A Yogi revives Yoga in India

For the first time, an International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st of June this year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suggested this honour for yoga and his suggestion got overwhelming support from 177 countries. Yoga has indeed become popular all over the world. Many millions practice it – from schoolchildren to senior citizens – and courses are held down to the village level in many countries of the west. But strangely, in its home country India, yoga was not valued even till a few decades ago. The reason was that under British colonial rule, Indian tradition was projected as worthless and Britain as the perfect role model.

The credit for the revival of Yoga in India goes mainly to Swami Ramdev. He established at the outskirts of Haridwar the biggest centre for Yoga and Ayurveda worldwide, called Patanjali Yogpeeth. Its size is stunning. It includes a Yoga University, an Ayurvedic hospital, a yoga hall of 25.000 sqm, thousand apartments for guests, conference halls, cafeterias, and several apartment blocks for permanent residents. Ramdev trained numerous yoga teachers there. He also travelled tirelessly through the country for several years teaching yoga and explaining its benefits to millions. Singlehandedly, he changed the negative image of yoga in India.

Further, he connected Patanjali Yogpeeth with the world. An international conference on ‘Yoga for Health and Social Transformation’ was organized by Patanjali Yogpeeth in January 2011 and again in 2013. I attended the first conference and will give some glimpses of it:

Two thousand delegates had come, who were comfortably accommodated on the huge campus. Over a thousand apartments provide place for around 8000 people. Swami Ramdev does not think big, he thinks huge. Huge is also his goal that he formulated at the inauguration with the venerable 93-year-old yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, who meanwhile passed away, by his side. “Everyone should practice yoga – in India and in the whole world.”

Why should everyone practice yoga?
Because yoga makes you healthy, happy, peaceful, enthusiastic and prosperous and leads to Self- knowledge or Self- realisation. Yoga is not only asanas and pranayama. It is a complete lifestyle. Sri Krishna exhorted Arjuna to be a yogi thousands of years ago. Yoga means joining, union – joining the real Self, joining the whole world. “You are Atman, and Atman is Brahman”, Swami Ramdev quoted from the Vedas and added, “Everything is inside you. The whole universe is inside you. Atman is inside you. God is inside you.”

Yoga is for the ‘small’ concerns in life, for example how to cure obesity or diabetes, and how to be physically and mentally fit. But it is also for the big picture – how to know the Truth about oneself and the universe. Yoga is the practical side of Indian philosophy. Philosophy says that ultimately all is one. Yoga helps to remove the veil that makes us think we are small, separate persons and allows us to realize that we are one with the Whole, like the wave is one with the ocean.

“We all know that yoga works”, a foreign speaker, who has practiced yoga for many years, told me, “but we have to prove it scientifically. Science is the highest authority in our world today.” “And what is science?” I asked. Though a professor, he was at a loss for words. I wondered whether science is overvalued. It is concerned only with what can be measured ‘objectively’. If hemoglobin increases during pranayama, it is scientific. If the person claims that she feels much better, it is unscientific.

Science is a work in progress. Swami Ramdev is aware of this. “Western medical science has been around only for some 200 years. Ayurveda has been around for many thousands of years and has helped people without side effects. In western medicine, researchers find a new drug today and after two years it is banned, because it turns out to be harmful.” But he made it clear that he is not against western medicine. He is however against spending so much money on drugs for ailments, which yoga and Ayurveda can cure with no or little expenses.

“65 percent of Indians and a big percentage in the rest of the world cannot afford western medicine. I don’t want anybody to die because he is poor”, Ramdev said. To achieve this goal, Patanjali Yogpeeth has embarked on a challenging mission. “We are committed to get yoga accepted internationally as a medical science,” Acharya Balkrishna, an Ayurveda expert, who studied with Swami Ramdev in the same gurukul, declared. To achieve this, they have to present scientific evidence through clinical trials with the help of state of art technology.

Both certainly do not lack in enthusiasm and energy. “Enjoying inner peace does not mean you sit around doing nothing. Be fearless. Whenever a good thought enters your mind, follow it immediately,” Ramdev apparently summed up his own approach.

They established a Yoga Research Foundation at Patanjali University with a modern lab. Its work started with investigating the physiological and mental effects of Kapalabhati, one of the favorite pranayamas of Swami Ramdev. The results were encouraging. Motor skills, perception and attention had significantly improved after Kapalabhati.

At the conference, some 25 scientists shared their research on yoga. Prestigious institutes were represented, like Harvard Medical School, Oxford University, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, which entered into collaboration with Patanjali University, and several more.

Two things impressed me most. One, yoga cures even ailments that I had not expected it could cure, and two, yoga is on an amazing upswing worldwide.

Terrance Ryan, professor of dermatology from Oxford University, who has been working together with Dr. S.R. Narhari of the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kerala, showed that yoga is highly successful in treating elephantiasis. He illustrated his talk by juxtaposing two slides: one showed hugely swollen, unshapely legs, painful to look at, and the other, the same legs reduced to a fraction in size just after a few months or a year. He has treated a thousand patients, taught them pranayama (Anulom Vilom), how to massage the leg and how to move the ankles. It is a cheap, brief training for the patient and his family members, yet wonderfully effective. The reason is, Dr. Ryan explained, that all lymphatic systems drain into the upper chest and as the drainage system is very close under the skin, it is sensitive to movement and massage. There are 20 million people suffering from elephantiasis in India. Unnecessary suffering when there is such simple cure.

Sat Bir S. Kalsa, an American Sikh from Harvard Medical School, brought to our notice what amazing acceptance yoga has gained in the west. “Yoga Nation” was the title on the cover of Life magazine, referring to USA. Times magazine followed suit with a cover story. The number of Hollywood stars who practice and praise yoga is continuously increasing. On the lawns of the White House in Washington, yogasanas were demonstrated. “And you know that yoga has finally arrived, when Mc Donald uses it for ads”, laughed Kalsa.

“Yoga is now part of the US culture but is practiced mainly by the upper class and women”, he rued and suggested two avenues to reach the whole society. “In the US, everyone visits his doctor and everyone goes through school. If the doctor would advise yoga to his patients and if we could train every child in school, yoga would be fully accepted as a daily routine, as is brushing teeth. Yet both, healthcare and education, need evidence that yoga is worthwhile and therefore we need research.”

Kalsa painted a grim picture of the state of teenagers in the US – violence, problems with social skills, bullying, attention deficit, binge drinking and suicide attempts are wide spread. “They require assistance”, he claimed. Yoga in schools is the solution, Kalsa felt.

Will India wait for foreigners to take the lead in putting yoga into the school curriculum?

It was obvious that most western speakers considered yoga a wonderful ‘tool’ to work with – divorced, however, from its philosophy and yoga’s ultimate goal – to merge the small, temporary wave consciously into the big, eternal ocean. Some Indian delegates considered this a drawback or distortion.

“Don’t you feel that by including yama and niyama (the virtues of external and internal purity) into yoga, the benefits would be greater?” an Indian delegate asked John Kepner, one of the founders of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), who had just narrated that an US army officer had called him up, asking for qualified yoga teachers for the Armed Forces. “I don’t think the US army is interested in the traditional ways”, Kepner replied with a tinge of haughtiness.

The lack of ethical grounding may be the reason behind the legion of yoga teachers for whom yoga is mainly a lucrative profession. IAYT has developed education standards for Yoga therapists to follow. Yet IAYT, too, may not have the right motivation: they demand a costly affiliation from yoga centres if their students want to have the chance to become “certified” Yoga Therapists.

Swami Ramdev was stern when he said, “It is okay to earn a living by teaching yoga, but it is a crime to patent it”. He touched a sore point between India and the west. “Our ancient Rishis have given this wonderful knowledge free to everyone. Now in the west, they patent it and talk of ‘power yoga’, ‘sex yoga’, etc. Through yoga, the sex drive decreases, but the love between husband and wife increases”, he said to clapping from the audience. “From lust, you cannot produce a healthy baby. If the sex drive decreases, it does not mean one becomes impotent. See, my hand is functioning”, and he stretched out his arm. “It can slap, but it does not slap.”

None of the western speakers touched on the issue of patents. Some 130 patents on yoga have been taken out in the US alone. When I asked one of the founders of IAYT regarding this issue, she stiffened and went on the defensive. “Some people claim that Hinduism owns yoga. We resist that.”

So far, the west had a free run to appropriate Indian knowledge as India did not lay claim to it. In fact, India did not value it. “In the 1930s, under the British, yoga was not respected”, B.K.S. Iyengar narrated. “I feel that only after yoga took roots in the west, Indians also opened up it,” he added.

No doubt, Swami Ramdev is largely responsible for giving a tremendous boost to yoga in India. Swami Chidananda of Parmarth Ashram in Rishikesh remembered that in 1995, he sent a reporter to Swami Ramdev who at that time was teaching yoga in a small hall in Haridwar. “The reporter came back saying, that this was not newsworthy. Today, Swami Ramdev is THE news!” Swami Chidananda exclaimed.

Swami Ramdev has his share of detractors as well. Many feel that his claim that yoga can cure 99 percent of all diseases is preposterous. “Big educated persons say, ‘Baba Ramdev is bad for people. He is misleading them.’ But what I say is the truth. I know it. I don’t tell lies. Those people are intelligent, but their mind is fixed.” Swami Ramdev looked like a small boy who is at a loss to understand how intelligent people are so confident in pronouncing judgment on something they have not experimented upon.

“In the Rig Veda is written that oxygen is the ultimate medicine”, he says. “It is not only the ultimate medicine, it is fire and fire is a synonym for knowledge, brightness, and light. Pran Tatva is almighty, it is energy, it is the life force, it is God!” and he added, “disease will enter if the life force is weak. Make yoga your life partner and there won’t be life style diseases.” With amazing ease he quoted numerous Sanskrit shlokas to support whatever he claimed in his talks.

Swami Ramdev has made yoga his life partner. He is an expert. Even his critics won’t deny this. Early in the morning, at a temperature of 5 degree Celsius, he taught yoga in the imposing 250.000 sq feet Yog Bhavan to the delegates with only a cotton cloth wrapped around his hips. I was packed in several layers of woolens and still felt cold.

“Whatever I have achieved has been given to me by Kapalabhati and Anulom Vilom pranayam”, he claimed. “Partially, I have been able to attain that extraordinary power and that extraordinary knowledge that is within each one of us. I have felt what is eternal and real. Sages before me, too, have felt it. And I don’t say this to praise myself, but to give you an example.

“There are four types of lives”, he continued. “1. miserable life, 2. ordinary life, 3. successful life and 4. ideal life. You here all have a successful life. Become a yogi and make it an ideal life.”

What Swami Ramdev has achieved in only 15 years – not only regarding yoga but also regarding a wide range of healthy swadeshi products – is mind-boggling. No doubt, extraordinary power and knowledge are at work through his person whose parents were illiterate farmers and who attended western type education only till 8th grade. In tune with the times, he spreads his knowledge through satellite TV and reaches millions all over the world.

He never forgets to remind his audience that there is more to yoga than asanas and pranayama. Devotion and surrender to that great power within us (bhakti yog) are most important for a yogic life. Devotion is the greatest unifier and the goal of yoga is union with that all-pervading divine Presence. Yet to be able to feel devotion one needs to learn and reflect on that great Presence (jnana yog) and dedicate one’s actions to it (karma yog). This combination of knowledge, love and action is the yoga that Sri Krishna taught Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita 5000 years ago. Asanas and pranayama are helpful to purify and fine-tune the body and mind to become more transparent for the inner light.

The west tends to ignore jnana, bhakti and karma yoga and focuses on becoming physically and mentally fit. This means, it may miss out on the great potential of yoga: to realize what we truly are.

Swami Ramdev set the lively discussion on the flawed western view of yoga at rest: ‘even if you do only asanas and pranayama, you will slowly become a better human being’, he felt.

Still, the motivation behind any activity has undoubtedly great influence on the outcome. If someone does yoga only to become fitter and more attractive to have a better chance to fulfill his egoistic desires, it would be an insult to the Indian rishis. And it would not deserve the name “yoga” or “yog” as Swami Ramdev calls it.

by Maria Wirth


  1. […] A Yogi revives Yoga in India. […]

  2. Alok Kumar · · Reply

    Dear Mariaji,

    Excellent summarising of the whole movement by Swami Ramdev !! It’s really unfortunate that some vested interests are trying to vilify Swami Ramdev by levelling false allegations !!

    Actually the government should start adopting pranayama and asanas for basic treatment at the government health centres without any further delays !! This avoids unnecessary burden on the people in rural and town areas !!

    I attended his one week camp in 2005, and since I and my wife are practising these daily and keep fit mentally and physically, and also find improvement in a our spiritual orientation !!

    Thanks once again for doing a beautiful summary of this movement !!

    Alok Kumar

  3. I fully agree with you Maria. If it is uprooted of its spiritual Hindu roots, it would not deserve to be called Yoga. And from the West I can tell you that in 99,9% of the Yoga Schools here, it is taught uprooted from its spiritual roots, and what it is worse, extoling the materialistic reasons of a fitter body for egoistic purposes. People here do the same than in all fields: taking what it is for their convenience and discarding what it requires a commitment or, a change of the mindset that they would not be ready to pass through. Yamas and Niyamas in the West? Who cares for an spiritual life here?It is the culture of the pleasure and the enjoyment by hook or by crook. Such a disappointing society….may Ishwara bless India to retain Her spiritual treasures. Although so much westernised, India keeps being the hope for mankind as long as people like Swami Ramdev still have such a large audience and followers.

  4. Radhika Nagrath · · Reply

    indeed maria. u have open heartedly recognised Ramdev’s contribution to yoga which very few do. May india continue to retain passing her spiritual legacy to the world.

  5. Suresh K. · · Reply

    “None of the western speakers touched on the issue of patents. Some 130 patents on yoga have been taken out in the US alone. When I asked one of the founders of IAYT regarding this issue, she stiffened and went on the defensive. “Some people claim that Hinduism owns yoga. We resist that.”
    Not surprised at all by her reply when they want to exploit Yoga for their commercial gains. Don’t they know that our own Hindu gods are depicted in various yogic postures and mudras, and that should settle where yoga belongs and who owns. Of course, they will come with a battery of lawyers to fight this claim. Sad that such great, refined teaching of Yogic instructions, originating in ancient India is being reduced to mass commercialization and efforts of stripping it of its roots from the source continuing! Govt. of India, please wake up!

  6. Ganesh Choudhary · · Reply

    Sister Maria . You have shared with us the importance of Yoga in the contribution of Swami Ramdev jee in making Yoga global. But one thing I would like to add that the efficacy of Yoga is directly connected with the type and content of food we take .

  7. Excellent article, I consider Swami Ramdev biggest social mass movement leader in India after Gandhi. And he did it single handed , inspite of tremendous motivated conspiracies and opposition by political and business groups. He is deserving for Bharat Ratna, or may be not, he is above that like Gandhi.

    1. Tarun Kumar · · Reply

      Wow… I have identical thoughts on Ramdev being the most effective mass movement leader after Mahatma Gandhi. He had arguably touched 1 billions+ people’s lives (and counting), in a very positive way. He probably deserved a Nobel Peace Prize!

  8. Maria ji

    As usual, well, clear and best way, the article on ‘A YOGI REVIVES YOGA IN INDIA’ explained. Kudos Maria ji.

    On point was slightly went inappropriate way that Yoga needs to be proved in scientific way too. Do we (or the Yoga) need this certificate from Western Science? Yoga itself is a science. Why the Western science recognition Yoga needs for? We need not to prove to any body or any system of our values and skills. All those who want to know our values and want to learn our skills, let them come, we welcome them, teach them, enlighten them. We, Indians, share, care, even some time bear too, but no need to bend ourselves. It is my humble opinion. Hope you agree with.

  9. A.Balasubramanian. · · Reply

    Why Baba Ramdev is accumulating one thousand + Crores in his account?
    Do a yogi need this much amount in his bank balance? Aren’t we suppose to be detached from all happiness and wealth especially when he calls himself a swami and yogi? Isn’t he suppose to be the ideal example of yogi? Until he is detached from wealth, politics he cannot be a true yogi or swami. His holiness Swami Chinmyananda owned 172 centers in the world, but he never owned any of them when he died. He left his wealth to his disciples. He is a worshipful swami. He is a true yogi.

    1. Ram Sharma · · Reply

      Is Baba Ramdev really accumulating 1000+ crores for himself and his family’s consumptions? But more importantly, this article is about Yoga and its popularization in India and the world. Do you really doubt the contribution of Baba Ramdev? Does it matter if he is a true Yogi or not, given that you have experience, expertize and standards to evaluate a Yogi? I have been fortunate to have spent a few moments in the company of Swami Chinmayananda. Who can question his immense contribution towards spreading the message of Hinduism in India and abroad. Swami Chinmayananda was one of the founders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). I doubt he would approve of your comments on Baba Ramdev, had he been alive. As a Hindu you should take pride in both of these Sages and their contribution, without using your standards for a true and fake Yogi. Not all Yoga practitioners and teachers are Yogis. But that does not diminish its value in their lives and its propagation for the benefit of humankind, how so ever small or big.

      1. Jyotindra Pandya · ·

        Very well said . It is trust which is holding bank a/cs and may be not Baba Ramdev personally. Swami Chinmayanand spreadheaded hinduism and hindu spritualism. baba Ramdev is promoting means to achieve hinduism by discarding superficial western lifestyle leading to misery and discontentment in life.

    2. Balasubramaniyam ji, with due respect. Baba Ramdev lives in a little room, has no possessions, sleeps on a straw mat, on the floor. His parents still live in the same village, in the same hut, have a small farm, milk their cow and carry the cow dung to the compost pit by themselves. If baba ramdev was using the 1000 crore rupees for himself, dont you think he and his parents (and other relations’s) lifestyle would have changed? The money belongs to his trust, and he could not have achieved what he achieved without financial help..ALL the money he received, he puts into his mission. And please show me which scripture says that true yogis have to be poor? they have to be DETACHED from money, that’s all. A yogi can have a million rupees and be detached from it, and a fake yogi can have just two loin cloths, but you try to steal one of them and he will kill you.
      Balasubramaniyam ji, you probabaly dont know but the majority of Indian T.V. channels are owned by Rupert Murdoch, a right wing, christian fundamentalist billionaire. several other channels are owned by right wing christian organizations. The Times of INdia belongs to a British company. 90 percent of Indian media is owned by foreign multinational or their Indian puppets. Unfortunately, you have become a victim of the negative propaganda they (and the UPA government, which is their creation) have been systematically spreading to make Indians hate Indian Saints and Sadhus, Hinduism and Indian traditional wisdom. They need to do this in order to program Indians to become obedient consumers for western products, lifestyles and values. If Baba Ramdev has cured even ONE person of cancer (he has actually cured thousands), he is worthy of respect, no matter how much money his trust owns or does not own.,

  10. No doubt about the achievements by Baba Ramdev are beyond description.He started as a learner but became a great motivator of modern India.A fearless patriot who has never afraid of what he does.He revived yoga & was a huge hit.He became successful because he related yoga to the common man.He openly denied western Allopathy & the way ,they treat.He revived Patanjali Yoga & gave an alternative to Allopathy in Ayurveda.He produces Ayurvedic medicines cheaper than the market.He has made many enemies after he challenged the men in power for not giving proper weightage to the Indian-ness.Those who were doing Pranayama &Asanas at his camps, are now pointing swords at him.He is still feeling the heat & the pinch for open brickbat speaking &his straight forward to call a spade a spade.
    He is not only promoting yoga but also reviving old schools of”Guru Kuls”.He transformed them into Acharya Kulam.Many learned teachers who know Vedas & Upanishads by heart area appointed as teachers.Students are given all Indian Values and they have practice all Indian traditions at Gurukul.Salute to him for all his achievements &standing erect against how strong the wind blows.

  11. Tarun Kumar · · Reply

    Maria Ji, Pranaam and warm greetings. Yet another thought-provoking article from you. Thank you for sharing…

  12. Great, Maria Wirth. You have written an excellent description of Yog and Yoga.

    Yog is union with God, and Yoga is short of Yogasans.

    Yogasan or Yoga is simply stretching postures as is done in Sun saluation, or postures of sitting, laying down on back or tummy. In the West most people do Yoga, not Yog. And strange n funny is that it is mostly done for money or business, NOT as service.

    And let me tell you something doing Pranayam or breathing exercises enable you to harness the same energy with which an infinitesimally small sperm and egg makes an astonishingly big 6′ human with all most complex organs working flawlessly in their assigned duties. So if an energy can do so miraculous work why can’t breathing exercises harnessing the प्राण or breathing energy mend any disease. The ONE can make sure can mend or repair.

    For more burning proof of benefits of yog n yoga please click on http://www.pyptusa.org/testimonials or Google it. Thank you. Great write up, dear Ms. Maria Wirth.

    1. http://www.pyptusa.org/pagesdir/testimonials.html
      please make a little correction in the link given in previous comment. Thank you. Sorry for inconvenience if any.

  13. Dattaprasad Kulkarni · · Reply

    Thanks for your commitment and dedication for yoga.

    I do agree that everyone shall practice YOGA, but what about the decipline, which shall not be overlooked .
    Yoga isn’t Hype making subject.
    Basic aim of yoga – YOGAS CHTTA VRITTI NIRODHAHA,
    But current scenario is vice versa.

  14. Sham Daswani · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    I had written to you after seeing your last article on Swami Chinmayananda to ask if you could do a similar article on my Gurudev who has given the Vedas back to the world.
    I do hope you are seeing this post and I can hear from you.
    My email is daswani.sham@gmail.com
    Thank you and more power

  15. great article

  16. Very enlightening and so well written! Thanks so much.

  17. This is simply another example of how confused are so many Hindus, and how they actually assist all those who are anti-Hindu. All of real Yoga is Hindu Dharma: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Japa Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, for example. Hatha Yoga is important but, of all the Hindu/Yogas, it is suppose to be rather secret precisely because of what it has become today–a cult of the body divorced from Hinduism. It is not without reason why Hinduism is so distorted and misunderstood.

    Swami Param


    1. Ram Sharma · · Reply

      Swami Ji, Hath Yoga may not be all that Yoga stands for. But it is still an aspect of Yoga, primarily concerned with physical well being. Did our Sages not declare that ‘Shariramadyam khalu dharma sadhanam (body is the primary or first vehicle to realize dharma)’ Should we be not proud that Hath Yoga that originated in our Mother Land has received universal recognition, admiration and following? Most anti-Hindus are born Hindus in India who oppose Hath Yoga classes in schools, as it goes against their concept of ‘secularism’. Those who are not born Hindu, but still admire Hath Yoga, should not be bracketed with anti-Hindu Hindus. Because of Hath Yoga’s immense health benefits, Baba Ramdev must be appreciated for propagating it even to small towns and villages, and inspiring people to practice. And PM Modi Ji must be congratulated for making Yoga a topic of world wide celebration, which a devout nationalist would do.

  18. namasteji ! if interested, you may try sending this piece to YOGA MAGAZINE (UK) to deputyeditor@yogamagazine.co.uk and Halima@maliklaw.com best wishes, anantha http://ananthablahblah.wordpress.com

    Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 07:17:05 +0000 To: anookay@hotmail.com



  20. http://www.medhajnews.in/ Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya inaugurated ‘Introduction of Yoga in Curricula of National Academy for Training & Research in Social Security’ on Sunday. To mark the occasion, yoga specialists exhibited various Yoga Asanas required by the officers/officials which would help them in improving their day-to-day functioning. – See more at: http://www.medhajnews.in/article.php?article=18632&locale=en#sthash.jSnVktOM.dpuf

  21. http://www.desicontrarian.com/?p=1037


  22. Swami,RamdevBaba’s effort to popularise YOGA and Ayrveda medicines is commendable. Frequently TV Channels cover Baba’s Yoga and Ayurveda medicine sessions.West is trying time withastood Indian practices where as we Indian’s inheritors of glorious tradition neglecting them.
    International Yoga day is worth remembering in furthering Yoga: Prof,Ranga

  23. Satish Hule · · Reply

    For critics of Baba Ramdev: During years between 2000 & 2005 all Shibirs were absolutely free of cost to attendees. Used to be broadcast on channels Aastha and Sanskar. He started charging fees only when decision to set up Patanjali Yogpeeth was taken for which funds were required. This he used to tell in his Yog-shibirs. Those who state that he has accumulated crores in his account do not know the reality. If they know his personal bank A/c details, should state in their comments. Ignorance is pardonable, but insinuations or vague allegations on hearsay are condemnable. I urge critics to travel to Haridwar and have first hand information. They can stay and 3 meals a day for 3 days absolutely free of cost. They can figure out cost of this stay. Who bears this cost?

  24. It was inspiring to read your blog. Ayurveda can prove to be so effective in many diseases. However, for Ayurveda medicines, one can consider Patanjali Yogpeeth situated in Haridwar which is an initiative of Yoga guru, Swami Ramdev, who’s got India on the world map, owing to Ayurveda, yoga and meditation and herbal sciences.

  25. Sharad Kelkar · · Reply

    Beautiful article! Very well written!

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