Has terror a connection to religion?

“Terror has no religion” is often repeated by politicians and media. At the same time, the most dangerous terrorists of our times like the Islamic State and Boko Haram shout triumphantly ‘Allah ho Akbar’ after brutally killing those whom they consider infidels or opponents of the caliphate. Common sense would suggest that at least these groups inflict terror in the name of Islam.

However, so far, the “correct” view is that these groups don’t follow Islam, but ‘Islamism’. They are misguided and have distorted the good Islam into a bad Islamism. So they are not Muslims, but Islamists or extremists who follow an ‘extremist ideology’. Islam has nothing to do with it. Terror may have an ideology, like communism or Nazism, but it has no religion. Obviously this explanation is meant to keep Islam away from scrutiny and its image “sacred”.

In the same way, Pope John Paul II tried to keep Christianity and the Church above board, when in the year 2000, he finally asked ‘forgiveness from God for sins committed against Jews, heretics, women, gypsies and native people’. He, too, did not blame the Church but ‘sons and daughters of the Church’ who committed ‘mistakes’.

These sons and daughters of the Church surely would proclaim, if they were still around, that they only followed the instructions of the Church – whether it was the brutal Christianization of Latin America, where millions were killed, or the “Holy Inquisition” which consciously used horrific torture and murder to make people fall in line with the unintelligible dictates of the Church.

The Jihadis of ISIS, too, don’t agree with the view that they misinterpret Islam. They are sure that they follow the true Islam and can quote numerous Ayats from the Quran to support their view, for example 8.39: “Oh believers, fight them until there is no more mischief and the Deen of Allah (way of life prescribed by Allah) is established completely.”

If ISIS indeed represents “true” Islam, it is a cause for great concern and needs to be investigated. Why do politicians and community leaders shy away from putting religious texts on the table and under scrutiny? Why the Quran or the Bible is never mentioned when religion is discussed? On 20th July 2015, David Cameron vowed to deal with the poison of extremism. He said: “What we are fighting, in Islamist extremism, is an ideology. It is an extreme doctrine.”

Yet he did not mention the Quran once in his long speech. Why?

It is important to find out, whether there is something in the doctrine of Christianity and Islam, which is missing in Hinduism and Buddhism, and which allows or even fosters terror against outsiders. How was it possible for a Timur or Babur or Aurangzeb to have hundred thousands of civilian Hindu men slaughtered and their women and children taken as slaves only because they were Hindus? What mindset does it require to be able to do this?

Yes, there is indeed something in the Christian and Islamic doctrine that condones and even fosters violence, and it is easy to find out: Apart from the true core in all religions, i.e. the acknowledgment and worship of a higher power, Christianity and Islam inject the virus of supremacy into their belief system and contempt for “others” who they claim will be thrown into hellfire for all eternity. They both claim that the full truth was revealed by the highest authority of the universe only to them and everyone has to believe it. Those who don’t are highly offensive to their God and will suffer for all eternity in hellfire.

Obviously these two religions (Christianity started the trend) were not content with people worshipping a higher power by whatever name they chose. They wanted to control people and attain world dominion. And what a disaster it turned out to be for humanity! This claim “we have the full truth; God/ Allah has chosen us (Christians/ Muslims) over them (all others)” is poison for humanity. There is not a shred of evidence that this claim is true. In fact, it is clear that it cannot be the absolute truth, yet because it is enshrined in their respective ‘holy book’, nobody questions it.

Reading the Quran it becomes quickly clear that Allah has hatred for unbelievers and also for hypocrites among the believers (wich gives Jihadis the justification to kill also Muslims apart from kufirs). He keeps reminding the believers again and again, how they will enjoy paradise and the unbelievers will suffer in hell. He even details the torture in hell in horrific detail. All this is there in the Quran.

Similarly, the Bible also claims that there won’t be any mercy for those who did not accept Christ during their one and only lifetime (the Church forbade the belief in rebirth in 553 AD). The hell for non-Christians is as bad as the hell for non-Muslims. There will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”(Matth 13.50) – and mind you, for all eternity…

Christianity and Islam never tried to sort out which one of the two is “only true”. They are content to claim “our belief system alone is true and only those, who adopt it, find favour with the Highest”. The reason may be that the top officials in the religious institutions don’t really believe what they tell their flock. If they would believe in eternal hell, several Popes would have lived their lives differently…

Injecting a feeling of supremacy into the faithful pampers to a human weakness – the weakness to feel superior to others, whether as an individual or a group. Belonging to a big group of like-minded people who confirm each other that they are favoured by God and superior, is for many reassuring. Especially in Islam, the brotherhood of the faithful plays a big role in making people stick to their religion.

The claim of both Christianity and Islam that God/ Allah has made his will known at a certain point in time to a certain person and wants all to follow their respective religion, and if they don’t, they will be thrown into hellfire is the poison that needs to be taken out from those ‘religions’.

Incidentally, the term ‘religion’ (Lat. to bind or tie) was used from the 11th century on only for the Catholic Church and from the 16th century onwards also for Islam. People were tied into the belief-system, into which they were born, and not allowed to choose how they want to call or imagine the invisible, great Power – a freedom that India traditionally granted. So there is no need to bow one’s head and fold one’s hands in reverence, as soon as someone says ‘this is my religion’. Intelligent reasoning must not be forfeited.

Now what can be done? How can the poison be taken out?

This needs to be debated. However I consider one point important: the “others” (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, etc.) who are said to be thrown into hellfire, would do well to protest the outrageous, untrue claim that they will suffer in hell for eternity. There is, however, a problem: how can they feel outrage at something, what they don’t believe in. In all likelihood, they consider this hell-claim ridiculous, not worthy of any repudiation. And of course they have a point.

But they overlook a crucial aspect that can become highly dangerous for them: they ignore the mindset which this claim produces in people who believe it. And they should not delude themselves that it is impossible to believe it. It is possible. I know from own experience.

True, nowadays in Europe, the Church (wisely) does not stress “hell” anymore, because many lost faith and even more would leave the Church, but in India it is stressed. The Christian converts, whom I asked, all believed in hell for Hindus, including an IIT professor who converted when he was working in the US. He even convinced his parents to convert. It is clearly a case of making otherwise intelligent persons stupid.

The Quran is full of quotes of hell for unbelievers. Further, Muslim youngsters hear five times daily the Azan ending with the words:

“O Allah! Guide us to The Right Way. The Way of those whom You have favored, not of those who have earned Your wrath or of those who have lost The Way” (Quran 1.6,7).

Naturally, they may start to detest their Hindu brothers and sisters who have ‘earned the wrath’ of the Highest, because they don’t heed his words and convert to Islam.

If one day the call for Jihad were given, (Tarek Fatah mentioned in an article that even in Toronto mosques, imams pray for victory over the kufirs) their conscience would be already dysfunctional. They would see nothing wrong in ridding the earth of those who are arrogant enough not to heed the words of the one true God, which according to them are enshrined in the Quran or in the Bible.

Hindus generally don’t realize the power and danger of a mindset, though they need only look to Pakistan. It is the best example what can become of normal, well-meaning Indians when they are brainwashed into a hateful doctrine. How did Kasab I and II develop the mindset that it’s good to kill Hindus? Who or what is responsible? Or how is it possible for Christian missionaries to cheat simple Hindu folk to get them to sign up for baptism? Even the huge slave trade from Africa and the arrogance of western colonial powers towards the ‘natives’ probably had its root in the brainwashing of being superior and chosen. Rightly, ISIS in an video on the net talk about their brainwashed kids as their greatest asset.

Typically, Islam and Christianity try to avoid scrutiny of their religions for obvious reasons. They are interested to preserve their ‘true and holy’ image that they have enforced over centuries. Attempts are on not only to ban defamation, but even criticism of religions. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has already petitioned the United Nations and Saudi Arabia gave in July 2015 a call to the world to ban all criticism of religion.

Before this hopefully never succeeds, countries like India, China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and others should petition the United Nations to ban untrue claims about the afterlife of their non-Muslim and non-Christian citizens, as it breeds contempt and hatred for them.

When children read in their holy book in school how terrible ‘unbelievers’ are, some of them may later be ready to kill those whom they consider rejects by their God. ISIS is taking the Quran literally. They consider it their duty to establish a caliphate and sharia and bring the whole world under it. They are convinced they have made their life meaningful and scoff at those who criticize them as having an ‘extremist ideology’. They ‘know’ they follow the word of Allah.

Can they be blamed? If not them, who or what is to be blamed for their mindset? As long as they don’t doubt certain Ayats of the Quran, any de-radicalization program is bound to fail. They will consider clerics who tell them not to follow the Quran to the letter “confused old men”, as a German Turk explained in an interview (link below).

Over thousand years ago, Adi Shankara challenged Mandana Mishra for a debate. There is need for a debate today on different aspects of truth, including on whether there is eternal hellfire on the basis of one life or whether there is rebirth on the level of this universe. At least people need to be made aware about this hell claim and how ridiculous it is.

The true core of all religions needs to be strengthened. This core is common to all and beneficial. It is the claim that there is a great invisible power behind this visible universe. This true core was known since ages and is explained in the Indian tradition in its purest form. It is not an invention by Christianity and Islam. In fact, these two religions can learn from Hindu Dharma how many different ways of expressing one’s faith can live peacefully side by side. Hindu Dharma doesn’t tie its followers into a rigid belief system, but helps them to become free by realizing the truth in oneself.

Harmful, untrue dogmas like “this invisible power is jealous and wants this or that… and if you don’t do it, it will throw you into hellfire” need to be weeded out.

Only then humanity can be one family.

by Maria Wirth

Insight into mind of a German Turk who tried to join ISIS



  1. Radhika Nagrath · · Reply

    bold and apt, fact based. very nice article maria. i wish these so called “islamists” read this and get guts to admit to the dogmatic truths. religion was never aimed to kill but to preserve, never to divide but to unite. But unfortunately….

  2. The concept of religion has to a very great extent been distorted in the present era. It was the philosophical rationale upon which a religion is built to be stressed upon and not what just a superficially a religion claims and its policy makers command. However, there needs to be a lot of brainstorming and mental rewiring done with respect to every religion and its followers so that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” can be established.
    A very insightful write-up maria, it takes guts to exhale upon such issues involving religious extremism. You’re indeed an inspiration.

    1. bemel mesre · · Reply

      Islam was worse before. U R seeing the civilized version of it today. Not uncommon for Muslims to kill 100000 Hindus in a day in our history.

  3. I am impressed to see a great sense in your post based on global malady that has been killing innocent people pan-world. No religion teaches violence rather it asks people to refrain from it. I endorse you dear in toto.

    1. is it not violent if a religion teaches: “unless you join our belief system, you will burn for ever and ever in hellfire? ” And what about the quote from Quran which i mentioned: Fight them..

      1. surya usa · ·

        Indeed Maria, this doctrinal flaw in both christianity and Islam (‘my way or hellway’) is going to pull them both down. David Frawley has highlighted how these doctrines will not allow them to be branded as loving and compassionate, and instead these faiths will go down in history as hateful and violent.

    2. First of all you must realise that there is nothing like RELIGIONS in the world.
      Anything that is advertized in the name of RELIGION is all just FAKE & FRAUD


  4. Surprised at the rational logical prosperous westerns. The human civilization predates Abhramic religions. How were the people before . The world questioned nazis hitler for the superior belief & the commies for a belief that the lazy should eat off the hard working & they succeeded. Why not Abrahmic religion. Probably as you say it makes them superior and when challenged they go berserk. So the rational logical prosperous westerns are terrorists as is evident in race crimes across Europe & US . Hope I am proved wrong in practice and debate these beliefs in the quran and the bible and pull up the messiahs

  5. Maria, You have hit the nail on the head. Satanic Dharmas are trying to over run the Sanatana Dharma! Religions created by human minds are bound to suffer several flaws such as bias, limited intelligence and selfish motives. Vedic religion is unique for its Karmic principle as no other religion has any convincingly logical vision on the purpose of life, the nature of the soul and relationship of the soul and god. Non-Vedic religions such as Islam and Christianity assume that the human life ends once for all when the body perishes and the soul/spirit is either transferred for good to heaven or condemned for ever to rot in Hell based on whether he lived as a believer or non-believer of god! This philosophy also assumes that human beings are the highest life form next to god and all the other beings exist as subservient to mankind. Also being born as a human being seems to be the end of life process on this planet and after death they go to heaven or hell eternally. Those who accept god while living on this planet reach god after their death and those who don’t believe in Him fall in hell. This process is irreversible and there are no possibilities for the repentant souls to ever redeem themselves! It is incredible how such a myopic philosophy has sustained itself so far! The youngsters whose minds are poisoned by indoctrination delude themselves thinking that they are doing the right thing in their last life here to reach the eternal paradise as claimed in their “holy” books! Where is sanity in the corrupt minds of these Frankensteins?

    1. Clapping to such an intelligent summary! I also wonder the same….how such “philosopies”?? has sustained itself for so long….

    2. you put it well: t is incredible how such a myopic philosophy has sustained itself so far!
      for long of course it was through terror. later indoctrination of kids took over.
      time “others” at least question their “philosophy” (Greek: love of wisdom…).

      1. These “philosophies” ensured that none of their doctrines are questioned. For e.g. they speak about soul but never talk about the nature of the soul.
        In Hinduism soul or atman is considered an abstract of Parmantan and is as pure and divine as Parmatman itself. It is above all pains, pleasures, life, death etc. so it can never rot in hell or seek extravagant pleasures in heaven. Infact, it is Sat-chit-anand.
        Lot of people in the Christian world lost faith in church when they found scientific basis to question their religion. In the islamic world even today, there is a lack of scientific quest and hence until there is a renaissance in the islamic world, they will never question their scriptures.
        Perhaps this is the reason why these religions sustained for so long.

  6. Another bold article, Maria! Surely, those sacred views should be reviewed and questioned!. Thanks for this.

    1. Jai ho ! Another BOLD article, Maria ji 🙂
      Thank you for your courage !

  7. “Terror has no religion” is a political slogan first spoken in the West and now avidly followed in India ( any surprise? for Indians any thing from the West is acceptable). As Maria points out cogently, the roots of violence for and through religion is clearly in the Quran and in the Bibles. Pious and devout Abrahamic religionists will have no compunction in violence; in fact they are enjoined to commit violence to further their respective religion. Terrorism is a form of violence. The problem and danger of giving currency to this slogan is that already Muslim politicians like Owaisi have started asking for proportional representation in terrorists in Tihar Jail! Sure as any thing the contemptible pseudo secular element in Hindu intelligentsia and Indian Media have also started wailing about “93% of terrorist accused in jails in India being Muslims” !!

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  9. Perfect timing of your article Maria. LOL 🙂



  10. Not allowing religion open to scrutiny is the greatest problem before us. De-radicalisation is impossible if there is no possibility of creating healthy skepticism among its followers. Even bigger problem perhaps is use of religion to earn political dividends. When politics, dirty corporate interests and misguided religion come together it creates unfathomable danger.

  11. Maria Ma’am….we are so grateful to you….the service you are doing to Sanatan Dharama is worth saluting….

  12. SS Nagaraj · · Reply

    The world has only two streams of religions,one originating in India and the other from Palestine area,called Abrahamic religions.While India religions religions like Buddhism spread by conviction,the Abrahamic religions spread by sword.It is an ongoing process.The cruelty perpetrated by the Catholic Church is many times greater than that by the present day IS.Still,the Catholic church in India project themselves as embodiments of virtues.Under the political hegemony of the Italian Catholic Sonia Gandhi,hindus are in grave danger.

  13. The Prime Directive of Life is: The Species Must Continue! To be more specific: MY species must continue! This is the GENETiC PROGRAM according to which a young lion which takes over a pride of females after killing or chasing away the current/reigning alpha male, first kills all the cubs born of the previous male who was killed/chased off. The Lionesses quickly come into estrus again and copulate and reproduce his cubs.

    Same applies to humans. Emperor Asoka in 270 BCE (2285 years ago) killed his brothers and became Emperor. Aurangzeb killed his brothers and became Emperor. More than 2500 years ago, the BUDDHA said: He who raises a child has much greater hold on the child than the genetic parents, because the parents who raise the child implant their belief system=Religion in the child. Religion is a SOFTWARE implanted into human AFTER birth by person(s) with vested interest.

    Thus a human born of Hindu=Sikh=Buddhist=Jain=Tribal= =Parsi=Animist parents but raised by Muslim will become Muslim, while a human child born of Muslim parents but raised by Hindu will become Hindu. Prophet based religions are called Semitic religions.The prophet is the only one who knows the SOURCE CODE. Such a prophet is Bill Gates.
    Read http://dilipbam.com/facts/301-religion-windows-or-linux.html .
    Thus all Semitic prophet based religions have Windows software implanted in them, while Hinduism is based on Linux, which is an open source code available FREE to everyone and YOU have to write your own program. There is no Semitic Prophet Bill Gates writing and selling you programs and making money! Linux is LAW OF NATURE. Hindu believe that the first avatar was matsya-avatar, which means Life began in the sea (Amoeba) as proved by Charles Darwin and evolve to Homo-Erectus and on to Homo Sapiens which humans are!

    Law of Nature is: Every thought, word, deed and act, of every creature is directed towards SURViVAL, for the next natural REPRODUCTiVE ATTEMPT, so a to SPREAD YOUR GENES as far and wide as possible, and to ensure that they SURViVE=Children, and THRiVE=Grandchildren, as far into the foreseeable future as possible! This is also the genetic program. But the genetic program stops at birth. After birth, the ENViRONMENT shapes and guides the behavior of each creature/human. This was proved by Konrad Lorenz and he got the Nobel Prize for it in 1973.

    1. surya usa · · Reply

      Dilip Bam,
      good post. If you dont mind divide posts into paragraphs for ease of reading. Cheers.

    2. Muraleedharan · · Reply

      Good article. But that is precisely the reason for developing a philosophy centered around the core of the this truth and stressed on the periferals with Nishtaas. To refine the basic instincts and to continue the life as an intelligent being with a discriminatory mind with minimum harm to other beings with “life” or no “life”.
      Regarding the Dasaavathaara stories it is beyond Darwin. It is the story of human life. very current. The egg and the sperm unites and moves into the waters of womb as Zygot. The eternal spirit and its manifested power united. The vedas, the primordial knowledge is recovered and goes on to the next stage. Comes out like a Tortoise from this waters, womb and first touches the earth. The first experiance of its Karmabhumi for all senses! Its mind is churned with aquired (Amruth, Kalakood, Iraavath….?) knowledge. Retrieving all when disturbed like a Koorma. Then goes on to next Avathar…. Thus if you meditate on these lines all Dasavathaara can be explained as the physical and mental stages of our life. You will find all the charectors and episodes fitted in. Many more avathars can also be described in between like the Budha. As I believe in “Tat Tvam Asi”, “Aham Brahmasmi” it must be me only taking these avathars. And see the last one is always in future. The Kalki. We will definitely take that avathar at moksha or realisation or at the physical “death”. All these isms and opinions would be cut and this spirit will join with ultimate Ananda, the eternal spirit. Like the space inside the pot becomes one and same with the eternal space upon breaking the pot.

  14. Prasanna · · Reply

    The article is well explained. Could also ask one question. For Christians, Islam is non believers. And vice verses. The article is talking so many points. But could not question point blank, first let both these two religions fight out who is right, then come to conclusion, then what to follow ,is obvious. If one is wrong the other is also wrong. Both can never be correct. So logical conclusion is both teachings/ beliefs are wrong.

    1. i touched on the point you mention, but tried to keep the post as short as possible.
      So i wrote only this:
      Christianity and Islam never tried to sort out which one of the two is “only true”. They are content to claim “our belief system alone is true and only those, who adopt it, find favour with the Highest”. The reason may be that the top officials in the religious institutions don’t really believe what they tell their flock. If they would believe in eternal hell, several Popes would have lived their lives differently…

      of course they cannot find out which is right and wrong, and they know it.
      still, don’t rely on what the dogmatic religions are doing or should do. Think about what India can do.

      1. surya usa · ·

        “Christianity and Islam never tried to sort out which one of the two is “only true” “.
        So they thus have built two different hells for hindus. Which one of those will have a greater gravitational pull I wonder : )

    2. Is it true, that even in the 21st century the Hindus still worship a street cow as one of their goddess in India ?

      1. nityasoori · ·

        Hindus do not “worship” cow but instead respect them and love them as a friendly and docile creature. As the cow’s milk is part of food options for Hindus who consider it as the best substitute to mother’s milk to children. So, the cow is considered divine by Hindus.

  15. surya usa · · Reply

    Unbelievable but true-recently the escaped Yajidi girl said, “they ( ISIS) used to pray before brutally raping me and after. They showed me a page where quran encouraged raping a nonbelievers”.

  16. cattypuss · · Reply

    I think the answer to all this mess has to start here….and ONLY the Muslim world can solve and deal with it. But first they have to be at least honest with themselves that they have a HUGE problem on their hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGzq_omZx2k

    1. thanks for this video. gives hope

  17. Hope that muslims will understand that this entire problem has been created by them and they are the only stakeholder ,who could eradicate this .But from my personnel experience i could say so called literate muslims are not serious about this problem.

  18. KRISHNA · · Reply

    excellent article. The fact that muslims are told at an impressionable age that Kafirs will go to eternal hell is not the main reason for jihad. the quran is much more direct. there are passages in the quran that order muslims to kill the kafirs if they refuse to convert. one thing is for sure. the only muslims who are truthfully following the quran are the jihadists. Many muslim scholars and their “secular” aplogists insist that Islam is a religion of peace, and that the quran talks much about peace and brotherhood. they deliberately forget to tell you that Islam encourages brotherhood, love and peace ONLY WITHIN THE “UMMAT”, THE COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS.



  19. when any kind of violence and terror is justified by the ideology of a religion – then yes, the terror has a connection to that religion.

    1. KRISHNA · · Reply

      anchor ji, can you please tell us if there is any other religion, (except Islam and Christianity) which justifies violence and terror in its ideology? Modern educated Indians, brainwashed by leftist propoganda, are fond of saying, “what about Hindu terrorism?”. But can you show me one Hindu scripture that justifies violence and terror in the name of religion?

      1. KRISHNA JI, my previous comment is made after the Head-Line of this blog post in an affirmative way adding neither ‘if’ nor ‘but’, bearing in mind a universal perception of the truth towards terror and violence regardless of any particular religion.BTW, could you please to tell the world, which scriptural book is considered as a single authoritative book in Hinduism ?

      2. surya usa · ·

        “………which scriptural book is considered as a single authoritative book in Hinduism ?”

        Prasthana Tria (the triad) of Upanishads, Gita and Brahma sutras make indispensable canonical work for all hindu adherents. If you twist my arm for just only one name then I will have to say vedas. By the way, all the above 3 are mostly derivatives of Vedas themselves, its just that vedas are too voluminous and somewhat ambiguous for everyone to gain any insights from. Hence sages had scripted the above 3 for ease of understanding by picking only some aspects from vedas for each of these canonical work. Cheers.

  20. nityasoori · · Reply

    I endorse Surya’s views! However, among the three options, Bhagavad Gita is the one that is relatively easier for a person who has no formal training in Sanskrit under a bonafide Hindu Acharya.

    1. Anchore · · Reply

      You’r right, but I think Bhagawad Gita or Gita is also a part of the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, so if someone wants to understand the message of Bhagawad Gita in its real context, he or she should read and study the Mahabharata too, otherwise the message of the Gita will be proved out of context.

      1. nityasoori · ·

        It is not necessary to study Mahabharata to understand Gita as the spiritual teachings contained in it are universally applicable and valid. Hence it does not depend on the main theme of Mahabharata.

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  22. P.N.Deshpande · · Reply

    Wonderful article.Wish you the best.

  23. Nagin Chand · · Reply

    The contents of religious texts need to be discussed, be it Hindu texts, Be it the Quran, be it the Bible, all — from the point of view to humanity in general. Nothing can be forced on people. The worst we do when the children are trained in a manner that non-conformist/non-follower of the religion [Hindu/Moslem/Christian/Buddh/Sikh/Jain … ] is discrminated against to suffer in hell forever. This is the biggest untruth we teach/train our own young ones. This is precisely the brainwashing, and it is the most damaging.

    People may not talk, may not express, but they understand, they have brains, and they have the wisdom — to protect themselves in adversity. What if they talk and someone decides to punish them, who will come forward and protect them. History gives a lesson that the protection may not be timely, may not be sufficient, and the people have a responsibility to carry life forward … sustain families, impart proper education to its young, and tend to make them better human/citizen — the only hope.

    1. agree, proper education is needed and not brainwashing of kids. Unfortunately brainwashing happens unchallenged.
      (sorry for putting your comment late. couldn’t open wordpress)

  24. Eye opening , thankyou for posting

  25. Reblogged this on zalakwrites and commented:
    This takes courage in today’s world.
    Thanks Maria,

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  28. Muralidharan · · Reply

    This is honest writing! With limited knowledge of Christianity and Islam, I presume the observation of ‘hell for nonbelievers’ is truly procalimed in the quaran and the bible. But when I read Sermon on the mount of Jesus, he seems to have been the tallest born to espouse infinite kindness when he pleads with GOD to forgive his tormentors for thier ignorance.How can followers of Christ even think of violence against nonbelievers? Qualities attributed to GOD have to be verified in the acts and statements attributed to messengers of GOD.Or messages meant for certain situation and time should not be applied for all time. It will be great if some englightened muslim scholars could provide support from Quaran how the infiinite mercy and kindness of GOD can permit merciless treatment of nonbelievers! I am so confident that only mercy and kindness alone should ooze out from every crevice and corner of the great religious texts.It is for scholars to enlighten lesser mortals like us! There is no evidence that non believers should be treated unkindly in hindu religious texts, of which I am more familiar by chance of being born in this culture, There is no superiority in any religion, IT is time citizens of the world unite under the grand vision of “vasudhaiva kutambakam’ fellow feeling being the guiding force rather than religious/national identites. GOD save our souls

  29. Virgo2014 · · Reply

    Savage sect of Islam – Extremely puritanical, lop sided superficial piety, misinterprets Islam, denigrates religious scholars.
    Holier than thou attitude: Infamous trait of declaring Muslims as ‘Kuffar’ (Unbelievers) and justify killing of Muslims who oppose their innovation.
    Lack Rahmah : Speech is impressive but their actions are abhorrent. Motivated by anger, vengeance and hate rather than conscience, humanity, and tolerance.
    Religious sanction to oppose Khawarij and restore glory of Islam.

  30. Absolutely correct and beautifully presented. Today I feel proud of my Hindu heritage and upbringing. Am glad that even after 14 yrs of education in a missionary institution I didn’t lose myself. Though my faith was undermined all these years. Fortunately I wasn’t carried away. But there are many being misguided educated as well as uneducated.

  31. Nostradamus in his codes predicts 92 Years of peace between the Second World War and the third world war. Hence we arrive at the Year 2037 which ushers in catastrophic changes. The comet ( Jan 2037) and asteroid ( April-May 2040) according to the Book of Revelations would destroy one third of the land and one third of the sea respectively submerging countries like Britain, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, parts of USA ( San Francisco) and ancient civilizations. After the 3 1/2 Years of peace war will breakout in 2041. India will be occupied by China. China and Russia will annex and occupy USA. Europe will be devastated by the Islamic invaders lead by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia who sports a blue turban launching nuclear weapons on a hapless and helpless Europe. The war would see 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people. Read http://www.war2037.com for Hindu prophecies which mentions Kalki (Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya born in 1965-66 ) will restore law and order and usher in 1000 Years of peace from 2064 onwards. Check out http://www.psychics.co.uk for prediction for 2016 that London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris will see terrorist attacks from 2014 to 2020. A comet/asteroid will come close to the earth this year according to Craig and space observatories will miss it. Comets/asteroids are a clear and present danger.

  32. While I agree to most of what is said, I also believe that freedom to choose religions should exist. I may dislike what the Church says or what Islam says, but I still think freedom of thought is necessary. I myself am so angry at so many terror incidents that happen in the world today and most are Islamic terrorists. However from a pure Hindu perspective, if I look at the events, shouldnt we allow Islam to preach what it needs to or christians to preach as they need to(as long as they dont incite to kill ) . Governments can choose what they need to do but from a purely spiritual perspective, we should encourage diversity of opinion (even if from my perspective, Islam and Christianity are more primitive religions in that they have not evolved) as long as violence is not allowed. I am sure that this is what the Secular governments in the west are also battling. Eventually I believe the more progressive thoughts and ideas will win and take humanity further.

    1. should Christians and Muslims be allowed to preach not only unverifiable, but harmful and divisive dogmas and indoctrinate kids into hatred for Hindus (among others)?
      both religions claim only they are right and the Supreme wants all to follow them, if not, extremely harsh punishment for all eternity…. and how do they know? because the Supreme has revealed it to Jesus or Mohammed respectively.
      at least Hindus could react and say that the Vedas are also divinely revealed and they show a different, more reasonable picture of the Supreme Being. so why not talk about it who is right?

  33. RichardA · · Reply

    Sorry to say. Hell does exist.
    And Islam and Christianity are total opposites.
    A person of faith believes soul and the character of those Souls can never die they last forever. we are made that we don’t die but only bodies decay.

    Seriously we are only atoms. Dust.
    Letters make words,words have information codes that tell us something.

    If the codes are poisoned. Then your whole being is poisoned.

    If your environment was pure
    Would you allow that to be eternally poisoned?

    To not believe in hell is cowardice.
    Also punishments in the Bible is there for a reason.
    Men was robbing each other murdering each other sleeping with animals raping stealing thinking they were good holy men.
    Worse than the Nazis worse than Isis.
    It was out of control. Like today.
    Men commit evil immorality thinking they are holy men.

    Punishment today only seems wrong because we’re so civilised this is because of these laws.

    Islam and Christianity have nothing in common. Islam talks evil about it’s none believers. Is proud of itself.

    And your getting upset because Christianity
    Of which will know so little. Does see other religions as demonic.
    Why not.

    Don’t many atheists see all Relgion backward.
    Primitive. Evil.

    That they believe in some humanism. And science as light for their footpaths.

    Atheism and it’s sciences and philosophy has caused much bloodshed and destruction to society than some religion.
    Did you see what was the fruit if darwinism.

    And life before even the birth of the Hebrews
    Jewish then Christian faith do you think life was more civilised?
    When in fact it put an end to its own barbaric culture?

    You are are arrogant.

    The culture before freely before with out guilt
    Kildare Young born and unborn slavery violence death for sport. Sexual immorality.
    Looting. Murders fornication. Sacrifices.

    You think putting an end to this
    And speaking of Hell to anybody who commits this is evil?

    You retarded coward.

    What hope is there for a man without moral compass.An evil man if he cannot reform his nature from his own corruption, if there was nothing to be accountable to?.
    What dread would keep him from those ugly things in his life?. And preventing him from being in the likeness of pure creator of mankind.?

    Hell exists.
    Some Atheists think all Relgion is an evil.
    It’s no different than what Christianity thinks.

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