Christians are not under attack in India

There is probably no other country where members of other religions were as safe as in India. Hindus always gave shelter to those who were persecuted in their homelands. Jews gratefully acknowledged that India is the one country where they were never persecuted. Syrian Christians under their leader Thomas of Cana (Thomas the Apostle did not come to India) were given refuge in the 4th century. Parsis came in the 10th century to escape the Muslim invaders in Persia. And in 1959, some 100,000 Tibetan Buddhist refugees found shelter in India – only 12 years after the British had left the country, divided and poverty-stricken.

In contrast, the rich USA with an area three times the size and only a quarter of India’s population allowed only in 1991 one thousand Tibetan families to enter.

Indians never hesitated to accept those who were in trouble and who wanted to preserve their faith because they did not distinguish between human beings on religious lines. Their attitude was that all belong to one big human family and all have the same divine essence in them. For them “religion” was not an identity but a natural, ideal way of life.

So what happened that nowadays there is a lot of talk that Christians are under attack in India? Have Hindus become intolerant?

No. Hindus have not changed. All the so called attacks on churches which were hyped up recently on many TV channels turned out to have been minor crimes unconnected with “Hindu extremists”. In other countries they would hardly find space in the local paper. Why were they flogged for days on TV channels? Why were Christian spokesmen given plenty of airtime to falsely blame the “Hindu right” and claim that Christians are under attack? There seems to be an agenda by the Churches and it would need to be investigated why so many TV channels obliged.

A smashed glass pane outside one church, a fire due to short circuit in another church, a theft of 8000 Rupees in a convent school, stones thrown by a mixed group of Hindus and Muslim surely don’t warrant hours of hyped coverage.

Yes, there was also the break-in into a convent school in West Bengal, where not only 1,2 million Rupees were stolen but a 72 year old nun was allegedly gang raped.

This was shameful no doubt and this news reached in no time all corners of the world. It fitted well into the image that had already been crafted over the last 2 years – of India as a rapists’ nation. The Vatican radio spoke of India’s shame which went viral on the internet.

It turned out that Bangladeshi Muslims, probably encouraged by the Pakistani secret service, were behind it.

Typically, the media fell silent. The BBC ran a scroll that an arrest has been made in the nun gang rape in India. They didn’t mention that he was a Bangladeshi Muslim. Neither the Vatican, nor the cardinal or the bishop apologized for their wrong, greatly publicized pre-judgment of the case that it was connected with the Hindu re-conversion drive of RSS and VHP.

The campaign of media and Christian representatives against “Hindu extremists” is not likely to end soon. New incidents will come up and the Christian spokesmen will again peddle the “truth” that under Narendra Modi as Prime Minister the Hindus are emboldened to “attack” Christians in hate crimes and that Christians feel helpless and insecure. The TV anchors will continue to prod them: “Do you feel unsafe in India?” and all Christian spokesmen will again reply “Yes” and claim that hate crimes have increased since Modi came to power.

There are other voices, too, who do not take part in this back stabbing of their Hindu brothers and, probably closer to the truth, blame the Christian clergy for trying to sow discord between communities. Yet those Christians, like Robert Rosario or Hilda Raja, are not likely to get an invitation to represent the Christian side, because they wouldn’t further the agenda to portray Hindus in poor light.

Mainstream media has tremendous power to shape opinions. Churches have tremendous financial and political clout. Both obviously cooperate to portray Hindus as intolerant and hateful of other religions – contrary to facts. There is a third power that wants India to get a bad image the world over, at least as bad as its own image is. It is Pakistan. The Sunday Guardian of 21th March exposed that the Pakistani secret service increased its budget six-fold to achieve the goal that India is put into the same bracket with Pakistan on human rights issues and downgraded by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

This goal has already been achieved in regard to projecting India as a rapist country. In the west, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are now seen as being on the same level. In fact, India stands out negatively: it is openly thrashed for its ‘anti-women attitude’, while it is politically incorrect to thrash Muslim countries. The German professor who quoted India’s rape culture as reason to reject an Indian shows the huge damage that this false portrayal of India has done.

Unfortunately, India did nothing to put the issue into perspective when the maligning campaign started, and it seems that India again does nothing to prevent an equally damaging, also false perception that Hindus are prone to hate crimes against Christians. Sometimes I wonder whether Indians are even aware how detrimental to India’s image abroad the media campaign has already been.

At least the government, if not the public at large, would know that India is neither in the top league of rape countries, nor are Hindus known for hate crimes and discrimination against members of other religions.

They would know that India has presently a population of 1270 million, and that it is unfair to compare absolute numbers of crimes with other countries. If the crimes that happen in the USA, Canada, in all European countries including Russia plus Australia were added up, then they could be compared with the number of crimes that happen in India. Can the media be made to give a balanced reporting on the issues it takes up? Does anyone remember the hype that media created about AIDS some 20 years ago? “India second only to South Africa” they screamed. Nobody mentioned that India had 1000 and South Africa 50 million inhabitants.

If the media were fair, they would discern that the charge of 160 hate crimes against Christians in the last 10 months, especially when those include theft and a stone thrown by a drunkard, is no reason to shout “Christians don’t feel safe in India”? Why do they play into the hands of the west which will be pleased to get a stick to beat India with?

In England, there were over 1,000 hate crimes only against Jews in the last year. This would equal over 20,000 hate crimes in India if it is put in proportion to the population. In USA, several Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were killed only because they were Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims. Should the USCIRF not put the US and Europe on its watch list, before it even thinks of condemning India?

There are several indicators that clearly show that Christians are not persecuted in India and are even pampered:

The percentage of Christians keeps increasing. Their places of worship multiply manifold and are free from government interference, unlike Hindu temples. Many Christians are in high positions. Missionaries have the guts to openly declare that they want to plant hundred thousand churches in India and “evangelize the whole country in this generation” (from a Christian youth magazine called “Blessings”). Christians and other minorities are privileged and get special benefits like scholarships, etc. Christians can teach the catechism in their schools to Christian students, while ethic teachers in those schools must not mention Sri Krishna, or Hindu philosophy to Hindu students. Compare this with the situation in Pakistan and it becomes evident that the “operation equal blame” depends entirely on spreading falsehood and manipulating the world opinion.

How to counter this mischievous agenda? Certainly not by going on the defensive and giving special attention to Christians. “Justice for all, appeasement for none” is the way to go. The nun gang rape has been carried to the eight corners of the world as a ‘communal crime’ because the victim was a Christian. How would the kin of a Hindu girl feel who has been raped and maybe even killed by Muslims or Christians, yet neither the media nor even the police take any interest in the case, because it is not communal enough when Hindus are at the receiving end? Crimes need to be treated as crimes and religion should be out of consideration.

Hindus have no reason to be defensive. Spokesmen are dishonest when they claim that Christian are unsafe in India. It will be difficult to find any other country where Christians in minority are as safe and pampered, as among Hindus. If someone needs to be on the defensive, it is the Christian clergy and they may know it. Maybe that is the reason why they act as bullies in tune with the dictum ‘attack is the best defense’. They will stop playing the bully only when they perceive their opponent as strong.

Strength here doesn’t mean to bully back. It simply means to be clear, stick to truth and stick to dharma. It also means not to be afraid to point out the adharmic, divisive aspects in Christianity.

We live in the 21st century when science has discovered that there are different levels to reality. The apparent variety in this universe is based on uniform oneness. Our deepest essence is made of the same stuff, as it were. The Indian rishis knew this, ages ago. Where then is there place for a huge fire where billions or maybe trillions of heathens will burn for eternity after the Day of Judgment?

What is more of a hate crime: when a stone is thrown at a church by a drunkard or when respected clergy declare without any proof that Hindus are damned to eternal hellfire if they don’t become a member of the Church, and when they brainwash Christian children to believe this? Will TV anchors be outraged at such discriminatory, baseless allegation which can lead to real hate crimes? Will Hindus (and other heathen like Buddhists, atheists, etc.) demand an answer from the Churches?

Christians who originally came as refugees, and later went berserk during the Goan Inquisition, are now on a well-planned mission with huge funds from the west to change the broad-minded attitude of Hindus from “We revere ALSO Jesus” to a narrow-minded “We revere ONLY Jesus”?

Contempt and intolerance for other religions is inbuilt in Christianity. Its goal is clear: all must follow Christ. Hinduism must disappear. If they say something else in Interfaith Dialogues, it is deception. The spread of Christianity is not in India’s interest. It is not in humanity’s interest either.

Hinduism unlike Christianity and Islam, has no agenda and never had an agenda to wipe out other religions. In India, there always were innumerable paths to the one truth. It is India’s job not only to honour their valuable heritage and educate their own people and the world about it, but also prevent their people from being deceived, threatened or allured by unfair means to a divisive ideology.

The Churches don’t succeed anymore to enforce belief in unreasonable dogmas among Christians in the west, yet their financial and political power is mind boggling. They have plenty of funds to defame Hindus and Hinduism the world over. India is no equal in this fight, as most of her own media seems to have switched sides.

Maybe the Prime Minister himself needs to point out on his visit to Europe that Christian Churches are on a massive conversion spree in India because they have this strange and baseless notion that otherwise Hindus go to hell. They should relax. Hindus won’t go to hell. Most Europeans will agree with him.

However, I don’t know how much damage the media campaign “Christians are under attack” has already done. I just checked with a cousin in Germany. Yes, he heard already that there were attacks on Christians in India…

By Maria Wirth

by Madhav Nalapat. (it’s not “part-of-isis”, but “part-of-isi” operation)

by Sankrant Sanu on huge conversion project

by Rupa Subramanya


  1. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    Didn’t know Bangladeshi Muslims are called “not real Hindus”.
    Didn’t know drunkards are called “not real Hindus “.
    This Bishop also needs some tutoring like you do on articulating issues in public for reasons I’ve just observed.

  2. Surya, USA · · Reply

    Bhutanese hindus were persecuted and expelled from Bhutan in the recent times. Some of them have been given asylum status here in the USA. The evangelical vultures have surrounded them and in the name of help,companioship and compassion the new immigrants have been asked to attend church and finally some of them were successfully converted. Some new converts started committing suicide as they could not adjust to the phenomenal shift in the cultural realm.

    Hindus are being converted in tens of thousands by mullahs and evangelicals right within the borders of India.As some one said above, Juio Riebero was one such victim’s descendant. Goan hindus were the target of inquisition and thousands of hindus were killed by the Portuguese sometime ago.For 8 hundred years hindus were genocided by muslims and much later by the europeans. It is very remarkable that hinduism is still alive there now. Please read the abridged versions of Upanishads, only these scriptures explain the link between the man and Brahman. No other religious text has ever shown this depth of wisdom.

    1. Surya – please calm down. I’m sure the Bhutanese students are mature enough to make up their own minds. Besides, it is illegal to force anyone to convert in America as it is in India now.

      You are correct about the past when Muslims and Christians coerced Hindus in India to convert by various nefarious means including the sword.

      However, you should know that the bad things some Christians do runs counter to what Christ taught – which was to love your neighbor as yourself. On the other hand, the dirty little secret is that Hindu philosophy wrote the manual on how to discriminate based on the accident of one’s birth, even classifying some Hindus as “untouchable” How reprehensible is that?

      Because of Hindu philosophy most Hindus are tolerant and non-violent towards non-Hindus while being intolerant and demeaning towards other Hindus they consider to be “beneath” them.

      The attacks on Christians in India are being conducted by fringe Hindu fanatics from the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha, most recently in Jabalpur and Arga (Google it and see for yourself). Thank God, these fringe Hindu fanatics are being opposed by most mainstream Hindus.

      1. I agree with you. It may be the work of some Hindus or some others. Do you have the proof that they belong to RSS and VHP? Don’t just drag the name of an organisation without total proof based on the pressitude media. Yes untouchability and casteism is a bane for Hinduism. RSS is the only organisation where caste is not asked about. for them all are Hindus. Certainly there is a long way to go for Hinduism to iradicate casteism and untouchability. Deoras 3rd Sarsanghachalak of RSS firmly said that there is no sin bigger than Untouchability. RSS is a truly nationalistic organisation that is why its growing since its formation against all odds from the congress govt and the media slander. nobody can hold the truth for long.

      2. Lakshmi Kalyani Cherla · ·

        Well it is wrong to say that something which has in later centuries become a social norm of a person being born into some caste as being labelled as what was originally described as parts of a society (not birth based and it is described as such in Vedas where a boy states that he is from a particular section of society while his mother and father are from totally different sections of society…) I wish to not use the word caste which is a Portuguese word miss appropriated to represent the Sanskrit terms Jati and Varna. Hinduism is not based on caste by birth but it talks of Varna by occupation… And every society has classes of people by occupation like the bishop class, nun class, royal class, peasant class… Nothing new being talked in Hinduism

    2. Ramasubramaniam Pourugutsa · · Reply

      Dear Surya,

      A dog has been barking at the Sun for so long. In what way the Sun’s glory is diminished? Only the dog is going to die a painful death, which it brought upon itself.

      Let our Hindu state and all the Hindus be uncultured and our customs termed barbaric. Let it be so that we practice UNTOUCHABILITY. So, why people who level these accusations still stay in this wretched land.

      Why not they abandon our shores and seek greener pastures, more civilized, where they practice TOUCHABILITY. Take for example Ethiopia where these people are TOUCHED AND BEHEADED.

      Ethiopia says the 30 Christians shown being shot and beheaded in Libya on a video purportedly made by Islamic State militants were its citizens.

      The video, in which militants call Christians “crusaders” who are out to kill Muslims, showed about 15 men being beheaded on a beach and another group of the same size being shot in the head in a patch of scrubland.

      “Until There Came to Them Clear Evidence” — shows two groups of men, one in orange jumpsuits and the other in black, being killed at different locations in Libya. One group is beheaded on a beach along the Mediterranean Sea, while the other group is shot in Southern Libya, hundreds of miles away.

      “All praise be to Allah: Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap,” the narrator says. We swear to Allah: the one who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam.”

      Christians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul were given the choice to embrace Islam or maintain their Christian faith and pay a tax. “The Islamic state has offered the Christian community this many times and set a deadline for this, but the Christians never cooperated,”

      Isn’t it that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. What the wretched SATAN FRANCIS XAVIER did to our people centuries ago, has come to haunt his wretched followers. This is only the BEGINNING OF THE END for them.

      Only these dogs can bark, entrenched safely in the LAP OF OUR HOLY MOTHER BHARAT, who does not distinguish between her sons and the infidels, who are provided the FULLEST PROTECTION AND SECURITY they will find nowhere else.

      I earnestly wish that this group, which is disgusted with our Bharat Desh, take a pleasure ONE WAY TRIP to Ethiopia and other countries, where they will be treated AS THEY DESERVE.

      Mera Bharat Mahaan.

      1. just to let you know, Sri Ramasubramaniam: Mario replied in his usual repetitive way… and wordpress didn’t approve it

      2. Ramasubramaniam Pourugutsa · ·

        Thanks to you, dear Maria. It is very considerate of you to update me on this. That person is really cranky and lacks real stuff. There is no meaning in debating with him on any issue. Just he has learnt to post the links to various MSM reports. Nothing more.

        As to my act, I wish to state that my intent was not to enter into a wordy duel with him but use it as an opportunity to bring out the true history (for the benefit of other readers of this blog) of the sufferings of the earlier generations of this great land of spirituality, of how they had paid with their honor and lives just to safeguard and uphold the values of Dharma. It would have been easier for them to get converted but they chose the path of truth. Still I shiver every time I read about the horrors of the Goan Inquisition.

        I feel that the present generation of youngsters should get to know the sufferings and sacrifices of our forefathers and not just while their time in entertainment and western attractions. You are really doing a great job here and I can only say that YOU ARE GOD SENT to open the eyes of the sleeping HINDU GIANT OF SPIRITUALITY.

        When the Hindu Spirituality is revived, it would not lead to a war of the worldly forces but usher in an era of sublime peace and tranquility.

        Hari Om.

  3. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    1) Glad you admit about the past atrocities against Hindus. It’s by and large forgiven. As long as you don’t repeat them.

    2) Please get this “untouchability” out of your head, since umpteen Hindu scriptures call it a crime against humanity. One of the proponents of this fact to the world was Gandhiji, father of our nation.

    3) “Hindu Fanatic ” is as good as saying “Fully Empty “, an example for oxymoron. Harping on oxymorons makes one a moron. Wake up.

    Now read this link :

    Read the second paragraph in the report again and again. Though the crime was unequivocally one of hate (in contrast to the ‘attacks ‘ here) see how the non-Hindus responded to undo the damage. That’s because the Hindus there did not scream their head off to blame another community like you are doing here. As I said don’t give fanatism a communal colour. This makes you hurl false allegations and disturb communal peace and eventually become laughing stock when you realise you had only drunkards and Bangladeshi perverts to deal with. And not Hindus as you were hoping for like the sensation-mongering media.

    This is precisely what Ms.Maria is saying. No one is denying the ‘attacks’ here. It’s the communal colour that you are desperate to give is what is denied. Denied vehemently.
    And see how well the media there highlighted the thoughts of little Gracie (it’s finding positivity in the midst of negativity). Here we have media doing the opposite – show only the negativity and assume – ASS/U/ME (making an ASS out of U and ME) – things to the detriment of communal peace.

    Now after reading the report on new york temple attack, you come up with “Christian Fanatics” one continues to be a moron. But if you say only “Hindu Fanatics” and not “Christian Fanatics” it makes one a hypocritic moron.

    1. Mario Goveia · · Reply

      Dr. Rao,

      1. I never deny the truth, unlike Maria Wirth and the other Hindu fanatics commenting here.

      2. While asking me to acknowledge the truth, you seem to be doing the opposite regarding the “untouchables” in the reprehensible and demeaning Hindu caste system of institutionalized discrimination. I promise I will get “untouchability” out of my head as long as there are no more Dalits. Remember, you asked me to be truthful, which is what I’m being here.

      3. Once again, you have descended into fantasy by writing that “Hindu fanatic” is an oxymoron. Sadhvi Deva Thakur is an example of a Hindu fanatic. Jay Bhattacharjee and Swapan Dasgupta are journalists who are Hindu Fanatics. Examples of Hindu fanatics right here include Bandoobandya, Ramasubramaniam, Bose, and even Maria herself. You seem to be sitting on the fence but leaning on the wrong side right now.

      4. While the crime you are citing in the US may be one of hate, are you so delusional that you are suggesting that the attacks on Christians by Hindu fanatics, most recently in Jabalpur and Agra were examples of love and brotherhood? Kamal hai, bhaisaheb! Yeh sahi nahin hai.

      Denying the truth, as Maria Wirth has done, does not change the truth.

      How can the truth the media is reporting be “negative”. The truth is what it is. Negative is the spin that you and Maria Wirth are putting on the truth and then trying to deny it.

      It is YOU who are making an ASS out of yourself, not me, by ASS -U-MING that “Hindu fanatic” is an oxymoron when it is all too real, from those who killed Gandhiji to those attacking Christians today, to those trying to deny documented truth.

      If you have been reading what I have written I have never denied that there have always been Christian fanatics – who converted Hindus by force starting with the Portuguese hundreds of years ago to some Protestant evangelists still doing so. I never deny the truth.

      What I have also been saying is that what these so-called Christisns did was a violation of what Christ taught, whereas Hindus have been taught to discriminate against other Hindus for thousands of years. The Hindu fanatics take that teaching and apply it to Christians as well. THAT is the truth that you don’t like to admit.

      5. From the P.M. of India to the C.M. of Goa, they have asked Hindu fanatics to STOP attacking Christians. So perhaps you and Maria Wirth should try and convince THEM that they are not telling the truth.

      1. chaitanya aggarwal · ·

        As far as attitude towards non-believers is concerned there is no fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity. Christianity is probably worse because it conducts this kind of soft violence under camouflage of sugar coatings. In fact Christianity is sugar-coated Islam.

      2. Times Group (TOI) owned 80 % by World Christian Council
        IBN-CNN 100% Baptist
        The Hindu 100% evangelical
        Star TV belongs to Peters Pontifical Church
        ………………..and many more!

        This are the “truthfull, unbiased” sources you relay on?
        The way you write and the amount you write in favor of christianity and against hinduism denying the truth clearly shows that the christiam brainwashing machinery has done a good job on you! WAKE UP AND LOOK BEYOND!
        Are you a goan xian? Are you getting paid for writing here? Is it really so convenient when others do the thinking for you? Are you able to think for yourself or is it to late? The truth you think you own are just the lies of others! Start living concious and see things as thei are and not as you are tould that you have to see them! Good Luck!

    2. I doubt anything will get through a mind brainwashed by propaganda and blind faith in a book. Unfortunately mind sets as closed as the ones induced by Abrahamic religions are full of hypocrisy and blind spots the size of Jupiter.

      While they will admit the unfair conversion tactics employed by their fellow christians, they euphemise it to make it sound tolerable, rather than recognise the level of provocation and anger it causes in those who become aware of the problem. Its like throwing a stone when no one is looking, and shouting and pointing fingers when people retaliate. The tension was provoked by those very people, and if any ‘well meaning’ christians took the trouble to stop those fanatics who are currently using money and stories like ‘Jesus is Krishna reincarnated’ for the sake of conversion and gaining numbers, other hindus will definitely step in to contain the situation. Its easy to say ‘I am not denying that people are converting’ and yet passively support that effort. It is still wrong and therefore the various reactions by people offended as a result is something that is ‘invited’ by them. Since 1964 to 1996 all of 38 incidents of ‘violence’ against christians were reported, and the odds are most people would randomly be victims of such issues. The reaction started after that period when the agendas became more clear.
      You (Mario) should read the various testimonies of people who believe they are doing ‘work of god’ in India by converting the ‘poor souls who need saving’. No shame or remorse. No doubt, only self-righteous appreciation for the mission of deceit.
      here are some phrases apparently in favour of such attitudes

      “Matthew 10:14-42 ESV

      And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it will be more bearable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town. “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the Gentiles. …

      1 John 5:19 ESV

      We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

      Such attitudes which completely demean the other person, who is not yet suspicious of your actions, to exploit their ignorance of your agendas , and use them as a tool for your own ‘salvation’.
      Its condemnable and disgusting, and the more I hear about these deceitful tactics, the more I get polarised. I grew up with ‘all religions are equal’ and such ideas, until I realised how wrong I was, when I was told by a fanatic christian that I was going to hell. I couldnt believe why he would be so rude without any provocation. He went on a rant about hinduism and all of it centred around caste, when no one talks about christianity and the murders it committed in the name of it. Nothing about Indian philosophy, only dismissed it with the caste issue, thereby proving how biased he was. I looked more into christianity and Islam because of such encounters.
      Such encounters have opened my eyes as to what they really think. And while I have spent time condemning violence and extremism of all kinds, even I had trouble not getting angry reading about all the evidence of christian missionary tactics. I am disgusted that without remorse or shame you continue to point fingers, euphemising all criticism and highlighting the incidents that favour your bias. True colors of a fanatic. It is impossible for you to use the logic that those people who convert others are violating the text and teachings, as it is part of the Nicene Creed, the conversion is part of the package. Also the system of their own sense of righteousness with the attitude that everyone else is wrong or misguided, which actually has no distinction from the Islamic ideology, and therefore this race of conversion will always perpetuate. Christianity has destroyed many indigenous religions in its quest for conversion. There is plenty of historical evidence to support the suspicions of all remaining religions as to what a person who claims to be a christian really believes. Because if the dominant pattern of thought excludes the validity of any and all other beliefs, then by the very definition, christianity becomes a form of tyranny seeking control and expansion. Thereby justifying resistance.

      1. I am dismantled by the hypocrisy in these comment sections. PI don’t think people here are no where familiar with India, let alone Hinduism. Do these people know what is happening in India? India is #4 in religious violence as per Pew Research. And people are claiming this is fraud?

  4. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    Okay understood. Just Moron. Not a hypocritic moron. Thank god for that. Some counselling will be helpful. Take care Mr. Mario. 🙂

  5. There is a plot to destabilise the social fabric in India. Muslims and christians both believe the vaccuum left behind as a result of the british efforts to denigrate Hinduism can be filled up by their religions. There is a huge population, and too much ignorance, which makes it perfect for anyone with money to lure the gullibles into conversion and grow in numbers.
    This hype is deliberately created, and its a means to an end, to call for more sanctions and create more issues. here is an example of a ‘gentleman’ who makes his views very clear.

    I wonder if the world has forgotten the sodomisation of children by pastors worldwide? I wonder if the people have stopped focussing on the aspects that prevent a woman from exercising control on her body, like she cannot take birth control pills or get an abortion even if raped. How are these aspects conviniently forgotten. How is it that the segregation in terms of denominations, Protestants and catholics etc, not considered equally bad? When people condemn each other to hell for not believing as they do? How is it not another xenophobic caste system? What about slavery? Shouldnt christians be equally ashamed for the horrors it has given rise to? Shouldnt they be ashamed? Why only hindus are expected to give up all that they believe in because of the caste system? I wasn’t aware of my caste until I reached 10th standard in which the form required me to fill it, that was the first time I found out. Maybe I am just lucky to live in a city.
    I have literally come a long way from believing in the ‘secular’ passivity in the name of wanting utopia to now realising how deceitful and pathetic these attempts are. Hindus do have it worse given that even the media hypes such anti-hindu ideas without a fair balanced perspective thereby favoring an anti-hindu plot. India should be declared a hindu nation in my opinion, while the minority remain a minority, conversion by choice , not deceit or coersion. i would hate for India to be destroyed by such anti national forces.

  6. While many like the Delhi Police has sought to dismiss the Dilshad Garden Church fire as “electrical” and not as arson the reality is that almost 5 months after the event the forensic scientists of the Delhi Police have not announced the definitive or even most likely cause of the fire.

    While no one accuses the present government of compplcity it cannot be doubted that the present government is a sympathiser of the Sangh Parivar. There have been numerous strident hate speeches against minorities including that by a BJP minister Sadhvi Niranjan Joshi who called all non Hindus ***tards who must have no say in the running of the nation. Sadhus, Sadhivis, Yogis and Babas who the sacred texts tells us are ascetics and renunciates are all flocking to elected office or running home remedy business empires.

    The Constitution of India sought to be replaced by the Holy book the Bhagvad Gita according to senior government leaders.

    Does it not look like India is heading down the equivalent path of Islamic Sharia State with the Koran at its centre OR worse like the theocratic state of Iran where mullahs rule over or over rule the Government.

    When hate speeches by ministers receive only a rap on the knucles instead of the jail term they are due under the law it makes the minorities feel more than a little worried and for very good reason.

    1. Jai, I guess you have become a victim of propaganda. For decades it was shouted that RSS is Hindu fundamentalist. Please learn about the fundamentals of Hindu Dharma. It is good to follow those fundamentals – as I replied to your comment on another article:

      The fundamentals of Indian tradition in a nutshell:

      all is permeated by the same Divine Essence (maybe best described as Sat-Chit-Ananda) – Live accordingly and try to discover it.

      Pls see

      What did RSS do what you object to?

      What individuals say is of no consequence. Mad comments are made by all types of people, never mind whether they have Hindu, Christian or Muslim names.

      It almost seems as if Christians WANT that someone throws a stone at a church, the way they jump on each incident blaming Hindu extremists BEFORE any enquiry.

      You may have read that 3 persons were detained, all with Muslim names regarding teh Agra “Church attack”.

      Did the Vatican radio apologize after calling the gangrape of the nun in WB as “India’s shame”? or the bishop connecting it with Gharwapsi before any enquiry?

      Something is fishy, smells like an agenda to put the “Hindu government” on the defensive. Doesn’t it?

      1. bandoobandya · ·

        Yes,Ms.Wirth.You are spot on.

      2. Ramasubramaniam Pourugutsa · ·

        Madam Maria Wirth,

        My salutations to you. Your words have been proved right once again.
        The person responsible for the desecration of the church in Agra on Apr 16 is a rickshaw-puller named Haider Ali (22 yrs). He vandalised the church after the woman he loved apparently spurned him.

        Ali used to meet his woman friend every day near the church. Every saturday, after their outing, the woman, a domestic servant, would light a candle at the church and offer prayers. Ali insisted on marriage but she told him that the marriage was not possible as they belonged to different faiths. She then stopped meeting him. He then got drunk and vandalised the church.

        Ali is not a professional criminal but seemed to have committed the crime our of sheer frustration. He seemed to be feeling very guilty about what he did. He himself confessed that he was very sorry for his act. Ali was arrested on Friday.

        Do we expect now that those people who raised an uproar over this issue, took to marching the streets and flooding the blogs with utter repetitive nonsense, tender their apologies for their act.

        Now that it has turned out that the perpetrators in both the nun-raping and stone-throwing incidents belong to a particular religion, do these people have the guts to take a march, organise rallies, etc against that religion?

        Nope. They are with an agenda and they will look for the next false opportunity to create the next turbulence against the Hindus. After all these are the once who fish in troubled waters. Hinduism is their target because Hindus don’t retaliate, at least, UNTIL NOW.

      3. Namaskaram Maria

        Vatican does not only not apologise, they are still repeating the lies after knowing the truth!

      4. Yes, they have an agenda…
        at least thanks to SM awareness about this agenda is growing. i just tweeted it, too.

      5. You are simply awesome mam………

      6. Hi Ms.Wirth, RSS is not only a Hindu fundamentalist group, but it is also a terrorist group just like ISIS or Boko Haram. Please do not encourage these kind of terrorist groups and bring more trouble to persecuted minorities and Dalits in India.

  7. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    Couldn’t agree more Ms. Maria.
    Well worded. Only true victims of false propoganda would attempt to see the truth. Not like our friend on board (Mr.Mario) who is adamant on twisting the truth and displays selective blindness and selective amnesia when it comes to the nun case and stray stupidity of drunkards.

  8. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    1) read this:
    Though this crime was unequivocally one of hate (unlike certain ‘attacks’ in India) there was hardly any uproar from the Hindus here.
    Now, compare this with the noise made by US for unproven hate in the stone throwing and nun case. Sad.

    2) you called for a jail term rather than rap on the knuckles for certain individuals’ hate speeches. Fair enough. I agree.
    Now will you also call for the same jail term for all those who hurled allegations on the Hindus in the nun-case, especially when they did not even see the need to apologise when it was proven they were wrong….?

    In both instances its nothing but propoganda with an ulterior motive of disturbing communal peace which will not be shaken as the perpetrators think, for reasons beautifully worded by Ms.Maria.

  9. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    There goes another false allegation On the Hindu community.

    Was sad to see a pic of a procession with CHILDREN in It. Are we being fair in planting the seeds of hatred at that age…. time for soul – searching.

    1. Most Hindus don’t realise that the seeds, if not for hatred, than at least for contempt for “others” are planted simply by “teaching” the unverifiable doctrine that only the Church can save and all those who don’t get baptised will burn in hell forever.

      i know from own experience that for children hellfire is real. they believe what they are told. and for most this belief continues even in adult life.

      It would be a fit case for UNICEF to take up, but nobody wants to touch religion.
      here is a link regarrding brainwashing of kids from own experience

  10. Dr.K.Narasimha Rao · · Reply

    Sad if that’s true Ms.Maria. I doubt, however, if it can be generalised as you have, since I have quite a few broadminded friends among Christians and Muslims

  11. surya usa · · Reply

    Evangelicals spread visceral hatred about hinduism in more than one ways, please read what a pastor from USA religiously concludes about yesterday’s Nepal Earthquake:

    “A former Los Angeles police officer and self-styled preacher, has sparked outcry by suggesting that Nepalis should not rebuild their “pagan shrines” and instead convert to Christianity.

    Tony Miano, an outspoken conservative who has previously been accused of homophobia, triggered angry responses when he posted a series of messages on social media, expressing sympathy for the people struck by devastation in Nepal, but suggesting God was angry.”–pagan-shrines-10204868.html


    This exposes the sick christians. I really respect Muslims atleast they will not go around doing this.

  13. […] Christians are not under attack in India. […]

  14. Maria, I was watching an episode of the American TV serial, ‘Boston Legal’. One character, in the context of racial violence, says, ‘Jews were killed by Hindus.’ It could be poor research or the growing (false) perception about Hindus being intolerant.
    I liked your article, not because i’m a Hindu, but because it shows how religious establishments use their clout to spread canards. Religion is for personal satisfaction and personal growth, and should not become a number game.

    1. bandoobandya · · Reply

      Sorry to cut in,Ms.Reddy.I feel very hurt as well.Is there anything anyone can do about this silly ,misinformed comment?Regards,

  15. John Fernandes Goa · · Reply

    I am a Christian. But after reading the article and the comments, I feel that it is time for Christians to introspect. We unknowingly fall prey to Pakistani propaganda to shame our country when we jump the gun suddenly when our churches are attacked. I agree with the author of the blog when she says that Christians are safe in India, because I never faced discrimination. I respect Hindus and Hindus respect me. Also I never deny that my ancestors were Hindu.

    1. How i wish that there are many like you…

    2. bandoobandya · · Reply

      It’s very easy to become emotional in these matters.However,the sooner we understand and accept that most of these church attacks had nothing to do with communalism.The recent attack in Agra was by a jilted,twisted lover.The Bengal nun rape was related to Bangla Deshi criminals.I feel sad that though our Christian brothers were very quick to condemn the Govt. in power at the center,did not exhibit the same promptness in regretting their comments once the culprits and their motives were clear.Why can’t the churches and missions have their own set of security personnel (Christians) and in adequate numbers?Mr.Rebeiro jumped the gun and he was the person who had once explained why his family had to convert way back in history.It seemed the order of the day to criticize the central also a fashion to ask for Mr.Modi’s intervention/explanation/assurance.What can be more childish than this?

    3. bandoobandya · · Reply

      Mr.Fernandes,It has been brought to the notice of the Inteeligence agancies in India that like Punjab,the Pakistani-supported terrorists are told to desecrate and damage religious places to create an atmosphere of hate.You might have read this is today’s TOI.

      All my Christian brothers( I am A Hindu) should be informed through various organizations-not only in Goa but through your Christian Network( whatever means/connections you have country-wide) throughout India.Hindus don;t have anything against Christians anyway.Regards,

  16. Maria Writh, better read the biblical prophecies and their detailed fulfilment in later times. Many were written hundreds of years prior to the event and some even a thousand year prior to the event. No other book comes even close in making 100% accurate prophecies as Bible does. God says, He reveals the future through the prophets before it happens because that gives the proof that He alone is God and no other. So when Jesus says the church will prevail till the end, it will be so. When Old Testament (written before Jesus’s birth) says the church will grow and expands throughout the world, it will be so. When Old Testament and New Testament both says the church will have as its members from all peoples, tribes, nations and languages, it is so and will be so. No human power can resist the church. The more resistance the church faces the more powerful it becomes. That is its divine speciality since the church was founded. That is also the prophecy in the Bible. Any force that fights against the church will definitely be reduced to nothing in God’s fine time and none can have victory over the church. The church always goes in various stages. In today’s stage there is less attachment to the church in western world. This is just a stage of church. Always the church re emerges very powerful after a few decades of slowness. This is nothing new to the 2000 yr old church. It has happened many times and in much severe manner. But always a new era opens in the church where she changes the whole civilization itself for the glory of God. So when Bible prophesies that church gives glory to God in every generation, the church will give. Behold in coming decades a new era opens in the church and that is going to be amazing!

  17. Abhijeet kumar · · Reply

    My all dear friends ,we all need to know the great writings of vedas and gita,this will give all of us a permanent joy and you feel like you have attained the real knowledge about this beautiful universe.

  18. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One of the best articles I have written on this subject. I shall make sure that all my christian friends read this.

  19. Very well put. clear and truthful. Sister Nivedita (Margaret Elizabeth Noble) has also pointed out that If I am not wrong about Lord Cornwallis that he was lying when he was trying to teach Hindus to be truthful. She produced an article from a Britsh journal and showed how the Lord speaks lies.She wrote in the statesman Cornwallis in filtered colors.

    1. Mahan,though your reply is not to me,I would like to add here that many activities the world over are taking place to (1) Denigrate (2) Dismember and finally (3) Destroy India and Hinduism.

      This is given in a book by Rajiv Malhotra—Breaking India.All must read this book along with Mr.M.A.Khan’s Islamic Jihad.

      I wish this message gets through to all patriotic Indians.Regards,

  20. I would like to wish Ms.Wirth a Merry Christmas.

  21. […] vultures and soul harvesters, Rohith Vemula’s death will be spun as viciously as the ‘Churches Under Attack‘ and ‘Rising Intolerance‘ variety of false narratives which were used to […]

  22. […] The old, worn out canard of the victim of rape, a “71 year old nun” as the presumed work of “Hindu extremists” comes out once again. Maybe the House Library, which these busy Lords seem to rely so heavily upon, is not only incorrect on the nun’s age, but is neither up to date on events, since the BBC had reported the religious identities of the arrested men in April last year[13]. Or perhaps the Lord has little compunction in twisting the truth to paint Hindus as the personification of evil. Here is a small contribution to the Library’s resources by someone who knows India intimately and has a foothold n both Indic and Christian cultures: Maria Wirth’s “Christians are not under attack in India”[14]. […]

  23. […] Christians are not under attack in India […]

  24. […] there was little doubt. Repeated allegations of persecution of Christians in Bharat, though easily falsified, acquire a sense of truth given their repetition, not least by church representatives. It is to be […]

  25. Thanks Maria ji, for the upright & straight forward article bashing MSM & pseudo Intellectuals

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