The bashing of Brahmins and India’s caste-system has an agenda

Common people in the west know hardly anything about India. But one thing they all know: India has an ‘inhuman’ caste system, which is an important feature of their religion, Hinduism. Most also ‘know’ that Brahmins are the highest caste, which oppresses the lower castes, and worst off are the untouchables.

I learnt this already in primary school, but knew nothing at that time about the concentration camps of Nazi Germany only a few years earlier or about the atrocities of slavery or colonialism. Yet the Indian caste system with Brahmins as villains was part of the curriculum in Bavarian schools in the early 1960s, and it still is today: some time ago I asked three young Germans in Rishikesh what they associate with Hinduism. Their prompt reply was, “caste system”.  Surely, they also had learnt that it was most inhuman. In all likelihood, all over the world school children are taught about the ‘inhuman’ caste system. Why?

There is likely an agenda behind it.

Yes, the caste system exists, and untouchables, too. And it exists all over the world. Curiously, ‘caste’ is Portuguese for class. It is not even an Indian term. The ancient Vedas mention four varnas – Brahmins, Kshatryas, Vaishyas and Sudras, which form the body of society, like the head, arms, thighs and feet form the body of a human being. It is a beautiful analogy which implies that all parts are important. True, the head will be given more respect, but will you ignore your feet? Not everyone is made for intellectual work, fortunately, because a society without farmers, traders, workers won’t be possible. All have their role to play. And in future lives, there are likely to be role reversals.

Varna was not hereditary originally. It depended on one’s predominant guna (quality of character) and one’s profession. The job of Brahmins was specifically to memorise the Vedas and preserve them absolute correctly for future generation. They had to have predominately Satwa (pure) guna and had to stick to many more rules for purity than any other caste.

Brahmins were the guardians of the purity of the Vedas. So it is understandable that they would not touch those who for example remove the dead bodies of animals or clean the sewers, though a society needs people, who do these jobs, too. In the west, people also wouldn’t shake hands with them. But no issue is made out of it.

Due to their satwa guna, Brahmins were least likely to be abusive to other groups in society. Usually it is the group which considers itself socially just above another group, which looks down on those lower. This trait is there in all societies, but it is true, that in India, unfortunately over time, the four varnas were inherited by birth. There are today many Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Sudras, who do not follow their dharma any longer and therefore should not consider themselves as belonging to their inherited varna.

But why is the structure of the society in India constantly decried, when nobody accuses for example the nobility, the highest ‘caste’ in the west, that it does not mingle with workers and won’t live in their neighbourhood?

Why is nobody upset that the British allowed only ‘whites’ into the club of Madikeri town in Karnataka and probably all over the country, as an old Indian gentleman told me? If I remember right, he said that the sign at the club read, “Dogs and Indians not allowed”.

Why is nobody upset that the agriculture policy of the British Colonialists starved some 25 MILLION Indians to death? 25 million men, women and children slowly dying because they had nothing to eat in a country that was one of the richest before the British took over… There are terrible pictures on the net of Indians only being skin and bones, barely alive.

Why is nobody upset that the British, after slavery was abolished, sent indented labour from India all over the world in cramped boats, where a big number died during the journey already (and were spared the torture in the sugarcane estates)?

Why nobody talks about what the Muslim invasions did to Hindus and especially to Brahmins? How cruel they were? How many Hindus were killed or made slaves? How many Hindu women committed mass suicide by jumping into fire so that they won’t fall into the hands of the Muslim troops?

Nowadays, due to ISIS we can well imagine what happened then, yet the Leftists and even ‘respectable’ British Parliamentarians are not concerned with all this. They are concerned with the ‘most inhuman caste system’ of India. It can be safely assumed that the colonial masters tried to drive a wedge between the castes by ‘fixing’ the former fluidity of varnas in their census from 1871 onwards. And today, their democratic successors, though without political power in India, try to drive a wedge with the help of manipulative media and even parliamentary legislation in their own country.

My point is: what Brahmins did by segregating from others or even snubbing others is negligible in comparison what Christian colonialists and Muslim invaders did.

So why are the so-called atrocities of the caste-system so hyped? The reason may well be to divert the attention from those who actually should feel guilty what they did and still do to India. It’s not the Brahmins. Many of them suffer today, mainly due to reservation and, though poor in many cases, by being excluded from benefits which are given to religious minorities or lower castes.

But this is not the only reason why the caste system and Brahmins are being bashed worldwide. Another important agenda is to shame Brahmins, to make them feel guilty about their forefathers and to make them reluctant to follow their original Dharma of learning and teaching the Vedas. The goal is to make Vedic knowledge disappear in India, because it poses a danger for Christianity and Islam. It can easily challenge their so called “revealed truths”. Vedic knowledge makes sense and is therefore the greatest obstacles for Christianity and Islam to expand over the whole world.

Unfortunately, a lot of Vedic texts are already lost. The former Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswati, says in his book “The Vedas” that out of 1180 Shakas, into which Veda Vyasa divided the 4 Vedas some 5000 years ago, only eigth are still in use. (Just wondering: would a search in England, Germany and other countries rediscover some of this treasure? )

It is about time to stop this Brahmin bashing and stop portraying the Indian caste system as the worst that has ever befallen humanity. It sounds so fake, especially, when ISIS gets neutral treatment by just mentioning facts, like, “ISIL burns 19 Yazidi women to death in iron cages because they refused to have sex with fighters” without any emotional colour or condemnation.

Some time ago, I saw an old Brahmin couple in a temple in south India. They had dignity, but were very thin. When Prasad (sacred food) was distributed, they were in the queue before me. Later I saw that they joined the queue again…. It was in all likelihood due to poverty.

Brahmins don’t need to feel guilty about their forefathers. They can be proud of them, because it is only thanks to them that India is the only country that has preserved its precious, ancient wisdom at least partly. Yet others should indeed feel guilty, but those others are brazen and won’t. They rather vitiate the atmosphere with unjustified hatred for Hinduism and anti-Brahmanism.

By Maria Wirth










  1. Rajendran Kolassery · · Reply

    It is shameful that you attempt to justify caste system. Unlike you imagined, caste system is hereditary and it is a lifelong prison which drive lower Castes even to voluntarily convert to much lower liefilled Christianity or Islam. The untoiling Brahmins are loathed even today because they had instituted the horror of caste and were its custodians and enforcers. Worst example was Mahatma Gandhi who inspite of being beaten & kicked out a Railway Compartment in South Africa due to his color & caste could not accept to eradicate Caste in India when he had the best opportunity. He was even prompted to do so by Sri Narayana Guru in 1924.
    You would have done well to recognise the horror of being born low for life and to voice your concern to outlaw caste system.
    Even a lowest or highest caste person knows that all human beings are capable to achieve anything (eg Indian President & Prime Minister today) provided they are not deprived of their opportunity.
    India was subjugated and colonized basically because the caste system excluded the low Castes even from fighting for their nation. There was no other reason in any logic.
    Caste system was and is the Enemy of Hinduism and India. Without it, the whole world would have embrazed Hinduism because Hindu teachings except caste, are meant for whole humanity / Manava!

    1. In my 20 years of growing up in India, I don’t recall anyone ever asking me what caste I was nor did I ever care to know what caste others were. We were taught in schools that caste system was bad and this teaching made sense. It also made sense that people should get jobs based on merit. So there really was no reason to be interested in ours or others’ castes. I did see (and experienced) plenty of discrimination based on economic class though. If you didn’t have money, people treated you like the lowest caste. They wouldn’t say it with their mouths but would let you know with their behaviour and attitude. Mostly they completely ignored you as if you didn’t even exist.

      But I know I was not treated differently than other people. Ever since India’s independence, the trend among urban Indians had been of being more and more indifferent towards the caste-system.

      Enter the Reservation system.

      The reservation system guaranteed jobs and other benefits to you if you belonged to certain [lower] castes. Now all of a sudden people had an incentive to know what castes they were. If you were of the lower caste, you could benefit from knowing that you were. And if you were not lower caste and you wanted to oppose the allocation of unfairly high percentage of jobs/benefits to lower castes, the first thing you needed to know was what caste you yourself were.

      During my late high school years, a prime minister, V P Singh, implemented a job-quota plan that upper castes thought was extremely unfair. Immediately there were “protests”. Thankfully in my city the ‘protests’ were limited to sloganeering and destroying/burning govt property, and no one was badly injured or killed. I had never seen this type of protests in my city so I was curious and went to see friends and ended up in the back of a lorry with many teenaged boys, girls, and even kids. The lorry went towards city center and we shouted “VP kutta hai hai”. Halfway through the ride, it turned out that one of the classmate friend who was zealously shouting along with us, was actually from the lower caste. We all laughed at him since he shouldn’t have been protesting the quota system that was actually benefiting his caste. He was embarrassed and left.

      But my point is this: Up until that protest, neither this friend nor most of us knew that he was from lower caste (with the exception of the person who pointed it out) even though he was attending school with us for years. It was only because of the reservation politics that we became aware of it. My attitude towards him did not change but now I was aware that he was from a lower caste. I couldn’t discriminate against him however, because I didn’t know for another couple of years what caste I myself supposedly belonged to 🙂

      It should be apparent that the caste based quota system is the only thing keeping caste-system alive in present day urban India. Previously it was only the lower castes but over the last few decades even the upper castes have demanded reservations for being “economically backward castes”.

      Despite this, none of the critics of caste-system ever talk about the contribution of reservation system in keeping the caste system alive, and instead blame Hinduism. It should be obvious that their real aim is to vilify Hinduism and destroy it. These evil forces don’t care about the lower caste people. The dalits are simply pawns that they USE for their Hindu-bashing and other political goals. They KEEP people from benefiting from the knowledge of Dharma by creating animosity towards Dharma itself.

      The anti-Hindu forces hate Hinduism MORE than they love lower caste people.

      Unfortunately, there are well meaning people like Rajendran Kolassery (and many others) who let themselves be USED by the evil plots of Hinduism bashers and only end up amplifying their anti-Hindu hate.

      We need to be on the lookout for such people. If it is someone who vilifies Hinduism in the name of caste system but never says anything about the contribution of quota system in keeping caste-system alive, we should know right there that the person/group is an anti-Hinduism activist. Their rhetoric needs to be opposed and their agendas need to be exposed.

  2. You are biased to a very large extend ……Either you don’t know history or trying to be ignorant….Please leave history and join the rightist group

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  4. Vadiraj Chhatra · · Reply

    Brahmin bashing is mainly due to Christian missionaries, who were finding it difficult to harvest the souls. They decided that as long as respect for Brahmins was there in the society, it would be difficult to convert. So they along with British Govt. created this divide among Indians and started the campaign that Brahmins were responsible for all their troubles. Post Independence, the left leaning Congress Govt continued the divide-and-rule of the British to remain in power. They continued the education system of the British with emphasis on shaming Hindus and blaming Brahmins for all the ills of the society, which were basically came because of Islamic invasion.

    Indian caste system was basically horizontal based on the character and profession of the person. It was fluid system wherein people could just transform from one prefession to another. Endogamy was the norm but exogamy was not uncommon. It became rigid after Islamic invasion and exogamy became rare mainly to protect themselves. It was sealed after 1871 census by the British, which categorised people into the castes by births and the fluidity of the system was not recognized.

    Now the Congress and the leftists don’t want to change this and in fact are creating further fissures in the society by dividing each caste into different religions for their own political benefits. So Congress and Leftists are the cancer of this society.

  5. An observer and a victim differs. Brahmins memorized Vedas only for perpetuating their hegemony over others. They denied Vedas to others, tied transcendental wisdom of sages below devatas and brahmins through distortions n interpolations. I quote the words of a Hindu sanyasi who later converted into Christianity because of the persecution he suffered.

    What’s the crime of brahmin ancestors? They ‘created an exclusive ‘caste’ and condemned non-brahmins to perpetual subordination and disunion, monopolised religion and learning, suppressed intellectual and moral growth of non-brahmins, converted religion into a means of exploitation.
    Caused the intellectual and moral starvation of the Hindu masses, emasculation of the Hindu nation forced to live and die in an atmosphere of inferiority and disunion, submergence of all true religion in a flood of ceremonialism…’

    Only Brahmins can correct this situation. They have the intelligence and ability. Hinduism should undergo fundamental reformation to meet the challenges of a new age.

  6. Manoj Kumar Jha · · Reply

    Any body who practice meditation can feel why it was told that not to touch or take water from the person who don’t follow four sauch or eat nonveg. Even if a person form lower class who takes Sanyas will not prefer to be touched by even Brahmin who is not maintain prohibition in eating drinking as his concentration in meditation, peace of mind and arousal of sexual desire happens. Unfortunately this was linked with cast system. I myself being Brahmin do feel that these are only necessary for those who want to attend moksha.

    1. Gaurav Mehra · · Reply

      Brother, who doesn’t want to attain Moksha? And if not then what do they want?
      And in spite of whatever they want, what in your opinion will they get finally?
      Now the moot question – does it matter to God what one wants other than what one does in life? Will He not judge our achievements? Which achievements? Physical? Material? Mental? Or spiritual? Or all of them? Are we not aware that judgment in this life & in reincarnation awaits us?

  7. Arun Tiwari · · Reply

    Really very good detailed artical

  8. Gaurav Mehra · · Reply

    Well said Maria…
    Of course the West have that agenda & more…but the real horror is that we are doing nothing – negligible enough to be called nothing anyway – to correct what you rightly called unfortunate – the Un-Vedic hereditary system of Varnas!
    What the West believes is only amplified when our own literate youth agree that this evil actually does exist in our society…
    At the bottom of the whole felony is the irony that in spite of having millions of Brahmins even today they do not study the Vedas anymore (since 500 years they do not) & they stopped other Varnas from reading the Vedas including Kshatriyas & Vaishnavas; & banned all women from even reciting the mantras!
    The horror!
    Even today, give all power to Brahmins & they will ban you from even touching the Rig Veda & probably have you deported…when they themselves do not read it correctly i.e. with meanings…they only mug up a few – very few – mantras which they use for earning at marriages & other rituals etc.
    But you & I should know better Maria, that these Brahmins of the rituals are not mirror images of our Brahmins of yore…those were scientific inventors/discoverers of mathematics & astronomy & aeroplanes & non-rusting stainless steel for example
    Today’s Brahmins are our scientists & other teachers of institutes where R&D skills are imparted (research is important)…
    Now regarding meta-physics Brahmins who teach the Ashtadhyayi, Upanishads & Sankhya etc Darshans are the true Brahmins…it’s important to realize this Maria…this is the value judgment that needs to be made – find the Brahmins – institutes/gurukuls that teach these – and leave all Puranas & other non-Vedic storybooks to the children…
    We can change the West mindset in one generation by improving the quality of our Brahmins…
    But awakening from our own selfish & lazy unresearching Un-Vedic slumber that is the monumental challenge facing us since millennia…1000 years & counting!

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