Of course Hindus won’t be thrown into hell

Some time ago, a news item caught my attention: Dalit Christians had filed a complaint with the United Nations against the Vatican because of caste based discrimination of the Catholic Church in India. The complaint was filed with the UN Information Centre at New Delhi.

It made me feel that a suggestion I had made in an earlier article was maybe not so outlandish and actually worthwhile. I had suggested that Hindus, Buddhists and others could file a complaint with the UN against Christianity and Islam, because Christianity considers non-Christians as heathen and Islam non-Muslims as infidels, and both these religions claim that heathen and infidels are unworthy of the grace of the Supreme Power and will be thrown into hellfire where they will suffer excruciating pain for all eternity. “Idol-worshippers” – Hindus are labeled as such – are the worst of the lot in the eyes of those religions.

In the Bible, Mathew (13: 49/50) states:

 This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous  and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

The Quran gives a more detailed description of the torture that awaits infidels:

“But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling fluid will be poured down their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning” (Quran 22:19-22)

Hindus generally have no malice towards other faiths and don’t expect others to have malice towards their own faith. They readily pay respect to Bible and Christianity or to Quran and Islam without knowing what they contain. Usually they don’t even notice that their respect is not reciprocated.

However, there are also those who know the content, but prefer to ignore unacceptable passages. One reason may be that they of course don’t take them seriously and can’t imagine that anybody takes them seriously. Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of indoctrination, especially in childhood. It is not only the ISIS types who believe (and act on it). I know from own experience that children believe what they are told and many don’t question this belief even as adults.

Another reason may be that they don’t want to draw attention to those divisive, discriminating passages in books that are considered holy by the majority of the world’s population. They fear they could remind ‘believers’ of their duty to fight the “unbelievers” or rather the “wrong believers” as Hindus are great believers in the Supreme and certainly not unbelievers.

However, this attitude won’t work today, as the content of Quran, Bible and other scriptures is readily available on the net. It is easy to access any verse of the Bible or Quran. ISIS spread their views on the internet. The radicalization among Muslim youth often happens via the net. A cleric in a German mosque who had banned radicalized youth and declared ISIS as un-Islamic was described as an “old, confused man”, by a German Turk, who ‘knew’ that ISIS is following the Quran. How did he know? “I and my friends have read the Quran”, he declared. His friends are fighting for ISIS.

I didn’t make the suggestion to complain to the UN because I expect much action from the UN. I made the suggestion mainly, because in this way the issue would hopefully come into mainstream discourse. People, including Christians and Muslims, need to realize how absurd and divisive this claim of “eternal hell for unbelievers” is.

The gravity of the situation needs to sink in: every second child in the world is taught that Hindus (and others) are not equal in the eyes of the Supreme God, and the child is likely to believe it. In fact, the child is taught that the Supreme hates those others so much that they will burn for all eternity in hellfire if they don’t mend their ways and join the believers on the right path. Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Sita, the Rishis, Swami Vivekananda, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Narendra Modi, Aishwarya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar… just name them, each and every Hindu who ever lived – none will find mercy with the Highest. They all are thrown into the ‘blazing furnace’.

People need to become aware that prophesizing eternal hell was a strategy to frighten the own followers into submission and to justify using force to either convert or wipe out those who ‘insult the Supreme Power and don’t accept the only truth’.  This claim of “hell for unbelievers” is about power and influence and has nothing to do with eternal truth or morality.

If a small, crazy sect would claim that all others will burn in hell, one would understand if nobody takes note of such nonsense. But it is not a small sect that makes this claim. This claim is contained in the doctrines of the two most powerful religious institutions on earth with almost four billion followers. Mercifully, many Christians especially in Europe don’t believe it anymore, but it is part of the Christian dogma.

Is one allowed to call this claim nonsense – in the age of quantum physics where it is known that ultimately all is connected and nothing is separate?

Strangely, Hindus keep quiet. They may hope it goes away. It won’t go away without those who are demeaned in this unacceptable manner putting their foot down. Why should those who benefit from this claim give it up as long as nobody objects?

The Church had once to give in to protests: it lost the power to punish heretics and even had to allow Christians to leave the Church. Ever since, the Church lost many of its flock and the west came out of the Dark Age, but the damage was done nevertheless: arrogance and a feeling of superiority was already ingrained in the people and nature had been divested of its sacredness and still is treated as a slave to be exploited.

The dogmatic religions uprooted people from their pagan societies and made them slowly but surely arrogant, self-righteous and convinced that they are meant to rule the world in the name of their god. Would colonialism in its brutal form have been possible without the mindset that Christians are superior to the native heathen? Would Muslim invasions have been so cruel without the mindset that Allah wants them to smite the necks of infidels till all worship is only for Allah?

Today’s most pressing problem, Islamic terrorism, has its roots in the claim that infidels are rejected by Allah. ISIS, Boko Haram and others consider it their sacred duty to rid the earth of such scum.

Christianity stopped killing heathen but still does great harm in so called ‘unreached areas’ for example in India, where it deceives, threatens and lures people away from their tolerant, inclusive tradition into an arrogant, divisive mindset.

Some followers of Islam still kill. They are called Islamists instead of Muslims. But as long as the Quran contains verses that seem to be exhortations to kill infidels, and no official correction is made that these verses refer only to history, there is insincerity in the claim that they are not Muslims. On one hand we condemn those youth in the strongest terms and on the other, we revere the scripture which they claim to follow.

When Donald Trump declares that he won’t allow Muslims into the USA if he becomes President, he may cater to a populist sentiment among Americans but this is no solution. A better strategy would be to make Muslims disown certain passages in the Quran. At the same time, Christians must be made to disown certain passages in the Bible. Blind belief that the Supreme has revealed the truth only to Jesus or only to Mohammed must be allowed to be questioned without putting one’s life in danger.

The Pope said recently in Africa “Christians and Muslims are brothers”. It sounded more like “Let’s live and let live”. Yet when the Pope was in India, he didn’t make such conciliatory statement. He said “we will plant the cross in Asia”. Why? Did he think the “mild” Hindus won’t object to their own demise? Or did he behave like a bully to put Hindus on the defensive?

If Christianity really had the better truth, it would be okay. But this is not the case. The supremacy that the Church claims has no basis except in blind belief. In the same way, the supremacy that Islam claims has also no basis except in blind belief. Both faiths can’t challenge each other. A debate between Christianity and Islam would go like this:

Christianity: “We alone have the full truth”

Islam: “We alone have the full truth.”

Christianity: “God has revealed the full truth through his son Jesus”

Islam: “Allah has revealed the final truth through Prophet Mohammed.”

Christianity: “All have to worship God, the father, via his son.”

Islam: “All have to worship Allah.”

However, in one point both agree: “Heathen and infidels need to disappear from the earth.”

In contrast, ‘Hinduism seeks to propagate the collective wisdom and inspiration of centuries and has room for all forms of beliefs’ (according to the Supreme Court). It offers a profound philosophy. It can bring to the table the wisdom of the ancient Rishis that has never been disproven. This wisdom points to the absolute truth, which dogmatic religions are ignorant of: Truth is not a belief based on thoughts. It is what we all truly are – thought free, blissful awareness.

One would expect that humanity in the 21st century has outgrown blasphemy laws. This is not the case. Not only is there no pressure on countries that have blasphemy laws to abandon them, but – unbelievable, but true – there are attempts by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to bring the whole world under a blasphemy law.

Several nations, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, have petitioned the UN to make defamation of Islam a crime. And even President Obama and Hillary Clinton supported a resolution (Istanbul Process 16/18) to curb ‘Islamophobia’. Efforts to go further and ban criticism of Islam are surely still on.

Nations that have a majority Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist population like India, China, Japan, Thailand, etc. could join and not only throw a spammer into these efforts but actively weaken their case by demanding a stop to unacceptable claims. Though “idol-worshipping Hindus” are seen as most despicable, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Atheists also don’t pass muster in the eyes of Christianity and Islam.

It is high that time Hindus woke up. Filing a petition with the UN might make even Christians and Muslims aware that these claims are truly unacceptable and that Hindus are not the scum of this earth and have a right to exist.

UNICEF also should be petitioned that brainwashing of children into hatred for others is made a crime. The video of a child in ISIS land cutting the throat of his teddy bear as practice is horrendous. A lot of noise needs to be made about those petitions. Christianity and Islam must not get away with discrediting Hindu Dharma. Let there be a public discourse on which worldview is closer to the truth, and which religion has a better philosophical basis.

Actually it is so obvious even at a first glance: the choice is between brotherhood of all without any preconditions and fighting each other till all become uniform ‘believers’.

Let’s choose brotherhood of all. And please also include animals…

By Maria Wirth



  1. Aleem sheikh · · Reply

    Why don’t you write something about killing of muslim and Christians by hindus.write something about gujrat,muzzafarnagar,Bhagalpur,assam riots and killing of innocent muslims.you are just a false christian paid by hindus to write in favour of them.you must know that your so called innocent hindus always play victim card which they are not in reality.that bastard hindus even pay money to hindus to lure muslim girls.and still you say hindus are peace loving.

    1. I could not but laugh at your lack of knowledge about history of the world and India in particular.Hindus are normally peace loving.But don’t think that they should not retaliate for the terror they are facing from the so called Islamists ! 700 + yrs of Mugal rule in India is enough to show the atrocities done on native Hindus. Yet Hindus did not driven out all the Muslims out of India when they got independence.They have got every right to do that because Muslims are given a separate nation ! Besides they are protected by govt after govt in the name of “minority”Not only protecting but given rights and privileges also !.Can u show any Muslim country which protects its minority ? The Islamic sharia law is allowed in this “secular” country !!. Did u know anything how China is treating Muslims ?? WHY THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST ISLAMIC “IS” MOVEMENT ? U are a race to be condemned due to ur JIHADI concept !!

    2. Wilfred Rachan · · Reply

      Aleem Sheikh: You do not come to someone’s house and demand that your “orders” & “demands” be followed. Muslims worldwide by and large impose their will on others. Take “Halal” concepts for example – why do i have to eat halal to accommodate a Muslim. So i am being tolerant, i give in and in return – what did i get, a label “Kafir”? If you understand the meaning of words like humble, intelligent, “service to mankind”, etc.; Character is made from practice of this words. Muslims have failed miserably in the practice of mercy. Non of the Muslim countries allow any freedom or privileges that u are enjoying – to non Muslims. Take the example of Bangladesh. Please do some reading instead of crying that the whole world is against Muslim… During the Muslim rulers in India, millions of innocent people were slaughtered – just because they were Hindus or Sikhs. How are you going to pay for your ancestors atrocities? Awaiting your response…the accounts eventually need to be settled (Please note – i don’t mean an eye for an eye, I mean someone should own up and say sorry, be a man)

    3. “Islam is not any RELIGION, but a Gang of Criminals, Plunderers, Murderers, Rapists, Pedos :
      And the Most Common : TERRORISTS :
      1 – TERRORISM IS PART OF ISLAM : Anyone who kills an infidel is guaranteed Paradise. (Abu Dawud 2.2489, p.690; also see Abu Dawud vol. 2, footnote 1843, p.691 /
      2 – TERRORISM IS PART OF ISLAM : “”…you should know that Paradise is under the shade of swords.”” (Abu Dawud 2.2625, p.727) /””
      3 – TERRORISM IS PART OF ISLAM : Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to Allah’s Apostle and said, “Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” He replied, “I do not find such a deed.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:44) /””
      : http://ptbooks.info/205-2 (http://ptbooks.info/205-2) Peter Townsend on Twitter (http://pic.twitter.com/fHdU9LNlil) /””
      5. TERRORISM IS PART OF ISLAM : #Islam Allah the mutilator – freel the “”””peace”””” ‘Allah the Mutilator’. Feeling the ‘Peace’ Yet? (https://petertownsend.info/mutilation) /””

      1. Thank u Mr.MK. A religion calling to kill humans is barbaric .No right to live in this world !!

  2. Kamlesh jain · · Reply

    Asalam Walaikum wa rehmatullahi wa Barakatoh.
    Wow brother, you look like a close follower of quran, hats of to you. See yourself, you are a muslim who is following a so called peaceful relegion all over the world.
    So peaceful😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Wait don’t tell me you haven’t even readed quran yet, omg, hahaha good. Mock or joke about our relegion if you want, do you know why, because we don’t give a damn about what you think, but we respect quran and Bible and their teachings.
    Go and read quran and hadiths, they will teach you manner and will guide you to straight path.

    1. Better not to recommend reading the Quran. here is an example of a German Turk who read it and then wanted to join ISIS.
      this article is based on an interview with him

    2. Wilfred Rachan · · Reply

      Kamlesh Jain: I was amused by your response and could not resist the temptation to ask you one question, as you seems to have read the Holy Koran and are presumably on the straight path with good manners. Question: If ALLAH really wants all humanity to follow Islam, I am pretty sure ALLAH can do it right? Historically, humans existed before Holy Koran came about and other faiths continue to flourish after Holy Koran came about. Just the other day, my Hindu friend told me his prayer was answered. I am really confused. Please enlightened me? or is ALLAH unable to make up his mind? therefore he recruited you (pan intended)

  3. Because of some perverts,coverts in Hinduism,It is ridiculed by other religions.

  4. Why an earth do you think that Hindus will jot be thrown in to hell of they will they will suffer all their life’s on the hell fire forever and ever and no one can save them you understand they are un believers they will never be forgiven what so ever because they have created the biggest sin in their life time ever that no one would ever do and that is worshiping statues that dont even mean anything and that are false so just shut up go and learn something about Islam first then post something about Islam on the internet don’t post things that are certainly not true fock off

    1. Your opinion itself is the proof of your ignorance and culture.According to u whatever Quran and hadith say are correct and unquestionable. Who had given u the authority to decide who should live and who should die ? Abrahamic religions born only 2000 and odd years back but Hinduism(it is not a religion but a way of life with utopian principles)date back to 7000 yrs.The concept of Christ and Allah were not there when human beings born in this world.Then what is ur authority to dictate terms for others ? Islam is not the dictator ruler of this world to say that “they are un believers they will never be forgiven what so ever because they have created the biggest sin in their life time ever that no one would ever do and that is worshiping statues that dont even mean anything and that are false ”
      You may not find meaning to idol worship because u don’t know even have an iota of knowledge about Hinduism.And who the hell are u to tell us which is true and which is false??Your wordings like “fock off”etc shows Islam’s culture.So you shut up and go and study Hinduism before “bla bla ” about anything.

      1. Basu Bose · ·

        First of all, Maria-ji, may I suggest that in regards to all your writings (they are enlightening, thought awakening and, superbly written for which several of us, especially those living outside of India, are grateful) there should be a reasonable time limit after which all comments should be closed. I say this because although some of us aren’t always reasonably prompt in reading/ absorbing/sharing the content of your more recent articles and/or adding any comments or seek clarifications – I am sure, for some, the ongoing expectation tends to be on eagerly looking forward to your newer posts in order to accumulate an understanding of all your articles (alongwith that of the many, many thoughtful comments) that adorn your blog.

        Not only it is a question of timeliness for any comments that should be allowed to be made, you do not have the resources like the big and well-endowed media & journals to moderate and/or screen out any distasteful, vulgar and unacceptable comments like the one that has been made by this Zahra (Z) person.

        The comment made by npnayar has, rightly, taken this Z-person to task in a more restrained and gentle manner. Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude..

        For me though, this Z man or woman, represents the scum of the scums of this earth. Not only does his/her comment show the worst side of the religion and the culture that s/he has so blindly embraced, it also is a depiction of the medieval backwardness, fanaticism and ongoing terrorism by numerous zealots, in their midst, radicalized by many competing & evolving brand name founders who have, over last 80 years, ravaged the gradual march to civility, democracy, peaceful co-existence, and hard earned equality for all concerned in every society in every corner of the world, and, of course, in that process, perpetrated pillage, land grab, murder, abduction, torture, sexual violence & trafficking, forced conversions, and destruction of places of worship of the kaffirs/ keffirs of this world.

        I am sorry if I sound angry but I do feel that I have a right to be when I see such an ultra-toxic comment.

      2. Thank u Mr.B.Bose. I know 90% of Muslim personals don’t have the courage to tell anything adversely about their religion! If any body does he will be prosecuted ! Their God is innocent.HE has not dictated anything.Only his prophets were the rule makers.They have very cleverly safeguarded their supremacy by these “unquestionable hadiths.” .It lacks humanity,kindness,tolerance etc etc. It suits people in stone age.!

    2. Wilfred Rachan · · Reply

      Zahra: You are right, the Hindu will be punished (no idea if Hell fire or not) but the same apply to a Muslim, the same law of God will apply for Justice. It cannot be that Muslim can rape an innocent girl and God say OK but the same offence done by Hindu – he gets punished. Unless you can proof that God actually has “sunat” and is a Muslim, so he acts in a brotherly fashion to Muslims. Lets make it simple…you get a Muslim to jump off a cliff and a Hindu do likewise. The law of Gravity will show no favours if you are a Muslim or Hindu. Therefore live your life as a good person (Muslim or Hindu) – that is what that matters and don’t let false prophets like Zakir tell you that Muslims can kill and rape and will still be loved by God – because Muslim are the Chosen ones. Your deeds are what counts…How you treat your parents, your neighbour, etc; nothing to do with race or religion.

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