Why is Hinduism higher than all religions?

Again one of my answers on Quora collapsed. I replied to the above question 7 months ago. Now it was taken down. Here it is:

I will restrict my answer to the three religions with the most followers.

Hinduism (the term is used today to cover many different strands) is based on the Vedas. One could call the Vedas the most ancient, original ‘revelation’, because the Rishis are not the authors of the Vedas. Due to their Tapas (austerities), they ‘saw’ (Sanskrit: drishtih = see) the mantras in cosmic awareness through the veil that prevents ordinary eyes from seeing them.

The Vedas were the first to claim that there is one great Brahman (Supreme Being) as the base of this varied manifestation, in whom all is contained. Nothing exists apart from Brahman. Brahman is not personal. It is infinite, eternal, blissful awareness. Our Atman (Self or I) is one with it.

Ages later, only some 2000 years ago, Christianity was ‘founded’ and claimed, that God has ‘revealed’ the full truth only to Jesus Christ and it is contained in the Bible.

A few centuries later, Islam was ‘founded’ and claimed, that Allah has ‘revealed the full truth only to Prophet Mohamed and it is contained in the Quran.

Both religions have copied the concept of one Supreme Being, but distorted the original, Vedic view in an unacceptable way, which has led to terrible misery over the centuries.

The distortion is this: The Supreme wants all humans to accept the revelation through Jesus, respectively through Mohamed. Those who do not accept the only true religion (of which two exist…) will be damned for all eternity to hellfire by God/ Allah personally on Judgment Day.

For long, the Church was intertwined with the state and punished those who disagreed with the doctrine most cruelly through state laws. Even in Goa, the Inquisition was most brutal under the Portuguese. However, in the age of enlightenment (which coincides with the time when the Vedic knowledge reached Europe and influenced the elite there) the Church had to give up interfering with the now ‘secular’ state.

Ever since, it does not have the power to punish heretics any longer, and it has lost and is still losing many members, because they are now allowed to get out of the Church and many realised that a lot of the doctrine does not make sense.

Islam does not need intertwining with the state, because it is one with the state wherever Muslims are in the majority. So the brutal punishment of heretics still happens in our times. Under Sharia Law leaving Islam means death sentence, and Kafirs are called the worst of creatures in the Quran itself. The believers are exhorted to fight the unbelievers till the whole world is for Allah. No guessing that this is the cause for a lot of misery.

Amazingly, these two religions are allowed to preach those distortions under the right to religious freedom even today. Especially children are vulnerable and believe what adults tell them.

Compare this with the view of Hinduism that the Supreme permeates all. Whoever believes it – and it is even more than belief, because it can be experienced – will have inner strength, because he knows that Divinity is in him, and further he will be kind to others, because he knows that Divinity is also in them.

Clearly, Hinduism is on a higher level.

If only more Christians and Muslims would reflect whether, what they learnt in childhood can possibly be true.

I think it was Voltaire who said: God gave me intelligence. I think He wants me to use it…

For those who have time for 5000 words, this explains, why Hindu Dharma is higher than religion and even higher science

Science and religion

By Maria Wirth



  1. Vinay Sharma · · Reply

    Brilliant observation once again. We need to realize our true worth before it is too late.

    With Warm Regards

    Vinay Sharma ________________________________

  2. I like it, you don’t mince your words and tell as it is, and because of this reason it was taken down. You aren’t allowed to say those things about other religions and that’s the way things are. Nice write up.

  3. Sanatan Dharm, (Hindu Dharma) is science and is a way of life…..

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  4. Very nicely put. I could not have said it better. More people should read your posts. Thanks once again for the clarity in your explanations.
    Warm regards.

  5. Sham Daswani · · Reply

    Thank you Maria. Always refreshing to read your views. I am just wondering you speak so much about the Vedas, yet you have not researched on the One Guru who gave the Vedas back to the world in its pure and original form. in the 1960s and 1970s, this Guru had the entire Vedas printed in a 1000 page book called Ved Bhagwan and at the age of 90 and in frail health, he travelled all over the world, US, Europe, Japan, Africa, Far East, to give the vedas to many institutions, libraries and temples. All told, 1000 Vedas were given away and He refused to accept a penny because He said Vedas can never be sold. He further said the Vedas are for all mankind, and not only Hindus. I don’t think your topic on Vedas will ever be complete till you write about this Amazing Guru, who was as brilliant as He was low-key…………..as much of a learned man as he was devotional……….Indian leaders from Nehru, to Shastri and many others would visit Him to seek His advice and He also performed a yagna during the 1965 war to help India win the war with the power of Ved Mantras. Good luck and trust you will look into this.

    1. please give his name

    2. Jeetendra rathod · · Reply

      I am concerned about the generosity. The Christians are cunning to include the principles and twist the Veda teachings as Christian teaching and use it for conversion.
      It is time to teach Vedas to the local Hindus in Bharat/ India. Could you please send an electronic copy to the Hindu friends and myself at rathodjr@gmail.com

  6. Jatin tanna · · Reply

    Yes but narendra modi’s views are different than yours on Sufism. He is more of a Gandhiwadi than a Godsewadi.

  7. Not because Hinduism is higher than all religions it is true!
    Hindus reading an article like this might tend to sit back and feel good about themselves, that they are well established in spirituality and there is no need to make any effort in thinking critically.
    It is true, if the truth is to be known at all, the Hindus stand a better chance of re-discovering it,s should they give the Vedas some serious attention as preached by Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

    He the Supreme, of infinite glory, has no likeness, weight or measurement.


  8. Why they are taking down your answer without assigning any reason?

    1. they said “attribution needed”. what attribution? it’s my own answer, and was not published before anywhere.
      the same argument they used when they took down my reply to Zakir Naik, even though i mentioned that i quote from my blog, and gave the link, too. that post had gone viral, in 17 hours 29k views on quora. then suddenly i got the message…
      this ‘reason’ has the advatage for them that it clearly says something like, even if corrected, they won’t put the post up again…

  9. Most convincing and an eye opening ideal piece of writing covering science, spirituality and philosophy of life. Mankind should b familiar with HINDUDARSHAN. Many congratulations an great thanks to you Madam Maria for putting forth the truth.

  10. Maria, the title „higher“ can be seen as problematic! Rather than this, if you title it as “Comaparitive analysis of different religions”? This reads as “neutral” and we do not place Hinduism “above” other religions!
    This could be the reason why Quora has taken off! Google,Facebook, Twitter – all the following the same!
    Grüße – Mayur

    1. The question was about higher. I didn’t choose the title, just replied.

    2. For the reason you mention they should have rejected the question itself. If they have rejected Maria´s answer it might be just because it is TOO GOOD to be debunked, simply irrefutable, and irrefutably simple; because whatever she says here it is mere truth. So the easiest way to get rid of this PROOF of the “superiority” is to delete it or reject it in whatever way they do in Quora. (My two cents) I think it is as simple as that. Abrahamic followers have too much power in the web.

      1. mystical · ·

        Because if people were to wake up and think for themselves, then the worlds 2 biggest religions Christian and Islam will fall. People would know the truth, that is why these religion teaches fear, if you don’t follow it. As times goes on, human consciousness will expand, the world will change and the old ways of thinking won’t work.

  11. DR.Shriharsha Sharma · · Reply

    This is an excellent article and makes me feel so good to read that Vedic Dharma or Sanatan Dharma popularly known as Hinduism is on higher level as you have so simply explained.It makes me so happy and proud that I am a Hindu and at the same time it puts responsibility to promote, protect and follow its universal teachings and make children and adults to follow it in daily routine for the good of all .

    1. please do share in your circle.

  12. That is why we chose it, being frank. :-). Despite this assertion not being politically correct, it is the sheer truth. Was it not superior for us for these and many other reasons, we would have remained where we were: in the fold of sheeps that avoid critical thinking. I wonder how can there be stil so many like that in the world….

    Thanks Maria. Yes, you make me feel good by reading that what I have chosen is the most logical, humane and positive among the prevailing religious worldviews. Let each one be in their own stage of spiritual evolution, as long as they let us live too.

  13. B D Dubey · · Reply

    Outstanding and brilliant analysis.keep it up

  14. Nicely explained Maria ji and that’s how you do naturally.

  15. MANOHAR · · Reply

    https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/10-wise-sayings-from-buddha-that-will-have-a-profound-effect-on-your-life. This old concept of ancient world keeps on MODIFYING through incarnation of Supreme power under the name Vishnu.. Buddha is the last incarnation known till this day.. it’s forecasting the whole world will adopt and follow doctrine of Bhudhism in near future after great massacre of humans themselves. So suggest you to go through what Buddha has in store.

  16. D E Dhansingh · · Reply

    If only all people follow the tenets of their own religion and stop comparing and arguing which is first-born and which is better than the other, etc. , there will be peace and harmony among mankind. The main tenet of all religions is Be good and do good.

    1. Please do not wish for this. if all people followed the tenets of their own religion ‘religously’, we would have huge number of jihadis and missionaries. maybe you don’t know that both these religions claim that their respective God wants all humans to follow what he has revealed in their respective book…
      if your claim were true that the main tenet of all religions is be good and do good, why all this strife in the name of religion?
      when i say Hinduism is higher (because it was in the question to which i answered) many Hindus feel uncomfortable with ‘higher’. but why? isn’t it higher? if one objects to ‘higher’, shouldn’t one at least first or equally object to “only true”? yet i don’t hear any objection regarding this baseless claim of the two dogmatic religions.

      1. Maria ji…. We (Sanatana Dharma) were not ‘higher’, we were second to none and are. If you ask me, only slender people compare and conflict with each others. Do we need to respond to barking street dogs?

      2. Do we need to respond to barking street dogs?

        We don’t if we are elephants. But what if we are mere humans fully vulnerable to attacks by dogs? Dogs don’t simply bark, they also bite! In the past, Hindus suffered immensely because they tried to avoid conflict. In recent past, Hindus were [more or less] wiped out in Indian Kashmir, let alone in Pakistan, again because we avoided conflict. Lately, Leftists and modern liberals have been a serious threat to Hindus because of their anti-theism and especially because they target our youth with their propaganda.

        We are not elephants, balaji690! We need to protect ourselves and our children in every sphere of life. Not only that, we need to actively resist and oppose the anti-Hindu forces because if we don’t, they will never stop barking and biting.

      3. Agreed accidental34….. All these are just barking dogs and barking dogs don’t usually bite. If they come to bite us, we need to defend us without any second thought.

        I don’t understand why you don’t want to accept us as elephants. We are elephants in size; Lions in terms of daring; Jackals in terms of cleverness; Hippos in terms of dashing and finally, compassionate we are as best human beings in the World. We definitely respond fittingly to any such situation that which tests our patience with respect to our religion.

    2. mystical · · Reply

      I disagree. If all people can find that divine consciousness within themselves, they will find it in all beings..then we will have peace and harmony.

  17. Such and Such · · Reply

    Maria, excellent piece. Most Hindus, even well read ones, are not aware about (what you have explained above is) the ultimate realization in Hinduism as a seeker, but stop short at intermediate stages of devotion. I am not trying to judge them. If any intermediate stage gives them the spiritual solace to stop seeking further who am I to question it? It is all the more greatness of Hinduism itself. Suffice to say that the religion is structured for every type of seeker from the easily satiated to the hard-to-please spiritual seeker.

  18. Wow.wondeeful.Loved it.

  19. In other words, the article only claims that Hinduism is higher than Christianity and Islam, which hardly qualifies as “all other religions”. More like “just Christianity and Islam with their various permutations and off-shoots”. Second, it wasn’t Vedic knowledge that reached Europe and was widely disseminated that triggered the Enlightenment period. Rather, it was the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks, with the resulting exodus of many Byzantine scholars. They brought with them ancient works otherwise lost in Western Europe, the study of which led to the mentioned questioning of Church doctrine, etc.

  20. Dhruba Basu · · Reply

    A piece written with rare insight and diction. It is Hinduism that said: Jenahang na amritang shang, kimahang yena kuryam (Brihataranyak Upanishad). Mariah has found that sublime quest of life through her study of the Hindu scriptures, which even we Hindus do not do. Hinduism is the ultimate – one day the world will realise. I make obeisance to her illumined soul. Om Shanti: Om Shanti: Om Shanti

  21. Chitra Raman · · Reply

    Maria, thank you for your unflinching commitment and refusal to be silenced. In another context, a friend reminded me of a quote by eminent jurist Nani Palkhiwalla — he compared India to a donkey carrying a sack of gold. And so, while contemplating the relative merit of Hinduism brings a sense of temporary satisfaction, it is quickly replaced by gloom and despair at how many Hindus know so little of it. And then there are those who identify as Hindu who actively belittle and undermine it. As I often say, the real enemies are not the carnivores without, but the rats within.

  22. Dhruba Basu · · Reply

    It is Hinduism that say: Ya devi sarvabhuteshu jatirupena samsthita. The universal mother energy is extant in all religions (Sri Sri Chandi). No other religion says it ie looking upon people of all religions as our brethren. The Hindus have been saying it from its hoary past, although orthodox Brahminism had made some suicidal aberrations. The three other religions of the world do not say it. Christianity and Islam are proselytizing and they have spread under the sun through the sword. On the other hand Buddhism is agnostic. Hence Hinduism is higher than all other religions. I once again make obeisance to Maria’s sagacious wisdom.

  23. Great

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  25. Kunwar Vishwa Mohan · · Reply

    In Bhagavadgita, the practice of religion or the religion itself have been summed-up categorically in four stages. Jnanayoga is the first stage. On this stage a person acquires the knowledge of the inner self through study and contemplation and becomes aware of the importance of realizing his true self and achieving salvation.
    Second stage is ‘Karma yoga’ or to discharge his responsibilities towards himself, his family and society by performing his obligatory duties in deference to dharma and as a sacrificial offering to God.
    The third stage is Sanyasa yoga in which actions without desire and attachment, renouncing the sense of doer-ship, the fruit of actions is offered to God.
    With these refinements in lower self or the outer consciousness, the fourth and the final stage of Bhakti yoga, or the stage of devotion is attained. In this stage, intense devotion, sense of oneness with Him and unconditional love for God, His will & His creation is experienced.
    The basic element of Hinduism is ‘Oneness through knowledge’. No religious practice or concept can supersede this concept, especially those with admonishment.

  26. […] By Maria Wirth Source: Maria Wirth Blog […]

  27. Anil Kumar · · Reply

    There are three words used by us 1. Devta/Devi 2. Bhagwan (God) 3. Braham ( the creater, पालनकर्ता, संहारक)
    These three words have different meaning and different universal identity.
    1. Devta : Anything living or nonliving which helps in survival of life , prosperity of human being is devta. देवता जो देता है। like Tulsi, Cow, earth, Fire,Water etc. And this concept helps in conservation of all living organisms and nonliving thing like water and air ( there are 33 crore devi /devta i.e. species of living organisms and nonliving things)
    2. Any human being who is स्थितप्रज्य is Bhagwan/God. Whose बुद्धि/mind is still/स्थिर is God / bhagwan. e.g. Bhagwan shri Ram, Shri Krishan
    3. ब्रह्म / the almighty is one who is in each and every part of Universe . वो सृष्टिकर्ता है, पालनकर्ता है, संहारक है। कल्याणकारी है । वो समस्त जगत का कारण स्वरूप है।

  28. Wanda M. · · Reply

    Really, so your telling me that my faith of Christianity which is not a religion. Not true christianity. Is not like Islam and Sharia law. Because of one period of darkness covering as light and calling themselves christans. Which they were not. Those were Catholics under the creation of Constantine. Who was a brutal murder of true Christians. But because christianity was growing so popular in Rome. He decided to mix paganism with christ teachings Making it void of all power and love and the spirit of christ. If you read the gospels, which obviously you haven’t. All through them Jesus condoms even hates the actions and deceptions of the so called higher arce of the priest and leader of the Jewish synagogues. He fought with them vigorously because of they used the word of law to oppress the people and raise themselves up.They were hypocrites , and evil. They hated Jesus and were jealous of his Deity. The Catholics lead the crusades but there was no mass killings as in Muslim and Islamic cultures and false religions. Catholicism was merely Constantine’s way of blending in with true Christianity. That he saw no way of defeating. Do you think after reading the scriptures of the bible, that Jesus would approve of slavery and the crusades. Are you kidding me. Real Christians although with flaws because they are forgiven not perfect. Ended slavery, and made the constitution of America,(a christian nation)based on the bible.Although America’s dark past, used the bible as Constantine and the Catholics did to justify slavery. It was always a thorn in the side of real christans. Who the Almighty used to convict true Christians like Abraham lincoln and so many others to abolish slavery, and moved a great man like Martin Luther King to began the Civil Rights Movement. We here in America based on the holy scriptures give more freedom to all other religions and beliefs. Based on christian and Judeo beliefs. Please do not compare true christianity, which the constitution was based on. To Islam. Which is still oppressive towards women and children and believes in Jihad, and war against anyone who defies it. A Christian can love a Muslim and a Hindu without persecution. As a matter of fact it is just the opposite. We are taught to pray for our enemies by Christ , and bless those who hate us, and despitefully use us. Does that sound like Islam or Sharia law. Because of christianity our women here in America are freer than in any other religion and country. People all over the world flock to America for its religious freedoms. Not only in America,but everywhere that true christianity is the main religion. The people are free to worship as they like and live in peace. So please don’t compare one time in Catholic history, which is nothing more than paganism.To true christianity. That brought about the end of that horrible period. Islam oppresses its peoples, true christianity frees its peoples. We believe in one true God,like they do. But that’s where our common ground ends.

    1. I or any Hindu for that matter has any issue with anyone else practising their faith and what they believe in. In India all refugees from all faiths have been welcomed and even provided a ground to practice their faith freely. All our respects.

      But there is another common ground among Abrahamic faiths, including all Christian denominations and Islam that poses a threat for Hindus and for everyone who is not themselves: exclusivity claims. Unless each and all of the Abrahamic faiths drops their exclusivity claim that theirs is the only truth and all the rest are mistaken, this is a seed for conflict even among them (history proves it), provided they feel a moral duty to CONVERT others. This point is exactly what we oppose and I would dare to say that all our defences of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma are in reality DEFENSIVE, consequence of millenia of persecution, impositions and conversion from Christians of all denominations and Muslims towards whoever is not them. The history of Christianity as well as that of Islam, whether one likes it or not, is a history of destruction, finishing off of the cultures that they replace or try to: talking of Christians, the destruction starts towards the so-called pagans here in Europe, and continues with Native Americans, and Africa where Christianity planted the seed of conflict among them, till nowadays that still every innocent villager whom they deceive even with cheap tricks in India itself. This is a sheer fact that cannot be denied.

      Something different, and I am not talking about that, is the plenty of Christians who truly live and let live others. We as Hindus heartily respect other´s faith. Our issue starts with others imposing themselves to us. Conversion has been, is, and will always be a DISRESPECT towards the culture one imposes their own beliefs. And both Christians and Muslims, in the core of their scriptures, have the duty to convert others. I see a difficult solution to all of this, unfortunately.

      1. thank you, Maria. i thought i would reply to Wanda M. but now, when i checked i saw that you have done so already. You said just what i also felt like saying.

    2. mystical · · Reply

      Christianity and Islam are alike because they believe in a god that is separate from them. A god who make rules and you must follow. Hinduism doesn’t even exist, but the way of life practiced by the yogis thousands of years before Christ. We believe that that divine consciousness you call god, is present within and in all of creation. We can become like a Christ, did he not say ‘my father and I are one’?

  29. Read your view & it has touched core of my heart as it is nothing but TRUTH . Kindly accept my NAMASKAR .

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  31. This is something I couldn’t agree more. As a Hindu, i teach my children to have their own definition of divinity and that it exists on every other human being – irrespective of their religion – but maybe in a form that differs from us. It’s just that Hinduism teaches us the open mind to view and accept them with magnamity…

  32. Sanrosh · · Reply

    Hi Maria
    I appreciate your deep understanding on this subject. May everyone benefit from this.

  33. Vijai Mohini · · Reply

    Hinduism is not a ‘religion’. It is Dharm.
    No language in the wold has equivalent to Dharma.
    Religion is bound by rituals and coustums. In religion there is no place for atheists.
    Dharm is all inclusive. Even athiest is accepted. This Dharm is called SANATAN DHARM.

  34. Kavitha · · Reply

    Madam, take a bow from all Hindus

  35. […] via Why is Hinduism higher than all religions? […]

  36. sundar · · Reply

    Hindus needn’t explain themselves to others, unless others ask for it; why? Because Hinduism doesn’t convert, and doesn’t need to.

    1. mystical · · Reply

      So true, one cannot convert, but practice such a way of life can actually help one become a better christian or a better Muslim.

      1. I agreed with all your other comments fully. Yet please be careful with a term like “better” Christian or Muslim. Better human alright, but a good Christian or Muslim has the duty to convert you (Christian) or look down on you, subdue if not kill you (Muslim).

      2. mystical · ·

        A ‘Better’ muslim or Christian to me is not the same as you or anyone may perceive it. I should have explained properly. If any Muslim or Christian were to practice a certain meditation, wholeheartedly. I guarantee you, they will not be the same Muslim or Christian. The same Scripture, they will understand differently, in a good way, hence I used the term better. I have seen it for myself and some are in my family. Love and blessings.

  37. Swamiji · · Reply

    Buddhism was before Hinduism you have altogether avoided mentioning it because of basic lack of knowledge on Indian Philosophy. Stupa has been found in Harappa during Archaeological Survey (Not Society) of India excavations more than 100 years ago, there has been punch marked tablets of the pipal tree under which Buddha got his enlightenment. Adi-Sankara got his teachings from Buddhist scriptures and he was known as a Neo-Buddhist

    1. Swamiji? Maria doesn´t lack of basics of Indian knowledge, she simply doesn´t base her viewpoint on western sources which clearly try to undermine Hinduism by using the Buddhism prior in time ONLY as a tool. A tool USED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE NEITHER HINDUS NOR BUDDHISTS. People so respectable and knowledgeable as Sri Chandasekharendra Saraswati have amply proven the truth about Shri Adi Shankara as prior to Buddhists. Do not let yourself be deceived by vested interests and consequently please do not mistake others.

      1. Sorry, I meant he has proven that Adi Shankara defeated these of course previous theories as a perspective fully based on the Vedas, despite many things in common. He did not base himself on Buddhists but in previous eternal knowledge and argued the points of Buddhists where they were disconnecting themselves from Vedas. So not neo-buddhist at all, as these western sources say trying to undermine Advaita Vedanta. I would just say the opposite: first was Sanatana Dharma and then Buddhists were born in that atmosphere. And then Adi Shankara defeated in arguments the points in which Buddhists were departing from Vedic sources.

    2. mystical · · Reply

      I disagree. First of all Hinduism doesn’t exist. It is made up name. Dharma exist which is what people call Hinduism today. Existed way way before the Buddha.

  38. Great insightful work. Well researched.

  39. A masterpiece as usual…

  40. Rajesh R Upadhyay. · · Reply

    So True.
    Really admiring work.

  41. Brahmananda samantasinghar · · Reply

    We believe in humanism

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