Don’t lecture India; look at your own record

Europeans have a horrifying record regarding human rights violations. Germany is well known for an unprecedented, systematic holocaust of Jews and gypsies right in the middle of Europe only 80 years ago. Yet Britain, France, Portugal and others were as brutal with equal or even higher number of humans killed in their colonies. Their victims count many millions and many of them were Indians.

The Arabs, Turks and Mongols, too, have a horrifying record regarding human rights. The number of victims killed also goes into many millions, and many of them were Indians.

The Muslims invaded India already over thousand years ago and were as brutal as ISIS in our times. Unspeakable torture and beheadings were done on massive scale. Even the supposedly benign “Akbar the Great” slaughtered Hindus in huge numbers. The collective sacred threads of the Brahmins massacred by him is said to have weighed 200 kilogram. Can one even imagine such incredible injustice and brutality to civilians and priests? Thousands of temples were destroyed. Hindu women were sold into sex slavery. Hindus even had to open their mouth and receive gratefully the spittle by Muslims sitting on horses, and slaughtering cows was seen as “noblest deed” because it was so painful for Hindus, is recounted in “Legacy of Jihad” by Andrew Bostom.

The brutality experienced by Hindus was so horrendous that, even in independent India, they hardly dare to complain when they are subjected to cruel discrimination. It is painful to read comments whenever Hindus are killed or raped by Muslims: “This won’t make news, as the victim is only a Hindu”. It is so sad, but understandable after what they have gone through for over thousand years. They had no way to get justice; had to bear their suffering silently.

Guru Nanak cried out to the Supreme, and it is part of the Grant Sahib, “Having lifted Islam to its head, You have engulfed Hindustan in dread… Such cruelties they have inflicted and yet Your mercy remains unmoved….Oh Lord, these dogs have destroyed the diamond-like Hindustan.”

The British colonial masters were not less brutal. Their disdain for the natives was incredible. Winston Churchill is on record saying that he “hated Indians” and considered them a “beastly people with a beastly religion”. Celebrities like Charles Dickens wanted the Indian race ‘exterminated’ and considered them vile savages and Max Mueller wanted them all converted to Christianity.

Britain looted and reduced the formerly wealthiest country of the world to painful poverty, where during their rule over 25 million people starved to death, 3 million as late as in 1943 in Bengal.

The crimes of the British colonialists are, like those of the Muslim invaders, too numerous to list. They tied Indians to the mouth of canons and blew them up, hanged scores of them on trees, and even just after over one million Indian soldiers had helped Britain to be victorious in the First World War with many thousands sacrificing their lives, General Dyer gave orders to shoot at a peaceful gathering in Amritsar in 1919 where thousands died. An old coffee planter in Kodagu told me that even in the early 1950s there was a board in front of the club house in Madikeri. It read: “Dogs and Indians not allowed”.

Can anyone imagine the pain those Indian generations went through, having arrogant, often uncouth ruffians looting their land and despising them as dogs?

How could Europeans and Arabs be so cruel to other human beings? The reason is that they saw themselves as superior and others not quite as human.

Religion played a big role in making them feel superior. Both Christianity and Islam teach their members that only their religion is true and that the Creator will reward them with eternal heaven, but will severely punish all those who do not follow their ‘true’ religion. If God himself will torture them eternally in hellfire, why should his followers be good to them? Wouldn’t it mean siding with God’s enemies and betraying Him?

But on what basis do they consider only their religion as true and themselves as superior? The reason is that the respective founder of their religion allegedly said so. No other reason exists and no proof. On this flimsy basis, Christians and Muslims treated other human beings most inhumanly, believing they are destined for hell while they themselves are God’s favorites and will go to heaven. This brainwashing in the name of religion happens even in our times and its effect is still not questioned and analysed.

Yet today, neither white Christians, nor Arab or Turkish Muslims are constantly reminded of those terrible crimes of their forefathers. “The present generation must not be held accountable for the sins of their fathers”, is however not applied to Hindus and especially not to Brahmins. Media keeps hitting out at them as if they had been the worst violators of human rights in the past. Hinduism is portrayed as the villain due to the “horrific and oppressive” caste system.

Anyone, who knows a little about history, knows that this is false and malicious. The structure of Hindu society into four varnas or categories is mentioned in the Vedas and depends on one’s aptitude and profession – Brahmins, who memorise and teach the Vedas, Kshatriyas, who administer and defend society, Vaishyas who supply the society with goods and Shudras, who are the service sector. The varnas are not fixed by birth in texts like Bhagavad Gita or Manusmriti. But the British themselves cemented ‘castes’ (a Portuguese word) in their census and then turned around and accused Hindus of their birth-based, fixed caste system.

There was however one more category which the whole world has been told about and which is used to the hilt to despise Hinduism. They were the untouchables who do unclean work, like handling dead animals, cleaning sewers, etc. The fact that other varnas avoided touching them is still made a huge issue of in the West. In fact it is portrayed, as if this practice made Hindus the greatest violators of human rights and makes the millions tortured and killed by Christians and Muslims pale in comparison.

Yet there is no proof that even one of those untouchables has been killed for doing unclean work. Higher castes may indeed have looked down or still look down on those whose job involves dirt, which is unfortunately a human trait in all societies. It has nothing to do with Hinduism. Most people are aware that such work also needs to be done.

There is in all likelihood another angle regarding “untouchability”, which the British did not realize: Ayurveda knew already 3000 years ago that invisible germs can cause serious illness and those dealing with cadavers and dirt are more likely to carry and spread those. However, the British didn’t know about this fact till only some 150 years ago, when Louis Pasteur claimed that germs cause sickness. (By the way, Google describes this discovery as “crowning achievement of the French scientist”, and avoids mentioning India’s ancient Ayurveda).

Now in today’s time of “social distancing” due to the Corona Virus, we know that not touching others is a precaution to prevent potential infection and has nothing to do with discrimination. The British could have given Hindus the benefit of doubt that they avoided physical contact with certain people due to caution. But since the British didn’t have the advanced knowledge about harmful germs they could not see the possible reason behind it.

Since Independence, the caste system is officially abolished and discrimination against lower castes is a non-bailable offense. Yet the West still makes a huge issue of the caste system and untouchables. Why? Was this the greatest crime the British could find against the “natives” and therefore exaggerated it tremendously?

This is not to say that people of higher castes didn’t or don’t look down on lower castes, but the demonization of Brahmins is most unwarranted, as Brahmins are least likely to harbour hatred for others due to their strict rules for sadhana which requires them to keep a very high standard of mental and physical purity.  Yet evangelicals, NGOs, international media, Muslim organisations, they all are after them and Hindus in general. They attack them for “atrocities” which never even happened, while the unspeakable atrocities, which were perpetrated upon them, are ignored. It’s a classic case of noticing the speck in the brother’s eye, but not the beam of wood in one’s own eye.

They got away with it for too long, because Hindus didn’t react. The meekness of Hindus was legendary. They were even called cowards. Yet in recent time, Hindus are becoming more assertive. They realize that the constant attacks on them are malicious, and that they are being fooled in the name of secularism because neither Christians nor Muslims can be secular. They are by nature communal because they need to make their community spread all over the world.

It is time to call out this blatant insincerity. When a head of state, like Imran Khan, accuses the Modi government in a tweet of “moving towards Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist, fascist ideology”, he better looks at his own country and his own ideology. A Hindu Rashtra with its inclusiveness and freedom are any time better than the exclusive, supremacist ideologies of Islam and Christianity, which force human beings into a strait-jacket of blind belief and several Muslim states threaten even today those who want to get out with death sentence.

By Maria Wirth



  1. Ranjit singh · · Reply

    Which are the lines in the Granth sahib ?
    Guru Nanak cried out to the Supreme, and it is part of the Grant Sahib, “Having lifted Islam to its head, You have engulfed Hindustan in dread… Such cruelties they have inflicted and yet Your mercy remains unmoved….Oh Lord, these dogs have destroyed the diamond-like Hindustan.”

    1. i read it somewhere and asked a Sikh friend to check it for me. he did. you may be Sikh, my friend found it easily.

    2. i read it in Arun Shourie’s eminent historians.
      That being the case, what do these eminent historians have to say about Guru Nanak, and his searing cry,

      “Khurasan khasmana kiya Hindustanu daraiya
      Aapae dosu na deyi karta jamu kari mughlu chadhaiya
      Aiti maar payi karlande tain ko dardu na ayiya
      Karta tu sabhna ka soi
      Je sakta sakte kayu mare taa mani rosu na hoyi
      Sakta sihu maare paye vagaye khasme sa pursai
      Ratan vigadi vigoye kuttin muiya saar na koyi…”

      “Having lifted Islam to the head, You have engulfed Hindustan in dread….
      Such cruelties have they inflicted, and yet Your mercy remains unmoved….
      Should the strong attack the strong the heart does not burn. But when the
      strong crush the helpless, surely the One who was to protect them has to be
      called to account…. O’ Lord, these dogs have destroyed this diamond-like
      Hindustan, (so great is their terror that) no one asks after those who have
      been killed, and yet You do not pay heed…”

      What do they say of Guru Nanak’s account of the young brides whose youth, jewels, honour have been snatched away by the invaders on the orders of Babar ? What of his wail,

      “Ikna vakhat khuvai ahi ikhan pooja jayi
      Chadke vindu hindvandiyan kiyu tike kathi nayi
      Ramu na kabhu chetiyo hundi kahndi na mile khudai…”

      “Hindus have been forbidden to pray at the time of the Muslim’s namaz, Hindusociety has been left without a bath, without a tilak. Even those who have never uttered “Ram”, even they can get no respite by shouting “Khuda,
      Khuda”…. The few who have survived Babar’s jails wail…. The desolation
      which has come over the land…. The entire races which have been
      exterminated, which have been humiliated…”

      1. Hey dear MW you are wrongly translating the verse or copy pasting a wrong translation from internet.
        The verse says Mughals not Islam. Please note that Guru Nanak might have said the same because in 1526 Babar (the person who established Mughal empire) attacked India and he came from Northwest India, where Guru Nanak lived.
        But it should not be construed as saying that he believed Muslims are evil. Though Sikh-Muslim rivalry will emerge with later emperors namely Jahangir who beheaded 6th Guru Arjan Singh.
        Guru Nanak was one of the prominent people during that time who worked on Hindu-Muslim unity. Even the Punjabi language was created by a Muslim Sufi Saint Baba Farid whose verses also reflect in Guru Granth Sahib. Another famous Muslim scholar whose sayings are in the Sikh Holy book is Kabir.
        Guru Nanak had two companions during a lower caste and another Muslim. The trio preached from hamlet to hamlet that “there is no Hindu, there is no musalmaan”
        Hence your interpretation of Guru Nanak being against Islam is not only wrong but has potential to fire the false narrative of Hindus have been victimised since ages.

      2. Thanks for your cooked stories Pankaj. Can you authenticate your information with the sources?

  2. Dear Maria, thank you for trying so hard to call attention to these issues. You have been doing this for years and you know your efforts are much appreciated by your readers.

    But you know something? Even if you publish this post in every newspaper in the world, and display these cogent arguments of yours in bullet points on huge hoardings across cities in all 194 countries – NOBODY WILL NOTICE! I know for sure that everything we write is completely invisible and everything we say is totally inaudible! It can’t be magic, so there must be people working hard to keep it that way!

    1. at least there is a change among Hindus, isn’t it? More are waking up, thanks to efforts of Pushpendra Kulshreshta and others.

      1. I completely agree. I’m not saying we must stop writing. We must continue writing, speaking, making videos and protecting Sanatana Dharma until we throw off the cloak that has been thrown over us to make us invisible and inaudible. Now that we have woken up let’s stay awake and support each other. Our lack of unity and sense of brotherhood has been our Achilles heel through the ages.

      2. Om prakash trivedy · ·

        Thanks for such honest and elaborate presentation of truth.

    2. M.Rajan · · Reply

      White men have wiped out native populations in the Americas, raped, bludgeoned innocent children and women, induced small pox into natives, brought in black and Chinese slaves who built the U.S.A.
      British ruined millions of Chinese thru Indian opium, growers, procuring agents were non other than the guardians of Hinduism “Bhramins”

      1. Either you must be a Dravida Party person or an illustrate of Indian history. Either way, you are the looser.

  3. krishna rao · · Reply

    HIGHLY appreciate – Thanks for exposing REAL CULPRITS

  4. Maria Ji, thanks for wonderful and pinpointing the atrocities done with much happier in the heart by the invaders of this country, called ‘Most Civilized People (Christians) and ‘People from Religion of Peace’ (Islam). You broke the coconut into two pieces very precisely. Of course, that is how you do it every time. Keep the pace Lady!

    Imran Khan accuses the Modi government in a tweet of “moving towards Hindu Rashtra with its Hindutva Supremacist, fascist ideology” – it looks like ‘Satan reads the Bible (Kuran)’. Being a PM of Islamic State’ which is showing no secularism to religious minorities, how shamelessly commenting Sri Modi and his Government?

    Hindus are basically, peace lovers and seekers of harmony among all. This is the beauty Sanatana Dharma. The best thing about our Dharma was not understood by the world all these years. Yes, we were treated like cowards by Moguls and dogs by the English. I think this the high time for Hindu’s wake up from ‘false sleep’ called ‘Pseudo Secularism’ (applied only to Hindus).

    You have given the wake-up call Maria Ji, but that is not enough, the message has to be spread more to every house of Hindus who were brainwashed by Congress and Communist parties all these years. Let’s start the Punaruddarana Yatra’ for Hindu legacy Maria Ji.

  5. Brilliant

  6. krishna ramdial · · Reply

    Thank you Maria for giving me voice. Hindus all over the world will appreciate your researched contributions.

  7. Maria ji, in my state of Kerala, a tribal girl was raped in the town of Walayar. The prepatators hailed from the ruling party and were acquited in the court. This is a brutal crime. However, this does not justifty me throwing stones at shops or beating anyone in a drunken brawl. Yes, my crime is of “lesser degree” than the rape that went unpunished, but the police can’t just go to the shopkeeper whose shop I threw stones at and say “There are rapes that are going unpunished, why are you bothered about broken glasses thrown by rowdy elements”. A crime is a crime, it can’t be white-washed by comparing to other’s crimes.

    Maria ji, you are of European descent, you have experienced Hinduism from a spiritual and theological point of view. But you have not witnessed the social and cultural side. No upper caste is going to come to say to you and make statements like “These Xy people are always like this”. For you, casteism is a academic study. But for many, it is a reality. Untouchability is still practised in many swathes of India.

    And IT WAS NOT RELATED TO HYGIENE. I repeat, it was not related to hygiene. People touched, played, virtually slept in the same bed(not to be taken in sexual sense) with members of their own community, while at the same time avoiding members of lower castes. In Kerala, members of the lower caste had to run away from the road, when they saw a member of upper caste coming by.

    And all this happened in the recent past. How are you gonna explain to a Dalit “Yes, I know your father was made to seat in floor for being dalit, your grandfather was forced to work as a bonded labour , but atleast we didn’t kill you , unlike those Arabs and Whites?”

    Kanchi/Sringeri/ udupi Mutts are famous mutts of India which train students in Shastras? Tell me how many of the kids studying there are from non-Brahmin background. let me tell the answer myself. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

    Yes, Christians practise casteism especially those from Kerala(worser than Hindus), tamil Nadu and Goa. But that is not a “solution” for the problem of casteism affecting Hindus. Others too are bad is not the solution.

    Knowledge of Hinduism steadily declines as we move down the caste ladder. A bitter truth is majority of Dalits have no clue about Hindu religion(I am not talking about the vedas which neither Brahmins have any clue about). I am talking about Hindu customs like abstaining meat on specific days, visiting astrologers, death rituals, visiting temples. For example, many Hindus including OBC’s abstain from meat on certain days. But I have seen Dalits not following it.. Why? Because it was never followed by their ancestors.

    All these are harsh and unpleasant truths and we as hindus must ponder on how to take Hinduism properly to the masses. But what I am seeing is bashing up of others. Our Fort is being attacked. Let’s re-enforce our fort, strengthen our defenses before going on a offense.

    P.S : I AM NOT COMMUNIST, NOR A CHRISTIAN/MUSLIM. Just a sincere Hindu who wishes for changes in Hindu society.

    1. Sam Jolly · · Reply

      Mate!!!! I think you missed the point she was trying to make.
      Please read the article again and try to grasp the overall context from it, rather than taking excerpts out from the article, and giving over arching importance to them. Stop trying to be an incorrigible idealist and try to focus on ground realities.
      Hinduism has its issues no doubt but not even close to the crap Islam/Christianity and it’s followers have dished out over the ages.

      1. My point is these academic discussions have no bearing on ground reality. Sanatana Dharma is facing two fold threat – one is increasing lawlessness and disproportionate birth rate of a community. This can be tackled by voting a strong Hindutva government to power.

        The second threat is the rapid expansion of Churches and missionaries who are fooling our Hindi bretheren into converting. And what is to be done? Do you think care about what some random academic or Human Rights organisation writes in the West? Ground work is needed to protect them from falling into trap set into missionaries. One of the steps is curbing casteism in our society, under which certain bigots think only the deserved shall have access to Hinduism. If we keep on thinking like that, we will end up like Kashmir.

        My point is simple. Maria ji is focussing on issues that don’t actually matter on the ground and are of only academic value.

        Yesterday, a minister from Andhra Pradesh openly says Christian population has zoomed from 2% to 25%. Let me tell, they did not convert because some elite liberals taugth them Hinduism. THey got converted because some pastor performed some stupid stunts. They converted because they haven’t read Bhagavat Gita in their life. We should be planning on how to win them back. Or we could keep on ranting on how we are unfavorably portrayed in the West.

      2. Fully agree we need to win them back. So the negative, unbelievable aspects of those religions must be openly discussed.
        Regarding caste system, is there anyone forbidden to read scriptures, repeat mantras? If I can do it as an outcaste…
        No society is equal in the roles people play, in Sanatana Dharma the essence in all is equal.

      3. @Maria ji, since I could not reply at top, reposting your comment.

        “Fully agree we need to win them back. So the negative, unbelievable aspects of those religions must be openly discussed.
        Regarding caste system, is there anyone forbidden to read scriptures, repeat mantras? If I can do it as an outcaste…
        No society is equal in the roles people play, in Sanatana Dharma the essence in all is equal.”

        Yes, 1st point , I agree. We need to talk about it in simple terms to the masses(more detailed for the really curious and in academic circles). When Christians, Muslims raise their kids, they convey to their kids simple lines about Hinduism “They are idol worshippers. They worship multiple false gods instead of one. Don’t be like them”. Similarly, Hindu parents must explain to their Kids in simple terms on Christians/Muslims “They believe God treats them alone specially. They don’t believe in proportionate reward/punishment, unlike us who believe in fair treatment for all” – Ofcourse I am being simplistic, but we need to ingrain this basic thought process.

        2nd point, do you deny there are actual caste based barriers to learning mantras? Yes, these barriers can be jumped over by those willing, but not everyone is willing to do so, especially when the other side is distributing chocolates and samosas(both literally and figuratively).
        Let me tell an uncomfortable truth – knowledge of Hinduism decreases as we come down the erstwhile used caste ladder. We can argue these caste divisions were not actually intended by our ancestors, but the fact is presently, members of most backward cards/Dalits/tribals/slum-dewellers lack knowledge of Hinduism as compared to a middle class Brahmin/baniya/prosperous OBCs.

        We have to address this disparity urgently.

        P.S: I live with a Christian who is a medical student. He distributes Bible during his birthdays, in streets sometimes. He holds medical camps once in a year in some tribal village of Chattisgarh. At the same time, being a part-time doctor, he also earns sufficiently.

        Similarly, shouldn’t Hindus try to spread message of Dharma in their free-time? Shouldn’t we think about building such a enabling system.

        You are a notable personality, while I am a nobody. I can only request you to think of starting such active networks where interested may volunteer.

      4. I feel the knowledge decreases about the basics of Hindu Dharma, the higher (English) educated people are…. Simple people at least still know about the law of karma, have respect for sun, Durga chalisa, Hanuman chalisa, puja, etc.. may never have heard of Upanishads, but then kids in English schools also don’t hear and their parents and grandparents already have been brainwashed out of being interested in knowing. The mind set has to be right, knowledge is secondary. Not everyone is interested in study, no need also, that’s why your ancestors set a varna aside so that the knowledge is not lost. Brahmins had tough rules, some still follow, like the woman will not enter kitchen before taking bath even in winter, no accumulation of wealth, pure food… so the demonization that they were so nasty to those who cleaned toilets, may well be an agenda to make people lose respect for them and with it, the knowledge goes. It’s no joke to memorize the Vedas exactly, I learnt one Upanishad, took ages…
        I also noticed that upper class treats lower class often badly, nothing to do with caste, like friends would talk down to a taxi driver with “tum” though he is a Singh but address kids of their friends as aap. Must have learnt it from the British.
        Luckily things change now for the better. What you suggest, there are many groups working already for revival and strengthening of Hindu Dharma. Indic Academy has many programs for all types of people to contribute to society, Agniveer, Hindus for equal righjts, Sarayu trust,.
        Yes, Christians are very actively ‘good’ and the foot soldiers may be convinced that it’s the truth, but they can’t be really honest to themselves and there is this pressure “to bear witness of Christ”. There is always some hypocrisy involved because their belief doesn’t stand on any ground but is fully blind. Ask your friend, if he really believes that only Christians go to heaven, and if so, why…

  8. One who has come across your writings will never forget your contribution to India. Last year, in December I visited Anandamayi Maa’s Ashram in Kankhal. And there in the Ashrams Bookstore, I was delighted to see a book named ‘Thank you India’ by a German author. In my vision its one of the perfect books to fall in the hands of young Indians.
    I was dazzled and my interest in the Spiritual Wisdom grew.
    And I would like to mention this thing – During one of my train travels in Jan 2020, when I was reading your book , an old lady sitting next to me got a sudden interest in the book that I noticed her peeping into it couple of times. She told me that she had seen Deveraha baba back when she was a kid!

    1. Really happy to know this. thank you for connecting

  9. nparamasivam1951 · · Reply

    Really interesting analysis. I am now eager to go for reading English translation of Baba Gurunanak teachings.

  10. Chitra desai · · Reply

    Thank you for speaking the. Truth. I would very much like to correspond with you. Maria. You have my respect Thank you

  11. Great article. Thank you

    I will use some of your points in future videos.

    Visit DharmYog.Com


  12. Basu Bose · · Reply

    Maria Ji: Undoubtedly, this is one of the best pieces you have written, and, deserves gratitude and heartfelt thanks from many of us.
    Since this falls in the category of ‘timeless’ work, I will have to soon disseminate the same to several other persons (including a few western journalist and politicians) and/or other so-called human rights/ women’s rights organizations whether I am fond of them or not.
    Of course, some of the many hypocrites and ‘complicit in crimes and genocides’ including hard left (and, so called liberal or progressive or intellectual, highbrow western English newspapers (in the UK, US and Canada) would never change because of their bigotry against Hindus & they tend to forget that Hinduism is older than the combined age of Christianity and Islam.
    But that doesn’t mean, we shouldn’t keep chipping away at them in small measure, because it’s an ongoing fight we should never give up, no matter their radio silence.
    Sadly, the Indian English media (not the overwhelmingly vernacular ones which most “ordinary” “low class” “uneducated” Indians read) tend to ape the progressive western English media (as if they are playing to the western readers who themselves (not the western media) don’t care a hoot about some of these gutless, “highbrow” mostly lacking in world view type of writers and columnists), and accept the western English media views as god send, instead of, not only rejecting such ill informed (I would say, ignorant and/or envious to some extent that India can still carry on and operate a hugely complex, multi lingual, multi religious democracy which is only possible because the majority of Indians are Hindus.)
    I would like them to report and be more critical of what’s going on in the west especially, in the three of the “five eyes” countries (and kudos to some of the western reporting that often feature in regard to racism, human rights violation, genocide of first nations, domestic violence, crime against women, importing slave labor, exploitation of white girl children sadly, by mostly, older Muslim men, abuse of children (and also, nuns) by the high priests of catholic churches, many forms of horrendous Islamic atrocities in Africa, political corruption, bribery/ fraud/ economic mismanagement- so on and so forth.The list ls seemingly endless and, ought to keep the Indian “secular” journalists busy and suitably, employed for quite a long time.
    Not that it is necessary, may I also, say that the order of magnitude of the atrocities and genocide by the colonialists (including by the Christian missionaries) in Africa (apparently, 14 million in Belgian Congo) and South America were, mildly put, disproportionately high compared with the global population during those times.
    Never mind that, closer to India, Pakistan which has fewer Muslims than India has, not only is ethnically cleansing its own Hindu and Christian (Indian media deliberately, do not want to report them), it also (yes, the oxford educated, ex-cricketer and play boy, Imran Khan) is deliberately, being quiet about the abysmal treatment and ‘brain washing” of the 2 million plus Uighur Muslims by the Chinese communist regime mainly, because Pakistan receives quantum economic and military aid from the world’s second most economically powerful country.
    How can one forget that the same Pakistan (called West Pakistan at the time, with American blessing) killed 3 million civilians and raped 250,000 girls and women (disproportionately, high number of Hindus among them), destroyed Hindu temples en-masse- in nine short months between March and December,1971?.
    And yet, the liberated (with India’s help) Bangladesh (then East Pakistan, first created by the British) has now been ethnically cleansing Hindus (more, during last 21 years) in all its forms- temple razing, torching homes, large scale crimes against 20,000 + women and girls, wanton land and property grab, internal and external displacement of millions. Shame on the hypocrite Hindu journalists who deliberately, censor these news (and yet, little do they realize many Bengali Muslim journalists report them, without fear or favor.
    In summary, your writing should be a wake up call for all Hindus, and Hindu diaspora AND a reminder that one has to learn and relearn historical facts, and should keep on fighting.
    It may not be an easy one but nothing ever is.
    Thank you again for being an ongoing inspiration and, making me proud of being a Hindu.

  13. Dr.S.Himesh · · Reply

    Excellent article Mam, This small article is profound and illustrated the hypocrisy of Abrahamic cults in a nutshell 

    Dr.S.Himesh Principal Scientist CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) NAL Belur Campus Wind Tunnel Road Bangalore-56 0037 Phone: +91 080 25051327(o), 9844854288 (m) Fax:+91 80 25220392 home:

  14. Sarvam Krishnarpanamastu

  15. Changing · · Reply

    I cry

  16. Krishna Kumar · · Reply

    Can I translate the main points of this into a local language and publish in a web site ? With courtesy to you ?

    1. yes, please do. which local language?

  17. Lalita · · Reply

    So truthful and detailed analysis of hinduism.the whole world must have the vision like you regarding hindus and heartfelt thanks to maria .

  18. Devendra Singh · · Reply

    Wow, Thank You for writing TRUTH, I don’t know you but people like you keep our faith in Humanity, at least there are few people exists, who dare to write TRUTH. Thank you 🙏

  19. Nilansh Singh · · Reply

    Wow, Thank You for writing TRUTH, I don’t know you but people like you keep our faith in Humanity, at least there are few people exists, who dare to write TRUTH. Thank you
    Folded hands

  20. Krishna Kumar · · Reply

    Malayalam. I will let you know when it is published

  21. Rajesh · · Reply

    Absolutely correct she has mentioned. Hindus were divided, faced lots of cruelty and converted by many rulers and religious bodies of Islam and Christianity.

  22. sbtnchnadmin · · Reply

    Namaskarams Mam(i),

    My sincere apologies in the first place to address you as Mam(i), since I really do not know your gender. I saw in this reply column someone addressing you as ‘Mam’ and hence my assumption. I also do not know your age, but that has nothing to do with my addressing you as ‘Mami’! With due respects to your faith in Sanatana Dharma a.k.a. Hinduism which is again a misnomer and product of British colonial hegemony, I must say in good faith that you are promoting ‘Good Faith’ by continuing to write relentlessly in support of Sanatana Dharma, a True name for our religion which is misconstrued by the English-speaking non-English Indians with no knowledge or less knowledge about our Great Sanatana Dharma. Even the English language online dictionary does not seem to like the word ‘Sanatana’! You can see it underlining the word ‘Sananata’ in RED! That is the kind of mindset we Indians/Hindus(?!) have inherited from the erstwhile British rulers!
    As regards your current article, I have very little more to add to what others have said so far. While it is fabulously Upright and Honest, in intention and content dissemination, It is also an eye-opener to all others pretending to be asleep! As an upright Brahmin myself, I must admit that many of my first-generation Hindu(!?) brothers and sisters do not know much about their own religion. That is the sad part of our Education system still influenced by McCaulay, even after 70 years of own (mis)Rule! Many of us have shunned the Patashala/Gurukul type of Education. I have seen myself as to the Shame(?) felt by many of my Brahmin brothers in not sporting our traditional Vibhuti/Tiruman on the forehead, not to speak of the apparent guilt in the mindset of young womenfolk in sporting the Tilak in their forehead! That is the effect of western Christian Education system we have inherited in 70 years of our HomeRule! Secularism is a glorified word when it comes to the erstwhile congress/communist brothers who do not even know what ‘Secularism’ really means! They all should look into Sanatana Dharma scriptures, which they hate so much, to know the real meaning! I must stop here, i feel, lest it will go long-winding much more than your original article!

    Thank you Maria Wirth ( Mariyadaikkuriya Worthy sister!


    1. Dear Kalivaradhan Garu, let me share a few points.

      The name ‘Maria’ itself female gender, hope you know it. Further your address Mam(i) i.e., Mam or Mami both addresses female gender only, what is your confusion in gender? (Attn.Mariaji – Mami in Tamil means wife of maternal uncle in general and a respectful word calling married ladies among Brahmans)

      The word ‘Sanatana’ is not available in dictionary, you can simply add it easily in your computer with single click, Moreover, the word is also described now in ‘’, ‘’, etc.

      Yes, you are right, our fathers and forefathers lost the track of being a perfect Sanatana Dharmi, hence what we are today. Although born in such a rich Dharma, it is pathetic to be like this. As you said, the main culprit is our English education system which only teaches us to earn money. No moral, no ethics, no compassion, no eternal attainment way finding. Human values gone down drastically, fortunately there are still a few good souls spread across the Globe for whom we get rain and all others enjoying.

      Instead of finding faults in every religion, everybody should correct themselves and strive for being good to every one near to them. Fortunately, Sanatana Dharma alone teaches this, however Hindu people and from other religion unfortunately never understood this, on the contrary, the abused it at the maximum possible level. Sanatana Dharma withstands still like a Banyan tree with all type of blows, had it been any other religion, would have vanished from this world and there were so many religions vanished also.

      Jaya Jaya Shankara….. Hara Hara Shankara….

      1. sbtnchnadmin · ·

        HariH OM! Namaste ji, Of course I already knew the gender of Madame Maria Wirth! I only wanted the start of my reply to her a bit jovial / informal. By the way are you from Kanchi?

    2. No sir, I’m from Hyderabad, might be some of our ancestors would have stayed there. Thanks for asking.

  23. P.Kanagasabapathi · · Reply

    Excellent Maria Wirth ji.

    1. Thank you

  24. Thank God, someone spoke about the cruelties committed by Muslims and Christians on Hindus till this day. It’s time to standup and fight back, Take back the snatched glory of Hindus.

  25. […] article was first published on author’s blog on May 25, 2020 and is being reproduced here with permission, after minor edits to conform to […]

  26. Bhujang Nayak. · · Reply

    I have a photo of the Portuguese inquisition, where it’s shown how bad the people have suffered, I will send it to your above account,is it ok.?

    1. yes, Shefali Vaidya gave a talk (is on the web) on Goa under Portuguese and how terrible it was. many peoplein Goa don’t even know about…

  27. You are not on earth to change the world,because you cant. This is not Gods plan in this system for mankind.
    In this system every generation shall have the same conditions and chance to answer personal. So is the life cycle. Every one deserve the same chance to answer God and to define the own name. The consequence is nothing really changes. It is wanted that way.

    You are just here to tell God what your name is standing for.
    Is you name for love, truth, justice, peace, … for the holy spirit, a sprit that Jesus had? A self-sacrifing love. A love that is ready to die for others, which want to love too. Unfortunately mostly people let other die for their benefit and not like Jesus. Very sad, but every human makes his own decisions and writes the meaning of his own name. Thats why we are here, before we have to leave.
    When you have signed your answer with your life, then you have fullfilled as human the purpose of your visit and stay.

    1. “In this system every generation shall have the same conditions and chance to answer personal. So is the life cycle. Every one deserve the same chance to answer God and to define the own name. ”

      I assume what you mean by the above line is everyone has the same conditions to acept Jesus.No, no and no. My great-grandfather/grandfathers had no clue/idea who Jesus was. How did he have the same chance to find Jesus as that of a Christian born in Europe to Christian parents? There are many people who die early. There are many who are mentally incapable of making decisions on religion. How is it a equal chance?

      ” A self-sacrifing love. A love that is ready to die for others, which want to love too.” – I don’t know about myself , but I know about my parent’s love who would be ready to do so(Thank God, we don’t live in a feudal society where a feudal lord would be satisfied by a blood sacrifice) – That is why we Hindus consider Mother as God. “Mathru Devo bhava”

      ” Unfortunately mostly people let other die for their benefit and not like Jesus. ” – Maybe you think Jesus had the choice, but when you are sentenced to death back in the ol’ days, you had no choice but accept your fate.

      Besides the point of jesus sacrifice is not understand. How can someone give his life for other’s sins? Maybe it was acceptable in those days, but today we have evolved to understand no one can susbtitute for other’s mistake. For example, in those days, if a man killed someone and was executed for it, his son or father could come forward to get executed on the condemnded man’s behalf. Today, is it acceptable?

      The entire basis of Christianity is based on barbaric culture of the past. That is why we have jealous God who burns down towns, orders massacre, says anyone not worshipping him will burn in hell.

      However, Sanatana Dharma is based on universal principles, then and even now.

  28. Mukesh Shah · · Reply

    It’s nice to know this. We have to continue with the truth than only the future world will know the reality. Thanks for sharing this information

  29. Raj Shah · · Reply

    Dear Maria ji,

    Thanks for pointing out hypocrisy in western countries as well as in Media.

    Thank you for giving permission to re print you article in our magazine Desh-Videsh

    Here is the link of the article.

    1. Thank you

  30. Basu Bose · · Reply

    FW: Proud of Priti – Absolutely
    Following an extraordinary and courageous speech in the House of Commons by Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and, subsequent reactions of some strident Labour MPs & the venerated (?) news media like the Guardian, I wrote an email, albeit a few days later, in bcc form to several people including the editors/journalists of two well-known Canadian dailies, plus CBC & the offices of two federal cabinet ministers – but more importantly, to the editors and officials of the Guardian (who else!) and the Independent.
    Unfortunately, it was becoming much too long and, still too long but I had to somehow, get it off the ground (despite some of the typos contained therein.)
    Thought you may be interested in seeing a few excerpts from the same.
    First thing First?
    A Guardian headline screams “BAME MPs accuse Priti Patel of gaslighting in racism debate? ……(Oh, Oh, s/be BAME Labour MPs- ..But why this binary dogma or definition that everyone has to be absolutely defined by his/her whiteness or lack of it? …… There’s almost a sickening sort of (Hitlerism) Aryan sense of purity of blue bloodedness…
    ……….Blimey? As a (direct and indirect) tax payer and/or a significant investor and, job creator of every kind of residents in the country has that person got to be called BAME? …..
    Who the heck are they? In the US they are African Americans, Indian Americans, Chinese Americans, Iranian/Iraqi/ Lebanese Americans etc. or, when referred to on religious lines they are Muslim Americans, Hindu Americans, Sikh Americans… but not so much as Black/ Brown/ Chinese Christians.
    And in Canada where Justin Trudeau defined them as “A Canadian is A Canadian is a Canadian” i.e. the citizenship is what makes a person (whether one has acquired it by birth or residency.) Although many understand that the citizenship concept is meaningless when it comes to indigenous population who were savaged by the British and French colonialist forces and settlers & the current government are taking several progressive steps to right the historical wrongs. In terms of the non-white (visible minorities) Asian immigrants to Canada (mostly, since mid1960s) in the context of a ‘multiculturism’ and ‘charter of rights’, they could be referred to as South Asians (or East Indians), …..
    … many non-white people of South Asian and Caribbean origin who have or once lived in the UK since 1950, admired Labour prime ministers like … ; they also, admired Tory prime ministers like….
    Let’s cut it to the core. Who is Priti Patel? She is a born and brought up Hindu woman (person) of Indian origin whose parents came to the UK (probably, from Uganda after Idi Amin’s (a welcome resident of KSA) unleashing the horrors of Asian cleansing). BTW, the Black Labour MPs should learn some gruesome (racism) history of their own atrocities on the brown Asians (who came both as indentured labour or later as professionals immigrants) in parts of Africa or in the Caribbean? Racism is racism – the order of magnitude doesn’t obscure that.
    As to her background, her parents were hardworking entrepreneurs and owner of a small business (she inherited certain values, not unlike that of the ’ grocer’s daughter’ who became the first woman PM of the UK .)
    And despite being a non-Abrahamic Hindu, she fought and overcame numerous challenges including overt racism and insults; studied and worked, long and hard, to break many glass ceilings to become an MP, and a Cabinet Minister, no less.
    If Britain ever gets a female, non-White (sorry, BAME?) prime minister, she could be the one… (not Lisa Nandy (of Labour party) , an Indian Hindu origin -although she or her father may be a non-believer and, to Hinduism’s eternal credit, it accommodates such diversity of thought….That said, there’s more chance, a Hindu cabinet minister like Rishi Sunak or Alok Sharma may become a PM …….. –even then it’s long way since the first Hindu MP, Shailesh Vara was elected in 2005.
    Furthermore, those bullying (BAME?) Labour MPs – women and men- appear mainly of (non-Abrahamic) Muslim or Christian faith. Just look at Tulip Siddiq (niece of Sheikh Hasina, the PM of Bangladesh who was lucky enough not to have been slaughtered because she was in Kolkata at the time) AND our Tulip can’t feign ignorance of the wide spread (Malauns or the Kefir) Hindu Cleansing in all its forma including industrial scale ‘rape and gang rape’ of Hindu girls and women during last 20 years? Shame on her.) And, as for Naz Shah of Pakistani origin (she has been a controversial politician, to say the least.. However, for reading of history’s sake, she should learn about the genocide in 9 months of the 3 million Bangladeshi civilians and rape of 250,000 women and girls and some- may be Irene Khan can enlighten her.) One also has to say that that modern day younger Muslim or even Christian BAME(!) MPS don’t have the honesty and integrity to call out and, shame the many horrific atrocities and/ or terrorist mayhem committed by their Muslim brothers all over the world (be it ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram et al) and/or, to openly disassociate (they are educated or articulate enough) with the repulsive edicts that condemn the Hindus or Hinduism (much older than the combined age of Christianity and Islam) and, the other non- Abrahamic religions (such as the Yazidis) . In this context, let them (as well as, the Christian BAME MPs) read and recapture some unacceptable underlying concepts in their faith. (learning and relearning is a lifelong education process.)
    “Abrahamic faiths posed a special challenge to the Chinese religious view. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam claim an exclusive path to salvation: there is only one god, our god, and if you don’t follow him you will go to hell. That’s a rather stripped-down version of these rich and complex faiths, but this monolithic view of truth lies at the heart of these belief systems—and presented a problem to Chinese syncretism.” (Ian Johnson – The Uighurs and China’s Long History of Trouble with Islam.)
    “How could Europeans and Arabs be so cruel to other human beings? The reason is that they saw themselves as superior and others not quite as human. Religion played a big role in making them feel superior. Both Christianity and Islam teach their members that only their religion is true and that the Creator will reward them with eternal heaven, but will severely punish all those who do not follow their ‘true’ religion. If God himself will torture them eternally in hellfire, why should his followers be good to them? Wouldn’t it mean siding with God’s enemies and betraying Him? But on what basis do they consider only their religion as true and themselves as superior? The reason is that the respective founder of their religion allegedly said so. No other reason exists and no proof. On this flimsy basis, Christians and Muslims treated other human beings most inhumanly, believing they are destined for hell while they themselves are God’s favorites and will go to heaven. This brainwashing in the name of religion happens even in our times and its effect is still not questioned and analysed.” Yet today, neither white Christians, nor Arab or Turkish Muslims are constantly reminded of those terrible crimes of their forefathers.” (Maria Wirth- Don’t lecture India, Look at your own record.)
    Second (only in the order of lay out) but,…. & significant
    Various excerpts as per Google search during first part of last week
    Subject: # “PROUD OF PRITI” and excerpts as per some Google search
    ‘Violent minority’ in
    anti-racist protests
    must be brought to
    justice, says UK’s Priti Patel
    1 day ago
    The Guardian – 1 day ago
    Priti Patel answers
    questions on
    George Floyd
    protesters …
    The Telegraph
    YouTube – 2 days ago
    Just a few of the notable tweets (4 days back) with high praise for Priti Patel taken from the internet buzzing with countless tweets.
    Jun 8
    Replying to
    I think we’re all #ProudOfPriti todau
    Charlotte McCullough
    Jun 8
    So proud of ·
    Jun 8
    #ProudofPriti this intelligent woman is well placed to teach us all the injustices of racism and it’s potential solutions
    #ProudofPriti great speech. I’m proud of my Home Secretary. #dropthemike
    Dimal Patel
    ·Jun 8
    From this speech alone, Priti is going to be a huge inspiration to young girls/boys. They’re going to see in her what they want to be when they’re older. An emotional speech that will do a lot of good for this country.
    Was this Priti Patel’s finest hour?
    The home secretary showed guts in discussing her personal experience with racism, writes Sean O’Grady
    The home secretary addresses the Commons this week ( AFP/Getty )
    Matt Hancock accuses ethnic minority MPs of ‘identity politics’ in Black Lives Matter row
    Health secretary Matt Hancock backed Ms Patel at a Downing Street press conference on Thursday and claimed her Labour critics were engaging in “identity politics”.
    Robert Clive was a vicious asset-stripper. His statue has no place on Whitehall
    William Dalrymple
    Honouring the man once known as Lord Vulture is a testament to British ignorance of our imperial past

  31. Satyendra · · Reply

    In brief, you have poured the all pains of Hindus, an ocean in a drop. Salute!

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