Nothing wrong with Hindutva or Hinduness – on the contrary

Is being a Hindu ok and is Hindutva not ok and even dangerous? Many Hindus seem wary to be associated with Hindutva, in spite of the fact that Hindutva simply means Hindu-ness or being Hindu. They tend to accept the view which mainstream media peddled for long: ‘Hindutva is intolerant and stands for the ‘communal agenda of an extreme right Hindu party that wants to force uniform Hinduism on this vast country which is fully against the true Hindu ethos.’

Is this true? The Supreme Court ruling of 1995 declares it as not true:

“Hindutva is indicative more of the way of life of the Indian people. …Considering Hindutva as hostile, inimical, or intolerant of other faiths, or as communal proceeds from an improper appreciation of its true meaning.”

From personal experience, I also came to the conclusion that it is ‘an improper appreciation of its true meaning’, when Hindutva is branded as communal and dangerous.

For many years I lived in ‘spiritual India’ without having any idea how important the terms ‘’secular’ and ’communal’ were. The people I met valued India’s great heritage. They gave me tips which texts to read, which Sants to meet, which mantras to learn, etc., and I wrote about it for German magazines. I used to think that all Indians are proud of their ancestors, who had stunningly deep insights into what is true and who left a huge legacy of precious texts unparalleled in the world.

However, when I settled in a ‘normal’ environment away from ashrams and connected with the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing anything about it. They had not even read the Bhagavad-Gita, but claimed that Hinduism was the most depraved of all religions and responsible for the ills India is facing. The caste system and Manusmiti were quoted as proof.

My new acquaintances had expected me to join them in denouncing ‘primitive’ Hinduism which I could not do as I knew too much, not only form reading, but also from doing sadhana. They declared that I had read the wrong books and asked me to read the right books, which would give me the ‘correct’ understanding. They obviously didn’t doubt that their own view was correct.

My neighbour, a self-declared communist, introduced me occasionally to his friends as “the local RSS pracharak”. It was half in jest, but more than half intended to be demeaning. My reaction at that time: “If this is what RSS stands for, then it must be good.”

Standing up for Hindu Dharma indicted me as belonging to the ‘Hindutva brigade’ that is shunned by political correctness. My fault was that I dared to say that Hindu Dharma is the best option for any society. I did not make a baseless claim, as Christianity and Islam do and which goes mostly unchallenged. I explained why Hindu Dharma is inclusive and not divisive, whereas Christianity and Islam divide humanity into those who supposedly have the ‘true faith’ and those who are wrong and will pay for it eternally in hell, if not already on earth.

Of course my stand is neither communal nor dangerous for India. Hindu Dharma is indeed not only inclusive, but also most beneficial for the individual and for society and needs to gain strength at the expense of Christianity and Islam, which are exclusive and therefore harmful. And yes, politicians, too, need to base their lives on Hindu Dharma if they want to be efficient in serving the society. Propagating blind belief in a strange story has no place in politics, but propagating and following Dharma is in the interest of all.

My secular friends can’t really be blamed for their faulty understanding. They were taught that Hinduism is just another religion, but inferior to the two main “only true” ones. Children usually don’t doubt what they learn. Yet Hindu Dharma is in a completely different category from the Abrahamic religions:

Hindu Dharma was never based on unreasonable dogmas and did not need blasphemy laws to keep its followers in check. It is helpful to society as it imparts wisdom and gives guidelines for an ideal life that acknowledges the invisible, conscious Essence in this visible universe. It does not strait-jacket people into an unbelievable belief system. It allows freedom of thought and many parallel streams with different ways to connect to this essence emerged which co-existed harmoniously.

Since I grew up in the Catholic Church and know the narrow mindedness that is indoctrinated into children, I wonder why Indian laws even after Independence still favour the dogmatic religions which the invaders brought with them over their ancient, benign Dharma, for example in education or in regard to places of worship. Don’t politicians see the real communal danger? Don’t they realise that both dogmatic religions cannot live peacefully with others. Both need to dominate. And both are very powerful worldwide, politically and financially. As long as they have not yet the numbers in India, they may downplay the central tenet of exclusiveness in their ideologies. But exist it does, and their numbers are frightfully and rapidly increasing.

The so-called secularists fight for the right of Christians and Muslims to assert their separate identity, which ultimately needs to engulf everyone. And what is this separate identity? It is merely an unverifiable belief that negatively impacts the mind-set. This unverifiable belief sees in Hindus not only outsiders, but outsiders that need to be looked down upon. How can educated Indians be blind to the danger and risk having in future more partitions on the basis of unsubstantiated religious beliefs, including the risk of more terrible bloodshed?

Strangely, the exclusive religions are not accused of being divisive and communal, but Hinduism is. Why? Hindus are required to see Brahman, the one Supreme, in everyone. In contrast, the followers of dogmatic religions are not required to respect those who reject their ‘true religion’. They are even allowed to hate them. The ease, with which Muslims kill unbelievers even in our times, is frightening. And strangely, even the most gruesome murder by ISIS inspired Muslims are played down by media worldwide. Yet if a Hindu kills a Muslim, media gives it huge space. Why?

Humanity needs to win over the madness that the Supreme Being loves some humans more than others, because they believe in a certain book. But how to make them see sense, and adopt the inclusive Hindu mind-set?

In recent weeks some staunch ‘secular’ Indians declared themselves suddenly as Hindus. Maybe they pave the way for others to follow. However, they seem to propagate (and portray it as a positive aspect) that for a Hindu everything goes: believe in a Supreme Being or not, be vegetarian or not, go to temples or not, follow Vedic guidelines or not. It seems to imply: be truthful or not, etc. They portray Hindu Dharma as having no fundamentals.

Yet this is clearly wrong. Hindu Dharma has fundamentals, but in contrast, they are benign and helpful.

Being Hindu means to know and value the profound insights of the Rishis and to follow their recommendations in one’s life. These insights may not be obvious to the senses, like the claim that everything, including nature, is permeated by the one consciousness (Brahman), but it can be realised as true; similarly as it is not obvious that the earth goes around the sun, but it can be proven. Being Hindu does not require blind belief.

Being Hindu also means having the welfare of all at heart, including animals and plants, because each part is intimately connected with the Whole. Especially the cow is revered and the Rishis gave good reasons why it must never be killed. (At the end there is a link to a video which would probably stop any truly human being from eating her flesh.)

Being Hindu means following one’s conscience and using one’s intelligence well. It means diving into oneself trying to connect with one’s Essence. It means trusting one’s own Self, Atman, and doing the right thing at the right time.

Being Hindu means being wise – not deluded or gullible or foolish. This wisdom about the truth of this universe and about how to live life in the best possible way was discovered and preserved in India. Yet its tenets are universal, valid for all humanity.

Isn’t it time for our interconnected world to realise this and benefit?

By Maria Wirth

Link to Video on cow in Vedas anchored by Tom Alter



  1. Thanks for your insights Maria. As a Sanatana Dharmic follower, I believe and strongly do that when the World ends in 430,000 years as proscribed in our Vedas, our religion will only be the last one standing. I lost lots of so called Seculars and Xians and Mullahs for my extreme right wing view but I made it clear to all of them that only my Dharma will stand the test of time and all our Vedas and Spiritual books as well as Ramayana and Mahabharata are proved beyond doubt.

    1. Brother, I guess you are aware that “left and right wing” are imported concepts in India, as Shri Rajiv Malhotra says, who do not correspond at all with the Indian social reality. As he says, Gandhi ji was left or right wing?. Many of the things he defended would match with the left in the West, but in the religious sphere he would be considered (extreme) right. Then? And like this, many other concepts that have been imported that do not match with the Indian reality. India needs to define its own reality IN ITS OWN TERMS in the public sphere.

    2. @durgasiva People, because of their knowledge, experiences, and mentalities, have different worldviews. Certain worldviews, e.g. socialism, collectivism, etc, when grouped together, are called Left wing. Other worldviews, e.g. individualism, nationalism, nativism, etc, when grouped together, are called Right wing. The terms may have come from outside but the concepts (worldviews) of right-wing and left-wing have always existed in India and all other countries, simply because people with different mentalities have always existed everywhere.

      A person can be a believer in God and still be leftist. It all depends on what his/her view towards the world is. Europe and America are full of Christians and Jews who are leftists. The only common denominator among leftists seems to be that they hail from urban areas.

      Also, people on the right can have views that are more left-wing than right-wing. An example: the concept of Ram-rajya. According to believers, when there is Ram-rajya in some society, everyone is wealthy, healthy, and happy and no one is suffering. On the face this sounds great. But the fact is that it is not possible for everyone in society to be happy. People have different experiences, tendencies, and wants, and there will always be someone who is unhappy in any society. Even in Ram-rajya there was one very unhappy man- the man who had to exile his beloved wife to forest. Hence, Ram-rajya is clearly a leftist concept yet it is the people on the right who believe in it.

      1. Dear accidental34: I admire you much for your comments, so knowledgeable and reasonable always.

        You are right in what you say in the first paragraphs, but exactly what you said in your last it is what I was talking about: something like this, as far as I know, would seldom happen in the West: in the example you gave about Ram-rajya, a person who thinks and feels like that here, would very much define him/herself as “leftist” and would not allow that any trace of “right wing” touches him/her. A person in the West (in general) defines itself as left or right wing with thoughts that would not fully correspond with a person in India defining him/herself as such.

  2. Manohar sharma · · Reply

    This is the unfortunate reality of the slaves minds of Hindus for the past centuries. The Marxism beliefs are being considered as more open n benign when it’s well known that it’s absolutely false. The truths of Hinduism are incontrovertible as they are the reality of the world. These abrahamic religions propagate dogmas n unverified truths yet the world seems to believe them more. What’s saddening is that Hindus curse Hinduism most without knowing or finding out the truth

  3. Maria ji, this is again reiterated the ‘true meaning of Hindutva’ which is always misinterpreted in this country since few hundred years by the invaders like Islam and Christianity. Being repeatedly said the wrong meaning hundreds of years again and again, people are used to it. I believe these things will not change overnight. We need people like Swami Vivekananda, Kanchi Paramacharya, even I would include your name too, to spread the message incessantly to this country people for a longer time to re-establish the prides of Hindutva.

    Today we have a Maria ji, but is not enough. We need more such Marias indigenously. We don’t need to fight against other religions to re-establish ours, but make it stronger internally to face-off any situation. We don’t need to be adverse but to be in advance.

    Well covered Maria ji, keep enlightening our country people, of course yours too.

  4. arishsahani · · Reply

    Its sad Hindus in majority and still ruled by minorities for 1000 yrs. Hindus teaching are for self realization only. They don’t teach them to unite and fight the enemy. even hindus are not told who is the enemy.

  5. VC Tripathi · · Reply

    Maria has done a great service by highlighting the fact that Hindutya is a quality of Hinduism and
    needs to be imbibed among in the followers of all religions. Ruling party and its associates through
    propaganda made non Hindus and also some Hindus believe it to be dangerous and defamed RSS
    by this canard.

  6. It isn’t simply the Indian ‘secular’ and ‘educated’ urbanites who diss their native religion. The same has also been going on in Europe and North America. On a blog that I visit, a person wrote this some five years ago-

    It seems there’s some truth to the theory that the higher an ethnoreligious group’s average I.Q., the more prone they are to self-hatred and suicidal fondness of their mortal enemies. Case in point: college-educated Western Liberals.

    But why is it so? It is because our colleges and universities are nothing but fancy madarassas where we are indoctrinated into believing certain things and having a certain worldview. A true center of learning would teach how to use one’s brain, how to think, and how to discern truths from falsehoods. But that is not what we have.

    We need to tell colleges and universities to stick to providing science and technical education, and demand that they not waste our money on ‘teaching’ any other nonsense. In addition, we need to teach our children to stick to studying science and maths in these “colleges” and “universities”.

    Of course, non-science subjects (liberal arts, political science, logic, religion, history, spirituality, etc) also are important for quality education. We need to make alternative arrangements to provide education in these subjects. This is the only way we can keep our [grand]children from being brainwashed with anti-Hindu propaganda.

  7. Jal Shah · · Reply

    I have a question to ask mam, this is a doubt that is really harassing me since long.

    I can observe that there are attempts to distort and completely anhilate the Indian culture since many years.
    Millions of dollars are being spent every year for this purpose.
    The youth has already started to dislike its culture, so much that no man can proudly say that he is ”Dharmic” and if he says so he will either feel shame or fear of being laughed at.

    The media sources like TV, YouTube, Bollywood are also filled with things that ridicule our culture, and the dumb, negative guy is almost always a person who is a so called “bhakt”.
    Brahamacharya has become a joke. Sex is raining everywhere from TV shows to Web series, and the situation is such that living a life of animal is glorified.

    History is only reduced to birth dates and death dates. No history book remains now that can build real national character. It’s so disappointing that many people of my age think that Ram, Laxman, Krishna, and all the glorious characters of our wonderful culture are MYTHOLOGICAL! And the authors and pandits who say so have their own TV shows on popular children/teen channels. And even if real History is alive, it is in Sanskrit which no one, most of people don’t know how to read.
    Sanskrit is not a part of mainstream education system.

    The women of this country are convinced by heart by the wrong fact that Indian culture is the most oppressive culture for women i.e all they have to do is cook, stay behind curtains, feed the husband, take care of children etc nothing more. Sati has lost it’s meaning.

    The family institution of the country is started to break down, joint families are a rarity and nuclear families are also reducing now.

    Now here is my question :
    1. Who will gain benefit from doing this?
    2. Why is that incentive so important for them that they are doing such hard work for destroying our culture?
    3.Who are all these people/countries/institute? Can you name them if you know?

    I am a theist, my friend is an atheist. I have my own ideology and he has his own. We both are happy in our own way. There is absolutely no reason for him to spend millions of dollars on me so that i follow him. But then WHY are these people doing so? To satisfy their ego is the only thing which i can think.

    Please share your insights on this mam.

    1. I feel that at first, during the British rule, when Vedic wisdom reached the elite in the west, it was a real threat for Christianity and the Church used different means to demean it. This is still valid in India.
      But, what you observe in India now, has happened already to a great extent in the west: an incredible degradation of moral values and people who are just meant to consume and not think or be easily manipulated. So it is a worldwide phenomenon.
      I really don’t know who is behind and benefits from this in which way. Wonder whether Bilderberg has anything to do with it, their meetings were secretive, now thanks to social media a little is coming out. Maybe it is about control and money, people who don’t question, are less intelligent and who buy what they are meant to buy might be convenient to the rulers of a ‘world government’. I even wonder whether they want the spread of Islam… it would result in people under control who don’t question.
      Hindu India needs not only to survive but to shine and stop this degradation.

    2. I know you are asking Maria, but let me please highly recommend you to read the works of Shri Rajiv Malhotra, especially in this topic “Breaking India”, about the (several) breaking India forces at play. It will respond all your questions: “The book explicitly names individuals and institutions, including prominent Western ones and their Indian affiliates.” it says in the link about the book:

      You will be astonished to know the extent and gravity of the issue for India.

    3. @durgasiva, I have not read Rajiv Malhotra’s “Breaking India”, however looking through the link that you posted, I think this is only a small portion of the forces hurting India and Hindus. There is much more at play. As someone who has watched the Left and Muslims for quite a few years now, here is what I think is going on- There is not one, but multiple forces working independently, to destroy Dharma and its culture (Hinduism, that is). The most powerful and effective of these forces are the modern liberals (leftists). But first, let’s discuss in brief why they are going after Hinduism and not after Islam or Sikhism-

      1) Hinduism is individual centered. That is, its teachings are centered towards making individual followers (rather than entire community) strong. Leftists on the other hand (otoh) are collectivists. So are Islam and Sikhism. This is one reason why the Left hates Hinduism and loves Islam and Sikhism.

      2) Hinduism recognizes inequality among people and backs it with the Karma philosophy. Leftists hate the idea of inequality. Most people hate inequality, however, the Left’s idea of equality and inequality is not the same as sane people’s understanding of the same. According to them, equality means that everyone should have same amount of wealth, and if they don’t, then wealth should be confiscated from the wealthy and handed over to the poor. If it is not done, it is ‘inequality’ to the Left. The Left is full aware that there is no support for their communistic nonsense in Hinduism, hence they want Hinduism destroyed.

      Islam also recognizes inequality however Islam is totalitarian and maintains tight control over people. The Left, being totalitarians themselves, would love to have this power. This is why they like Islam so much and turn a blind eye to Islam’s recognition of inequality.
      Sikhism has a socialist element to it (Vand Chhako) which appeals to the Left. Hence they are friends with the Sikhs and don’t trouble them.

      So what does the Left do to undermine Hinduism? Direct propagation of their beliefs is only a small portion of what they do. Instead, they hide their views in innocent sounding messages and then slowly direct people towards their real views. I hope to post an example to support this. In addition they target their views towards teenagers in schools, colleges, and via movies and social media. Youngsters are naive and hence are easier to brainwash and manipulate. By the time the teenagers become full adults, they already think low of Hinduism and are already convinced of the Left’s fancy nonsense.

      However, the Left is not the only force undermining Hinduism. There are many other forces, including-

      Islam: Islam is a warring supremacist ideology that divides the world into Dar-ul-Islam (domain of Islam) and Dar-ul-Harb (domain of war). Anything that is not subjugated within the domain of Islam, falls within the domain of war. Hence, Islam is at war with India and with Hindus. The most effective weapons in war are not nuclear bombs or AK47s, but dirty propaganda (manipulation, deception, infiltration of dominant institutions, spreading mis-information and harmful ideas, gaining people’s trust and then giving them bad advise, etc.). Islamists use all these propaganda tricks to undermine everything non-Islamic.

      Big business: All businesses, whether big or small, are in business to make money. They make more money if people buy and consume more. People will consume more if they drown themselves in consumerism and materialism, and follow this religion called Social-Status. If people follow Hinduism instead, they are not going to buy much stuff! Hinduism says you will get whatever your Karma dictates but also that you don’t really need much to be happy. When Sri Ram was in the forest, was he unhappy? He didn’t have anything, still he was happy. What did Hanuman have? A Gada and a lungi, what else? Yet he was happy. What does mahayogi Shiva has? He found a lionscloth somewhere that he wears, even then he is more content than you and me. So if people strive to become like Sri Ram, Hanuman, or Shiva, who is going to consume all the stuff that corporations wants us to buy? Islam otoh teaches that Allah created things (and animals) in the world for humans to consume.The big businesses know all this. So naturally they support materialism, consumerism, social-status, and Islam, and undermine Hinduism.

      Government: Governments, whether they are democratic or autocratic, prefer stability in their countries which they can have if they have control over people. The stronger the control, the more stability they can have in the country. So if the Left is propagating views that are going to have more centralized control over people, why would the government complain? The stronger their control, the more taxes they can impose on the population without suffering a backlash. The stronger their control, the more firmly they can dictate what people can and cannot do. Just look at Europe.

      Weaknesses of Hindus: The weakness of Hindus is that we have made ourselves susceptible to the tricks used by all the above mentioned forces. We believe in things simply because they sound good. We don’t learn from history. We don’t study the scriptures and don’t contemplate on the teachings. The few of us who do, cannot differentiate between blind following vs conscious, intelligent following. Most of us however, have drowned ourselves in self-pleasure and materialism. As a result, we have no clue of the ugly games being played against us. The few who do see the attacks and degradation, dismiss it all as result of it being Kaliyug.

      The above mentioned forces conspire together with the weakness of Hindus, and end up supporting views and ideas that will only result in strong, communism like, tight central control over people. If not reversed soon, this will result in the demise of Hinduism.

      I hope my two cents also helped in understanding what incentives are making the anti-Hindu forces do what they are doing. Now it is my time to learn from you. You mentioned in your post that “Sati has lost its meaning.” What do you mean by that? What is the meaning of Sati (in the context that you wrote it)?

      1. Hats off to your comment. A profound clarifying analysis. Still I highly recommend the books and videos in youtube of Shri Rajiv Malhotra, a strong defender of Dharma, a knowledgeable scholar who makes the ideas crystal clear to be understood. He is really reversing the anti-Hindu tide. I am sure he will make a difference in the history of Sanatana Dharma.

        Against the naive voices that say that Sanatana Dharma being eternal and invincible, will always be there, and there is nothing to worry about, I am with you when you say “If not reversed soon, this will result in the demise of Hinduism.”: the universal eternal truths with which Hinduism attunes will always be there, there is no doubt. But continuing this trend of attacks on Hinduism, what it will die is the freedom to publicly say “I am a Hindu” and to practice it without fear of prosecution like it is already happening in Kashmir, in Bangladesh and in Pakistan. Are we Hindus going to wake up to this danger and protect Dharma consequently?

        It is me the one who keeps learning. As you may have realised, my name is also Maria, but I am not the one who wrote the article, though I support and share her views. I am only working on the posting and the translation into Spanish in my humble blog.

      2. @durgasiva I recall someone replying to you and referring to you as Maria, but I thought they were making a mistake. Now I know there are two Maria’s on this blog. Good for Hinduism 🙂

        However, I myself did make a mistake by failing to mention that the last paragraph in my previous post was directed towards Jal Shah. I was not raised as a Hindu and so there are many things that I do not know. “Sati has lost its meaning” is one of those things. Hindu women need to be empowered (with knowledge and correct guidance) just as much as Hindu men, and an explanation of Sati (in this context) would greatly help. I hope that Jal Shah or whoever else knows, provides the explanation.

        Isn’t it weird that non-Hindus who started following Dharma are more passionate regarding Hinduism than born Hindus? At first I thought it was simply a case of grass being greener on the other side, but over time I knew that Hinduism does indeed possess the knowledge that other religions severely lack. If only the born Hindus knew the true value of what they have, they wouldn’t be so apathetic towards their religion and culture.

        We all learn from each other. I too hope to learn much more from you, Maria ji.

      3. I do not see weird, but natural in human nature. Normally when we already have something we take it for granted and do not attach value to it. When we freely choose something as important and deep in our life as our religious self-identification, normally after a difficult process of dismissal of what we have been told in our childhood or previous stages of our life, we take the step with full force. And we usually also tend to dismiss with especial intensity what we come from (in my case Catholic religion) because we have been there and have realised the faults that we do not like and see harmful for others, much more than outsiders who do not know the important details. All normal in human psique.
        Even a tremendous defender of Hindu Dharma like Sita Ram Goel was, and a passionate critic of Abrahamic religions because he knew the harm they had done and continue to do to Hinduism, though born Hindu, had to pass through a “marxist stage” in his younger years to really end up appreciating and giving the due value to what he was born in. I guess out of comparison. :-)That would be enough to realise what is priceless and what not.

        More infrequent are the cases, yes, who being born Hindu, defend it with passion. But this as I say is natural. Converted people are more passionate most of the times. Born passionate Hindus: Shri Subramanian Swamy is one of them. Shri Rajiv Malhotra is another one. You may not fully agree with his statements, but there is a reinassance among Hindu youth who are waking up to their own heritage thanks to him. I have learnt much from him and from his reasoning skills. Like I have learnt much from Maria Wirth and her smooth but firm way of defending Dharma, and her clear and to the point assertions which are not politically correct. But there is a long way to go of daily learning. 🙂

        This is why I feel very important to be to be aware of what we have and we get, and to be grateful for it, in whatever field.

        Regarding Sita as a role model, I am not sure, but I guess it has to do with that for long Sita has been for traditional Hindu women (and men) a role model of purity and devotion to her Lord, Lord Rama. WIth the change of times and the western influences in India, everything has got mixed up, and the same confusion we have in the west mixing “women rights” with “equality” with “being absolutely equal” has reached India long back. Together with purity and devotion, SIta was the Goddess, that is the traditional view on women and is being lost when we loose the Hindu values. The Abrahamic religions have always given a second post to women in their traditions, while in India women were the embodiment of the Devi. And still they dare to point out to Hindu traditions to try to impose them “women rights”, hahahaha. First ask (not colonised) Indian women what do THEY want. I included a very interesting article on this topic in my blog, written by Stephen Knapp. If you or anybody else is interested, here is the link (thank you Maria for permitting this self-advertising of my blog 😉 )

      4. Well said accidental34…… I second your thought.

      5. @durgasiva I think I agree with you regarding the natures of people and why converts are more passionate, and I hope you are correct about the reinassance that is going on among Hindu youth. If true, it is great news.

        BTW there are two separate characters in Smriti- Sita and Sati (notice the difference in spelling). Sita, wife of Rama, was the earthly manifestation of Goddess Laxmi. Sati on the other hand was the first wife of Shiva and was the daughter of Daksha.

        It so happens that the term ‘Sati’ has some additional meanings. One is the cruel and corrupt practice of widow burning that everyone knows about. However there are some more meanings to this term that I know exist but am unaware what they are. The fact that Jal Shah said “Sati has lost its meaning” reveals that Jal Shah knows of at least one more meaning attached to Sati. I hope he responds and educates us about it (or whoever else knows).

        As for status of women in Hinduism, there is reason to believe that women were treated with equality and respect in ancient India. However, things changed for the worse after the coming of Islam to India and it is fair to say that Hinduism has had its fair share of making women suffer.

        But that is history. The wise learn from history and rectify their mistakes. Unfortunately as you have pointed out, it is the western feminists who have taken charge and are have been propagating ideas that sound fancy but are not in the best interests of women.

        The wise thing for Hindus to do today is to realize that women have as much right, and responsibility, to live as empowered Hindus as do men. Hence we need to identify everything that empowers women so that women too can make equal contribution to practicing and protecting Dharma.

        I am certainly going to check out your blog 🙂

      6. Oh, yes, of course. Hahahaha. In fact I clearly read “Sati”. I don´t know how my mind changed it for “Sita” 🙂
        I hope that Jal Shah explains it.

  8. Divinely inspired article in defence of Dharma, Maria. Wonderful, as usual. Your voice is very much required to clean the misconceptions about what being Hindu means for a society. Leftists and secularists are parroting mottos of western influence without knowing what they are criticizing.

    With your kind permission I am going to contribute to spread this message by copying it and translating in my blog.

  9. My dear Maria, it is indeed nice of you to mention the Vedas and the Rishis, almost every time you write. But the truth is, it is not good enough to sway the very impoverished thoughts of a conquered race. While it has been a great loss for the masses, being it is the age of Kaliyug also, compulsion being so, a few might find redemption if we can be more specific of the last Vedic reformer (Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati) . This way one can easily channel one’s effort and study on one set of principles which are easily laid out for the benefit of all from the lowest to the highest.

    I’m the perfect example of one, who was born in the land of the ancient Mayans (South America) and after 20 years of atheistic view, I finally found this wisdom, not in Bharat Ma where I’ve never set foot, but the land of Aztecs (North America).

    Make yourself noble

    Only when his teaching is put into practice (yoga) for the benefit of our protection from pain and misery it is called dharma, until then it remains religion.


    1. I don’t have any organization. My email is under ‘About’.

    2. Surya, USA · · Reply

      Every Postage stamp has the name Bharat in Hindi and India in English. So Bharat is the official name of India, just so you know. It is also called Hindustan but unofficially.

  11. Amulya Gurtu · · Reply

    Absolutely there is nothing wrong in being a Hindu but something is grossly wrong when the supreme court had to define Hinduism and people have to write what is Hinduism and there is no shame in being a Hindu. Does anyone do it for any other religions?
    The Chief of RSS, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has made things further complicated by saying that everyone who lives in India is a Hindu. It may be true a few thousands of years ago but was not true for over 1000 years. Does a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist say so?
    So, Hindus have been creating confusion about Hinduism for centuries by redefining and the trend continues. Now westerns have joined the band wagon of such Hindus.

    1. There is another view point. You see it as Hindus creating confusion, I see it as Hinduism being maligned by outsiders. In this case leftists with Hindu names are also outsiders.
      Some foreigners may be insiders.

  12. maria there is no fruit without roots , look at 1984 anti sikh riot and 1992 ghodra riots,both carried out by hindus dharma follower

    1. Archpagan · · Reply

      Who instigated those riots?

  13. ivaibhavsharma · · Reply

    I have been writing blogs since an year preaching Hindutva. From getting banned multiple times from the micro-blogging websites to being condemned for my ideologies, I too have been through all.

  14. I’m so thankful that I chanced upon your blog. My heartfelt Namaste to you!

  15. Parameswaran Rajeswaran · · Reply

    Supreme Court definition of the term “Hindutva” is correct, I do not dispute that. But the ‘so-called’ Hindutva elements in our (Indian) society ARE NOT STRICTLY adhering to those definitions. Media may be against Hindutva for its own reasons, but I as a Hindu ALSO AM TOTALLY DISPLEASED WITH THE THE WAY the Sangh Parivar – Hindutva promoters are going about doing their job.

    Without a shred of doubt, Hinduism is THE BEST among religions, yes BUT it has not been & is not being followed well according to the SPIRIT FO THE SCRIPTURES.

    Mere quoting of excellent passages from scriptures and claiming them to be superior to all other (thoughts/policies) is NOT ENOUGH>

    True adherence to the spirit of the scriptures is the need of the hour.

    Beef-lynchers have no place in this country, to begin with. Spreading hate-messages about othr religions/people is not the Hindu way of ascertaining its supremacy.



    1. You need to make a distinction between the principles of Hindu Dharma and its followers. It is done everywhere. Yet while Christians and Muslims who follow their religion to the letter, become rather unpleasant people, Hindus who follow theirs, become pleasant, humane people. Incidentally when Hindus claim, theirs is the best, they are attacked, yet when the others claim theirs is the only true one, nobody objects, though 2 surely cannot be ‘only true’.
      You bring the example of cow vigilantes. Nobody condones lynching those who steal cows and they are promptly arrested. But you will need to admit that the discourse on the topic is very one-sided. Incidents, where those who steal cow kill those who try to protect them, are hardly ever mentioned and surely not highlighted by media and broadcast around the world. Why? Why is world opinion manipulated against Hindus?
      This will give you a more balanced picture. Please have a look.

  16. Its fake Misinformation that is MisSpread by Anti India Forces to Defame Hindu.

    /it is fakely spread that “HINDU” was given by persians, but its all rubbish

  17. […] article was published on author’s blog and has been presented here with her […]

  18. Rahul vakte · · Reply

    Mam, in this generation all world fight for this religion Race.
    Hinduism Culture is like a wave.
    we need to realize Hindus what is Hinduism, i am 21y old, after 20 i also realize my “Dharma” when i kid this nature always try to say me my Dharma…
    after some realization i read bhagwat geeta pdf 95% knowledge of thia book i learn from Hinduism culture but 2-3 like touch my soul.
    and now i want to know more about vedas and other text. but i am not understand Sanskrit and translation is not properly gives that we want.
    i mean when Krishna told some tips to arjuna this is small poem. but translation makes fat book. when i go to read vedas that time i thought vedas means Mantras.
    when now because of politicals of Congress party i learn more about of Islamic invaders in history books.
    but this School,college system etc. cant give me proper knowledge, present science i learn in my school, college. is useless our present science also a kid.
    I am hindu and i saw 21 years more than 85&% hindu people like my 20 years. they also depend of Hinduism culture “wave”.
    Hinduism texts & our limits more than we think.

  19. Prakash Bebington · · Reply

    Excellent. And the video speaks of Bhuta Yagna of the Pancha Maha Yagna…

  20. Jagdish Ruparel · · Reply

    World will have to fight conclusively against assertive, dogmatic religions and we Hindus will have to lead. However it’s inappropriate to call them even a religion as they are only preaching of being the only truth and all other naratives, according to them are wrong and can be suppressed with brutal force. Religion which is human creation to guide humans to live in harmony with their creator that is Nature (Universe), and cannot preach hatred for different narrative of way of living with harmony with nature and all living beings. Now Dogmatic religions are doing and thinking exactly opposit and are ready to use force or any other unethical means to destroy or suppress other religions. Kruseds and Jehads in past have shedded enough blood.

  21. It is more than 100% wrong. SanAthana DHaRmmam is not a religion. The people who named it “Hindu Religion” (+ some other religions) had a goal of splitting the sanAthana DhaRmmi into groups and destroy it and create in fighting. As long as, you keep on repeating that “Hindu religion” and “Hindutva”, you are playing a dangerous game and giving them every help to destroy and destruct sanAthana DhaRmmam and sanAthana dhaRmmis.

    1. P. Rajeswaran · · Reply

      On paper. Just only on paper. Sanathan Dharma has noble ideaologies only on paper. It has NEVER EVER followed those noble ideologies in the past two millennia and beyond.
      Now, the Hindutva enthusiasts just ‘use’ its noble ideologies to justify and legitimise their centuries of discriminative social behaviour.

      So, this is as good as a wolf claiming equality in its ‘scriptures’ with a goat.

      1. If it is so, you are at fault. Not SanAthana DHaRmmam.

  22. P. Rajeswaran · · Reply

    I hope, by saying ‘*you* are at fault’, you do not mean ‘me’ as an individual, but the whole Indian Hindu society of the past two millennia.

    1. YES, You and every so-called “Hindu” and everyone who says they are Indians are included in it. The first and foremost reason is you have become “Hindu”, “Christian”, “Muslim,” “Jain”, avaRNnan, savaRNan, Dalit or something else and ceased to be a SanAthana DhaRmmi. Now cease to be “Hindu” “Christian”, “Muslim,” “Jain”, avaRNnan, savaRNan, Dalit or something else and become a SanAthana DhaRmmi. Then things will start changing. And most important start with You, I mean you the individual.

      1. P. Rajeswaran · ·

        Until the Vedas and the supremacy of the Vedic preachings were introduced and implemented gradually, our (Indian) society was practicing such an “egalitarian” social policy. All people were treated equally, irrespective of the professions. Sanathan dharma was perfectly practiced albeit under a different name.

        But Vedic scholars, promoters and preachers are the ones who introduced division in the Indian society based on professions (in the name of ‘caste’, Jathi).

        This started happening from the Gupta Empire in the 5 CE onwards and became deeply entrenched in Indian society. Now, inequality and discrimination is in the DNA of most upper caste Hindus. This is what caused most of the economicalky and socialky deprived, humiliated communities to embrace other religions in the past and even now.

        The Vedic followers are the same people (upholders of the Vedas, Vedic preachers) who NOW highlight the Sanaathana Dharma aspects of the Vedas (which were NEVER highlighted, insisted upon in the past) and claim to be a NOBLER lot!

        Now they quote S D principles and claim the Vedas had always upheld equanimity while within the deep roots of their hearts they really DO NOT believe in such equanimity!!

      2. VedaH do not preach anything. SanAthana DHaRmmam is not a religion to preach like Abrahamic religions. Here/there was nothing before VedaH, similar to VedaH. VedaH do not tell to treat any one separate. In general, it says to recognize and respect as per the ability, knowledge, capabilities and what they are. It does not tell disrespect anyone. Caste, varna and JAthi are not the same. No two persons or things can be equal, even identical twins are not equal. Study the VedaH from a real VedaH scholar, that too in samskRuitham or in any Indian language. The picture will become clear.

  23. P. Rajeswaran · · Reply

    My views expressed here are after having fully studied the VedaHs with the help of a Sanskrit scholar.

    You seem to believe strongly in the so called “fairness” of the contents of its / their verses.

    That is not a ‘fair’ assessment of the VedaHs, in my view.

    1. If you learned VedaH as you claim here, you will never refer to sanAthana dhaRmmis as Hindus.
      So, there is no point in discussing this subject with you.

  24. Rahul Gorwadkar · · Reply

    My Dear INDIAN, Please see my you-tube video to understand,
    Secret WAR Against INDIA Subversion : save our future generation.
    Do you know, how our new generation subconscious mind is getting programmed?
    Even your subconscious mind & my subconscious mind is programmed, making us neutralize our faith, so as we should not stand for our right.
    For that yearly 18000 crore rupees are paid to 100 NGO in INDIA to News,intellect, Stars.

    Please like it & subscribe it.

  25. Tarnishing SanAthana DhaRma started as soon as the Semitic religions got established and it continues since then. There are people of Bharath itself aiding this too. Max Muller, John Williams, Macauley and any more worked on it and still working on it.

  26. It is indeed a puzzling question for many, that where from Secularism, that is tolerate-all-religion can exist in just one single religion viz. Hinduism. And here you have answered it by knowledge of scriptures.
    “Strangely, the exclusive religions are not accused of being divisive and communal, but Hinduism is. Why? Hindus are required to see Brahman, the one Supreme, in everyone.”

    The concept of “Brahman” is so difficult to perceive by followers of the dogmatic religions.

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