Is nobody else worried?

 “Maria, don’t make your view on mass vaccination public”, an Indian friend advised me. “You will spoil your reputation and nobody will listen anyway”. He probably is right, but since I am very worried about what’s happening, and trust my reason and intuition, I feel I need to write…

Suppose, we have a problem and believe, we found a method to solve it. Most experts agree that it is the best method, yet there are also experts who claim it will make things worse.

We use the method. Soon after, the problem gets bigger. We push the method even stronger. Yet the problem still gets worse.

Should we not pause and consider the arguments of those who had warned against using this method?

Yet this is not done. Doctors and scientists, who come on Indian TV, still don’t acknowledge that there could be a correlation between the present steep increase in deaths from Covid19 and the mass vaccination drive. This increase in deaths is seen drastically in other Asian countries after they started vaccinating widely. Please check the charts of Thailand, Cambodia or Mongolia.

Even in Chile and Turkey, which have already vaccinated a great part of their population, the deaths are increasing. Chile has fully vaccinated over 30 per cent of its population and close to 70 percent got at least one dose, yet the deaths on April 25 would mean over 7000 deaths in the Indian population context. In Turkey, too, over 25 percent got at least one dose and about 10 percent are fully vaccinated. Yet the deaths are higher than before the start of vaccination and would be over 5000 in the Indian context.

Israel is declared a success (apart from many thousands of reported side effects of the huge vaccination drive), but emergency restrictions are still in force. Moreover, recent reports on CNBC, Reuters, etc. claim that the South African variant is able to break through the Pfizer vaccine.

Specific versus broad based immunity

The critics of mass vaccination had warned that the vaccine induced immunity is specific for the original Corona virus, while our innate, natural immunity is broad based, which means it can tackle different variants of the virus. Virologist and vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche warned that a vaccination drive, while the virus is all over, forces the virus into more dangerous mutations and for the vaccinated, the specific immunity outperforms their innate immunity.

Not surprisingly in the present climate of intolerance on social media, Geert Vanden Bossche and many others, who are not in agreement with the WHO view, are defamed. “Why this guy is dead wrong” is the first video that shows up when googling his name on YouTube, calling the head of reputed vaccine development institutions with great credentials as “guy”.

Incidentally, when googling my name, the first article which shows up is also titled “Why Maria Wirth is wrong” (regarding my views on Hinduism). “Wrong” doesn’t mean wrong here. It means “politically incorrect”.

Usually, I write only on Hindu Dharma and religion, but l had followed the news on Corona from the start and noticed many strange happenings.

Some observations and questions

Why was from the start, the “Corona pandemic” so much hyped by the media worldwide?

Do you remember the horrendous pictures of people dropping dead in China? How they brutally enforced a lockdown in Wuhan? Built hospitals in record time, etc.? TV channels created panic 24/7. Or do you remember the rows of hundreds of coffins in Bergamo/ Italy? It was a fake picture. The bodies in the coffins were of migrants who had drowned. What was the intention to mislead?

And what was the intention to flood us daily with cumulative numbers of ‘cases’, without saying how many were asymptomatic or had just a light flu? Or how many of those who died had co-morbidities’? (97 percent in Bergamo) And what was their average age? (in Bergamo over 80 years}.

Imagine, we would hear daily in great detail the numbers of those who had died and were injured in road accidents all over the country. We would be afraid to travel. Incidentally, about the same number of Indians died in road accidents in 2019 (150,000 and mostly young) as the number given for Corona deaths in 2020. We cannot save every life. Some risk is inherent in living.

There are many more unanswered questions:

Why did several countries, not allow doctors to treat Corona with Hydroxychloroquine? A few days after India had generously lifted the export ban on this drug on the request by President Trump, media reported that according to a study in Lancet, “double the number of patients died who took HCQ”. Lancet took down the article. It was not true, but it had created confusion.

Why nobody tells us that the PCR test has many false positives when the amplifying cycles go above 25 and that this test must not be used for diagnosis? In January 2021 the WHO finally acknowledged this fact. Yet on the basis of PCR test results, the panic was sustained, and asymptomatic, healthy people had to observe quarantine.

Why does the definition of a Corona death not include causality? A death is counted as “from or with Corona”, when the person had tested positive and had died within 4 weeks of testing. A German doctor gave an example: when a person gets the news that he is positive and jumps out of the window, he is counted as Corona death.

Why did governments in several countries incentivize doctors and hospitals to declare deaths as from Corona and to do PCR testing? Even if someone was very old, had terminal cancer, but had tested positive, Corona overrode the other factors as cause for death.

Yet reluctance…

Compare this with the reluctance or refusal to connect deaths with the vaccine, even if it happened a few hours afterwards. In homes for senior citizens in Europe, many seniors died soon after vaccination.

And a VERY important question:

Why did the WHO change its definition of “pandemic” in 2009 and removed the dead and sick from it? Earlier, an enormous number of dead and sick people was the condition for declaring a pandemic. Since 2009 it is enough that a virus spreads quickly. Whether people die or are sick is no longer a criterion for pandemic. Sounds strange? It surely does.

How it developed over time

Already in March 2020, several doctors and scientists spoke out on YouTube that Corona is not that dangerous, and many of those videos were taken down. President Trump also called it a bad flu and got a storm of heaviest criticism in return. Estimates by academic institutions spoke of millions of dead if the countries wouldn’t lock down. Governments probably didn’t want to risk being responsible for millions of deaths, in case those estimates were right.

In April 2020, Bill Gates declared that he wants to vaccinate seven billion people. Angela Merkel repeated it in February 2021, “The pandemic will not end, until the world is vaccinated.”

Yet in September 2020, the lethality was said to be 0,37 percent, similar to Influenza. And the German bureau of statistics did not record significantly more deaths for the year 2020 than in earlier years.

So was the “solution” to the pandemic discovered by politicians like Angela Merkel and “philanthropist” Bill Gates who is a massive sponsor of the WHO and massively invested in the vaccine business?

Where were the scientists?

Many scientists were probable busy searching for vaccines. Ever since President Trump jumped on the mass vaccination bandwagon, countries jostled to get their share of the big pie.

Meanwhile in China

Yet something was strange. While the world was in panic and locked down, China had miraculously overcome the pandemic in record time and closed the new hospitals. We could watch on TV how the nurses took off their masks and smiled while walking out.

And India…

India had relatively few cases and deaths in the first 5 months, even though media did its best to make the situation appear worse. When several people were infected in Dharavi, the greatest slum in Mumbai, media painted a doomsday scenario. Dharavi was locked down, and there was NO doomsday. Later I read in the paper, that 57 per cent of the population of Dharavi had antibodies. It meant they had contracted the virus without noticing it, and that certain herd immunity was acquired due to the impossibility of distancing. In comparison, in a gated community, only 18 percent had antibodies after having been a containment zone, the paper wrote.

Epidemiologist: Lockdowns, masks prolong an epidemic

So what should we conclude from this? Is it not an indicator that lockdown, masks and distancing are counterproductive? Epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski claims that attempts to stop the spread of the virus like lockdowns, masks only prolong the epidemic and also lead to a dangerous diversification of the virus.

Since we can’t eliminate the virus, don’t we need to live with it? And shouldn’t we find out who is foremost in danger of dying from it and protect those, mainly the old and sick? And shouldn’t we all strengthen our innate immunity?

In the beginning, we were indeed encouraged to strengthen our immunity with Ayurveda, Pranayama, Kadha, Haldi, etc. Yet this advice is meanwhile completely missing in official broadcasts. Why? Now it’s only about masks, distancing, and vaccination. Is this not a sad climb down by India which has great knowledge how to boost immunity?

Comment by former chief scientist of Pfizer

Why was this done? Was it done because Bill Gates and Big Pharma had “convinced” politicians worldwide that a vaccine for the whole world must be the solution? Prominent scientists warned of this solution. The former chief scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yaedon said that “there is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. “I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from the disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,” Yeadon said.

Yet those critical voices were silenced. A friend of mine tried to put his comment on facebook and was immediately informed that her post is not visible and she needs to remove it.

Is Yeadon not right that it is nonsense to vaccinate the “world”, 7 billion people including children, against a virus which had killed for example in Thailand with its 70 million inhabitants only 60 people in the whole of 2020? Now, after about 1 million jabs, the number rose to 163. Should this not worry us?

Take Africa:

The whole of Africa with the exception of South Africa, had till April 2021 relatively few deaths (South Africa 54,000 and 66,000 the rest). There is presently no rise, but a slight dip and vaccinations are still few. But WHO wants to ramp them up.

Now look at India.

Till February 2021, the virus killed 150,000 (many of them had comorbidities) of average 9 million dying every year, or 1,6 percent of the total deaths. Moreover, the maximum deaths occurred in only one state Maharashtra, and it would need an enquiry, what was the reason for this abnormality.

The Indian population has generally good immunity. The virus seemed to have petered out, just when the vaccination started, and 2nd and 3rd waves were expected not being so dangerous any longer.

But India also has a very strong Pharma sector. Did India decide to vaccinate its population because the government genuinely believes that it is the best solution? The opposition Congress, too, wants to vaccinate Indians as fast as possible. It is rare that government and opposition are on the same page. Should this be celebrated or is it reason for worry?

Or is India under pressure to fall in line with the global agenda of the Great Reset which the World Economic Forum pursues?

Now the all-important question:

Could it be that the policy of mass vaccination is wrong? (I hope that asking this question is still allowed?)

More and more harmful side effects of all vaccines become known and people become wary. Markus Soeder, the Chiefminister of the Bavaria/ Germany, said “those who have the courage should come forward and take the AstraZeneka vaccine” after it had been temporarily suspended.  Norway and Denmark banned it. In the USA, vaccination fatigue set in. The vaccine by Johnson and Johnson was suspended. In Africa, the WHO counters “misinformation” about the vaccine.

Safe and effective?

Yet in India, almost all seems to be convinced that only the vaccine can save us and it is “absolutely safe and effective”.

This surely cannot be said for a vaccine that was developed in a hurry, where trials are still going on, where long-term effects are not known, where the companies are not liable for any damages to one’s health. Moreover, most of those vaccines are not normal vaccines but try to influence the behavior of genes. And while even normal vaccines take average 8 years to be developed, these new vaccines were developed in record time, and claims are even made that it is effective against new mutants, too.

Appeal to the WHO by scientist

Geert Vanden Bossche made an emotional appeal to the WHO: “Please stop the mass vaccination immediately”. European scientists have filed cases at the European Court for annulment of the emergency use approval for the vaccines and asked for urgent hearing.

 Meanwhile the vaccination drive all over the world continues at a rapid pace and the deaths are increasing. We don’t hear, how many of those who are dying now of Corona, had already taken a jab. In Europe, there were many.

Terrifying prognosis

Many governments locked down in March 2020, when terrifying estimates of millions of deaths were circulating.

Now, too, there is a terrifying prognosis given by eminent scientists like Dr. Bossche, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and others that the virus may go out of control due to the human interference with the vaccination drive. Without human intervention, it would be expected that the virus would gradually mutate into more infectious but less dangerous variants.

What if these scientists are right? Can governments risk the lives of their people?

I wished, India would remember her great, beneficial, long-proven Ayurveda. Common people do. I never saw such rush at the Patanjali shop as recently before a new, limited lockdown. A video is on the net about a press conference in China, posted in March 2020, where Chineses doctors say that they used traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, to cure Corona. What hinders India to use it?

But will Big Pharma, Big Tech, China and the China friendly WHO let it happen?

That’s why I am worried…

By Maria Wirth                                                                                      



  1. In context of Indian middle-class/upper class – 10 years back RO/UV water purifiers “became” every households necessity, 5 years back Air Purifiers, now in this covid situation Oxygen concentrators, health insurances are fast becoming “necessities”.

    Few decades back fluoride in toothpaste was “forward thinking” whereas salt, herbs, neem and charcoal was looked down upon as “primitive and backward”, FMCG have taken a U-turn recently after “killing” that righteous primitive belief.

    “Sample research backed” great scientists of west pushed antibiotics, refined and processed foods for decades, only to take a U-turn in recent years.

    “Fear of people” drives the most profitable medical and defense industries worldwide.

    1. I rather trust WHO and Bill Gates, with years of insight and experience, than conspiracy theorists.

      1. GFernandes · ·

        Too bad!! Is Bill gates from the medical field? Check it out!

  2. A very thought provoking article.
    Makes me look at things with a new perspective

  3. Grimmzov · · Reply

    People have consumed propaganda of political parties and media will not listen to you no matter what you try. Just allow them to experience what usa did in 1976…people will learn through their experience

  4. Questions which Hindu Samaj must be asking are all here – kudos to you Maria for putting it out there

    1. Thank you

  5. Hans Grob · · Reply

    Wow, Frau Wirth is not only expert in global religions, but also in a currently hot scientific topic, which is as about complex as climate change, several subsciences like virology, epidemiology, infectiology involved. She commits some basic, easily refutable errors:

    – ‘Doctors …. still don’t acknowledge that there could be a correlation between the present steep increase in deaths from Covid19 and the mass vaccination drive.’ Nobody should ignore that something COULD correlate to something else. Why not write ‘… that there IS a correlation’. Then comes the next step in logics, where many fail: CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN/PROVE CAUSATION. Here: the contemporary existence of vaccinations AND infections does not prove that vaccinations cause infections (although a vaccination is sort of infection with a harmless germ). The cause of action is certainly inverse: the existence of a dangerous epidemy leads to vaccination, if available. The link is temporally deferred, of course. – P.S. I have got my first MODERNA shot, the second to be applied next week

    – ‘This increase in deaths is seen drastically in other Asian countries after they started vaccinating widely. Please check the charts of Thailand, Cambodia or Mongolia.’ I am surprised by this fact, since I was convinced that Covid-19 was also an infection of the respiratory tract, which occurs mainly in the cold season (both North and South of the equator). Reasons: – lack of vitamine-D created by UV-B sunlight exposure, – destruction of the virus by UV – high virus load due to inhaling air in rooms not having air exchange due to chillyness – dry air due to heating which weakens the mucus. Thus I have thought about this enigma and found a hypothesis, which I published also in a newspaper: the hot season arriving, people in South Asia activate now air conditioning which dries the air massively which weakens the first defence wall of the body, the mucus in nose and throat and opens the door to the virus. This is probably one one way in which the epidemy is driven, since dwellers without air condition are also affected.

    – ‘ Chile has fully vaccinated over 30 per cent of its population and close to 70 percent got at least one dose, yet the deaths on April 25 ‘ The new cases have gone down from the 7-day maximum of 7300 on the 13 of April till 6000 now. Deaths have receded from 200 during the first wave in June (!) 2020 to 100 now. Remeber: Chile is approaching the cold season now. So not much can be deducted from this country’s numbers.

    – ‘Israel is declared a success …, but emergency restrictions are still in force.’ Israel has not only been declared, it IS A SUCCESS and it must be. Infections and deaths are now nearly extinct (1 death). Nada – nothing. And Israelis flock to the beach.

    Before I continue, I pick up one assertion of Frau Wirth:
    ‘ … more dangerous mutations …’
    Does not differentiate between variations, strains and mutations:

    Important hypothesis about one cause of the Indian epidemiology:

    There are also reports about most early covid victims amongst the staff in Brithish hospitals stemming from South Asia.

    To be continued.

  6. Very bold, Maria. THANK YOU. Yes…I am also worried. And I also see a clear relation between vaccinations and increase in deaths and “cases” (positive in an invalid PCR test?”). WHY PEOPLE DO NOT SEE IT?

    I have seen the video you mention warning against mass vaccinations by one who was very much a part in the creation of the vaccines.

    Fear annihilates the reasoning capacity of people. And everything has been perfectly orchastrated from the very beginning to instill that fear in people all over the world. With the inestimable and absolutely required paid mainstream media and its continuous terror brainwashing, they, the ones who really rule the world, are pushing the global agenda. WHY PEOPLE DO NOT SEE IT?

    Strangely all politicians agree in pushing the vaccines, when they don´t agree in anything else, in most of the countries. Only 3 presidents oppossed WHO guidelines: the president of Burundi and the president of Tanzania. Strangely again, both died of “natural death” with heart problems in few months. The third, the president of Belarus has been threatened.

    This situation brings many teachings for whoever is ready to see them, scary as it can be, should take out from us our best part.

    But what it really astonishes me is how few people realise that we have been driven towards a global agenda that goes much beyond that any health question. All recommendations in fact are against a reasonable good health, neither physical, not mental and what is more worrisome: spiritual. Many people are being disconnected from their own essence through this imposed fear. Or they are allowing this disconnection.

    Let´s see for how long this post and its comments last in the internet. I´ve never seen such a level of global dictatorship of unique IMPOSED thought like nowadays, where no possible serious public scientific debate is being allowed.

    1. Hans Grob · · Reply

      ‘Strangely all politicians agree in pushing the vaccines …’ 1.To be more precise: it is rather governments, who decide, not (only) politicians. A politician can be outside of the government. To vaccinate is just the only reasonable main strategy now. People who are in lockdown, suffer, people who die suffer, their relatives suffer. No regret on your side? 2 Vaccination happens across all geopolitical ranges: Chinese ‘communists’, Russian ‘oligarchs’, Israelian Jews, Roman Catholics, Arabian Muslims, whole Europe, whole North America, whole South America, whole Oceania. Some African ‘leaders’ have already shown to be not familiar with scientific treatments of epidemies, the best known case was a South African president with HIV/AIDS. 3. The governments don’t ‘push’, they would like to have more and advance faster. – Someone who finds all other people strange must be strange himself. But it is easy to find out what is your motive: the modern world, including its science and medecine, is against the old teachings to which you adhere.

      1. Dear provoker-attacker. You DO not have permission to talk about me, whom by the way you dont know at all. So I will not enter into someone´s assumptions-provocations that only prove their uncapability of debating a topic for the topic itself.
        Having said that, this is a post in a blog, and as such, the owner has a right to defend her views which by the way she backs with enough reasoning for whoever is open at least to question the spoon-feed information we all are given by mainstream media. And with which I agree.
        Now let´s see for example objective info: the information pamphlet which anyone can access of Pfizzer vaccine:
        “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent
        COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”
        “UNAPPROVED” and “MAY PREVENT”. Ok.

        Now, after a long list of possible side effects which indeed many medicines may have, here we have another sentence, copied and pasted: “These may not be all the possible side effects of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Serious and unexpected side effects may occur. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials.”
        “SERIOUS AND UNEXPECTED SIDE EFFECTS MAY OCCUR”. The individuals who participate in this global mass vaccination, are they informed of this? Do they know they are part of a (very risky) trial? They are selling the vaccines as the only in many cases solution. Its being proven all over the world that some of people who have received the vaccine after some time suffer from COVID. Numbers, facts, which could, should and must be at least analysed. It is worth the risk? Scientists should debate.

        Cases of side-effects are there, many hidden by media. But mouth to ear continues to happen.

        What is the real mortality rate that could be attributed exclusively to COVID? The American CDC admitted some 3-4 months before that out of 100 cases, only 6 could be attributed to COVID. Rest were inadequate treatments, pre-existing conditions, etc. And the same has happen all over the world, including literal abandonement of elderly in old-age homes as it has happened in Europe.

        I don´t know anything. I´m not a scientist. But I stongly complain that there is no space in public spheres for any serious debate among scientists with different views. And this could be called “Scientific dictatorship”, when medicine has always advanced through debates. And I also complain that the vast majority of people surrender the power of their own reasoning and extend their arms to be injected without having taking the small effort of investigating by themselves.

      2. Thanks Durgasiva…. very informative reply. But some people don’t seem to be open to reason and facts any longer.

      3. Michael · ·

        Mr Grob, you would be more convincing if you just let aside the unpolite ad hominem

  7. Maria I love you as a person, as an outspoken supporter of Dharma and a writer but in this instance I fear you are putting 2 and 2 together to make 22. You are *right* about vested interests but it would be catastrophic to sow more suspicion and vaccine aversion at this time of horror that is consuming India. Vaccines by themselves are NOT enough if people don’t have the good sense to observe masking and social distancing. But as someone whose family is fully vaccinated, I believe it is the socially responsible thing to do.

    1. I wonder in what sense it is socially responsible thing to have been vaccinated. As far as I understand, with current vaccines, vaccinees still can get the infection and they can still pass it to others. So, it’s not that they act as blockers for infection.

  8. Maria Ji, thank you.

    These ARE important questions. And I am worried like you as a few entities play god and interfere with the nature of the entire human race. I hope you don‘t mind my longer comment.

    Under normal circumstances I would not be worried, would just let people do what they want and go my way. But in view of the shedding by the vaccinated, the unvaccinated have a major problem and potentiallz get dragged into a vortex with unforeseeable consequences. Pfizer discusses in one of their research papers the issue of SAE (serious adverse event in someone unvaccinated who was exposed to someone who got vaccinated). Non-jabbed people can be environmentally exposed to the v‘s spike protein via inhalation or skin contact. A point that could explain the sudden steep rise of menstrual issues and miscarriages in women allover the planet.

    It is mindboggling to have to witness that not only basic common sense questions are not raised by journalists of the major media channels but also experts who dare to apply critical thinking do get censored and discredited.

    The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. Similarly, a code of ethics and a guide of conduct exist for journalists that includes the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality and public accountability.

    I know I‘m not the only one who registers the dissemination of panic in the news and the appalling superficiality of journalists (worldwide). At least this situation invites us to become knowledgable. Ask questions and find answers about our bodies, our health and rights, about medicine, biochemistry, detox and nutrion, media, politics and economy.

    And yes, the list of urgent questions seems almost endless. Adding to your list:
    – How come Brazil drug regulator rejects the import and use of Sputnik (due to „inherent risks“ and „serious“ defects) but India drug regulator clears it for emergency use?
    – Why are so many patients put on a ventilator now, when that was the worst thing doctors could do last year?
    – What happened to the common infections in India, such as Dengue, JE, Chikungunya, Influenza and TB? Cases and deaths have dropped massively in 2020, since Corona.
    – How is it possible that so many Indians are in favour of the vaccine but have no clue what its ingredients are? Gelatine from pigs, yeast and egg proteins, bovine serum, human cell lines (from aborted foeti), aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde, to mention just a few. Not to forget new generation nano tech.
    – Why is the obvious ignored, namely that the huge spike in corona cases / deaths in India happened shortly after the vaccine launch here? Not only is the statistic‘s abruptly rising curve staring us in the face, but there are also the people who share their real life experiences, speak of how they got sick after their jab, or how loved ones died shortly after the first / second shot. Me and others heard this from friends and family so many times over the past few weeks. It‘s unreal.
    – Why did Ivermectin (anti parasitical drug) work last year to combat covid but nobody talks about it now? Couldn‘t this be a sign for existing toxicity due to parasites and candida? And that the additional toxic blasts via the vaccines trigger autoimmune responses that overwhelm the bodies?

    We have a massive elephant in the room nobody talks about. Turning into a herd of elephants with the days passing.

    No progress without asking questions. And no nuanced discourse without being informed.

    We must be willing to dig deep. To go beyond opinions, beliefs or over-simplified black and white arguments. And also to stop pussyfooting around what needs confrontation. Information is available if one cares to search. We human beings also still have intuition (gut feeling) and our free will. Important keys to navigate this reality. And whatever spell is cast over the beings on Earth, let‘s detach and dissolve it right here now.

    Humanity is at stake. And if people do not step up but stay in the mode of scared little children, stay in their current complacent, submissive or gullible mode, it is not going to get better.

    People of India, your culture is wonderful. Please re-member the powers of ayurveda and siddha, the vedas and yogic sciences. Recall the spiritual legacy the Rishis left. Knowledge about our human multidimensional anatomy, about body-mind-spirit alignment and organic self mastery. A wealth of information, that inspires the world and reminds our children that we naturally hold supreme equipment in form of our complex, strong yet sensitive body systems.

    Isn‘t Sanatana Dharma about eternal existential truths, about holistic ways of living, about syncing ourselves with nature and the cosmos, about integrity, liberation and ultimately about love? How do fears and avoidance of critical subjects, fast food medicines and the push of rushed new tech trial vaccines fit it there?

    1. Thanks Marina

    2. Hans Grob · · Reply

      Just a short answer to one of the many dubious assertions you made: ‘What happened to the common infections in India, such as Dengue, JE, Chikungunya, Influenza and TB? Cases and deaths have dropped massively in 2020, since Corona.’

      I know only influenza and tuberculosis enough well. Wasn’t it obvious that the reduction of contacts and infections in Europe and North America would interrupt also the spread of the flu? More than the corona-virus, because its transmissibility is lower.

      1. Marina · ·

        In Europe, where the Flu dropped 99,8%, they praised the social distancing measures for the decrease. So apparently strict public health measures helped to reduce Influenza – but not Corona? Besides, when in medical history has an annual disease ever completely disappeared, just to be replaced by another one with almost exactly the same symptoms?

        And in India?
        Dengue: went from an average of 149,000 cases and 220 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 16.439 cases and 12 deaths in 2020.
        Chikungunya: from an average of 70,000 cases and 11,500 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 32.287 cases and 5159 deaths in 2020.
        Influenza: from an average of 28,000 cases and 1500 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 2752 cases and 44 deaths in 2020.
        Jap Enceph.: from an average of 2100 cases and 230 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 621 cases and 68 deaths in 2020.
        Malaria.: from an average of 530,000 cases and 120 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 152,277 cases and 55 deaths in 2020.
        Tuberculosis: from an average of 2,600,000 cases and 1,200,000 deaths per year (2017-2019) to 0 cases and 0 deaths. NO MONITORING IN 2020…… Note symptoms of TB: fever, cough, pain, lung function damage, cardiac tamponage……

      2. Hans Grob · ·

        @Marina. I did not find out what is the point of

        ‘In Europe, where the Flu dropped 99,8%, they praised the social distancing measures for the decrease. …’

        Obvious, because infectious diseases spread only by infections, which depend on contacts. Even malaria may have been affected, because if people don’t stay outdoors in the evening, bad for the mosquitoes. Covid has an a bit different transfer function – it is more infectuous than the flu.

        ‘… when in medical history has an annual disease ever completely disappeared, just to be replaced by another one with almost exactly the same symptoms?’

        I would call these respiratory infectious diseases seasonal, not annual. Also because they appear in the cool season (winter) of the Southern hemisphere exactly opposite to the Northern. Most diseases based on viruses have disappeared. As the common ‘cold’ proves, the hundreds of responsible virus types lead to the same symptoms.

  9. Dear Maria ji

    You shot the dart very precisely, as you do this always very naturally. Kudos to your perception on ‘false game’ of Corona. I don’t understand counties like India, is also in trap of world Corona phobia. When entire world was battling with Corona last year (even this year), China was sitting very cool and giving false info to the world that it is tackling it. Why no country in the world is daring to face China directly, including India?

    Sadly, there is other side of Corona also. A few days ago I wrote an article on this. Here is the link:

    Those who are interested may read and express their comments.

    Thanks Maria ji for educating us time to time. Jai Hind.

    1. Rajashree · · Reply

      Correct Maria this came into my head long tym bak. Its strange but. After vaccination 2nd wave entered n now 3rd stage.

  10. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar · · Reply

    Yes I am worried. As a humanitarian disaster continues in India and the globe, this kind of know-nothing nonsense, cherry-picked facts, rhetorical fallacies and disinformation espoused by your posting persist under the guise of “I’m just asking questions.” Being an armchair contrarian doesn’t make you heroic or brave. Health care workers and people who devote their lives to science and understanding for the betterment of humanity are.

    1. I am happy to know your concern Sri Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar garu.

      Pl. tell me, where was the bloody Corona was hiding during our State elections? Wasn’t there at all? No… it was there but publicity and focus was given by media, you people were completely forgotten of this, isn’t it?

      Ok, when mass vaccination (this is other subject to deal) was taking place in India, how the this virus bounced back as second wave? Was it waiting for elections to happen and then strike?

      Ok fine, you vaccinate entire public in India, how about third wave, fourth wave? Can you give the guarantee to the public that 2 dozes of vaccination would suffice to handle further muted Corona?

      Be practical and analytical. No need to believe Ms. Maria and nor these false propagations of Corona too.

      Ms. Maria was arguing that the data and statistics are not correctly gathered. Either they are manipulated or insufficiently handled.

  11. KolavennuP Sudhakar · · Reply

    Yes I too had the same apprension. What apprehension!!! – It is a fact that PMO cold shouldered proposal to allow AYUSH doctors to be part of the research in managemet of Covid19 patients, in last April’20.

  12. विक्री करण्याच्या अनेक ट्रिक्स मध्ये, भीती दाखवून विक्री करणे हा सर्वात जुना, आणि सोपा खेळ आहे वस्तू विक्रेते आणि वस्तू निर्माते यांचा. alias Selling products with fear is the oldest trick of product producers.

  13. Grace · · Reply

    Dear Maria…thank you for this well written article with substantial thought provoking details which should arouse people’s curiosity! Unfortunately, jn my perspective, in India people donot research enough when it comes to their own health and bodies! I always thought India would fight covid better than any country in the world because Indians have a stronger immunity, ayurveda and remedies right in their kitchens! So the current situation made me sad to a big extent! I have lost colleagues and family members of close friends who have passed away after taking the vaccine and yet been told it is becos they contracted covid. Another issue that is been brought out is shedding after vaccinations and that could possibly be the case especially in our densely populated cities! As much as i keep researching the out of being around vaccinated people in closed spaces has resulted in miscarriages, heavy bleeding etc! While i write this based on what i a common person keeps questioning and researching, it surprises me that doctors, scientists, intellectuals are not even close to questioning why we are in the current situation! Beats me! Media is the biggest culprit creating fear and driving the false narrative that numbs the people from thinking!!! If only people had to avoid the MSM and do a little deeper research!

    1. Sorry, didn’t see it earlier

  14. Aniruddha · · Reply

    Good and unbiased observation. Big Pharma daddies , Bill Gates (Bihar Vaccination, Bill and Melinda foundation – remember) , Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos all interested in complete control of human population.

    1. Hans Grob · · Reply

      ‘Good and unbiased observation’. In my humble opionion not only 99.97% biased, but 100%. Reasoning: although modern medecine is enormously succesful, it is not completely Hinduism-based: therefore it is bad.

      ‘Big Pharma’ A buzz-word. Those who are/were succesful, are guilty! What about small pharma, or small who is getting big (Moderna, BioNTech)? By the way: did you notice that most pharma companies gave up the vaccines business, and that pharmacology is somehow distinct from vaccination?

      ‘Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos’ Again, the succesful are guilty of everything! Till date, Musk has not done much in philantropy. What is bad about it? You have forgotten Warren Buffet. I have read his 2020 Berkshire H. report, wherein he describes a genuine way to distribute his wealth for the common good. Contrary to Hinduism?

      You have shown nearly no useful common knowlege. Could you improve in that matter until you show up again?

  15., Susheel Sharma, Prayagraj · · Reply

    Most of the people do not thin for themselves They do not realize that the rules to keep healthy are so simple that even an animal knows and practices them. That is why a large number of the people depend on the “others” advice/ decisions about their health. In India the students are hardly taught any critical thinking or data analysis; hence our researches are largely derivative. Most of the educated Indians do not have confidence in traditional Indian wisdom; some of them are even malign it without understanding a word of it. The questions you have raised are important and based on data analysis. But kindly do not expect any support at least from the University degree holder Indians.

    1. You may unfortunately be right..

  16. Harry · · Reply

    This is a very interesting view and our culture has always taught us to question everything and I think we are told not to anymore. But than you and I are in the minority for doing so.

  17. Hans Grob · · Reply

    Good moment now to consider the latest developpment and knowledge:

    ‘Scientists are working to understand several coronavirus variants now circulating in India, where a ferocious second wave of COVID-19 has devastated the nation and caught authorities unawares ….

    Evidence is growing that one variant first detected in India might be more transmissible and slightly better at evading immunity than existing variants. … Researchers want to know if this variant and others might be driving the second wave and what kind of danger they pose globally.

    In just a few weeks, the B.1.617 variant has become the dominant strain across India and has spread to about 40 nations, including the United Kingdom and Singapore.’

    Any attempt by the conspiracists to rebut these findings? In fact a complete defeat. What would we do if dogmatists and propagandists would be the opinion leaders instead of scientists, who have enabled with their vaccines most Western countries to open up again. It was surprising how fast the cases receded, although measures were eased.

    The spike in India is not very special, we have seen this in nearly every country before. The infection and death curves were hardly predictable and explainable. And there were huge regional differences in all countries, the more so in a country which is more like a whole continent. Good chances for spreading and new variants due to its size, too.

  18. simmy · · Reply

    i agree with your great analysis ,,also strongly believe that sharp movement and high volatility in financial markets for such 1-2 year period time is a major motive that almost always coincide this kind of propaganda by media to create fear and maybe done by big corporates/govt/other political vested interests mostly chinese/west ………

    1. thanks for the link

  19. It’s probably too early to say anything at the moment. Time will tell.

  20. Hans Grob · · Reply

    The focus of attention is going back to the roots of the epidemy. So we should ask other principal questions.

    ‘There is growing evidence that COVID-19 …. escaped from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    Gordon Chang warns that the Chinese Communist Party is researching even deadlier pathogens for use as biological weapons against non-Chinese.’


    Great. In depth analytical study.Needs to be read and understood by every person even with ordinary prudence.

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