Is there a “defect” in Hinduism, which makes it less “respectable” than Christianity and Islam?

There seems to be some “defect” in Hinduism, because worldwide, it is clearly not as respected as Christianity and Islam. Hindus struggle to get a fair representation for Hinduism in the media or in textbooks whether abroad or even at home.

This is hard to understand, because Hinduism has the best philosophical basis of all and is in tune with modern nuclear science. It acknowledges that the essence in all is consciousness (spirit) and shows practical ways how to realize this one spirit as true. It is therefore even in tune with the ever growing tribe in the west who say “I am spiritual, not religious”.

When India was ruled by Christians and Muslims, it was understandable that those in power promoted their religion as the best and denigrated the ‘primitive native religion’. But today, when there is an open market of ideas, why is Hinduism still getting a rough and very unfair deal when it actually deserved the highest respect, and how can this be changed?

One fine morning I realized what Hinduism is “lacking” and how this could be rectified.

Hinduism would finally be on the same footing as Christianity and Islam. (please don’t take those suggestions seriously, but unfortunately, there is some truth in it.)

It is simple.

The ancient rishis had left out only one important sentence after passing on their insights. This one sentence obviously makes all the difference whether a religion is respected, powerful and keeps gaining followers or whether it is demeaned, ridiculed and loses followers.

This sentence is:

If you don’t believe what we tell you, the supreme Divinity will throw you for all eternity into hellfire.

Let’s imagine Maharishi Vyasa, after compiling the Vedas, had added this sentence: “Whoever does not believe in the Vedas as the only truth, will be thrown for all eternity into hellfire by Brahman himself.”

Or after writing the Mahabharata, if he had added “Whosoever does not believe that Sri Krishna is the only true mediator between man and Brahman, will burn eternally in hell”.

Or if Valmiki, after writing down the teaching of Guru Vashishta to Prince Rama, had added that Vashishta alone is the true guru and whoever does not believe it will end up in hell.

Or even today, if Mata Amritanandamayi for example, who has several miracles to her credit and an unparalleled outflow of love, would claim that she is the only indigenous daughter of god and who does not believe it, will be thrown into hellfire forever…

If this had happened, Hinduism would not be the underdog.

Hinduism would be on the same level with the “respected” religions. In fact, those newcomer religions would probably have had little chance to grow, because Hinduism was there ages before them and it could have easily declared those newcomers as inexcusable heretics that need to be put to death.

In fact, not all is lost. Since the Bible and the Quran were written only after Jesus and Mohamed had died and several earlier versions were discarded, maybe Hindus still could amend their sacred texts?

Of course I am not serious.

But it struck me one morning that the respect for dogmatic religions is based on irrationality and how easily it could be corrected if Hindus would chose to be as irrational and if they would back up –this is an important ingredient – their irrationality with blasphemy laws. Hindus could take part in the one-upmanship of “only we are right” and threaten those who dare to dissent with death.

Actually, it is not so much irrationality but cunningness, because those who made those claims of eternal hell for outsiders in all likelihood did not believe it themselves. It could not possibly have come from Divine inspiration but is driven by worldly power.

The rishis in contrast were truthful. They were not cunning or irrational, and Indians – all Indians – can be proud of them.

But pride is not enough. Present day Indians need to take care that this irrationality does not eat into their society because it will lead to its downfall. It is not difficult to find examples for such societies.

Dharma finds expression through people who stand up for it and if necessary fight for it. Adharmic forces need to be called out and challenged.

It seems, on this world stage, a Mahabharata war is always on, in all ages. Yet ultimately, at a higher level beyond the dichotomy of good and evil, all are absorbed in the one eternal Brahman from whom all has originated.

There won’t be a huge cauldron of fire where billions of human beings will burn for all eternity. This claim by both Christianity and Islam does not deserve respect. It deserves ridicule.

By Maria Wirth




  1. Kapil Puri · · Reply

    By Promod Puri

    “Om purnam adah purnam idam
    purnat purnam udachyate
    purnasya purnam adaya
    purnam evavashishyate”.

    An ideological and free translation of the mantra begins with the word Om which is personified here as God. The word ‘purnam’ and its related derivates in the mantra mean complete, and signifies His completeness. As He is complete, everything emanating from Him is complete. From the Complete Wholeness only the completeness manifests. And even when a single complete is subtracted from the whole Complete what is left is still a Complete. The products produced thru Him may look small or big, but in core and quality all are complete units.

    Read Full Article Here:

  2. Kapil Puri · · Reply


    By Promod Puri

    Besides His numinous and varied perceptions God also offers a meaningful perspective which can be created by the assembly of good thoughts. And the divine residency begins in that on-going construction.

    Basically it is an eloquent temperament we are trying to build which gives rationality and practicality to the institution of God.

    The ecumenical concept of God of being the supreme governor who creates, sustains and destroys the universe, and everything else including what influences our lives, does not reveal the reasons behind all the puzzles and mysteries of His or Her observable deeds.

    In other words our perception of God as being a creator with His mystical powers which sustains the universe, can not comprehend many universal and natural phenomenons.

    One reason is that man is just one of the millions of creatures who in actuality is microscopic in His infinite and colossal universe. Still our imaginations and metaphysical attempts know no boundaries to fathom His magnanimity.

    For a moment let us compare a human being to a small ant who is trying to study God up there in the celestial world.

    Read More:

  3. prabhakar · · Reply

    a wonderful and beautiful piece

  4. Hinduism does need publicity or forced on some individual to accept it. Neither Christianity or Islam will not understand Hinduism because of its simplicity our Maharishis, Sadhus Kanchi Mutt
    Sringeri Sharada Peetham POORVAMNAYA SHRI GOVARDHAN PEETHAM PASCHIMAMNAYA SHRI SHARADA PEETHAM UTTARAMNAYA SHRI JYOTISH PEETHAM etc. Our Sadhus are in bare minimum of clothes they wear even in adverse weather conditions unlike the Pope who is dressed in Satin and with diamond studded head gear etc.

    Hinduism is a religion which propagates humanity simplicity to understand this one has read about our religion culture which will throw a wealth of Information. Maria you have been from time to time writing about this this is possible because you are well versed in Hinduism by reading our literature and visiting various religious places to have grasp about our religion.

    Maria the fact is most of us Hindus do not know the facts about Hinduism we are all to say
    illiterates as far as Hinduism is concerned. But Hinduism does not discriminate such individuals
    or force them to go to Temples or force them to read our religious books. This is the strong point of Hinduism its strength is derived by its openness, debates etc Any body can agree disagree but no discrimination of such individuals.

    Christianity is very rigid in its views, approach one cannot say there is no God or stop going to Church. Hinduism accepts all into their fold whether he/she believes in God or not it will not convert any one into Hinduism. So this religion will survive against all odds it will be subject to mocking, criticism all this out of ignorance hence it is not Hinduism that is being targeted but Christianity itself because Hinduism says all God is one.

  5. Majority of Hindus are not interested in adding followers from other cultures or spreading the religion. Also the stories of hinduism are complex and one will find the good, bad and the ugly in them, which might shock the typical devote religious people. There are also the aspects of caste/class system from the age of kings which is also a major deterant for the western mind. 🙂

  6. There is an ancient legal text of Hinduism called the Manu Smriti. It was the first Sanskrit text translated by the British under their rule of India in 1794 and was used to formulate Hindu Law. One of the Topics it covers is Women’s Rights where a list of rules is stated on how women should act as well as the choices they are allowed to make within a marriage.

    1. you may also know that the British tried hard to demean Hindu Dharma, including even wrong translations. They must have been really pleased to discover Manu Smriti.
      But are you aware that in the 12th chapter of Manu Smriti the option is given to change the Smriti if times change by a group of respected elders or even by one Brahmin if i remember right.
      Smritis can be changed. Shrutis (Veda) cannot.

      Do texts in Christianity or Islam have this option? do you want to comment on the status of women in those religions, several thousand of years ago or even today? just for being fair.

      coming from a western ‘culture’ i consider the Indian culture far superior also the way it regards woman. there are numerous admirable quotes in the Veda.

      pls see this link about women in Veda

      you may come to treasure you culture

      1. Absolutely, MW. The ancient Hindu teachings need proper understanding and I (an Englishman) take Sri Sathya Sai Baba as the guide on this, not western interpretations. Having said that if the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain and other western grandees of literature and philosophy have been greatly impressed by the Hindu way, then that should be a good indicator that it is a worthy tradition.

      2. coming from a western ‘culture’ i consider the Indian culture far superior also the way it regards woman. there are numerous admirable quotes in the Veda.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you meant to say [ancient] Indian scriptures are superior, not Indian culture. Indian culture, including the one practiced by Sikhs, has not been good towards women. Female infanticide and foeticide, arranged marriages (where women had little idea who they were being married to and had little choice of saying No), and harassment of women for dowry, have all been practiced by Hindus and Sikhs. Sati was practiced by Hindus ever since before Mahabharat was composed, and was only stopped by the British.

        If it is any consolation, I have reason to believe that apart from Sati, the other evils against women were prevalent only for the last few centuries. It was as if the Hindus were competing with the Muslims to prove that they can be more misogynist. Conditions for women did not begin to improve until the British banned Sati and Hindus started imitating the west starting mid-20th century. And since it was urban Hindus who were most exposed to western culture, their women were the first ones to benefit. Plenty of Indian women, including middle-class urban women, still suffer all the previous oppression apart from Sati.

        I am sorry but the rest of Hindu culture is not better than the western culture either. Hindu (and Sikh) culture is very materialistic and practices this evil religion called Social Status. Just as the followers of Islam, the followers of Social Status live in fear, are cruel towards others, and only know what they are brainwashed to believe (on TV and in universities). The only good value that Hindus have been able to retain so far is “respect for elders”. Hindus will lose this value too fairly soon (unless they radically change their ways, that is).

        What else in Hindu culture would you say is better than western culture? Please give me an example. [Please note that I emphasized “culture”, not teachings of scriptures. Teachings of scriptures are irrelevant if few in society are following them.]

      3. egoism, being intent on getting my way or advantage, rudeness towards others, not putting up with discomfort in a graceful way… come to my mind for westerners. In all cultures there are such and such people, but Indians are in my view more cultured, and even more so, when you compare the poorer sections of society with each other. A woman from Chile once told me that the poor in India have dignity which they don’t have in South America. A Swiss manger asked by his Indian employee what he thinks about India after his visit there, said, it is the only country where I was not afraid of the poor.

      4. @Maria Ok, thanks for explaining what you find to be better in the Indian culture.

    2. I was about to respond to modernSikh when I saw Maria´s response. I would only like to add for modernSikh that “if you do not give value to your own culture, nobody else will do it”, like Pt. David Frawley says. And that there is more in common among Dharmic traditions, that should unite against the demeaning and disrespecting abrahamic traditions that seek only to impose themselves, being in fight even again each other in that supremacy.

  7. Maria Wirth, just AMAZING understanding of Hinduism. Now I am going to read all your articles in this blog. Are you a truth seeker yourself? I mean is your understanding by reading books on Hinduism or by direct experience of seeking truth? Absolutely delighted to read your article.

    1. glad to know. i am basically a sadhak. check out also some of my replies on quora

  8. Maria- your insight and understanding are valuable indeed! One thing, though- to say, “Present day Indians need to take care that this irrationality does not eat into their society because it will lead to its downfall” is exactly the type of contingent and proscriptive thinking and threat of hellfire that you deplore!

  9. Hinduism is brahminism

  10. Dear Maria Wirth
    I would like to share the following link for the followers of your Blog

    What should India learn from this small place Bali in Indonesia?

    Indian religious gurus preach the benefits of Trikala Sandhya but this is practiced in every Balenese school. Here in India including a chapter of Ramayana or Mahabharatha is termed as saffroanisation of education but in Bali Gayatri Mantra is recited by every school child thrice a day. Are we Hindus even aware of the procedures of Trikala Sandhya?;forget about practicing it. We see some Hindus who appreciate Muslims for performing namaz 5 times a day but are they ready for trikala Sandhya?

  11. Byzantine Paleologou · · Reply

    Excellent point!

  12. I think christianity was denounced long time back. During my stay in UK, I saw church remaining empty, with maximum of 5-10 attendees.
    On islam, this too soon will collapse. What brought islam as force actually were the petroleum dollars. Otherwise, no world power on this planet ever allowed any islamic empire to even remain. The manner in which ottoman turks were collapsed by everyone clearly suggests that islamic empires are never allowed to grow.
    On hinduism, it is exclusive to Indian subcontinent, and actually has no antiquity. It is just that people resisding in Indian subcontinent have clubbed the commandments, tenets, smritis etc into one fold called hinduism, and packaged it, though people who had developed these vedic knowledge, smritis, purans, upanishads, were extinct long time back!!!!

  13. […] article was originally published on Maria Wirth’s blog . It is being reproduced with the author’s […]

  14. Srinjoy Das · · Reply

    Wonderfully explained Maria Wirth.

  15. I’m going to post a question on Quora “Why does Google throw up only juvenile Biblical and Islamic answers to philosophical questions leaving out the Upanishads and the endless sea of Dharmic scriptures, bhakti/ mystical literature, yogic and Sankara’s Vedantic works and commentaries which have profound and accurate answers to every conceivable spiritual doubt?”

    Maria, as an intellectual kshatriya you have been inspiring and educating humanity especially Hindus who have slowly started shedding their inferiority complex and soul sinking sense of shame as they’re used to being abused by Christianity, Islam and the Marxist ecosystem in which we’ve all lived indoctrinated against our own scriptures and Gurus. I’ve been calling the global and Indian multi billion dollar anti hinduism industry (especially Mainstream media and news manufacturers) as #PopeStudio because umbrella terms like that are necessary to wake up this generation. I’ve seen also that pro hindu voices everywhere on social media which is the only platform we have also soon get blocked out. Are you blocked by Quora? I’ve noticed this with Twitter, FB and YouTube as well. Where and how are we to get a level playing field? Can we create it? Also I’d like to see you in conversation with Rajiv Malhotra sir.

    Finally on a personal note I would like to offer my prostrations to you as I feel almost reverential towards you especially because of your humble nature.

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