It’s brazen: A Conference on Dismantling Global Hindutva

It shocked Hindus: a conference on ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’, supported by 38 US universities. Speakers are the usual leftists mainly with Hindu names. And of all dates, it is scheduled from 10-12. September.

The title is brazen or is it just truthful? Do they say now openly what has been the plan since over 1000 years? The plan to rid the world of ancient pagan cultures? Inka, Maya, Egypt, Greece, Babylon… all are gone. Yet Hindus still exist. Hindus still chant Vedas in their mandirs, still celebrate festivals, still revere great personalities from past ages and even now take more pride in being Hindu thanks to the realisation that Hindu Dharma is most profound and the best of all options.

This must be painful for the enemies of Hindus. Christianity, Islam, Communism and their faithful followers may have felt that a clear sign is needed: Hindutva must be dismantled globally.

No difference between Hinduism and Hinduitva

To obfuscate the issue, a distinction is being made between Hindutva (= Hinduness)  and Hinduism. Hinduism is okay, but Hindutva is bad, as bad as ISIS as it also uses terror to achieve a Hindu Rashtra where minorities have no place, so it is claimed.

It’s a lie. But media and the leftist academia rely on the ignorance of people and that a lie becomes truth if it is repeated often enough.

There is no difference between Islam and Islamism, and there is no difference between Hinduism and Hindutva, except that the fundamentals of Hinduism are inclusive and beneficial, whereas the fundamentals of Islam clearly divide humanity between good believers and bad unbelievers.

Maligning Hindutva

The media onslaught in recent years against Hindutva was unrelenting. RSS was compared with ISIS and Arundhati Roy hinted on Deutsche Welle in Februar 2020 that the genocide of Muslims by the Hindu-nationalist Modi government has already started. A research scholar from Italy asked me to reply to heavily loaded questions on RSS, for example “Why does RSS draw inspiration from Hitler?”

What can Hindus do against Christianity, Islam and the Left, all of whom drive the false narrative of Hindus being dangerous, and who have a military-style strategy to achieve their goal of dismantling the most benign faith and culture?

Hindus usually rely on ‘Satyameva Jayate’…. Truth will triumph. But this doesn’t mean that we should sit idle and not help truth coming to light.

Not wanting to be controversial…

Unfortunately, Hindus seem to have one trait which their compatriots in the left and the converts to the Abrahamic religions don’t share. It is the desire not to be controversial and to be nice to others, even if those others are not nice to them.

This trait developed due to their painful history when Hindus had to lie low in the face of brutal Muslim and Christian oppressors. Yet this trait continued after 1947 and this does not help India.

It’s time to be clear and truthful, and we must not be afraid to call out the basic faults of Christianity and Islam in a proactive manner.

What are the basic faults?

The most prominent fault is that they got the nature of ‘’the one true God’ or Creator very, very wrong.

Hindus, Christians and Muslims, all agree that there is one true ‘God’ or cause for this universe. In fact, Hindus claimed this long before Christianity and Islam. It can be assumed that this Vedic knowledge about the one Brahman was copied/ stolen by Christianity and Islam.

This claim of one God is the positive aspect of the Abrahamic religions. They also tell their people, like Hindus do, to have faith and trust in a great God who looks after them if they are “good”. This makes sense and would give children an anchor, if the clergy of those two religions had not made a huge error.

Their texts claim that the one true God is jealous, that he loves only their own group and hates Hindus and other Kafirs. And being ‘good’ means to believe in their book and to be nice to people from their own religion.  Others are seen as inferior who will be rejected by God.

For Muslims being good also means to do Jihad and make the whole world for Allah (Q 9.29, 8.39) and for Christians it means to try by hook or crook to convert ‘heathens’ to save them from eternal hellfire.

Christianity is not any longer as blunt as Islam, but the same mindset drives them, too, like “We alone have the truth. God loves us. Unless ‘they’ accept our true religion, ‘they’ won’t be saved. So let’s help them and finish off their demonic pagan culture…”

This is unacceptable and of course not the Will of ‘the one true God’ whom Hindus call Brahman.

The Human Rights Charter of the United Nations and the Constitution of many countries do not allow to demean anyone on the basis of religion. Yet Christianity and Islam demean all Hindus and others as Kafirs and pagans/ heathens and predict a terrible fate for them in future. Such attitude makes genocide possible.

Driving the narrative instead of being driven

Can Hindus for a change DRIVE the narrative, instead of being driven and of only reacting and defending?

Can we demand that Christianity and Islam drop untrue divisive dogmas and that these dogmas must NOT be allowed to be taught to children? For example, Hindu representatives could submit a petition to the UN or to the International Court of Justice demanding this.

Can we, including well-known Gurus, support courageous people like Waseem Rizvi that many ayats in the Quran are indeed hateful? Or do we still have doubts if they are hateful? If so, please get a copy in a language you understand.

Or do we feel “Let Muslims sort it out among themselves”? Such attitude is in all likelihood cowardice and not some virtue.

Can the Hindu panellists call a spade a spade in TV debates and can we also, in talks with friends from different communities, dare to be controversial if truth requires it?

Those who support this conference need to realise that it doesn’t pay to attack Hindus.

And Hindus need to realise that we are alone in this. But we have a great advantage: we have truth on our side. The ‘true God’ is not a despot who wants to roast us in hell.

If only there were genuine debates, like in ancient times … Like between Adi Shankara and Mandana Misra. The Christian and Muslim representatives would have no other option but to accept Hindu Dharma, and the dark shadows of the Kali Yug would end.

Some day it will happen …

By Maria Wirth



  1. Rajesh Patil · · Reply

    Very nicely put forth!
    Immensely Dhanyawaad!
    Actually, Sanatan HinduDharma is MOST suitable for Humans and EcoSystem!
    Worshiping is NOT MANDATORY in HinduDharma!!
    An Atheist is also a Hindu!!
    Besides, Sanatan HinduDharma has bestowed humans many life enriching tools!!
    e.g. Yoga
    DhyAna (Meditation)
    PrAnAyama (Breathing Techniques)
    AyurVeda – HealthCare
    Bhagavad Geeta
    Number System
    Sciences etc..

  2. ajaxmehta · · Reply

    This is outrageously brazen!! Do we have a list of these universities? AM

    1. Google it, I think it is on the net there were 45 but some said their logo was used without permission. It’s also a Twitter trend

    2. Dear Maria,

      Thanks so much for this important article. Your clear thoughts and excellent articulation of the TRUTH, inspire me to stand up and push back this false propoganda against Hindus.

      Please don’t stop writing and speaking up, as we very much need such inspiration.

      I believe many years from now, people will look back at this period as the one when Hindu renaissance started.


  3. I agree with you on each point. High time we Hindus bite the bullet and give it back to those with shamelessly exclusive ideologies.

  4. Great post as usual by MW Amma. Indian universities should have a discussion furthering the thoughts of J Sai Deepak’s India that is Bharat book. Alas! Indian universities especially sociology departments are completely subservient to the white supremacist Euro-Christian colonialists who have themselves become subservient to islamic communism which is the ideology of the ruling political party of the USA.

  5. arun joshi · · Reply


  6. Thank you Mariaji. I’m also writing now. 🙏 You’re a true inspiration.

  7. Nagraj Desai · · Reply

    Hinduism is a way of life.
    This is the basis of Humanity.

  8. Since त्व is non translatable, here some sanskrit/hindi words with त्व as suffix:

    1. Mahan ( महान) – Mahatva (महत्व or important)
    2. Father (पित) – Pitrutva (पितृत्व fatherhood)
    3. Hindu (हिंदू) – Hindutva (हिंदूत्व)
    4. Vyakti (व्यक्ति) – Vyaktitva (व्यक्तित्व or personality)
    5. Ashthi (अश्ति Exist)- Ashthitva (अश्तित्व Existence)
    6. Afghan – Afghanatva

    Not sure why American led Universities are behind Hindutva and want to dismantle it! I bet, in the name of Academic freedom they can’t do similar conference any other religion.

    May be these Universities (with Christian root) figured out Hindus value knowledge & education. Therefore to destroy Hinduism & keep Indians as slave to Western Christian colonists, the tool to use is “education & educators”. The first step is to go after Hindutva then Hinduism altogether.

    But whenever anyone tries to dismantle Vyaktitva (व्यक्तित्व, हिंदूत्व) from Vyakti (व्यक्ति, हिंदू) they are destined to loose.

    American led MILITARIES & contractors fought the war to dismantle “Afghanatva” out of Afghans using “Arms & Ammunition” as weapons. They lost.

    American led UNIVERSITIES & professors are trying to fight a war to dismantle Hindutva out of Hindus using “Propaganda & Education” as weapons. They‘ll loose.

    Because it’s an impossible battle to dismantle Vyaktitva (व्यक्तित्व, हिंदूत्व) from Vyakti (व्यक्ति, हिंदू).

    These Universities will soon loose their glory fighting this battle to dismantle!!!

    1. Thank you

  9. You have summarised the situation in a hard-hitting manner, Maria. Indeed, at its core, the issue is the dogmatic character of Semitic faiths, continuing with a rigidity and unwillingness for reformation in keeping with the spirit of the times. These ‘desert faiths’ originally formulated to discipline barbarians with laws on blasphemy and irrational tales of creation, sin, heaven and hell et al appear to be bent on preserving their narratives without realising that these are totally out of sync with the changing times. If the truth is only One, how can any particular religion claim monopoly rights and denigrate others? Who is the authority to underwrite the veracity of any particular faith? The Semitic faiths are bound to be intolerant of Hinduism because it is inclusive and not divisive, seeking to assimilate all value systems and validate every genuine path in the evolutionary journey to Truth, akin to myriad streams and rivers moving towards the ocean of Oneness. Discerning minds everywhere are bound to attain such realisation. Religions that revel in dogma and divisiveness will eventually cease to be.

  10. These folks are on a Crusade, on a Jihad- albeit in a virtual mode, protected by Covid – to take out Hinduism, probably, the oldest “non-Abrahamic” religion in the world.

    • Let Jesus, Allah, Stalin, Mao et al bless them on 9/11 day.
    • In nine short months between March and December 1971, then West Pakistani army, accomplished, probably, the fastest genocide and crimes against humanity when they killed 3 million Bengali speaking civilians and raped 250,000 Bengali speaking women and girls (needless to say, the disproportionate number of the victims of such heinous crimes were Hindus.) And 10 million civilians, largely, Hindus fled to India.
    • Since October 2001, the sporadic nature of ethno- religious cleansing of Bangladeshi minorities (manly, Hindus) often times reported by fearless Sunni Muslim journalists and other sources entailed, amongst other barbaric atrocities- more than 20,000 rape & gang rape of women & children, often in front of neighbours & other next of kin, 4000 destruction& desecration of temples & cremation grounds, 750,000 acres of land grab, and 8 million internal and external displacement of Hindus.
    • Well what can one say, they don’t live in Armenia (genocide of 1 million people by Turkey) , China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq, ISIL, post-1990 Bangladesh, North Korea and, many other countries in the world (including India) where, during last 100 + years the Islamic Powers & their latter day (post 1970 born) Sunni Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Jamats+ & many other “GLORIOUS” brands of the Islamists have had committed every form of ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, genocides, crimes against women and girls, and burned out the lands and homes of the people and obliterated them from the face of their native lands, let alone stuck their heinous terrorist crimes in France, Belgium, England, Sweden (to name a few) the very countries which embraced them and, gave them & their sons, the opportunities for free education, health and economic well being.
    • Of course, no one wants to go there, but the genocides, the rapes, subjugation of women and of the less well of people, looting and destruction of Hindu temples during the 200 years of Muslim Mughal rule in India were far more devastating than the two hundred years of the British rule that followed. (And the many prior invasions by the Muslims in India cause enormous harms in every conceivable form to the Indians and to the fate of the thousands of women spoils of wars that the Muslim invaders took back with them after each spell of invasion and terror ended.
    • And to a large extent the same goes for the Soviet Communists (the Red Army’s infamous crime against two million women they raped whilst marching victoriously on their way to occupying Berlin. Never find the genocide they committed in Ukraine and many other citizens of the then USSR.
    • Nor should one forget the well documented of the industrial scale torture and murder of its own people especially, during Mao’s regime.
    • Of course, the white Colonial Christian (both the Roman Catholics and Protestants) powers (the English, the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Italians, the Dutch, the Belgians including their missionaries have their own gigantic histories of genocide, mass conversion, rape and destruction of the culture and forceful possessions of the indigenous people of the countries they occupied for hundreds of years in Africa, Americas, and Asia.
    • Never mind what’s happened to Afghanistan during last month.

    These are well financed, foreign based, anti India, anti Hindu, alt Left – university operatives & conference organizers & participants who do not know A,B,C, of Hinduism, nor have any inclination to learn about the vastness & plurality of Hinduism amongst many others that is sorely needed in today’s world infested with & that they as well as many left wing English newspapers like the Guardian, New York Times et al, are far too scared to speak up against – Abrahamic Sunni Islamic terrorism, Sharia Laws that are back again in Afghanistan and send 50% of its population back to kitchen along with, Islamism’s male supremacist toxicity and, backwardness that includes not adopting the United Nation’s universal rights of women & child.
    Unfortunately, any events, anything at all, that takes place within the walls of these so called “famed’ US universities “impress” the so called intellectuals & alt Left organizations and media, as well as, some media-wallas in the Indian diaspora in the west and, their copycats in India.

  11. Thank you for this post.
    Thinking differently, the occurrence of this conference is “good”, in the sense that now it has revealed to the world, especially to those who had even an iota of doubt about their true colours – how desperate, incorrect and insane, the haters have become to come up with such conference !

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