Demonisation of Hindus at danger level – fuelled by Arundhati Roy and others

Anyone who knows even a little about the mindset of Hindus knows that genocide is simply not in their genes. It never happened and it can never happen. Killing someone because he worships God under another name is for Hindus unimaginable and ridiculous.

Sometimes I check the German TV channel Deutsche Welle (dw) to know what they want us to think. Unlike in India, most German news channels are government friendly. Yet it always amazes me, although India and Germany are on friendly terms, how negatively dw reports on India.

So when on 17. April 2020 dw ran a negative story on “Islamophobia at an all-time high in India” and claimed that the Modi government uses the Covid 19 crisis to stigmatise Muslims, I was not surprised. The report showed Muslim vegetable vendors complaining that Hindus boycott them. It is true. Even in my village people refuse to buy from Muslims now, but dw did not tell the reason why this happens. It did not tell that some clerics considered the Corona virus as sent by Allah to kill millions of Hindus and asked the faithful to spread it. A huge congregation of Tablighi Jamat, an Islamic missionary movement, took place in Delhi, after which many participants spread out all over India and spread the virus at a time when the whole of India had only some 800 cases and few deaths. The administration and police tried feverishly to trace all those thousands of Tablighis and their contacts, after many of them, including foreigners, had tested positive for the virus. It was a Herculean task. Police razzias and doctors who came to test were often pelted with stones. Several were injured.

Moreover, the Tablighis in quarantine facilities or hospitals behaved awfully. Doctors complained about spitting on them, excreting in the corridor, making obscene gestures, running around naked in front of female nurses, and demanding meat to eat.

Why would good Muslims, (and missionaries are supposed to be good Muslims), behave like this? The answer is probably that good Muslims know their holy books and want to follow their command. They know that Allah sees Kafirs as the worst of creatures who will burn in hell for eternity (Quran 98.6), so naturally they have contempt for them. They also know that they need to fight till the whole world accepts only Allah (Q 8.39). And since it is not easy to wipe out millions of Kafirs, the virus is seen as a gift from Allah which will do the job if widely spread.

So it is no surprise that especially good Muslims want to spread the virus. Videos show how they spit on vegetables and currency notes. A video shows policemen picking up currency notes from the street with a stick and putting them into a plastic bag. It is very insidious to throw money on the road, as the temptation to pick it up is great.

So it should not surprise that nowadays, during the Corona crisis, Hindus turn Muslim vendors away because they can’t be sure if those vendors are ‘good’ Muslims who believe that Hindus should die out. It is impossible to know, because they are allowed to deceive Kafirs, provided it fosters the spread of Islam. So “better safe than sorry” is naturally the motto. But all this was not mentioned by dw. At the end of the report, a woman commentator from India was interviewed. She said that there is a “360 degree discrimination against Muslims by the Modi government”. It was a lie. The government is not discriminating between different religious groups in regard to relief operations which are running in full swing, with money credited to accounts and massive support to migrant labour. I was annoyed about this type of reportage on India, especially, when dw does not show the real discrimination in Pakistan against Hindus and Christians who claim they don’t get rations during the Corona crisis and several were forced to convert to survive. But then, I was used to the bias against India by dw.

A few hours later I checked once more on dw.  The same report was broadcast, same footage, same vendors complaining, but now the woman commentator had been replaced with Arundhati Roy. This seemed strange.

When she started to speak, slowly, amiably, with a smile in her for-Western-eyes pretty face, it was pure poison, vicious and dangerous. Roy is known to tell terrible lies about India since years but this time, something more sinister seemed brewing. Why did dw not simply run the same report again? Was that previous commentator not vicious enough?

Here is what Arundhati Roy (who is Christian) said on the clip that dw put out on Twitter:

“Honestly the situation is approaching genocidal, because the government’s agenda has been this. Since this government came, Muslims have been lynched, Muslims have been hunted down but now the stigmatization with this illness has left government policies on the street now. You can hear it everywhere. It comes with the threat of extreme violence.”

This clip went viral. Yet it was not the complete interview. Here are some more comments by her which I had jotted down:

She said that the extreme violence comes in the background of the massacre (she used the word massacre) in Delhi – cleverly not mentioning who massacred whom, but implying of course that Muslims were massacred. She rued that President Trump was there at the time, but didn’t say anything. She called RSS the mother ship of BJP who wants a Hindu state; said that the world welcomes Modi but it should know that he is very much part of the agenda (of making a Hindu state) and they were already building detention centres. She called most anchors in MSM channels “single member lynch mobs”. And as if this all was not enough, she compared the situation in India with what happened in Ruanda before the massive genocide and that genocide in patches happens already. She asked the world to keep its eyes on it.

The anchor called it a very important message and asked how can we prevent the genocide, taking it for granted that Roy had spoken the truth and genocide is indeed planned by the Indian government. In the end, Roy is introduced among other flattering attributes as “most acclaimed intellectual”.

I felt shaken after hearing her. She gave the false and dangerous impression to the world that Hindus are planning genocide of Muslims. This is not a small thing. It is extremely dangerous and on Twitter already support comes in for the ‘Muslims of India’. We stand by you, is promised and a lawyer dressed in Arabic outfit tweeted he will adopt the cause of Muslims in India at UNHRC in Geneva for free… it got 17,6k likes and over 5k retweets.

Anyone who knows even a little about the mindset of Hindus knows that genocide is simply not in their genes. It never happened and it can never happen. Killing someone because he worships God under another name is for Hindus unimaginable and ridiculous.

Yet for the past thousand years Hindus were at the receiving end of jihads and conversion campaigns and millions of Hindus were massacred in cold blood because they were Hindus – massacred by Muslims.

So did Arundhati Roy demonise Hindus so badly to instigate Muslims to “rise up against the oppression” and prepare the world to believe that oppression by Hindus is for real? Is she trying to help Pakistan fulfil its “unfinished agenda” of taking Hindustan fighting and make it accept Islam? Arundhati Roy would know that Hindus are not aggressors by nature. She and her ilk may be desperate to paint Hindus black, as especially in Europe, people become more and more wary of the behaviour of Muslims in their countries but don’t have any problems with Hindus.

The faith of Hindus is based on Dharma and Dharma means to do what is right and in tune with one’s conscience. ‘Good’ Hindus are those rare human beings who see others as brothers and sisters, and are kind to animals and nature, too. Hindus do not divide humanity into those who are chosen by God and those who are eternally damned. Hindu children are not taught to look down on non-Hindus, unlike children of the dogmatic religions who are taught that their God loves them but does not love those ‘others’ unless they join their ‘true’ religions.

However, Hindus are often too naïve to realize what mind-set the dogmatic religions foster. They unwisely give privileges to Muslims and Christians, which even Hindus don’t have, in spite of Swami Vivekananda warning already over 100 years ago that every convert is not one Hindu less but one enemy more. Sri Aurobindo also felt that hope for India lies in those, who converted out of Hinduism, to lose faith in their new religion which most accepted anyway due to pressure or allurement at the time of conversion.

Truth does not need pressure and allurement. It makes sense. Untruth needs to be enforced with brutal laws that forbid people to believe anything else than what is declared as “the only truth”. The Hindu view is undoubtedly closer to truth. Nobody is forced to believe it and yet Hindus held on to it under extremely painful circumstances, and Westerners, dissatisfied with the Church, accept Hindu Dharma on their own accord. It is also no coincidence that modern science discovered that all is One Energy after Indian philosophy became known in the west.

Nobody needs to be worried about a nation where the Hindu roots are fostered. Where Sanskrit is taught, which is the most perfect, dignified, powerful language on earth. Where yoga is practised in schools, which is an ideal means for all-round development and which, on a deeper level, helps to find fulfilment in live. Where Vedic philosophy is studied, which inspired the new scientific discoveries in nuclear physics. Where the amazing wisdom of Mahabharata and Ramayana becomes common knowledge. Where children chant “Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu” (May all be happy).

Why would those Indians who converted to Islam or Christianity not be also proud of the achievements of their ancestors? India was the cradle of civilization, a knowledge hub and the richest country on earth. It was known for its wisdom. Surely Christians and Muslims cannot have any objection that students are taught this fact or that they chant “May all be happy” in Sanskrit, the language of their forefathers. If someone calls such teaching communal it is malicious. Is not he the one who tries to divide society and not those who say “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (all is one family) due to their philosophical outlook?

One day, when people have become tired of blindly believing irrational dogmas, and when nobody is threatened any longer with dire consequences or even death if he stops believing in those strange dogmas, the world will be grateful to Bharat Mata that she has conceived and preserved over millennia those eternal, precious insights for the benefit of humanity.

By Maria Wirth



  1. Giri KRM · · Reply

    What an article! Ran over every falsehoods existing in India. And what is Hinduism and India!
    Hope the whole world knows this truth and wage a war against these traitors of humanity as a whole.

    1. arishsahani · · Reply


  2. Tapan Kumar Gogoi · · Reply

    🙏 Very insightful, clear & therefore true. Thank you being a Hindu

  3. Lovely Maria, as only you can give us. thanks

  4. Alka Kamath · · Reply

    Ma’am We can share some video clippings of these people. One such video led to Amazon not only firing the delivery boy in US but a police case was filed.. What about us, we are d majority but all rules are against us.. Even our govt lest they b called biased are unable to help.. Not helped by people like Ms Roy. Perhaps you could share them with your friends in Germany n somehow get to the German media.. as to why we are avoiding the Muslim vendors… Quite a few videos doing rounds on whatsapp.. High time our friends started speaking for us in d right forums… We defending ourselves is.. Our word against theirs what with backstabbers like Ms Roy doing their bit.. Hoping that u’ll agree to this.. High time we went on backfoot n defended ourselves.. With lot of respect n hope Alka

    1. it’s difficluyt to get into mainstream media in Germany… i tried

      1. Hari Anant Gokhale · ·

        I appreciate difficulty faced by you in breaking through main stream German media which is anchored in a faith which also believes in it’s singularity, though not so viciously like other Abrhahamic faiths. Yes, time cures all maladies, so will this malady of ‘my way high way’ of Abrahamic faiths. But it would not be a bad idea if Government of India takes up this issue of vicious reporting with German Govermment. There is freedom of press, but Germans need to be told that there would be economic price to pay for all this when India’s inevitable ascent begins. We will not call it Blackmail but Gentle Persuasion?

      2. agree with you.

  5. shaanu1087 · · Reply

    Very well written and so much informative. It’s also a tight slap in the face of anti-India, anti-Hindu, leftist and 786% pseudo secular media.

  6. Maria Ji Namaste!

    A precise introspection of reality is seen in your article. The false propaganda by anti-Indians like Arundhati Roy and so many more are still active in this land only because we Hindus are keeping our cool and showing our magnanimity towards these leeches. However, it will not be cool raining all the time, there will be scorching hot Sun also emerge after the rainy season.

    There is a maxim in Tamil ‘மிதிபட மிதிபட, புழுவும் புலியாகும்’ which means ‘even a small worm will emerge as a tiger when it is being crushed again and again’. Hindus never wanted to make enmity with anybody with respect to religion, race, skin, etc. However, they even know to defend themselves from these bloody leeches when such situation arises. It is just a matter of time. Never test the patience of cool Indians, because aggressive reciprocation is the ultimate weapon.

  7. arishsahani · · Reply


    1. Col arun joshi · · Reply

      you are so right

    2. Arundathi Roy is not a Hindu, she is converted Christian in fact, and she does justification to her religion. Are we?

  8. Great article Maria! Appreciate your honesty and research.

  9. Susheel Sharma · · Reply

    Thank you Mariaji for calling a spade a spade. Thank you for trying to awaken the world by straightening the records. Thank you for trying to put a brave fight. Speak the truth and the devil will run away. But these (sick)/ secularist run away at the sight of Muslims but become lions in opposing the Hindus.

  10. Whatever Arundhari Roy has written or spoken in European media and press is sheer lie as she has a reputation of traitor in India. We don’t give her thought a damn. She is doing for what she is known. Further, there is no danger to Muslims and Hindus in India but it’s certain that Europe, Scandinavian countries as well as UK shall bear the brunt of hard-core islamisation of Society. It’s only India which can tackle it as it’s roots have experience of fighting with this kind of aggression for centuries. God bless Germany.

  11. PRADEEP KRISHNAN · · Reply

    Thank you Maria ji for telling the truth, nothing but the truth. Are we living in a fools paradise?

    1. And how do you know that ‘Maria Ji’ is telling the “truth, nothing but the truth”?

  12. Col Arun Joshi · · Reply

    Thankyou. One cannot expect anything other than this from AR. Her demonising the Hindus must be music for that German Channel.
    The Pope should consider her Sainthood. If Mother Theresa why not her.

    1. Dispal · · Reply

      Respected Sir,
      The Pope can not consider Ms. Arundhati Roy for sainthood since she is not from Catholic background. Her mother was a Syrian Christian – a Christian denomination which does not come under Pope.
      Only Catholics are be considered for Sainthood by Vatican that too after their demise.
      This is just for your information.

  13. […] article was published on author’s blog on 22 April, 2020 and has been reproduced here with minor […]

  14. A bold and factual report Maria.

  15. Anil Dutta · · Reply

    Very balanced and factual article. Things are changing. I have seen the evolution. People used to fight shy of calling themselves Hindu when I was a child. Now they say it with pride. Hinduism is still plagued with fragmentation. It will also go. The complexes fostered over 100 years will take time to get wiped out. However, I am confident of tide turning because I know how strong Hinduism is.

  16. Varadarajan Seshamani · · Reply

    Dear Ms Wirth
    You have made a comprehensive case, as usual. And it is all right and factual.
    Readers and listeners, unfortunately, fall for quick conclusions, headlines, anything negative, something that feeds into their biases.
    Communicartion on Hindu matters should shift slightly, laterally, away from the emotional and the righteous, to the factual.
    Easily understood points that limited minds can grasp more easily and may find difficult to refute.
    The limited minds of the listeners are, by now, used to reading headlines and drawing conclusiuons therefrom. They cannot fully read or comprehend all that the Hindu is saying. For even the “modern” Hindu labelled person, this is difficult and he is now incapable of going through a lot of thinking to arrive at the truth.
    Thinking has been given up by most of the modern successful people and is now left to the “lowest” order of the lay public, who understand the ethos of Hinduism moch more than all the commercially and technologfically successful people of this country – focussed as they are – on their possessions, their western focussed successes and their education driven logic.
    This is not helped by the bhuge public successes of Gurus who sperad non-tradiyional thinking on spirituality – with a marketing face. Not for them the emphasis on showing how the scriptures fit the spiritual narrative and add to that strength with their discourses.
    We are lucky in this country that there are so many Spiritual; people who concentrate on spiritual knowledge and realizations anmd strend[gthen the ancient knowledge and understanding with theit own efforts at self-realization.
    At the end of the day – this is the only thing that may save this Hindu ethos and society.
    I apologise for this somewhat negative writing.
    THank you for the immense efforts that You are are making to get people onto the right way of thinking.
    Maybe I will one day turn more positive.
    Sarvae Janah: Sukhino Bhavantu
    Communications need to be bulleted, with headings and conclusions.
    Just my personal belief.
    One of the best communicators in this respect is Anand Ranganathan, whio can quote facts and figures in na comparative manner.

    1. I did not understand what Mr. Varadarajan Seshamani is all saying about. Did you Maria ji?

      1. to be more clear, like putting it into points, so that those with little knowledge on the topic also get the gist easily… a valid observation.
        Anand Ranganathan is an extremely good communicator, but everyone has his own style..

  17. Dr m s gusain · · Reply

    very right prof maria but this is going on from very long and when will last. but the efforts like you are doing are appreciable. i asdurr you the indian civilization will vontinue for long with its rich knowledge and values.

  18. SANDIP DEB · · Reply

    What an insightful piece of writing about the Universal Spirit of Hinduism from a person who is not a born Hindu. There can be multitude of UNTRUTH, but TRUTH is only ONE- the ETERNAL. Any faith proclaiming to be supreme and the ony Way is essentislly perpetrating falsehood on the humanity. Hindus are naive and peaceful, but not ready to be cowed down by the proseletisers. Hence is the Hindu bashing- how dare they-IDOLATORS?

  19. shreyaokhde · · Reply

    Extremely insightful article Maria ji

    Glad to have found your blog. Please keep writing.

    1. thank you. i just posted a new article

  20. Justagirl · · Reply

    I agree with most of what you said..but when u say that Christians and Muslims are enemies of India then u lost me..I am an Indian christian..i am proud of my culture..i am in awe of hinduism..but in no way is it the perfect religion is perfect..there are injustices in hinduism too..but yes Hinduism is a very beautiful religion which needs to be preserved…stop spreading hate maria.. because then you are as bad as the british colonizers who tried to divide India all the time and frankly we really don’t need people and hatred like you.

    1. Oh, come on ‘Justagirl’. Maria ji never support hatred nor she does herself. Probably you misunderstood her concepts. She was all the time defending the Sanatana what you call ‘Hinduism’, from other abrahamic religions which invaded India with the disguise of trade and ruled later by dividing the Indians by introducing caste and other means.

      A true Christian or a Muslim will never fight against other religions (by the way, Santana is not a religion at all). All those fight for their religion, are not true to their own religion. Sanatana Dharmi will never for fight however, will definitely defend and so was Maria ji doing. Hope you get my point!

  21. Hmm. With all due respect, this seems very sensationalist, and seems to truly overlook such things as power imbalances. You speak of Hindus who have ‘boycotted Muslims’ businesses, or whatnot’ without speaking of the numerous other violent crimes that have taken place under the excuse of Muslims having caused Corona – THESE are the things that made the situation seem borderline ‘genocidal’. Well-written article, but constructed very selectively, emotionally driven.

  22. By the way, Surah Anfal (8:39) does not tell Muslims to kill all people until Islam is accepted. It refers specifically to (read the Surah!) those who demonstrated hostility towards followers of Muhammad at the time – threatening to kill them, evict them, or confine them. Surah Kaafiroon tells us that others have their religions; we have ours. Elsewhere in the Qur’an, we are told not to initiate war etc on the basis of religion. But doing so in self-defence is allowed; even then, we should not “transgress”.

  23. The term ‘Kaafir’ does not refer to ‘disbelievers’ per se. There is a translative choice that is made here. The word refers to those who ‘cover up’ the truth – who know the truth in their hearts, but who refuse to outwardly accept it. Contextually, this refers to those Jews, Christians and idol-worshippers of the time of Muhammad, who knew of his coming via scripture, but who did not accept the message, out of arrogance / loyalty to their ancestral traditions

  24. Ravi Kumar Namballa · · Reply

    Excellent information. Hope the news is read by many people from abroad so that they understand the truth.

  25. Manohar Sharma · · Reply

    Maria Wirth,very succinctly written.You have hit the nail on the head.

  26. Mahen Gupta · · Reply

    Appreciate the review. Fantastic reply to Roy.

  27. Dilip Kher · · Reply

    A beautiful article so well written. Another flaw of Islam is the built in fear for apostasy, punishable with death. This prevents even educated and perceptual muslims from criticising the most obvious flaws in Islam. Islam needs very urgently a software update.

  28. Muslim population is rising very fast in Germany. So they will naturally run anti hindu agenda.

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