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Is nobody else worried?

 “Maria, don’t make your view on mass vaccination public”, an Indian friend advised me. “You will spoil your reputation and nobody will listen anyway”. He probably is right, but since I am very worried about what’s happening, and trust my reason and intuition, I feel I need to write… Suppose, we have a problem and […]

What is Sanatana Dharma according to you?

What is Sanatana Dharma according to you? A friend asked me this question recently. Sanatana Dharma is so vast; it has so many aspects. How to put it briefly? Let me try: Sanatana means eternal and Dharm is difficult to translate. It means: to do what is right in a given situation, to do one’s […]

Why do people say that Hinduism has no rules but also say, you can’t eat meat, etc.?

There is confusion between rules and commandments. Hinduisms doesn’t have commandments, but it has rules. Commandments must be followed to be able to get into the Christian or Muslim heaven. And according to their doctrine, you have only one life. Yet even more important than the commandments, is the belief in Jesus and the Bible […]

Book Review: From the Beginning of Time

It hardly ever happened in recent times that I read a book from cover to cover within a few days, due to the huge daily influx of information via the internet. But it happened after I received “From the Beginning of Time – Modern science and the Puranas” by Ganesh Swaminathan. The Puranas fascinate me, […]

Terror in the name of God and Allah

The biggest problem in today’s world is terrorism, many political leaders acknowledge. The strange thing is that they close their eyes to its root cause. This closing of eyes is seen as politically correct. Naturally, there is little chance to improve things but it’s likely to get worse. If someone commits an act of terror, […]

What is the meaning of life?

This question is natural for any human being and is asked in every generation by many of the youth. I remember it troubled me a lot when I was young. I don’t think I could have found the answer on my own because some basic philosophical knowledge about us and the universe is needed, but […]

Quora collapsed my reply to “Is eating beef right as some Vedas allow Hindus to do so?”

Eating beef is not right and I wonder where are those “some Vedas” which allow Hindus to do so. Please keep in mind that there were and still are vested interest who want to weaken Hindus and who used wrong translations and interpolations of the ancient texts to make Hindus ashamed of their tradition. Many […]

Why such ignorance about “Hindu fundamentalists” and RSS?

Last August I got a mail from a “researcher from Italy”. She wrote: “I hope you are in the best of health and spirit. I am working on my dissertation on ‘Hindu neo-fundamentalism in India: the rise of RSS and impact on the Muslim minority’. I have been following your work on social media. May […]

Why President Trump and PM Modi are so fiercely opposed by the Left and Islamists

“Í prefer Trump to Hillary”, I told a German friend in the run up to the US elections in 2016. There was a little pause and then she said, “You are the only person I know who says this openly.” I knew that my view was politically incorrect though I did not understand why German […]

Countering Zakir Naik’s challenge to Hindus

Zakir Naik is again in the news. His organisation is allegedly involved in financing the CAA protests and Delhi riots. He tries to appear as a scholar but his scholarship is based only on unverifiable belief – the belief that Muslims need to dominate the world. Only then Allah would be happy and the world […]