in this country silently hear it and continue there routine work everyday without making any issue. What more secularism you want show to this World?

  3. Pl. kindly bear with me some typographical mistakes in my reply.

  4. Maria Lozano · · Reply

    Even beyond the amazing quality of your article, what I wish everybody could feel is the spirit backing it: I am sure this is the result of a dharmic lifestyle attuned to Bhagavan, the enthusiasm you convey can come only from Him. Truth expresses Herself through your words, and what is Truth but Him.

  5. Many a time, man has taken birth in high caste and low caste; but this does not make him great or lowHaving been born in high caste man thinks himself to be great and being born in low caste thinks himself to be low and pitiable; both of these states of mind are wrong because many times man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family.
    Greatness has nothing to do with high caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. Who does not know that high family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are venerable.
    Then, what is the importance of high or low caste?

    1. “The destruction of social order is the greatest damage that can be done to a nation” -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

      There are many stories in Vedic Literature to illustrate the existence of different qualities of dharma for men and need of orderly society based on these qualities. If a society disregards the varna system, the result is a hotchpotch and restlessness of people following their desires that lead them astray from themselves – a general lawlessness in weakness.

      Everyone has to serve the society: Shudra by creating products, and helping manually everyone else, Vaishyas by generating wealth for the whole society and employees, Kshatriyas by administering and protecting the society and dharma, and Brahmans by learning, teaching, and thereby, enlightening everyone.

      Low or high caste are just relative terms with no real meaning. EVERYONE is essential and needed for progress of society.

      1. Rajib Aditya · ·

        What about untouchables? What’s your take on them?

  6. Whenever someone’s ask you about your caste then your answer should be to them is:
    I am a Brahmin in knowledge
    I am kshatriya in valor
    I am vaishya in business
    I m shudra in service
    In the end I am just sanatam dharmi hindu and nothing else..Then say you proud to be a hindu..

    1. kedilaya · · Reply

      it is very important to stand on your feet to achieve any thing worth in this life …for man,animals or plants, our great sages found their worthiness… hence branded those who toil in our lands and earn our food as shudras who are the real producers of wealth and as the feet of the virat purush. who stands… they did not down grade them..they are the base on which civilisation stands and seeds of culture blossomed. for political and economic reasons subsequently seems to have considered on the bottom level of caste structure … sages were not manu vadis..nor caste formations their creation…nor vadas can be blamed. caste is the historical formations based on tribal instincts. every tribe describes it self as distinct from another and sticks to its customs and traditions which later evolved as a caste in india and as a class or races in other countries…

  7. In india any thing said in favor of hindus or he who share their beliefs ,immediately branded as pro hindutva..and there fore communal.any comments /criticism against hindu beliefs or hindus considered secular…and there fore forward..any comments against christianity or islam as communal and comments /action favoring their beliefs as secular…this has nothing to do with religion..and every thing about vote bank politics and so called modernity….but every hindu in his belief is a very tolerant person ,does not have inhibitions in worshiping any god or his creations ,and BELIEVES IN peaceful co existance but gets confused and angry when he is unfavorably targeted every were hence behaves some times as though communal especially against constant attacks by muslim and christian and so called secular theologians and hindu is made communal by others ….and that is the truth…he never had conflicts with greeks,parsis,jews,huns ,buddists ,jains,sikhs,in indias history….but with these all attacking christians and muslims

  8. vasuerfolg · · Reply

    Dear Mariajee,

    Thanks once again for your true trade-mark writing displaying your amazing insight into Dharma


  9. The article has been written with great clarity. It literally strips the religions nude for all to see.

  10. All that needs to be done is to line up all the people of the world and ask whether they would like to be free or with christianity or islam .

  11. If only the English speaking Educated middle class has some brains and a little reason in it or if they choose to come out of their fool’s paradise they would realize, what it takes to be a Hindu and what is the real meaning of Hindutva. No allegiance to a standard book or rules or customs, one can pick their own way with out affecting others fundamental freedom.

  12. Rajeshwer sharma · · Reply

    You write wonderfully well . I wonder, how many people have access to your writings. Are these articles published in other columns? Accessibility of these needs to be increased to make it broad based and more in language accessibility may be starting with hindi. Please consider this. Thanks

    1. Some websites took a few articles from my blog and posted them on their sites, like Hindu Human rights, Indiafacts, Bharat bharati and forum for Hindu awakening. If you can help spreading them further, please do so. I am not organised, prefer writing.

  13. Suresh Beria · · Reply

    Thanks Maria for speaking the Truth and enlightening the World about Dharma and showing Mirror to the so called Secularist in India. Feel like that as if these write-ups are coming through you as per the wishes of Divine.

  14. Dear Maria,
    While I respect your observations, let us remind ourselves that the most ideal specimen of tolerant/inclusive HINDUISM in modern era, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by an ardent representative of HINDUTVA, Nathuram Godse. Both can not be supported in the same breath.
    Regards, Vikash Narain Rai

    1. Sir, Is blaming the Dharma on the premise of half truth/one side story OK? it will be great if you form your opinion after knowing the whole truth.Thanks to Internet Era that now the truth cannot be kept hidden. Please enlighten yourself with whole truth.

    2. Aditya Gupta · · Reply

      Dear Mr. Vikash Narain Rai, Sir can you please tell me on what ground you can blame a religion on basis of the action of one man. If you can blame a religion on action of one man or a few men. Can you please dare to speak the same on Islam or Christianity. There are lots of bad men in those religion too. But its part of life, every religion has good and bad people. You can’t say that Islam is wrong because there was Osama Bin Laden or Christianity is wrong because there was Adolf Hitler. similarly you can’t say Hinduism is wrong because someone following it did something bad.

    3. srinivasa · · Reply

      Nathuram Godse did his karma based on his understanding of things, and bore his consequences. Hinduism or hindutva did NOT guide him to kill Gandhi.

  15. Lakshmi Narasimhan · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    I profess you are a good practitioner of hinduism you have nobler thoughts and that is what has been reflected in Your writings.True HINDUS never work against the laws of karma for attaining impermanent benefits in life. when we follow dharma enshrined in the scriptures we practice secularism and the dogma propounded in west as secularism loses is relevance.Mahaperiyavaa Chandrasekandra Saraswati composed a song Maitrim Bhajata sung by Subbulakshmi in united Nations for universal Brotherhood to live in peace.

    Sarve janaa Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


  16. Who are you to comment and your information is wrong. You don’t know anything but you will put a claim on anything and everything… is not brahman… is brahmand. You don’t know anything but you speak big words with your ignorance. Shame we have to put up with you.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Hmmm…perhaps I am wrong but…..your tone sounds familiar to me….again trying to give Hinduism a bad name?….What you do is not disagreeing. It is consciously disrupting. A true Hindu will never feel bad with Maria´s writings, s/he can disagree with her, but will never talk as you talk.

      And you are not obliged to put up with anybody. If you don´t like what she says, simply don´t read it.

      Why don´t you use the same name always?

    2. Dear Mradula (don’t know it is real name or not)

      That was a shocking reply from one Hindu (assuming so). We (as Hindu) should be polite in words and action towards others always. Yes, I respect your opinion, but that could have been put in a decent way. This is the way you want show to the rest of world that how a Hindu behaves? Please…. change your attitude Mradula. As said in the earlier response to your comment, if you don’t like, just ignore the article or point out the mistakes you found in the article in a polite way, my dear. On this Mahasivaratri day, let Lord Siva bless you all health, wealth more ever peace of mind always. God Bless you.

  17. Developing Mind · · Reply

    Hello Maria,

    Your post raises a lot of questions and does not mention some political and elitist realities of India. Also, I want you to ponder if your post does a lot of good vis-a-vis Indian christians and muslims. I assure you I am also struggling with these issues. But I am also wondering, may be projecting positives of Hinduism without running down other faiths too harshly would be a better alternative(There are cynical people who will exploit this angle). The issue is not so simple as Secularism vs Communal, but it goes a little deeper.

    The elite are basically liberal and many of them have grown up on left liberal history. This history considers it imperative not to look too far back into say medieval India before the Islamic occupations. In school we learnt a lot about Mughals and very little about Hindu rulers. I appreciate your desire to confront liberal intelligentsia with Dharmic viewpoints. But you have to understand that the elite is beholden to Geo-political realities. I do not know if you want a resurgent India that is predominantly Hindu in its outlook. If that is the case, then we are on the same page. But, Politics is also a reality and India is very complex. We have church denominations of all hues, we have every imaginable Islamic sect, etc., in India. If they want to retain their separate identity without acknowledging their Hindu roots, there is little anybody can do. All change has to come from within, whether it is an individual or a community.

    The more important thing to do as of now is to highlight the positives of Hindu outlook of Life, which are not really anti-secular anyway. Politics will have to ensure that India is truly secular as in keeping equidistant from all religions or treating all religions equally. This is a fine balance and requires a Dharmic government to administer India.

  18. SHYLESH ACHARYA · · Reply

    Dear MariaJi

    Excellent Article 🙂

  19. Maria, What you say is very logical & reasonable. Unfortunately our detractors appeal to the emotions ,which most people relate to.They [Our detractors] are also skilled in Mind-manipulation which they naturally use to their benefit.May Saraswathi Grant the ability to discriminate wisely between good & bad,truth & untruth &appropriate & inappropriate.We can only blow the conch;it is for people to wake-up to Realisation. Glad to have you speaking for us.

  20. Shyamala Raghunathan · · Reply

    Nice reading, wonderful article

  21. […] are all members of one family—coming from the same source with the same blood as it were…. –Maria Wirth Blog, 25 February […]

  22. DR. BULUSU PRASAD · · Reply

    resp. maria , why do you love this Land and this Dharma more than we do ? i really envy you

    1. I don’t quite know why there is this strong heart connection. India is definitely special, and knowing the western society from inside, India becomes all the more special in a positive sense. Please see
      Don’t envy me, but try to love her, too. Bharat Mata deserves this love.

      1. dr. bulusu prasad · ·

        resp. maria ,

        ” this strong heart connection ” you noted is , as you know intuitively , is your samskara from your previous births .

        i read almost all of your posts on this blog & that was why i feel that your love for this Land & this Dharma is genuine ; may this love lead you to the end of the journey — to the Final Good !

        the ” why ” in my post is an exclamation , amazement , may be even ecstasy , but certainly not an interrogation

        of course i love india & feel extremely fortunate that i am born in this Land & specifically into this Dharma
        may all good befall you

        dr. bulusu prasad.

  23. Aditya Gupta · · Reply

    Respected Mam,

    I am so happy to read this and you are absolutely right and I would also like to share few points which may help you in easily giving answer to those people who always show the Caste System as a bad thing in Hinduism. The Caste System in India was based on what you do and not on which caste you born into but later on during Mughal Rule and the during British rule, it was more concentrated on your birth caste. Thus creating something which was wrong for the society.

    In ancient Hinduism we can easily see Examples where people from low caste moved to higher caste and there was no problem from society. For example Sage Valmiki, he was a Robber named Ratnakar, when he came across in influence of another Sage, he left his life and became a Brahmin. He also taught Lord Rama and was the Author of Ramayana.

    Apart from this old example we can also see the during the invasion of Alexander there was one powerful king who was ruling Magadha, His name was Dhananand and he was from Nanda Dynasty. His grandfather was the barber of the king who later on killed the king and became the King of Magadha.

    There are plenty of more examples which you can easily find. But right now Indians believe what is taught in their textbook which is inclined towards Max Muller theory and thus showing wrong abour Hinduism.

    Forgive me for my Grammar as I am not very good with it. I hope my views were understandable.

    1. Thanks Adiya Gupta for your knowledge you have shared to me i appreciate it..and apologize for my previous some comments but now i realized and i modify that comments and resend it plz forward that to everyone..i was hurt and disappoint of some rigid hindu thinking but forgot all are not same…some are really good and they do believe in humanity not in castesim..

    2. Some say Valmiki was the son of a brahmin in the Bhrigu lineage, raised by hunters, who led him astray, but as far as I’m aware there are no definitive accounts. However no discussion on who can practice what can happen without mention of the shudra Shambuka, whose practice of austerities set a kingdom in the wrong (as he was a shudra, no other reason), resulting in the death of a brahmin’s child, and only after Rama murdered the shudra Shambuka is the kingdom set right; the gods rejoiced and grant Rama a favor, for which he asks that the brahmin’s son be brought back to life. This is in Valmiki Ramayana, where varna is not from attitude but from one’s parentage.

      1. Sudhindra Gargesa · ·

        The story of Shudra tapasvi is in Uttara Ramayana not supposed to have been authored by Valmiki. Valmiki has himself written about the people from all castes doing tapas. Ravana, a rakshasa was son of a Brahmin. I listening to one of the discourses on Ramayana by a very well read scholar. I came to know of this only then. Many of our sacred texts have been tampered over the years. Well, May be, this particular instance is the result of such tampering.

      2. Aditya Gupta · ·


        the story of Shambhuka is not in authentic Ramayana written by Valmiki. It was later introduced in Uttar Ramayan which was authored during Mughal period and thus authenticity of it can not be claimed.

        Regarding Valmiki born in brahmin family, there is no evidence regarding it in Ramayana. Also the incident of Lord Rama eating berries given by Sabri (who was also a low caste) is in Ramayana and those berries were tasted by Shabri before giving to Rama who was prince at that time.

  24. Hindu Society and Hindutva Party. If you look in Puranas for the original name of the religion propounded in the subcontinent in the ancient times, you don*t find any mention of the phrase *Hindu Dharma* there. What you see there is *Brahma-Vada*.
    Originally, Hindu is a derivative of the Chinese term *Indu* which meant, in that language, *the heavenly land*. Thus Indu had reference to Buddha Land. Innumerable Puranic narrations and accounts of Ancient Geographers (viz. Megasthenes*s travel accounts) prove beyond doubt that the Indu was situated in Eastern India.
    Further considerations lead us to revolutionary conclusions viz. *Brown Aryan* and *Easternization* (of Indian History). Once Ancient India is free of the western yoke, endeavors in the direction you suggest would be easier.
    When you appeal for rediscovery of Hinduism by the Hindus, have you thought whom you are appealing to? If you take the whole aggregation of Hindus as a mega-body or mega-organism, is your appeal directed at the head of this mega-organism or indiscriminately, to any body-constituent?
    Can you locate the *head* of the Hindu mega-being? Or, you too are another blind person engaged in shooting? Of what use is advising a toe when brain is absent?
    What is the purpose of this dig? It is to make you turn towards the *pan-political aspect* of the Hindu story. Hindus need to be organized pan-politically to execute (with the help of their *head*) the prodigious self-assertion of Hinduism.
    Doesn*t *politics* suffice for this purpose? What is *pan-politics* that is being proposed to precede, complement or supplement politics?
    When we mistake pan-politics for politics in the matters of organizing Hindus into a *headed* mega-organism, the current contingency about Hindutva-professing political parties arise?
    What is *politics*? Conventionally, it is an approach to *indiscriminate democracy* – the western approach to the purported democracy. What is *pan-politics*? It is an eternal and universal *civil society movement* to bring about *true democracy*. Thus *pan-politics* ought to precede *politics* to give the latter the maximal effect.
    Ancient India did have some inkling of pan-politics and the latter, albeit partially, was implemented through such doctrines as Saptarshi Rule (rule by the advice of committee of seven rishis).
    Pan-politics is assembling of national head i.e. national sovereignty. The latter is sum total of grassroots intelligence and wisdom. Bookish information is the supplementary requirement and so, it is only secondary.
    Western democracy, unfortunately has made academicism primary and thus, has destroyed the basis of politics. The latter is now reduced to only *head-less national management*.
    Disengaging today*s India from western yoke isn*t easy. Solve this riddle. How would you ever see your face upon the back of a mirror. How could you expect Hindu society to consolidate in this queer circumstance begotten of *head-less national management*? Here comes the issue of purported *Hindutva*.
    Hindutva designed in the line of western democracy is thus an instance of *head-less management of Hindu society*. Head-less elephant and head-less ant are equals.
    The Hindu legacy, to be protected, needs immediate development of Saptarshi Rule into a full-fledged pan-political system.

  25. First of all I want to clear Hindutwa meaning ..—It is Sanskrit word when any word mix with Tawta( tatwa is sanskrit word means weight /value / that can deeply experience with full heart ) Guru + tawtwa = Gurutwa, b) vastu +tawtwa = vastutwawa c) suwa + tawtwa= satwa-,,,,,,,,Hindu + Tawatwa = Hindutwa ( Hindutwatwa meaning—> is “A self realization of nobel man ,which makes ordinary man to complete Ahm Brmha “)————-apart of this if, Hindu People say any thing Hindutwaw (then the talk about Daily life of dressing, eating,drinking,bollowood dancing—-those who saying hindutwatwa tell them donot eat chicken …next day they will forget hindutwatw.

  26. What a clarity on the subject, something we here in India, brought up in traditional households, lack ! In the scheme of creation, the BRAHMAM has created these differences to have ‘fun’ and to see how we deal with it. No doubt, in Hindu dharma, what has to fought has to be, what has to be defended has to be and what truth has to be told has to be and if I may, you certainly very much on that track !

  27. You are speaking of an ideal which exists only in the realms of superstitious fantasy, and are as colonized by religious lies as India ever was by outsiders. Modernity is the work of spirit, freeing souls from the garbage of tradition and placing them before God directly, without the rubbish of tradition, ritual or guru. Those who serve Spirit must work against institutional religion and traditional authority, which have always been purveyors of evil.

    1. What an irony that an ignorant is giving unsolicited sermons on a Subject unknown to him to a illuminated person who gives words to her inner experience. Nature of Law says that one sees the reflection of one’s own mind-set in the mirrors outside of him and the Mirror never speaks a lie.

    2. Which spirit you talk of, Mr. Stewart? Which souls? Who is going to place who before God? Which God? The one sitting on a throne there beyond the clouds? If you are talking of institutional religions and traditional authority, then I am glad, because you are not talking of Hinduism.

    3. You put up many unsubstantiated simplistic claims and judgements. Open your eyes and see that the “modern times garbage” could very well be solved by application of age-old Vedic technologies of conscoiusness.
      Traditions are very valuable! Every generation does not have to invent the wheel again. Veda and Vedic Literature records the mile stones of development of consciousness till one reaches the supreme goal. Most of the modern spiritual movements use Vedic terms and techniques of India. But India has to apply them, too!!!
      The most important being Consciousness and development of consciousness. Although Consciousness is the basis of life, Christianity and other religion avoid the discussion and investigation into this. They just don’t have a clue.

  28. Sudhindra Gargesa · · Reply

    Nice article. Thanks Ma’am. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or world is one family can be achieved only with tolerance and clear understanding of ‘Ekam Sat Viprah bahuda vadanti’ or There is only one truth. The scholars call it by many names.

    Enjoyable and good article to ponder on. Thanks again.


  29. Jayant S Kulkarni · · Reply

    Infact Hindus were never commual in the past , not now & never in future. Sawarkar had said we are ready to give up our religion, Hindu belives in update as per the demand of time. But can others? They never. We have to think about vanishing Hindu Religion & its culture. HOW THEY VANISHED from Afganisthan(Gandari,Shakunimama in Mahabharat from here, Kushavart ,God Rama’s son Kush ), Pakistan (Lahor- God Rama’son Lav), from Jammu Kashmir & from other parts of the world ? Could we say They are communel. Hindu is trying to react only because Muslims and Christains are trying to convert them any how. Muslims are in the mood to change Bharat(Hindusthan) in Muslim country. Indian leaders can’t be take any action because they want their VOTES.

  30. Case of Hinduism and Biggest Hornet*s Nest. Honey bees form a swarm as the molecules form a planet or a star. None in this cosmos deny a sense of cohesion. Rather, everyone succumbs to it invariably to complement own existence and evolution.
    Hindus too form a swarm with its characteristic intrinsic cohesion. This swarm can be led, provided its center of gravity is identified and represented. Trouble lies here.
    A denizen of the circumference doesn*t and can*t represent the circle. And one can not continue to be the denizen of circumference if he/ she happens to know the center of the circle. Better we concentrate on knowing the center of gravity of the Hindu swarm which is inadvertently united by the latent cohesion it inherits.
    In this regard, we ought to be aware of the right to and eligibility for this level of knowledge. Claim for right is valid only if the first criterion i.e. of eligibility is met.
    A person who is on the ninth step of a staircase is deemed to be eligible for the tenth step and to have the right to claim that position. So who could penetrate the mist of Hindu Sphere to witness its center of gravity? Who is already on the ninth step in this context?
    The universal answer is *person with natural intelligence*. And the nature of the person with natural intelligence is so versatile that he/ she needn*t be a Hindu to peep into the Hindu Sphere, needn*t be a Christian to peep into the Christian Sphere.
    To be on the safer side (if at all anybody feels insecure with natural intelligence of non-Hindus!), let*s propose the right and eligibility of getting to the center of Hindu Swarm to Hindus only. So who of us bears natural intelligence to have that priceless right and to have the glory of that eligibility?
    Isn*t it the most pertinent question before us as we set out on the mission of accomplishing the great goal of unifying and enhancing Hinduism?
    As you would have made out by now, by saying so we have already poked into the biggest hornet*s nest. And the hornets are the ones closest to us but without the natural intelligence.

  31. Excellent article. Cool-headed reasoning. Congratulations!
    Bleibt zu hoffen, dass diejenigen, die ihn lesen sollten, ihn auch zugesicht bekommen.
    Wonderful and clear reading. Thank you!
    Let us disseminate this article far and wide!

  32. Jiten Mishra · · Reply

    I was impressed by your insights till I read “Hindu Dharma is indeed inclusive, and needs to gain strength at the expense of Christianity and Islam, which are exclusive and therefore communal.”. I am surprised that someone who has read so much about Hinduism (rather Santana Dharma and other Dharmic religions) chooses to be Judgmental about other religions. The core idea of India is tolerance and pluralism which has made Sanatana Dharma still prevalent and one of the 4 most popular religions in the world. I am a born Hindu Brahmin and have read quite a bit about our belief and understand that our ancestral knowledge base in terms of our scriptures are unparalleled. Likewise have done quite a bit of reading on Abrahamic religions. All religions (minus political and personal gains at the cost of others), are great and teach great ways of life if followed properly. Christ was never against earth revolving around the sun but the middle age church was (and I am sure it was more of a political sentiment than religious).

    I am against, the RSS and some political parties who make Hindutva an agenda and create all sorts of violent ruckus. They ought to realise, that Sanatana Dharma and the spirit of India (with its pluralism and people from all religions and cultures within it) is way too strong and DO NOT require their guardianship. She has survived invasions from far and wide and still stands strong and will stand strong forever.

    1. Aditya Gupta · · Reply

      Dear friend,

      Hinduism have survived so long because there were people who always stood for hinduism. When people start saying that the religion is powerful and can survive itself then the same thing happened which hqppened in Somnath temple. When foriegners attacked India and went to destroy the temple all the hindusunited to fight of him but the priest of temple said that lord Somnath is almighty and he will defend himself. Result Somnath temple was destroyed and its wealth was also robbed. This is what happenning inIndia. When people start defending Hinduism then people like you starts opposing us.

      I never see any point when everyone has right to speak in favour of their religion then why hindu itself oppose people who say hinduism is good.

      Regarding your view on RSS, its your personal opinion in which media and secularism thoughts have influenced a lot. Let me tell you one thing, when in Uttarakhand recently there was heavy flood and earthquack then RSS helped the govt a lot in saving people.

      Apart from this there are lots of time when RSS helped people in troubles. You can always say that RSS and other party play on Hindutwa but shen almost all other political party play on Minorty especially Muslims then there should be people who should have guts to speak for hinduism also.

    2. Sir, Your second para shows your prejudiced mindset which looks to be got blinded by false alien propaganda. Due to this mind-set land of Bharat is suffering and suffered a lot since last 1200 Years. Our Motherland Got Partitioned and still people think that they should not do their duties according to Dharma as asked by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta.They do not bother that the Key of the Knowledge of Bharat i.e. Sanskrit’s Roots are attacked and not even worried to preserve and follow the knowledge of our Great Rishis and impart the same to next generation. It is easier to blame others than to do self-introspection.

    3. Jiten, yes I know, my so called secular friends also have no objection to Christianity and Islam expanding at the cost of Hinduism but get agitated, if it would be the other way round. Why? Don’t they realise that both proselytising religions have the explicit goal of wiping out Hinduism, as they consider it offensive to their respective god. Is it not a bit too much tolerance to help them do it? Just think that over 500 million Muslims had Hindu ancestors. Those ancestors might have never believed that their Dharma that flourished in a huge area could be almost wiped out and the few, who still follow it, could be reduced to miserable conditions in places like today’s Pakistan.
      Another point, I wished people who have not been brainwashed into the insider/outsider mindset of dogmatic religions and don’t realise how harmful it is, would not take up the cause of those religions and declare them as great. Are you sure the followers of those religions are happy with it? I know that many Europeans feel stifled by their religion, and many leave the Church. Others stay, often because of social pressure or social or job advantages and maybe to be on the safe side, since what you hear in childhood does make a big impression.

    4. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Mr. Mishra: you seem not to be aware of the real menaces that Hinduism is suffering, both from inside India and from outside. And the nexus from outside India that are operating inside. I would highly recommend you the book “breaking India”, by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra, and for that matter, any of his books, with full of proofs and data of what is happening and the hidden agenda of the west to rule the world, by dismissing everything that doesn´t agree with its shortsight: through imposed abrahamic religions, through politics and through enterprises among other fields if not all.To say that “Sanatan Dharma” has always survived to all the invasion and it will stand forever is not facing the reality. Because, yes, I agree that Truth will stand forever, no matter what. But if we don´t oppose and be dharmic defending against the adharmic forces, it may happen that in a future, nobody will be allowed to practise the religion. Haven´t you seen, Sir, what the evangelic churches force to do to your bethrens, for example?: to tear up the images of the Gods and Goddesess, among other denigrating things. How can one allow this happening by remaining in the comfort zone and saying “nothing will happen”!. This with all my respects, it´s only a tamasic posture of closing the eyes in front of the problems. As Mr. Malhotra so rightly says, this posture is like a deer that it is about to be digested by a tiger, and still remains happy because the powerful tiger has chosen him as a food!. Being dharmic doesn´t mean allowing attacks: that is being adharmic, contradicting the advices of Sri Krishna Himself in the Bhagavad Gita.

      1. Well said Maria! Dharma and people who embody it , are not different. It needs to a living force , which is what it is , not just a concept , philosophy or ideology .

  33. Mary Lloyd · · Reply

    Beautifully written. I am on this page with you. When I was 8 years old, living in the deep south of the USA, I began my journey to find someone who knew God and the Truth. I finally found it in India when I was nearly 60 years old. Like you, I am sad that the people of India do not all recognize the gift they have in a religion that is open and allows growth and freedom for its followers. The walls of Christianity and Islam are high and inflexible. I do see some growth in the Christian but am not aware of any in the other. Fundamentalists in both religions are fighting non-believers. Thank you for writing this blog and expressing it so well.

  34. Brig RK Sharma · · Reply

    Ms Maria has been succint in her analyses of Hinduism and its large heartedness. Yes indeed its a way of life propagating that every living being has right to exist under the sky . I wish this could be understood by others and even Hindus themselves and all shun radicalism. I personally do not understand much of religion other than the fact this is one of the factors uniting people . I strongly feel that religion was invented to keep people united and fear of god was injected into their beliefs. Religion, of all the things should teach tolerance and acceptance of others the they are . We need to be large hearted . The more you talk of secularism the harm one is doing to the society. Political parties should in no way talk of this.
    Educating society to improve the lot should be the aim and not subjugating them to an unvisible GOD .
    Heartfelt compliments Ms MARIA

  35. My apologies for not making my view precisely to the public. Yes, when I read my comments again, it gives the shadow of belongingness in an angle, agreed, but as Sanatana Dharma is based on Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam concept, where is matter of thinking others as different religion?

    At the same time, we have responsibility to keep this (not ours) great Dharma as clean as possible whenever there is any external dirt forcibly applied on. As one phrase goes….’dharmo rakshati rakshitaha’, we have to keep this up at least this much cleaning work, don’t you agree?

    I appreciate your immediate response.

  36. […] Original article can be found at Wodpress […]

  37. I read your article over again. I am still very upset with you that someone named Maria living in Germany thinks she has the right to write about Hinduism. You do not even know the basic culture and religion and you take it upon yourself to write about this religion.

    But I noticed this line again – I dared to say that I love Hindu Dharma, as it (its off- springs Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism included) is the only religion that is inclusive and not divisive,….

    What do you know about Hinduism that you love this Dharm. You have no culture or knowledge and you take it upon yourself to discuss this matter with the world. that is what has happened. It is not casteism or communalism that has messed up Hinduism. It is people like you who think they have the right to say what you say.

    Secondly, you show your ignorance of the subject of religions. Buddhism may have come out of India but present day Buddhism has no connection to Hinduism. In fact it is very violent, totally against hindu values and hijacked by the Chinese. It is following the path of Islam. But to understand the gravity of the situation, you need to study all religions and all world movements. you have read a few books and met a few sages (maybe) and you think you are now an authority to pass your decisions on this religion called Hinduism?

    You are arrogant and ignorant.

    1. After reading this comment it became certain the writer is an ignorant and alien person as far as the Dharma of Bharat is concerned because an ignorant that leaves in darkness & never experienced light in life can only use such low level language. We only can have pity on such ignorant persons who doesn’t even know that for the Dharma of Bharat whole World is one Family “VASUDEV KUTUMBKAM”. The comment of the writer about Buddhism further reconfirmed that this writer does not know anything about Dharma of Bharat and is living in utter ignorance.

    2. Message to Maria Wirth: Please calm and no need to address all barking dogs. It is very clear that who is ignorant and arrogant. All those read the comments of Ms.Mradula will understand this.

    3. Mradula, just to let you know, i am not living in far off Germany but in India since 34 years.

    4. Dear Mradula, you are a disgrace for India and Indian Culture.
      Your “contribution” is full of accusations and claims but proofs or logic are avoided. And it is no wonder for me: Indian education teaches Socrates and Shakespear etc. but lets the Indian children in ignorance about Panini, Yagyavalkya, King Janaka, and other great men of India. Some imported Son of God born abroad in Israel is given a holiday but the God and incarnations born in Veda Bhûmi-India, like Shri Krishna and Shri Ram, are not given a holiday by the Indian Government.
      What a pity that your parents missed to fill this gap in your education.

    5. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      You? Again twisting everything including your name? I suggested you before…at least, use always the same name..;-)

  38. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    Miss maria first u know about some point on Hindu dharma ..

    1. caste system its not created by any Hindu granth ..After mahabharat the caste system came ..Lord Krishna say in Geeta every man equal ..

    2. To know about Hindu you not only read geeta .. u read different Vedas Purana etc…

    3. Every religion forcely to convert the people in his religion except hindu specially Christianity n Islam..that’s twonrelegion forcely convert the lot of people to follow his rule n religion

  39. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    Hinduism: A Modern Term
    Words like Hindu or Hinduism are ananchronisms . They
    do not exist in the Indian cultural lexicon. People have
    coined them to suit their needs in different points of
    history. Nowhere in the scriptures is there any reference
    to Hinduism.
    A Culture More than a Religion
    Hinduism does not have any one founder, and it does
    not have a Bible or a Koran to which controversies can
    be referred for resolution. Consequently, it does not
    require its adherents to accept any one idea. It is thus
    cultural, not creedal, with a history contemporaneous
    with the peoples with which it is associated.
    Much More than Spirituality
    Writings we now categorise as Hindu scriptures include
    not just books relating to spirituality but also secular
    pursuits like science, medicine and engineering. This is
    another reason why it defies classification as a religion
    per se.
    Further, it cannot be claimed to be essentially a school
    of metaphysics. Nor can it be described as ‘other
    worldly’. In fact, one can almost identify Hinduism with
    a civilization that is flourishing even now.
    A Common Faith of the Indian Subcontinent
    The Aryan Invasion Theory having been completely
    discredited, it cannot be assumed that Hinduism was the
    pagan faith of invaders belonging to a race called
    Aryans. Rather it was the common metafaith of people of
    various races, including Harappans. The Sanskrit word
    ‘aryan’ is a word of honourable address, not the racial
    reference invented by European scholars and put to
    perverse use by the Nazis.
    A Culture Much Older than we Believe
    Evidence that Hinduism must have existed even circa
    10000 B.C. is available: The importance attached to the
    river Saraswati and the numerous references to it in the
    Vedas indicates that the Rig Veda was being composed
    well before 6500 B.C. The first vernal equinox recorded
    in the Rig Veda is that of the star Ashwini, which is now
    known to have occurred around 10000 B.C. Subhash
    Kak, a Computer Engineer and a reputed Indologist,
    ‘decoded’ the Rig Veda and found many advanced
    astronomical concepts therein. The technological
    sophistication required to even anticipate such concepts
    is unlikely to have been acquired by a nomadic people,
    as the Invasionists would like us to believe. In his book
    Gods, Sages and Kings, David Frawley provides
    compelling evidence to substantiate this claim.
    Hinduism is a Not really Polytheistic!
    Many believe that multiplicity of deities makes Hinduism
    polytheistic . Such a belief is nothing short of mistaking
    the wood for the tree. The bewildering diversity of Hindu
    belief – theistic, atheistic and agnostic – rests on a solid
    unity. “Ekam sath, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti”, says the
    Rig Veda: The Truth (God, Brahman , etc) is one, scholars
    call it by various names.
    What the multipicity of deities does indicate is
    Hinduism’s spiritual hospitality as evidenced by two
    characteristically Hindu doctrines: The Doctrine of
    Spiritual Competence (Adhikaara) and the Doctrine of
    The Chosen Deity (Ishhta Devata). The doctrine of
    spiritual competence requires that the spiritual practices
    prescribed to a person should correspond to his or her
    spiritual competence. The doctrine of the chosen deity
    gives a person the freedom to choose (or invent) a form
    of Brahman that satisfies his spiritual cravings and to
    make it the object of his worship. It is notable that both
    doctrines are consistent with Hinduism’s assertion that
    the unchanging reality is present in everything, even the

  40. Achudan · · Reply

    I was thinking what to write while reading the comments, then I see your comments that suite exactly what I feel.

  41. Marianne · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    As you know I am deeply grateful to you, I appreciate your knowledge, your inspiring personality, your hospitality, I appreciate and share your love for India, for Indian spirituality, for Indian people, and, Maria, you are dear to my heart.
    But as you also know, we deeply disagree in some aspects. In my opinion these disagreements are on a political level rather than on a spiritual one.
    Thank you, Aditya Mishra, for your enlightening contribution concerning Hindu heritage: wisdom which existed for ages, has its roots thousands of years ago in India and influenced India and humanity in a deep and beautiful way.
    Many religions and philosophy-schools have had their origin in ancient (and modern!) India!
    Maria, I agree, it is a shame when people (in India and elsewhere) do not acknowledge this heritage. The westernized elite (no matter where) reduces her possibilities of gaining wisdom when not acknowledging the ancient wisdom teachings as Hindu philosophy and – as you mentioned -its “offspring”: Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism..
    Coming from a basically Christian culture, Germany, ( though you are right, people leave the Christian churches in our home country, and rightly so, since many Christian churches are so distorted – already for centuries, as you wrote correctly), I was surprised to learn that Christianity probably also has roots in India.
    There is this theory that Jesus was in India for some time. This might be true or not (I would like it to be true) but what is generally accepted among historians is, that there were connections between some Jewish religious groups (which most probably influenced Jesus) and Indian religious groups 2000 years ago.
    There are so many similarities between Hinduistic philosophies, Buddhist thoughts and Christian ideas. Similarities in the essence of their spirituality, not in details of course. And not in the history of the countries who claimed to be Christian.
    The essence belongs to all of humanity, whatever cultural forms it takes. And eventually it belongs to God (whatever the name: the Absolute, the Nameless, Allah, Jahwe, Brahman, “That”….)
    .Judaism and Christianity influenced Mohammed, who saw the human and progressive liberating forces in these religions – progressive in comparison to the at that time rather decadent Arab societies. Islam (through Judaism and Christianity) also has its roots somewhere in ancient India….
    The family of the great medieval Islamic Sufi poet Rumi and probably his teacher Shams came from Afghanistan (they were refugees from the Mongols). Afghanistan and India where connected for ages. The Sufis say that they have been longer around than Islam. So probably again: traces of Indian wisdom in an Islamic ( Sufi) context.
    Of course it is true, that these religions (Islam and Christianity) or better the conquerors who justified their wars with their religions brought much harm to India and other parts of the world.
    All the religions, I had the opportunity to come into contact with, stress peace, love and the fact that we (humanity, nature, the universe, as was beautifully stressed in many contributions on Hinduism) are all one family.
    The problems started (and still start), when you stress the differences instead of the common ground. When you think, that ‘ God (is) on your side’ (as Bob Dylan already sang decades ago:), when it concerns political domination (domination in general) – then monstrosities have happened (and still happen) all over the world. In India especially during foreign dominance, during colonialism, during the violence, when Pakistan and India were separated, and even later on.
    Humanity never has “God on its side”, when killing and destroying. But we have to accept that we – humans in general – can yield to these destructive possibilities in us. Everywhere, so it seems.
    And we have the possibility to love. This is not only the wisdom of the religious founder of my culture – Jesus Christ – but of the founders of the big (and probably also the small ones) religions of the world and of the wise and holy men and women in general.
    Maria, please do not compare the atrocities of one culture (Christian and Islamic in your case) with the highest philosophical levels ( in this case Hinduism ) of another. Holy thinkers and poets in Sufism, Christian mysticism, (you mentioned Meister Eckhard), are the ones to be compared with Indian wisdom. There you find the similarities.
    As you find similarities when comparing destruction and war in the name of a religion….
    Thinking, that other religions, people, races, sexes, are minor, leads to horrors. As we both know, Maria, coming from Germany, whose ideas of superiority during the NS (coming in fact from a minority complex) brought so much horror over the world through the holocaust and two World Wars with millions of victims.
    And yes, there are too many religious fundamentalist groups,- Christian, Moslem, even Buddhist and Hindu- , who forget the teaching of their founders, that humanity is one family and not one is better than the other.
    On a political level this is especially dangerous.
    l think that our (Germany’s) task is to warn, when we see these tendencies of separating people along races, communities, religions, since we know, were it leads to.
    I was shocked to find Hitler supporters in India. It might be understandable, because India suffered more under the colonialism of the British than under Fascism. But it is the same thinking: Some People are superior, some religions are superior…
    Many seekers of our generation came to India for its wisdom (and found it) and many of them are now influencing philosophy and religion in the West. As you correctly wrote, Christian churches in Germany loose their influence, since people come aware of the “unchristian” heritage in the churches.
    Young people look not only for secularism but also for wisdom. That is why Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism (also an “Indian child”), Sufism: spiritual teachings in general become more and more popular. If Indian wisdom can influence the world again in this respect: what a blessing!

    1. Marianne, we had long discussions and you know my attitude: It simply does not matter how benign you and other open minded Christians see Christianity, as long as the Church does not agree with you. Christianity is a mix of good things (stressing peace, love, etc) and bad things (demanding blind belief and condemning non-believers to hell). I know you don’t believe that Hindus go to hell. And I understand and appreciate that you want to have some spiritual structure in your life and in the west, it is Christianity, which comes to one’s mind.
      The Church is too clever to repeat to western Christians all those odd dogmas. She knows it does not appeal to them and she might lose even more of her sheep. So the Church mainly stresses “Jesus loves you”, etc., which is of course nice to hear, especially for us in the west who, more often than not, have had a love-deprived childhood.
      However those odd dogmas are officially very much in place and these are used to assert the right and even duty to convert en masse all over the globe. Missionaries do some charity, but also work with fear, threat, allurement and even cheating in places like India to increase the numbers and in the process break societies. It was bad enough that Europe had to undergo over 1000 years of dark ages after being steamrolled by Christianity and we still suffer from it – just look at our attitude to animals, nature in general, our arrogance, etc. I don’t wish it for India.
      Just saying “I don’t believe that Church still claims that Hindus go to hell”, is no solution. Either, open minded Christians like you demand an answer from the Church authorities, whether they agree with you that we all are one family, irrespective of the fact whether someone is baptized, or you would have to ponder whether you like to call yourself a Christian or rather as someone, who follows what s/he feels is right.

  42. Marianne · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    I am not a member of a Christian church. I would not even call myself a Christian. But all of us in Europe are deeply influenced by christianity, whether we like it or not, as poeple in India, no matter what their beliefs are, are influenced by Hindu culture. In the name of Christianity,( as in the name of other religions or philisophies), still big harm is done. I agree. I am interested in the “all humanity is one family” people. On the Christian side there are many too. One is Steindl-Rast, a monk and a profoundly educated man. I read (and watch im on youtube) with interest – in the moment, but without the idea of becoming a member of a Christian church (catholic in his case) again. Following what s/he is right: learning from the wise people of all cultures (or the ones I come across), including my own.

    1. Dear Marianne,
      Since you know that I am very (too?) frank, I am sure you won’t mind my question. You wrote, ”all of us in Europe are deeply influenced by Christianity”. So what actually do you consider as this influence? The negative influence we would rather like to forget. But what is the positive influence? If you answer “charity”, would we be less charitable if we had only our intelligence and no ‘holy book’? Would we not come to the conclusion that naturally, we are all one family on the basis of intelligence? Does Christianity not rather prevent than help the “we are all one family” attitude? If you answer “having a great guide and comfort in Jesus”, I will respect this. And you will also respect that others may use other guidance and comfort. It would be great if this huge, powerful institution of the Church would get down to the basics and not enforce fanciful dogmas of exclusiveness.

      an afterthought: is it not strange that Christianity does not encourage to enquire into truth? “Know yourself” only mystics advocate who are not recognised by the Church. It is all about “we know what the truth is because it was revealed in the Bible, and you have to believe it, because you cannot ever know it.” In contrast, in Hinduism it is very much about truth. Who am i? is an important question to be answered by each one through deep insight.

  43. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    Dear Maria .

    U said that u r frank thinker I not think so u r frank thik ke .. U see only positive think in Christianity n u take negative think of Hindu.. that’s the difference you n and me

    Christianity is one religion who forcely convert the people in his religion .. and whatever done in Africa everyone knows ..

    Bible se eve was first lady how is it possible .according to bible eve is some lakh yr ago .. but according to science n lot of prove find which say that human exhibit on earth more older than Adam n evie then ow u say whatever written in bible is correct ..

    Hindu scripture is already explain manu that’s think copy in all scriptures of different dharma .. I not said every scripture is wrong but reality is that

  44. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    Some point I cleared you ..

    1. Jesus already told that he was not god he was only son of god .. means he was like rishis in India .. like tulsidas surd as who was written ramacharitmanas .. but he was not god we worship rama .. similarly Jesus was also follower of god who write bible…

    2. In Hindu bhavisya puran already discuss about Jesus n allaha ..before exhibit of the Jesus n Allah .
    in bhavisya puran already said that in Kalyug there two another dharma came one in worship of Jesus n one worship of Allah

    3. Hindu scripture is most oldest scriptures n it exhibhi different yugas that’s why Hindu have lot of holly book .. while Christianity n Islam exhibit one tug that’s call kalyug in Sanskrit

    4. Hindus believe in every god because lord Krishna already say that .. u worship any god in different face u worship me . that’s means all god is me..

  45. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    “The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it
    is the Father, living in me, who is doing his
    work.” ( John 14.10)
    “I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come
    remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the
    Vedas, I am to be known. Indeed, I am the compiler of
    Vedanta, and I am the knower of the Vedas.” (Lord
    Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.15)
    Who is the God in the heart?
    “And they tempted God in their heart..” (Psalm 78.18)
    “I am the Super soul, seated in the hearts of all living
    entities. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of
    all beings. ” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.20)
    Jesus declared himself as the son of God. So who is his
    father, God?
    “It should be understood that all species of life, O son of
    Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature,
    and that I am the seed-giving father.” (Lord Krishna,
    Bhagavad-Gita 14.4)
    Jesus is the only way?
    How many of these so-called followers of Jesus,
    actually follow his instructions?
    Jesus said ‘thy shall not kill’ but they kill by millions
    everyday (cows, pigs, chickens..)
    Jesus said ‘Love God with your heart’ but they don’t
    even know God
    Jesus said ‘Love thy neighbor’ but they go round
    cursing the neighbors (non-Christians) a life of hell if
    they don’t become one of them
    Jesus said ‘live without sin’ but they live in sin and
    expect Jesus to bail them out
    Instead of giving love to Jesus. They give him their sins
    so Jesus can suffer eternally
    These Christians who claim to follow Jesus, actually
    completely ignore the real teachings of Jesus
    By following the Vedic scriptures, one completely
    follows the teachings of Jesus:
    Thy shall not kill – Vegetarianism
    As you sow so shall you reap – Karma
    Love God with your heart – Love Lord Krishna
    “I am the generating seed of all existences. There is no
    being-moving or nonmoving-that can exist without
    Me.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.39)
    Love they neighbor – Consider everyone as the children
    of God, thus we are all brothers and sisters. Don’t go
    round cursing people
    “One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living
    entities..” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 12.13-14)
    Live without sin – No relationship outside marriage, no
    meat, no intoxication, no gambling
    Give love to God – Worship deity of Lord Krishna and
    offer water, flower, a leaf
    “If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower,
    fruit or water, I will accept it.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-
    Gita 9.26)
    Man is made in the image and likeness of God – God is
    a person with a form, he has 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes, and
    so on. That person is Lord Krishna
    “Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form.
    They do not know My transcendental nature as the
    Supreme Lord of all that be. (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-
    Gita 9.11)
    My father is in my heart – Lord Krishna is in the heart of
    all living beings
    “I am the Super soul, seated in the hearts of all living
    entities.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.20)
    I am the son of God – Lord Krishna is the father of all
    living beings
    “All species of living beings in this material creation
    appear by taking birth, and I am the seed giving
    father.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 14.4)
    These Christians who claim to follow Jesus, actually
    completely ignore the real teachings of Jesus.

    1. Aditya, I wonder whether you understood my article, because if you did, you would not write that I think positively about Christianity and negatively about Hinduism. It is just the other way round.
      I met over the years many foreigners from ISKCON who tried to convince me that Krishna is Jesus’ father, thinking that I am a Christian who needs to be converted to Krishna Consciousness. They would have done any Christian missionary proud in their zeal to claim exclusiveness for their ‘true God’. They claimed that it is Krishna and Krishna alone who has to be worshipped.
      I thought it is a typical western hangover of having been brainwashed into a dogmatic faith. However I am surprised that you, a Hindu, too, try to claim this exclusiveness which is , as I understand it, against the spirit of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma.
      Please do not fall into the trap trying to ‘adjust’ Hindu Dharma to make it more like the monotheistic, dogmatic religions. It is great as it is – open for a genuine, deep inner and outer exploration about what is true and open for myriads of different forms of worship with the intent to connect with this true essence in us.

  46. sudhindra · · Reply

    Ancient sages of Bharatavarsha gave us a beautiful call- Ekam Sat, Vipraa bahudaa Vadanti. There is only one truth, the knowledgeable call it by several names. Follow your path, respect all others is the right attitude.

    One more thing. Rigveda has a saying Aa No Bhadraah Kratavo yantu Vishvatah. Let Noble thoughts come from every where. It means that noble thoughts existed all over the world. The sages accepted all of them and synthesized in their lives.

    Unfortunately we getting more petty. Let’s raise above the divisive thoughts. With spread of information technology, we have to get together. I am grateful because i get so much of our ancient texts from Europe and USA besides my own country. Grateful to every one.

  47. Aditya mishra · · Reply

    Actually maria Jesus was “Rishi” .. he was not god .. to know about Rishis you study Hindu granth ..

    Now actually what happen .. Yahodi people believe tha there is one god messenger came on earth fr people of earth..

    Jesus is Rishi whose thinking slightly differ .. any many yahodi believed that he was messenger n they follow them

    n after some tym Mohammad was came n then again rest of yahodhi follow him as a god messenger ..

    At that tym develop Christianity n Islam..

    But sanatam dharma older than all this dharma.. any every thing written in all dharma .. is always link with sanatam dharma

  48. Nail Truth · · Reply

    If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. Hope all know who said this.

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