Nobody should be persecuted BY a faith.

Media is not anymore about giving information. It probably never was. It is about influencing opinion to further the agenda of certain interests and lies are apparently an accepted tool. Lies are often disguised as surveys or even research. Nobody would believe lies if they were too obvious. Yet when a World Watch List for example by Open Doors in England gives out a ranking regarding the level of persecution of Christians in the world, and when nobody less than the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt releases it (in January 2019) and tweets about it, the ranking acquires respectability and credibility, even if it contains plain falsehood. From now on, people who heard about this list will “know” that the level of persecution of Christians is extremely high in India, higher than for example in Syria or Nigeria.

Now this list falls clearly under propagating falsehood in the name of an agenda. There is no other country where members of other religions are as safe as in India. Hindus always gave shelter to those who were persecuted in their homelands. Jews gratefully acknowledged that India is the one country where they were never persecuted. Syrian Christians under their leader Thomas of Cana (Thomas the Apostle did not come to India) were given refuge in the 4th century. Parsis came in the 10th century to escape the Muslim invaders in Persia. And in 1959, some 100,000 Tibetan Buddhist refugees fled over high Himalayan mountains and found shelter in India – only 12 years after the British had left India – a country that was one of the richest on earth when they seized power and one of the poorest, when they left.

Yet now the British Foreign Secretary tweeted that nobody should be persecuted for their faith and obviously endorsed the ranking of India in the “extreme level” category at number 10 out of 50 countries.

Of course, nobody should be persecuted for their faith. Yet an important issue is overlooked. What is the reason for persecution? Who is likely to persecute others for their faith?

Naturally it must be those who believe in an ideology which considers the faith of those others as wrong and unacceptable. There exist mainly three such ideologies – communism, Christianity and Islam, and all three are known for not only persecuting, but even killing dissenting voices in the millions.

Communism wants to stamp out religion as such as it considers them as a disease.

Christianity wants to obliterate all other faiths except itself, and Islam has the same goal. It considers all others as false and unacceptable to their god. Both won’t tolerate other faiths and therefore are likely to persecute them.

So the first countries on the list may indeed deserve their rank and indeed persecute Christians. North Korea due to its communism, and then right up to rank 17, all are Muslim majority countries with one exception. On rank number 10 is India with a Hindu majority.

How did India get in there? There seems to be an agenda to obfuscate and muddle the issue. Hinduism does not condemn other faiths as wrong and does not persecute others. It never has. It has the most liberal world view possible. Everyone has the right to seek his own truth, and his owns connection to the source of his being.

So why is India ranked together with countries where indeed Christians are persecuted? Surely the compilers of the list must have reason to include India, won’t they? Was there not a young American missionary killed by tribals in the Andaman Islands recently? And is this not brutal persecution?

Yes, it is true that he was killed. The young American was naïve. He knew that the Sentinelese tribe was fully cut off from civilization and hostile, and nobody was allowed to go there. Yet he went nevertheless, feeling he was called to bring the Gospel to them, as if they were in need of it. His superiors should have warned him, yet they rather encouraged a possible ‘martyrdom’.

Yet this definitely cannot be called persecution of Christians. It was a defense against an unwanted intruder by tribals, who had earlier had bad experiences under the British colonial rule. It also cannot be called persecution of Christians, when villagers occasionally chased away missionaries who had come to convert. These villagers have every right to protest against their gods being called devils and being pestered to leave their ancient tradition. Did the Christian missionaries not cross decent human behavior by not respecting others’ views, if those views are not harmful to anyone? Unfortunately, Christian missionaries are notorious for crossing decent human behavior and for putting out blatant fake news.

An example:

Swiss friends were alarmed by a forward they had got on 23. November 2018 and asked me if there was truth in it. It was in German and I translate it here in full:

SAD NEWS: Please pray! Urgent issue for prayer. Pray for the Church in India. Last night 20 churches were burnt down. And tonight more than 200 churches in the Olisabang provice are meant to be destroyed. They want to kill 200 missionaries in the next 24 hours. All Christians hide in villages… Pray for them and send this message to all Christians whom you know the world over. Pray to God that He has mercy for our brothers and sisters in India. When you receive this message, pass it on urgently to other people. Please pray for the 22 Christian missionary families who have been condemned to be executed. Please pass on this message as fast as you can, so that many will pray!!!

With love

Joyce Meyer

A Google search shows that this message is circulating since 2010 and is a hoax. Even the province doesn’t exist.

Would a persecuted religious group dare to spread such blatant, outrageous lies? Would it dare to have a detailed plan like the Joshua Project about how to convert maximum number of Hindus? So who is actually persecuting whom?

Yet instead of condemning the devious agenda of the missionaries, the world accuses India of persecuting Christians.


The west knows that they cannot bully Islamic countries. But in India, which is a high target for conversion, there are enough western oriented Indians, who will happily toe its line and falsely accuse Hindus of persecuting Christians. In this way, Hindus and India get a bad image in the eyes of the world and Christians receive support and compassion.

Mainstream media has tremendous power to shape opinions. Churches have tremendous financial and political clout. Both obviously cooperate to portray Hindus as intolerant and hateful of other religions – absolutely contrary to facts. There is a third power that wants India to get a bad image the world over, at least as bad as its own image is. It is Pakistan, which is at rank number 5 in the list.

Intriguingly, not a single European or American country is among the 50 top countries where Christians are persecuted. But was there not a shooting in a church in USA? Have Christian refugees for example in Germany not been attacked by Muslim migrants? Does this not count as persecution? And are those French or German or Spanish or English citizens, who are randomly stabbed with a knife or blown up in a terror attack, not targeted for their faith? For not being Muslim?

We need to be clear. Those who are persecuted FOR their faith, are always persecuted by members of a different faith which is rigid and dogmatic and considers those other views as wrong – so wrong that they are ready to even cheat or kill to wipe this wrong faith out. Islam is one such rigid faith, but also Christianity.

So, in a tweet, I suggested to the British foreign secretary a slight change in his comment. Instead of “Nobody should be persecuted FOR his faith” I suggested “Nobody should be persecuted BY a faith”.

Will he understand?

By Maria Wirth



  1. BRSaravana · · Reply

    Fresh incident happened yesterday:- One has lost count of the Hindu youths in Tamil Nadu who were murdered by the Islamist activists.
    Within days of Dalit leader Thol Thirumavalavan exhorting the people of Tamil Nadu to destroy Sanatana Dharma during his speech at Tiruchirappalli and Vijayendra Saraswati, the Sankaracharya of the Kanchi Mutt cautioning the Hindus that Sanatana Dharma was in danger, a group of Islamic extremists struck at Thirupuvanam, a village near Kumbakonam on Tuesday night by murdering a Hindu Vanniyar youth for questioning their bid to convert people to Islam.
    Even after 12 hours of the incident at Thirupuvanam, the mainstream media which include 24X7 Tamil news channels decided to ignore the gruesome murder of Ramalingam.
    It is a sorry state of hindus in their own country. The so called sickular hindus are in support of the islamic terrorist groups like the PFI. Thanks to people like Maria to voice her opinion whenever needed. we appreciate Maria. A friend in need is a friend indeed

  2. Well said, MW. It is true that Hindu India is the most tolerant country in the world. Such canards as mentioned in your article is baseless but surprisingly making rounds on electronic media. This only shows the gullibility of humans Islam and Christianity have a long history of persecution of other faiths just because the others do not follow Islam or Christianity. So, it is basically acceptance or rejection of an idea because religion is an idea. Hindus are seen as the easiest prey for conversion as they follow a religion where many gods are worshipped, though they worship the Almighty through these deities. It is easy to find fault with a particular doctrine but it is difficult to prove on the scale of knowledge and logic. Just as an example, I pose a question to the followers of monotheistic religion as to why there was/is a concept of anti-god, named Ahriman, Satan or Shaitan, or Iblis if the god they worship is considered all pure and all-powerful? Let me confabulate an answer. It is because mankind could never place wrongdoings on God they worship as they consider god to be all pure, merciful, and all-powerful, and therefore, for any misery or bad turn of events in life one places the onus on either fate and destiny or on another concept such as a power working against the munificence of the god they worship. There may be many more where one may question the veracity of a doctrine. One may debate whether a polytheist or a monotheist or for that matter, an agnostic is a better human being and can never reach a conclusion as ideas borne out of philosophical thoughts and practices are deep-rooted. In the ancient times Christians were the persecuted by Romans and after Christianity was accepted as the state religion in the Roman Empire the roles got reversed. How can humanity ever forget the bloody footprints of the spread of Islam? Such dogmatic persecution on mankind cannot be found in the religious or spiritual development and practice in India, where Buddhism and Jainism thrived together with widespread and deep-rooted Hinduism. And then some people call Hindus intolerant! It simply means they do not know what they are talking about.

  3. Vedraj Dairy · · Reply

    Thanks great way of thinking

  4. D.P.K. Pillay · · Reply

    I agree no one one should be persecuted by any faith

  5. KULDEEP CHANDRA · · Reply

    Hindus are committedto thepriciples of reverenceandcceptance of all faiths. FORCED CONVERSIONS OR CONVERSIONS BASED ON FREE BEES BY THE CHURCH HAS BEEN SOMECAUSE OF TENSION.




  6. May I please share a post that’s on similar lines? I sent it to you earlier by email but perhaps you didn’t see it.

    1. Sorry, I am in Germany right now and have not yet internet on my phone, am presently on wifi in a shop.
      Please may I postpone till back in India

  7. As you have said in the article that Hindus have always been welcoming people from other faiths from hundreds of years, I have a question.
    What is the reason ?
    Say, a group of people land on a sea coast in the year 1450 A.D.(approx.) They speak different language, wear different type of cloths. Still, the king of that land allows them permission to trade in his kingdom. Later these people start acquiring knowledge about all minute details, life style & ideologies of the locals & gradually start exploiting the poor & neglected people from that kingdom & build up their influence in a few years time & become so strong that they can now challenge the native king’s supremacy. This is what happened more-or-less with a lot of medieval settlers who eventually became rulers of many kingdoms.
    I believe, that those kings & subsequently their heirs were never perceiving the foreigners as somebody who would do such an act. Basically, Indian mindset could not visualize any outsider as a threat & this belief was inherited by generations one after the other. `We are humans, so are they.’ Only this held true for Indians. Now we can infer that people living in those times were insane to think so. Actually, they never could see outsiders as danger, because they did not have much information about people, kingdoms beyond a particular territory, because they did not need it. Most of the kingdoms were self-reliant & self sufficient in resources & hence unaware of `other type’ of ideologies.
    The situation is not the same now, as information is transferred at the speed of light these days & making people aware about all sort of developments in real time.

  8. Swami Shyamendra Maharaj · · Reply

    Perhaps it is time to edit our Vedic slogan — Hindu bhavantu sukhinah Hindu santu niramayah
    ma Hindu dukha bhagbhavet instead of sarve bhavantu sukhinah etc Why so …. because without Hindu mindset people will always remain anti-universe , anti humanness .

  9. krishna k mandava · · Reply

    Gratitude Ms. Maria You nailed the point.

  10. Yes, this may have been the reason that Indians in the ancient to medieval times did not know much about happenings and changes taking place in other parts of the world because they were inward looking.

  11. Diwakar Pulisetty · · Reply

    Both Christians and Muslims have been consistently targeting hindus in India and elsewhere for conversions from hundreds of years. They are largely successful I must say. Hindus on the other hand are very generous and tolerant and to look other way with the ongoing conversions. Conversions in muslim countries are met with death sentence, no less.

    Maria, enjoy your trip to beautiful Germany. I lived in Hamburg for an year in 1989, post wars the Germans have rebuilt a stellar economy, on a cautionary note the unabated ongoing migration of muslims will in the long run going to cause huge social problems there and in rest of Europe. Muslims always want to take from non-muslims but never willingly give anything in return. (I heard an interesting piece of German law. Is it true that the German establishment collects money from its catholic citizens on behalf the church in more or less a tax form. Please explain. Thanks.)

    Surya, USA.

    1. Yes, 8 percent of the income tax is collected by the state for the Church for Catholics maybe Protestants, too.

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