Someone asked: “Do educated Muslims ever wonder why Muslims fight with every religion around the world?”

Muslims don’t fight with every religion around the world because, with a religion or ideology one needs to fight intellectually. Muslims don’t do this. They simply declare all other religions as wrong without further investigation, and then they fight with swords or guns to make people submit and follow the ‘right’ religion. Both Muslims and Christians did this in the past and Muslims still do it.

Why do they do this?

Because their doctrine says so and they believe it.

Now here is the above question relevant. Do educated Muslims ever wonder if it is true what they are told to believe? Do those Muslims, who are happy that they don’t live in a country where Sharia is in force, wonder if they are Muslims after all or should leave the religion?

Well, not all educated people are the same. But those who ask sincere questions, will probably start wondering if it is true what they have been taught in religious class.

The same happens with Christians who ask questions. Most of them have left Christianity or have become “festival Christians”, sticking only to their cultural bonds.

Here are some questions which educated Muslims should ask:

Is it true that the Creator of this vast universe sends all those who don’t accept Islam eternally into hellfire (Quran 98.6)?

Is it true that a Muslim will get a higher rank in paradise if he kills Kafirs (Q 4.95/96)?

Is it true that the Creator of the universe revealed the truth to only one person, Mohammed, some 1400 years ago (Q 47/2)?

There are many more questions provided one starts reflecting, for example if there is rebirth or if we have only one life?

Since such questioning will probably cause turmoil, even many highly educated persons prefer not to reflect about their belief.

For example, I once asked a post-doctoral research scholar, who wore Hijab, if she believes, that even outstanding Hindus, like Swami Vivekananda, will be thrown into hellfire for all eternity? I also told her, that the religion, in which I grew up, holds the same view like Islam, but I don’t believe it any longer.

Her short reply was: “Allah knows best.”

By Maria Wirth



  1. Sanjeev Kulkarni · · Reply

    Questioning needs an open mind and curiosity and quest for the truth. Religions nip this trait in the bud. That is what ‘faith’ is all about – believing unquestioningly for which there is zero evidence and many times even contrary evidence! Very few have the honesty to either prove the point wrong or accept it.

  2. Muslim Brotherhood = Mossad
    Hamas = Mossad
    ISIS = Mossad/CIA
    White Helmets = Mossad
    Daesh = Mossad
    Al-Queda = CIA

    1. Sanjeev Kulkarni · · Reply

      One more ‘personality trait’ the Muslims have. They are constantly in denial mode and blame everyone else but themselves for anything done by Muslims. They never see contradictions in their thinking and acting. They will celebrate terrorist acts like 9/11 calling it Islam’s reply to the evil empire. At the same time, they blame America and Israel for 9/11. So they are confused about whether to celebrate or deny and end up doing both.

      1. They celebrate 9/11 because The USA is Israel’s Mafia goon and thug on the world stage, and butchers Muslims, including defenceless women and children, across the Middles East, but they also know that Jews were behind 9/11. So they are not confused at all.

        I am a REAL Christian, not a fake religious Christian, so have no love of Islam, but I love my Arab half-brothers and sisters, and feel for them when they are brutalised by Jews and their zombified American henchmen.

        The Islamic-Vatican Connection by Prof. Walter Veith:

  3. Muslims and islamists are about to take over my country, nothing more to do, but to go in exile

    1. Only hope is that they lose faith…problem is not only in Sweden

      1. You’re right. It’s worldwide

    2. Sanjeev Kulkarni · · Reply

      They are united like a pack of wild dogs. You have to be united like wolves or hyenas and payback in the same coin. This game is not for lonely lions. Sacrifice for the sake of your future generations.

      1. Yes, we’re trying to fight this but it’s not easy

      2. Sanjeev Kulkarni · ·

        It is not the job of a lonely lion. Join hands with others. This menace is required to be fought collectively on the international level. Very few are aware of what kind of danger it poses. We have first-hand experience.

      3. We’re organizing right now but everything over here is just crazy, of you critizise a muslim you can get 1-2 months in jail.

  4. I think it all boils down to the difference between belief and blind belief. Even as a proud Hindu, I question the beliefs of my religion. Not because it allows me to do so, but because I wish to get to the root of things before I believe in the belief. Perhaps, that’s the foundation of my way of life. And I purposely say “way of life.” Doesn’t matter what I do, so long as I question the basics, I keep learning. And, that’s that. 🙂 Thank you, Maria ji, for yet another wonderful post.

    1. Shiv Shankar Datta · · Reply

      if u understand Sanatan Dharma, u’ll realize that it not only allows u to question but promotes questioning for the people who wants to apply their brain & devote time to enquire. When Bhagwan Sri Krishna started telling, Arjun was having lots of questions. It became 18 chapters of Gita. Its not as if Arjun started the fight since Krishna tells/commands him. And Krishna was God himself & not messenger of God.
      For people who don’t have time or knowledge to enquire, they can take the path of Bhakti Yog.

      That’s one of the basic difference between Sanatan Dharma & any Abrahamic Religion lime Muslim & Christianity where u r not supposed to question but only follow the one book & person.
      That’s why Sanatan Dharma is more like science where u r supposed to enquire & research….not just believe.

      1. That’s so true. Very well put: We inquire, research, which is how we continue to learn and grow.

  5. Very basic but thought provoking point brought out.
    I personally see hope only in the fact that scores of Muslims are turning agnostic or athiests. Many such ex Muslims do find it challenging to openly announce this for obvious reasons and as a result keep getting counted as believers. Once their numbers attain the critical mass, it will be very difficult for Muslims to stop them. Once that happens there is a chance of reforms in Islam.
    As of now Islam does appear in a state of crisis.

    Kudos to Maria Wirth for her post

  6. aksingh51 · · Reply

    A very pertinent question Maria ji. Almost existential for both – muslims and non muslims alike. For muslims, once they start questioning the basic renets, Islam as we know it today will become unrecognizable. For non muslims because it will permit them to focus on life and less on physical protection alone!

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