My book “Thank you India” is published

My book got ready just in time for the Dehradun Litfest.

If you like my articles, I am sure you will also like the book. It has 46 chapters and some 30 b/w photos in the text. I will copy the table of content after the links.

It’s available in India for Rs 499. Signed copies are also available.

For a gift pack of 5 there is a 20 per cent discount (separate link)

Since it is not yet available on (it is coming i am told), the publisher will send it abroad, too. Please contact

In India, it is now available with the publisher Garuda Prakashan, on Flipkart and on

Here are the 4 links (Amazon charges Rs 50 extra for shipping)



Thank you India

A Western Woman’s Journey to the Wisdom of Yoga

By Maria Wirth


  1. Prologue
  2. with Osho in Pune and Kriya Yoga
  3. in the jungle and Swami Vivekananda
  4. Encounter with a 300 year-old Sadhu: Devaraha Baba
  5. Nobody there behind those eyes of Anandamayi Ma
  6. Atmananda, a woman from Austria
  7. Rishikesh and Yamunotri in Himalaya
  8. God – who is that?
  9. Love in India
  10. Abdullah
  11. Sri Aurobindo and Auroville, the city of the future
  12. A conference on modern science and India’s wisdom
  13. The perfect missionary – Swami Chinmayananda
  14. A beautiful youth – Babaji of Haidakhan
  15. Abdullah’s death
  16. Born again and again
  17. The Dalai Lama’s home in India
  18. In favour of the wandering monk: Kumbh Mela
  19. Ramlila in Varanasi
  20. Ayodhya – the birthplace of Ram
  21. Ramana Maharshi and the most important question
  22. Miracles, faith and hope: with Satya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi
  23. No proof, yet fully convinced
  24. Light and its shadow
  25. Murder in the temple
  26. Intimate with the Avatar
  27. Karunamayi’s motherly advice
  28. Shantivanam – a Christian ashram
  29. A coffee planter guru in Kodagu
  30. “Don’t think!” – Poonja‘s good, difficult advice
  31. Life in Kodagu
  32. Surrender and testing times
  33. Does one need a guru?
  34. Mata Amritananda or Amma
  35. in Amma’s Ashram
  36. Happy through breathing: with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  37. in Gangotri
  38. Insights from a VIP sadhu
  39. in Rishikesh with Eckhart Tolle
  40. Intimations from Beyond
  41. Macaulays children
  42. English education – a big blunder
  43. Mischievous accusations: ‘Hindu terror’ and ‘rape culture’
  44. Caste system – stick to beat Hindus with
  45. Baba Ramdev – a Yogic powerhouse
  46. The world is in need of Indian wisdom

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Maria Wirth





  1. If its as good as your articles Should be worth handing down to next gemeration.

    1. Thank you

  2. great work Mariaji, will go thru it for sure!!!

  3. Dear Maria, I’m half way through your book and really enjoy it! I feel that you wrote from the heart, as always. I love your sweet sense of humour, awake perception and the wealth of insights you gained from own life experience as well as your studies in India. It would be fantastic to get it also published as audio book. And a Hindi translation would almost be the logical consequence of the book’s message: to ‘reinforce’ appreciation of India’s culture, and to make the book’s wisdom available to a wider audience in India, namely also to those who do not speak English.

    1. Happy to hear this, Marina. in fact i hear that the publisher wants to get it translated into Hindi. Audio book surely is a good idea. Thank you. i will suggest.

  4. I hope this is an eye opener for the indifferent HIndus, who are more worried about what they want to wear next season or maybe bothered about their children’s marks. I hope they realise what they have been totally ignorant about. Please encourage your friends and family to read this book. I know this will be an astounding success. Just spread the word.

  5. Mariaji,

    Will grab a copy asap.



    1. Hope you like it.

  6. Look forward to reading and sharing it. Your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Great. from where can I get it

    1. It is on Flipkart, and the Garuda website given in the post on my blog

  8. Surya, USA · · Reply

    Congratulations Maria. Hope many readers would read and benefit from your work.
    I tried Amazan here in America. It is not coming up. May be available in India only. I shall get one from India when some one comes from there next time.

    1. Please write to
      Publisher said he will send it, however for the $ price of 19.99
      It is on and Flipkart

  9. Surya, USA · · Reply

    Hi Maria,
    did you write a blogpost on chapter 15, Abdullah’s death. If so can you please provide me with the link. Thanks.

    1. No, I didn’t

  10. Surely, I will get a copy and read it. In the meanwhile, I wanted to gladly inform that my poetry book in English – “Womb of Time” has been published and is available on amzon, flipcart, etc., on,links as below:
    I shall be glad to get your comments.

    1. Congratulations.

  11. Sanjay Deolgaonkar · · Reply

    I am gently influenced by all of your literature. You have motivated us to learn and think about the Hindu culture.Your work is not less than any Saint in Hindu Religion.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Am happy if my writing touches a chord.

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