My letter to Prime Minister Modi

Dear respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji,

I am not an Indian citizen but Iove India and want her culture to flourish and spread because it is most beneficial for all humanity. Except in India, all ancient cultures have been wiped out by Christianity or Islam or in some cases by communism. India is the last ancient culture standing but heavily under attack by those three forces.

Please allow me to make a suggestion, since I know both Christianity and Hindu Dharma as an insider.

The terms ‘Heathen’, ‘Kaffir’ and ‘idol worshipper’ are highly derogative and insulting, yet freely used for Hindus and taught to Christian and Muslim children. This is dangerous, as it dehumanizes Hindus and is prone to lead to hate crimes and even genocide. An UN official said on Holocaust Day that the Holocaust of the Jews did not start with gas chambers but with hate speech. Hate speech against Hindus happens regularly in religious class of these two religions.

Could the Indian government petition the United Nations to declare the discrimination of Hindus as Heathen and Kaffirs who are rejected by the true God and thrown into eternal hell by Christianity and Islam as a violation of human dignity and equality?

The narrow, communal mind-set can be whipped into a frenzy of violence by unscrupulous leaders who remind their followers that Allah wants only Muslims on earth and therefore they need to do Jihad and will be rewarded with a higher rank in paradise (Quran 4.95). The Church may not kill any longer (it did earlier), but also sees Heathen as inferior and considers it as its duty to convert them all, which causes great damage to society. The indoctrination in both religions from childhood is very strong, and even stronger in India to “protect” them from falling back to their old ways.

Religious freedom has its limits when it infringes on the basic rights of others.

Only India, Israel and countries in Asia like Japan, China, Nepal, Thailand… can red-flag this issue, as the rest of the world are already either Muslim or Christian majority countries, though many secular European governments may support such a petition as their citizens don’t believe anymore everything what the Church wants them to believe.

Pakistan and OIC have petitioned the UN to ban criticism of Islam and Islamophobia, which is ominous and probably shows that they are aware that they can’t defend the doctrine reasonably.

India’s concern is genuine and urgent. To be seen and treated as inferior has resulted in great suffering for Hindus which is well documented. Appeals for peace between Hindus and Muslims are shallow and painful for Hindus, if we don’t address the issue what Muslims are taught about Hindus.

Now may be the right time for the Indian government to register with the UN its objection to the fact that the majority of Indian citizen are declared as the worst of creatures who “burn eternally in hell” (Quran 98.6). The Church also claims that Hindus cannot be saved from hell if they have heard of Jesus but did not accept him as their saviour.

Hindus don’t take the claims that the great God will reject them seriously, because it goes against common sense. But there are many Indian Muslims and Christians who believe it. By putting those claims into the public realm, many followers of those religions may also wonder if this is really the truth and if our Creator could really be so unfair.

These two religions probably cannot be reformed but people can lose faith in the harmful aspects. An exodus from Christianity and to a smaller extent from Islam has started already, and India can help to accelerate it.

Pointing out the mind-set, which led to millions having been killed over the centuries, and trying to change it, is probably the most important aspect in this war of civilizations.

Kindly see the attached draft in English and Hindi, which could be used as a basis for a petition to the United Nations.

Yours Sincerely
Maria Wirth

Links regarding petitions by Pakistan and OIC:



  1. Rightly said Ma’am 👍

  2. indrani · · Reply

    Great job. Congrats

  3. iqbal billawaria · · Reply

    Maria worth you are doing splendid service to the humanity and Hindu religion.I am deeply impressed with your profound knowledge of  Hindu, Muslim and Christian religion philosophy.I subscribe to the suggestion made by you to the Indian prime minister.It is high time for the Hindu religion follower to stand up against the malafide onslaught carried on this most tolerant religion by the believers of the other religions 

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  4. Madam

    Pranams.. I don’t think Indian Politicians incl Mr Modi ever will realise & safeguard Sankaran Dharma & Hinduism …

    It is a total shame even Indian media are totally biased be it print or Digital …hyping every petty issue & always side with so call 28% still being named as Minorities…Sucking Rest tax payers money for everything incl freebies incl unlawful private laws and allowing them to still continue and allow breaking India ..with no control over them whereas Hindu Temples are under Govt & Every Govt since Nehruvian days looting Temples in addition to smuggling Ancient idols & Sculptures esp In Tamilnadu Dravidian Politicians direct connection involved ..and Mr Modi & his Govt keeps mum totally…

    As a westerners you, MrFrancis Gautier Mr David Frawley (Vamana Sastry) have done far more than Indians …

    I admire you all…with my pranams 🙏🙏🙏 A descendant of Appaya , Nilakanta Dikshitars, from the same lineage & native of Swami Sivananda of Divine Life Society Rishikesh..

    I have our Family Tree since Appaya Dikshita’s Grand father (nearly 20 generations) time to upto current and updating with whenever I get info from descendants..

    Sivaswami +91-9940717341

  5. As always well said Maria. Thanks for all the effort you make.

  6. Raj Shah · · Reply

    Dear Maria Ji,
    Thank you very much for sending your open letter to Modi ji to me via email.

    It will be my honor to publish your open letter to Modi ji in my magazine Desh-Videsh

    ( ).

    Sometime we,Hindus living in America, are more reactive to these types of Issues than our counter part in India.

    Keep up the good work

    Raj Shah

    1. Please do publish it. The content needs to become common knowledge

  7. HI

    HIGHLY appreciate your initiative .

    Thanks & pl carry on .


    Krishna rao

    South Park Road

    Anna Nagar west


    ph: 044-26154020 /8754436864

    1. Thank you

  8. Dear Ma’am, I appreciate your concern very much. You have always lead us well on how to open up and speak. Thank you for all your effort. With you on this 🙏🏻

  9. bhajman · · Reply

    Ms Maria

    Thanks for sharing and highlighting the dirty tricks of hate mongers. All religions should be respected. But at the same time one should defend one’s own religion or belief. I greatly appreciate your gesture to diminish inter religion hatred. In spite of not being a Hindu yourself, you have shown a great courage to point out wrong doings of priests and moulvis. I fully support your suggestion. Jai Hind🙏 Bhajman Nanavaty

    1. Thanks. Divisive aspects in religions should not be respected. Trust in a Supreme Intelligence, yes, but not irresponsible claims about the nature of the Supreme Intelligence

  10. […] letter was published on the author’s blog on March 11, 2020 and has been reproduced here in full with minor changes- references to […]

    1. Thank you

  11. Reblogged this on Mundane Digressions.

  12. Manohar Sharma · · Reply

    The letter speaks bitter Truths about what heathens kafirs n idol worshippers mean to their followers.Its demeaning,degrading, violates the principles of equality n equanimity. Indian government must act on it as suggested.Thank you Maria Wirth. You are a true human being who see everyone as equals.

    1. Thank you. More people need to realize this. Hope something comes out of it

  13. Minakshi · · Reply

    Dear Maria Ma’am,

    Thanks for raising and bringing up such an important write-up on one of the most critical subjects in the entire world today. Definitely no such religion or whatsoever has right to spread hatredness against others just based on something which has been written in books!!! So the source itself is against humanity!!! This is indeed strange which now everyone should take note of.

    Best regards,

    1. Yes, I hope something comes out of it

  14. Anil Kumar Nigam · · Reply

    Dear madam,
    I am very much impressed with your writing, may I translate this into Hindi language and circulated in your name on social media which will also give you publicity thanks and regards.
    Anil Kumar Nigam

    1. Thank you for the offer to translate, but it is already translated and was published in Panchjanya magazine, yesterday. I will try to put it on my blog, too. You can use it and share.
      Happy to know you like It

  15. The deception is brilliantly articulated. This view point has never been a point of discussion in the public domain in India. One reason is that an average Hindu doesn’t even know about this perspective/portrayal about them by these religions because it’s their “inside information”, other main reason is that the Hindus have been made to believe – for political and ideological benefit – that this criminal portrayal of Hindus is harmless and accepting this is “secularism”. I must say I have never heard of anyone articulating this issue as well as you have been doing. The fact that you a person of foreign origin adds to the credibility of this view point. All I can say is thank you!

  16. Ms. Maris,

    Keep up the good, very needed work.

    May be lonely, but you are one (like Rani LaxmiBai, Rani Padmavati, MiraBai) in very few to stand up & show us (Hindus) the right thing/thinking.

    Our (Hindus) tolerence HAD GONE way too shallow. Your view point is very well articulated.

    Wishing you success, & suport .

    NamahTe (Namah-Stay). Maris,

    1. thank you for the good wishes. Panchjanya has published it also in Hindi. i put it on my blog, too.

  17. World leaders should decide so that no religion preaches hate against anybody. If such provisions are there in the religious book or scriptures, it must be amended.

  18. I will share your link in my page. India needs to start loving its own citizens and the country at this time. Thanks Maria!
    You wrote really well, appreciate!!

    1. thank you for sharing

  19. GOPALAN RAMESH · · Reply

    The kafirs of india are unfortunately not aware about their status in islam and the template continues to be kept ready to be activated at a suitable time. The intellectuals in Kafirs still think it is possible for all the brain washed islamists to become normal once again.The indigenous religions are individualistic and pursue God and liberation. On the other hand there is gangsterism. Under these circumstances if all kafirs unite on one side and challenge the islamists they will tone down their rhetoric. Not one PM but series of PM’s call for say ban of purdahs etc then all will take action. The victim countries are not united even on the issue of terrorism.

  20. How can anyone justify a religion as a peace loving one when it’s holy books consider all non believers of their faith, who follow some other religious practices or do not follow any religion at all as infidels to be put to instant death whenever the find them.
    Can humanity be treated as a benevolent subordinate to a medieval man made ideology, which propogates that non followers be put to instant death on incidence in the most gruesome inhumane way ?
    Now considering the fact that humans and Humanities are as old as nature itself, a bigoted extremistic preachings like join us or be butchered and conversely kill and rape all of them who do not tow your line of thinking, seems too far fetched and extremely inhumane trajectory of the laws of nature itself that of ‘live and let live’ formula.
    Nature or humanity has to be the ultimate owner of civilisation and not a just very lately born clan or a venture of a bigoted ideology which is not all inclusive of the very basic tenets of existence, a bouquet variety of a very surprising humanity.

  21. Ashutosh sharma · · Reply

    Secularism is destroying India.

  22. Bhuvan · · Reply

    It is time all other religions unit together make their thoughts and voice loud and clear

  23. Modi ji is a true leader

  24. Pallavi · · Reply

    I support this initiative by MW

  25. sukesh chander sharma · · Reply

    Very appreciable suggestion and for saving humanity on Earth.

  26. Rajesh Patil · · Reply

    Very nicely put with brevity!
    Hindus must ask Muz1imz & Christians to declare that, ‘#Hindus are not Kaafirs/infidels/Heathen as per their respective religion! They respct & treat Hindus as equal to their own religious followers!
    Immensely Dhanyawad for writing this!

    1. it will mean that they won’t be fully faithful to their religion. but this must be the goal. many Christians lost already faith, and Muslims, too, but can’t be so open about it.

      1. I am a Christian. We do not call our Hindu brothers as heathens and Christianity does not promote it also. And most importantly I am faithful to my religion and I have not lost my faith. Same with most of the Christians.

      2. Do you believe your Hindu brothers go to hell if they don’t get baptized? Church claims it, Catholics and Protestants. If you don’t (many people in Europe with Christian names don’t any longer) are you still a good Christian? Will you go to heaven?? If Hindus also can go to heaven, why those mad attempts to convert them?

      3. Just by being Christian does not mean that he or she will go to heaven. Nowhere in the Bible it is said that non-Christians go to hell. Also, Church does not claim so. It is the individual deeds which make a person to go to heaven or hell. For more understanding on this, please read Matthew 25:31-46.

        Church teachings have changed a lot in recent years. You may refer to many auhentic Catholic websites. I recommend Sacredspace a website of Irish Jesuits. Never ever anywhere you will find any hatred on other religious beliefs in this website.

        We Catholics do not believe that converting somebody to Christianity guarantees heaven in the afterlife. It does not make a good Christian also.

        Kingdom of God does not mean heaven. It is here in this earth. Spreading Kingdom of God is one’s duty. It is not converting someone to Christianity. Please read again Matthew 25:31-46. This is what Kingdom of God means. Being a good human being is very important. One’s religious beliefs does not make a person good Christian or good Hindu or good Muslim.

        As I mentioned, Catholics are not hell bent on converting others to Christianity. In Catholic Church there is a process called RCIA if somebody wants to become a Catholic. This may take months and sometime even years. It is not easy to convert someboy.

        There are some Christian groups supported and financed by some US Evangelical groups who try to convert others to Christianity. They even attack us Catholics saying that we are idol worshippers and we go to hell etc. We Catholics do not supporti them.

      4. Agreed Christians don’t go automatically to heaven but if they did wrong they need to confess and repent. But main thing, you need to accept Jesus as your saviour. Those who don’t, for example Hindus, go to hell according to Church

      5. Respected Madam,

        Please read my comment again. Church does not teach that anyone who does not accept Jesus as saviour go to hell. It is upto God and not for the Church to decide who goes to heaven or hell..

    2. indrani · · Reply

      You have hit the nail on the head. These other religions should not be calling Hindus infidels,etc.

      1. Dispal · ·

        Please read my comments. We Catholics do not call Hindus or followers of other faiths as infidels.

  27. Nageswararai · · Reply

    Every hindu should follow your words.

  28. Right step….to be taken by govt of India at the earliest

  29. bharti kumari · · Reply

    maria wirth is a true wellwisher of india like annie besant

  30. Manjesh · · Reply

    This letter and the previous blog that I read makes me feel like you are one of the God send Saviours of the great Santana Dharma. #Respects

    1. that’s too much of a praise. But thank you…

      1. Raj Shah · ·

        Maria ji,

        Every word Manjesh ji has said is true. Unfortunately Hindus like us either do not have guts like you have or we are trying hide under the pretense of ” Politically Correct”

  31. Krishnan nair · · Reply

    Hinduism also has such terms as mlecha….etc….many temples don’t allow outcastes as they are considered impure and subhuman

  32. Subhash Agarwal · · Reply

    You’re doing a wonderful work. Hope Modiji seriously considers your petition and act on it. You’re more proactive than most of Hindu organisations to save Sanatan Dharm. Stay blessed.

    1. Chandrakantjha · · Reply

      Thank you so much for the eye opener petition to our p.m.,Maria ji.
      I’ve been reading you since few have profond knowledge of Hinduism.what is much more praiseworthy is that you have much respect to our Dharm of which Lord Krishna says, please refer to gita chapter 18,verse 47,” sreyan swadharm bigunh perdharmat swa anusthitat “

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