Again one of my replies removed by Quora. Why?

I was informed that my reply to the question, “Is India becoming the most hated country?” violated their “be nice, be respectful” policy. In fact some months ago, I had been asked to remove the last sentence of my write up. I didn’t remove it, because it is not disrespectful, but true. So the whole piece disappeared now, after being up on the site for about a year and getting over 80,000 views and 10,000 upvotes.

Quora removed so far 6 replies and each times threatens that I will be banned from Quora if I continue to not be nice and respectful. It seems telling the truth is not nice and respectful.

Here is the reply to:

Is India becoming the most hated country?

Oh no, India can never become the most hated country – never mind how much media and missionaries and other vested interests try to portray it as such.

There are too many people in the world who know India, who know her profound philosophy, who know how much she has contributed to civilization, more than any other country in this world, who know how kind and open-minded her people are, how they live and let live and this includes millions of cows, monkeys, stray dogs, even tigers, leopards, elephants, snakes, etc… in spite of a huge population on little space. Even love & worship them as nature’s gift.

Too many people know how colourful and joyful the atmosphere is during the many festivals, which have mostly a religious nature; they know how alive the country is and how generously India shares her knowledge like Yoga or Ayurveda; how amazing her culture is – music, dance, sculpture, architecture. And also, there are too many people who know Indians who live abroad and know that they are among the best immigrants possible.

But yes, attempts are on to portray India in very poor light, and ‘rapes in India’ and ‘atrocities against minorities and lower castes’ are preferred news on foreign TV channels, like on German dw (Deutsche Welle), when the same channel will not broadcast rapes that happen in Germany.

A poll in England recently showed that Indians there are seen positively (+25), while Pakistanis are seen negatively (-4). The amazing thing is that Indians and Pakistanis are basically the same people. The only difference is that some Indians converted to Islam during the long Muslim rule of their country and at the time of Independence, they demanded their own country as they didn’t want to live together with Hindus. And while hardly any Hindus are left in Pakistan, India allowed Muslims, who did not want to move to Pakistan, stay and their number has increased significantly.

So maybe there is one condition: India can never become the most hated country as long as it remains majority Hindu.

By Maria Wirth



  1. Ganapathy Neeruganti. · · Reply

    I don’t see anything objectionable in the reply write up. Evidently Quora is not interested in Truth and they simply want an answer to reaffirm the question. Very strange.

    1. i think the last sentence didn’t suit them…

      1. Last sentence is the truth. You can search and find the proof if you don’t know about it. Study real history. Truth hurts. get used to it. It helps you to broaden your horizon

      2. Who should get used to what? Whom did you address? I assume you addressed me but I don’t get it.

  2. Iqbal singh · · Reply

    Very well brought out Maria.Hindu culture is tolerant,all absorbing,flexible with a universal approach.No one is outsider,the entire world is one family

  3. RAKESH SINGLA · · Reply

    In fact it is only in the last sentence as to why India can never ever be even remotely disliked country in the world not to talk of a hated country

  4. Meaningful comments, Maria, specifically the last sentence, ‘as long as India remained majority Hindu’ That is why Hindu culture needs to to be preserved.

  5. Varadhachary, Arun · · Reply

    Completely agree.
    Your comment about DW (among other news outlets) is spot on.

    Best regards and thanks for your commentaries.

    Arun Varadhachary, MD, PhD


    1. Thank you

  6. Mohan P Wankar · · Reply

    Some people find it hard to digest the truth. Excellent blog. Keep it up.

    1. It’s amazing, the post is nice and respectful… But obviously to the wrong country according to Quora

  7. Manoj · · Reply

    Maria ji, this has happened to me several times as well when speaking about Islam and Christianity on Quora. Your answer is sincere and has no foul language, so I do not see on what base your answer has been removed, especially since it complies with Quora’s policies.

    1. Sukumaran Summugam · · Reply

      I can’t nt agree more with you Manoj Sir. What Madam Maria Wirth wrote is merely facts and nothing but facts. I’m perplexed on why Quora find it offensive n asked her reply to be removed. Quora’s act and intention is questionable and uncalled for. Tq

    2. I guess it was the last sentence which did not go down well with some people…

  8. In fact, it is the last sentence which is more meaningful than others. It is the crux.

    1. yes, but it’s politically incorrect.
      Glad that more and more Indians throw political correctness to the wind. videos of Pushpendra Kulshreshta are proof.

  9. There you are, Ms. Maria. Your ending sentence made them anger!

    The West and vested Islamic countries don’t want to be India is the country for majority Hindus. Hindus don’t interfere in other’s affairs and expect the same from others. Hindus are soft not because of their inability or weakness, but by their culture and religious education. Hindus don’t conquer countries but the hearts of everyone in the World in the near future by their behavior. You and I will witness this soon Maria Ji. Keep knocking the doors of World until they listen to what the Hinduism is actually!

  10. You are right Maria. But we cannot do anything with a person who prefers to be blind.

  11. Suresh · · Reply

    Well written Maria. The media which is leftist & abhramaic religious symphathisers will certainly block people like you who is defending hinduism staunchly

  12. Hemant · · Reply

    Perfect answer Maria, you are a great champion of Dharma, you are honest and have the courage to speak the truth, I have great respect for you. You will always be blessed!🙏

    1. Thank you, Hemant

  13. Dr.S.Himesh · · Reply

    JUST a Plain Truth Dr.S.Himesh Scientist CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) NAL Belur Campus Wind Tunnel Road Bangalore-56 0037 Phone: +91 080 25051327(o), 9844854288 (m) Fax:+91 80 25220392 home:

  14. Adesh Tyagi · · Reply

    So very true. These vested interest media will go to any extent to propagate there own beliefs.

  15. Indrani · · Reply

    Maria, you wrote well. It’s a pity that some sites are using the excuse of hate speech to censor fair writing. I don’t support hate speech and your piece is not in that category, imho

  16. I agree with everything you say Maria. I’ve been going to India for the past 30 years, almost annually. I love the place, the people, the animals, the vibe, the food ….. even the crazy traffic. Indeed, anyone who needs a lesson in ‘tolerance’, should go to India. I’ll go there ten times rather, before I ever have to set foot in US or EU again. My interest is textiles & I am so happy to find myself amidst the best weavers (silk, cotton, wool, pineapple, banana skin), dyers, printers, designers in the world. The best textiles are produced there and it’s no wonder that Indian women are the best dressed females in the world. I cringe when I see scantily clad westerners on the streets. India is not place for it and it simply shows disdain & disrespect. Oh btw, ….. and can they sing, dance & party!!!!! Like nowhere else.

  17. Surya, USA · · Reply

    Hi Maria,
    My very strong recommendation is this. When Admin asks you to remove something do so promptly. If they ban you then it is a loss for India and hindus. You should have removed the sentence in question immediately for the larger good of country and religion. Why? Ajit Vadakayil runs a very busy and popular blog of his own. He was banned and on top of it some posters started abusing him and calling him an extremist hindu. He has no chance of defending himself anymore.Do not try to defend yourself for some anti hindu and anti India forces are in the works on Quora.

    As a matter of fact many countries face such ridiculous accusations, even America is one such victim. Cheers.

    1. This is already the 6th reply they took down. My earlier ones also were respectful, only straight forward…

  18. Surya, USA · · Reply

    I need some clarity. All were six consecutive replies, meaning you are not allowed to post anymore?
    What if you post something in a non religious thread, a simple one to see if you are not allowed to post anymore, just as a test?

    1. No, not consecutive. I am still allowed to post but my recent posts get very few views compared to earlier. Of course some replies are better and get more views, but the more followers I got ( now over 22,000) the less views, just a few thousand, while earlier even a lakh. An earlier article on Zakir Naik got 29,000 views in only 17 hours when it was taken down.

  19. Surya, USA · · Reply

    Muslim and even christian members are very active on Quora. They activate a mechanism to eliminate a post when they perceive it is offensive, complaining against the post. Presumably Zakir Naik’s website complained against your post in turn that resulted in a flood of complaints by his followers. Quora Admin wants to keep all in good humor, so without going into the merits and demerits the “offensive” post it is removed. Thats my theory.

    1. Yes, both my replies on Naik disappeared. Yet both are on my blog. In fact I had copied my blog “my reply to Dr Zakir Naik” on to Quora, mentioning the link. It was that one which went viral and then collapsed…

      1. indrani · ·

        hi maria, perhaps you should alert the administrator of this possibility and ask them to be on the alert for anti-hindu bias from these sources. best wishes, you are doing a great job.

      2. Thank you, Indrani, but not much chance. I appealed a few times, but nothing happened. Twitter also plays games. Someone told me that I am search banned…
        Seems all are after those who stand up for Hindu Dharma.

      3. Indrani · ·

        would an online petition help? You could send out to so many groups etc. word it well to show what you wrote, why it was banned, facebook response, and your concerns

      4. No, I won’t do it.
        Rather wished there was a petition against teaching hate in religious class…

  20. Sanjay Deolgaonkar · · Reply

    No words Mariya ji…..Just touching your feet from here by bowing my Heat before you.

  21. Excellent & very well balanced observations. Probably the western media gets hefty funding from the people believing in Wahabi faith, this is what compels them to tow the line of their masters in order to continue fundings.

  22. D Vishweshwara Bhat · · Reply

    The west and haters of Hindus and its way life and of thinking do not want India’s growth on all fronts. That is the reason for such hate against India and Hindus supported by some of the so called seculars.

    1. Pandita Indrani Rampersad पंडित ा इंद्राणी रा मपरसाद · · Reply

      Maria, post a screen shot of what you posted and what the rsponse from quora was and then ask your readers to determine if their charge is valid or not. post on face book and other media

      Pandita Indrani Rampersad, PhD  पंडिता इंद्राणी रामपरसाद  Tel: (868) 7591804

      1. It’s on my blog. I gave the link in my tweet.

  23. Manohar Sharma · · Reply

    Excellent reply Maria.Yes the Quora has not liked the last sentence as that goes against the false liberals narrative all over the world

  24. Great answer 100 % true. Each word is true

  25. India is hated by Islamic fanatics who can not tolerate any other religion be it Hindu, be it Christian, buddhist, Judaism you name any. India haters are ill informed, and do not want to get informed.
    Your reply to the hindu hater is balanced and appropriate.

  26. happy that quora banned u – wish internet would do it as well – u r just spresding hatred between groups. and u want to destroy diversity of this great country called India.

    1. Cyanide · · Reply

      Chup be zatu

  27. Asking for the last sentence to be deleted is a sure sign of Hinduphobia. Condemnable.

    1. Perhaps you should write to who is responsible and complain of being consistently targetted

      1. i have appealed…let’s see. especially since they didn’t specify “the policy”

  28. Kishan Sharma · · Reply

    Most countries in the west (mostly Christian) and Islamic countries hate Hinduism because even after a thousand years of their intensive efforts, they have not been able to wipe out Hinduism. But let Hindus not be complacent. They must be on their guard to defend Hiduism.

  29. Reblogged this on Alkesh2907's Blog and commented:
    ભારત, ભારતીય સંસ્કૃતિ – સભ્યતા તેમજ હિન્દુત્વ વિશે આટલા ટૂંકાણમાં આટલું સુંદર સચોટ વર્ણન મારિયા વર્થે કર્યું છે. આમાં અન્ય કોઈ સંસ્કૃતિ – સભ્યતા પ્રત્યે ધિક્કાર કે ભેદભાવ નથી, તેમ છતાં ક્વોરા નામની એક કથિત સેક્યુલર વેબસાઇટ ( જે સવાલોના જવાબો માટે પ્રચલિત છે) દ્વારા મારિયા વર્થનો આ જવાબ તેમની (ક્વોરાની) વેબસાઇટ ઉપરથી ડીલીટ કરી દેવામાં આવ્યો છે. ત્યારે આપણા સૌની ફરજ છે કે આ લખાણ સતત બધે ફેલાવતા રહીએ. – અલકેશ

  30. Re-blogged with my comments in Gujarati…
    Also Shared on FB

  31. B.K.Sharma · · Reply

    I couldn’t make out as to how such a sane and absolutely harmless piece of writing has been removed. Unless the concerned person comes out with explanation for this action, I will say he needs to get his head examined.

  32. It is a good write up. Why some people are biased? I understand a few Muslims and Christians believe that One Day entire world will be converted to Christianity or Islam which will never ever happen.

  33. SOVIK SRIMANY · · Reply

    Truth is Absolute. Nothing can tarnish Truth. Truth cannot be suppressed. Eventually, Truth emerges with all it’s Glory.
    Don’t worry Madam Maria Wirth.
    Truth Triumph!

  34. Jai Assi · · Reply

    Satyameva Jayte – Truth, Honesty Reality: This is Kal Yug and ALL an illusion caused by the dramatics caused by magic of Mirrors and smoke. Those who shout the loudest get heard easily. Where Good Thoughts, Good Deeds, Good Acts have very little opportunity to steer away from the Tsunami of changes! This is Global Village that does NOT allow space for reason, sanity and wisdom! All is becoming a Reality of intolerant, fake, lies, untruths, odious rumours spread by whispers and gossip! This is Satyameva Jayte.

  35. S Chandrasekhar · · Reply

    The truth is presented in a diplomatic way. Not hurting any one who hurt India and hindus. Their guilt pops up and they are afraid of being exposed. India is not any such country to stoop to their level.

  36. Venkataraman N · · Reply

    Let us accept truth and recognize good

  37. Seshu Guru · · Reply

    India goes to Muslim country for energy needs to Jews and Christian countries for technology and business. Apart from cheap labour there is nothing much India has to offer . Yet Hindus are good everybody else is bad. What a rotten thought process, if you are not a Hindu your are bad, Quora did the right thing by getting rid of your nonsense.

    1. You are an unique example of some people still in the slavery mind with Christians and Muslims, a few hundred years ago. You people are the hurdle for India’s progress all these years taking support of puppet ruling political parties, like INC, JD, Communist, etc. Never mind, by now, we are awaken and have learned your trickery politics by abusing the majority only to appease the minority vote bank. We were divided, you were enjoying all these years. Now this is NEW UNITED INDIA and your bloody trickery will not work any more, try what so ever the best you can! Enough is enough, get ready to face the music that you composed for us.

      1. Namaste, It is a pleasure to hear what you have to say. However, The Nation has its own targets, Aims and objectives to achieve. There is loads of room for ALL The Citizens in the Nation. All opinions are valid and are valued. Critics of the process that is under way are welcome to voice their own Thoughts through their own Deeds, by their own Acts. What benefits The Citizens of The Nation will in the end become a shared common results. Critical scrutiny is part of the process that ensures quality is assured for ALL in The Nation. The direction that The Nation is heading is correct due to the combined efforts of ALL in The Nation. The individuals who question and are critical of the changes that are in process are crucial part of the Aims, Objectives that have to be achieved, A vibrant community of critics is a healthy sign that The Nation has critical thinkers whose Deeds and Acts are contributing to the general flow of changes. In fact, it is best to invite the Critics to join in and become part of the adventure and travel together with the rest of the advancing Citizens. Everyone’s effort is of benefit to The Nation! It matters to contribute Good Thoughts, Good Deeds, Good Acts to bring about the positive outcomes. The whole Nation benefits and everyone is able to take their share in achieving the Common Goals. Satyameva Jayet : Truth, Honesty, Reality allows The Nation to break away from the shackles that have kept it chained to a strangulating Boa of the past. The future is brighter because The Citizens are voicing their cliques and are being heard! That is how progress and advancement becomes part of the Culture and gets inherited by the Future generations! Therefore, invite ALL to join in and ride the journey together towards a better future that The Nation has embarked on! Satyameva Jayte

      2. Namaste! With due respect to your thought on such passive manner to handle situation which is obsolete to the present scenario. It is like you are calling to discuss and sort out amicably to a lion which is about to hunt you. Had that soft manner was in the minds of Shivaji, Prithivraj and so on in those times, perhaps we would have not been discussing in this forum this manner. We don’t want hurt or harm any, but at the same time if any external or internal forces trying to do so, it our prime right to defend ourselves.

        Hence, ‘be good to good and be defensive to the bad’ is the best policy for India and it was followed by our ancestors thousands of years. In the recent past of 400-600 years we were misguided by our own pseudo, selfish traitors. Being good is not bad but being too good is too bad sir!

        Hope you take point in a positive manner and it doesn’t hurt any manner. Jai Hind!

    2. Namaste, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. When Good Thoughts, Good Deeds, Good Acts are noticed by ALL in the neighbourhood nothing more needs to be said! Have a look around, listen to the rational and sane individuals and learn from your own experiences. Notice how your own growth becomes part of the common Aims and objectives of a Nation that is achieving and enhancing Life style of its Citizens. Satyameva Jayte :- Truth, Honesty, Reality will reveal that there is no dramatics involved. No mirrors and smoke to confuse anything! It is solid foundations on which are built the hopes & wishes (Akanksha) of the individuals that are ALL making an effort! You too can join in the adventure of this discovery and travel towards better benefits. Please feel invited to join the ride. There is room for ALL. Perhaps you can continue to be critical and contribute positively to the changes that are required. You are welcomed to be part of the changes that are occurring. Please join. There is loads of room for ALL – even you! Satyameva Jayte.

  38. Honest reply by a great human not a jihadi or pagan holier thaou genre person salute the great German ।

  39. The so-called “Respected Academics” are only the tools of “Religious Amalgamation Teams” whom some call Missionaries.

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