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My factual reply to a dubious question was removed by Quora

The question on Quora was: Why has the hatred between Hindus and Muslims increased in the past four to five years? My reply, which was removed after 2 months: The questioner makes a claim which cannot be substantiated. If ‘communal crimes’ had increased, one might conclude that hatred also has increased. But actually, the ‘’communal […]

Which Vedic claim is neither in Bible or Quran?

The Vedas contain a lot which is neither in Bible or Quran. But probably the most important claim is “Aham Brahmasmi”. It cannot be found in Bible or Quran because it is considered heresy in both Christianity and Islam. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ is one of the four Mahavakyas (great syaings) from the Upanishads, the last part […]

आखिर कब हम मजहबी कट्टपंथ के बारे में अपना नजरिया साफ करेंगे?

This is the Hindi translation by My Nation of my article: धर्म और चरमपंथ पर कोई भाषण कितना भ्रमित, अनौपचारिक और शायद चालबाजी से भरा भी हो सकता है, संयुक्त राष्ट्र की हालिया आम सभा में फिर से साफ तौर पर दिखा। विदेश मंत्री सुषमा स्वराज के भाषण के जवाब में, एक पाकिस्तानी राजनयिक […]

Do Brahmins feel guilty for what they have done and doing to India?

This was a question on Quora to which I replied in August 2017. It got over 237,800 views and 16,000 upvotes, yet on 18. July 2019 I got a message that it violates their “Be nice, be respectful” policy. I appealed and today was told that my appeal is rejected. Please check for yourself if […]

Why has the hatred between Hindus and Muslims increased in the past 5 years?

This was a question on Quora and the questioner obviously took it for granted that hatred has increased. He only wanted to know why. However, it cannot be substantiated that hatred has increased. Yet the questioner cannot be faulted, because Indian and international mainstream media clearly give the impression as if hatred between the communities […]

Is the fake narrative of Hindu terror meant to whitewash Islamic terror?

I remember the autumn of 2008 painfully well. Only a few years earlier I had started to follow politics more closely and had subscribed to the Times of India. Several bomb blasts had happened in different Indian cities over the recent years which had claimed many fatalities. The suspected perpetrators were affiliated to Islamic organizations. […]

My Interview by the Center for Indian Soft Power

June 4, 2019  Aparna Sridhar  Interviews Maria Wirth is a German who has managed to put her finger on the pulse of India’s spirituality, much more than perhaps many Indians themselves. In her book ‘Thank you India – a German woman’s journey to the wisdom of yoga’, she shares her experiences living as a foreigner in […]

Again one of my replies removed by Quora. Why?

I was informed that my reply to the question, “Is India becoming the most hated country?” violated their “be nice, be respectful” policy. In fact some months ago, I had been asked to remove the last sentence of my write up. I didn’t remove it, because it is not disrespectful, but true. So the whole […]

Book Review: Maria Wirth’s ‘Thank You India’

During the release of my book “Thank you India” at the Dehradun Litfest last November, I met Hemant Kumar and his wife Monica. Meanwhile he read the book and sent me his review. It is very well written. I post it here:   A German stops over in India on her journey to Australia, gets […]

Putting secularism into perspective

Like before the last election in 2014, this time too, there are voices by so-called intellectuals that “secularism is in danger” if BJP comes to power again. Though Indians are generally highly intelligent, when it comes to secularism, most intellectuals, media and politicians get the concept wrong. Since secularism is a western ‘invention’, I would […]