A video talk on important issues for India

Recently, a young English woman, Melissa, who is active on Twitter as English_Bahen, came visiting me together with her Indian husband. We spent the whole day together, also went to a Shiva temple. They suggested, we record an interview for her YouTube channel “English bahen dil se”.

They split the 30 minutes video into three parts, as they felt, nobody has a longer attention span nowadays than 10 minutes…

If you have only 10 minutes, I would suggest you start with the second or last part, as they are probably most important for India. As usual, I am very frank. A friend called it “bold and beautiful”. The first part is more an introduction about us and about foreigners coming to India.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Maria Wirth






  1. Frank and forthright.

  2. You would have had a nice time with Melissa, I believe Maria ji!

  3. Giri K R M · · Reply

    Maria and Melissa – Goddess Saraswati has bestowed upon both of you the wisdom whole world needs. Through your messages wish love and peace establishes in the universe. Woderful videos.

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