Are Christian and Muslim nations ok and Hindu nations not?

I sometimes wonder who influences whom: the Indian mainstream journalists the foreign correspondents or the other way round, as they always hold the same view. Or is there even a directive from the top of the media houses about who must be protected and who can be abused?

Obviously, Hindus can be abused. I was shocked when I recently checked articles in major newspapers like the New York Times on the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as chief minister in Uttar Pradesh. Like in the run-up to the general elections in 2014, when a Modi victory loomed large, the media went berserk. The gist was: By appointing Yogi Adityanath, Prime Minister Modi has finally shown his true face of a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to make India a ‘Hindu nation’ where minorities have no place. The articles peddled untruths and drew unacceptable conclusions. The Swiss NZZ for example wrote that it is hardly possible for Prime Minister Modi’s government to call itself the representative of all Indians after appointing a figure like Yogi Adityanath.

A Hindu nation is projected as the worst possible scenario by the wrongly called ‘liberal’ media. Yet, the same media don’t react when America or most other western countries are referred to as Christian nations. Nor do they get agitated about the numerous Muslim nations; not even about those which still have harsh blasphemy laws. Why are these ok, and a Hindu nation is not ok? They don’t explain; they just insinuate that minorities (read Muslims and Christians) will suffer in a Hindu nation.

Maybe they came to this conclusion because minorities like Jews or Hindus suffer in certain Christian or Muslim nations though the media hardly pulls those countries up for it. However, even otherwise, this conclusion is wrong, as Hindus have a different mind-set. They are open towards other views, unlike ‘good’ Christians and Muslims who feel obligated to make everyone believe what they believe, if necessary by deceit or force.

Hindus cannot be put into one single box. There are too many different ways to reach the goal of life. As it were, there are many minorities within Hinduism. But they all are based on the Vedic insight that everything, including our persons, is permeated by the same divine essence which is called by many names but is ultimately ONE. Our human consciousness (Atman) is one with the cosmic consciousness (Brahman) and to realize this, is the goal and fulfillment of life. “Satyam vada, Dharmam chara” the Veda exhorts – speak the truth and do what is right under the given circumstances. And find out who you really are: you are not a separate entity but in the depths of your being one with all.

From this follows that ‘good’ Hindus are those rare human beings whose dharma makes them regard all others as brothers and sisters. Their dharma makes them further respect nature and not harm unnecessarily any living being.

Hindus do not, unlike Christians and Muslims, divide humanity into those who are chosen by God and those who are eternally damned. Hindu children are not taught to look down on those who are not Hindus, unlike children of the dogmatic religions who are taught that their God does not love those others unless they join their ‘true’ religions.

Hindus are also comparatively kinder to animals. The great bulk of vegetarians worldwide are Hindus.

Hindus never fought crusades or jihads to establish their dharma in foreign lands. In fact, they didn’t need to, because they convinced most of Asia merely by solid arguments.  Yet, for the past thousand years Hindus were at the receiving end of jihads and conversion campaigns and millions of Hindus were killed in cold blood because they were Hindus.

It has to be held in favour of Hindus that they held on to their tradition and did not succumb to the pressure and even violence brought on them to adopt blind belief that only one particular person has revealed the full truth. Instead, they continued trusting their sages who never asked for blind belief, but asked to verify their insights through experience.

So why do media worldwide get so worked up about ‘Hindu fundamentalists’ and a possible ‘Hindu nation’. What is wrong with the fundamentals? There is nothing wrong with the fundamentals. But there is one major difference: For Hindus, the Divinity is in all and all is in the Divinity, whereas for Christians and Muslims the Divinity is separate from his creation watching us from somewhere.

The concept of Divinity is also different. For Hindus the best description for the absolute truth is sat-chit-ananda (it is true, aware and blissful). The many personal gods help the devotee to realize the Absolute. Christians and Muslims perceive Divinity in its highest form as a personal, superhuman entity who is jealous of other gods. The first commandment in Christianity and a very important issue in Islam is the claim that nobody must worship other gods except the ‘one true god’, which both religions claim is only with them.

In all likelihood the Hindu view comes closer to truth. When the first translations of Vedic texts appeared in the west, the greatest minds in Europe were greatly impressed by Indian thought. It did spread among scientists, too, who used it to push the frontiers of science further. It is no coincidence that modern science discovered that all is one energy after Vedanta became known in the west. It is also no coincidence that the Church lost much of its power in Europe when some of India’s wisdom filtered down to the masses

Why then are the media worldwide so worried about a nation where the Hindu roots are fostered? Where Sanskrit is taught, which is the most perfect, dignified, powerful language on earth and which is useful even for NASA? Where yoga is practised in schools, which is an ideal means for all-round development and which, on a deeper level, helps to find fulfilment in live? Where Vedic philosophy is studied, which inspired the new scientific discoveries for example in nuclear physics? Where the amazing wisdom of Mahabharata and Ramayana becomes common knowledge, which is already taught in business seminars abroad? Where children chant “Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu” (let all be happy) instead of Humpey dumpey, which happens already in certain schools in the west?

Yet as soon as Hindus make suggestions for India to keep its Hindu character or rather, to gain back its Hindu character, as even after Independence, the youth was encouraged to abandon it, there is an outcry by the media that “Hindu fundamentalists” want to make India a Hindu nation and exclude religious minorities. Ironically, ‘Hindu’ is a geographical term, with the same root as Indian – people who lived beyond the Sindu or between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean.

So why would Indians who rather recently converted to Islam or Christianity not be proud of the achievements of their ancestors? India was the cradle of civilization, a knowledge hub and the richest country on earth. It was known for its wisdom. Greeks, including Pythagoras, are said to have come to India for knowledge and today everybody knows his name, but not the name of the Indian mathematician (Baudhayana) who originally discovered the Pythagoras theorem. Surely Christians and Muslims cannot have any objection that students are taught this fact or the fact that the Rishis of the Rig Veda (10.22.14) knew many thousand years before Copernicus that the earth goes around the sun. Surely they also cannot have any objection that students chant “May all be happy” in Sanskrit, the language of their forefathers. If someone calls such teaching communal it is malicious. If someone objects to this teaching, should not he be shouted at by the media instead of those who want to revive their ancient culture? Is not he the one who tries to divide society and not those who say “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (all is one family) due to their philosophical outlook?

Hindus are the exemplary role model for ‘how not to exclude others’? Where else have religious minorities flourished and grown like in India? Is not the relative harmony in this amazing diversity in India generally admired abroad? Media persons need only to look around in the world to realize this fact.

Why then are Hindus of all people accused of excluding others?

The reason may be this: neither the west nor Muslim countries want a strong India.  India was the cradle of civilisation and over most of the known history economically very powerful. They may fear that based on her ancient culture, India may rise again to the top. Is it the media’s job to put Hindus perpetually on the defensive by spreading this bogey of Hindu fundamentalism and prevent a better education policy which would give India an edge?

“Imagine, India would become a Hindu nation!” the media shout infuriated. The problem, however, is that they don’t imagine it and don’t ask basic questions. If they only imagined what a Hindu nation looks like, they might start propagating Hindu nations all over the globe for harmony and peace in the world.

One day, when people have become tired of blindly believing strange things, and when nobody is threatened any longer with dire consequences if he stops believing in those strange things, the world may be grateful to Bharat Mata that she has conceived and preserved over millennia those eternal, precious insights for the benefit of humanity.

By Maria Wirth




  1. No need for foreigners to influence Indian churnos. Their education and milieu makes them foreigners to their own culture.

  2. Just be a Hindu, if you like and stop comparing Hinduism with other faiths. Don’t undermine Vasudeva kutumbakam. Or Brahma the unifying holy soul

    1. i am an insider of Christianity, one of the two dogmatic expansionist religions. don’t i have the right to point out what is wrong with it and why we suffered?

      1. Raghava · ·

        Dear MW, Ignore people like this ghoshal,they do not have even 1% of perception that Honest souls like you carry.
        Your interpretation of Vasudaika kutumba & Brahman are absolutely true.
        Forgive ghosahl for his ignorance.

      2. Too many arrogant sickulars will run you down!
        This article is excellent – it points to the fact that Hindus unite to make the world a better place and in that better place, the existing parasital fiberal-chrislamic powerstructures will implode! Hence instinctively they hate- these are within India and outside as well!
        There is no point reasoning with them – just in-your-face factoids-and-conclusions should do!

        More power to you & ALL those connecting with the universality of Hinduness!
        And more power to you in your efforts to enlighten your audience both Indian and otherwise in these matters!


    2. Why should she or anyone for that matter “only be a Hindu”? Dharma has to be defended. Because it is being attacked. If it is not defended, they may come one day when aggressive religions and secularists make us impossible to even be Hindus openly.

      1. Dharma does not need to be defended or be protected, if you really know what it is, it can stand on its own because it is truth.

      2. It may stand by its own, only in the sense that it refers to Eternal Truths, and those are always there disregarding who attunes with them or who does not. If other dogmatic religions advance, there will not be Sanatana Dharmis who could freely follow them. Because they will be prosecuted if not converted. Haven´t you seen the history of the dogmatic religions, and the results of “secular” policies, sir?

        Who said that Dharma does not need to be protected? Or if you want to be more precise, then yes, Dharma does not need it, but WE need to protect it. Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita encourages us to do it. And then what for is the Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah?

        Our respect as Dharmists for the others should not go to the extent of tolerating their disrespect. That would mean sheer stupidity and disregard for Dharma.


    Good morning Martha, beautiful article as I’ve thought about this issue since Sathya Sai Baba was accused in mid 1990s of many horrible things including pedophilia! Imagine, by our own Indian media. He responded saying, these people don’t investigate and are mere cut, copy & paste journalists. They merely borrow articles & ideas from the West and showcase them as their own. So true, as most Indians don’t have traditional Sanatana education. Instead they have either Urdu based or missionary style Convent education. Their mental make-up isn’t Hindu. They may be cultural Hindus & even pray in front of Hindu Gods & Goddesses – mostly the “Gimme, gimme, gimme” type of prayers. Sometimes even begging for favours. This doesn’t translate in character. So they vent it out in their write ups. We can draw comfort that Sanatana Dharma is so great & vast, that even these type of journalists can eat & stay alive making careers. Some even get considered intellectuals! Thanks.

    Prakash Ranganath

  4. Shankar Bache · · Reply

    Dear Prakash Ranganath. Drawing a line from Maria’s topic to the Satya Sai Baba issue is tricky and kind of ironic.This is because not only the Indian media accused him but Maria, too. She has spent 7 years inside Sai Babas ashram after wich she was thoroughtly dissenchanted. In fact, in her book launched in 2006 she almost accuses the guru of pedophilia and hinted even at murder.

    1. Kishor joshi · · Reply

      Let us not divert the attention to Sai Baba n concentrate on what she writes on Hinduism.
      I find her observations very appealing.let us introspection.

    2. Prakash Ranganath · · Reply

      I didn’t know this about her. I thought she was spiritually sound to be influenced by the very best as the very best in our land have concluded that Sathya Sai Baba is absolute divine. Many including myself still enjoy the experience of His divine presence. Feel sorry for her experience. Maybe next birth, as we’ve nowhere to go or choose to come except this very planet Earth. Thanks. I won’t offer anymore comments for her blogs.

      1. Shankar Bache · ·

        Dear Prakash. Sorry to say so but your reply is very immature and lacks any wisdom. Knowing nothing about Maria you judge her solemnly by my comments? Who is giving you the guaranty that I spoke the truth? Nobody! And all that based on the third and second hand informations you have about Satya Sai Baba. Maria, on the other hand, lived 7 years day by day at his ashram, in his presence. Means, she experienced everything FIRST HAND. IN the beginnig you sang her praise and now, only because she is not fitting into your narrow mindframe, you condemn her. Keep on sleeping!

      2. Sai Baba has nothing at all to do with divinity. He was a scoundrel who had taken advantage of millions in misleading them to believe he was God incarnated.

        He the Supreme, of infinite glory, has no likeness, weight or measurement.

  5. Beautiful article. So powerful. I wish this word spreads wider and more people realize and move towards the real truth. I haven’t practiced any other religions but Hinduism but I do believe in the beautiful wisdom of great Bible and Quran verses as well , Maria. All religions have wisdom at their root , but what keeps Hinduism so alive and fresh is that it gives one the ability to experience , seek and discover for oneself. It can be as complex as Creation itself if one wants to go deep into it’s nuances or as simple as knowing we are all one. So many saints continue to exist today due to the belief that Divinity is ever present , omnipresent and all one has to do is overcome the ilusion of exclusion and merge with the infinite. And they are always charting their own unique path. It’s a religion of so much hope, that gives us the laws of life like karma, and Dharma and that we are ultimately actors, but the script is for us to influence by right action and reflection. I don’t condemn any other religion, for each leads to the same Beautiful God , but I do find ectasy in the beauty and complexities of Hinduism.

  6. Shankar Bache · · Reply

    Hi, Mariechen. Although you have a very good argument pointing out that other countries call themself christian or muslim nations you missed a vital point. The difference is that India has for decades carefully nurtured its image as the most tolerate multi religious country on the planet. With this it made itself vulnerable to criticism. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..isn’t it?

  7. Great piece. Not so blind as one who refuses to see. That about sums up the media. The Indian media, controlled by external forces, are under greater delusion than the western media. But, what is being played out now in the west asia and the west is a repeat of the Crusades. The Hindus will be the spectators watching the others slugging it out.

  8. “One day, when people have become tired of blindly believing strange things…..” Don’t hold your breath Maria that “one day” will never come.
    “If there should be a conference among the most imaginative minds they will find that almost all institutions of learning in the world are only nurseries of prejudice, bigotry, tyranny and pedantry.”
    Haven’t you noticed when mostly Western scholars (BBC the Bigquestion) sit down for a debate, they think they alone have all the answers and to them all Eastern scholars are merely dumb asses.

    1. That is why we should never give up defending Dharma. If Hindus do not do, who will?

    2. don’t think there won’t be a change. already it’s happening. Europe’s Christian have become very selective what they believe ever since they are not punished anymore for heresy. only those who get their livilihood from spreading those “truths” are sticking to the dogmas. same may happen with Muslims, too, when they are not afraid anymore. did you hear about this daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood man, who came to India to “find God away from religion”…

  9. Porf. Dr. Ajit Sikand · · Reply

    Dear Ms. Maria Wirth, Over the past hundreds of years, India has never propogated to be a Hindu Nation, None of the past kindoms have ever claimed to be a Hindu Nation. The Religion of the King was Religion of the folk. And now here Comes a German Scholar, who is telling us to recogonize ourselves to be part of a Hindu Nation. Please look at the German Christian history and the Splitting ot the church thru Luther. We neither Need anyone else to come and tell us if there are Christian or Muslim nations, but we certainly don’t that Label. Please don’t try to tell us find our own identity. Let Germans do that first. This debate could go on for ever and you will not be able to convert us to a Hindu Nation. We are proud to have our identity – the one as it is.

    1. rajgopalnb · · Reply

      What is the identity that you are talking about?

    2. Hindu is defined in negative terms: those who are NOT Christians, Muslims, Jews. As far as I know, Buddhists, Jains are subsumed under Hindu.

      Now this means it is India’s original identity, and not the superimposed identity of the dogmatic, blind belief religions which made inroads into the Indian populace.
      As soon as Christianity and Islam do not demand any longer that their flock identify first with their (transnational) religion, and consider “Hindus” damned to hell, there is no need for a religious connotation of the term Hindu any longer. All would be Indians (or Hindus, as it is the same root and both are geographical) with no solid brickwall-like borders between them. The border is erected by the dogmatic religions, not by the Indian ancient tradition.
      Maria Wirth

  10. Maria, this article should be widely spread!! It is wonderful.
    And Hindus should not lose hopes. We were told by Shri Krishna to do our part and leave the results to Him. He did not encourage us to give up!!

  11. Alok Kumar · · Reply

    Very true…..hope time will make the people realise this

  12. This is the “with it” attitude that the British and the Cambridge, Columbia, Elphinstone, Presidency, St Stephen’s, Madras Christian and other wise brain washed stooges have propagated in India since 1921, and with greater intesnity since 1947 when they began to dismantle Indian education and did away with merit and integrity in all walks of life lest their thesis be disproven.

    This is like Raoul Baba’s thesis on Saffron Terror to the US Ambassador that led to cases being fabricated and filed against “Hindoos” for acts of terror committed by the Indian National Congress’ associates from Pakistan.

    A prophecy that self fulfills with a lot of help from the State.

  13. Vedam Viswanathan sarma · · Reply

    Thank you! Oh Jambavan!! Let your ‘lion’s roar’ be heard. Let the true India arise, awake and work for its true agenda!! We are greatful to you.

  14. Thank you for the article. Hope our leaders show the courage to declare Bharat as a HINDU RASHTRA.

  15. Neeraj Singh · · Reply

    Jai Hind..Jai Bharat Good article

  16. Premlata Asopa · · Reply

    This message is very beautifully​ expressing the truth . Hindutava is treating world as one family . Wishes well being​ as Vasudhaev Kutubham.Please speak about good that India does in this regard as today is earth day

  17. Amber mehra · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, India was Hindustan and no doubt Hindu nation since decades .. but political parties created religion
    wall between Hindu and others. India believed in democracy and recent prime minister and chief minister elected by Indian citizen including Hindu Muslim and Christian

  18. Hindus, the most persecuted in history. They should get justice soon!

  19. Jeetendra Nayak · · Reply

    Maria all your points are true. People should know, that you are not a German tourist who is making irresponsible statements, but in fact you have spent many years in India learning and living a spiritual life.You certainly qualify to be as Hindu as any so called born Hindu’s if that is what defines it and your commentary is always meaningful and most welcome.

  20. krishna · · Reply

    brilliant article. every Indian should read it..

  21. Kanaka Kumar · · Reply

    Hinduism is the way to lead ones life. In fact if the geographical boundaries are removed any body of whatever faith he practices can still go by the broad name of Hindu. That is how inclusive it is. The wonderful place this world is would become more beautiful if only the people allow themselves to be judged by facts, logic of the wisdom from the ETERNAL VEDIC past on this side of the Oriental.

  22. “The first commandment in Christianity and a very important issue in Islam is the claim that nobody must worship other gods except the ‘one true god’, which both religions claim is only with them.”
    This is somewhat correct, even Krishna has said that it is not necessary to follow or worship other demigods, if you just follow Him, that is enough.

  23. Bhavadas Unni · · Reply

    I wish Hindus take half the trouble you took to understand Sanatana Dharma and spread its goodness around! We should be grateful and at the same time ashamed that a German lady is going around doing what every Hindu should do but do not do! Keep up the good work!

  24. rajgopalnb · · Reply

    Wonderful and factual analysis with eye opening clarity.

  25. Really happy to read this expose of STINKING minds finding fault about any thing “HINDU” where none exists – TRULY HINDUS are the most tolerant . THANKS

  26. Paul andy · · Reply

    Dear MW, I am a Christian and my wife a Hindu and we have been living happily for the past 15 yrs. When we shifted to the capital city of India 10yrs ago, we had no problems or religious fear. We thought that India is a secular country. If it is so, why should we even try to make it a hindu nation. The media is making a lot of noise over this, I presume that it thinks of India as a secular and we still want to remain it that way. Any scriptures would talk about love and peace. Atleast,this is what i learnt in Church to love and respect other religions and even my wife learnt the same.this might be one reason thats keeping our bond stronger. You talk about Dharma,Atma, Brahman_ you are a learned scholar and I wouldn’t win a single line argument with you. But, I think all these virtues are in the scripture books only. We love animals,infact we love them more than a human being(cows over women). India must have been the cradle of civilisation and economically very strong,and we would love and be proud of our country to retain our lost glory. But,is it necessary that we need to be a Hindu nation to regain this? I don’t think so. Why don’t we learn from the crusades and jihads that imposing and suppressing religious beliefs brings only misery. Let us strive to reach the peak together and just stop bragging about being a hindu,muslim,christian etc or any religious sect. Why can’t we look at religions as a way to shape our lives so that we live in peace and harmony with everyone. And ofcourse, the media needs to shout louder than ever so that the whole world hears that we are a secular nation and we would love to be this way forever.

    With respect. Thank you

    1. Yes, I agree with you, religion should never be the foremost identity. and we should learn from crusades and jihads. But who should learn and who does not learn? It is NOT the Hindus.
      You wrote: “what i learnt in Church to love and respect other religions and even my wife learnt the same.” Your wife surely learnt it (the “even” was unnecessary), but you luckily did not pay attention what the Christian clergy wants you to believe: the official doctrine is that there is no salvation outside of the Christian Church. It means if you were a “good” (means rather bad) Christian, you would have to convince your wife to get baptised, because if not, she will go to hell for ever.
      Luckily the common man is not as foolish as the clergy and does not take this seriously. But should we not first point fingers at the dogmatic religions before questioning Hindus? If you live in India, you surely know that Indian secularism means that Hindus are discriminated against in their own country in several aspects.
      if the dogmatic religons would not insist that their flock identifies with their religion foremost, there is no need to stress a Hindu identity either, all would just be humans… Hindus don’t erect the border. the dogmatic religons do. then who is divisive?

      I wrote on Indian secularism here:

  27. Most of the Indian Media Houses are either sponsored by Anti-Hindu Brigades or by Communists. These Media Houses just don’t even understand the Scientific Principles on which the religion is based. There is a leading journalist who shot to fame in 1999 and then always arm wrestled through the corridors of power to reach a level to write for Washington Post or some US News Paper, this leading journalist has problems with a days’ fast by Married Hindu Females for the long life of their husbands…..ah and the same journo dare not speak about the month long fasting provisions in other religions.

    It is strange that in some countries, during their holy month, you can’t dare to drink water in public….and in India, you can mock the regulations to even eat Beef and then do Beef Politics…..

    It is also interesting to see the minorities crying foul when someone makes a statement against their religion, while if a Hindu is tortoured to death, there is no flutter……Well the latest being a Hindu making a tweet about waking up to Ajaan, and the media jumping on the occasion to call him Hindu hardliner…..interesting, yeah why????

  28. Deepa R · · Reply

    Thanks a million Ma’am for speaking out frankly for the Hindu cause!

  29. Prashaant Selokar · · Reply

    Fantastic, fantastic article…..
    Whatever the world is learning today is because of the trusted wisdom/knowledge of Bharatmata…the only place where humanity exists.
    The world had to come back to the living n thinking style of hinduism…

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