Are jihadis to blame for attacking us?

The fear of lone wolf attacks has changed the atmosphere in Europe. Especially women feel insecure while walking alone, but even men are not keen to go out alone at night. The security business is booming. Pepper sprays and other articles for self-defense are sold out. More security, more police is seen as the solution to a problem which unfortunately is not well analyzed.

On a memorial for the victims of the recent terror attack at a Christmas market in Berlin, where the German Chancellor, too, placed a white rose, a board asked in big letters: “Warum?” This “Why” naturally haunts good natured, naive Germans who welcomed the refugees and volunteered in refugee shelters.

Yet, inexcusably, this ‘Why’ also seems to haunt many of the political class. Chancellor Merkel considered the attack as incomprehensible. It seems she and her government have no clue why certain people turn against their hosts when they had been so generous. So how can they defeat Islamist terrorism when they don’t know what motivates the terrorists?

For the last few decades, Europeans in particular have been sold a wonderful world, where we all live happily together as global citizens irrespective of race, gender, religion and nationality. Sweden was in the forefront. In a TV clip, children from Sweden, Africa and Asia sang a song about how Sweden belongs to all of them and how wonderful it is to love each other, merrily dancing around holding hands.

No doubt, a ‘liberal world order’, where all human beings irrespective of differences are respected, is a worthy idea. Donald Trump has been demonized for not endorsing it and is seen as the greatest danger to it. Angela Merkel reminded him, perhaps a bit too self-righteously, of those liberal values when she congratulated him for winning the US election.

Yet, whoever has eyes to see knows that the reality is the stark opposite of a wonderful, liberal world, not only in Sweden. The huge influx of ‘refugees’ did not make things better for Europe, as was heralded. It made things infinitely worse. And since the situation has meanwhile gone so much out of hand with crime rates sky-rocketing and the fear of terror attacks all-pervasive, the liberal elite feel compelled to explain what went wrong. The problem is, they are dishonest – or plain ignorant.

They explain: the new world order does not come about without a “cultural change”. Yet instead of embracing multi-culturalism, the natives of a place resist it. They wrongly are suspicious of ‘the other’. They want to stick to their old way of life and therefore we have a big problem now: the nationalist right-wing is on the upswing. This, we are told, is extremely unfortunate.

They don’t call it only unfortunate. They label right-wingers as fascist, Nazi, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and openly spew hatred against them, all the while claiming that they, the ‘liberals’, only want all to love each other.

If someone asks whether the newcomers to Europe even want a liberal world, he is shouted down. Never blame the migrants, is the maxim, and never ever claim that religion may be a cause why happily living together won’t work. To be precise: never mention Islam. One can criticize Christianity nowadays and malign Hinduism, but Islam is out-of-bounds. To bring in Islam as a possible cause for friction is forbidden, so much so that there is a risk of ending up in jail in our ‘liberal’ societies.

Why is it so? Why do liberals close their eyes to the fact that Islam is not liberal? Neither is Christianity. Nor do these two religions hide it. Both insist that their followers must ‘religiously’ stick to the doctrine if they don’t want to burn in hell for ever.

Now, how to establish a liberal world when about half the world population is indoctrinated to believe that all humanity needs to follow a particular book before peace can descend on earth? It is even more complicated: about a quarter is told that God wants all to follow the Bible and Jesus, and another quarter is told that Allah wants all to follow the Quran and Mohammed.

Whether Jesus or Mohammed had intended this narrow-minded interpretation is not the question. It is also not the question whether there are verses in those books which contradict this narrow view. The problem is that this narrow interpretation is indoctrinated since over thousand years and even today into children with terrible effect and nobody stops it.

Wolfgang Trusheim, of Frankfurt’s State Security office, gives a worrying account:

‘This is about war, about children being indoctrinated. They are only in primary school and already fantasize about how when they grow up, they want to join the jihad, kill infidels. They say: “I’m not allowed to play football with you, but when I’m grown up, I will kill you, because you are an infidel.”’ (see gatestone link below)

On YouTube there was a clip about a religious class for Muslim boys in a German school. The teacher spoke in broken German and kept repeating to the 6 to 10 year olds that they must not make friends with German boys, as those boys are bad and will be send to hell by Allah.

Is it then a surprise that a 12 year old boy tried to plant a bomb in a Christmas market in southern Germany? The question is: Can he be blamed for wanting to kill kafirs? And if he can’t be blamed, can he be blamed when he is 17 or 20?

How are children supposed to get out of the brainwashing when their surrounding endorses the claim that Allah only likes Muslims, does not like kafir and will make them suffer in hell for all eternity? When even respected leaders, like the first education minister in independent India Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, had exhorted Muslims to join jihad for a pan-Islamic Caliphate, have obviously not got out of their own brainwashing?  And most importantly, when the Muslim youth has serious doubts whether he will qualify for paradise and wants to make sure that he ends up there and not in hellfire?

A very crucial tenet of both Islam and Christianity is that a human being has only one life. Belief in rebirth was banned for Christians in a Council in 553 AD even before Islam was born. This “one life only” has an advantage for those religions: the fear of eternal hell prevents their followers from relaxing and experimenting. And both religions make sure that the fear of hell seeps deeply into the psyche of children. Hindus and others who did not go through this indoctrination can’t imagine that the fear of hell can be real, but it is. “What if eternal hell is true after all?” This question often haunts lukewarm Christians and probably also Muslims and makes their life miserable and guilt-ridden.

Even moderate sounding outfits like the ‘Centre for Peace and Spirituality’ founded by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan preach this basic tenet (on the back cover of the book “Quranic wisdom”):

“According to the Quran, a person’s life has been divided into two phases: the pre-death and the post-death period. The present life is only temporary and is meant as a test. Depending upon our performance in this test, we shall be judged in the eternal life after death. The Quran aims to make one aware of this reality and help one lead one’s life in this world in such a way that one is rewarded with Paradise in the life hereafter.”

Reading the Quran one gets clearly the impression that paradise is only for true Muslims, not for the hypocrites among them and of course not for kafirs. And what is expected from a true Muslim? Apart from being good to other Muslims (and harsh to unbelievers) and following the rules, jihad is the surest way to paradise. A jihadi is even promised a higher status in paradise (Quran 4.95). Is it a surprise that especially criminals join jihad to ‘redeem’ themselves? Should they be called monsters or should they be congratulated for fulfilling what they (wrongly) understand as the Supreme Being’s wish?

Clearly, something has been very badly misunderstood. Killing cannot possibly be rewarded by the Supreme who is the creator, if not the essence, in all of us. Is it not the responsibility of elders to point this out and save not only the potential victims of future terror attacks but also the Muslim youth?

Especially Hindus and Buddhists need to challenge this wrong understanding. How can they ‘respect’ it only because ‘religion’ is attached to it? Why are Christianity and Islam treated like protected species and must not be touched?

There is a reason: Ever since dogmatic religions (from Latin ‘to bind’) appeared, which insist on binding all humanity to unverifiable dogmas, criticism was violently punished for centuries. Today criticism is sought to be stopped in a more civilised way – through laws about freedom of religion, guaranteed by an UN Charter.

Yet what does the right to religious freedom actually mean? Does it mean the right to Islamize the world? Does it mean the right to Christianize the world? Do Hindus have the right to stay Hindus? If the right to freedom of religion is given to a religion which has as its final goal the obliteration of all other religions, like Christianity and Islam have, would it not obliterate the rights of other religions?

Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) requires outlawing “any advocacy of … religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence.”

Further, article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), grants the freedom of speech with the restriction, among others, “for the protection of the reputation and rights of others.”

These laws are violated on a daily basis in religious classes all over the world, yet the focus of law enforcement agencies is on social media posts and overlooks the far greater danger.

Does it protect the ‘reputation of others’ when a clergyman tells children that their classmates from other religions will burn in hell after Judgement Day? Is the clergyman free to make such discriminatory statements, because religious freedom is guaranteed and his holy book makes those claims? Is it necessary to respect the claim that a book has been divinely revealed even if it contains what would be called hate speech? Since there are several books from different religions which all claim to be the divinely revealed truth and which contradict each other, how can those claims be taken at face value and be protected by law? Should there not be a genuine, open-minded debate on what actually constitutes truth?

Many questions, which hardly anyone asks – not even those who framed the right on religious freedom in international bodies like the UN.

We are faced with a big problem which is due to divergent and implausible religious views. A young jihadi is convinced that killing kafirs is the right thing to do as it pleases Allah who wants only Muslims in the world.

And a young Christian missionary is convinced that ‘bringing the light of Christ to those who wallow in darkness’ by hook or crook is the right thing to do, as Jesus wanted all people baptised.

Yet ultimately, both, the jihadi and the missionary are pawns in a cynical power game. They are convenient foot soldiers. Did not the USA of all countries encourage students (Taliban) to become radical Islamists by developing religious curricula and sending schoolbooks with violent content to Afghanistan? Why? Because they wanted them to fight the Soviets ferociously as a holy war – in their own (USA) interest of course. (see link to Washington Post).

Once children are ‘taught’ the wrong truth, it is not easy to get it out from their system even when they are grown up. Their identity is intimately connected with what they believe, and reason often cannot break through their natural impulse to defend their identity especially when the people in their surroundings share the same belief.

It needs an open environment, where questions can be asked fearlessly, where sensible answers are given and where holy books are not untouchable holy cows. This atmosphere is partly there for Christianity in the west, but is sorely missing in regard to Islam.

A good start would be a debate on whether there is only one life or whether rebirth is more likely. Why is there obvious injustice in the world? Why are some born to caring parents and others to abusive drunkards? If the Supreme Being really wanted all to be Christians or Muslims, why would He give to some the advantage of being born in a Christian or Muslim family and to others not? How can the creator (or is he the essence?) of all be so cruel to damn us to excruciating pain in hellfire for billion trillion… years after a few years of life where our only fault was that we called out to the Supreme by a different name, but in our heart we were great believers?

Those who believe (or do they know?) in rebirth have the better arguments. Research into rebirth, with over 3000 cases in the archive of Virginia University, also supports the Hindu view that everybody gets many lives on this appearance level of human existence. (see link)

Humanity would gain greatly if such topics would be debated in an open atmosphere. Truth would be honoured. Trust in ‘the other’ would come back. A liberal, plural world would be possible.

Only some hard-line clerics might lose out. Yet the ‘liberals’ in the media with their soft corner for illiberal ideologies would probably rush to their defence…

By Maria Wirth


  1. My would find my comment offensive but let’s face it- If we want to solve a problem as serious as the Islamic invasion of Europe, we have to be honest and state the truth, no matter how ugly it is.

    I am not sure that Christianity should be criticized the same way as Islam. Though my understanding of Christianity is very basic, I do believe that the tree can be known from its fruits. Europe has a fairly rich history in Arts and almost all countries with Christian history are fairly well developed today. The modern doctrines of human rights were all composed in countries with Judeo-Christian history. So was the US Constitution.

    Contrast that with Islamic countries. They are all sh*tholes (for lack of a better word). If the Christian majority Europeans and Americans hadn’t found oil in Arabia, the Arabs would still be riding donkeys and would have been doing worse even than Pakistan and Afghanistan (more Islamic sh*tholes).

    Even the liberal ideas of helping those in need have been put to practice [on a mass-scale] by Christian-majority Europe and Canada. But they have made the error of practicing this on Muslims and are now paying the price.

    Who is to blame for this? I believe that this Muslim influx of Europe was purposely designed by the European elites for their long term totalitarian agendas. The everyday college-indoctrinated liberals were simply deceived and used by the elites.

    The US has not suffered at the hands of Muslims as bad as Europe but that is because of special circumstances within the country. There are powerful Leftist forces in the US who are enemies of free speech and are as mean to those who don’t agree with pro-migrant agenda as their European counterparts. Thanks to the 1st Amendment they have not been able to thoroughly suppress the conservatives. Thanks to the same 1st Amendment, it is the right-wing who have managed to give a stiff resistance to the Left.

    Going forward, the everyday Europeans need to realize that they are being USED by their elites and need to kick them out of power just as America has done. At this moment, it is the right-wingers who need to be put into power so that they can put a halt to the Islamic invasion and deport or jail subversive or hate-spewing imams and other Muslim leaders. Do not worry if the right-winger leader is a staunch Christian or is somewhat racist. Those things are not important at the moment. Currently the most important thing is to stop the Islamic invasion of Europe.

    1. Jerry Kontim · · Reply

      If you want to see the negative influence of x-tianity, you should not look at Europe or the West. The progress that the west has achieved in arts, science, economics and other spheres of life are NOT because of x-tianity but IN SPITE of x-tianity.

      To see the full effect of how x-tianity brain-washes, you should visit rural Andhra Pradesh, southern districts of Tamil Nadu and several such other places all over India where evangelism is running amok. X-tianity has merely refined its techniques of brain-washing while islam is still adhering to some of the crude ways that were part of x-tianity some 200 years back.

      Have you never read about the Goan inquisition? Have you not heard about the obliteration of the native tribes in North and South America by the genocide perpetrated by the sword and gun wielding x-tians? Do you not know about the murder of Australian aboriginals?

      All these show you the true face of x-tianity.

  2. Is it not the responsibility of elders to point this out and save not only the potential victims of future terror attacks but also the Muslim youth?

    Though I only have a basic understanding of Christianity, my understanding of Islam and Muslims is very good. The only thing that Muslim elders will teach their youth is to ask them to be good, obedient Muslims (obedient to Islam, that is). It means that those youth will certainly engage in rapes and violence, and the elders are full aware of it.

    People need to realize that Islam is not like other religions. Though like many other religions, it says that its founder is the role model for its male followers, but Muhammad was not like other prophets or gurus. He was an extremely evil man and people will vomit if I list his evil deeds here.

    But the important thing to realize is that his deeds are ‘evil’ from the non-Muslims’ perspective. His deeds are not evil from the Islam-followers’ perspective. From the Muslims’ perspective, since the Quran says Muhammad is the role model for Muslims. Quran is from Allah; it cannot be wrong. Allah’s statements can only be correct, which means that Muhammad’s deeds can only be ‘good’ deeds. If our own conscience tells us that it is not good to hurt a kafir then it is our conscience that is being deceived by Shaitan. We must do jihad with such devil-sent thoughts and feelings. Those are evil thoughts and evil feelings because they conflict with Quran and sunna. (Now you know what “jihad is internal struggle” is all about.) Allah has been merciful and has sent the Quran as guidance to save us from Shaitan’s influence. According to this guidance, Muhammad’s deeds and commands are the good deeds and commands, and so we need to live by those in order to be good Muslims.

    It is not just the youth who believe this, the elders believe it too! So why are they going to stop their children from following and obeying Muhammad and Quran? They are not going to do such a thing.

    It is insanity to let people who are brainwashed in such a manner, enter your country or to let them grow in your country. Be wise and keep them out. They can follow and obey Islam in the Muslim majority countries all they want. Sooner or later they will get tired of killing and murdering each other and blaming the Jews, and will finally realize that Islam cannot be from God. Only then the elders will begin to teach good things to their youth (‘good’ from our perspective, that is).

  3. Nagesh Kamath · · Reply

    This article has covered so many things which I have experienced, gathered from surrounding, have awareness about and feel deeply all the time. So I think that it should be the same experience with vast majority readers from non-Abrahamic background. Thank you for sharing this article which is covering many facets of the disturbing situation all over the globe since many millenia.

    1. sorry, this had landed in junk and i discovered it only now.. thank you

  4. There are debates going on, but what do you know, it is always between the lame and the blind. Bertrand Russell said it best – “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

  5. Mohammad Imroz raped and killed Jyoti on 16th December, 2012. The press referred to them as Raju and Nirbhaya respectively. An article in the newspaper (or on the internet, I don’t remember) said he was in a juvenile remand home with ‘Kashmiri terrorists’. If this is true, during his stay there he might have been given to understand that killing a kafir like Jyoti was a good thing. It’s conjecture, but not far-fetched. One of the things said in his favour was that he had become religious and started praying several times a day when he left the remand home. The supreme court has tacitly agreed that he was an innocent child, a juvenile, so obviously he couldn’t have known what he was doing. And that’s how it goes on in India.

    This is the yuga-sandhi that Veda Vyasa, Vira Bhamendra Yogi, Nostradamus and others have predicted. I can’t see how anything can change, nor who will change it.

    1. Thank you.
      You have boldly mentioned points that most people gloss over.
      By avoiding the mention of plain facts in this case, as well as every case involving minority violence , one does not do any favour to them or to society, because all that happens is the emboldenment of such people.
      Violence anywhere by anyone must be equallu condemned and punished.
      There is no embarrassment in simply recognizing the truth as it is.

    2. This is the yuga-sandhi that Veda Vyasa, Vira Brahmendra Yogi, Nostradamus and others have predicted. I can’t see how anything can change, nor who will change it.

      Everything can be changed! The scriptures do not simply predict things, they also teach the values and principles to live by. The scriptures clearly say to live by truth and dharma. Bhagavad Gita says “Karm karo, fal ki chinta mat karo”. Notice in this quote that the first part says “Karm karo”. This part is as important as the second part.

      These teachings do not simply apply to individuals, they also apply to entire communities (in this case, the community of believing Hindus). Yet the strange thing is that when it comes to personal material gain, Hindus excel at practicing “karm karo”, but when it comes to working towards benefiting society/community, they make excuses about it being Kalyug and make it sound like it would be a total waste of time to do anything to change society for the better.

      It is as if people are afraid that if they work to improve society, and it showed results, then the predictions of kalyug won’t come true and the scriptures will be proven wrong.

      More likely, selfishness is so deeply rooted in people that they will purposely wrongly interpret their own religious scriptures so they don’t have to do anything that will cause personal discomfort.

      … nor who will change it.

      The person who claims to follow Hindu scriptures is the one who has to practice “karm karo” and bring change in society. And I mean every single person! We do not have the option of dumping problems on predictions of Kalyug. We do so at our own risk. No, it is worse than that. It is our children and grandchildren who will pay the ugly price for our selfishness (our selfish interpretation and practicing of scriptures, that is).

      Sorry for the rant. But we do need to face the ugly truth.

      1. Thank you for the ‘rant’ – I needed to hear this. I’ve lost my optimism along the way and wish I could find it again. I completely agree with you about the kind of legacy we will leave our children and grandchildren if we don’t change society. I’ve done my best as a parent, and as a psychiatrist in guiding parents and children – the future generation – in terms of integrity, responsibility, environment, moderation, conservation of resources, etc. That is, I’ve done what I can in my corner of the world to make things better. Kalyug is not an excuse; it is a metaphor. My city/country/planet is irredeemably destroyed, there are lobbies that are destroying everything I hold dear – the western ghats, for example. How do you rein in the builders’ lobby, the sandalwood lobby, the sand miners lobby, the people that pour industrial waste into lakes and rivers, etc.? Can we stop the Karnataka government from building the steel bridge across town to benefit owners of certain properties? They are cutting eight hundred trees for a bridge which citizens have been vehemently protesting against. This is the helplessness that I feel, esp. when I look at children going to school in those overcrowded autos, babies being fed food that I can’t trust is free of pesticides, youngsters not valuing their parents’ efforts to give them the best of everything … now I’m ranting, sorry!

    3. Rather than getting to the root of the problem,which involved talking all involved parties,namely Russia,U.S.,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Syria and others from Nato as well as small groups,the economic migrants(young,military age men mainly),were welcomed by groups with a certain ideological background.
      The real issue would have been tackled there.However,hiding behind a noble and grandiose humanitarian excuse,the politicians have looked at only more votes and cheap labour.There is a demographical imbalance but to trying to resolve this with a completely different culture was simply suicidal.The manner in which people were manipulated( photos of sinking boats and a child lying face down on a beach)was despicable.I won’t be suprised is a totally different ethnicity and religion starts ruling with an iron hand with conversions,hybrid marriages and totally subjugated population passing off as integration.The Dalai Lama has hinted at this.An Imam has hinted at breeding with European women to produce more people in response to some Germans declaring that they are very poor at producing children.

      Horrible prospect for a once proud ,advanced culture.

  6. Sorry, Vira Brahmendra Yogi

    1. varad Khajuria · · Reply

      I could not understand what Ved vyas has told about changing of yugas

      1. Sorry about that. There’s a book called ‘Nostradamus and Beyond’ by N.S. Rajaram that I referenced without stating so.

  7. You have written on a very embarrassing subject for the politically correct – thank you for that.
    A few short points:
    At a primary level the jihadis are certainly responsible for their actions on society and individuals,
    But at a higher level, tyhose who taught them these principles that they have been indoctrinated witg are va hundred times more responsible and one could trace the deaths and violence to these purveyors of violence.
    Even worse are the silent majority among the minority population who say nothing and therefore support such acts of violence and the teachings by their silence and inaction – tacit support.
    Perhaps even worse than the minority laity are the laity of the majority and their leaders who by their loud silent support andd in fact positive acts to defend the violent ideologies and the thinking and philosophies behind this violent thinking – actually accellerate their perpetration and spread.
    Theey will not know ntil it is too late that they have allowed to grow a monster that they can do nothing about a little later.

  8. Ramachandran Nair · · Reply

    Why do people learn History? Is it just to get a pass in the exam? The Western leaders, particularly the German Chancellor, has not learned anything from history. If they had learned about the atrocities committed on innocent Hindus/Buddhists by the cruel conquerors on ancient Bharat, they could have been fully aware of the dangers. They voluntarily invited them to their own country and wanted to experiment! The Hindus/Buddhists from Afghan, down to the eastern side of present India, in millions were subjected to the worst form form torture/ murder/rape/looting/arson from CE 1000 onward. Their ancient learning centers at Taxila and Nalanda were raced to the ground under fire which lasted for months, burning out so many valuable books. Much later, exploding the Bamiyan Buddhist statues, rejecting offers by Japan to get them shifted at their own expense and effort to their country, spoke volumes of their attitude to other religions. The entire Buddhist and Zoroastrian people from Iran were wiped out and they were given asylum in India. Though atrocities were done by others in America and else where, there was no comparison. That was also not at all in line with their religious teachings, but carried out by over zealous leaders. But here it is as per the dictum in the book. Very unfortunate that people do not learn it even now! What do you say ?

  9. Yes, children are not born jihadis; their innocence is defiled by indoctrination and a good human being is turned into a finished product called jihadi. It is as simple as that. But what is complicated is that the leaders of this “suffering world” do not accept this truth. Now in information technology we have got some hope that the world will move in this direction by asking questions, raising doubts, investigating the truth (like rebirth or one life).

    1. fully agree with you

  10. Excellent analysis Maria.
    The intolerance, hate and contempt are the integral parts of the scriptures of Islam and Christianity. Christians moved on and played down the scriptures and reformed the faith last one century or so. Islam on the other hand could not change for the precise reason as you said: Brain Washing. Readers should read the below article (and the comments) to gain insights into the Islamic savagery ongoing in contemporary world. Please share it generously.

  11. subramani · · Reply

    Simple solutions for a start: Automatically declare any refugee entering Europe as someone who is running away from Islamic atrocities. Hence they cannot demand the same thing that they ran away from!!
    E.g. Treat every refugee as someone who was a victim of things like “Kafir”; sharia law, islamic supremacy etc. By default they accept the law of the land (Sweden/Germany) as supreme and agree/accept that they will oppose Sharia law(that cause them to flee from their home country) and oppose anyone who proposes introducing it. This should be the implicit agreement SHARED EXPLICITLY.

  12. […] (Blog of Maria Wirth may be read HERE) […]

  13. If our world in its present form has to survive then there must be a fundamental change in the mindset of nearly 50% of its population, which is very difficult to happen because of the stubborn message inculcated in the minds of the followers of the two dominating faiths of this world. The root problem lies in the dogmatic attitude in the fundamental messages emanating from these two faiths that tell its followers about the etched-in-stone tenets of their faiths, the fundamental of which lies in its firm belief that their faith is the only faith to be adopted by one and all and those who stay put in other inferior faiths in spite of repeated warnings may better be forcefully converted failing which liquidated as the final solution. Next is the scary stage of a clash between these two dominant faiths, which has the potential to destroy the world that we know of, glimpses of which we are periodically observing in various terrorist acts in many parts of Europe in recent times

    1. sorry for approving late. did not check wordpress

  14. watch from 10.30 for 5 minutes see how the governments preach hate thru text books. This happens in many countries against christians, jews and hindus.

  15. ( the above link is not opening, try a different approach) copy paste in youtube search box
    Saudi Arabia Uncovered (2016 documentary)

  16. Rather than getting to the root of the problem,which involved talking all involved parties,namely Russia,U.S.,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Syria and others from Nato as well as small groups,the economic migrants(young,military age men mainly),were welcomed by groups with a certain ideological background.
    The real issue would have been tackled there.However,hiding behind a noble and grandiose humanitarian excuse,the politicians have looked at only more votes and cheap labour.There is a demographical imbalance but to trying to resolve this with a completely different culture was simply suicidal.The manner in which people were manipulated( photos of sinking boats and a child lying face down on a beach)was despicable.I won’t be suprised is a totally different ethnicity and religion starts ruling with an iron hand with conversions,hybrid marriages and totally subjugated population passing off as integration.The Dalai Lama has hinted at this.An Imam has hinted at breeding with European women to produce more people in response to some Germans declaring that they are very poor at producing children.

    Horrible prospect for a once proud ,advanced culture.

    1. sorry for being late… did not access for almost a month

  17. The above link doesnt download, so please try the below weblink (Saudis threatens or pays to remove webposts that paint them in bad light).Just copy and paste it.

  18. From England – Jul 6, 2017 at 5:49 AM
    Namaste Vijaiji – At Hammersmith and Fulham Libraries across London, they have blocked your website ( on their internet.., because it is classified as “Hate speech!” I have spoken to the one of the library staff at the reception, and told them it is not a Hate speech website,..unfortunately they told me that there is nothing they can do about it.
    Namaste, Dean.

    1. so far we have come already….

  19. I have a question. How Hindus can say what is good and what is evil. God is everything in your religion right? So god is Dschjihadi who is killing innocent people. God is the heart of this person as well as the heart of the person killed. Both will be reborn, bot are learning. So how you can then blame the dschjihadi, he is part of braham or not? You have pantheistic worldview? Not a dualistic one of good and evil. So who you can blome someone of beeing evil? I did not got this. Blaming someone meeans to have a dualistiv view of right and wrong. Doing this and then claming that you are so tolerant because you dont have a dualistic worldview is a contradiction. The vedes are telling you what is wrong? So whats the diffrence then between the vedes and the koran or the bible? The veedes are better more true in anyform? So You are dualistic too. If Braham is stronger here and weaker there, then this weeknes meens there has to be something else then braham a second power, something evil which is behind murders and killers and which is the opposite of beeing good. Pantheism is only useful in meditation, its not logic and its not the basement of moral.

    1. You need to distinguish between the absolute truth and the relative truth. In absolute truth all is one and the same. To realize that there is a process which is detailed in the scriptures and it requires first to become pure, satvic, good. We all know what is good and bad because it’s inbuilt in us. We have common sense and intelligence. We need to use it. From satwa you can go beyond the 3 gunas.

      1. as I said before this is the common mistakes of all secular not monotheistic people. They say:

        ‘We all know what is good and bad because it’s inbuilt in us. We have common sense and intelligence. We need to use it.’

        this is simply not true. common sense or intelligence does not help you a singel centimeter if you want to find answers in Moral. As you are german, go and search for Sein-Sollen-Fehlschluss. Logic, knowledge, commonsense helps you to understand how the world ‘is’, but it does not help you to say how it ‘should’ be. You think that your moral is logic, because it is part of you, it seem to be proven because you cant think another way. But this is because your education and your personal history and because you have certain beliefs, who are not and never logic or ‘common’. It may be clear in your personal backround but if you ask a Terrorist he will have another commonsense. and a katholicpriest another and an atheist anarchist another and a atheist racist another. the reason for that is not, that all of them are stupied or ill and would have no intelligence, and you and your likes are the only logic persons. no, of corse some of the named persons can be ill, such as selfbombers, but the general reason for their diffrent moral is they have simply different main beliefs, who are never logic. Let me give you an example. Human rights I think should be part of your ‘commonsense’. So lets have look how logic human rights are. Why a animal should be something special? Why I should feel a duty to serve the higher human race and his dignity? If you look what philosophers are saying, then they admit as Kant that this is a spiritual not possible proven belief. Also if you look to other human right. Why should all humans are the same? If I look to naturesince I dont see that this is true. they differ, the people differ in all of their characteristics. Man and women differ also. Okay that does not mean that racists and sexists are right, but that does also not mean that they are wrong and human rights are right. Human righs seem right for you, because you growed up with is. The same was for the 10. commandments in earlier Christian times. If you ask a Muslim about homosexuality it is on most cases clear from his common sense, that it is wrong. Your western common sense of the opposite is young and totaly not common threw history of mankind. You got it? You will find 100 answers why woman should have same rights as men and 100 answers for homosexualty and so on, but all of your answers are not prooves. But all of them simple explain that you desire a society who is doing so and so, and you explain why you desire that. This is preaching, missionationg, not logical argumentation, even if logic can be part of this preaching, and even if a lot of listeners will see it as totaly logic, because they have the same commen sense belief, it is still a not possible proven belief . Other people can argue the other way round, and they do and they find also Listeners who find their preaching logic. So all of you have to see, common sense is logic, but is a kind of religios belief or better a Tradition of Thinking.
        So to return to our topic you have not realy answered my question how you can say that God is everything and then you say Murder is wrong. You said common sense. But that would meen, that your common sense is dualistic because it jugde about what is good and what is evil. Women rights = good, Murder dschihadis = evil. so where is the evil comming from, if everything is God? So is God evil? Or has God an evil Opponent? You always end up in dualism. Please explain me this. And please dont run away. You belief in God? So I do. So you should could explain for me the relative trouth. If you say I need to distinguish between absolute and relative truth, then that meens I start that I have the absolute Truth God and the relative truth of ours. But this is the start of a distingtion between God as the perfect truth and the creation who cant be one with his perfection. Or did I get it wrong? Explain me the opposite if you can. Belief me, I really want to understand you. And dont blame me if I cant.

  20. Harsh truth · · Reply

    Thanks maria for so deep analysis.I have always been in suspicion about the concept of god in ISLAM and Christianity but you very simply cleared what is the problem with these religions.Basically,these religions are driven on fear of hellfire . Radicalism and exapansion are the key elements in these religions.These religions don’t give any space for open questions and debated they force people to believe on unverifiable dogmas. Basically, they make person narrow minded and leaves very less space for research and experiments about truth.

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