Vedic Rishis – the ancestors of all Indians

Some five years ago there was a small news item in a national paper. At that time Jairam Ramesh was the minister of state for environment and forests and he had stated, ”India is losing at least 2000 patents every year on traditional formulations as the knowledge on these has never been documented.”

I wondered whether the politicians, administrators and academics actually knew where their ancient tradition is documented and what it contains. There is a big gap between the English speaking academics and the Vedic pandits. The former tend to think that they are superior and represent India’s intelligentsia. However there is great, often untapped knowledge in the other camp of Sanskrit pandits. Their knowledge might even be more crucial for a harmonious society. Sadly, both groups don’t meet because they don’t understand each other. If they would meet and exchange, India in all likelihood would be a frontrunner in scientific innovation, as well as in philosophy and consciousness research. For example, the statement of the Vedas that Parabrahman desired to transform itself into many, and that Brahman is awareness,  could have let to the discovery that matter is basically energy (or rather awareness), long before Einstein.

Unfortunately the study of India’s tradition was gravely neglected in independent India. It was even demeaned by so called intellectuals whose intellect was obviously challenged or rather brainwashed by British education. With the new government, this pitiable situation might change, and the signals that come from the HRD ministry are encouraging. 

Many of the leftist ‘intellectuals’, however, can be expected to shout “saffronisation”. And they usually shout loudly. Sure, everybody has the right to freely express his opinion, but the right to be heard all over the world is reserved for few individuals, and so far, those intellectuals enjoyed this privilege. The Vedic pandits on the other hand, who preserve the traditional knowledge, have been sidelined and even unfairly charged with being the main cause for the backwardness of India.

The bias against the Indian tradition is difficult to understand, except for a lack in self-confidence, because the knowledge that the Rishis uncovered is truly amazing. It is the heritage of all Indians. If any other country had such long history and such great achievements to show, they would stress it on every occasion. Yet in India, this knowledge has been ignored. Instead, academics were ever ready to take up any hypothesis provided it came from the west.

For example, Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Indians don’t realize that westerners have only Darwin or the Church to choose from, and Darwin looks more probable, though not really convincing. Indians have other options: they could consider the possibility that there are cycles from Satya Yuga to Kali Yuga. There is plenty of evidence in Indian scriptures that in ancient times, India was spiritually and technologically highly developed. 

Over the years, a few attempts were made to dig out India’s treasure. For example, in some universities, a course on Indian psychology is now on offer that has been sourced from ancient scriptures and Sri Aurobindo’s deliberations on the topic. This happened only after westerners had added a new stream to western psychology that is based on Vedic insights. Yet the Indian origin of ‘transpersonal psychology’ is not acknowledged.

In regard to psychology and philosophy, ancient India was far ahead of the modern west. Still, even today, Indian psychology students learn the simplistic theories of Pawlov and Skinner, whereas in the west, “consciousness studies” have taken off in many universities and institutes.

Ayurveda is finally appreciated in India again, mainly thanks to the efforts of Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. Yet here, too, it had made already an impact in the west. The Charaka Samhita, a comprehensive treatise about what constitutes health, how to remain healthy and how to regain health, is about 2500 years old. Shushruta Samhita is another treatise from that time. Many formulations in those treatises have not yet been tested in modern times. Some formulations have been tested and several greatly valued drugs were the result of taking ancient scriptures seriously.

Yet Ayurveda, psychology and of course Yoga are only some aspects of India’s ancient knowledge. There is much more, and so far it was left mainly to foreigners to exploit it for their own benefit.

Important concepts that are uniquely found in the Vedas have meanwhile been proven correct by science. Some other concepts still need to be scrutinized, but never has any concept been proven wrong. Yet most educated Indians are ignorant about their great ancestors and don’t give them the respect they deserve.

For example the credit for the discovery of the earth going around the sun should be given to the Vedic Rishis and not to Copernicus, who lived only a few hundred years ago. Or the credit for the discovery of the solar spectrum of colours and the cosmic rays should be given to them and not to Newton and Hess respectively. Here are a few samples of what a Vedic pandit had translated and written down for me:

Earth goes around the sun – Rg Veda 10. 22. 14. and Yajur Veda 3. 6.

Sun neither rises nor sets – Atraya Brahman 3’44 and Gopatha Brahman 2’4’10.

Sun and whole universe are round – Yajur Veda 20. 23

Moon is enlightened by the sun – Yajur Veda 18, 20.

There are many suns – Rg Veda 9. 114. 3.

Seven colours in the sun – Atharva Veda 7. 107. 1.

Electromagnetic field, conversion of mass and energy – Rg 10. 72.

As the ancient Rishis were on target on these issues, their other statements may well also be correct or at least worthy of being taken seriously. Please see in this context my article on India’s wisdom and modern science:

China is not hesitating to extract what it can from its ancient knowledge, and why not? A major part of the money that is worldwide generated through Feng Shui and Acupuncture flows back to China. In contrast, India is getting a measly 2 percent of the money from the huge yoga market in the west, a report stated.

Is it not time that Indians wake up to the treasure hidden in their scriptures which are much older than what western scholars estimated? Those scholars were influenced by the Christian belief that the world was created only some 6000 years back. The Rishis had always thought big and their estimate of the age of (this) universe is collaborated by astronomy. Further, their claim “the world is maya” was ridiculed, but nowadays nobody ridicules it unless he wants to make a fool of himself.

The greatest treasure of India’s wisdom, however, lies in the knowledge of what the human being truly is: he is not a separate person, the Vedas claim. He is one with Brahman. His essence is pure, infinite consciousness. And it is possible to realize this truth by living a dharmic life and doing sadhana. When the mind is stilled by dropping thoughts, the divine dimension of one’s being is accessed. True inspiration and intuition come from this level, and true happiness as well.

And how to drop thoughts? In the Vijnanabhairava, one of the texts of Kashmir Shaivism, 112 methods are described. Maybe they are already patented in the west and come to India in the form of seminars held by foreigners charging hefty fees? The participants from the wealthy elite would not notice.

However, in spite of the lack of traditional knowledge in the English educated classes, Indian tradition is fortunately still alive among many who don’t speak English. They make India still positively stand out among other countries, in spite of the vigorous attempts by media to blacken her image.

These Indians were not brainwashed by the British education against everything “Hindu”. For them, saffron is an auspicious colour signifying that desires and attachment have been burnt in the fire of renunciation. They take the advice of Swamis and Saddhus to live a sattvic life to heart. They don’t need psychological workshops. They still have reverence for their ancestors, though they may not know what their legacy consists of in detail, yet they know the basics like: ‘Ishwar or Brahman is everywhere’ and ‘harming others will harm them in turn’. Many are grateful that especially Brahmins have taken great pains over the millennia and still take pains to preserve the Vedas for posterity by learning an incredibly huge number of shlokas by heart.

If the Indian establishment, too, honours the ancient Vedic rishis and the modern Sanskrit pandits by discovering and spreading their insights, it would not only help character building in a big way, but also would instill pride in Indians to be the offspring of such great ancestors. The Vedic knowledge could again flow out all over, as it has done in earlier times and humanity as a whole would benefit.

By Maria Wirth



  1. Ms. Maria, nice introspection done again, on Indian legacy.

    As you said, modern educational intellectual and Vidic Pandits hardly meet and discuss about the richness of this country. These intellectual has the ego that they obtained the education which are far far better than that of our ancients’, which is actually an illusionary thinking and could cause a remorse in the future.

    What is the need of the hour is that a ‘VEDIC PRESERVATION’ Ministry is to be set-up by Govt. of India and a group of modern educated intellectuals and rich learned vedic pandits should be taken in a Forum which should regularly discuss and do the necessary research work in this.

    Indian richness is hidden because of our past politicians and scholars did not take any step to preservation and propagation of our religion/history/ayurveda/vedas…. etc.

    Hope the present Govt. would take up this and go ahead of betterment of this country along with legacy of our ancestors.

  2. Tulsi Bhandari · · Reply

    Like what is written here. In reality India being what it is due to its heritage, survives because of its basic/ deeply rooted faith in the ancient wisdom. however, it is also an irony that the education system is creating an anomaly which is ruinous of its culture. the situation is complex but it is not too late at all to retrieve the lost ground—–our people are ready—- in spite of the surface differences the underlying current is One—–a policy change with regard to values and a responsible media will go a long way. A self governed media with chosen members/ organisation must make sure that not money and power but the will to speak for truth in the right perspective and with the aim to nurture innocent minds become the norms. It is time to be original, to stop aping and to encourage Karma Yoga.

  3. I Menon · · Reply

    Value of Pi in KRSHNA Sthuthi
    “Gopi bhaya madhurvrtha
    Sringisodadhi sandhiga
    Khalajeevitha khatava
    Galaha hatara sandha”

    Ka, Cha, Ta, Tha, Pa, Ya, Sha=1
    Kha, Ccha, T’ha, Tdha, Pha, Ra, Sa=2
    Ga, Ja, D’a, Da, Ba, La, Ha=3
    Gha, Jha, D’da, Dha, Bha, Va, L’a=4
    Nga, Nja, N’na, Na, Ma, “Sha”(of Shakthi), Zha, R’ra (of run) = 5


    American Library of Congress has already patented all Indian Scriptures when I was checking it in early 2,000.

    What America would do with these Scriptures if they don’t really understand the wisdom of unifying the entire humanity in these Scriptures. 

    There is a Prayer to Lord Krishna, which if decoded by giving numbers to the alphabets as per “Katapayaadi” system of applying numbers to alphabets, the value of Pi can be obtained containing upto 34 decimals. Modern mathematics have given only 5-6 decimals. 

    Likewise, one prayer to Lord Vishnu when translated with ayurvedic names of the words in the prayer makes it a medicine for treating eyes.
    Another Ganapathi Sthuthi is containing formula for a medicine for diabetes.

    This implies that Indians should immediately start learning Sanskrit on a priority basis to bring back the hidden knowledge contained there.

    1. Tulsi Bhandari · · Reply

      I feel it is time to act rather than quote! We in truth are following western technology, the world has shrunk because of the technological/ communication boom. Therefore, to harp on something else while being dependent on modern technology and with the help of this technology amounts to cynicism of the worst kind. All must fall in place; an acceptance of all that is a part of a natural progression and the ability to use a clear sense of discrimination to erase what is mean and worthless in it is required.

       If western reason and science is based on pragmatism, then the Hindu way of Spiritual truth is applicable to the above reason spheres, but all are not meant to seek/ experience it. Therefore, what is needed is a respect for the spiritual tradition, preserve it, encourage the practice of it not in the way of mass following of  self proclaimed Gurus but in the way of life in general and in the form of encouragement to seekers.

       Fanaticism is not in the least which can be encouraged on the name of Hinduttwa, it negates it; a way of life is what includes all and here again reservations, special privileges, etc. to the citizens being called minority encourages divisiveness, frustration, suppression, and lot more.       No body is stopping us from researching, applying, progressing in an all round manner. Goodness for goodness’s sake has converted into goodness for personal benefit; all work done as a sacrifice, for general welfare alone leads to peace and freedom says the Gita. But a purely materialistic view due to the prevalent consumer culture has overtaken most of us.

       It is a way o life which must be prescribed for the masses as was done in ancient India but a deterioration has taken place in its quality due to the influence if time/ kaliyuga. Even the Modi wave was created for a quick material progress rather than an over all evolution of spirit and matter.

      Democracy,  the best form of governance is far from perfect; it is therefore for individuals to live in keeping with their value system. But now is the time to clear a lot of mess which has polluted what is the most beautiful, peaceful, soulful aspect of the Hindu wisdom and way of living and certain measures should certainly be taken by the present Government, for this golden opportunity of enjoying such mandate may not repeat itself.

      My book The Autonomous Adult and Karma Yoga available on Flip kart talks about this very problem which has to be addressed urgently.

    2. Sir, i didnt undrstnd d transltion of pi value..can u plz elborate it a bit..also cn u plz mention n simplify d hymes of vishnu n ganesha stuti as u hv mentioned.
      I shall be grateful to u.

  4. Usha. · · Reply

    In India there is vast knowledge one has to be personally be interested to study deeply to feel the energy and share it to this world instead of making money out of this knowledge. . i thank you for your interest in study this knowledge thanks to Badri Narayana to introduce you to me. yes India is a great country for Spiritualism. there are great masters one has to find the right one.

  5. shreyas · · Reply

    Very nice article..

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    One may check for more on Hinduism st the site filed under the same name

    1. Sir,Once you sent post in which you said that the Ajmer dargha was hindu temple.Could you give me more details about it.?

  8. Not to forget the latest ‘steal’, the ‘super brain yoga’ in the west, which for generations we have been doing as part of prayers to lord Ganesh, calling it as ‘thoppu-karanam’ and it is prescribed in yoga-sastra.

    This piece is indeed presenting a view of bridging that long lost relationship between the rulers and the Vedic pandits, which was in the past considered an essential collaboration in running the state. And for the change, Macaulay takes the credit for sure ! Sankaracharya of Kanchi would often say what was not lost even during Islamic invasion, the English were smart enough to lure the Brahmins, the guardians of Vedas, away from their practice ! And when that happened, the age old culture was crushed.

  9. we can expect a lot from our present government in bringing back the respect for our ancient culture. its a pity the way its been neglected

  10. Vibhuti Jha · · Reply

    I know our traditions are sacred and that our “way of life” has lots to offer the world for peace and prosperity. Yet many do not know about it , nor do many Hindus. We have been brainwashed to believe that our way of life must be inferior because we got beaten by the Mughal , Muslim and the British ( thus Christian ) and were ruled , dominated and humiliated to submission and made to feel inferior. British era documents clearly state that. Yet , despite all knowledge and wisdom , Hindus could never unite or conceive a plan/strategy to undo that damage done to the Hindu psyche. Hindus despite the knowledge of UNITY have remained too individualistic and thus it has been easy for anyone to divide the faith , people and beliefs. We have to remember that knowledge has to be disseminated ( call it marketed ) and unless we do that why would anyone care for us ? Our ideas will be taken over by others ! We need to bring about what is popularly known as the cultural revolution.

    1. sacred saffron · · Reply

      Totally true.Regarding Individualistic attitude of Hindus we have ourselves to blame.We have so much of discrimination and divide among really laughable classification like north Indian vs south Indian,or Northeast Indian vs North Indian.I mean come on,When we suffered we all suffered together.Enemies never gave any special treatment to Indians based on North or South etc.They slaughtered us in our own Motherland,In our own Sacred Soil.I do know some of these classifications are done by vested interest groups to benefit from our in fighting,but we have not cared a lot in creating that oneness among our people all over India.The moment we realize our mistakes and take corrective action,then and only then we can solidify our culture and our people.

      1. Vibhuti Jha · ·

        The British very successfully divided the country in many sub groups which was then called for administrative conveniences. But it was intended to exacerbate the divide! And the combined foreign rule ever since Baburs invasion has destroyed our mental capacity to be independent and be proud of our ancient heritage. The process was designed to make Hindus feel inferior because all the knowledge could not save us from being ruled and be treated like slaves and abused in every sense of the term.

  11. english translation of vedas. [searcheable]

  12. sanatana dharma is inclusive. every other so called religion which came after that is exclusive in nature.

  13. vasuerfolg · · Reply

    Dear Maria-jee, I have shared this post on my FaceBook Timeline.

  14. Michael · · Reply

    Namaskar Maria ji.

    I loved you articles.

    Yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America.

    For example, GoodLife Fitness, offers 2 types of Yoga to its paying members. 1) Hot Yoga, where Yoga is done with induced hot temperature excess of 32 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit), for which each member pays additional $10 per session and 2) Regular Yoga – which is included in annual membership of $800. In this one example, it’s a shame but I highly doubt whether India receives any significant monetary compensation.

    Keep up the good work. Your articles are well appreciated.

    Best wishes.

    Michael from Canada

  15. Ragini Sharma · · Reply

    Dear Maria, thank you so much for your insightful and inspiring articles. I have posted two on Twitter and Facebook. I am a doctoral student at York University in Toronto, Canada and I am doing research on how yoga is being used by college students to handle stress. I will keep reading your posts and I appreciate your discussions on decolonizing education. Regards and best wishes.

  16. pinkuenchanted · · Reply


    while I like what you write. I am sure you must also be quite aware of how rare a genuinely learned vedic master is. Most brahmans who tradition dictates be regarded as veda gyaanis know nothing about it and only look for self benefit to perpetuate blind beliefs. Hence praising the ‘saffronization’ and ridiculing the ‘intellectuals’ maybe too simplistic.

    Secondly your header is wrong. Vedic rishis are not the ancestors of all Indians. If at all they maybe genetically linked to a few thousand people is my belief and that too Hindus. India is thankfully much much more than Hindus.

  17. Om Civayanama. Vanakkam Amma.
    I first saw your blogs when I came across your letter to the Vatican Pope Francis, and that was in February this year. I wholeheartedly appreciate your interest and concern over our great knowledge system. I’m a fundamentalist Saivite Hindu myself, and would like to share a couple of articles here. They have been translated from Tamil, and Tamil Hindu culture is the purest culture left in India. These articles really opened up my mind. I’m 21 now, and I’ve been exposed to these ever since 2011.

    Click to access sta_civa_boga_caram.pdf
    These are some of the 14 Saathirams/Sastras of the Saiva Siddhantha ideology that I follow.
    Here’s the link to the Thirumandhiram:
    Vedanta and Siddhantha are two ideologies that believe in the Advaita philosophy. But there is a flaw in Vedanta. Vedanta believes that every soul is a fragment of God. Now why would God want to be submerged in all Worldly pleasures and needs, even in fragments, when he is after all above them?
    The scene I’m reminded of when I think of this belief of Vedanta is from an anime called Inu Yasha, where the Jewel called Shikon no Tama or the Jewel of Four Souls is broken and its shards spread everywhere (sorry, can’t help it, saw it more than 10 years ago, but still love it even today):

    Done with the jokes, but God is in everything on this planet. He is one with the soul (does everything the soul wants to do), along with the soul (guides the soul as conscience) and apart from the soul (judges the soul for its thought, speech and action), according to Saiva Siddhantha. This is the relation between the soul and God.
    There are 5 permanent elements according to Siddhantha: 1. God, 2. Soul(s), 3. Aanavam (darkness), 4. Kanmam (our karma count, past, present and future) and 5. Maayai (not to be confused with illusion, it is what God uses to give us our bodies and this entire Universe, which in fact is reality and not blind illusion).
    The concept of Advaita is believed by the followers of Siddhantha as: “Two elements (the soul and God), one experience.” That ” ONE experience,” that bliss shared by God and the soul is what the followers of Siddhantha believe as Advaita (and traverses the two elements).
    This is because it deals with synchronizing thoughts (since God experiences with the soul and he does what it wants to do, leaving apart judging and conscience) and goes beyond the restriction of numbers. Thus, the soul is NOT God, and Advaita (non-duality) is proved.
    Reading the above links will give a more clear insight into what I tried hard to explain above in English (it’s excellent when said in Tamil, since I hardly find words for them in English). My explanation may be flawed, but I’ve never tried to think of this in English before. Please let me know, if this was helpful in any manner. If there is anything hard to understand, when I’m free, I’ll get it answered. Thank You. Om Civayanama.

  18. Sri Aurobindo’s contributions are more than just ‘deliberations’ . The in-depth psychology, analysis of human societies, his pioneering revolutionary role in fighting for Indian independence – and a yoga that is truly ahead of its time.

  19. Meanwhile the most complex Apaurusheya “Einstein” has no where to rest his weary head. Not even given a name in the west till 1995 (Pareidolia). Beyond time/ space/ words and ideas. Please see this image with only the capturing by man. This image is created by OTHER THAN MAN. OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  21. If the millions of Digitally prosperous Indians worldwide Passed on atleast 1 or more Spiritual Awakening Articles – from India -Every day either via. HIKE or w’App.. or FB.. then we could Enrich Every Indian MInd to Think Towards Truth…(T.T.T.) & I.T.T. – (implement the Truth)…

  22. Haqiqat · · Reply

    Indic religions and Abrahamic religions are poles apart. Every Abrahamic religion creates its own dogma and over the centuries have coerced their followers to accept literally every word written in their sacred books- Torah, Bible and Quran. Any person questioning their authenticity were put to death or burnt alive. Even now we find terror stricken people under the yoke of ISIL.
    Indic religions are reason based. Unfortunately, there have been too many interpretations which have left us confused. There is no consensus. We have not got any Apocrypha, discarding what does not make sense and create a coherent whole. We have created no synthesis. Notwithstanding this, we have nuggets of wisdom which the English speaking elite exercising preponderant influence in the media has kept us ignorant about.

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  24. BalajiPR · · Reply

    I find this article interesting except for ‘World is Maya’ reference. World is very much true.

    1. yes, but what seems to be there in this world is not true in the absolute sense. if you try to get “hold’ of things, you get only one energy (according to science) or rather consciousness (according to rishis).
      Check out the link India’s wisdom and modern science.

  25. Nostradamus in his codes predicts 92 Years of peace between the Second World War and the third world war. Hence we arrive at the Year 2037 which ushers in catastrophic changes. The killer comet ( Jan 2037) and killer asteroid ( June 2040) according to the Book of Revelations would destroy one third of the land and one third of the sea respectively submerging countries like Britain, parts of USA ( California and San Francisco) and ancient civilizations. After the 3 1/2 Years of peace war will breakout in 2041. India will be occupied by China. China and Russia will annex and occupy USA and Europe will be devastated by the Islamic invaders by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia who sports a blue turban would see 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people. Read for Hindu prophecies which mentions Kalki (Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya born in 1965-66 ) will restore law and order and usher in 1000 Years of peace from 2064 onwards.

  26. This is awesome. I would have never guessed that.:P

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  28. Hi Maria ,
    I went through your answer in Quora ,and was forced to write this. Though I appreciate your broad mindedness to accept a complete foreign religion as your spiritual path,I have some requests / suggestions to you , which you can read from my blog

    Hope you can make out .:)

  29. Hi maria. Nice article and good info about vedic knowledge. But vedic rishis as our ancestors and vedic path concept is incorrect . hinduism was never formed and the actual word is sanathan dharm meaning eternal religion . our land is situated east of sindhu river and greeks used to pronounce it as hindu hence we came to b known as hindus . and according to hinduism god is formless yet he assumes form of brahma vishnu shiv.formless god that is paramatma in his creative aspect is brahma. Lord vishnu preserves the world n lord shiv destroys the world at the end of the yuga . the main rishis are seven and they are brahmas sons . the saptarishis did immence penance and got knowlege of vedas from the creator . most of the brahmins have their lineage from the saptarishis . vedas date back to millions of years and they are called smriti which means remembered and was taught mouth to mouth guru to disciple but 5000 years back after mahabharat war the yuga changed and kali yug began wgich is an age of strife cheating and all wrong things and ved vyas then started writng all vedas as he knew brahmins or anyone wont have good memory so vedas became a written text and everythung else i.e puranas upanishads all texts were written down by him n his disciples . so there are four yugas satyuga the age of truth or golden age was the first and then came tretha n dwapara n now we mankind live in kali yug . lord ram was seventh avatar of lord vishnu and he was born in suryavanshi dynasty whicg was founded by(surya) sun god vivasvan whos son was ikshvaku and he was the first ruler of ancient india in satyug .. the suryavanshi royal clan of rajputs exist even today and mostly in northern india . so there are 4 yugas sayat treta dwapar kali yuga . hinduism existed in many places outside india like lord narsimas idol was found in an excavation in germany n lord vishnus idol was found in russia so it was surely there and after mahabharat war everything changed as the lose of lives was tremendous .this is wat ive heard so mayb hinduism was lost outside india after that . i hope this clears your doubts . i suggest you read gita for more better understanding and the gita translation written by parmhans yoganand in america has lot of answers abt christianity. Tat same truth which is there in sanathan dharm and that which lord krishna gave to arjun in gita at kurukshetra is somewat the same which jesus as a messenger said and other prophets also gave similar truth in a different way . but we all are gods only as the same soul which is part of paramatma resides in all . yoga is the path to realize ones own divinity .

  30. Ganesh Jatadharan · · Reply

    Fantastic write up..Its a shame that we have to know this from a westerner. Said that thanks a lot..I will try to understand ‘what is’ before making judgements..

    1. Very sorry, saw only now that many comments had landed in junk which I never checked… thank you for your comment.

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    To know more is to learn from all the sources. Brighter is the mind that learns unbiased before forming an opinion. Yet another article by Maria Wirth, opening new doors to knowledge…time to explore more…unbiased…

  32. Unfortunately, not all Indian can be clubbed in this category. India is a country where many races thrive, and there is a race who are progeny of Vedic Rishis. But apart from that, there are other races too, like tamizh, andhras etc. And not to forget, even in north, we have sikh/khatris, who are said to be have race of semites. So clubbing everyone in India is making a false claim. What India needs now is genomic analysis of DNA. This would expose many thing.

    RSS claim of being a 5000 year old civilization is a lie. The modern Indians are not the progenies of those Aryans. Those aryans were killed, or they left the lands, after battles.

  33. The more I read about our ancestors the more I am in awe of their inner and outer achievements and bow in respect to their wisdom. We don’t reach even 0.01% of their achievements. Not even a single revelation has been proven incorrect and modern science agrees with these discoveries of theRishis. When Christianity declared earth to be 5000 years old and sun to revolve around the sun, these Rishis had calculated the age of the earth as billions of years. Even in exact science, panini grammar predated modern context free grammar in computer science by 2500 years. And all this because they were in search for the truth, not dogma.

    There is a lot of bias in the western academic world. Christianity and Islam don’t consider Hinduism to be a real religion as it is so amorphous, and given the racism of the white skin, there is a contempt for anything ancient from Indian culture. Not just foreigners, even Indian communists, seculars and Dravidian parties denigrate our culture.

    Christianity and Islam are too simplistic, and cannot even match the depth of Hinduism as they take a very dogmatic and uniform approach to salvation, unlike the Hindu Rishis who knew the human psychology so well. These 2 Semitic religions can just account for 1 or 2 variants of an infinite number of ways available to humans, and which the Rishis had discovered and lived.

    But the irony is that thanks to the pervasiveness of Indian culture it is the western nations adopting yoga, ISKCON and other eastern techniques for self improvement. Only if it comes from west will our liberals accept it.

    On a positive note, I feel the Rishis would have been the last ones to secretly hoard the knowledge. While there are patents and competition, such knowledge is for the whole world and anyone can use it. Again, so global in their outlook.

    Finally the lessons of the Rishis is this – all knowledge is experiential. You cannot realise God by book knowledge. This is a great lesson which the preachers of the abrahamic religion totally forget.

  34. Sagar Kumar · · Reply

    I really want to do be your friend please accept my friend requests.

    1. did u request on fb? don’t see your name.

  35. Your blog is great. Very well written. Everything implies the truth. Keep writing and enlighten.

    1. thank you. sorry forbeing late

  36. You have very good knowledge of indian spiritual literature.

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  39. Rohan W · · Reply

    Thankyou Maria…I wish someone would teach me about the vedas. 😦

  40. |CSR Prabhu · · Reply

    While I really appreciate your commitment to the cause of scientific heritage of ancient India,let me clarify to you that traditional pundits of Sanskrit are not in a competent position to interpret their ancient Sanskrit texts in terms of modern science.They ate not trained in modern techniques of scientific methodology or research.It requires that a person who is a scholar in Sanskrit shastras and at the same time a Scientist can interpret the respective texts of scientific content in Sanskrit please.I hope you understand what I m speaking here.

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    Thank You @Maria Wirth! for bringing light and attention to the aspect of ancient Indian wisdom.

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