Never thought one can love a country so much

Many years ago in a dream, I saw a map of India before me as one can see it sometimes on TV, with mountain ranges and the Himalayas distinct. Looking at it, my heart expanded with great love. Still dreaming, I was surprised that one can love a country so much.

Yet it was not love at first sight. Only on my second visit – intended as a stopover on my way to Australia that lasts meanwhile 40 years – India that is Bharat, showed me what amazing treasures she hides under her noisy and often challenging surface.

I realized that in Bharat an intensive, dedicated and essential inner search for what is truly true has been made since time immemorial. The findings of this search are startling and comforting to all humanity and they are also upheld by modern nuclear physics.

Those findings claim: ‘Beneath’ every appearance, including our own person, there is the same ‘Real Presence’ (or whatever one wants to call THAT which has no form and no name). It is the ONE SOURCE of and Essence in all manifestations. It is all-knowing and blissful – SatChitAnanda. It is indestructible. Weapons cannot cut It, nor can fire burn It; water cannot wet It, nor can wind dry It. (Bhagavad Gita 2.23)

To uncover THAT is the purpose of life and its fulfillment.

Every country has good people. But India has also wise and enlightened people, far more than any other place. They make Bharat what it is – a country full of Divine Light.

May this Light illumine the intellect of all…. Including the intellect of those who are highly influential in our times and who see humans as “hackable animals” without eternal Atma.

By Maria Wirth



  1. What a delightful post Maria . You have put your finger on the divine essence of this nation ❤🙏

  2. ramnarine sahadeo · · Reply

    namaste so easy to tell you are a beautiful enlightened person. Bharat needs many more like you to look beneath the surface. attached for your reading pleasure as it needs to be expanded and distributed after more evidence is available. ramji

  3. I think we can talk about Bharat as a soul, the only door present for heaven. A possibility for each human to explore any and everywhere, sooner or later, the search has to end with Bharart, and yet with an end to one, will culminate or start the search for another Bharat, which is within us.

    Thank you Maria.

  4. Madhusudan Annadana · · Reply

    Well said and succinctly written. Probably it’s your past karma and Vasanas that have entangled you with Sanaathana Dharma and that quest for the eternal truth. Seek and you shall find.

  5. sanwari chaudhary · · Reply

    namaste Maria Ji! absolutely loved this post.

  6. Feeling the same love than you but your karmas took you already there long back, mine still in the country where I was born. Bharat runs in my veins, in my spiritual veins. This cannot be but purva janma, Maria. How can I explain that I am there and that She is in me making me all alive? How much I understand you.

  7. Chandra Rangnath · · Reply

    Mariaji, I loved your heartfelt musings on self-knowledge as the essence of Bharat’s spiritual quest. However, self-knowledge must be accompanied by and followed up with ‘action’. Then and only then, self-knowledge gets transformed into true karma-yoga and bhakti. I find this insight in the writings of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo. I say this now, especially, when Bharat’s political leaders are still busy “trying to win the hearts and minds” of Jehadis, a community who are hell-bent on destroying this very knowledge tradition and it’s culture. When the basic cry of the Jehadi is ‘raliv, tsaliv ya galiv’ (join us, or run away or get killed), can we ever win their hearts and even if we do, to what purpose ?

  8. Octavio Po · · Reply

    Good afternoon.

    Fantastic text.

    OM Namah Shivaya

    Octávio Pó

    A sexta, 1/04/2022, 16:57, MARIA WIRTH escreveu:

    > MW posted: ” Many years ago in a dream, I saw a map of India before me as > one can see it sometimes on TV, with mountain ranges and the Himalayas > distinct. Looking at it, my heart expanded with great love. Still dreaming, > I was surprised that one can love a country so” >

  9. Thank you so much Maria Wirth ji

    Pradeep Krishnan

  10. Hans Grob · · Reply

    I haven’t yet learned to know Indian expats in the West who have returned by own will or intend to do so. Rather, they get the foreign nationality by ackowledging the better civilisation or living conditions or from fear to have to return, especially for their children. It is easier to delve into spiritualism, but to create a flourishing, considerate society seems much harder.

    1. Chandra Rangnath · · Reply

      It is true that much of India’s labour work in the unregulated sector. They are treated as ‘casual’ labour so they don’t get paid fairly and have no other entitlements. Laws are there in the books but for the workers in the unorganised sector it’s almost impossible to actually get justice. This is partly because the supply of unskilled labour is still much more than the demand. However, skilled workers are earning handsome wages, for example, in the construction industry.

      Also, there are numerous non-Christian NGO’s striving hard to alleviate the condition of the poor and the underprivileged. Due to the very high population, this still doesn’t go far enough.

      With improvement in the education levels of female children, India’s population is growing at a slower rate now, experts tell us. But Muslims are still led by their Mullahs who teach their youth that it is their religious duty to breed themselves into a position of strength. This is going to present a huge problem for the Indian government, who is currently going the extra mile to fund and encourage proper education among the Muslim females.

      As an Indian Hindu expatriate settled in Australia, I must agree that it was a daunting thought for me to relocate with my family to India, 25 years ago. True, no Indian immigrant family here has gone back. India continues to be chaotic, there is no consistent and uniform rule of law, it seems we can buy anything and anyone with money power, there is one set of rules for the privileged few and another for those at the middle and bottom of the society. Although Mr Modi has set an extraordinary example in good governance in New Delhi, the State governments continue to be rules by corrupt, unscrupulous, anti-India, anti-Hindu cohorts/families and this is what is making life miserable for the common citizen.

      Sorry, I can only rant, I am not able to see a easy way out of all this, spiritual or material, especially if India does not want to go the China way, and discard democracy in favour of a one-party despotism.

  11. Hans Grob · · Reply

    For how long must I read such reports:?

    ‘When Animal Rahat discovered young Amelia, she was wandering the streets in agony, with gaping, untreated wounds on her neck and thigh. She had been attacked by dogs and was in dire need of medical attention. Animal Rahat cared for her, and she came out the other side of the attack stronger than ever. Today, she’s fearless and friendly, with a sense of adventure much like her namesake, Amelia Earhart.

    But Amelia is one of the lucky ones. Right now in India, thousands of donkeys just like her are being worked to death hauling enormous loads of bricks or gravel on their backs for miles in all types of weather, often without food, water, rest, or shelter. When the tired animals get sick or injured, many are simply discarded by the roadside, where they might starve or face the same dangers that Amelia survived.’

    It makes me sad, and I don’t like it but I spend quite some money for this organisation which is of course led by a Western person.

    Instead of gasping for ‘self-relief’ and ‘eternal wisdom’, it would be better to try to relief first the very hardship people and animals are suffering from.

    1. Yes, animals suffer all over the world. But compared to the Christian West or Muslim countries, animals are better off in India. Will you also feel bad for the 1000s of cows, pigs, goats… which are daily “driven up” up to German slaughter houses (I assume you are German from your name)?
      For long I didn’t know what the daily “Auftriebszahlen” in the newspaper meant, where different animals are mentioned. It meant the number (zahl) of those who were “driven up” (auftrieb) to be slaughtered. Can you take one of those animals and describe his pain? Or is it only about putting down India?
      Most vegetarians are in India.

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