India’s Population has little space

It seems to be still undecided whether India’s huge population of presently 1270 million is a boon or bane. Occasionally one hears that the number of children should be restricted. Then one hears that it is an advantage that India has so many, especially young people. What is the truth?

For the common man, the experience is that there are crowds wherever he goes – in hospitals, to get admission in schools or colleges, on roads, in railway station, in pilgrimage centres, even in prisons. The infrastructure is clearly stretched to its limits and the competition for jobs and seats in educational institutions is unbelievable.

Yet Indians seem to be still relaxed, as China has even more people. Only in 2030, India is set to take the number one position as the most populous country in the world. On the third position is USA with 315 million, then Indonesia with around 250, and so on.

However, the media and even research papers usually don’t mention an important fact when they compare India’s population with that of other countries: the area available for the residents.

Everyone in India knows from direct experience that the country is densely populated. But only few know how the population density of India relates to that of other countries. Here are some figures (partly from 2010) that will shock:

China is three times the size of India. So if it had the same population density as India, it would have a population of 3.700 million instead of 1.330. The USA, about the same size as China, also would have 3.700 million inhabitants instead of mere 315 million. Australia would have 3.000 million instead of only 20 million. Kazakhstan would have around 1.000 million instead of only 15. Mongolia would have 600 million instead of the unbelievably low 3 million. Indonesia would have 720 instead of 250 million. Russia would take the cake. If it was as densely populated as India, it would harbour 6.130 million, instead of hardly 150 million. Of course, Russia has many inhabitable places. So let’s go to Europe.

The 27 countries of the EU have around 500 million people. They would have 1600 million, if the EU were as densely populated as India. Germany would have 140 million instead of the present 81. United Kingdom would have 95 million instead of 62. Italy would have 110 million instead of 58. France would have 200 instead of 62 million… It is mindboggling. Imagine what would happen, if all the French people moved into Germany to reach 140 million. There would be a big revolt.

Compare this to India’s Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These two states, which are among the densest populated in India, have an area that is a little smaller than Germany. However, instead of 81 million, over 300 million people live in those two states, plus tigers, leopards, elephants, monkeys, etc. Germany would not only need to accommodate the whole population of France, but also that of Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This situation is inconceivable. People would be at each other’s throat.

It is intriguing why world population reports generally focus on the high population growth in Africa, and overlook the incredible density of today’s India, which is getting denser and denser each day.

In Africa, 1.110 million people live in an area that is around ten times the size of India. That means, if the whole world population of 7 billion moves to Africa, there is still place for another 5 billion, till people were packed as tightly as they are in India today. Even if the countries in northern Africa are excluded and only the area south of the Sahara is considered, there is place for the whole world population plus an extra 3 billion.

Are these facts purposely obfuscated? Are the white “liberals” in the US, Canada, Australia and South America worried that they will be questioned on what basis their countries refuse entry to people from other nations when they themselves had taken over these vast lands and their mineral wealth unjustly only a few centuries ago and had pushed the indigenous population into a corner or killed them?

Maybe they need not fear these questions – at least not yet – from Indians. ‘Overcrowded’ is a relative term. Most westerners have a low threshold in tolerating many others around. It affects their mood badly. “Hell is other people” Jean Paul Satre, a French philosopher famously said.

Indians have a different mind-set. They feel that each creature – human or animal – has an equal right to be on this earth. They adjust to a given situation. It does not seem to make them unhappy. The unbelievable crowds at the Kumbh Mela are proof. They are energising. There is colour and vibrancy to life. There is a joyful, uplifting atmosphere. People are good natured and helpful to each other.

Those qualities are probably the key: as long as people are good natured and helpful to each other, living closely together is no problem and even enriching, provided the availability of food, jobs and infra-structure can keep up with the population.

And if people are not good-natured and helpful, life is depressing even if everyone lives in a spacious bungalow.

This brings up the question, “Are Indians good natured?” They generally are, and probably more than other people. There are few countries where the attitude of “live and let live” is as pronounced as in India. “All are one family” is the traditional attitude.

Of course in India, too, there are criminals who are hard to reform. India, however, faces also danger from religious fanatics. Many Indians have been converted to Islam and Christianity, and they are taught to feel superior and look down on Hindus and on their own ancestors as well. Both these religions condemn harshly “idol worship”. They consider it an unpardonable affront to the “true God”. ‘Idol worshippers will burn eternally in hellfire’, claim Bible and Quran.

In the Indian tradition, among other methods, murtis are worshipped as a representation of the Divine. And it makes sense: the creative power of the universe naturally has to sustain each part, from the sun to mosquitos, to human beings and to stones. Everything is permeated by the one divine consciousness. So, the Divine can be invoked and worshipped in any part. If only the dogmatic religions were open for a genuine debate and ready to experiment, even they would realise that murti puja can help develop love for the Divine.

Fundamentalism has been rising in the dogmatic religions in recent years and there is the danger, as it happened earlier in Indian history, even as late as in 1990 in Kashmir, that a call is given to the “despicable idol-worshipping” Hindus to convert or else they will gravely suffer. We know it is possible even in our times.

However, in tune with the financial and political clout of the dogmatic religions, the impression is created, as if the Hindus are the dangerous fundamentalists that threaten the peaceful fabric of India. The Indian and international media push this line with amazing success – proving Goebbels right. “Militant, fundamentalist Hindus” are blasted without mentioning that the fundamentals of Hindu Dharma are benign, unlike those of the dogmatic religions. Truth is turned on its head.

It is a challenge to start a genuine debate on truth and the role of religions, and make those Indians, who follow dogmatic religions, realise that they have been misled: demeaning or even harming fellow human beings will never get them heaven or paradise. It simply cannot be. There will be a rude awakening. Whether one is reborn does not depend on whether one believes in it.

The source of all life is naturally like a mother. She is loving and won’t forsake her offspring. It is absurd to believe that billions or trillions of human beings will burn for ever in a huge cauldron of fire after Judgment Day, if this day ever comes.

Christianity started propagating this absurd claim and Islam obviously found it useful, too. It is useful for frightening simple minded people into submission to an ideology that wants to expand all over the globe. Two such ideologies compete today under the tag of religion for world dominion and both consider India as a fertile ground to increase their numbers.

Is it not time to give those, who were brainwashed into obnoxious dogmas, a chance to become free? From my own experience, it was a big relief when I lost faith in the unverifiable Christian dogmas. And I am not alone. Millions lost this faith. Priests in Europe don’t dare anymore to preach that “heathen go to hell” though it is still the official Christian doctrine. They know they would lose even more of their sheep. In India, priests still dare to preach it and, as I just read, even an IAS officer in Tamil Nadu dares to rant against idol worshipping Hindus.

The majority of Indians has an exceptionally tolerant mind-set. This majority may include many of the converts who have not cut their roots but, because of community pressure, do not openly express their doubts about the dogmas they are supposed to believe. The atmosphere in India is still special. Faith in the Divine comes naturally to all Indians. If there is a country that can show to the world how a big number of people can live together in peace and harmony on little space, and even have room for tigers and leopards, it is India.

However, India cannot afford in her midst youth being brainwashed into hating their fellow countrymen, because they call the Divine by another name and use other methods for worship. This would lead to disaster. Unfortunately, the clerics of both dogmatic religions do incite their flock to look down on Hindus, if not worse. ‘Hell is guaranteed for them, if they don’t convert’, is propagated. It is probably the biggest, most harmful superstition and certainly against any scientific temper that Indians are meant to develop. Curiously, I never heard rationalists take up this issue.

The clerics should be asked to give proof that Hindus will burn in hell. If they can’t – and they cannot – they should drop this claim and appreciate the Rishis’ observation: Truth is one – the wise call it by many names.

Let the Highest be worshipped under many names – as God, Jesus, Allah, Brahman, Ishwar, Bhagwan, Ram, etc., but acknowledge that Truth is One and it is too big to fit into any book.

Is it asking for too much?

By Maria Wirth



  1. · · Reply

    Dear maria,hope you are well.just a small note to say thAnk you for your beside myself for not having found your writings an blogs earlier. Its a pleasure,honour an privelege knowing of a human as yourself. Always looking forward to further enlighment an knowledge. Namaste an shukriya, vivek . Durban,South Africa.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    1. wish she could start Video blogs on youtube.. her thoughts are too valuable and need to reach a wider audience.

  2. Maria Lozano · · Reply

    Yes dear Maria. It is asking for too much, as it would be to renounce to the core of their beliefs, as you know. We can only hope and contribute as much as we can for the cause of Dharma: the more Hindus open their eyes to the superb cultural heritage they/we have, the less “buyers” of the dogmatic narrowness will be.
    Fabulous article, as usual! Oh, yes…we westerness and our vital space requirements! For sure, it has to do with the density of population we are used too. 🙂

  3. What’s with west fascination in disconnecting Yoga with Hindus and now claiming it is universal and pushing the aryan invasion theory?

    the Great Hindu Sages believed in Vasudeva Kudumbam(Universalism) thereby a Hindu thought.

    The British sow the seeds of hatred among Souths Indians that RAM is white skin aryan who killed Ravana of Dravidian origin but in actuality RAM is always considered as dark complexion(shyaamam varNam = a dark-brown complexion) being the Avatara of Lord VISHNU.
    also Ravana is the incarnation of one of the gate keeper of Lord.

    India present inaction ability is because of Gandhi ‘selective’ adherence of nonviolence who was more of a Tolstoy than a Hindu.

    this attitude of present Indians was nurtured by British and their remnants over their rule.

    Indian education system is also a remnant of these British which cultivates a pseudo-secular environment.

    there is ever present objection by msm, pseudo-secular and the believers of heaven and hell for introducing Yoga in schools and Worshiping the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati in Schools because they cant accept a Female for God or rather any Hindu Gods other than their own sky god.

    Hindus accept Universality but cant say the same about the believers of heaven and hell residing in India.

    Today India is just a shell of her former self rendered to this state by believers of heaven and hell and corrupt minority appeasers after Independence.

    Many Christians in India are patriotic while you cant say the same for the other believers who swear their allegiance to the Arabic land.

  4. Dear Maria Loreno & Maria Wirth.Thank you for your kind & positive comments.It isn’t that people aren’t aware[though that is also there].Its a combination of many factors: non attachment to Parents/traditions due to many factors, gullibility, misplaced tolerance ,inimical media & people of X’tian or Muslim faith who work to an inimical agenda with a benign facade all contribute to the buying of Dogmatic narrowness that is being increasing boldly pedalled.Its scary.

  5. viraltiwari · · Reply

    When you learn to give more than take? It was in Indian ethos to think of others before thyself.

    The concept of “US” rather than “ME” was prevalent and practised upon.

    The massive cultural onslaught is the cause of the haemorrhage of such values.

    Not long ago the concept of joint families was thriving in India. And I have been lucky to be exposed to same.

    You learn so much from elders and others around.The wisdom,protection and joy it offers is immense.

    The stress was on the fact that both joy and sorrows were shared. Not only in the families but in communities as well.

    I wonder if kids of today will ever know that.

    Nevertheless these values are under pressure for various reasons.

    The biggest blame I believe rests with education policy makers,nuclear upbringing and individualism. This heavily undermines our culture under the guise of secularism.

    Its churning out perfect workers without karmic souls.

    Rather then stressing on learning just skills, more importance should be given to things like moral values,understating nature and its human connection,Indian culture etc. For without these,the person would be just another brick in the wall.

    Its more important to have a good soul than to have a brilliant mind/skill set. For san the moral values and ethos, brilliant mind shall only be a devils hand.

    Also what is construed as being independent is nothing but individualism(I prefer the term I coined for it viz. disconnectionism)

    Its easy to blame the changing times for all these. But its not the time which changes,but its the people who change the time!

    And as stated in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita “Change is the only constant thing in world”. Hence we must prepare ourselves for them or risk the peril of being perished.

    For your last point, I concur with Maria Lozano. She rightly puts it that this would erode the very base the missionary religions stand upon.
    And they are not ready to yield even an iota of space!

  6. @Danceswiththedevil
    Many Christians in India are patriotic while you cant say the same for the other believers who swear their allegiance to the Arabic land.

    A wishful thinking, neither of Abrahamics are sympathetic to Hindus because they consider this species as fool and docile – the two qualities required to penetrate a society for their ulterior and aggressive motives. However Hindus have two big disadvantages: 1. dark skin colour that spots them out as inferior. 2. Their religion is down casted as explained every where. Maria has touched upon this aspect too above. Hence these both Abrahamic religious violent communities are fighting each other as seen currently in Muslim world.

    Hindus currently are too lethargic and in a age old sloth to care about it any more. Only some divine Hindu power can save this community as well as this country. Let’s hope for the best.

  7. Maria, I’m glad that you have chosen such a brilliant topic of demographic distribution of population ratio that is very important to highlight more and more. I wish, more people would come out with such comparative demographic features to stress upon to save from the exploitation by these clever White Western societies. Thank you and I might like to use your columns for highlighting this cause in my writings. Hope I have your concurrence.

  8. Anil Gupta · · Reply

    In my opinion it is wrong to assume that India will overtake demographically only after 2030.I think we shall overtake China in 2025 only.We shall be the most populous country on the globe.Undoubtedly we have much lesser area than China, USA, Canada, Australia etc.But our density of population is only one eighteenth that of Singapore.But in long run an equitable distribution of people living on the planet should be a part of New World Order.Those having much larger area should be ready to accommodate more while those having less area should share some part of their population with those having more area.

    1. City states like Singapore have of course a much higher density than a country can ever have, needing agricultural land to feed the population.
      i wanted to point out that there is no other big country that has such high average population density as India. And some states like West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Kerala are much above that average.
      Actually, except for Asia and especially India, the rest of the world is thinly populated.

      1. Anil Gupta · ·

        Due to thin population of rest of the world I had suggested equitable distribution of this greatest gift of GOD, Human Resource, among nations having thin population.Even otherwise in times to come all these countries will be compelled to ‘import’ this Human Resource due to paucity of young working population in their respective nation states.

      2. Be careful when using superlatives. Bangladesh and South Korea, both countries well in excess of 100,000 square km of land area have population densities greater than India.

  9. maria Indians normally feel embarrassed at best & rarely boast as worst. Normal indians take pride in struggling to live a honest life with whatever is given available through means. Given the opportunity most Indians have proved themselves everywhere with their basic culture Outside world tell what it is . Indian accept that there is need for improvement It is the pseudo selfish Indian intellectuals running the foreign agenda, the selective doles by the government shaming ridiculing common Indians & looking down on poverty and giving sainthood to crooks – the famed noble laureates of India that needs to be pulled down.and foreigners shown their truth . is any one listening . A herculean task but could have begun by the bureaucrats . They are also slaves for foreigners as to lord over some-one the power of money & hurt is the most sought virtue

  10. Sreenivasan · · Reply

    Thank you Madam. Your write up always gives some energy for us to move forward. God bless you.

  11. You start off well: telling the west on how they should allow immigration) and then, unfortunately, your post descends into a typical, venomous attack on the ‘dogmatic religions’

    A majority of Indian Christians reject the idea of Hindus burning in hell because of their faith. In my entire parish I would struggle to find one person who believes that. Neither do the priests.

    Your own experience with Christianity may have been bad. Mine has been good. An essential point of Hinduism (which is the religion you claim to follow) is the entertainment of philosophical examination of one’s own beliefs. And Maria, judging by your posts, you aren’t willing to even entertain the thought that you may have a biased view of Christianity.

    1. i agree, most people in Europe at least, don’t believe into eternal hell for unbelievers. i am not so sure about Indian Christians – i had asked two of them, both said they believe it.
      the important point is that the OFFICIAL doctrine still claims it. if priests, even the Pope (he hinted as much) don’t believe it, then why don’t they drop it from the doctrine and stop the conversion agenda?
      the world would greatly benefit.
      yet they won’t do it. Why? because their expansion interests depend on this claim.
      No Hindu will object if you worship Jesus, as long as you don’t look down on “others” whom you think your God doesn’t love and damns forever.
      How many Christians have no objection if someone worships Krishna??

    2. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      The dogmatic religions have in its very core the duty to convert others. That is in itself a disrespect to the other´s culture, faith or tradition. No hindu will have any problem with anyone´s beliefs. The problem arises when those others feel that duty and work to fulfill it, a duty that it is in their sacred books. It is not a matter of bad or good experience with the religion. Nothing to do with it, It is with the very tenets, as that of “go and spread the gospel”, for instance.
      Yes, this is another westerner hindu.

  12. Anil Gupta · · Reply

    Without expanding our boundaries India can grow enough food to feed 250 crores by developing irrigation facilities from present 19-20% to 70-80% and by increasing per acre yield to the level of China, Israel and many other countries who have adopted modern techniques of farming.And by adopting modern town planning like that of Singapore we can provide them better living conditions.The need of the hour is to go for a paradigm shift in the thinking of our planners. Unfortunately our beaurocrats are still living with a mindset of fifties.They are not prepared to raise FAR or redraft building byelaws.Unless they change their attitude and develop a mindset to plan for next hundred years when despite all the talks of Family Planning we are likely to cross two billion mark.(We may cross that mark by 2070).

  13. Various spins can be put on the ‘conversion’ verses in the bible. Everyone is an adult, we do not blindly accept tenets of the church. There are a few Christians who indeed believe that it is their duty to ‘convert’ others because they disrespect others’ beliefs. Many others believe that they are simply taking a core message of Jesus Christ : which is charity and love through works to others.

    The church will come round eventually. You should know that the church takes extra time with everything. But we are working towards it.

  14. hi maria! i want to know from you get all this knowledge. i want to know all this too. can u plz tell me

  15. Hello Maria, There is one and only one core message that Jesus Christ delivered. “Honour God by loving your fellow man”. The type of love is an uncommon english dictionary word AGAPE.

    All the rest of Christianity, the dogmas, the rites, the rituals is discardable “fluff”. All religions have this fluff. The priestly class in Hinduism also thrives on the privelege of peforming these rites and rituals.

    “Honour God by loving your fellowman” – That is the message of Christianity

    I am hoping someone can explain Hinduism in a similar brief phrase/sentence other than saying”Oh its not a religion, its a way of life”

    You mentioned in your blogs the damage done by a mad man Hitler because of his personal hatred of the Jews. Some critics even mention the Inquistion to find fault with Christianity when the fault was in the alignment of Church with State.

    The truth is that Christians in India have been a tremendous force for good that we have experienced during our lifetimes. School, Colleges and Medical Institutions run by this tiny minority community have truly been centres of excellence open to all faiths and none of the non Hindu students have ever felt any pressure to convert. Mother Teresa of Calcutta who the RSS leader recently sought to discredit, is the supreme example of the AGAPE that Jesus preached.

    On your next India visit please personally visit a home for dying destitutes run by the Missionaries of Charity and decide for yourself. Should the RSS leader respect the fact that someone who is left by society to die like an animal on the streets is taken into a home and treated humanely while they die or should the RSS leader find fault in some imaginary diabolical intent have this animal die only after being “converted” into a human.

    1. Jai, the one sentence you ask for to put Hindu dharma in a nutshell, I would formulate like this:

      Everything is permeated by the same Divine Essence (may be best described as Sat-Chit-Ananda) – Live accordingly and try to discover it.

      I was in Mother Teresa’s destitute home in 1980 and “worked” even there, but only for a day. Yes, the dying had a cot to lie on and were fed ( I was feeding an old man) and of course (it was her duty from her view point) converted.
      However, it was not so rosy as it is described. A German friend of mine (nurse) worked there for 6 months and came away greatly disappointed. She told me of some incidents:
      For example she once opted for going with the van to pick up the dying from the streets. In one case, in Howrah, a woman was surrounded by several other women and maybe family members. The pickup team consisted of an Australian, an Indian and my friend. The Australian felt she was seriously sick and has to be taken into the van. My friend felt it was better to leave her among her own people and let her die there. The Indian was unsure, but didn’t resist, when the Australian picked her up.
      In the home, her hair was shaven and she was bathed. Next morning she was dead.

      This reminds me of another good Samaritan, a German well meaning friend, also many years ago. She once saw on the ghats of the Ganga in Kankhal an old, obviously very sick man. She called a ricksha and brought him to the Ramakrisha hospital in Haridwar. She told the doctor to do the best for him, she will pay. She told me that she could have thought that she had done a good dead, if she had not gone again back to the old man lying on his cot in bright glare. “Maria, he looked sooo unhappy. I realised I had made a mistake. I should have let him die near his beloved Ganga Ma.”

  16. Anil Gupta · · Reply

    ऊँ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
    सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत ।।
    ऊँ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ।।

    OM sarve bhavantu sukhinah
    sarve santu niraamayaah
    sarve bhadraaNi pashyantu
    ma kashcid duhkhabhaagbhavet
    OM shaantih shaantih shaantih

    May all be happy.
    May all be healthy.
    May all enjoy prosperity.
    May none suffer.
    OM Peace Peace Peace &
    अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसां उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं
    ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam

    Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family.
    Live & Let Live these are the basic tenets of Hindu Dharm.

  17. Abhijeet kumar · · Reply

    Mariawirth,I like your all written things but I don’t know how you know so much deep knowledge of Indian culture ,people,dharm etc u r really help me a lot .I am very sad because power of Hinduism or sanatan dharma decreases day by day and many of my friends not believe in Hinduism culture and they respect modern Christian and also started following their habits and culture,my college friends enjoy Christian festivals more and more than indian festival .sometimes I think if it regularly happens for some 50 years india is no longer known for its Hinduism .According to me crimes and rapes in India are result of internet porn videos and modern education system without teaching the knowledge of their ancient powerful books vedas and gitapect for elders many more things.According to me western culture has affected Hinduism to such a great extent that indigitaindiandiano longer a good country .
    Sorry for some mistakes in writing in English,I know language hindi,English,bhojpuri and little sanskrit and I like sanskrit most and I can understand it little also.

    1. dear Abhijeet, yes, it pains me, too, that Indians seem to lose their tradition and culture, which is so great.
      Hopefully, due to the internet, as well, more people realise its value.
      you are lucky if you didn’t go to English medium school from primary school onwards. It makes it so much more difficult for the children in Engl schools to keep connected to their roots.
      Sadly, the trend to send kids to English medium schools increased in the last 10 years, instead of the opposite.
      Hopefully the new government sees the importance of Sanskrit and one’s mother tongue.

      like in Mahabharata, i guess, each age has its own conflicts. we just have to do our best.
      Glad to know that you stand up for HIndu Dharma even when your friends do not. recently met a student (she also studied in her mother tongue till 12th ) who told me that her friends who were in Engl medium all have become atheists, whereas she treasures her Dharma and tradition.

      1. Abhijeet kumar · ·

        But there is no any yoga teacher in my college and any teacher who taught us about vedas ,purana day I read vedas cosmology from Wikipedia which is much more appealing and even there is discussion of multi universe and the detail of time system and age of earth but all of my friends not know about it,but in future I will do something for Hinduism and its culture. U stands with right dharma(dharma only ,because dharma is always right), its a very good thing,I hope u have knowledge of vedas too .many of my friends do not believe in god and Hinduism and some believe in only one god and they not believe in demi gods,I am very sad for using words like demi gods,Hinduism etc .thank for your posts its really very good.

    2. RAJESH MENON · · Reply

      India is a great country with a glorious past with several darshanas(philosophies) but we also have a crazy society which believes everyone should marry and have many kids. Let us be logical here instead of sentimental. We are FULL of people and unless we have harsh measures for family planning , I am afraid the day is not far when we will have to import food from other countries

  18. Another great piece Ma’am.
    Wondering,why don’t people who are so keen on converting others take them to their home lands and share space with them! Will they do it? Unfortunately it becomes a case of confused loyalty!

  19. Anil Singh · · Reply

    Dear maria,

    Thank You so much.

    God bless.

    1. Anil Gupta · · Reply

      Mr Anil Singh ji, Present population of Inda is somewhere near 1310 million and not 1270 million as you have mentioned.It is simple.India had 1210 mn in 2011,Average growth during past decade was 17%+. If during past four and half years this growth is added it will come to somewhere near 1310 million.And as per UN Population Forum we will be the most populous country by 2022 leaving China behind. And by 2026 we will cross 1500 million much ahead of China.Our economic planners should keep this in mind and having a projected vision of next fifty years we should think in terms of 2000 million by 2065.Are we ready?

  20. shridhar · · Reply

    Well. There is two imaginary globes of consciousness among people. One which is about their heritage and other the current social. The later being a more powerful (?) and attractive to short lived ” good times” enjoys more attraction among people. If one says it wrong he may have to die a hells life. So those dogmatics are right in a way.
    Secondly the very meaning of secularism, tolerance, freedom etc etc have been given the opposite of what they were supposed to mean.
    There goes a mega gang to slowly inject this poison into society by a well engineered structure and double standards. There can be many examples but one I can say is , there are many organisations that create havoc about saving some animals when an industry or something is done or even when crackers are bust during Hindu fest( only) and also if people are killing street dogs in china.but the same group is never to be seen when our very own cow which has proved worth for its contribution to medicine or social values goes extinct in the name of secular eating freedom. And the very people that advocate for vegan!!!! …I never heard anything from them when these reports emerged. Still people are tolerant about their traitors. !! Can it be better?

  21. […] India’s Population has little space […]

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