Is being a Hindu ok and is Hindutva not ok and even dangerous? Many Hindus seem wary to be associated with Hindutva, in spite of the fact that Hindutva simply means Hindu-ness or being Hindu. They tend to accept the view which mainstream media peddled for long: ‘Hindutva is intolerant and stands for the ‘communal […]

Again one of my answers on Quora collapsed. I replied to the above question 7 months ago. Now it was taken down. Here it is: I will restrict my answer to the three religions with the most followers. Hinduism (the term is used today to cover many different strands) is based on the Vedas. One […]

Yes, and it is even natural. One only needs to deeply reflect on what is meant by the Almighty. If somebody grew up as a Christian or Muslim, he needs, however, to get rid of some notions about the Almighty which can never be proven and are in all likelihood not true – for example […]

This is the Marathi translation of पश्चिमेकडील सामान्य लोकांना भारताविषयी खरी माहिती फारच थोडी असते. मात्र, भारतामधील जातिव्यवस्था अमानुष आहे इतकी एक बाब सर्वांना माहीत आहे. आणि ती व्यवस्था त्यांच्या हिंदुधर्माचंच महत्त्वाचं अंग आहे, असंही बहुतेकांना माहीत आहे. सर्व जातीतील ब्राह्मण जात सर्वश्रेष्ठ आहे आणि त्या जातीची माणसं खालच्या जातींना, त्यातल्या त्यात हीनतम जातीच्या […]

It is no secret why the British replaced the indigenous education system and Sanskrit gurukuls with English education. They wanted to create a class of Indians who think like the British and in this way weaken India. Sanskrit culture und Vedic knowledge were the backbone of Indians. This backbone had to be broken. English medium […]

Before answering this question, let’s first find out what we need: We need to know how to live life in the best possible way to be happy, healthy, confident, strong and capable, and how to live in harmony with others and nature. And we need to find answers to important, basic questions, like: What is […]

We keep using the English term „God“ as if we know what it means. But do we? “Of course”, many may reply: “God is the English term for the Creator of the universe, for the Highest Truth.” Few will doubt that this universe and we included have to come from somewhere and ‘God’ is given […]

Common people in the west know hardly anything about India. But one thing they all know: India has an ‘inhuman’ caste system, which is an important feature of their religion, Hinduism. Most also ‘know’ that Brahmins are the highest caste, which oppresses the lower castes, and worst off are the untouchables. I learnt this already […]

Some months ago I attended an Interfaith Dialogue in Delhi. Hindus, Muslims and Christians spoke, all were nice, smiling. But it was not a dialogue. It was a promotion for the Abrahamic religions. Christians praised Christianity, Muslims praised Islam, and Hindus praised Christianity and Islam. Why were Hindus extra careful not to step on any […]

Some years ago, I met an American from Seattle, who studied Sanskrit at the university there. He had come to India to meet his guru and had even taken an Indian name. He told me that westerners, including professors, at his university who had accepted Buddhism had no hesitation to openly identify as Buddhists, yet […]