What is the greatest thing about being a Hindu?

In my view the greatest thing about being a Hindu is that one can be an open-minded, ‘normal’ human being, who is given plenty of insights and tips from the Vedas and other ancient texts on how to refine one’s character, how to anchor one’s awareness in the present and how to ultimately realize one’s oneness with the Divine Presence that is inside us and in everything.
A Hindu is not forced into a mental straitjacket. He does not need to think certain thoughts, which are against common sense and which are divisive, like for example the dogma of Christianity and Islam that “we alone have the full or final truth, and the Almighty will make all those, who do not accept this ‘truth’ and convert to ‘our only true’ religion, suffer in hellfire forever.

A Hindu has his conscience and the insights of the ancient Rishis as his guide.

In contrast, a Christian or Muslim has to suspend his conscience if it contradicts what his religion demands from him. This is a very serious point. The Jihadis for example might otherwise be kind youth, who would not kill people of other religions, if they had not been taught that it is their religious “duty” to ‘make the whole world for Allah’.

A Hindu is free to enquire into the truth and is encouraged to ask questions.

A Christian or Muslim is bound to his belief system and must not question it. The threat of eternal hell after only one life looms large even over the believers if they are not believing strongly enough and are not living fully up to the mark.

I suspect that this freedom of thought of Hindus and the assurance that ultimately all will reach the Divine (and actually are it already, even if they can’t feel it) has one more big advantage. It may be one of the reasons why Hindus are generally highly intelligent, because they don’t have to twist their mind into narrowness and fear.

By Maria Wirth



  1. Varun Dutt · · Reply

    As usual, such a clear and extremely well put together piece by maria ji! As a Hindu by birth we don’t appreciate the gift we got by being born into this culture and need someone who comes from a different culture and has embraced Dharma to make us value this gift!

  2. K SATEESH SHARMA · · Reply

    Truth we’ll written. Must be made aware amongst Hindus to be feel proud of being born as Hindu. Keep it up. All the best.

  3. K SATEESH SHARMA · · Reply

    Madam, is there any provision to circulate this article through what’s up?

    1. I put it also on whatsapp. Feel free to share it via whatsapp

  4. Shrikant Mahajan · · Reply

    Even if a Hindu throughout his/her life, does not clapp in praise of His God or do salutation, he/she is not deserted or condemned.

  5. so true Maria Ji! appreciate you so much!

  6. As always, very apt and right to the point , yet the conversion is happening fast and rising in India.

  7. Rama Lakshmi · · Reply

    how do I Connect with you on whatsapp. I want to circulate your articles via whatsapp

    1. Write to me at mariawirth12 at gmail,

  8. Madhav Bhandari · · Reply

    Maria ji, Namaste. I am a regular reader of your blog, I like your plain and straight forward style of putting the views. I am asking my friends to read you regularly. In this write up also you have explained the greatness of being a Hindu in very simple and plain words. This way of thinking and expressing our own thoughts is a god gift quality. My good wishes

    1. Thank you for letting me know

  9. Sanjiv Bendre · · Reply

    Sad we failed to understand real Dharma taught by Gita ie if your rights are violeted then you must fight and not with love but with weapon.

  10. Hari OAM
    Thankyou very much for these articles Maria Ji
    You are the torch bearer of us Hindus who are losing fight against our own people (Humanity)

    1. Don’t give up

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