My Question to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

I was recently at a conference on India’s soft power in Delhi organized by India Foundation and the Center for Soft Power. On the first evening, after the inauguration by the Vice President of India, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was in conversation with Professor Subhash Kak and answered question on varied topics.

The plus points of Hindu Dharma were stressed, yet the elephant in the room – the two dogmatic religions, which have absolutely no regard for those plus points, and still claim that Hindus are very wrong and need to be corrected if they want to be saved, was left untouched.

Sadguru had mentioned that India is a land of seekers, not believers. Every youth is a seeker and is very much interested in truth, he said. So I took courage and asked a question.

Here it is:



  1. @ Maria: Powerful question. For sure, “India” could be a bit more confident and assertive. Especially with regards to its spiritual history and culture (that includes the languages Hindi and Sanskrit). At the same time, the International Yoga Day facilitated bei NM is a move in the right direction. NM has planted many seeds and already transformed a lot. Though some things can be changed swiftly, other aspects need a more careful steering. And while thinking in legislative periods can favour actions within short timeframes, for some profound, important transformations such timeframes are simply too short. Especially in a country as unique, huge and diverse as India. Four years are just a warm up period.

  2. He said many wise things, but he didn’t answer your question.

    1. He did answer the question. It’s not a straightforward answer.
      He mentioned that this is the time, when heavens are falling, we assert and not let humans take to chemicals.

  3. mam , hindu gods are real one
    i can feel and tell you from my own experience
    can i talk to you ??
    can you give me your contact address so that i can have a conversation with you ?

  4. hello Maria
    the question was absolutely correct, but i am afraid to get not so clear answer to it.

    however, what Sadguru explained was good too.

  5. ShrimatiM · · Reply

    Maria Ji, great question.
    My perspective: India has to assert herself – in view of islamic and christian patriarchal dogmas and violence which command people into believing in something that binds them to one particular god-form and institution, something that tends to enslave people, instead of helping them on their path of self-realisation and sovereignty.
    Asserting does not have to be fighting, it can be hissing. Nothing wrong with India putting her foot down if she sees other religions having a picnic on her own home turf, bribing or blackmailing her people, and infiltrating her spiritual culture by mixing truth and false, god and greed.
    Allover the planet, we really need more people and decision makers who are awakened, have integrity, have ignited their inner knowing and have experienced the divine as part of their spiritual evolution. With them, self-righteous fanatism, the paradigms of ‘believing’ or having ‘opinions’ as well as power abuse will cease to exist.

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