My contribution at the conference on India’s Soft Power

India has an amazing potential of soft power yet it doesn’t figure among the top 30 countries with the greatest soft power. Of course the methodology can be rightly questioned, as the countries at the very top are UK, France and Germany. I am from Germany and would have never guessed that Germany ranks number 3 and India in the high 40s. But then, Germany has far more world heritage sites than India… of course this is also a grave distortion of reality.

Recently, a conference on India’s soft power was held in Delhi. Topics were cuisine, public diplomacy, museums, performing arts, craft and design, yoga, cinema, Ayurveda, education, tourism, spirituality and language and literature.

On the first evening there was also Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev present, answering questions.

I was invited as a speaker in the panel about ‘Spirituality as Soft Power’, with David Frawley in the chair. In the beginning, my voice deserts me, but basically I managed to say in 12 minutes, what if I feel is important.

Here is the link


One comment

  1. The points you outlined are apt and important. Wish more people had joined in for the shloka.
    Thank you for sharing.

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