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Indian influence on German philosophers

Heinrich Heine wore 200 years ago: “The Portuguese, Dutch and British have for a long time ferried huge treasures on big ships from India to their home countries. We Germans had to look on. But we will not be left behind. We take their knowledge. Our Sanskrit scholars provide us with this wealth from India right here in Bonn or Munich.”

How do you view the caste system and its resultant discrimination?

This was a question in an interview. Since the interview is quite long, I post here my reply to this question: In my view, the caste system is unfairly misused to demonize India and Hinduism. A study of history would show that it has been misrepresented, probably with the agenda by the Church to convince […]

Ramlila in Varanasi

In December 1985, I was sitting at the back of a small temple at the outskirts of Chamba near Tehri when some boys discovered me and, typically for Indian kids, who are never shy, started asking me questions.  “Where you are from? Do people there also know about Ram?” “No, where I am from, people […]