Maria Wirth is a German and came to India on a stop over (that’s at least what she thought) on her way to Australia after finishing her psychology studies at Hamburg University. She visited the Ardha Kumbha Mela in Haridwar in April 1980 where she met Sri Anandamayi Ma and Devaraha Baba, two renowned saints. With their blessing she continued to live in India and never went to Australia…
She dived into India’s spiritual tradition, sharing her insights with German readers through articles and books.
For long, she was convinced that every Indian knows and treasures his great heritage. However, when in recent years, she noticed that there seemed to be a concerted effort to prevent even Indians (and the world) from knowing how valuable this ancient Indian heritage is, she started to point out the unique value of Indian tradition also in English language and shares them on this blog.

Meanwhile i wrote the book “Thank you India – a German woman’s journey to the wisdom of yoga”. It can be bought via the link from Garudabooks for a discount (at present only 274 Rs). it’s also available on Amazon.in and Flipkart.


Kindle edition is also available, both on amazon.com (for those abroad) and amazon.in.

i would like to thank all who commented on the different articles. Many comments are very insightful and knowledgeable and some provoke lively discussions.

Email: mariawirth12@gmail.com


  1. RAJ SHAH · · Reply

    I publish a magazine for Indians. Wiht your kind permission, like to publish your article title ” Let’s all be Hindu Fundamentalists “

  2. Excellent and very impartial work for a westerner. I have linked your blog to my site (vjsingh.com). The world going west spells disaster. We definitely need more westerners to come to grip with indian thoughts.

  3. varungoyalindia · · Reply

    Thanks for being what you are.!! You inspire me.!! I share exactly the same thought that there are efforts done to prevent Indians from recognizing themselves.!!

  4. […] blog is by Maria Wirth, a German who learned about Hinduism on a holiday after finishing her psychology studies at Hamburg University. She continued to live in India and […]

  5. I got interested in Germany when I read and saw lot of english literary work projecting Germany as a evil nation in World Wars and I started to learn german to get a balanced view. Jetzt weiss ich A1 ebene Deutsch. I think whats common to India and germany is that the history is written by the winners. so whatever we believe and consider right today is result of that past.

    1. Very well said. (y)

  6. Rajat Rai Handa · · Reply

    A thought provoking, rare excellent article. Really glad to have come across your blog.

  7. Hi Maria,

    I have recently started reading your blog. I believe you have touched every aspect of Hinduism we should realise.Its pretty sad that we Indians are blind to the treasures our ancestors left for us and trying to live fake life imitating the west.Continue the great work you are doing to the humanity.I think things have gone beyond control here .I still hope it will be a circle and people will have to return to the basics to find eternal peace.

  8. Thank you for this awakening

  9. Mam, your articles on SanathanaDharma are really good. Can we copy paste ur writings in our website http://www.samajavani.com (Web launched for purpose of Anti-Terrorism and Hindutwa related writings, NON-PROFIT). Can we use it? Name Credits or Photo credit will be given

    1. I am sorry, just realize that I had not replied… It’s a bit late now, but of course you can use my articles.

  10. Dear Sister,
    Thanks for an excellent article. I am an humble student of Christianity, and just completed a book titled ‘Jesus, Christianity and Vivekananda’ The book is under print by the Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari in near future. It would be my pleasure to present a copy of this book and my earlier book “The Indian Church” to you. One small request. Can I use this letter of yours as appendix in my book?

    1. Please feel free to use it.

  11. NATESAN. A · · Reply



    Respectful Ms. Mariawirth,

    Refer your letter to Pope Francis on 10th December 2013 from Puducheri to respect Hindu religion. Madam, Please note the Vedic name is only Sanadhana Dharma (righteousness) from time immemorable not Hinduism.

    Why you have addressed the Pope as Holy father no holiness was there in him he is only the leader of a very big company existing thosuands of years spreading the Christianity all over the world by violently killing millions of men women and children especially millions of poor women seduced burnt and killed even upto the early 18th century. Refer Book Women, Church and State by Matilda Joselyn, USA 1891 telling how women treated worst than animals in all churches with a aid of State. Often young ladies taken away from their house in the middle of the night by the priest and state knocking the door open the door holy father. Almost all Popes lived a luxurious life enjoying women at will and even begetting children. Please note the Pope of Vatican Leo X year 1510 once said so far we have managed with the myth of Christ meaning Jesus Never Existed. You can go to the website Jesus Never Existed.org or you can read the Book Jesus Never Existed (600 Pages) by the author Kenneth Humphrey, London. You can get this book from “Jesus Never Existed” by Kenneth Humphreys – available at ICONOCLAST Press, P.O. Box No.62, Vakfield, East Sussex, TN 22 12Y. U.K.

    You can even read the book Deception of Deception and the Dead Sea Scrolls by N.S. Rajaram available in Voice of India, 2/18, Ansari Road, New Delhi – 110 002. even at the start of the page he has written for sheer audacity and durability of success nothing can match the nearly two thousand years long deception by the Church in spreading and sustaining a fiction called the ‘Life and Message of Jesus Christ’. There is nothing even remotely comparable to it in scope and scale.

    During the AD 320 Emperor Constantine was rulling the Rome they are Sun Worshippers of Pagan Religion at that time the Christians an extremist sect in Jews were only 2% of Roman population. A Bishop called Esubesis some how converted the King and his mother to Christian faith by several false stories about Jesus the King got converted also for some political reasons. And in a place called Nicea some 300 Bishops (mostly vagabonds assembled and resolved under the leadership of Emperor Constantine that Jesus is the only Son of God and all must only pray to him. The Bishop Esubesis made the King Constantine also the First Pope. At that time only Roman Emperors were called pontiff and that name and respect coming all these years to the Pope from the Kings. King Constantine in his death bed gave many powers and concessions to Christians. The Roman Catholic Religion got the power of King’s Army, Money, and the Roman Catholic Religion spread all over the world by violence and killing and cheating came into the existence at that time. The Bible were compiled to one book as at that time hundreds of Bibles are available and the minority Christian fighting among themselves. Please note not a word from Bible came from the mouth of Jesus and all written at different times by different people. In 1949 some boys playing near the Dead Sea found bags full of scrolls belonging to the first century after going through that which was in Hebrew many researchers has found out that many holy men were living around who were also killed after torture. They say they have told this story to Jesus and fabricated him with his mother followers etc., etc.,

    In Christianity almost everything has been robbed from Greek Roman Jew Buddhist and Hindus Scriptures and the Bible fabricated. Even the Christmas Festival of December 25th robbed from Pagan Religion as December 25th was celebrated as a birthday of the Sun in a very grand manner by the Roman Pagan Religion.

    A Christian Pope by name Damasus, (366 – 385 AD) was not happy to see people of other religion enjoying so much and he got an idea and told that Jesus was also born only on that day as nobody knows the date month even the year of birth of Jesus at that time and it was easy for Damasus to rob and from that date it has become officially (December 25th the birthday of Jesus and Christmas) so a Jesus never born given a date of birth robbing from Roman Pagan Religion. Many leading researchers have written about the fabricated Jesus and Christianity. It was able to survive from the year 320 AD as after King Constantine his son and his generation all became staunch Christians started demolishing their Pagan Religion burning their books destroying their temples killing intelegent and sainly people of Pagan religion the Rome Vatican now stands on the demolished Pagan temple so the Christianity had the plus point of collabrating with states and the Kings power for thousands of years to be spread all over the world including US Australia Africa Korea India Sri Lanka etc., as given in the Bible killing and converting the people of other faith you can even go to the website http://www.evilbible.com to know the murder rape etc., etc., in the actual Bible. Madam Maria, please note in 1930 – 40s Hitler masacared 70 million Jews thinking as per the Bible they are the reason for the death of non-existent Jesus. Hitler and Musolene killers of millions and are very friendly and close to the Pope and Vatican. Even Pope went to wish Happy Birthday to Hitler millions and millions of Money and Property worth given to Vatican by both Hitler and Musolene the Power and Money of Vatican earned only by the blood bath of humanity. I also given below what leading statesmen and thinkers told about Christianity.

    Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S. President and Statesman (1743 – 1826) has said Is uniformity attainable? Millions of Innocent men, women and children since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth. (Notes on the State of Virginia)

    I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.

    The Christian god is a three – headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three-headed beast – like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.

    Voltaire French author and philosopher (1694 – 1778)
    If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities.

    The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost the power of reasoning. (Philosophical Dictionary)

    Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world. … Where is the prince sufficiently educated to know that for seventeen hundred years the Christian sect has done nothing but harm? (Letters to Frederick the Great, 1767)
    Pagan religion shed very little blood, while ours flooded the earth with it. (Philosophical Dictionary, “Religion”)

    [Christianity] has deluged the earth with blood for the sake of unintelligible sophisms. (Philosophical Dictionary, “Religion)

    Thomas Paine, American author and revolutionary leader (1737 – 1809)

    Whenever we red the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called if the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my own part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.

    Of all the systems of religion that every were invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself, than this thing called Christianity. Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice, it renders the heart torpid, or produces only atheists and fanatics, As an engine of power, it serves the purpose of despotism; and as a means of wealth, the avarice of priests; but so far as respects the good of man in general, it leads to nothing here or hereafter.

    It has been the scheme of the Christian church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of government to hold him in ignorance of his rights. The systems of the one are as false as those of the other, and are calculated for mutual support. The study of theology as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing, it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and admits of no conclusion.

    However now Christianity is crumbling down all over the modern world yearly 30 to 40 lakhs of people coming out of Christianity going to other religion or irreligion. Not even a single lady now joining us Nun. The modern people knows very well about this dark story of Vatican. Now no country’s Government respect Pope and Vatican as some 50 years back. Almost all churches regularly go through big sexual scandal their Money and Power used all over the world for conversion legal and illegal and enter politics through backdoors to spoil small countries.

    Well the church the Vatican and the Pope have money power and a false spiritual power got from the blood of innocent people of this world for nearly 2000 years.

    Madam Maria, Kindly go through all references and know the truth of Christianity and reply me if you have any doubts. You need not worry about Sanadhana Dharma (Hinduism) we have thousands of scriptures for man and women to live a righteousness life and finally understand the truth in themselves. Morethan that Bharath had now have and also will have Mahatmas Rishis all the time who have realised both inside and outside.

    In Sanadhana Dharma as per Vedas and Mahatmas it is not that there is only one God. There is only God. (Sarvam Bhrahma Mayam)

    With regards,
    A. Natesan,
    Arasan Company Firm,
    271/A1, Madurai Road,
    Tirunelveli – 627 358.
    Mob: 98653- 45458.
    email. arasancofirm@yahoo.com

    1. sir i salute you with pranam. there can not be any word or short sentence than “he is only the leader of a very big company existing thousands of years spreading the Christianity all over the world by violently killing millions of men women and children especially millions of poor women seduced burnt and killed even upto the early 18th century.” which gives the truth of christian. you stopped with 18th century but the company is sustaining even now with the great business of converting poor un-reasoning and greedy people.

  12. Niranjana · · Reply

    Dear Natesan,

    You have given glimpse of Christianity with the many fact , with profound knowledge and study you did.Even the educated and well settled people like me not aware of this truth of Christianity .How we can expect the poor guys of India who are economically , socially , morally bankrupt, to understand the above facts?

    Hence we learned people must join the hands with the personalities like Matha Maria wirth, and put effort protect our Dharma, Again this is not new to us , धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः by our Upanishad, Meaning to Dharma protects those who protect it?

    Let us start this awareness , first for the learned , also for the deprived. I am eagerly ready to serve this great dharma.

  13. I appreciate your open mindedness and the courage of conviction.
    My brother Dr. Arun Kumar has initiated a petition to WHO to include spiritual dimension in the definition of Health. I hope you will spare some time to go though the petition, sign, support and spared the message amongst your friends, followers and family member.

    1. I agree with the point that the spiritual dimension needs to be included, but I am missing in the petition (and in the long article by your brother) any hint that all these valid considerations he writes about are insights of India’s ancient wisdom. There is mention only of western researchers who somehow support what the petitioner, an Indian, is able to articulate because he is rooted in his tradition. I have seen the ‘new age’ and ‘spirituality’ in the west and am convinced that ‘spirituality’ should not be divested of and separated from the dharmic Indian tradition, which is not a religion in the sense that Abrahamic religions are.
      Maria Wirth

  14. SuriShiva Kumar · · Reply

    Thanks Maria. I have forwarded your reply to my brother who will be able to clarify. I am sure that the ancient Ayurveda system has definite answers and links to Vedic roots of philosophy, spirituality, and universal religion.

  15. Dear Maria,
    I have deliberately omitted any reference to Indian spirituality. There is no doubt about the fact that India is a goldmine of spiritual wisdom,. But the authorities at WHO may not be interested in it. I think they will be more interested in the scientific evidence gathered by scientists in the developed countries.

    Once the WHO reviews the definition of health it will be easy for us to talk abut spirituality with special reference to Indian spirituality which is universal and scientific. Once the WHO accepts the spiritual dimension of health we can point out that Ayurveda has long ago included it in the definition of health.

    1. @ Arun Kumar
      Integrity demands that in your petition you acknowledge and honour the rishis like Charaka and Susruta, who have formulated comprehensively and crisply this holistic concept thousands of years ago. Why do you think that the authorities at WHO may not be interested in the Indian roots? Don’t you think they know that holistic health comes from Ayurveda? But it certainly suits them if nobody alludes to it. You would know about Transcendental Psychology. It is completely western now, no hint of it being based on India’s wisdom. So why should westerners acknowledge the Indian roots afterwards – after western research had seemingly provided the input for a change in definition?
      I don’t understand this diffidence of Indians when it comes to Indian heritage. For most westerners, the horizon ends with ancient Greece, the alleged source of all culture and knowledge, or maximum Babylon. This is propagated again and again. You know it is wrong. India was this source. Why not stand up for it. Westerners would ultimately respect you (Indians) more if you stood up for your tradition than (timidly) saying what you think that westerners want to hear.
      Maria Wirth

      1. Rajan Kumar · ·

        The british beat up the indians so badly that even today they find it hard to stand straight.They must have been efficient killers to have destroyed everything indian.

      2. If Indian rishis had such a developed heath system, then, why there are still so many sick people in India running after western medicine? It’s because the Indian health system is not scientific. I have tried ayurvedic medicine and it only worsened my situation. Switched to scientific medicines and got healed in no time.

    2. Maria Lozano · · Reply

      I fully agree with Maria´s reply, I would like to insist in making you think twice of the reasons that make indians not to stand for the truth of India, Hinduism and in this case Ayurveda as the original source to which humanity should bow down. What you may think it is a strategy, it can end up in recognising the “spirituality” in the western terms, which eventually is but confirming the power and domination that they already have. Ultimately, it can become an acknowledgement that westerners may have done “by themselves”, as so many westerners that want to separate spirituality from religion, thinking that all religions are dogmatic. I really think we Hindus have the dharma of defending with full force the truth, may it like to the mainstream or may it not, if we truely want to see a change in the standards. A shift that must be done: the standards should be set by the source´s point of view, not by the ones who rob the ideas.

  16. SuriShiva KUmar · · Reply

    I am Dr.Arun Kumar’s brother. After reading Maria Wirth open letter to Pope, I felt a strong desire to refer the petition to WHO initiated by my brother, in order to gain her support for the petition. Now I find this discussion very interesting. Here is one of the reasons why many find it difficult to stand for the ‘Truth’. Here is a quote from Vidhura Neethi

    Vidhura addressing Dhritarashtra says “Your Majesty, always good speaking people can be easily found. But a person speaking bitter truth and one who listens to him are both difficult to find- Vidur neeti.
    Vidura was the Chief Counsel in the Royal Court of the Blind King Dhritarashtra. He is an Initiate that knew the Law and advised the king untiringly and patiently. He is considered as the *Mahachohan in the Theosophical world. His teachings to the king are eternally valid. They are given in brief, culling out from the **Mahabharata.
    We need people like Maria Wirth to lead and motivate the people to be bold and brave to speak the ‘Truth’

  17. pruthu · · Reply

    very nice article…”why not hindu india”….please keep up the good work…best of luck…adv pruthu anand abhyankar, nagpur, maharashtra, india

  18. Today i happened to see your website by a chance and was impressed with it. i have done a research of science,astrology,alchemy ,astronomy in details for the past 4 years and found out that hinduism ( you may all as mother of all religions) spreaded to all over world from india and it still exists in various countries in some way or other. Even Vatican crest has such images which i can not explain right now due to having to explain in details. my study is based on academic interest.. i plan to write a book on this and get it published in london as it is my ambition to inform the people all over the world so that everyone will understand the truth about all religions.

  19. manish · · Reply


  20. PannerSelvam · · Reply

    Dear Maria.

    May Lord Shiva bless you. I suppose it is the great deeds of our sages of time immemorial that produced a saintly daughter like you from Germany to stand up to fear mongers of all stripes who want to demonise Hinduism. I am a third generation Singaporean Indian and 50 years old. Yet, in was only this year that I started learning bout Hinduism. The religion (or more accurately culture) is astounding. Astronomy, medicine etc. are all interwoven in it. Little wonder that many people from Europe and North America are spellbound by it.
    Sadly though, Indians are somehow restrained in showing our pride in Hinduism. This includes me. For many years, I freely used the term fanatics against the BJP, even though I never live in India, or, know anything about them. I thought I was the only one. But, when I read the Indian newspapers and watch their television channels, I am shocked to see the commentators/producers/journalists castigating the BJP as fanatics. Are Hindus who are proud to be Hindus fanatics. It has taken me so long to reflect on this simple reality that being a proud Hindu dos not equate to being a fanatic.

    Once again, thank you for opening my closed mind. Keep up the good work.



  21. Palani Swamy · · Reply

    Dear Friends,

    I am delighted to read the illuminating discussions here including the input from Ms Maria Wirth. No doubt, the colonial mind set and the vested interests of Indian politics have done enormous damage to the image and general perceptions in respect of Hindu dharmic traditions. We need to set right these. I would like to draw your attention to the writings of a great Indian American author Shri Rajiv Malhotra whose website is given under:


    I am really grateful to Ms Maria for her efforts to tell the world about what her conviction is in respect of Hindu Dharma.

  22. I am very glad to know abt a sister from Germany who is so much fond of our ancient tradition.
    Perhaps , you are another sister nivedita. In a country where we caricature our own culture, lo here is a woman who crusades for our cause. I am not talking about the so called hindus who do not know the names of a 10 upanishads, but consider themselves ‘ soldiers ‘ of sanatana dharma.
    My dear sis,
    My sincere advice is please if you haven’t read the Gospel of sri ramakrishna paramahamsa , and books of sister nivedita like the Web of Indian life ,kali the divine mother please do so.
    I think that if people like max muller, did not write abt our upanishads we Indians would never have known about the greatness of sanatana dharma.
    And it was Sri vivekananda who inspired this soil.

    1. PannerSelvam Dharmalingam · · Reply

      Dear Maria.

      How are you? Great to know that another sister is keen to know more of our Hindu tradition.

      I came across Sister Nivedita whilst searching for Swami Vivekananda. I downloaded some of her work (pdf copies). They make for fascinating reading, especially her poems and literature on Kali/

      Cheers for now.

  23. prakash ilanthila · · Reply

    Dear Maria, Thank you to join with search for truth.sanathan hindu dharma said that “Ekam sath (truth),viprah bahudhavadanthi” .If the World follow this path ,whole world is acheived inner peace &prosparity…
    Prakash Ilanthila, mangalore…

  24. Sanskrit-devabhasha- is given more respect in Scandinavia, Germany, Poland than in independent and free modern India. The several political parties wanting a place in the sun have trampled upon their conscience and sold their souls. The MSM is always shy of publishing anything to do with the wisdom of ancient India, They ridicule it and feed it to the youth of this country . The future is unthinkable at this rate. A line comes to my mind from the Mahabharat. when the mighty Duryodhana of the Kauravas lies mortally wounded and the Pandava Yudhishtara walks up to him with sadness in his eyes… “How could you Duryodhana ,of all the people, do this most improper act of teaming up with the Kauravas and lead them to this adharmic war against us > You Duryodhana who was the best amongst all of us as students. You who excelled in every subject………. how could you do this terrible mistake that finally led to the destruction of the Kaurvas on moral , dharmic grounds.Duryodhana the best among them replies: Brother, I know what dharma is …but I have no attraction or appeal (pravrutri) for righteousness or ethics.
    I also know what ‘adharma’ (non righteousness) is ,but I am so deeply steeped in adharma, that I have no escape from it.(Nivrutti) just cannot pull myself away from it. ….This is where the concept of “karma ” lies. …

  25. Hi Maria
    Your writing Is an eye opener I liked very much all my good wishes for your research and writing may god give you long life for your effort to bring Hinduism to save the religious conflict

  26. Ananth r rajeev · · Reply

    i feel greatly relieved after reading ur articles. U hav posted everything dat i desperately wanted to cry out to the whole world.. Ur words speak of ur high spiritual state, but i would lik to remind not to get disheartened by criticisms and comments by certain “ignorant “souls which may hurt u, whatever dey say. U wrote about true love among humans and i would lik to say something about dat. I think true love can exist between humans. But onli when u have become “shiva”, or one wid brahman. We humans love ourselves more than anything and that love is unconditional..when one “REALISES” brahman, u will understand that ur nothing different from everything and everyone..and i believe the true sign to understand whether one really become 1wid brahman is when u feel unconditional love to everybody and everything..dat their happiness becomes urs, their sorrow becomes urs nd u will b ready to do anything for anyone without any bias..dat is the mark of true spiritual master..one who biases or bats for select people is not..i think u already knw it..it mit hav been there in any scriptures or spiritual guides( But i got dis idea of my own.so subjected to error, since im an imperfect being) hope we all find what we are searching for at the earliest..

  27. All human being born are vedic and sanatan followers ( human laws).Only after birth without their rights and knowledge they get converted or declared they are now muslim or christian. This mode should be stopped .No one can declare as islam follower or christians followers based on one book unless he is 21 and rea d and understood the book. and has been to school and college.

  28. The only reason Hindus are proud of their culture is because Max Mueller and a few westerners wrote about it. Otherwise Hinduism is pretty much schizophrenia, and maybe most other relegions are the same. I used to wonder what makes us Indian people so pathetically illogiocally senseless, non-proactive etc., chaotic, human by birth but sub human by common sense, intelligence etc.(even today I find footpath people having 4 children, even today I see early marriage inspite of being unemployed, even today parents don’t give their children toilet training(civic sense training) when they are 3-5 years old, if this is not low intelligence, then what is low intelligence.

    Absence of hinduism(and maybe any relegion)= common sense. I am not a anti hindu, but I am defenitely rejecting hindu beleifs from within. For I feel hinduism and the stupids it makes out of its followers is responsible for all the problems in the fundamental human psyche of Indians such as lack of discipline, lack of accountability, lack of focus, lack of common sense, cheating and lying and deceit, leaving things to god rather than working to improve life etc etc etc. no end to it. , accepting life rather than wanting to improve it, take the easier way of being cowardly, now the British invaded India because, they COULD, and the British didn’t stay in Japan because they COULDN’t. No other countries make India weak, we ourselves are a manifestation of bad qualities and weakness, and that’s why we are at the bottom and always will be.

    1. with due respect to you sir, I submit that you are equating a philosophy with earthly qualities of people living in an area where the philosophy arose. As such, very few people actually practice that philosophy. Whatever ills you cited about Indians (off all faiths, I might add), can be true of nations like zambia, somalia, pakistan, bangladesh etc. Countries that never heard of sanatana dharma or where most people don’t practice it.
      British also invaded many islamic countries, those who never heard of sanatana dharma. They invaded and decimated native americans, who weren’t practicing a fatalistic religion that I know of. British were cunning, unscrupulous, avaricious, and of course more powerful.
      Lastly, I am not sure if you are from India, I will appreciate if you post the initiatives you took to change the ills you cited. Thanks,

  29. karthik j · · Reply

    Dear Maria Ji,

    Your articles are very simple to understand and touch across the very important aspects of Hinduism. I have started reading your articles very recently and infact have made it a daily ritual to read at least one of them. It gives me more knowledge about our ancient religion more importantly the spiritual aspects of it, threats faced by it in today’s world, makes me more inquisitive and gives me a sense of pride.

    Keep doing your good work and let me know if I could be of help. Would be happy to contribute to spread the message and real essence of Hinduism / Sanatana Dharam in whatever possible capacity.


    1. Karthik, i am happy to know you find the articles helpful. i don’t really know how to spread them more. several websites took articles from my blog. When someone with a big following on twitter tweets them, or puts them on FB, as Subramaniam Swamy did with two articles, it makes a big difference, and many more readers came to the blog.
      Feel free to spread them in your circle. i trust what is meant to happen will happen.

  30. Hi Maria,

    I feel you blog is very informative. I would love to follow you blog.

    Sanjay Dhadwal

    1. Please do, and feel free to share the articles in your circle or websites

  31. Hi Ma’am, I feel so empowered after going through your articles. My heartfelt thanks to you.

  32. You are a Godly soul born in foreign country to help Indians see what a glorious Vedic heritage they have, & for the world to benefit from the same. God bless and Namaskar Mam.

  33. Hi Maria,

    It was great meeting you in Pondicheery – although our conversation was short (the duration of what it took me to eat Pav Bhaji :)) – I was pleasantly surprised to know how much you know about Indian culture and are engaged in the effort of spreading the word. I read a few articles on youur blog shall be following it.

    As promised – here’s the link to my blog – http://crashpoint-zeros-brain.blogspot.in/ – do let me know your feedback when time permits.

    Hope our paths cross again sometimes.

  34. yogindra rawat · · Reply

    Lieber Maria
    Ich wuerde gern die Article von Ihnen ueber Indien auf Deutsch lesen,ich waere sehr dankbar wenn Sie Mir die beste Weise empfehlem koennten
    Alles Beste

    1. dear Yogindra,
      please see here


      these articles were written long ago some 10 years ago. The Gott in Indien article is also in English here on the blog.
      Further, you can google my book “Von Gurus, Bollywood und heiligen Kuehen”

      i also have a long chapter in “Indien wie wir es sehen” about Baba Ramdev mainly

      my recent articles are only in English. have not yet trranslated them. May do if i get time.

    2. Verwenden Sie Google Translate, kopieren und einfügen, so wie ich Ihre Frage gestellt habe

  35. Hello Maria Wirth! Your amazing grasp of Vedic Philosophy surely indicates that you were born in India in one or more previous lifetimes, during the course of which you had imbibed this Philosophy wisely and deeply. It was a pleasure to read this article and I wish that it reaches far and wide, all over the world!

  36. Hello, Kudos to you for this brilliant blog & I am immensely impressed with your passion & deep faith in indian culture! You are carrying forward the great work of Max Muller!
    with love & regards
    Krishna Pachegaonkar Aurangabad-cell 9423456431 (Maharashtra )

  37. Hi Maria,

    I recently came across your article on the documentary “India’s Daughter”. I found it very though provoking. After that I have read a few of your other articles. Your insight into Hindu philosophy is really deep and inspiring. I’ve always thought that Hinduism is a very less understood religion, even by Hindus. We seldom think beyond the everyday rituals and multiple Gods. The true depth of Hinduism is mostly under covers and not as popular as Islam or Christian or other religious philosophies. I had read somewhere that “Hinduism is not a religion (in the strict sense of the word), its a way of life”. You have again made me believe in that. It was a pleasure reading your articles.

    Warm regards,

    1. the article on the media focus on ‘rapes in India’ was written already in Jan 2014, when i realised how badly those constant news on India had affected the opinion in Germany. Even i didn’t think it has gone so far that even a professor of a German university refuses students on this ground…
      the same shocking misinformation happens in regard to Hindu Dharma.
      if only more Indians knew their tradition and stood by it even among the English speaking classes.

  38. Dr Arvind Gopal Kulkarni · · Reply

    Your superficial name is Maria Wirth… your real name, I think, is MOTHER INDIA….as I peeped the responses on your blog,and spent half an hour reading them, I thought i must leave a reply to appreciate your efforts…

  39. मनोहर रामचंद्र राईलकर · · Reply

    Frau Maria, Gutan Tag मारियाताईंस सप्रेम नमस्कार
    I was overwhelmed with joy to read your article on the topic Christians are not unsafe in India. I could not refrain myself from translating into my mother tongue Marathi. I have no intention to get any kind of monetary benefit from the work.. But if you will grant me permission to translate, I can make it available to my friends & relatives, who are not so comfortable with English.
    Danke. धन्यवाद.
    Manohar Railkar. मनोहर राईलकर (age 86 years)

    1. of course, please translate it. i am happy when the thoughts spread. No permission necessary.
      Did you see, on my blog there are 4 articles translated into Hindi?

  40. J K Jhaver · · Reply

    Can you notify me whenever you publish articles in your blog

    1. Please click ‘following’ on my blog, then you will get automatically informed. Thank you for your interest

  41. J K Jhaver · · Reply

    Will be happy to be notified when u post new articles. Thanks
    J K Jhaver

    1. there is an option to follow the blog which means you will get info on any new post. would you please click this? Thank you.

  42. Shrish Deshmykh · · Reply

    You are requested share to your blog of 2011 in Gadwal post.

    E-mail :– shrish56@gmail.com

  43. Yes, I have been an admirer of your posts and feel that you are a great inspiration to those millions of souls those are beseeched in darkness for want of true meaning and understanding in “SPIRITUALITY”. May The Almighty bless you ever to keep up with your good work in the best interests of the welfare of humanity everywhere.

    1. thank you for your good wishes

      1. I’m quite sure having lived in West for about a decade that Hinduism aka Sanatan Dharma is the only tolerant faith and the first faith based ideology of this world and have allowed every persecuted people of this world unlike no other country. It is my belief that Hinduism shall triumph at last. I’m very concerned on these mindless Middle East wars which are harbingers of holocaust. Only Hinduism can bring global peace though some impurities have cropt up in course of time needing some reforms.

      2. Your good work shall pay out in the end by reforming the global community. Kindly keep it up.

  44. Dear Mariya G , First of all i like to thank you for the enlightening articles you have written about both Christianity and islam . I agree wholeheartedly about the defects in islam and why reformation is bound to fail since muslims cant deny the verses of violence quran . The reformists who tried to bring changes were sidelined and even kicked out from the community branded heretics by the mullahs . Even the qadiani movement was all about reformation in islam its founder later started believing himself to be a prophet of islam now they ahmedi muslims are branded as non muslims everywhere includes even India . The worst part is apologists who try to sugar coat the versesd of islam and try to justify it , these so called liberals are a bigger threat than the extremists in other words wolves in sheep’s clothing .

    i have left the madness of Religion since i feel it has caused much harm than good , be it invasions of native lands , the enslavement of its people , forcible conversions the books of history are filled with them . i have abandoned my faith from the time i have understand by my own reasoning and understanding of religion and its hate filled scriptures . i prefer to be a humanist living my life happily rather than following any man made god his prophet .

    Now coming back to the point you are a follower of Hinduism , which unfortunately is known for its caste system and sadly enough it is being practiced even to this date. Please go through the matrimonial classifieds in india you will see clearly what i mean , read about the atrocities committed against dalits in newspapers even sati , dev dasi system which was done by hindu clergy in earlier times . The list i feel is endless being a foreigner by birth you cant enter certain temples –since One has to be a born hindu — Hinduism dosent accept converts . .

    The gita in one verse does not consider women , sudras, vaisyas as superior , Now my question to you Maria g can we say hindusim is superior compared to the abrahamic faith .

    The mahabharatha is all about a war fought for land between warring cousins in which the god incarnate krishna takes the side of pandavas The gita is a small part of this mythological text which is actually conversations betwen krishna and arjaun

    There are verses which even justify the usage of violence to achieve the ends and even fighting a religious war for it

    Chapter 2, Verse 31
    Considering your specific duty as a kṣatriya, you should know that there is no better engagement for you than fighting on religious principles; and so there is no need for hesitation.
    ksatriya is a warrior

    Maria g , now can we still comment that hinduism is best , it has its issues but still there is discrimination being practiced and in spite of many reforms being done there is no change . women in periods cant enter temples and other outdated customs still exists , my question to you does mankind need any religion ???

    i humbly request you nto please give me a reply for my question , i have let you know about my beliefs in atheism and why i choose to be a humanist rather than following any religion .
    Even buddhism started as an athesit movement but its followers made it into a religion which was something that buddha never wanted . Organized religion is a threat to peace in this world and its time humanity gives up on religion since it has no answers to give .

    1. As far as I know all the short comings mentioned by you have been induced by the invaders. Religious texts also were modified by the british. And by the way your writeup is more anti hindu rather than anti religion.

    2. Dear Ashfaq,
      Fully agree with you that dogmatic, institutionalized religions are harmful and it is much better to be a humanist. However, pushing away any thought about truth and just live life being a good human being, is also not fully satisfying. That’s why I am so much in praise of Hindu Dharma, because here the concept of “god” is different and makes sense – that one, living awareness or presence in all.
      Regarding caste system, it is there everywhere. had a friend, whose father was an advocate who wanted to marry a carpenter, and her family objected. Not because he had no money, a carpenter with a workshop and good tools can earn a lot in the west, but because of the status.
      In India (caste is not even an Indian word), varna was originally in the Veda according to what you did in life. It gives a good strucgture to society. That ‘higher’ castes look down on lower ones is human weakness. In Europe it was royality, clerics, craftsmen and traders, and farmers.
      Jati may give an edge to the economy. A child that grows up in a business household learns the trade of his father early and has an advantage over someone who is a complete newcomer to the business. In India, the idea that “fulfillment” comes from what you do in life, is not as prevalent as in the west. It comes from realizing the truth.
      I give a few links, maybe you haven’t seen them: how I essentially became a Hindu



      if you read Mahabharata in full, it is simply amazing, for example the speeches in the Sabha by Vidura, Krishna, etc.
      the war was not a “religious” war. it was about injustice having been done.
      religion is only a 1000 year old world. it means to bind, and i take it that it means to bind one into a strict belief system, it was first used for Christianity and later for Islam. now for all… we say we do something religiously, if we stick to the rules.

  45. HEALTH
    WHO has no option but to accept the concept of ‘health’ from different civilizations and as per different disciplines. ‘Health’ translated in Sanskrit is ‘Swastha’ – which means: established in self. This brings a unique perspective on health in terms of its nature, location and prescribes a less exploitive pathway to health.
    Raviji TT

  46. Rathna kumar · · Reply

    Hi maria,
    Being a German you have lost your faith in christianity at d age 16.Being an indian my faith in christ made stronger at d age 14. Now i am 51 year old but my faith is going stronger stronger .ï

  47. RAKESH SINGLA · · Reply

    I am too much perplexed to read and know about Maria Wirth ji,still i am to come to terms whether she is bodily in flesh and blood or simply an mythical character,i otherwise like German people and culture ,fond of Deutsch language ,learning the same of my own.one similarity in Sanskrit and Deutsch ,both have many words after joining small words .WHAT ELSE CAN I WRITE FURTHER ,nothing sorry for anything undesired.

  48. Manoranjan Patel · · Reply

    Great thoughts.I m a great believer of Lord SHIVA who inspires me to see & do positive things in everything of day today life. i think there is one &only one positive energy in this world named as GOD in whatever forms & religion may people believe it.when u do wrong things u steps towards negativity likewise right things leads u towards divine positivity.

  49. happy to have ‘discovered’ you now! kindly allow me to subscribe to ur uplifting posts – i dont see a way to do that.

    1. there is an option to follow the blog and you get a mail when i post something new. right now i am travelling, but once back i can also put your mail ID on a list which i inform. frankly, i am not well organised in spreadin the posts

      1. Will be much obliged. I dont see an option otherwise.

  50. Really thankful to Maria to highlight the lacuna being faced by the so called Indian Intelligentsia.today ..who relish in deriding all that we need to be so proud n grateful for …

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