Indian Secularism is not secular

For years I did not know what opportunities to practice equanimity I had missed, till I finally got a TV set some 3 years ago. In the beginning, I certainly did not remain calm under all circumstances. What intense emotions in just an hour of listening to panelists on the news channels! However, slowly I learned to sit back. I could admire the quick-wittedness and the amazing ability to talk or rather shout while listening.

These anchors and panelists are no doubt intelligent, nevertheless their choice of topics is often pathetic, and they get some points consistently wrong. One such point is ‘secular’ or ‘secularism’. Since secularism is mentioned daily in Indian media and since it is a western ‘invention’, I would like to put it into perspective:

Contrary to the general perception in India, secular is not the opposite of communal. Communal as such is not objectionable either. It simply means ‘pertaining to a community’. In Germany, elections to local bodies are called “communal elections” (Kommunalwahlen).

Secular means temporal or worldly and is opposite to ‘religious’. Now ‘religious’ in this context refers to Christianity, i.e. to a well-organized, dogmatic religion that claims that it is the sole keeper of the ‘truth’, which God himself has revealed to his Church.

And what is this revealed truth? In short: the human being is born in sin, which dates back originally to Adam and Eve. But fortunately, some 2000 years ago, God had mercy on humanity and sent his only son Jesus Christ to earth to redeem us by dying for our sins on the cross, then rising from the dead and going back to his father up in heaven. However to be able to get the benefit of Jesus’ sacrifice, one must be baptized and become a member of the Church, otherwise one will be singled out for eternal hell on Judgment Day.

Understandably, such claims did not appeal to those who used their brains, but for many centuries they had to keep quiet or risk their lives.  The reason was that for long the Church was intertwined with the state, and  harsh laws made sure that people did not question the ‘revealed truth’. Heresy was punished with torture and death. Even in faraway Goa, after Francis Xavier called the Inquisition to this colony, unspeakable brutality was committed against Indians. In many Muslim countries till today, leaving Islam is punishable by death.

Significantly, those centuries, when Church and State were intertwined, when the clergy prospered and the faithful sheep suffered are called the dark ages. And the time when the Church was forced to loosen its grip, is called the age of enlightenment, which started only some 350 years ago. Scientific discoveries, which could no longer be brushed under the carpet, played a crucial role for showing the Church her place. Now, more Europeans dared to oppose the stranglehold of religion. Many went to prison for doing so.

Slowly, the idea that reason, and not blind belief in a ‘revealed truth’, should guide society, took root and this lead to the demand for separation between state and Church. Such separation is called secularism. It is a recent phenomenon in the west.

Today, most western democracies are ‘secular’, i.e. the Church cannot push her agenda through state power, though most western democracies still grant Christianity preferential treatment. For example in Germany, the Constitution guarantees that the Christian doctrine is taught in government schools. Further, the Churches have retained special labour laws that make it obligatory for Church employees (alone in Germany over one million) to conform to Christian norms. Nevertheless, the present situation is a huge improvement over the dark ages when one had to pretend to believe unbelievable dogmas.

In India, however, the situation was different. Here, the dominant faith of the Indian people never had a power centre that dictated unreasonable dogmas and needed to be propped up by the state. Their faith was based on insights of the Rishis and on reason, intuition and direct experience. It expressed itself freely in a multitude of ways. Their faith was about trust and reverence for the One Source of all life. It was about doing the right thing at the right time according to one’s conscience. It was about The Golden Rule: not to do to others what one does not want to be done to oneself. It was about having noble thoughts. It was about how to live life in an ideal way.

However, this open atmosphere changed when Islam and Christianity entered India. Indians, who good naturedly considered the whole world as family, were despised, ridiculed and under Muslim rule killed in big numbers only because they were ‘Hindus’ (which is basically a geographical term). Indians did not realise that dogmatic religions were very different from their own, ancient Dharma. For the first time they were confronted with merciless killing in the name of God. Voltaire, who fought the stranglehold of the Church in Europe, had accurately observed, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”.

Guru Nanak left a testimony how bad the situation was, when he cried out in despair: “Having lifted Islam to the head, You have engulfed Hindustan in dread…. Such cruelty they have inflicted, and yet Your mercy remains unmoved…” (Granth Sahib, Mahla 1.360 quoted from Eminent Historians by Arun Shourie).

During Muslim rule Hindus had to lie low for fear of their lives, and during British rule they were ridiculed and despised by missionaries, and cut off from their tradition with the help of ‘education’ policies. Naturally, this took a toll on their self-esteem. In fact, till today, this low self-esteem especially in the English educated class is evident to outsiders, though it may not be so to the persons concerned. Swami Vivekananda’s efforts to give Hindus back their spine did not impact this class of people. Nevertheless, it is a great achievement that Hindu Dharma survived for so many centuries, whereas the west succumbed completely to Christianity and over 50 countries to Islam in a short span of time.

Coming back to secularism. Though Hindu Dharma survived and never dictated terms to the state, ‘secular’ was added to the Constitution of India in 1976. There might have been a reason, as since Independence, several non-secular decisions had been taken. For example, Muslim and Christian representatives had pushed for special civil laws and other benefits and got them.

However, after adding ‘secular’, the situation did not improve. In fact the government seemed almost eager to benefit specifically the dogmatic religions (for which secularism was coined) and occasionally had to be restrained in its eagerness by the courts.

This is inexplicable.  Why would ‘secular’ be added and then not acted upon? And the strangest thing: ‘secular’ got a new, specific Indian meaning. It means today: fostering those two big religions which have no respect for Hindus and whose dogmas condemn all of them to eternal hell.

It is a sad irony. Can you imagine the Jews honouring the Germans with preferential treatment instead of seeking compensation for the millions of Jews killed? Yet Islam and Christianity that have gravely harmed Indians over centuries get preferential treatment by the Indian state, and their own beneficial dharma that has no other home except the Indian subcontinent, is egged out. And to top it, this is called ‘secular’!

Obviously Indians have not learnt from the European experience. Hindus have not yet realized the intention of the dogmatic religions, though they say it openly: Finish off Hinduism from the face of the earth. Hindus still ‘respect’ them, though this respect is not and cannot be reciprocated as long as those religions claim that their God wants everyone to worship exclusively Him. Hindus don’t realize that an ideology that uses God as a front does not become sacred, but all the more dangerous.

Media and politicians do their best to muddy the water. They call parties that represent a religious group, ‘secular’, instead of ‘religious;’ which would be the correct term. When the state gives in to demands by the big religious bullies it is also (falsely of course) called ‘secular’. But WHY would the government do this? It clearly plays with fire. Does it want to give its citizens a firsthand experience of what the dark ages were like? In the interest of all Indians it would be wise for the state to simply ignore the powerful, dogmatic religions and focus on all its citizens equally. This means being ‘secular’.

However, western secular states are not role models either. There is a lot of depression, drug abuse, alcohol and people are generally not happy in spite of doing everything to ‘enjoy life’. Here, India has an advantage over the west. Her rishis have left a great heritage of valuable treatises not only dealing with how to live life in an ideal way, but also how to conduct economy, politics, management, etc. If those guidelines are considered, and if India becomes a state based on her ancient dharma, she has good chances to regain the lost glory as the wealthiest and most advanced country in the world whose citizen are open-minded and contented. If not, probably the west discovers this treasure trove and adopts it…..first.

by Maria Wirth


  1. I Menon · · Reply

    Constant pounding of Hindus in India and abroad with such great educative and informative articles is the need of the hour.

    Gradually, the TRUTH of how ureasonable Hindu bashing is going on to destroy Hinduism by its enemies will dawn upon the slumbering Hindus.

    That would be the beginning of Hindu India’s revival phase, which has already started.

  2. prakriti · · Reply

    Maria, I must admit that you are among rarest of rarest people who actually have a perception intelligent enough to know the essence of this very civilization, culture, which the world know by name of Hinduism. and that too you knew all crooked up stories at first and you decided to analyze with an unbiased brain, whats the truth. Please let me know what I can do to further bring the awareness for sake of humanity. I live outside india and whenever I see so many polite people blindly following those dogmatic religions, i talk to myself oh God they have been deceived for centuries.

  3. Amazing writing…thank you.

  4. @Prakriti: Dear NRI, I am happy that you are willing take up the project ‘Awake Indians’ (not Hindus – I consider all those follow the Sanatana Dharma are all Indians, for that matter, even most of Muslims and Christians in this country follow our traditions knowingly or unknowingly but claim themselves as true followers of their own religion, for example, mangal sutra, silver ring to toes, tilak on forehead, wearing sari, etc.). What need to be said at this juncture is, make aware of the richness of our religion, tradition, culture, languages, vedas…. etc. as much as possible, as much as you know from your side. Preferably, catch them young. What you are going to be preached is with reference to the rich history we have. We are lost ourselves in the few centuries because of invasion of Christians and Muslims, not because of slenderness of Sanatana Dharma. We as Indians are now really in dormant state and the matter fact, we need more and more Maria like people to awake us. As we are seasoned by British that we accept anything when it is said by foreigners, well here is the chance to our fellow Indians, listen to Maria and awake! Please, listen to our vedas, upanishids, grandhas, epics, etc…etc…

    @Maria: Wonderful article just in time. Although, you missed the direction in one or two places but reached the destination cleverly and correctly. Well done Maria.

    Please Maria continue your tired-less journey and awake more Indians like me and Prakriti.

  5. thank you for letting us know who we are and where we are from, wish the knowledge percolates to centers of powers and decision makers and hope they get a chance to reflect on it.

  6. Bharat · · Reply

    So glad to see you write it as it is Maria. Thank you for that. But the dilemma of Hindus in India is that while they pay for other religions’ subsidies from their own pocket to further the hatred for “idolators” in the form of Hajj and what not, they cannot speak the truth as you do unless they are ready to run the risk of being branded as hate mongers.

    I am one, a Hindu, and have spoken as you do, only to have invited such wrath from my own community members even when I kept on stressing on the need for harmony, and the urgent utility of logic and reasoning. Well, simply because I am from the so called “upper caste”, made it even worse, and violent.

    But I do hope that all the Indians, esp the Hindus, see through the lines of the politicians they elect and ask to be treated equally in the very country of their origin.

    1. Dear Mr. Bharat, when we sow neem seed and grow the plant as tree later expect mango from the tree is not a foolish one? That’s exactly what we do when elect leaders through elections. 80% of majority people elect the (most of) leaders who go and act against the majority and we expect them to do good for us. At least neem tree seed though it gives bitter taste but good for health, what these destroyers (I mean the worst politicians) eat our money (as salary and do scam with unaccountable money) and do against us. They are never the less to compare to a snake’s poison (even that is also useful for curing cancer, don’t know how to compare these buggers). Awake Bharat! Start propagate our culture, our tradition, our rich history to the near and dear, to start from and extend further as much as possible, as much as you know.

  7. Ashok Kumar · · Reply

    Good article ….well done Maria

  8. Amazing article….every Indian should read this.

  9. 1.The terms “secular” and “communal” are both not understood properly in Indian political and media discourse and so these terms are pervasively misused. Not merely ignorance is behind this misuse but strong and calculated mischief aimed at any political awakening or action on behalf of Hindu society.
    2. The term “secular” was inserted into the Constitution in 1975 by Indira Gandhi, not to restrain any aggressive religious minority demands but to shackle Hindu-centric concerns and issues from being aired. This insertion has helped ONLY the religious minorities and that too by encouraging them to make more and more unreasonable demands. It is noteworthy that the term “secular” is not defined or even described in the Constitution. A direct result is what I mention in para 3 below.
    3. Is it not outrageous that (i) a Christian “Father” who is the Principal of a catholic Educational Institution sees fit to exhort his students to vote “secular” ( read, do not vote for BJP) and (ii) Muslims cry hoarse that no Muslim must vote for “communal” parties (read BJP)! Is it not Orwellian hypocrisy that the exclusivist religions –Christianity and Islam–lecture Hindus in India not to be “communal”. Politicians professing to be Hindus, but largely not committed to healthy social harmony and interested only in holding political power in their private interest, have also benefited most by milking the term, “secular”.
    4. TV anchors in India are not well read in history of the world or even of India. They are lazy and take the easy route by mouthing populist slogans. The TV talk shows on politics do not enlighten or educate but merely entertain a la Bollywood tinsel.

  10. These lines sum it all :

    “Islam and Christianity that have gravely harmed Indians over centuries get preferential treatment by the Indian state, and their own beneficial dharma that has no other home except the Indian subcontinent, is egged out. And to top it, this is called ‘secular’!”

  11. I have read some of Maria Wirth’s articles and they seem to represent balanced perspectives on India in general and Hindus in particular. This is an excellent article. A good attempt at exposing the myth about unfailing use of the word “secular” in denigrating and belittling Hindus by our self-styled pseudo-intellectuals and ultra-liberals in political and other discourses in India.

  12. Maria, you remind of Annie Besant, a great British Indophile which sadly India forgot.
    She fought all her life for India & Hindus, but secular infected Hindu politician honoured ‘Mother Teresa’ , a Christian Taliban, a Rottweiler for Vatican with Bharat Ratna’. It sums up the decaying mind of Indians

    “Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck”
    And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.” – Annie Besant ,

    Why it is always a non Indian (by birth) standing up for Hinduism and India, while Hindus shy away or oblivious to the danger of Muslim fascism?

    You so brilliantly put “Can you imagine the Jews honouring the Germans with preferential treatment instead of seeking compensation for the millions of Jews killed”

    Ignore decadent politicians, citizen of India considers persons like you as’ Peoples Bharat Ratna’

  13. Anshul Kayastha · · Reply

    Very well written

  14. Raghu Sankaran · · Reply

    While the overall tenor of this article is interesting, it conveniently ignores the fact that the word “Hindu” as used here refers to those who were in a relatively advantageous position vis-a-vis caste system. It overlooks the fact that the Hindu society was so divided within itself, with more than 60% kept out side the caste system as untouchables and pancham varnas (considered to be more abominable and disposable than even the four-footed animals), that, that alone caused it to suffer so extensively in the hands of the followers and perpetrators of monotheistic religions. Of course, most netizens still come from the savarna groups, and hence the voice here is that of the online majority.

    1. prakriti · · Reply

      We have been divided on purpose friends:
      Although You are right when you say society is divided into caste system, but truth is it is Society itself, not the hindu religion divides you and more striking truth is it was britishers who poisoned our system. yes vedas talk about 4 classes but those not based on birth rights, you can carry out routine of a priest if you are intelligent enough, look at example of Maharishi Valmiki.
      Raghu- do you know manusamriti which is available to read is fake one and created by britishers and original is not available to us.
      We are here to unite whole India, so please take some time and read this wonderful article by Capt Vadakayil and Manusmriti. And untouchable was never a part of being Hindu until purposefully it was injected to divide us:
      this person has over 800 posts to tell scientific and real dimension of Indian culture which have been manipulated to weaken us.
      Come on all n let us unite. and show this world what is real place of India

  15. Vinay Joshi · · Reply

    I never knew things could be so nicely precisely written without fear. While the things mentioned were already known, the writer has put it out in such a manner that the reader can actually visualize all this happening. Take a bow, writer

  16. Prajob.E.N. · · Reply

    Good Article ..
    Dharmo rakshati ,Rakshitaha.

  17. Aniket · · Reply

    First of all hat’s off madame!
    Excellent study of religion and politics.
    Here, I would like to come up with a point. In India there’s some part of population that is not under the influence of any religion. The target of this so called Indian secularism is blind believers just like old Christian era. They still fear the wrath of God.

    My point is this secularism/dirty politics is only for getting vote. So Indians should wake up and see it with open eyes. But sadly thats not happening.

  18. Neela · · Reply

    Maria … Commendable effort .. here you are like a Mouth Piece of all Indian Hindus who buried THESE feelings deep inside just not to be Tagged as Communal. The best paragraph to sum up and quote . ” It is a sad irony. Can you imagine the Jews honouring the Germans with preferential treatment instead of seeking compensation for the millions of Jews killed? Yet Islam and Christianity that have gravely harmed Indians over centuries get preferential treatment by the Indian state, and their own beneficial dharma that has no other home except the Indian subcontinent, is egged out. And to top it, this is called ‘secular’! How true these words are !
    Great Article …love it

  19. Great article! Hinduism is the only cure for India.

  20. great article Maria… Hindus have lost their self esteem…. and it needs to be brought back..

  21. Sandip · · Reply

    India is definitely not secular, how can India be secular when there are different laws for muslims,christians and hindus. Blasphemy law or the right not to offend or be offensive, these anti freedom laws make India very un-secular.

    PS: The Indian flag is not very secular, need to change that also,

  22. shilpi · · Reply

    Thanks to internet and web, accompanied by hidden and alternative views coming to fore, Hindus r awakening.

  23. Great writing with simplicity and clarity.India is the richest country in the world. that is why christians and muslims cannot keep off it.

  24. […] and contented. If not, probably the west discovers this treasure trove and adopts it…..first. – Maria Wirth Blog, 2 May […]

  25. Rama Krishnan · · Reply

    Excellent article, Maria. You are enlightening other Indians like me who have unfortunately strayed the wrong h of pure western materialism with no reapect to the great Bharateeya culture. I salute you for your amazing blogs in support of the rich spiritual heritage of Bharat.

  26. Wonderful article and can`t explain my feelings, best article written by a third person or we can say for the betterment, and self evaluation of a v good race.-for some time I was feeling that Congress has since been converted into a mxture of islamic & chritian party which is working against the interests of hindus. Here every talk of benefit at the cost of Hindus to muslims/ chritians is declared as secular and every talk of benefit to Hindus is declared as communal. The persons at the helm of affairs are dedicated chritians and Muslims but have Hindu names and faces( to show the public at large) so as to make fool of simple hearted Hindus. I would like to say thank you very much for doing so much efforts and labour for a race you are not related.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      I understand what you mean Sir, but allow me please to clarify a couple of things from your praise of Maria´s article: that of “third person” and “a race you are not related”. I repeat, I understand what you mean, but I pray the moment arrives in which us, hindu but non indians, who consider, regard and revere Bharat as our Mother, are not seen as foreigners yet and as “other race”. India is beating in our heart, I would say more than in a vast majority of indians “by birth” who keep looking to the deceiving and poor West as their ideal. I wish all human beings were regarded by their deeds and their hearts more than by superficial accesories.

      1. prakriti · ·

        Maria- you guys can’t be third person. those who understand the true meaning of hindu culture, come under a single group that is called humans for world peace. that is where you and Maria W and myself belong and we need to spread this unconditional love among all humans on this planet. “Vasudeva katumbkam”, the entire world is a family.

  27. True Indians will be grateful to you. As you have rightly pointed out most politicians do not seem to understand the meaning of the word secular. India is the ultimate source of all spiritual wisdom of the world It is indeed ridiculous to describe India as a secular stage. Hope all Indians understand this. People like you born in some other country are more Indian than many people who are born and brought up here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      And I thank to you from the bottom of mine for being able to see through nationalities.

  28. ராமச்சந்திரசேகரன் · · Reply

    one wishes the copies of this article is sent to all Dravidian churches/Mosues of Tamil Nadu because it is known N.indian/Goa christians/muslims are amenable to reason as they make use
    of their brain power for good whereas TN christians&muslims use their perverted brain power for
    destructive divisionism .

  29. ராமச்சந்திரசேகரன் · · Reply

    I think the concluding line of Maria,author of this wrticle, may happen.

  30. Wonderful research with keen observation. Kudos !!

  31. Gautam · · Reply

    Maria, thanks for the good read, though would like to see references for secular being added to the constitution in 1976. Nonetheless, just to play the devil’s advocate, in the defense of Muslims and other minorities, they have been discriminated explicitly and implicitly since the independence ( no thanks to the Brits for seeding the intolerance! ), and perhaps they do need some legal precedents in their favor to avoid being targeted.

  32. Naveen · · Reply

    I understand your anguish…atleast few people like me are with you!

  33. Naveen · · Reply

    Very satisfying article!….its everytime someone outside india should awaken the dominant community….most hindus are polite and they just carry on with their work,that has become a problem…hopefully everything will change with MODI…thanks Maria!

  34. Mariaji, shath shath pranaam. You are more Indian than any of us here. Articles like this are the need of the hour to awaken the sleeping and confused mass in India.

  35. […] If not, probably the west discovers this treasure trove and adopts it…..first. by Maria Wirth Indian secularism is not secular ——————————- A commendable article, exposes a lot of myths created in this […]

  36. Very true.thank you for spreading the truth about the reality

  37. Mohan Gopalakrishnan · · Reply

    This is what i posted on my facebook page, let me cut and paste it…
    .Here is my 16 paisa on this. Its the most ridiculous piece of writing i have seen in five years….But there every five years a westerner pops up from the skies and defends everything that is hindu(Francois Gautier was the last one) and every middle class hindu with a facebook account circulates it to their friends. I am a big beleiver in the turkish model which took an ex ottoman state and made it forget its past. All good food goes out of date and it does not matter how good it is in the end it will spoil. The same is true of cultures beyond their shelf life. While it is true our culture has been based on logical deduction somewhat in the past, it also carries with it the past burden of caste and discrimination and division of labor based on incident of birth all of which is very backward. All our literature from that past glorifies all this as well. We are stuck without social evolution because of our glorious past and need a complete break from it while we confine our culture to the museum for our next generations to appreciate and marvel.

    1. prakriti · · Reply

      Culture you are talking about is not original Indian culture, the modern society with all the divisions in classes you are seeing is result of poison injected by Britishers in our scriptures and culture on a purpose to divide us. Our “Original manusamriti” is not made available to us, all we read is fake one the one britishers wanted us to read.
      Vedas never talked about class difference based on Birth, Look at Mahrishi Valmiki. everyone should have equal right in society based on their intelligence and perception.

      If you don’t trust me, at least follow my request and read following 2 articles by Capt Vadakayil. If you really think you are a modest unbiased person with an understanding of wrong and right, you will have a totally changed view after reading this. Capt is exhuming the every bit of truth which have been kept hidden from us in order to divide us, and pasting on Facebook like this. you again are dividing India. Vedic sanskriti is not to be kept in museum, it is to sustainability of human life on this earth.
      I am a well qualified scientific person and I am sure that to understand vedas you need a genius mind as i am not able to understand all of it. Go to Capt blog and you will know what you see in India is not part of our ancient culture. he has over 800 posts, i say I need entire life time to go through them as he also talk about scientific dimension of our scriptures.

      India is most ancient civilization and it prevailed and will prevail as it has spiritual dimension in it. let us unite India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Wonderful Article Maria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This article is the right answer to So called Secular Political Parties & Politicians & most importantly the whole Indian Paid Media !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would come to the point, If mughal rulers killed Kafir (it means Non Muslims and not an abusive name) then they ruled for around 300 years and there should not have to be a single kafir left in this country, but majority is their
    If mughal leaders destroyed temples there should not have been a single temple left
    This writer says that most of the benefits are deployed to Muslims and Christianity, but does she know that the worst condition of any religious community is Muslim they belong to lowest income group they have most under weight children
    Does she knows that most of the people killed in communal violence is Muslim community
    Does she knows that the lowest conviction rate for crimes is of Muslim community and 84% of SIMI accused operatives have been acquitted it all points to that there is being run two different laws are in this country. Even when more people are being killed in maoist attacks in India ( by saying this i do not support any kind of terrorism, Quran says If you kill one innocent person you killed the whole humanity)
    I think this writer does not know anything, one thing I can judge is, she has not gained enough knowledge to write an article

    1. @Kashif Khan
      Do you try to deceive or do you have your knowledge only from mainstream media? You wrote: “Quran says if you kill one innocent person you killed the whole humanity.” And then you write : “one thing I can judge is, she has not gained enough knowledge to write an article.”
      Maybe you are not aware: in Quran 5:(27-31) the story of the two sons of Adam is told, where one kills his brother.
      Then 5:(32) starts:
      “On account of this incident, We ordained for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a person except as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land, it will be written in the book of deeds as if he has killed all the human beings on the surface of the earth, and whoever will save a life shall be regarded as if he gave life to all the human beings …”

      It means it is valid only for the Children of Israel, not for the “believers”.

      Please don’t cheat. Or if you were ignorant, don’t ‘judge’ me to be ignorant.

      1. u r going in technicality of the language which was being used. ok i will give a technical reply
        Verse says “children of israel” and not “ONLY children of israel”. if allah wanted to say that only children of israel then there would have been “innama” and not “innahu”
        hope i answered the question

    2. @Kashif Khan

      You seem to be a Madrasa educated so called Khan.

      Mughal killed as many Hindus, they could and would not have hesitated to kill them all. Even Genghis Khan, who hated and wanted Muslims free ASIA, did not/could not kill off all of them.

      Mughal concentrated mostly along the north of India. The South was inhospitable, so most of the North Indian temples were destroyed by bloodthirsty Muslim and converted into mosques.

      No world historian (but Muslim) will deny that Hindus were forcefully converted by Muslim zealots. For instance, analyse the role of Tipu Sultan, Aurungzeb and so many others.
      Not all Hindus were killed or all temples were destroyed, It is obvious and Maria has not so pronounced.

      Hitler did not kill all Jews or destroyed all synagogues. Muslims crime against Hindu worse than
      Hitlars Holocaust. Hindu holocaust is bigger than Jewish holocaust, which pathetic Hindu secularist
      wants to hide. There should be a ‘Nuremberg’ trail for barbaric Muslim genocide in India.

      Whatever way you want to reason it, fact of the matter, many Hindu temples was destroyed and
      many Hindus were forcefully converted. Look back into your own ancestry; you could be one of them.
      Your quote from Quran is selective. You have not read Quran, and missed –
      Quran(9-5) “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, …”

      Now Jihadi Khan, solder of Allah, consider yourself fortunate that you are NOT living in Pak, Afghanistan, Syria ,Iraq- but in Secular Hindu India. Pray to your Allah for the generosity of Hindus.

      1. Dear Agni Thanks for your feedback. You seem to be not in a good mood.
        That’s fine First thanks for giving me a prestigious label of SOLDIER OF ALLAH but I don’t think that I have done that good for the sake of Islam what Allah has done for me. OK just get to the point.
        First suppose if I am a madrasa educated man that is not a bad thing If they teach me good things.
        By giving argument about mughals I do not support them at all Because in my own opinion and I think in light of Islam most of them were sinners and they should be sent to hell on the day of Judgement (Allah knows better). You told me that they destroyed temples. Do you know that Supreme Court has made a rule that Mosque or Temple or any religious Place build on a public place should be demolished ARE THEY MUGHAL. Do you know how many Dargahs (Dargahs are prohibited in Islam) were destroyed by Aurangzeb. and how many mosques destroyed by them. Mughals did destroy Temples but did they make mosque on all those sites, on all of them, if you think so then u are on a wrong path 60,000 temples were destroyed and 3000 mosques were build source Vedantic (NOT HINDU, hindu is a geographical name) source . If they wanted they could have build Mosques on all sites.
        Still I say that 300 years are more than enough to convert whole India to Islam, But more than 80% of Indians still Non Muslims is a testimony that they were not that cruel
        You are comparing Hitler with Mughals, are you kidding. As per wikipedia population of Jews now 1,37,46,100–1,79,36,40 take is 1.80 crore that means as population grows, at time of holocaust population should have been 90.00 lacs. 60.00 Lacs were killed as per official records (obviously real nos. inflates) so 2/3 were killed. Do you think 2/3 Vedantics were killed during mughal era.

        I accept that my ancestors were not muslims now tell me one reason that why should I come back to the religion of my ancestor, just because my ancestors followed it. HAHAHAHA If I will tell you that ur ancestors wear neither trousers nor jeans would you wear dhoti. I think we should choose our religion from our own experience and facts and not from our ancestors. You will be surprised to know that a 5 years ago I was an atheist, then I was gifted Quran from Allah and now I am muslim. Moreover Sanatan Dharma are not from India. The only religion which was born in India were Buddhism and jainism which is seen no where that means Sanatan Dharma leader killed almost all buddhist. Now would you agree.

        Quran(9-5) “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, …” TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT this surah is not for innocent people but for all those who broke the peace agreement with Muslims read (9-4). Who were Kaf’ir of Makkah

        You know what Quran(9-6) says about innocent non believers like you “If one amongst the Pagans(1253) ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah. and then escort him to where he can be secure.(1254) That is because they are men without knowledge.” Allah gave believers a duty to take non believers to a safe place. We should complain it and not you.

        First I thanks Allah that he made me a Muslim then I thanks him to let me give my exams of Life in In our India. I would say that I love my India as you do even I think more than you do.
        Thank You any reply is welcome.

    3. Naveen · · Reply

      @kashif: even quran says abt the “virgins” what do u say abt that? What abt polygamy and many more male dominated decrees? I would kindly tell u to shut up and go back to ur madrassa and go ahead with stupid sermons!

      1. Dear Naveen
        I did not get your point.
        If Islam is male dominated then I will leave Islam and again become an atheist.
        thank you

    4. Hinduism and sanathana dharma is a resilient lifestyle. Please try find out the history of Allahbad and Hajipur, and why they were called like that. You will know the intent of mughals and their barabarianism. But hindus are by nature forgiving and have a huge heart, hence even the most brutal invaders ended up accepting realities and liking Indian people. The reason they could not go marauding all temples is because they were aware of the resistance and opted wisely against it after trying it initially.

      1. Dear Sri
        I am not a lawyer appointed by Mughals, If they destroyed any temples (on legal place) they will be punished on the day of judgement inshaa’allah
        BSP come to power they change the name of places parks etc, then SP come to power they change the names. You will never complain against them and I know you will never complain.
        You think it was their strategy to get off with some temples. If British with handful of military ranks can destroy India, then A huge military with proper equipment could have destroyed the whole India. They did not need to spare any temple. This is what British sowed in your mind after 1857 revolt.
        MUGHALS KILLED HINDUS MUGHALS KILLED HINDUS. you know that all 9 NAVRATNAS in Akbar reign were Non Muslims. Of course you don’t.
        any reply is welcome.

      2. Ok so Birtish put this in our minds that that Mughals destroyed 100 000 hindu temples. So why are the muslim Taliban in Afghanistan destroying Bhuddhist idols of Buddha with canon fire. Is this not muslim hate for other religions?

      3. @rajan kumar
        Mr Kumar I am really surprised that your kind educated people think like that ok then take these examples
        Hitler killed 6 million people so Christianity and Christians are bad
        In mujaffarnagar many muslims were killed sanathan dharma and their followers are bad
        Protestants Killed many Catholics protestants are bad
        what do you want to prove….. do you really think if a group of muslim destroy a temple then whole
        religion is bad or their followers. Do you know more people are killed by hindu militants then muslim militants in India.
        Do you know what is the bloody condition of lower caste hindus in India, how they are being treated, you can’t imagine because you are not connected to earth. and when the same lower caste hindus go to muslim countries for job, they eat the same meal with muslims.
        You talk me about temples you know idol worship is a sin in sanathan dharma. OFF COURSE YOU DON’T BECAUSE YOU ARE EDUCATED.

    5. srinivasa · · Reply

      kashif bhai, its indeed comical that you compare serious mass killing marauders like the Mughals (akbar was the only exception in their otherwise long 9 century dynastic rule, you know why, because he was born in a hindu household who gave his family shelter when his own relative was out to kill him as a baby for being an emperor) to a petty political outfit like BSP. Akbars own son Jahangir turned out to be a brute like his forefathers falling to radical sunni islam. Akbar launched his own religion getting away from islam, Din-I-Ilahi, which had no takers after him. I do not even know if I should have a serious dialogue with half baked young folks like you but I will for the moment and for one last time. Mughals killed and maimed people of other faiths for centuries just because they were of a different faith. .BSP did NOT.Its just a stupid political party trying to garner votes by playing the dalit card. ‘Allahbad’ (it is originally PRAYAG) and Hajipur for your info was the name coined by mughals after they killed lakhs of hindus and publicly maiming those who refused to convert. Also read the history of sikhs and how mughals brutalized their gurus who refused to convert. Having said that, I do not hate islam or muslims. I respect their faith and we hindus only want them to respect ours…as simple as that. I realize there are several very nice muslims who get along with other faiths seamlessly but they also need to understand Islam is not the only supreme faith out there, and this needs to be accepted by muslims. HINDUS never claim that theirs is the holier than thou philosophy. Even RSS does not do that, they even have a muslim wing. I would love to have a debate with some openminded muslim intellectual some day about all this but right now, I am busy fending for myself and my family putting food on our table every day. Good luck with your IAS pursuits.

    6. srinivasa · · Reply

      And coming to casteism, ALL FAITHS practice discrimination of some sort or the other today in the world. It is just that it exists in all religions under different overheads..thats all. Watch the caste/jati bhedbhaav episode of satyameva jayate of season 1 and you will know casteism exists in ISLAM as well. These days youngsters like yourself do not read much and get into the depth of matters. Merely forming superficial opinions about things based on hearsay is an insult to your education. No religion preaches discrimination but perverted individuals manipulate religious sermons to discriminate between human beings. This is true to hinduism, islam, sikhism, christianity.

    7. srinivasa · · Reply

      Kashif, I wanted to answer one more folly of yours. You muslims think 80% of india remained hindus due to the benevolence of mughals and their religious tolerance but you are utterly wrong there. Several rajput kings, and not to forget maratha empire (Shivaji maharaj) fought staunchly and valiantly against mughals and protected the south from conversion under the sword. Mughals after a point just got tired and could not do an egypt or iran here.

      1. brother sri
        my last reply
        mughals were sinners fire of hell is waiting them inshaa’allah. because they killed innocent people and they followed polygamy. writer expresses that islam did put fear in the hearts of sanathan dharma followers. Ok for a moment I agree with her, now writer says that islam is being spread in european countries you tell me who is putting fear in those people heart.
        Ok now for a moment I agree to you that, mughals put fear into the hearts of people of india and made them to accept islam. I am a converted Muslim (before that I was and Atheist) and I am proud that I did not follow the path of my parents. You respect mine religion but I am a better follower of santhan dharma follower than you are, BECAUSE I DO NOT PRACTICE POLYGAMY BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN ONENESS OF GOD (as per vedas).
        Give me one reason I will become Sanathan Dharma Follower as my ancestors would have been.
        Islam discriminates, If one sanathan dharma follower discriminates that does not mean allI followerss discriminates. Your books do not respect Harijans. If they do then tell me why Dr. Ambedkar (more knowledgeable person than you and me) made all of them accept Buddhism.
        ISLAM DISCRIMINATES, islam does not but Muslim does, and they are doing sins by doing this, even I can not discriminates with you or Maria, you are welcome to come to my home.
        You meant I have gained half knowledge and you are more knowledgeable than me OK I agree. That is y u still call ur self hindu which is a geographical name. In last who cares how much knowledge we possess but it should be good.
        I did not want to reply you as u know how much precious the time is for me, but this is my duty which is ordered by Allah to me to spread the knowledge.
        this is my last reply, hope u understand what I want to say

    8. prakriti · · Reply

      Motive of everything bad/ good happening in India- Break their unity and conquer them:

      So to all who are discussing class system in Hindu community. I request all of you to go through these links and decidee yourself, you still want to remain divided as Britishers wanted us to?
      Sine mr Kashif mentioned about crooked Ambedkar, just see the exposed face of this British stooge monster, who played a major role in dividing india

      The following link talk about untouchability poison injected by Britishers. Vedas never discriminate a person based on birth right. its your perception which take you to higher levels. Mahrishi Valmiki is best example:

      The following link talk about fake Manusamriti being in circulation to read, original is not available to us.

      This great person ( Capt Ajit Vadakayil) has declared to rewrite the human history, he already written over 800 posts. we, indians don’t know anything, what we know is what britishers wanted us to know. Our history books, scriptures all have been manipulated. Take time and read his another posts where he talks about how pandits were abducted and were forced to inject poison and rewrite our scriptures in Sanskrit. Well what you guys know if you don’t know Capt Ajit Vadakayil.
      Let us unite India.

  40. I bow my head in humbleness for opening my eyes to what we are …

  41. dhruba · · Reply

    Very informative article, Maria. You deserve kudos from Hindus all over the world. All the best from Nepal which was officially world’s only Hindu country until 2008 ! Its Hindu character is still there as over 80% of 28 million people identify themselves as Hindus.

  42. Sumith Singh gowtham · · Reply

    Mrs. Wirth your article was very interesting. I think if you have fb I’d it will helpful to change their Indians.

  43. Bhishma · · Reply

    Extremely misleading and badly written article. This will surely fire up the right wing hindu nazis.

    1. Obviously you are biased and opinionated. It is true that there are fanatics in every religion. Yet, Hinduism culturally promotes peace and harmony with all creatures – unlike many other prominent religions which believe in the superiority of their own thoughts / practices..

    2. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      Everybody has a right for their own opinions, But, please, prove your points:

      – misleading in what
      – badly written: this is said when one wants to criticize and doesn´t know how.
      – “right wing hindu” are not nazis: you have missed the whole story if you think so.

    3. Mr. Bhishma, just shut up and keep away from this blog. This blog is for HINDUS, not for Pseudo Hindus like you. By keeping Hindu name no one believe you as Hindu. You are not invited to this blog, try some other blogs.

      1. Maria Lozano · ·

        Madhu/Madhug seems to attack again!!! Whatever disguise she uses, it stinks the same…..

    4. @Paki Bishma

      Incognito Paki Mohamed Khan
      Remove your burkha of ignorance, and clean your Islam infected disused brain. If Hindus were Nazis, India would have been a Muslim free country by now and Pakistan a miscarriage

  44. Excellent write up. I congratulate you on writing an insightful and bold post. To say that I agree with you would be an understatement. I personally believe that our constitution needs to be re-written and the politicians re-formed. Hindu religion is truly secular and and needs to be re-established for India to find its lost place and space in the world.

  45. Shobs · · Reply

    Wonderful article, Maria…. thanks…. hope people of this sub continent have wisdom enough to understand this……

  46. Amit Chauhan · · Reply

    But we are waiting for the day when their is no
    Hinduism left in India.
    Every one takes advantage of us and in the name oof open mindedness we welcomes our day of destruction.

  47. vaibhavemp · · Reply

    Amazing article Maria. Really appreciate it. The Hindus really need an awakening. And by that it doesn’t mean to show any superiority or something. They just need to find their self respect. Such articles can probably show them the way.

  48. Here, we are lead by one set of leaders who defend their communalism through nationalism and the other set who defend their corruption by secularism.

    1. well said ….. both thumbs up

    2. You appear to be swept away with your injudicious vocabulary.

      Majority sentiment’ is not communal. Hindu Communalist? – Would be a good thing
      for whole India and its 85% of inhabitants. If this can stop barbaric Muslim
      fundamentalism and preserve the civilization of ancient Indian culture, Hindus
      should welcome it with open arm. All the so called Hindu liberal & secularist can
      be posted to Islamic republics for enlightenment.

      Secularism in India today is nothing but Muslim appeasement at the expense of
      the Hindu majority & vandalising a civilised culture.

      Interests of Hindus & Muslims are not and never been identical, as the latter wants
      all India under Muslim domination. No faith or organisation in the world can be more
      communal than Islamic doctrine.

    3. srinivasa · · Reply

      Its easy to say this but what option do hindus today have to protect their lifestyle without resorting to nationalism ? Afterall India is the only nation out there on this planet where hindus reside as a majority. Where will we go if foreign ideologies and abrahamic religions take over India and persecute our lifestyle and beliefs ?

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