Quora question: Why is Dr Zakir Naik labeled as anti Hindu?

My reply:

I assume this question is asked by a Hindu who does not quite know what Islam (and also Christianity) claim:

Both claim that the Supreme Being (called Allah in Islam and God in Christianity) has revealed the full truth only to one person – in the case of Islam to Prophet Mohammed and in the case of Christianity to his son Jesus.

This truth is contained in the Quran in the case of Islam, and in the Bible in the case of Christianity.

So this is the reason that Christianity claims that all must become Christians to be saved and Islam claims that all must become Muslims to avoid burning in hell for ever.

So where do Hindus stand? Naturally those who believe in either of the two religions, and Zakir Naik is assumed to believe in Islam, consider Hindus believing the wrong thing and need to be converted or if they refuse, can even be killed without incurring sin.

This makes basically every pious Muslim or Christian anti-Hindu. Naturally they cannot respect Hindu belief, if they believe that it is plain wrong.

Now the important question is: on what basis do Muslims claim that only Quran contains the full truth and Christians that only the Bible contains the full truth? Well, there is no solid basis, but it is an assumption which however over centuries, many people came to believe to be true – no doubt many of them were forced to convert.

Since there is no basis, Islam and Christianity also cannot come to a conclusion which one of the two is true, and though they co-existed for some 1400 years, they both still make the same claim of ‘the only truth’.

It is difficult to understand why Hindus do not put forth their view of the one truth, which is revealed in the Vedas. It is the most ancient, original revelation of what is true and is not based on mere assumption, but on deep insight and on experience of the Rishis.

Is it possible that the most ancient revelation is closer to the truth than those which came only recently?

Yes it is. Let’s find out.

Unfortunately, this call for a genuine enquiry into truth will not find takers among the Muslim and Christian clergy. They prefer to claim: This and only this is the truth. It is the responsibility of Hindus to clear the air regarding what is true. They know most about it.

By Maria Wirth




  1. Nailed it Maria..

  2. Vanamali · · Reply

    Simply great.

  3. Virginia Watson · · Reply

    Great answer, Maria. 😊🙏🏾

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  5. Truth has only one rule, it is one, the same for all, in all ages and in all creations (past, present and future), depriving none. True revelation in it’s entirety, therefore, must exist from the very beginning of all creations. In other words, since truth covers the three periods of time, you are left to answer what was your God. who always existed, was doing before this creation?

    The first test of true religion!
    Revelation, in its entirety, must exist from the very beginning of creation for all. It is unjust to deprive millions born before the Puranas (4000yrs),Zend Avesta (3000yrs), Torrah (2600yrs), Bible (2000yrs), Q’uran (1400yrs),Guru Grantha (600yrs), etc. of divine revelation.

  6. Wilfred Rachan · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    You are definitely someone with wisdom earned through practice. You are indeed blessed in the true sense. Very few of you and many false prophets like Zakir.
    I humbly request you to “review Jaap Ji Sahib” of Guru Nanak and write on your blog – your thoughts in English. Your review and comments would be very valuable to me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. i have not come across yet jaap ji Sahib. at present i am a bit busy. will make a note.

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