Sanatana Dharma is the best option for humanity – on YouTube

This is my first videographed talk. I accepted the invitation by Srijan Foundation not because I know more about Sanatana Dharma. Many among you know more than I, but because I grew up as a Christian and maybe can better appreciate the value of it. Also, I realised that many of you find it difficult to talk frankly about the doctrine of Christianity and Islam.

The talk is in 4 parts:

  1. Why Sanatana Dharma is the best option?
  2. Why is it portrayed as worst?
  3. common and differing aspects between Sanatana Dharma and Christianty/Islam
  4. we need to bring truth back into the discourse about religion or rather, we need to replace religions with the quest for truth.


Some points taken from my notes:

How did the Rishis know so much? How come Sanskrit, in all likelihood the oldest language, is the most perfect? You have an amazing heritage, knowledge in so many fields, huge number of texts, even though a huge part of it is lost.

I focus mainly on one aspect: All this is Brahman. Forms appear as real, are not really real. We are not what we think we are… waves/ ocean, Meaning of life = to merge with Brahman or rather to realise the oneness.

The Divine is in us. This needs to sink in. It is important for our life.   

 But is it true? Is the Divine really in us? How to know?

Why are there so many gods in Hindu Dharma? “Gods” is actually a mischievous translation. Devas are powers which are essential for our existence on earth.

Puranas, Itihasas remind us of a time when they could easily be contacted…

How to live life?

Dharma means doing what is right at given circumstances… guide is conscience, plus scriptures.

The resultant MINDSET ->

Divinity inside means that one has trust in Bhagwan, is good-natured, all-inclusive. Also kind to nature, animals.


  1. Why is Indian culture and Hindu Dharma vilified?

Agenda is “Nobody should know the profound knowledge of India, otherwise people desert Church… Church used education to manipulate opinion towards India.

British coined “Hinduism”, portrayed it as a primitive nature religion, which has an oppressive caste system, Brahmins (=backbone) were made villains.

Strategy: don’t mention India, except negatively. World ends with Greece. Put Hindus always on the defensive, so they don’t question ‘us’.

1835 Macauley’s suggestion did maximum damage.

However, West took Vedic wisdom seriously -> example: 1839 talk at university of Tuebingen, and palmleaf department in museum in Sankt Petersburg.

If Indian universities would take inspiration from Vedic pundits, modern science would be Indian science, not western.

Please don’t denounce Manusmriti for example the  claim that molten lead is to be poured into ears of Dalits if they listened to Vedas, or that Brahmins ate cow… In the light of other statements, such claims can’t be true. Interpolations were highly likely, there were hostile translators.

Luckily times are changing. Interest is growing. Indians have great brains… they will be even more capable with sadhana.


  1. common and different aspects in Sanatana Dharma and Christianty &Islam

Common = worshipping  one Supreme.

Different: Church started terrible, untrue claim, “all must believe THIS, be baptised or else will suffer eternally in hell”. Islam followed.

How did they get 2 billion followers? Through violence & indoctrination.

Same with Islam a few centuries later.

Fear of hell is indoctrinated into kids, and at the same time feeling of superiority (we alone are right).

Hindus can’t imagine that fear of hell could be real. My example and example of Iranian ex-Muslim.

Important: belief in Rebirth was in 553 AD forbidden. For Islam, too, this dogma of one lifeis very important. Evidence? No evidence, after death you know. Follow like SHEEP.

Islam has even today blasphemy laws in many countries, for example Pakistan.

We need to be honest regarding exhortation for Jihad. it attracts a certain type of men. Example of Zypriot Turk, now 85, “nothing more pleasurable…”

State of affairs of those lands who were converted to Xianty or Islam:

Christianity -> moral degradation. No meaning in life.

Islam -> very regimented, especially women oppressed.

Compare with the liveliness, colourfulness of India. I envied Hindu children for not being frightened with eternal hellfire.


  1. Hindus need to bring back truth into the discourse about religion.

In the name of Christianity and Islam a lof of suffering happened. Yet strange: if Christianty/ Islam convert Hindus, no outcry, but if there is gharwapsi, there is big outcry. This needs to be other way round.

Why are dogmatic religions based on blind belief inferior?

They also have harmful consequences -> would brutal colonialism, and brutal invasions have been possible?

Their claim “we alone have ONE God” is false. In fact, they diluted oneness. Vedas have pure oneness. We need to make these things clear. “Idol-worshipper” is worst for them, yet they got our devas wrong.

Sanatana Dharma -> Brahman = essence in all. It can be experienced. Science supports it.

God/ Allah = separate from humans, angels, satan. True? Find out

God/ Allah’s damnation for unbelievers and ETERNAL hell must NOT be taught. It cannot be true + it creates hatred. Would Rishis accept it without evidence?

Top clergy obviously don’t believe dogmas. Some examples about Pope, priest.

But to the commoner they say: You must believe it. It’s divine revelation… shh. It is God’s word.

Can 3 truths exist? No, only one.

Which one? Veda original revelation, ancient, – makes sense, can be experienced – makes human beings better, not worse.

We need to look at Islamic terrorism honestly.

Quran 98.6 says -> Kafirs are worst of creatures. Acceptable?

Youth is gullible, they wrongly believe there is divine sanction for violence.

In Germany, Muslim kids say to German kids: when I am big… it is serious. Every day new kids are brainwashed.

where is UN, UNICEF? How can such brainwashing be protected by religious freedom in 21st century?

We need to create an atmosphere where eternal hell and Jihad are questioned/ ridiculed. Like in the 1960s in Europe. Many left Church.

Clergy will defend their fiefdom. Common people will feel relieved if they get out of blind belief. We let them down by catering to the clergy.

Hindus need to take the lead – Christianity and Islam are in the same boat and their clergy won’t rock it.

Spread the truly good news of divine Presence within. Let’s discover it. It empowers. It makes us independent from outer sources for happiness and love. It is no doubt the best option for a truly human society. Without this inclusive mind-set, a global world is not possible.

In all likelihood we would also come to the conclusion that this massive brutal slaughter of animals for food is plain inhuman.

By the way, it’s condemned in the much maligned Manusmriti in strongest terms.

Thank you very much…

Maria Wirth



  1. Wonderful talk, dear Maria, as usual. When my friends ask me, “why do you always talk as if Hinduism was better than anything else?”, I respond, “why do you think I have chosen it among all was it not because I consider it the best?. Let´s be honest”. The main difference is that in the spirit of Hinduism I try to live and let others live, unlike the two main Judeo-Christian religions whose core is conquest, domination and destruction of different worldviews.

    Practical and fruitful proposals of yours I like most:

    – questioning of doctrines and review of whether they are good or bad for humanity
    – insistance on sadhana, as any theoretical knowledge is useless without adhyatma vidya

    Thanks for being one of my inspirations.

    1. Namaste
      Sanatan Dharm is out of Mother Nature, For Mother Nature, Begins with Mother Nature, Moves with Mother Nature
      Human Beings must Understand that Human Beings are not the Owners of what they have in their name, but rather they are just TRUSTEES of what they have, and they must Function as a Responsible Trustee / Administrator of whatever they have in their name, and Handover it to next Responsible Trustee / Administrator on suitable times…….., so that the Circuit does not BREAK…..
      And Sanatan Dharm teaches us how we should Function to be Useful for Mother Nature and its Beings.

    2. Reply to @durgasiva

      HINDUISM :-

      People are not able to Understand Sanatan Dharm ( Hinduism ). Its very Obvious, because No One is interested in Working Hard to Gain Knowledge about Mother Nature…….

      No one takes Pain to think why we are called “MAN”?

      1.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Sun?
      2.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Moon?
      3.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Rivers?
      4.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Brain?
      5.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Heart?
      6.Do you have Alternative / Option when you think of Kidney?
      ……and many possible such Questions

      And most possible Ans is “NO”

      Do we ever forget to BREATH?
      Do we ever forget to Feel the PAIN when hurt?

      By all of above mentioned points I just want to bring attention to the point that We are all part of Mother Nature, and we all must have to Function in compliance to Mother Nature, so that we don’t become a HURDLE in the Functioning of Mother Nature.

      Secondly we should never Forget that we are just Trustees , Not the Owners of what we have under our name.

      Just like a
      1. River never ACCUMULATES its water,
      2. Tree never EATS OR ACCUMULATES its Fruits
      3. Sun never Charges for its Energy, nor ACCUMULATES its Sun Light .

      In short, we need to get Educated from our Real Guru Mother Nature…(ie Natural Forces )

      And if going through all such things, we will OBSERVE that its Sanatan Dharm which Functions Only & Only for Mother Nature and its Beings

      “Hindu” simply means “Heenam Dushyate Iti Hindu”, whicn intends to indicate that …..”.one who keeps away from Hinsa (Violence) and Heenta (Heinous Deeds), is a HINDU.”

  2. […] article was originally published on Maria Wirth’s blog . It is being reproduced with the author’s […]


    Congratulations, Maria ! May God be with you in this brilliant effort !! This blessing comes to you from an octogenarian and an admirer.

    Step forward
    Today’s need is to propagate your message to large numbers of Brahmans. Following the path shown by Swami Vivekananda, the Shankaracharyas and other saints of the Vedic Organisations like Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission and more – they need to send out the focussed message ” Sanatana Dharma is the best option for humanity ” to Indians and diaspora.

    To begin with, it might be in order if a few thinkers (say 10) discuss implementation of such a path at a roundtable,

    1. Thank you for your blessing

  4. […] article was originally published on Maria Wirth’s blog . It is being reproduced with the author’s […]

  5. Ganapathy Neeruganti · · Reply

    Excellent points. You could also add the freedom of thought and questioning and analysing every concept already propounded for seeking the Truth as the bedrock of Sanathana Dharma as compared to the rigid postulates of Quran and Bible.

  6. excellent views !!! straight from heart

  7. R.Dwarakanathan · · Reply

    Excellent and beautifully portrayed and analysed SANATANA DHARMA its greatness vis-visa-vis Christianity and Islam. It motivates all Hindus irrespective of age and gender to continue to have self esteem and faith in our Vedas and Traditions
    Please continue your analysis

  8. Faisal Sarhi · · Reply

    Dear Maria,
    Good day,
    I am traveling to India in December and I want to learn about Sanatana Dharma, where do you advice me to go please??

    thank you

  9. Shivaji Vatkar · · Reply

    I pay gratitude at Feet of Lord Shrikrushna for divine talk of Maria Worth. The same truth, divine knowledge and principles are expressed by Sanatan Sanstha. You may refer website and

    Grutitude/ Krutdnyta

  10. Utkarsh aditya dwivedi · · Reply


  11. Surya, USA · · Reply

    That was an excellent talk Maria, thanks. It indeed matters a lot when someone like you who was raised in catholic tradition engages in a comparative religion discourse. Please keep the good work. Also make please more youtube videos as they are very effective these days.

    1. thank you. it took some effort though…

  12. JAI HO, Congrats.

    Sent from my iPad


  13. “it’s condemned in the much maligned Manusmriti in strongest terms.” — Hey Maria, Where is the evidence that the text that the Jones commission translated in the late 18th century was ever used as a law code ? There is evidence that law codes roughly based on yagjnavalkya smriti were used in some kingdoms in the medieval period (in the chalukya empire) but none for nanusmriti.
    North india was anyways under the control of muslims anyways for most of the medieval age so the point of mansmriti being implemented as law code doesn’t make sense.

  14. Atleast there is someone who got it …

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